NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 24, 2012.

With the NHL 2012 Entry Draft over, here’s a look at the most notable headlines around the NHL, featuring Matt Duchene, Brad Stuart, Benoit Pouliot, and more.


Duchene’s new contract “slap in the face”?

DENVER POST: Mark Kiszla considers the two-year, $7 million contract the Colorado Avalanche handed Matt Duchene to be a wake-up call if he hopes to earn more with the Avs in the future. He singled out Duchene’s frequent trips to coach Joe Sacco’s doghouse, and accused him of being more interested in the highlight reel than in doing the “dirty work” needed to play winning hockey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene has had periods of inconsistency, but to be fair, he’s only 21 and still learning his way in the NHL, plus I have my doubts Sacco is the right coach to not only improve Duchene’s game, but also of the Avs as a whole. Understandable Avs management didn’t want to invest too much for too long, but I think Kiszla’s assessment is too harsh.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Ranking the Jordan Staal trade among the most notable moves in Carolina Hurricanes history. Interestingly, it’s not the top one.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: San Jose Sharks head coach Todd McLellan’s long road to recovery from a concussion. It’s not just players who suffer from post-concussion symptoms.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: The Sharks also finally acknowledged their re-signing of Brad Stuart to a three-year contract.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Lightning GM Steve Yzerman and head coach Guy Boucher with their assessment of their acquisition Saturday of forward Benoit Pouliot from the Boston Bruins.

MIAMI HERALD: Former Florida Panthers defenseman and captain Bryan McCabe has rejoined the team as a member of their hockey development department.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: NHL general managers Dale Tallon (Florida),Kevin Cheveldayoff (Winnipeg), and Marc Bergevin (Montreal) earned their stripes working for the Blackhawks.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Hall of Fame player and Devils scout Fern Flaman passed away Friday night of pancreatic cancer at age 85.

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  1. Kiszla has got to be one of the biggest jerks in all of sports writing. He doesn’t cover the Avs and, reading any of his articles on the Avs, one gets the sense he doesn’t know anything about hockey and doesn’t care to learn. When he’s assigned to write an Avalanche column or it’s a slow news day (Broncos and Nuggets on summer break, Rockies stink) he’ll write the column but it’s usually to drag the team, the coaches and the players through the mud and display his own lack of knowledge of the sport and the team. He doesn’t know the first thing about what the Avs are doing but he writes as though he’s the authority on the subject. Never, EVER listen to what a d-bag like Kiszla has to say about hockey.

    Now, as for Duchene: I don’t think this is a “wake-up” call in the sense that Kiszla is asserting but is, rather, one in the way that any team looking to see what a player really is going to be: a star, a key contributor, a role-player or expendable/interchangeable piece. It’s tough to see such a bright talent like Duchene in this position when he is such a good player and came in with so much promise. He still has that promise to be sure but last season was a huge downer for both him (though no fault of his own) and the team. They want to see how he responds to such a bad season and he wants to have a chance to prove that he can be elite. If he can be that 30-50-80 guy for the next two seasons, they will definitely show him the money. If he can’t do that, they’ll both have the flexibility to decide what the next move is. It’s a good situation for both sides.