NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 27, 2011.

In today’s roundup of early morning NHL headlines: NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan suspends James Wisniewski and Brad Staubitz…Sean Avery accuses Wayne Simmonds of a homophobic slur…NHL officially announced Flyers-Rangers Winter Classic…Devils to retire Scott Niedermayer’s number…Michal Neuvirth adjusts to backup role…Red Wings Mursak out three months.

KUKLA’S KORNER: posted up NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan’s announced suspensions of Columbus’ James Wisniewski for the remainder of the preseason plus 8 regular season games and Minnesota’s Brad Staubitz for remainder of the preseason and the first three regular season games (with videos), Wisniewski for a hit to the head of Wild forward Cal Clutterbuck, Staubitz for an illegal hit from behind on Columbus’ Cody Bass, both occurring during a recently Columbus-Minnesota preseason game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far, so good, Shanahan continues to bring down the hammer on head shots and hitting from behind, substantiating his suspensions with video evidence of each infraction. Here’s hoping this continues through the regular season, and the players finally get the message.

 NEW YORK POST: reports Rangers forward Sean Avery has accused Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds of calling him a homophobic slur during a recent preseason game between the two teams.

ESPN.COM: reports the NHL will be looking into Avery’s allegation, which Simmonds didn’t deny making to the Rangers forward, though he doesn’t recall exactly what he said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmonds, who was the target late last week of an apparent racial taunt by a London, Ontario fan when a banana peel was hurled at him during a Flyers-Detroit Red Wings game, could face a possible fine for the slur.

PHILLY.COM: reports the NHL yesterday officially announced what everyone already knew: the Philadelphia Flyers and NY Rangers will face off in this season’s Winter Classic, to be held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on New Year’s Day.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers owner Ed Snider and Rangers president and GM Glen Sather got things started right, by hurling good-natured (?) trash talk at each other during the press conference announcing the event.

NJ.COM: reports the New Jersey Devils will honor former Devils defenseman Scott Niedermayer by retiring his number 27 on December 16th.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An honor well-deserved. Niedermayer had perhaps his  best seasons with the Devils, and was a key part of their three Stanley Cup championships.

WASHINGTON TIMES: reports Capitals netminder Michal Neuvirth will continue to maintain his form while backing up Tomas Vokoun this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Neuvirth won the starter’s job over Semyon Varlamov last season, so adjusting to a backup role has to be tough, but it could serve him well this season by maintaining a patient, positive attitude.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: reports Red Wings forward Jan Mursak will be sidelined up to three months with a broken ankle, which opens the door of opportunity for Fabian Brunnstrom or Ryan Johnson to make the club.



  1. Haha, Avery is crying wolfe now. I’m not saying it was right for Simmonds to do that,but considering Avery’s past and antics,I doubt he finds to many sympathic ears at the NHL HQ. What goes around, comes around, Mr.Avery.

  2. Wow. Rangers v. Flyers winter classic. I will definitely NOT be watching that. I mean, how hard is it to do a Canadiens v. Leafs at the skydome or big o???

  3. Agree with you Coach, Avery is a total joke. He’ll be lucky to be on the Whale this year. (He has an NTC where he can specify which 10 teams he won’t accept.) However, Simmonds was caught on tape and I don’t think the league can let this slide. I mean, even South Park tried to diffuse the negative connotation that word holds, but it is still considered a slur. I’m sure it happens on the ice all the time but just not so publicly and that’s when the league has no choice but to step in. I think he’ll probably be hit with a fine.

  4. Well, last year’s winter classic featured rain, zero-passing, and Crosby getting destroyed so I don’t know how they’re going to top that.

    Whoever Avery told about this should have pretended not to hear him. Trying to get the “PC upper-hand” after last week makes me feel a little ill.

  5. Say what you want about Sean Avery but one of the (very few) positive things that he has going for him is that he is a vocal activist for the LGBT community. Anyone trying to defend Simmonds, simply because the comments were directed at Avery, is pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself CoachBowman because I can pretty much guarantee you that if Scotty Bowman knew that you were using his name to promote your ignorance, he would not be very impressed.

  6. Yeah I am impressed that Avery is active in Pride issues, but him calling his ex-girlfriend his “sloppy seconds” remains a red flag on what kind of guy he is. I’m going to assume that Avery said some nasty things to get this going; in light of last week’s news, one can guess what kind of stuff that was. They should have buried this story.

  7. Putting aside the LGBT community trying to shove their agenda down every one’s throat, if we get to the point where we start enforcing hate speech codes during hockey games, what will be next? And what will be the penalties? Two minutes for being a big meanie? A board of community activists deciding the fate of the “offending” player?

    It’s a tough world out there, grow some thicker skin.

  8. Grizzledbear – You took the words right out of my mouth. This is hockey, not the human rights tribunal on ice. guys say things to get under peoples skin during the heat of the moment. Sure some clearly have taken it a touch too far, but grow up and move on. Agitating has always been apart of the game. Ask anyone from the Richard era in Montreal how foul the language was on the ice and you’d be surprised at what you hear.

  9. I guess I expected Spector’s fans to be a little bit enlightened but alas, just a bunch of braindead hicks who think they know something about hockey. I guess I can try to fit in with you. How’s this?

    Yeah! Grizz is right! I don’t need a bunch of f*gs telling me that they deserve equal rights! If they want to be treated equally then they shouldn’t have chose to be f*gs! If you want equal rights then be more like Grizz! Not a bunch of f*gs trying to ram their equal rights agenda down everyone’s throat!

    Thanks Lyle, nothing against you and it’s a great site but I’m outta here!

  10. Cowtown canuck just demonstrated in one post how intolerant the alleged gaurdians of tolerence really are. Instead of engaging in a rational dialouge, he instead engages in name calling at people who do not comply with his world view. Unfortunately, this is usually the reponse you get from folks like cowtown.

    I find it amazing that people think nothing of all the trash talk that goes on out on the ice but become irate because of this particular word. So calling someone’s mom a name I won’t mention here is okay but not what Simmonds allegedly uttered? I’d prefer no one even cursed when playing, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. People say things they shouldn’t while in the heat of the moment, but we need not make a national incident out of it.

    Of course, Avery could avert situations like this if he wouldn’t punch people in the head while they’re not looking like he did to Simmonds in that game.