NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 2, 2013.

Semyon Varlamov in goal as Avalanche down the Stars, Flyers lose two players to injury during wild donnybrook in lopsided loss to the Capitals, NHLPA preparing to sue state of Tennessee over player tax, and more.

DENVER POST: Two days after being arrested on domestic violence charges, Semyon Varlamov backstopped the Colorado Avalanche to a 3-2 overtime win over the Dallas Stars. Paul Stastny scored twice, including the game winner, as the Avs improve their record to 11-1-0.

Flyers and Capitals engage in third period line brawl.

Flyers and Capitals engage in third period line brawl.

WASHINGTON POST: Joel Ward scored his first career NHL hat trick and Nicklas Backstrom scored twice as the Capitals crushed the Philadelphia Flyers 7-0. The game degenerated into a line brawl in the third period as the Flyers sought to take out their frustrations with their fists. Not only did it have no effect on the game’s final outcome, the Flyers lost Steve Downie and Vincent Lecavalier to injuries suffered during those fights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers goalie Ray Emery, who skated the length of the ice to fight a clearly reluctant Capitals goalie Braden Holtby, was named third star of the game. Bra-vo, Flyers (insert slow, sarcastic clap here). You not got beaten badly on the scoreboard, your stupid line brawl resulted in injuries to two forwards.  Yeah, that’ll teach those Capitals not to beat you 7-0.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Marc-Andre Fleury made 37 saves to lift the Penguins to a 4-2 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets.

STLTODAY.COM: Brian Elliott made 31 saves as the Blues blanked the Florida Panthers 4-0.

TBO.COM: Steven Stamkos scored his tenth goal of the season and Ben Bishop made 31 saves as the Lightning handed the Carolina Hurricanes their fourth straight loss with a 3-0 shutout.

NOTE: Games involving Canadian NHL teams are recapped in “Canadian Corner”.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is looking forward to playing in his hometown of Winnipeg as his club squares off against the Jets.

TSN.CA: The NHLPA is preparing to sue the state of Tennessee over its “playing tax”.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox notes the trend under the salary cap for NHL star players to accept less than the league maximum thus ensuring lesser players can earn more, suggesting “socialism” is alive and well in the NHLPA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cox seems to be a tad sarcastic, as socialism obviously has nothing to do with it. Under a salary cap system, star players (especially those who wish to play for a Cup contender) understand if they pursue top dollar, it won’t leave much for the rest of the roster. Under the previous salary cap system, where there was a wide salary variance, many players were earning top dollar at the front end of their contracts, while the cap hit was significantly lower.  You won’t see that as much now under this CBA, where the variance has been narrowed to prevent “cheat contracts”.


  1. Aaron Volpatti showed Steve Downie that it was a mistake to challenge him with a solid left hand that cut Downie and left him leaking on his way to the dressing room. losing Volpatti for NOTHING was one of the WORST mistakes Gillis ever made! in a classic case of Gillis thinking he was smarter than everyone else he tried to sneak Volpatti through waivers so he could bring Steve Pinizotto (a 28 year old who had played ZERO NHL games to that point in his career) onto the active roster. Washington claimed Volpatti and made him a mainstay on their 4th line and Pinizotto played 12 games for Vancouver totaling zero points and is currently in Florida’s minor system. so to summarize Gillis lost a tough as nails heart and soul guy (when they really didn’t have anyone to replace him) for a punk who’s only NHL experience came after being given Volpatti’s roster spot which he did NOTHING with (that he had no NHL experience at 28 years old should’ve been a huge red flag).

  2. So Semyon Varlamov is woman beater and he doesn’t go to jail? That’s messed up. I guess when you’re rich and Caucasian you can do just about anything.

    • Hmm not sure if you live under a rock but heres a news flash…. sometimes people will say false things or over exaggerate things about others when involved in messy relationship problems, he should probably get his day in court before you star the name calling.

    • Yeah Zapp ask Ray Lewis about that.

    • Innocent until proven guilty.

    • If he is found guilty, then we are all with you in your disgust. Until then, there is zero need to play the race card to try and stir up trouble.
      You have zero idea, as do all of us, about what really happened. At this point its not about black or white it’s about following the rule of law.

      (btw, remember a guy named OJ, who got away with murder???)

  3. Downie was hurt in a fight earlier in the game, not in the line brawl. Watch the game if your going to write about it.

  4. Im was never against fighting but that last night was a joke and Emery is a punk. No better than Scott telling Kessel he was going to punch his lights out, pure bully. This type of thing makes people like myself and others who do believe there is a place for fighting in the game look like a joke.

    RIP the code Im thru arguing for it when there is so much nonsense like this taking place. Staged fights, big guys beatin on guys who dont fight, fighting because your losing or someone gets hit clean etc etc, Ridiculious fighting was fine when it kept the game from getting dirty, but anymore fighting is the dirtiest part of the game. When ot comes to fighters (and yes a guy who trains as a boxer is a fighter, regardless of the position he plays) skates the length of the ice and attacks a guy who doesn’t fight, and starts caving in the guys head. Its as bad as any slash, trip or anything else that at one time may have been considered dirty.

    • I’m surprised he wasn’t suspended. Correction, I’m very surprised he wasn’t suspended. Let’s see, you can’t body check a player and have contact with his head but you can pull the helmet off a player and pummel his head with your fists even if he’s an unwilling participant and wants no part of it. Emery’s proven once again he’s a punk and nothing more than a second rate goaltender.

    • So the Sabres waive Kaleta after no trade is available, is Scott next? (hopefully)