NHL Morning Rumor Mill – December 3, 2013.

The latest on Michael Del Zotto, Ryan Callahan, Mike Cammalleri and Tim Gleason, plus updates on the Oilers and Senators.

Nothing new happening with Ryan Callahan's contract talks.

Nothing new happening with Ryan Callahan’s contract talks.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers captain Ryan Callahan said there’s nothing going on regarding contract talks with the club but he isn’t concerned about it. The Senators (who spoke with the Rangers about defenseman Michael Del Zotto) and Blackhawks also scouted the game.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL’s Renaud Lavoie reports via Twitter he’s heard Del Zotto won’t be traded soon, as it could take more time than expected to move him.

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang noted the Rangers seem to be taking a hard line stance in their negotiations with Henrik Lundqvist. While it seems inconceivable they would trade him, she wonders what could happen if they continue playing hardball with him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rookie Cam Talbot has played well so far for the Rangers, but I don’t believe they would favor him over Lundqvist in the long run. I also don’t see them moving Callahan or Dan Girardi, who’s also a UFA next summer. GM Glen Sather will take his time with the trio and see how this season plays out.  As for Del Zotto, the Rangers want to move him but there’s not much of a market for his services right now. They could end up waiting until the trade deadline to find a suitable deal.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: Eric Duhatschek reports Calgary Flames forward Mike Cammalleri’s strong play could make him attractive trade bait later in the season, but speculates the possibility the club could offer him a contract extension to see if he’s interested in staying.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cammalleri has received positive reviews for his leadership as well as his strong play this season. At the start of this season he didn’t rule out re-signing with the Flames. I believe they’ll test the trade waters before the March 5 deadline to see if he’ll fetch a good return, especially if he intends to become a UFA next summer.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes the Oilers will eventually shop either Devan Dubnyk or Ilya Bryzgalov later this season. Both are UFAs and they’d rather not lose both next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They’ve stuck by Dubnyk but he could be the one to be shopped if Bryzgalov outplays him and is willing to stay beyond this season.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports Senators GM Bryan Murray’s hands are tied trade-wise by the club’s self-imposed salary cap but owner Eugene Melnyk is willing to add more more if he believes it would make a significant difference.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  I don’t see him opening his wallet for Michael Del Zotto.

TSN’s Darren Dreger recently reported via Twitter a trade could materialize for Carolina Hurricanes’ defenseman Tim Gleason upon his return mid-week from injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If so it’ll be interesting to see who’s willing to take on his $4 million cap hit on a contract which runs through 2015-16.



  1. Cowan for Del Zotto perhaps? One young, under performing defenceman for another…

    • No, absolutely not. As a Sens fan that is the last thing we need. I am not even coming close to implying that Del Zotto is a bad defenseman, however Cowan is a big body potential stud shut down d-man and we just need him to snap out of his slump. The only trade that Ottawa should be making defensively is for a veteran shut down d with leadership skills.

      The Rangers should be calling clubs that are interested in a pucking moving defenseman.

    • What is wrong with everyone del zotto is having an off season the guy averages 30-40 pts a season he’s amazing a lot of games left In the season please Montreal make a move for del zotto offer up Diaz and Leblanc since the rangers are looking for a dman that has offensive upside and could play 20 min a game Diaz fits that bill … Del zotto is younger and more potential then Diaz do the trade … Also if they could go get erat with orolov in a package deal offer up bourque and something else nothing to high like a r. White or boullion just get them erat wil score 25 goals and orolov is another 35-40 pts dman great skill

  2. Oilers Dubnyk: When you say “shopped” you mean “begging a team to take him away for nothing” right.

  3. If Bryzgalov has a decent half a season he will be ecstatic if the Oilers decide to resign him for a couple more years. I don’t think the Oilers have to worry about shopping Bryz because of his UFA status since we saw what happened with this guy’s UFA status this past summer. I guess the Edmonton Journal has nothing to write about today except to make up stupid stories.

  4. I think a Cowen for Del Zotto trade is a very good trade for both teams and fills needs long term !

    Karlson and Del Zotto would be very good together …however Ottawa would be giving up on BIG physical talent that would favor the Rangers in that deal and what they are or seem to be looking for !

    Dubnyk is done with the Oilers he will most likely not be resigned next year ……..IMO

    Cammelleri is a real good fit in Calgary and will be the most sought after trade deadline player ..IMO … he plays all special teams and is quality on the Power play and also scores 5 on 5 …this is a very good player at trade deadline if you don’t have to give up to much …a 1 A or B prospect with size and skill may do it in Calgary. Burke and Feaster may want to keep this guy !

    I am thinking Lundqvist may want out at the end of this season ……Rangers have half a team to sign …LITERALLY ….
    he has had to much time to think that he can make more elsewhere and he might be able to go to a better team ….however he REALLY likes the NEW YORK lifestyle !!

    • Hey when you say ‘Karlson and Del Zotto would be very good together’ you mean for the opposing teams, right? Both as a pairing would be great since both cant and don’t defend well at all.

      • No … just no on Cowan for Del Zotto … the Sens need the big body more than the puck moving D. If they want to add Del Zotto to play with Cowan then fine, make some sort of deal and flip Gryba plus something. I personally think that the Senators need a veteran shutdown D.

  5. ***Reminder***
    There are no Leaf topics today in the rumour section so come on over to Canadian Corner and blast away. LOL

    • Indeed! In fact, David Clarkson (the $5.25 million per season winger) has been demoted from the second line. That’s a good topic for discussion over there.

      • Well Gleason has been kinda linked to the Leafs just hoping if I ignore it it will go away.

    • Jeez, shall fans of the 20 teams not mentioned post this type of message every day? That’ll be great!

  6. Gleason…who’s willing to take him???

    big D man? check
    $4M a year and over-paid? check
    can’t skate? check
    plays soft? check

    Holmgren will be interested

    • Islanders are in need of a defenseman and a goalie. In my recent Hockey News column I suggested the Hurricanes ship Gleason and Justin Peters to the Isles for a light return (draft picks, prospects, minor leaguer, whatever), freeing up cap space to pursue John-Michael Liles, whom the Leafs want to dump without taking any salary back in return. Just spitballin’ but it’s no worse than some rumors I’ve seen about Gleason.

      • how can the Flyers dump Giroux and Streit

        what teams are in the market for grossly over-paid, ineffective players

        • Little early to dump Giroux. He has loads of talent. Sometime just a coaching change is needed. Getzlaf was loafing two years ago, canning Caryle did wonders for Gertzlaf’s attitude and work ethic.

        • What are you talking about?

        • Disappointed there aren’t any TSN articles you can whine about Giroux on, Jango?

        • You mean–other than the Flyers?

      • Your ideas make sense but don’t ever expect the Islanders to do the obvious and what makes sense.
        I also have to wonder: are the Rangers asking the moon on Del Zotto? His salary isn’t that bad in terms if players like Gleason, Liles, Ruutu etc.
        Sather needs to be careful with his UFAs. He made some close to the line remarks about RFA Stepan before he signed, teams will be waiting to get a shot at Girardi, Callahan and Lundqvist is Sather doesn’t want to pay.

      • That makes sense but will Wang open the wallet for him? At least Snow and the gang can get a goalie and dman for cheap if they did make the deal with the canes and the canes win by opening cap space to fill it with a piece they want. Sounds like a what a trade sounds like.

    • Gleason soft! Thats a first. How many games have you seen him play?

    • gleason to phi for andrej meszaros ?

  7. who would call about Dubnyk?

    What market would sign Henrik for $ he wants? I cannot see him going to Philly. Though Brooklyn…..

  8. Cammalleri to the Kings as a playoff rental. They don’t have the cap space to keep him long term but there’s familiarity there and the kings need offense on the left-side.

    • Lombardi already ditched cammi for having a bad attitude. Not going to happen!

  9. It amazes me that someone as entrenched in his hockey scribe job still hasn’t elevated himself to the level of moderately able to understand the game the players the trades.
    Chicago had a scout at the game? Really?
    Teams as a matter of routine see the other competitors even when a game between them may niot occur for months. It is the job. Watch, make note, give an general opinion and then even more specific ones.

    I know every fan of an NHL team would love to see trade, but if every scouting trip means upcoming trade, ther would 100 more each season.

  10. Besides being a nice kid and his size, I don’t see what the Oilers can like about Dubnyk. He isn’t intense enough, seems to be lackadaisical, too much to be a number 1 goalie. He just doesn’t have it. Too slow, reactions are lagging, simply put, I don’t think he could cut it on an ambitious team.

    They put too much stock into their drafted players who have continually proven to become nothing but unfulfilled promises. They need real players in Edmonton to form a leadership group, all the talent in the world won’t make up for a lack of accountability and direction. No new highly rated coach can change an organization with The Horcoffs, Smyths and Belangers, guys who can’t stand up in a room and seriously think they will be heard. Ten years ago those guys would be respected, but where there at today, there is no chance. They need a Dustin Brown, Iginla, Jagr, Martin St. Louis, David Backes, Shane Doan, Daniel Alfredsson type guys who have what it takes to put those kids in their place in the locker room and be able to back it up on the ice. Guys that can talk a gang but can’t skate quicker than a grandma can cross a street won’t help. They need to make moves for some effective players with character and skill, real soon or else they will waste another generation of talent.

    They have to stop relying on second rate guys with “leadership” or young guys they hope will pan out. You don’t build a house on sand or with the hands of kids who never held a hammer.

  11. I think that the Leafs will do a Liles for Gleason swap and send Rielly back to junior.

    • Shhh…no they are not lol

  12. Would it be foolish to think they let them both go and try for some other option in the off season? Depending how either goal tender plays from now till the dead line or seasons end. I had faith in Dubs, but it’s looking shaky. And Bryz, still not sure as to what to think of that one. I was a Smid fan, if they sent him packing to get him, no, I do not like that. But, I wasn’t a fan of the Roloson deal, but he turned out to be awesome for an old dude. How far long do you think that Brossoit kid is from making an impression for the big club? As I read he seemed to be the key to the deal that sent Smid to the Flames. I suppose with any prospect, time will tell. I have not seen the kid play, so, I was just curious how good he is now? So, Maybe the Oil shop hard for a new goaltender and a reliable D-man in the coming year or so. And, pray those top picks end up producing, Chicago/Pittsburgh style. :)

    • Seriously, had they not extended Nudge, which wasn’t required, they could of kept Smid. Adding Bryz without getting rid of Smid could of helped.