NHL Morning Rumor Mill – September 18, 2013.

Updates on Brenden Morrow, Derek Stepan, the Sedins, Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Whitney, Tom Gilbert  and Alexander Radulov.

TSN.CA: Pierre LeBrun speculates the Florida Panthers are bringing in Tim Thomas to mentor Jacob Markstrom…The Sedins and the Vancouver Canucks are inching closer toward new contracts. Darren Dreger believes the twins will get raises over their current $6.1 million per season, but term (three, four or five years) have to be determined…Henrik Lundqvist’s agent was recently in New York meeting with Rangers GM Glen Sather.  Term is expected to be an issue for the 33-year-old Lundqvist. It’s expected he’ll receive more than $7 million per season, but how much more?…No progress on the Derek Stepan contract talks with the Rangers…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sedins reportedly hope to have new contracts in place with the Canucks before the season opens in October. Regarding Lundqvist, I expect the Rangers will make him the highest-paid goalie in the league, likely on a five-year term.  If he should backstop the Blueshirts to the Cup Final, they’ll happily open the vault.

Brenden Morrow still waiting for the right team.

Brenden Morrow still waiting for the right team.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports former Stars captain Brenden Morrow is back in Dallas still looking for the right team and the right fit. Heika writes Morrow has several teams interested in him, but only at the right price. He believes he still has enough to contribute to an NHL club and remains confident he’ll be playing again at some point in the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Morrow was linked during the summer to the Carolina Hurricanes and Montreal Canadiens.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wonders which former Oilers defenseman – Ryan Whitney or Tom Gilbert – gets signed first. Whitney is on a PTO with the St. Louis Blues, while Gilbert yesterday accepted a PTO with the Florida Panthers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Between the two, Gilbert could stand the better chance, as Whitney has to crack a much deeper Blues defense corps. 

TVA SPORTS: Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy dismissed the notion former Nashville Predators forward Alexander Radulov could join the Avs. Radulov played for Roy with the Quebec Remparts, and their good relationship during that time prompted some speculation about Roy enticing Radulov to join the Avalanche.


  1. Would not mind Morrow on Flyers 3rd line or even on LW with Giroux and Voracek. I think he can score over 50pts.

    • Yeah, but Morrow thinks he is deserving of a real nice vet deal and Paul Holmgren has already managed to over spend from the outside. So unless they finad several ways to creatively shed Cap space, there is litle chance they waste more on patches…

      • Holmgren overspend? On who?
        Flyers will probably have about 3M after Pronger goes on LTIR.

        • Are you serious? Lol

          • Am I serious about? With exception of goaltending.. Where did Homer screw up?

          • i actually do not even know if he can be blamed for the bryz move. anyone who follows the flyers knows that was the owners choice. not his. bryz is clearly not a homer type player.

          • Not to argue but Homer is the only gm who has 2 players in the top 10 of the priciest buyouts and its yet to be seen but that Striet contract 5.25 mill for 5 years for a 35 year old D man could be a bad one too. I realize all teams overspend on UFAs but…Vinny has only a 4.5 cap hit but if you look at his production the last couple years is he really is he worth 6mill for the first 2 years of that deal?
            I will say I wouldnt call the last 2 mistakes yet but I wouldnt say they are great deals either.

          • Dont get me wrong the Leafs have had their fair share of crappy contracts to but lets not kid ourselves Homer has a track record of over spending.

          • It could be argued that the Leafs overspent as much as anyone this off season. Bozak’s deal is insane for a player of his skill level, same can be said for Clarkson.

            I have a hard time understanding a Leaf fan calling out any other GM in the league. The team has had a revolving door of GM’s… Has made the playoffs once in x amount of years – Still on the hook for buyouts pre-salary cap, I could go on and on.

            I’m a huge Homer supporter. He’s not afraid to make a splash and try and improve his team by any means necessary. Make no mistake every GM has made a trade, a signing they regret. Beyond the Bryz signing I have a hard time seeing your point.

            Furthermore, where do you get the information that we have the top 2 priciest buyouts? Briere was scheduled to make a fraction of his actual salary. His cap hit was the reason he was bought out.

          • As I said Im not saying The Leafs haven’t had their share of bad contracts Im also not in denial of it…lol. I can honestly say we have done our fare share of awful contracts but to sit there and say besides goaltendening there has been no overspending or no mistakes by Homer is a bit of a joke.
            heres the link to the 20 highest paid buyouts pre Depietro. Bryz is number 1 Briere is 9


          • And again we will see how things work out but I have a feeling there is going to be 2 more contracts that might be a bit of a burden in the next couple years in Striet and Vinny.

            just my opinion

          • The Flyers didnt make the playoffs last year yet the leafs did, and if you want to base the success of a team on past performance as compared to where the teams sit during the past season or currently, Ill remind you your team has only won 2 cups (and its been almost 40 years aswell) lets not get too carried away with great hockey tradition of the Flyers. Sure the Leafs havent been great lately but there has been some lean years in Philly in the past as well no?

          • Striet out scored Clarkson and is also a D Man who is in the neighborhood of -50 for his career.

          • Thing that kills me about is the hypocrisy of the whole thing is in the past you guys bashing over paid Dion who makes 6.5 who scores at around the same pace as Streit plays physical has a better defensive game (is nowhere near the minus of Streit) is younger…. but the Steit contract oh no its not that bad lol lets see how good Streit is playing at 38 39 years old making over 5 mill let alone this year. That contract is bad at 4 years or 5. Vinny is slowing down with age and has played how many full seasons in the past 5or 6 years maybe 2? He is a great player but I find that a little steep for a guypast his prime again I admit. Clarksons contract might be a bit of an anchor down the road Im not the one sitting here saying we dont make mistakes.

          • I never said I do not like Dion. I said I do not think Dion is good on D and if he plays over 22 min a game he will make some serious mistakes that will cost you games..

            Offensively he is better than Streit.

            But this is NOT what we are talking about. We are talking about your silly statements that both LeCavalier and Streit are overpaid. Streit is minus 50 career while Clarkson is minus 36 on NJ Devils team.

            LeCavaliler played 65 games in both 2011/12 so you write him off? ha-ha

            And you talk about hypocrisy? You are something else…

  2. The Sedins:
    The Canucks will win a cup paying the Sedins $7M+ per season each. They may score in bunches, but they’re soft and they’re not the type of players that can put the team on their shoulders and carry them.

    The Rangers:
    Just the fact that there’s talk about the Rangers making Lundqvist the highest paid goalie in the league if they make the finals ensures that they won’t. The Rangers have had the same game plan – pick up any high priced free agent available by outbidding everybody else – for well over a decade and it doesn’t work.

    The Rangers remind me of people we see all the time here in California. They spend all of their money on the newest most badass BMW to impress the girls, but then have to borrow money from their roommate to pay their rent.

    Look at all of the recent cup winners. All had players who took a little less than they could have demanded. That $500k that you save here and there allows you to sign or keep third or fourth line guys.

    • I disagree with the Lundqvist evaluation.
      He is arguably the best goaltender in the NHL, and deserves a hefty raise.
      If NYR won’t open the vault, there are at least 25 other teams who will.

      • Agreed with Konstantine.

      • it’s not that Lundqvist isn’t worth the money, but if he and the Rangers want a cup, he needs to take less. Look at the Kings and Quick. Quick wins the cup, Conn Smythe, and then re-signs for $5.8M per season.

        Quick is right up there with Lundqvist in terms of best goalie. But even with his reduced salary, the Kings are still pinched tight against the cap. If Quick re-signs for $7M per season, somebody on the Kings’ roster has to go. Who would that be? Clifford? Lewis? Stoll? King?

        The Rangers are welcome to pay Lundqvist $7.5M or whatever, but eventually those young guys will want to make their fair market value and they’ll have to get it from another team.

    • your views on the rangers are outdated. sure they used to overpay for the best available free agent but that hasn’t been the case for several seasons now. they have a good core of young players (callahan, stepan, hagelin, girardi, mcdonagh, staal, and others) none of who have ever played for another NHL team.

      yes, they went after richards a couple years back. but at the time they needed a bonafide first line center and richards was that. and yes they got nash last summer, but they hardly chases nash -if anything he and columbus chased the rangers. and they made a good deal for him and any time you can pick up a 40 goalscorer you kind of have to do it. then later that year they gave up another big-name big-salary player (gaborik) for the depth they felt they needed in the playoffs.

      but what high priced free agents have they picked up in the last two years? dominic moore? steve eminger? they let clowe walk. they didn’t go after bickell or clarkson or ever lecavalier. they’re not the same organization you remember them being.

      • Dude, you just said Sather picked up Brad Richards and 8M a year 30 goal scorer Nash in last two years.

      • Does anybody really not think that is Perry or Getzlaf hit the open market they wouldn’t have sent Richards packing to get one or both of them? There was talk of them dumping Richards at the deadline last year.

    • The difference is in NY there is pressure. In Phila there is pressure. In Carolina pressure simply does not exist.

      • And that’s why the Flyers and Rangers don’t win cups. They succumb to pressure and sign mercenaries rather than build through the draft. Since the cap was implemented, no team has been able to win a cup by overspending on high-priced veterans.

        • I don’t think the Rangers consider chemistry when going after a player. I don’t understand what they are doing with Stepan – he should have been signed before Moore, knowing full well that he wanted more than $2M a year. Thing is, Rangers have $14M tied up in two guys – I know the cap is going to increase next year, but they also will have a few UFA/RFAs to sign. Ranger’s have always figured they could sign a bunch of top 6 guys and win a cup – I think there really are other factors involved and chemistry is a pretty big one.

          Rangers do have a group of youngsters – Stepan, Zuccarello, Hagelin, Kreider etc. Have they learned from their signing mistakes – maybe not. I still think they got burned with Richards and he’ll be gone next year.

  3. Morrow will be signed once teams trim their team rosters. Thing is, I think Morrow is looking for a $3M deal and I just don’t see it happening. I would like to see him join the Sabres, but then who would he replace Vanek, Ennis, Foglino, Larsson? He probably would replace Porter as Vanek has been playing RW this preseason – but again I don’t see the Sabres paying $3-4M for a 3/4th line LW. I think Morrow is kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place because he is going to have to give up some $ in order to play – he definity can help out a team.

    • I don’t know why, but I see him as a good fit in Columbus. The Blue Jackets are coming into their own and he seems like he would be a good fit.

    • wouldn’t his skill set fit the habs needs? I am not sure of how close they are to the ceiling