NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – Sunday, August 18, 2013.

Chances for a second Toronto-area team in jeopardy, Coyotes new ownership intent on staying for the long haul, Red Wings coach thrilled over Daniel Alfredsson joining his club, rating the Canucks wingers and more.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell reports chances for a second Toronto-area NHL team could be dead by September. “Jack Heath, originally a supporter of the GTA Centre in the Toronto suburb of Markham, has put forward a motion to effectively kill the financial framework for the arena. Heath will put his motion to Markham council Sept. 17, with a vote coming a week later.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While a second NHL franchise in Toronto would probably do very well, without a viable second NHL arena in the area, there won’t be any second NHL team there.

New Coyotes owners insist they're in for the long haul.

New Coyotes owners insist they’re in for the long haul.

ASSOCIATED PRESS (VIA NATIONAL POST): How Canadian businessmen George Gosbee and Anthony LeBlanc became the new owners of the Phoenix Coyotes, their plans for their future, and their intent to remain in Arizona (despite an out-clause if losses accumulate to $50 million within the next five years) for the long haul.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I sincerely wish them best of luck. They’re going to need it. 

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said it was “unbelievable” how his club wound up signing former Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Evaluation of the Canucks current wingers.

PHILLY.COM: The Flyers hope to set a world record for the most people to watch paint dry by inviting their fans to watch as the lines and logo are painted on the ice of their home arena.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gotta kill time during the dog days of summer somehow. 


  1. I wonder if they booo the line painters, gotta love Philly fans…. :-)

  2. Enjoy “Alfie” Red Wings fans… He is a very good player and an even better person…

    It’s criminal that he even left Ottawa… all because the Owner wouldn’t spend… All Melnyk had to do was to tell Murray to offer 5.5M up front for Alfie… but he didn’t do that…

    I wish Alfie nothing but the best…

    • Alfie wasn’t worth that kind of money anyways. Time for the Sens to move on with younger talent

  3. Soooo sick of every time something happens it’s always the owner & management that gets thrown under the bus because it could never be the players fault. If you read all the stories here it sounds to me that the issue was the player agent and his lack of communication. Murray straight out said if $5.5 was on the table Ottawa would have signed him for that, he even said based on conversations that is what he was expecting to end up signing him for.

    I love Alfie, one of my fav players but Ottawa is an improved team with Ryan and his agent (JP Barry) screwed this one up. He is considered to be such a powerful agent (which in terms of power it is how much money your clients are making) because he has both Crosby & Malkin. From all accounts he is like a child to deal with … as shown by just lying and not returning calls because he thinks it is in the best interest of his client. Also I have no sympathy for Alfie for signing a deal that pays little in the final year (made the same amount either way) then expect the club to try and balance it out in the next deal. This is business get real, they could have just negotiated an even term over the whole thing or a less lopsided weighing of the contract.

    Here are the facts:

    1. Ottawa was trying to negotiate a deal that kept Alfie and allowed them to grab Bobby Ryan
    2. Alfie wanted to make more money, even in the twilight of his career
    3. JP Barry is an idiot
    4. Barry & Alfie were childish in not really being apart of negotiations
    5. Alfie really didn’t believe the Senators were a winning team

    Yes a lot of the time it is ownership and management … but as much as a class act as Alfie is, this time it was the player and his agent who didn’t want to play ball at all. Management was just doing their job of trying to get an affordable deal while improving the club. As a die hard Senators fan, I will never fault my team for doing what they can to improve our club. If Erik Karlsson could take $6.5 million a year to stay in Ottawa (which is bargain basement compared to what some D are about to make and are making) then Alfie could have come in at $5 million as well.