NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – Saturday, April 20, 2013.

Latest on Brad Richards, Ryan Miller, Marian Hossa,Chris Stewart, and more.

Sabres goalie Ryan Miller had a rough game against the Rangers.

Sabres goalie Ryan Miller had a rough game against the Rangers.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/THE BUFFALO NEWS: Brad Richards netted his first NHL hat trick (in his 896th NHL game) as the NY Rangers crushed the Buffalo Sabres 8-4, effectively ending the latter’s playoff hopes. Sabres goalie Ryan Miller was jeered by the Sabres fans in a moment which one scribe described as eerily similar to Patrick Roy’s final game in Montreal.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Marian Hossa scored in overtime as the Chicago Blackhawks edged the Nashville Predators 5-4.

STLTODAY.COM: Chris Stewart and Ryan Reaves were the goal-scorers as the St. Louis Blues nipped the Dallas Stars 2-1. The loss prevented the Stars from moving into eighth overall in the Western Conference.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: The Anaheim Ducks’ sluggish performance resulted in a 3-1 loss to the Calgary Flames.

BOSTON HERALD: The Penguins-Bruins game scheduled for April 19 will be played today at 12.30 pm ET. Postponed games will see the Bruins play six times over the final nine days of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Two of the postponements were due to the Boston Marathon bombings and the subsequent manhunt for the bombers, the other due to a blizzard. Playing that many games could have a toll upon the Bruins entering the playoffs.

DETROIT NEWS: A look at several reasons why the Detroit Red Wings postseason streak is in jeopardy.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: The Blue Jackets lost gritty forward Matt Calvert to a broken right index finger, which could take between two-four weeks for recovery.

PHILLY.COM: Several Flyers could represent their respective countries in the upcoming World Hockey Championships.


  1. Rather unceremoniously, the Sabres season comes to an end…
    I have been a Sabres fan 30 plus years…I don’t know how much more loosing I can take. There better be big changes coming to this organization. A new direction? New GM? Maybe a guy who has actually played in the league? (more than a hand full of games)
    Despite the media’s version of Miller being jeered by the crowd. It was a bad play and not the memory this team should have of his time in Buffalo. The post game comments tell the tale. Things need to change or he’s done.
    The choice becomes the teams.

    • As a lifelong CHI fan, I endured many years of loosing before we became an exciting team again. If they do a good rebuild ther is no reason they cant be competitive but they do need to have the right people in place.

    • The truth is – the Sabres stank it up this season – thank god it was a short one. I think the moves Darcy has made already are good – unloading Roy for Ott and Pardy, Kassian/Gragnani for Hodgeson and Sulzer and Gaustad for a #1 – Buffalo ends up the winner. I also like getting the high draft picks for Regehr and Leopold and what Darcy got for Pommer was a steal. Sabres made a decision when they terminated Lindy that they would rebuild and I think changing the attitude in the dressing room was needed. Pommer is doing well for Minn. – wonder if it is because he doesn’t have the pressure of being a Captain on him, although in all honesty…..he wasn’t a very vocal or good leader. Miller, he is a good goalie, elite? I’m not so sure……it seems he can’t win the “big one” and while he does make some spectacular saves, he will let in that occasional soft one – especially in the last seconds of a period. I think Miller needs to either move on or quit griping right now. He of all people knows the team needs to change and while he may miss his friends, Gaustad and Pommer, its not like they were traded for a “bag of pucks”. He needs to committ to the rebuild or let Darcy get the maximum pieces in return for him. I think Vanek still has a lot left in him and I admire the fact that he does give 125% when he plays. I believe Lindy maximized his potential, but also shielded him. I can understand him wanting to go to an instant contender and if that is the case – let Darcy get the maximum for him. Its up to him. To be honest, I like the way Stafford has played since his benching – so I am kind of torn on him as I don’t think his trade value is very high. What is interesting is the amnesty buyouts and I wonder if it would be worthwhile for the Sabres to look into buying out Leino (who has shown flashes of chemistry with Ennis when healthy) and Meyers (2nd broken leg and seems to have regressed rather than progressed). To me, I really don’t think the team in rebuilding, I think it is more “retooling”.

  2. Darcy has to be fired. The players he has assembled(via the draft) are soft and for the most part, heartless. Although he did draft Gerbe who has more heart then most. But Gerbe is better suited to be on a quest for a ring, then a cup.

    • Ohhhh I see what you done there, good one…. bravo sir