NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 14, 2014.

The top trade deadline targets at center, plus updates on Andrei Markov and Dan Girardi.

Could the Jets move Olli Jokinen at the trade deadline?

Could the Jets move Olli Jokinen at the trade deadline?

ESPN.COM: Tim Kavanagh lists Nashville’s David Legwand, Buffalo’s Steve Ott, Edmonton’s Sam Gagner, Winnipeg’s Olli Jokinen and Toronto’s Nazem Kadri as the top NHL centers rumored on the trade block heading toward the March 5 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of these Ott and Gagner appear the most likely to move. The status of Legwand and Jokinen depends upon where their respective clubs are in the standings by the trade deadline. Kavanagh notes the Kadri trade rumors have died down of late. I doubt he’ll be moved, as the Leafs want a comparable player in age and skill in return.

RDS.CA: Francois Gagnon recently wondered if the Montreal Canadiens will wait to negotiate with defenseman Andrei Markov, try to re-sign him before the trade deadline or trade him if a deal cannot be reached.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Markov’s value to the Habs defense and their efforts to clinch a playoff berth, I doubt they’ll shop him at the deadline.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports contract talks between the NY Rangers and pending UFA defenseman Dan Girardi are expected to resume next week before the club stages its first practice session.


  1. Seriously, all these dead horses have been beat, we need something new to discuss.

    • Guy what do you expect rumors to be running hog wild while there’s a trade freeze in place? Spector is just reporting the rumors that he hears through the media, not making crap up like Eklund.

  2. And when something new is reported in the media, I’ll post it here. In the meantime, this is the latest. Enjoy!

    • Exactly. Speaking of dead horses being beaten… lol The same people will continue being talked about until they are either traded, or the deadline is passed. That’s just how it works

    • @Lyle, you’re doing a great job, I guess when I saw Kadri’s name pop up again, I sort of lost it. My apologies!

      • LOL, no harm done. I too find it tedious when the same names keep popping up in the media rumor mill, but that’s the nature of the beast. Once this trade deadline passes we’ll have plenty of new names to speculate about come June. :)

        • Look on the bright side Ryan Miller was not mentioned once, opps just screwed that up.

        • Could be worse, we could be flooded with Loungo rumors…..for another 100 years!

        • Yes indeed, hopefully one of the stories will be “Wild sign both Vanek and Miller”! IMD’s.

          • There is no way the Wild could afford to sign both Vanek and Miller they both want about $8 million a year on 7 year deals That would just about eat all of Minnys cap space.

      • Oh come on now everybody loves it when Kadri is mentioned. It breaks up the Miller Weber Ganger cycle.

        • @Shticky, ha, I knew that comment would get your attention!

  3. If Craig MacTavish still has a job in a month and wants to keep his job, he should explore the Weber option.

    Edmonton needs D and leadership .

    There have been a few top 5 picks turn into duds and I’m thinking Edmonton might have a couple of them. One of them may perform up to their potential on a quality team with a good core but all of them on a young poor Edmonton team is doing nothing for them as far as their development goes. Oilers have the potential to ruin some good young players careers on the current Edmonton team.
    MacTavish and Katz are going to have to use a couple of these guys for trade bait before the shine totally wears off these guys.
    Edmonton needs a top D and a leader (I feel currently Smyth should wear C not overrated Ference) .
    Weber in Edmonton makes sense….Western Canadian top D Man on a team that needs it.
    New building coming and Katz’s cash will keep him there for years.
    On the Nashville side, they are loading up their D with some good young guys (Ellis, Jones, Josi, Del Zotto) but are desperate up front for offense so why not make a pitch for a package including either Hopkins or Eberle or Yakopov and possibly Nurse. Good opportunity to move Gagner or Hemsky as well. Nashville can look after its offense for year to come if they do a deal.
    Their D would still be in good shape without Weber …Jones is developing nicely. Agree with others that would take more than just one of these guys to get Weber but you also have to think Edmonton is gonna have another high 1st rounder this year as well. Trade it !!
    Edmonton can put together a hell of a package to get Weber out of Nashville.
    Hall is only Oiler that is untouchable as far I am concerned.

    • What Weber option??? trust me there is not a Weber option for Edmonton on so many levels. First off why would Nashville trade him only ONE year after giving him a ton of money because of the offer sheet? And even if Nashville does trade him, the package coming back would be huge, way too much for the Oilers to give up.

      • I totally agree, Edmonton will never be involved in a trade with Shea Weber. IMO

      • Agreed. As of July first they will have paid 41 mil for the first three years of his contract. With an actual cap hit of 23.4 mil approx for the first three years (7.8 per season) that is 18 mil aprox already prepaid on his contract towards future years. There is no way to recover that money in a trade.

        I don’t see Edmonton having enough that they would be willing to give to land Weber. And I don’t see Nashville looking to throw millions of dollars out the window by trading Weber away.

      • Well, Nashville will get out of a big signing bonus if they deal Weber before July. Not that I see it happening, but I think they are sufficiently motivated to consider a move. The only reason Weber hit the lottery is because Suter skipped town. I’m not saying he wouldn’t have won the lottery, but it wouldn’t have been structured so heavily to his advantage. It would make a lot of sense for Edmonton to offer up two first round picks, Eberle, J Schultz, Klefbom, and another prospect not named Nurse. IMO that is not a high price to secure the future of your hockey team, and ensure a great mentor for Darnell.

        • Weber is a valuable player. But your trade proposal gives way too much for 1 player. Very bad trade.

        • That is way too much to give away for one player. Very bad trade.

        • @Kyle, really? WAY to much for 1 player, Crosby wouldn’t even get that kind of return,

    • Well said my friend.

    • I think that is a great idea for Edmonton. They need something to get excited about. Change their locker room atmosphere. Weber’s play and leadership would do wonders. You also have Klefbom and Nurse coming up. Imagine Nurse and Weber. Ouch for everyone else. Seeing as how Weber can’t be traded until after the draft, maybe they can do a deal where they trade who they pick in the draft, plus Eberle, Gagner and 2016 1st. ( I assume teams want to keep the 2015 1st lol)

      • 2 probably top 5 picks, Gagner and Eberle for Weber, I think that’d be a gamble on Edmonton’s part. Losing a lot. Next year they could very much have McDavid. Say they got first overall this year and second overall next year the trade would look as follows.

        To EDM – Weber

        To NSH – Gagner, Eberle, Eichel and Ekblad

        That’s way to much IMO.

        I’d something like this years 1st, Eberle, Gagner and a second in next years draft.

        • I think Nashville would be looking for more of a quicker fix than that. Either Eberle or Hall and Yak. Would be the keys to a conversation I think. All the picks and prospect types wouldnt be enough. If they trade Weber and dont make the playoffs Nashville turns in to a Florida in terms of drawing attendance,Weber’s big contract or not if they miss the playoffs for a year or 2 with out the face of the franchise they are in even more trouble financially.

    • Jjhoss why would Edm. do that ,they have a shot at 1st overall pick and i`m sure they would take Ekblad to build up there defense. If Edm. did put together a package i would not include the 1st overall pick with it.

    • Forget Weber, it will cause more problems than solve.
      1) At best Weber will play 1/4 of the 120 minutes D-men minutes needed per game
      and that’s if he plays 30 minutes each night.
      2) At 14 million you can get 2-3 good players.
      3) What happens when the young talent on oilers play out their first contract and
      suddenly want big bucks and you find that Weber has eaten up most of that ?
      4) Defense is a team game and the oilers need to find management that can
      teach that concept. Take a look at the Ducks defense do you see any superstars ?
      After Getz & Perry do you see any superstars ? They have bought into the
      team concept, play both ways.
      5) Find a special coach for the young D-men, Scott Niedermayer has done a great
      job of teaching with Fowler / Lindholm / Sbisa ( injured this year but played well
      last year), and even with a guy like Ben Lovejoy.
      6) Oilers need to find a steady, stay at home D-man and put him next to Justin
      Schultz so that when Schultz does his thing he doesn’t get Burned as often.
      7) First before the end of the season figure out if Bryzgalov and Scrivens is
      your goalie team or not.
      8) With the older assets you have like Hemsky / plus draft picks see if you can
      pry away a 28-32 year old stay at home D-man. Does not have to score but
      needs to be able to play defense. This won’t come cheap and may have to
      part of a 3 team deal but I think it has to be done. Trading Hemsky for a 2nd
      round draft pick does nothing to help you NOW or NEXT YEAR.
      9) Have not seen UFA list yet, but if anyone is usable on JULY 1, gotta throw
      some money at a “D” man.

      10) Can’t see oilers trading young players as they have names, faces and are
      attached to the hip to them. Draft picks do not have names / faces and have
      not been “Our Boys” the past few years.

      • His cap hit is 7.8 even though he is getting 14 mil at the moment.

    • Any starter offer for Shea Weber would start with Taylor Hall, and their 2014 1st round pick

      • That’s way to much. That’s trading a superstar who hasn’t reached his peak yet plus a defenseman who is regarded as one of the best defensive prospects in recent years.

        • Im not sure. Ekblad (whom Ive seen numerous times) is any more or should be any more “highly regarded” than Jones Nurse Rllley Reinhart Pietroangelo ect. I think alot of the hype about Ekblad is due to the strength of this years draft ya he is going to be good, but comparing this years draft to previous years its very weak Im not sure he will be Seth Jones type good or any better than others mentioned he is alot better than some of the others in this draft class but overall thats not saying a whole lot.

          • you sir are a moron and obviously have been staring at your goddamn phone instead of really watching him play he will be a top pairing defenceman in the league for years to come!

          • If Ekblad reaches his potential I see him as a very strong #2 D-man. Not necessarily a franchise number 1 guy, but a valuable piece none the less.

          • @me so you think Ekblad will be better than Jones or any better than those mentioned above? Im not so sure he is. Yes he is good and is definitely going to be good nhl d man but the most highly regarded d man in years is a huge stretch considering this years draft class and at points hes not even been the top prospect.

          • The list could go on with guys like Trouba Dumba Lindholm Matta Carrick Ristolanien ect. Just because he is top ranked defenseman this year is along way from being the most highly regarded d man in years

  4. That is of course the issue with any deal involving the Oilers. Nobody wants their crap (gagner, smid, hemsky). If they’re going to get those BIG D-MEN they seem to feel they need one of those big top 4 is going to have to be in the mix.

    Taylor Hall is a genuine superstar and isn’t going anywhere. Yakapov looks like that Malkin type you want to keep around for secondary scoring. Eberle is your offensive wizard. RNH looks like a stiff breeze could blow him over and just hasn’t been as dominant as they believe he could be.
    Looks like goaltending might be ok if they can get some decent defense.

    The Senators have a glut of defensemen. You can judge who might be in or out of Murray/Maclean’s favor.
    Last year I would have said Jarred Cowan looks like the next Pronger. This year has been a huge step back. Wierchioch, Gryba, Corvo, and even mr.healthy scratch Methot. Borietzki in the minors. Surely there’s a deal to be done here.

    • How well are those guys doing?

      Outside of Gagner I don’t think they could command any of the other supposed “No Trade” players from the Oil…

    • “Yakapov looks like that Malkin type you want to keep around for secondary scoring.” From what planet does Yak look like Malkin? Outside of both having 2 eyeballs, 2 arms, 2 legs and both are Russian….well the comparison stops there. This comparison is a total stretch.

      • Ya that Malkin thing kinda confused me as well.

        • to be honest reality seems to confuse you the most

          • Ah clever.

  5. There is NO WAY the oilers get Weber. I don’t think they have the assets to get him (oiler fans over rate their players too much) and even if the preds were to trade him, he’d probably go to the east. They would probably want what the flyers were going to have to give up to get him so that’s a few first rounders, not average at best bust first rounders.

  6. Obviously we would all love to see Weber here. I don’t think we could get him without giving up way too many important pieces. I would much rather they picked up a strong #2 Dman without leveraging the future for him. This is almost as a stop gap to stop the bleeding for next yearn and possibly the year after.

    After that we should have a couple of our prospects performing at a high level.

    Nurse – J Schultz
    Marcinin – Petry
    Klefbom – ?

    or something like that looks like a very solid line up in 3 years. There is obviously the chance not all of them work out, or that they develop slower than that. based on how nurse played in camp and him putting on another 15 pounds before next season I cannot see them not keeping him up next year.

  7. I think Edmonton doing a major trade for Weber would be perfect option for Nashville. They lose a very weighty contract, gain a ton of offensive options, and Edmonton gets the leader and defenseman they desperately need…and MacT saves his own ass in the process. Probably can do Yakupov/Eberle + unload Gagner and Hemsky as well, as they would be valuable parts in Nashville. Everybody wins big! I’d bet good money on this getting done!

  8. Well that certainly got the comment room going…LOL
    In all seriousness…Edmonton’s all youth movement isn’t workin this isn’t the 80’s…there is no Gretzky in your mix….time to fix the current mess of high end youth…..If they got the first overall this year….they should trade it for a late or mid twenty year old vet star with a contract another team can’t handle.
    I’m not even an oiler fan and I wanna see it changed up.
    On another not does anyone else hate Dutch and Bierness on Sport Center in the AM….they’re no Dan and Jay…LOL

  9. Well, for the same old same old being complained about, it sure created a lot of chatter!

  10. Nashville shouldn’t take any prospects or players from the Oilers. Players they need are not in Oilers organization.

  11. Is trading away Sam Gagner the right move for the Oilers? As a fan of the team, I’m finding that idea hard to swallow. Even in the rumor mill. I’d say keep on for at least another season. I’d like to think this team can make some strides next season and it would be nice to see Gagner apart of it. If the team does not improve at all and we are back in the same position again, then yeah, then I can see them moving out a player like Gagner. I just think he’s a great player and I like what he brings to the team. This whole team seems off to me right now. I gotta believe there’s just a few pieces missing here. If anything, I’d much rather them move out Yaks. I haven’t warmed up to him as much as a fan. And I dunno if he’ll be the player the Oilers are expecting. I would of picked Ryan Murray with that #1 overall pick. Anyway, if they Oil can and do trade away Gagner, what sort of return do you think they could get? I don’t even have another player in mind. I hope if it’s a roster player he’s of the same age or younger? As long as we get a return that actually helps out the team in an area where they need it. Then, I could rest easier knowing Gagner’s departure helped this team for years to come. What does anyone else think of my ramblings? 😉

    • The oilers need to get bigger up the middle. RNH isn’t going anywhere. So that means gagne has to go, and a big 2nd line centre brought in. Gagne has to go this season before his no trade clause kicks in. And yak has way too much upside to trade yet. He plays with heart, and he is starting to learn the defensive side. This kid could be a superstar in the next couple of seasons. I would not be surprised to see Yak pass Eberle on the depth chart in the future.