NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – October 21, 2011.

In this morning’s collection of notable NHL morning headlines: Bruins fans continue to dump on Phil Kessel…Dustin Byfuglien’s lawyer to enter “not-guilty” plea for boating incident charges…Blues David Perron continues his recovery from post-concussion symptoms…30-year-old minor league makes NHL debut…No lightning yet for Lightning.


Still hearing jeers in Boston.

BOSTON GLOBE: Bruins fans continue to jeer former Bruins winger Phil Kessel over two years after he was dealt to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Kessel got the usual treatment in last night’s 6-2 Bruins victory over the Leafs at the Boston Garden.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kessel pretty much engineered his trade with salary demands Bruins management found excessive. Boston fans have long memories and won’t let Kessel off the hook.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL:Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien’s lawyer will be entering a plea of “not guilty” to charges stemming from a boating incident this summer in Minnesota.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If convicted, Byfuglien isn’t expected to receive jail time but will probably at least receive a fine.

BND.COM: St. Louis Blues forward David Perron has been given permission to skate with his team in practice as he continues in his recovery from post-concussion symptoms which has sidelined him since last November.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been a lengthy recovery period for Perron, and it could still be weeks, if not months, before he’s fully cleared to return to NHL action. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

USA TODAY: 30-year old career minor league center Bracken Kearns finally made his NHL debut, called up on Thursday by the Florida Panthers and inserted into their lineup to replace an injured Shawn Mathias in their game against the Buffalo Sabres. Bracken is the son of former NHL defenseman Dennis Kearns, who played his entire NHL career (from 1971-72 to 1980-81) with the Vancouver Canucks.

TBO: The Tesla coils to be used during pre-game ceremonies and goals scored by the Tampa Bay Lightning during their home games continue to undergo tests to ensure they’re in proper working order.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like it’s up to the Lightning players to provide their own electricity on the ice with their play at home until the coils are ready.


  1. I don’t think Kessel did anything a thousand players have not done, but Boston fans show a lack of class and foresight for someone who would have consistently been a 30 plus goal scorer for them. A very unclassy fan base alogether. I hope they never win a cup again, and the way Shanahan is cracking down on players, they will not get away with their beat everyone to a pulp, mash players heads into a stancheon type of play, any longer. The only two players I was happy for last year were Kaberle and Thomas. What a classy display they put on the other against the Carolina Hurricanes( those thugs LOL) , led by their Captain Zdeno Nutbar, who could not even acknowledge in a recent interview his former team mate Kessel leading the NHL in points.

  2. Why does Chara need to acknowledge Kessel? Does he need his ‘tires pumped up’ like Luongo?

  3. He does not have to acknowledge Kessel on his own, but could answer a direct quetion with some respect. Kessel does not need his tires pumped up. He does his own, because he has to. Chara was asked directly and specifically about Kessel being at the top of the league in scoring, and being one of the top “finishers”and how do you play those type of guys. Most players who are former team mates might say yeah he is a skilled guy or its great to see him doing well, but he basicallly grudgingly spewed out all the cliches without naming him and grunted. He sounded really pissed off to have to acknowledge Kessel was leading the league. Thats what bothers me, and feeds into the opinion most people have about the players having no healthy competitive respect for each other.

  4. Kessel was a spoiled brat who didn’t want to play defense, so he got out of Boston. Now what good is a 40-goal scorer whose plus/minus is in the red? A couple seasons ago Marc Savard tried to help Kessel out with that, and the guy still didn’t want any part of it. Toronto has itself a one-dimensional player. Maybe when Kessel plays some defense, the rest of the league will respect him as much as you do. Should we respect Kyle Turris for staging a holdout because he, like Kessel, doesn’t want to play for his current team?

    Chara doesn’t have to answer questions about Kessel. Here’s a cool situation. You’re the captain of a team that plays another team at least 6 times a season. After each of those games, some reporter asks you the same question about the same guy who was traded away three years ago. How long before you don’t want to hear it anymore? You know, Roenick was tired of hearing about Crosby’s concussion and we’re not even a month into the season yet … It doesn’t feed into the opinion players have no respect for each other, it’s a matter of the media asks the same boring questions over and over and over. They got their answer the last dozen times they asked. If the media was less ignorant, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

    The notion that they don’t deserve to win another cup, while appealing to me from a certain perspective, is silly at best. They were the best team last season, and they absolutely deserved the cup. That doesn’t change just because the hippies don’t like the violent side of the sport. It’s still contact hockey, right? Nobody out there worries about breaking a nail. Well, Kessel might. But that’s blatant trolling on my part.

    For what it’s worth, Kessel has had hot starts every year he’s been in the league, and he’s managed to slow down every season. Maybe this is the year he gets his rear in gear, or maybe it’s not. My bet’s on the latter, given his stance on defense and his history. Here’s hoping I’m wrong, if the leafs are to make the playoffs they’ll need him playing like he is now for 82+ this season.

  5. Leaf fans are such cry babies. Lol. Kessel and company are headed back to earth after flying high on some weak teams.

  6. Murph
    good job passing judgement on a whole group of people you have never met. I am a Bruins fan, my mother is a Bruins fan, my wife is a Bruins fan. I do not feel any of us are classelss. Thanks for the insult even though we have never met. If Bruins fans want to boo Kessel then so be it. Many players in all types of sports find jeers from the crowd common when returning to their former team’s house. By ignorantly degrading and entire fan base you have shown who posesses the classlessness.

    Kessel was made a fair offer by the Bruins based on his on ice performance, upside, and the fact that the Bruins were trying to build a championship team and work within the constraints of the salary cap. Kessel chose not to be a part of that and opted for a large payout instead. His choice, and he lost out on being a part of a Stanley Cup winning team. You think he is not kicking himself everytime he sees the clips of the B’s hoisting the cup?

    Chaas’s post is sound and rational, as always, and I agree with it in its entirety.

  7. Thank you Edmonton! For taking Hall and not Seguin. And well said Chaas. Some people should stick to figure skate watching.

  8. hahaha, Hall is twice the player Seguin will ever be, get a grip, pal.