NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 4, 2012.

The “Parise/Suter” watch enters its fourth day, Stars GM claims his team is “back”, Coyotes forward MacLean hospitalized, Panthers prospect faces major decision, and more.


The Parise/Suter watch continues.

ESPN.COM: The NHL world continues to await word from unrestricted free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter when they will sign new contracts, and with which clubs. Several teams have pitched expensive contract offers to the pair, who continue to take their time considering their options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll have full details on the clubs believed still in the hunt for the pair in my “Rumors” section. It’s possible one, or both, could reach a decision today, though the fact it’s the Independence Day holiday in the United States could mean these two Americans could decide to postpone announcements until tomorrow.

NBC PRO HOCKEY TALK: Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk believes his recent moves, including yesterday’s signing of Jaromir Jagr, indicates his club is “back as a relevant franchise”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Time will tell if his moves will improve the Stars, as they’re still thin (as well as small) on the blueline, and need another experienced scoring center. In terms of bidding competitively for free agents, however, this is the first time in years they’ve made significant moves, so in that regard, they’ve returned to relevancy.

COYOTES.NHL.COM: The Coyotes last night announced forward Brett MacLean (who spent last season with their farm team) was hospitalized last night because of a cardiac emergency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Here’s hoping MacLean makes a full recovery.

MIAMI HERALD: Panthers prospect Nick Bjugstad faces an important decision: return to university for another season, or turn pro and try out for the Panthers this fall.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: The Washington Capitals yesterday signed former Predators defenseman Jack Hillen to a one-year, $650K contract.

WILD.NHL.COM: The Minnesota Wild yesterday signed former Stars forward Jake Dowell.


  1. All the best to MacLean.

    I think both Parise and Suter will sign either with Detroit or Minnesota.

    I don’t think the Stars are back. Derek Roy and Jagr are not getting them over the hump.

  2. Sorry Star fans, I agree with DaBroons.

    Roy will not put them over the hump. Buffalo holds on to guys until they are more than spent. He may have a good year this year, but it won’t last. Just look at Tim C in Toronto.

    Jagr can only do so much at his age.

    Looks like a tough year in Dallas again.

  3. The Stars new additions push their forwards average age up over 30…I guess the youth movement trend hasn’t trickled down to Texas quite yet…just ask the Flames how the over 30 crowd has been working out for them in recent years.

  4. I disagree with DaBroons and The Man. The Stars have some very good offensive depth now with Benn, Eriksson, Ryder and Morrow, and adding Roy and Jagr cements that depth. Not the youngest group granted but still a talented group and they still have Goligoski and Ribero on the back end. I reall dont think you can compare the top 6 of the stars with the Flames.

  5. I assume you meant Robidas not Riberio and at 35 you can add him to the list of aging Stars. My comparision to the Flames was only pointing out that they have in recent years gone with the aging vets and it didn’t work out too well for them. I agree that the Stars have depth now but my fear for them is that the grind of the regular season will wear down their over 30 group and they will run out of gas. Two years in a row they missed the playoffs in the last few games of the season, I don’t see how getting older helps them improve on that. Just my opinion.