NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 11, 2012.

Capitals and Rangers prepare for final showdown, updates on the Kings, Coyotes and Devils, Ducks re-sign coach Bruce Boudreau, and more.


Rangers must play better in front of Lundqvist.

WASHINGTON TIMES/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Times columnist Dan Daly believes it’s time fate smiles on the Capitals, while Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist needs his teammates to step up if they’re to advance to the Conference Final.

LOS ANGELES TIMES/ARIZONA REPUBLIC: The Kings and Coyotes are impatiently awaiting the start of their Western Conference series, while Coyotes goalie Mike Smith is enjoying his turnaround with the Coyotes.

NJ.COM: The New Jersey Devils and their eventual Eastern Conference Final opponent will begin their series on Monday, May 14.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The Anaheim Ducks have re-signed head coach Bruce Boudreau to a two-year contract.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: The Minnesota Wild have re-signed defenseman Clayton Stoner, who was eligible for UFA status, to a two-year, $2.1 million contract.(Thanks to G.J. Berg for the tip.)

STLTODAY.COM: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman played a key role in the sale of the St. Louis Blues to new majority owner Tom Stillman. The nerve of Bettman, working hard to keep teams in their current locations! Doesn’t he realize Quebec City wants a franchise? 😉

TORONTO SUN: Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean attempted to “clarify” comments he made prior to Game Six of the Rangers-Capitals game, where he drew a comparison between hockey players and 9-11 first responders. MacLean wasn’t trying to offend, merely attempting to use an analogy for courage. Unfortunately he (or his writers) made a poor choice, as there is no comparison between what hockey players do and the real dangers faced by firefighters and policemen, especially those in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. His attempt at clarification hasn’t been well-received, whereas a simple apology for any inadvertent offense raised by his remarks would’ve been the better way to go.


  1. Regarding Ron McClean’s comments, I didn’t hear what he said, but I read the article. People need to lay off him. This is a non-issue, I’m tired of this phony outrage. We’ve got people in this country (the U.S.) that are running around telling people that 9/11 was an inside job and that the government was tipped off. But McClean draws a complementary comparison and he gets attacked.

    Imagine a game where one team came out and scored 4 goals in the first three minutes of the game. Then the announcers says something like, “It’s bombs away out there” or “It’s Pearl Harbor out there”. Is some indignant World War II vet going to come marching up and berate the broadcaster?

    The only clarification he should have issued is a clarification that no one group gets to lay claim to 9/11 or the heroics of first responders, and we’re no longer going to kowtow to the speech police.

    • Well said.

    • Yup. Everyone needs to quit being such babies. Get over it, not a big deal.

  2. Watching that broadcast and hearing him say that before the game made me laugh and shake my head. A entertainer playing a sport being compared to public servants who try to help their community where everyone’s worst day of their life is Wednesday for these guys and they are trying to help. Dumb comment. Not worth being overblown, but just sounded so stupid. Good that ppl told McLean it was stupid, move on.