NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 16, 2011.

In this morning’s collection of notable NHL headlines: Sabres Ryan Miller suffering concussion and whiplash-like symptoms…NHL GMs want a crackdown on goalie crashers…Blues Chris Stewart could face the music for hit on Detroit’s Niklas Kronwall…The Blackhawks-Canucks rivalry…Panthers upset Stars…Penguins rally past Avalanche…Pekka Rinne shines in Predators win over Capitals…Another Wild player sidelined by possible concussion…Flyers Max Talbot on pace for career year.

BUFFALO NEWS: Sabres goalie Ryan Miller said he’s suffering from headaches and whiplash symptoms, which he attributed to the hit he received last Saturday by Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic. There’s no timetable for Miller’s return.

TORONTO SUN: Around 20 of 30 NHL general managers weren’t happy with Lucic’s running over Miller, and it is possible a similar future incident could result in a suspension. League disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan said players shouldn’t get the perception it is open season on goaltenders. Sabres GM Darcy Regier said he was satisfied following a conversation with Shanahan there’s a need to protect goaltenders. Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke called the Lucic-Miller incident a stand-alone one and doesn’t believe it’s indicative of an epidemic of running goalies.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the fact two-thirds of the league GMs didn’t like what happened to Miller and expressed concern about future incidents, it may be enough to ensure this sort of thing doesn’t turn into a problem. It should certainly give the perception to players that the next time it happens, the offender could face suspension, which might be enough to make them think twice.

STLTODAY.COM: Blues forward Chris Stewart will soon find out if he faces supplemental discipline for checking Detroit Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall from behind into the boards during the Blues 2-1 victory over the Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stewart received a five-minute major and a game misconduct. Kronwall was able to return to action later in the game. Stewart has never been suspended during his NHL career or have a history of this sort of thing, so it’ll be interesting to see what the league rules on this.

Best rivalry in hockey?

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Adam L. Jahns reflects on the last time the Blackhawks visited the Vancouver Canucks, which was Game Seven of the 2011 Western Conference semi-final, a game the Canucks won in overtime. Jahns considers the Blackhawks-Canucks rivalry the best in hockey right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree, the level of intensity between these two teams reminds me of the Red Wings-Avalanche rivalry of the 1990s, and the Canadiens-Nordiques rivalry of the 80s and early 90s. The Blackhawks and Canucks just plain hate each other, and that hatred fuels the rivalry’s intensity.

MIAMI HERALD: Stephen Weiss had a goal and two assists, and Scott Clemmensen got the shutout, as the Florida Panthers upset the Dallas Stars 6-0.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In my opinion, there’s a lack of attention toward what’s happening with the Panthers this season. While the focus on surprise starts has been upon Toronto and Edmonton, the Panthers have quietly built a 9-5-3 record, and currently have the best road record over the past ten games of all NHL teams over the same period (7-3-0). Take heed, folks, the Panthers aren’t to be taken lightly.

POST-GAZETTE.COM: James Neal had a goal and two assists, and Brooks Orpik scored a rare goal, as the Pittsburgh Penguins scored four unanswered goals to rally to a 6-3 victory over the Colorado Avalanche.

THE TENNESSEAN: Pekka Rinne stopped 39 of 40 shots, backstopping the Nashville Predators to a 3-1 comeback win over the Washington Capitals.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Minnesota Wild blueliner Marek Zidlicky suffered a head injury after he was checked last night by Derek Dorsett of the Columbus Blue Jackets. If he is diagnosed with a concussion, he’ll be the third Wild player in five games to suffer such an injury.

PHILLY.COM: Flyers forward Max Talbot is on pace for a career-best 29 goal season.


  1. So basically Boston gets away with poor sportsmanship AGAIN!!! What a surprise.

  2. Bruins and free passes go hand in hand, if the league really wanted to make it clear hitting goalies isn’t ok they should’ve gave lucic two in the press box. But hey! Sutton got 5 for his missed hit, which was clearly 100% more intentional :S

  3. I’m kind of bored of the blind hatred towards Boston for their tough brand of hockey. The level of butthurt going around is embarassing. More often than not, the masses cry over nothing. Been barking up that tree for three seasons. Just because a team has success doesn’t mean it’s dirty. Sheesh.

    Coof, look up the definition of sportsmanship. The Bruins haven’t exhibited anything that would define them as poor sports. The Sabres organization, on the other hand … Ryan Miller hanging around with the sole purpose of calling someone a piece of shit fits the bill 100%.

    Oilersfan, there’s nothing in the NHL rulebook that says that hit was due supplemental discipline. Shannahan can’t make new rules, he can only enforce the ones in existence. If you and others want that hit to be illegal (I don’t, stay in the crease and play your position or run the risk of getting hit), lobby the league to make a new rule instead of sitting on the internet crying over spilled milk.

    The Bruins only got away with being the beneficiaries of soft rules and a soft team. We, on the other hand, must suffer the poor sports and crybabies on the internet.

  4. chass as delude as you are with the boston bruins, I am all for hard nosed hockey but there is plenty of evidence of the garbage they get away with. prime example Chara hit on that Montreal player, these guys have played hockey for years and you can’t tell me Chara didn’t know where he was on the ice. Lucic just finished mocking the Buffalo team after the hit on Miller, is that really true sportsmanship. I could go on but i don’t have all day. you guys cry foul when it happens to you like cooke on Savard and rightfully so it was a dangerous hit, but don’t cry to us that your team is is being picked on with truth.

  5. Rob, let’s get something straight right off the get-go. I’ve been a Rangers fan since 1985. I hate the Bruins out of principle. However they don’t deserve the ire of everyone who calls themselves a hockey fan just because they’re the toughest team in the league. As such, the deserve defending.

    Now on to the meat and potatos.

    The Chara incident was an issue of bad luck and bad timing, and the league went to great lengths to prevent it from happening again. Chara’s hit on Pacioretty was not the only one that’s ever happened in that area of the ice. The fact of the matter is that’s the most recent one which resulted in a serious injury, and with that injury came an important change to the glass around the benches. That was a hockey play and it happens. The results were terrible.

    The Cooke hit on Savard was a matter of a botched call. Elbow to the head in a vulnerable position, today that’s absolutely a suspension. However at the time the league disciplinary didn’t think so and ruled it was a legal hit. Not too thrilled about it because the guy’s career is over. Today that hit is illegal thanks to rule changes.

    The Lucic hit on Miller is illegal as a charge under the current rules, but like the Cooke hit, it doesn’t fall under supplemental discipline under the current rules. So like I said, if you want to see that hit made illegal, go lobby the league for it. Don’t take it out on the people who see things rationally. Who’s really the delusional one here.

    As a point of courtesy, I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to type my name correctly.

  6. Just pointing out there is also a rule that says you are not allowed to hit goalies … don’t feel like looking it up right now. But w/e suspension didn’t happen, league may put new rules in to protect if they do, good on them for stepping up. If they don’t well then I hope it doesn’t become run the goalie. I know they run the risk if they play the puck, but they wear much more equipment and aren’t nearly as mobile.

    The NHL may drop the puck sometimes, but a lot of the time they make up for it and they could now again. There will always be hate, I personally agree in thinking the Bruins are the dirtiest team in the league (not most classless) just dirty. They are big, physical, and seem to be good at what they do. It is winning for them and now I think its time teams figure out how to deal with that and beat them. Simple fact of the NHL, biggest, baddest most physical team through the playoffs, takes the cup.