NHL Morning Rumor Mill – December 12, 2013.

Updates on Dmitry Kulikov, Ryan Callahan, Tim Thomas, Evander Kane and more.

Would Tim Thomas agree to be moved at the trade deadline?

Would Tim Thomas agree to be moved at the trade deadline?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports it is believed the Florida Panthers and Colorado Avalanche had some serious talks about defenseman Dmitry Kulikov and could do so again. Friedman also wondered if Panthers goalie Tim Thomas would agree to be moved near the trade deadline. He’s got a no-move clause and when he signed with the Panthers for this season said he wanted to stay…Predators GM David Poile denied he was getting ready to gauge the trade value of some of his players, believing all his club needs is to start winning some games. Friedman claimed a couple of names which came up (from other clubs, not the Predators) were Matt Cullen and David Legwand, who’s a UFA at season’s end…He believes there’s little point in the Islanders shopping any more of their future, and they’re not a team which adds salary. He believes it could take until the summer for the Isles to address their needs…He facetiously wondered how many teams inquired about the availability of Canucks defenseman Alex Edler after he was the target of coach John Tortorella’s wrath during a recent game in New York…The Jets are getting queries about Evander Kane, whose contract makes him valuable. He’s got four more years at $5.25 million per season left on his deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At some point this season I expect Kulikov to be traded, with the Avalanche among the potential destinations…If the Panthers get a decent offer for Thomas they could ask him to waive his clause. Whether he does is another question…If the Predators are well out of playoff contention by the trade deadline I could see Poile fielding offers for Cullen and Legwand…The Islanders are totally screwed this season. I’m not saying they shouldn’t try to improve, but they definitely shouldn’t part with any piece of their future for a quick fix. If they’re to improve, owner Charles Wang must give GM Garth Snow more financing to do it…Doubt Edler gets moved just because Torts chewed him out on the bench during a game…The Jets may be getting calls about Kane, and there could be tension between the winger and coach Claude Noel, but I still don’t believe they’ll move him.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough believes the NY Rangers must take captain Ryan Callahan’s injury history into account when engaging in contract talks. Callahan is eligible for unrestricted free agency at season’s end.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Rangers want to re-sign Callahan, who’s a true heart-and-soul player and leader, but I could see them limiting the number of years on the new deal. I don’t seem them signing him to an eight-year deal.  Four years could be the max.


  1. I will say what Back Checking is about to say: Kane to the Leafs along with Bogosian. LOL

    • For Phaneuf Gardiner Kadri Reimer and 2 firsts

      • NICE …boys ….nice! …..LOL….

        I am touched you remember ….lol

        However I want Wheeler too if Kadri is in the mix…LOL…and no firsts Shticky !

        • BC we know you love those two Jets so we have to give you a little ribbing from time to time when the opportunity arises.

          • @ LEAFS 24 / 7

            JUST an FYI …when I first posted my desire to trade for Kane and Bogosian …last year ….Kane was thought to be untouchable and I was laughed at …..as per usual ….but I think Leafs have the right peices to make this a good trade for both teams …..and also keep in my mind that most Jets fans are Leaf fans ( WERE ) Leafs fans ….LOL so to bring in HIGH profile Leaf players will be a home run for the Jets and the PR department especially the right players who are younger and can grow with the team and fill holes at lower contracts then Bogosian and Kane.

          • Yes I remember you have been on this Kane/Bogosian train since last year. I can’t say for certain they are still not “untouchable” but I would assume they will find a new coach before moving their two young franchise players out of town IMO.

      • Won’t happen. the Jets have Pavelec. They don’t need Reimer.

        Swap Reimer for Franson, and we are almost there. You better add another first going to the Jets.


    • Kane and Bogosian for Bozak, Liles, and a 2nd round pick. Haha

      • Nice joke. Funny guy u

        • Ya never gets old….specially from a guy who says Phaneuf for MDZ seems fair.

  2. The Jets could consider shopping Kane, however they would need to get a franchise type player back in return. I see it more likely the Jets dig into their defensive depth to shop around for more scoring and hopefully take advantage of a good goalie market to toss out Pavelec who was never starter material. Buy him out end of season.

    Kulikov and the Ave’s sound like a pretty good deal and they could do some picks/young player swaps in that deal. If Varlomov ends up getting anything bad Thomas could get shipped with them too. I wonder what the Ave’s are considering sending that way.

    • I would offer, Buffalo trades Enroth and Grigorenko plus a second round pick in 2014 draft to the Jets for Kane.
      It gives The Jets a new upcoming centerman to replace Kane and a future player with at least a capable back up if not a starter.

      • Buffalo only moves Enroth if they resign Miller or they trade Miller and get back an NHL goalie who is under contract for a few years.

        • Enroth is ready to take over starting duties. No need to trade him. Plus with Hackett ready to come in as backup next season no need to bring in another goalie.

      • I doubt Wpg accepts that deal. Throw in Moulson and they might.

        • @ Bullwinkle: Adding Moulson would make a huge overpayment. Maybe adding a d-man but not another 1st round pick. IMHO.

          The only way the team will be able to resign Miller is to show him that the team is making serious moves to improve and not just promises. Darcy obviously made promises that either he couldn’t keep or didn’t try to as long as Miller was signed long term.

    • Boninno & young goalie Andersen for Kane

    • I humbly disagree about Pavelec.
      For his entire carreer he’s only had 1 season with Atl where his save % was below 90 (07/08 sv % of .880) every other year his save % has been above 90 (Pretty good considering the team he’s played for) and he faces an average of 2000+ shots per season and he’s only 27 years old. He’s definitely starter material. Buying him out would make no sense at all.

  3. Callahan would be wise to go after a four year contract around the $5-6 Million mark. Based on his recent injury history and the style of play, he’s going to be burned out by his mid-30’s. On the other hand, he’s the Rangers’ most complete player year after year. He is their most important player not named Lundqvist. Additionally, either side dragging out the contract negotiation would be bad for the team as there’s only about a million other players seeking new contracts.


    Jay Feaster FIRED …

    Burkie taking the wheel …

    • Watch for Burkie to call up old buddies Bob Murray in Anaheim and Dave Nonis in Toronto trying to make a deal. Doesn’t have to make sense, it’s lets make a deal time.

    • Toronto players Burke will be going hard after:

      – Reimer
      – Gardiner
      – Phaneuf
      – Biggs

      • and Caryle as new coach ?

        • *fingers crossed*

      • Phaneuf back to Calgary would be interesting! (everyone knows I’m not a fan)
        I’ll take Smid and a draft pick in return, please and thanks! LOL

      • Leafs Advocate are you serious that Phaneuf is a player that Burke wants back?

        I’d disagree he’s going to be looking for young players to build around much like Kessel.

  5. Add Broll to that list……..

  6. Evander Kane is not going anywhere. I think the Jets should fire Noel before this gets worse with Kane. If Kane wants out of Winnipeg it could be a deathblow in the future. Let’s face it with the wind chill its been -40 to-45 all week out here in Manitoba. I am a soldier so I’m posted to MB other wise if I had any choice I would move elsewhere. This is the reason Edmonton has issues signing players the weather is terrible there too, but great city. Winnipeg needs to keep it’s stars and build around them. Its way easier to replace the coach then Kane’s skill.

  7. Burke will want to make a splash but don’t think it has to be in a trade with Nonis. Burkie has GM’s on many teams he has dealt with in the past.

    • Id rather the Leafs didnt deal with Burkie…hes been known to hose who ever he is trading with.

    • I think Phanuef back to Calgary may actually have some traction…..

      How about :
      Phanuef for Cammalleri …money works …Leafs get secondary and power play scoring

      LIles for Breen …Breen for defensive size 6″7″on Leafs …..Liles puck mover for Calgary, power play quarter back

      Gardiner for Smid …….Smid shot blocker , toughness ..Gardiner for Calgary young and up and coming will fit in better with younger core

      Leafs waive Ranger & Fraser bring up Brennan …play Reilly …give Granberg a long hard look !

      Leafs D pairings

      Franson – Reilly
      Granberg – Brennan
      Breen – Smid
      Fraser or McWilliams


      • BLAM! Does everyone get a unicorn in your deals? Because in the realm of fantasy, unicorns are a must. 😉

        • +1 to Lyle. That was classic.

      • Why would the Leafs trade Phaneuf when they are fighting for a playoff spot and he’s their best D man. Besides Burke can sign him this summer for free if he really wants him if Leafs don’t sign him first.