NHL Morning Rumor Mill – August 31, 2013.

Reaction to a recent”Paul Stastny-for-Ryan Miller” rumor, the effect of Teemu Selanne’s new contract upon the Ducks payroll, and Matt Read tries to ignore trade rumors.

Could the Avalanche trade Paul Stastny for Ryan Miller?

Could the Avalanche trade Paul Stastny for Ryan Miller?

Josh Rimer (Sportsnet, Hockeybuzz, NextSportsStar) yesterday posted the following on Twitter: “Been told to NOT be surprised if the Avalanche deal Paul Stastny to Buffalo for Ryan Miller. Stastny/Miller both headed to UFA in summer.”

DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater responded by Sulia, saying such a move would surprise him. “Miller is in the last year of a contract and will want huge money next year. He’s in his 30s and his stats are getting a little worse every year. The Avs would obviously be giving up on Semyon Varlamov if they do this deal – and I would have to believe he’d be traded as well.” He added, ” In some ways, the trade makes sense on paper – two teams getting something for a player they may not want to re-sign after this year – and in other ways it doesn’t. What they’re getting is the same kind of situation.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller was linked earlier in the off-season to the Avalanche, and even I suggested they could be a destination if the Sabres tried to move him this summer. Stastny, of course, has been in the rumor mill for over two years now.

While a swap of both, as Dater suggests, makes sense on paper, I don’t believe it addresses the Avalanche’s real problem area: its porous defense. The Avs current goalie tandem of Semyon Varlamov and J.S. Giguere weren’t to blame for that. If the Avs take on Miller, they’ll have to move Varlamov or Giguere, and quickly (during pre-season would be best).

The previous word on Stastny (dating back to late-June) suggested the Avs wanted to keep him for this season. If they’ve changed their minds, it would be better to shop him for a top-two defenseman, rather than waste such an asset on a goalie who might not even stick around beyond this season.  

Still, the Avs new brain trust have so far shown a stubborn unwillingness to address its blueline deficiencies, so one can’t outright dismiss this rumor. If they make this move for Miller, they’d better ensure they re-sign him quickly to a contract extension.

At least Rimer’s given us something to discuss during an otherwise dull period for trade rumors.

NHL.COM’s Curtis Zupke reported via Twitter: “Selanne re-signs for one year at $2 million. Big pay cut from last year but ANA presumably out of running for a big $$ free agent forward.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks now have $1.474 million in cap space. Unless they demote a couple of players who fail to impress during pre-season, they don’t have much money left to invest in the free agent market.

USATODAY.COM: Dave Isaac reports Philadelphia Flyers winger Matt Read is trying to ignore the trade rumor which have popped up this year about him. Read is entering his contract year and is slated for unrestricted free agency next summer.


  1. Don’t understand the comment Ducks out of running for Big $$$ free agent forward ?
    Like WHO ? If I was to have picked ONE it would have been Brunner but that went by the way side when they signed Penner (why him ?). Murray tipped his hand a month or so ago when he stated that it’s time for the youth such as Holland / Bonio / Silfverberg/ Etem / Palmieri / Rakell / Smith-Pelly to move up. Two or three of these guys must step up to the plate and advance otherwise it will be long year. As for Selanne it appears that he will be getting 3rd line minutes, power play minutes and be scratched in one of the games when Ducks play two games in two nights. His most important role just might be being the “big brother” to young Duck forwarders. Also don’t be shocked if in February and Ducks are out of it that he is traded to a team that has a shot at cup. This being his last year I think that is what he really wants more than anything, another cup. There – my two cents, add another 98 cents and get a small up of coffee.

    • Ha @ “your 2 cents + 98 cents”. You could well be right about a Cup run for him, but he’s so loyal… really hard to tell what’ll happen. Personally, I think Etem is going to step-up in a big way for you guys and you’ll be safely in 5th or higher in the conference.

  2. Trade Stastny for a top-2 defenceman? Only a while back he was virtually untradeable because of his over-priced contract. I don’t think Miller is the answer or what the Avs would trade him for, but I don’t think they can get a top 2 dman for an overpriced UFA-to-be, either.

    • Respectfully, Spec :)

      • Agreed, and I think Buffalo would want more in return than Stastny. While Miller is getting older and a little slower, Stastny has been going down hill for a few seasons now. Their contracts are fairly similar but thats where the similarity ends. Besides, as has been mentioned numerous times, the problems in Colorado are not with goalies its defense, and if the sabres are in a re-build what would they want with a guy who just replaces the money they would save with Miller gone and a UFA at years end.

  3. They are finally pairing up Read with Couturier where he belongs. don’t trade him now.

  4. At one time I thought Bflo would do a deal with CO Vanek for Landeskog – but maybe CO would be willing to trade ROR/Giguere for Miller/McNabb or Miller/Pysyk. While I know CO has dangled Statsney out there, I’m not so sure I would welcome that trade.

  5. While anything is possible, I don’t see the Miller for Stastny swap doing either team any good.

    Both teams – In my opinion aren’t playoffs teams this year (Although both have fantastic foundations in place for future success) If I’m Regier/Sherman I wait until the deadline and grab some quality prospects/picks and or roster player(s).

    Under the right circumstances either player could warrant a 1st round pick and perhaps more?
    It would be interesting to see some opinions on Stastny/Miller.
    What’s a realistic return Buff/Col could expect?

    • Someone who is in dire need for a tender may give Buffalo a first, but I don’t think any team in the league will give up a first for Stastny. In my opinion with Stastny’s contract as it stands is unmovable, the Avalanche are hooped their I’m afraid. Miller is still serviceable and will most likely get the sabres a pick and a prospect but no more. I think Miller won’t get traded until the trade deadline.

      • I watched quite a few Avs games last year and I thought Stastny disappeared at times but was solid on both ends of the ice. He was used mostly in a third line role, playing with Jones and and a few other plugs, Didn’t really have too many opportunities to flourish offensively. With Roy at the helm I’m betting Stastny is given a lot more opportunities.

        Did you anyone watch him during the World Championships? He was lights out for the US. 15pts in 10 games.

        If I’m a contender with a hole down the middle w/ deadline day approaching, I’m not going to have any issues giving up a 1st rounder to acquire a very good second line center. Is he worth 6.5? Probably not. But let’s not forget he’s still a very valuable player that could certainly help a lot of teams for the stretch drive.

  6. I want to hear some opinions on this matter. I there anyway the avs could make a deal to get the rights for petriangelo from St. Louis. I’m thinking something like statsny and a 1st, or once ror can be traded ( he’s definitely a St. Louis style player) + picks for a signed petriangelo. I’m thinking this trade would have to be more complex or even possibly include a third team ie Calgary (their NHL team is a Calder cup contender in he AHL), buffalo ( we all know they their rebuilding and almost need every position filled, but have decent propects and cap space) phili (need to dump salary from declining dmen)or (I’m saying them just to piss people of lol) toronto ( we need cap relief and have a good amount of d prospects, some ready for the NHL and some who still require a year or two of seasoning in the AHL). So lets hear some interesting ideas, and opinions

    • Btw I do realise a biggest problem with St. Louis trading petriangelo is that he and shattenkirk are becoming elite d-men, and they are a deep team. THere aren’t many positions in which hey need to upgrade. but alas, im still not sold on their goaltending. St louis’s defensive play has been so good its pretty hard to give the goaltender too much credit.Also, I was not a big fan of their deal with Edmonton this summer.

      • It would take alot to get petriangelo out of st. Louis. Statsny is a non factor as he is a ufa to be. A kid as young and as good as petriangelo would require a couple of established young roster players to start. I can’t even think of a possible deal truthfully

  7. The only way I could see Miller for Statsny truly making sense is if the Ave’s were going to ship Varmolov out for a defensive piece. However no team seems to be really hurting for goaltending right now and would likely rather just trade for Miller directly themselves if they were. I also think that if they were going to move Statsny there are other teams who would want to work something out and it wouldn’t be limited to a swap (that makes no sense for either team … not even on paper).

    I predict that nothing comes of this rumour (not until training camp looks have also went out to at least Thomas, Bryzgalov, Theodore, & Pickard)

  8. Miller for statsny makes less sense then statsney for phanuef. At least in the phaneuf scenerio both teams fill a need that isn’t already filled. Buffalo has hodgson and the russian kid (gregerenko?) Who will be their top 2 don’t need statsny for a year might as well just great draft picks for miller if your going to do that trade.

  9. Take it from a Canucks fan – Should Miller and Varlamov be on the same team it will be no issues at all. Two number ones is a recipe for success.

  10. Not when Detroit had Cujo and Hasek.

  11. FA has already been working with Varlamov this summer. Avs are not interested in Miller. The rumor must have come out of Buffalo… or someone’s behind. PS was at Roy’s presser & golf tourney last week. He’s playing good soldier until trading deadline. So let’s just check back then…

  12. Paul Stastny would have been a good fit for the Sabres over four years ago. If a trade occurred back then, the Avalanche would have received someone like Maxim Afinogenov and a very good Sabres prospect.

    Fast forward back to the present. The Sabres have not announced plans for life after Ryan Miller. We do not know if the Sabres plan to separate with Miller and Thomas Vanek. If the Sabres start the season strong by winning quickly and keeping Miller and Vanek for a few more years, then the Avalanche could find some other players to acquire in a Stastny trade. Maybe Drew Stafford could be on the way to Colorado.