NHL Morning Rumor Mill – December 14, 2013.

How the rising salary cap for next season could affect several clubs, Predators GM David Poile not panicking over his team’s sluggish performance, and another pundit speculates about the trade status of Evander Kane.

Alexander Steen could be a big name in this summer's UFA market.

Alexander Steen could be a big name in this summer’s UFA market.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance lists several clubs which should benefit from the rising salary cap for next season. He believes it will open cap space for the Pittsburgh Penguins to re-sign pending UFA blueliner Brooks Orpik and for the San Jose Sharks to re-sign Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Dan Boyle. Not every club will benefit, noting the St. Louis Blues (which has its own budget) could still find it difficult re-signing Alexander Steen.

TORONTO SUN: Chris Stevenson points out the new Canadian TV deal (which kicks in next season) should ensure a steady increase in the salary cap. He wondered about the effect that could have upon P.K. Subban’s contract talks with the Montreal Canadiens, as he could decide to sign a shorter-term deal in order to cash in on a bigger deal later as an unrestricted free agent…Stevenson also joins the chorus of pundits speculating the St. Louis Blues could be a destination for Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak also believes the rising salary cap could help the Sharks re-sign Thornton, Marleau and Boyle.

WGR 550: Howard Simon believes the rising cap for next season could benefit whoever becomes the new GM of the Buffalo Sabres if ownership is willing to spend up to the $71.1 million ceiling. Simon also suggests more cap space could be freed up by buying out the contract of disappointing forward Ville Leino. Simon believes NY Rangers captain Ryan Callahan and St. Louis Blues forward Alexander Steen are two intriguing options for the Sabres if those players test the free agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s no question the rising salary cap will be a boon for clubs willing to keep pace with the higher cap ceiling, making it easier to re-sign their key free agents. Steen says he wants to remain with the Blues but that’ll depend on how much they’re willing to spend to keep him. It’s believed the Canadiens want to re-sign Subban to an eight-year deal, but I can’t help wondering if their hardball tactics last season could cost them this time around, as the temptation to re-sign a shorter term to make bigger bucks later as a UFA could be a strong one for Subban.  The Sharks want to re-sign Thornton, Marleau and Boyle and they want to stay, so the cap increase certainly makes that task easier. As for the Sabres, I think they have little choice but to cut their losses with Leino and use the cap savings to bolster their depth. Forget about landing Callahan,as I believe the Rangers will re-sign him. If Steen becomes available, the Sabres could face a bidding war with other clubs for his services.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty is the latest pundit to take note of speculation Evander Kane might be unhappy playing for the Winnipeg Jets. He believes the Bruins would be interested if Kane became available.  “Would anybody take big issue with the Bruins dealing Brad Marchand, Jordan Caron, Malcolm Subban and a high draft pick in exchange for the unhappy Kane if push comes to shove in Winnipeg?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins fans love Marchand but he hasn’t been the same since his buddy Tyler Seguin was traded to Dallas last summer. I doubt they’ll be too upset if he were in a package like that for Kane. Still, I have my doubts over these reports that Kane might be angling to get out of Winnipeg. His on-ice struggles this season appear injury-related.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile remains patient with his struggling club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, don’t expect a major trade or coach Barry Trotz to be fired.


  1. Kane would look great in a Bruins uniform , the trade mentioned would be good for both teams. The B’s may be reluctant to part with MSubban but he may be expendable as I see Rask between the pipes for several more years.

    • I would be all over that trade for Kane if it was for Caron an subban

    • He would look good in a bruins uniform and I’m a habs fan I say Montreal should jump all over this if subban doesn’t sign with Montreal trade him for Kane and a 1st since he will win the Norris again this year trade value sky rockets for subban and try to put desharnais or brier in there and get Enstrom or byfulin

  2. Leafs will be tighter cap wise then most people realize if they sign Phaneuf to an $8M deal even with the rising cap. If Nonis wants to get better he needs room to make trades during the season and that requires significant cap space if he wants to get something for nothing.

    • Somewhat true, but aside from the $71M cap space next season, they’ll also shore up $2.5M (Tucker’s $1M, Armstrong’s $1M, Frattin’s $437.5K and Scrivens’ $62.5K). Then Ranger and Fraser won’t likely be re-signed, so that is another $2.275M. All those players, total out to $4.675M, then add that to the additional $6.8M (cap space), and Nonis has $11.475M. Then Nonis has to make up his mind on what he’ll do with; Kulemin, Franson, McClement, Raymond, Holland, D’Amigo, Ashton, Reimer, McLaren, Smith, Bolland, Phaneuf, K.Ryan, Abbott, Staubitz, Lasch, Bodie, MacIntyre, Brennen, Devane and Smithson.

    • I see these type of numbers:

      Kessel – $8M
      Lupul – $5.25M
      Clarkson – $5.25M
      JvR – $4.25M
      Bozak – $4.2M
      *Bolland – $4.5M
      Kadri – $2.9M
      Raymond – $2.5M
      Orr – $925K
      Holland – $925K
      D’Amigo – $925K
      Ashton – $900K
      *Phaneuf – $7M
      *Franson – $4M
      Liles – $3.875M
      Gunnarsson – $3.15M
      Rielly – $894,167
      *Gardiner – $1.5M (2 year bridge contract)
      Bernier – $2.9M
      *Reimer – $2.9M (2 year bridge contract)
      Total – $65.8M
      Leaving $5.28M to spend on our bottom 6 players and AHL players. Nonis and every will see this, and make a few (2-3) trades to knock that number to about $7M of available cap space to work with. They don’t want to be stuck in a rut, like they are now, with having to sign players due to injuries and suspensions.

      • Exactly my point they don’t want to push themselves up against the cap again and have no room to take on salary should the right trade come along during the year. It’s looking like Phaneuf may be an extra $1M.
        I think you over valued Franson but Reimer may get the extra you gave Franson so that’s a wash. Other then that your cap for the team looks about right.
        If Nonis doesn’t do anything and gives Phaneuf $8M instead of $7M then according to your calculations above he will have $4M left to give the final 4 players he needs to fill out the roster in case of injury. That pushes him against the cap once again and the team is basically identical to now. He doesn’t make them better.

      • @Leafs advocate

        I like your bridge contract for Reimer, it might be closer to $3 mill but I think they should keep both goalies too.Even if they do keep both for the next 3 – 4 years they wont cost as much as Lundqvist, but could be better combined.

        • Reimer will go to arbitration…his numbers will get him more than 3. Probably closer to 3.5-4. This is assuming he is still a Leaf by then. There will be no discount the way he has been used in Toronto.

  3. Hey Lyle …..my comment never posted?

    • Never saw it, try re-posting again. You’re not blocked or being screened.

      • Happens to me once in a while. It’s not the site so it seems to be an issue with the website history on the specific computer or something.

  4. Steen will get a pile of cash just like Clarkson and won’t put up the same numbers again.

    Kane would look good in black and gold but too much of a headache Bruins are a close net bunch that’s why Tyler went by by. The TEAM comes first.

  5. Kane is not worth that much. I am not a fan of his character either.

    I suspect that the Blues will go the cheaper route and get Thomas by the deadline.

    • Cant remember everything I posted sooooooooo


      I will just say …..if the jets are going to trade Kane to the Bruins ….my starting point is Reilly Smith & Seidenberg ….they can keep Marchand and Subban ….thats not a good trade …..the Jets have some great trade chips …not sure why Chevaldayoff is an unwilling participant to make some bold moves in a Hockey crazed market especially if he can vastly improve as all his quality trade chips are young and the return will be substantial….Byflugen …Kane …Scheifle …to name a few ….You can get at least 2 players for Kane and at least 2 players for Byflugen

      • I doubt the Bruins would get rid of Seidenberg and Smith.

        • I cant see the Bruins creating a hole that big on D to acquire a winger that has been a little inconsistent Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Draft pick prospects and a forward going back the other way seems about right.

  6. I posted it before and am doing so again, Subban’s current deal was signed at a point when the Habs were tight with the cap, or would be when it dropped. The negotiations with Subban were not necessarily ‘hard ball’, rather, this is the best we can do right now and we will get you next time. The result will be a big pay day and yes it might have be short term for all the reasodn’sstated. I think that is/will be the sticking point but I think it is wrong to read any acrimony into the contract negotiations due to last year. If MB low balls Subban, even as a starting point (which i do not think will happen) things will get messy in a hurry.

  7. Blackhawks acquire Jason LaBarbera from the Oilers, in exchange for future considerations.

  8. Subban has the Habs at his mercy. They took a gamble with his hold out 2 year bridge deal and it could cost them one of the most exciting dmen in the game. He will be asking for north of 8.5 for years on a long term deal but that could end up a bargin for the Habs in a few years or a big bust.

    • I agree with all your points, except the excitement thing. Subban has been a no excitement Dman since probably the 10th game of hte season. Since then his Olympic stock has skyrocketed as well as the Habs point totals. Those excitement moments of his always carry big risk (End to end rushes that result in nothing, big hit taking himself out of the play but missing the guy he had lined up, etc. etc.)

  9. Thornton suspended 15 games, 3 served so far, 12 more left

  10. I like the idea of a Marchand for Kane deal but I think the Bruins give up too much in Haggerty’s proposed return to the Jets.

    Either take Subban out of the deal or add something of value from the Jets side. Either way, Bruins have to send significant $$$ to the jets to make he trade work from a cap perspective.

    As a Bruins fan, I would like to see Marchand 4.5 per, Caron 640 k per, Bartkowski 650 k per and a second rounder for Kane 5.25 per, Peluso 562 k per and Redmond (AHL). I think it works for both team. Marchand and Kane are both skilled players but in need of respective change of sceneries. Bruins need an heir apparent to Shawn Thornton (pending UFA) and a quick fix now that he’s suspended long term. Bartkowski will become expendable when Hamilton and McQuaid are healthy and Kevan Miler has made a case to be the perfect #7 guy in my opinion. I don’t believe would be subject to waivers because he’s currently in the AHL so Redmond can slot into Providence whereas Bartkowski is subject to the waiver wire when Hamilton and McQuaid return.

    Bruins on paper (so to speak and when all are healthy)




  11. Marchand’s stock took another hit last night with his classless actions during the Bruins blowout loss to the Canucks. despite his team being dominated in every facet of the game he felt compelled to bring up the past and his own coach called him out for it after the game. instead of the past let’s bring up some recent history, Vancouver has beaten Boston in both games they’ve faced them since then and last night was a rout. for those Bruins fans who would claim that injuries and suspensions left them undermanned, the Canucks were without their top dman, winger and tough guy and still dominated.

  12. Hamilton,smith,Caron 2nd for Kane, peluso