NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 19, 2013.

Updates on Ryan O’Reilly and Stephen Weiss, plus the latest Bruins speculation.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports sources claim Senators GM Bryan Murray has held talks with Colorado Avalanche GM Greg Sherman about Avalanche holdout center Ryan O’Reilly, but it appears the asking price is quite high (a roster player who can help the club right now, plus a prospect and a draft pick). Garrioch claims the Maple Leafs, Bruins, Penguins and Rangers have also held talks with the Avs about O’Reilly.

Do the Avs want Couturier in exchange for O'Reilly?

Do the Avs want Couturier in exchange for O’Reilly?

RDS.CA: Renaud Lavoie reports there’s been no communication between Avs management and O’Reilly’s agent (Mark Guy) for two weeks. Lavoie also reports the rumored asking price for the 22-year-old center is a young, established player, a first or second round pick and prospect. He claims the Flyers are among those interested clubs, but the Avalanche evidently want center Sean Couturier as part of the return. Lavoie  believes O’Reilly could have the pressure of playing in Montreal, but it doesn’t mean Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin could go in that direction.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m not surprised by Murray doing due diligence and calling about O’Reilly, but I doubt he’ll deal for him. Murray seeks affordable, short-term replacements for sidelined stars Jason Spezza and Erik Karlsson, not an expensive (both in return and salary) pickup like O’Reilly. That asking price from the Flyers reported by Lavoie runs counter to a recent comment by the Denver Post’s Adrian Dater, claiming the Avs aren’t seeking an offensive center in return for O’Reilly. I would be very surprised if the Canadiens tried to land O’Reilly, especially given their limited cap space for next season. Given how well the Habs are playing so far, there’s no need for Bergevin to make that move.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports Florida Panthers center Stephen Weiss said his recent slump had nothing to do with his name appearing in trade rumors or his impending free agency.”I have a no-move clause anyway, so I can’t get traded without the team coming to me first if they wanted to do that. But that definitely doesn’t bother me”, said Weiss. Panthers GM Dale Tallon maintains he’s not shopping Weiss and intends to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately for Weiss and Tallon, this won’t keep the center’s name out of the rumor mill. The only way to silence the chatter is for the Panthers to re-sign him before the trade deadline, and so far, there’s no indication that’s going to happen anytime soon.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Bruins biggest need remains a left winger on their third line, suggesting they target Dallas Stars winger (and former Bruin) Michael Ryder if the Stars fall out of playoff contention. He believes the Bruins would have to “put draft picks in play” to land a winger like Ryder.


  1. I do not see Flyers trading Couturier straight up for Ryan O’Reilly.

  2. I’m not getting at all why the Avs want, or more correctly expect so much for O’Reilly. He has one good NHL season under his belt. Two of this three NHL seasons were mediocre. Del Zotto’s name came up in trade rumors. At this point, Del Zotto should be worth more than O’Reilly.

    • This is why: ROR’s contract demands are silly, everyone agrees right? Avs are offering him the same deal as Duchene, which Matt is proving his worth right now, a true professional. ROR wants to get paid based on his potential. He’s been a baby through out the negotiations, his daddy getting on twitter definitely did not help. The poor kid is getting terrible advice it’s sad.

      So the Avs look at it this way. You don’t wanna take a more than fair contract and prove yourself? Subban, Kulikov and Benn all came to their senses and signed a bridge deal and you won’t OK fine sit at home. You’ll have to wait an extra year to reach UFA or have any kind of arbitration rights. Oh you want a trade then so you don’t lose that year? OK fine, but only if I get what I want for you. Meaning if a team wants O’Reilly on their team this season, they’ll have to pay up big time. At the draft, his value will decline. The Avs, like CBJ with Nash and Lulongo in VAN are in no hurry to trade this baby. Even with all the injuries, the team isn’t that terrible and John Mitchell has shown he’s more than capable of taking over 3rd line Centre duties. Sgarbossa and Olver are also playing and developing well.

      It might go till the off-season before he’s dealt but the Avs will wait for the best deal and it won’t be to a team in the NW division, sorry Oil fans won’t happen. What do you guys put in the water over there? You have such nice dreams ;-P

  3. I also can’t see philly trading couturier. If they did they could do better then orielly. Like a offensive dmen that they desperatly need. I don’t see a reason for philly, rangers, pittsburgh, or ottawa to trade for orielly.

  4. They are over pricing O’Reilly, and if this is the case how stupid are they in looking like a bunch of hypocrites. So, what the Avs management’s message basically says is that O’Reilly is not really worth $4.5M per season, but he is worth a solid roster player, a top prospect, and a 2nd rounder, which is what a good $4.5M player brings in.

    Weiss is not helping his case with the current slump. He needs to wake the hell up. You’d think a guy of his skill as an upcoming UFA player would put up a heck of a season to get as much money as possible.

    Joey N killed this Dallas team when he traded Neal and Niskanen for an average d-man named Goligoski. He still has not given an identity to the team either. He sings old vets, and is trading part of the core. I have no idea what his plan in Dallas is with these moves.

    • Micki, well said on the O’Rielly issue, you are spot on. As for Joey N, the Goligoski trade was terrible for the stars, but he also made a HUGE error in not trading Brad Richards at the trade deadline. They could have gotten a nice return for him that could have set the Stars up for a while. As a Kings fan though I am glad to see him ruin a divisional rival.

      • Everyone always forgets Brad Richards had a No Trade Clause. GM Joe couldn’t have traded him if he wanted to.

      • Sorry, but Brad Richards nixed that trade JN had with the Rangers (he had a NMC/NTC). He revealed to Stan Fischler that he had no intentions of depleting a squad that he was planning to join during the off-season anyway.

        • That whole free agent frenzy for Richards was such a scam. Both he and the rangers knew he was going there long before July 1 came around. The league should have fined the pants off both Richards and the rangers it was so obvious right from the start. I hope Richards never gets even a wiff of another cup.
          Not sure what Neiwendyks plans are but he certainly has made some quetionable moves with trades and free agent signings. If they make some noise in the playoffs all will be forgotten.

  5. Broons have no need for O’Reilly. They have a glut of centers on the team and in the system.

    Agree that the asking price is ludicrous.

    • Agree Krejci,Bergeron,Seguin are all better players.
      Wouldn’t want to give up the ransom their asking.
      I know chia has worked with Col. On trades before so you never know.
      He would be a wing or third line center on the Bruins.

      • I think O’Reilly can play anywhere in the top 9 for the B’s, but there’s no way they’d pay him what Bergeron & Seguin are making. B’s current players appear to put salary secondary, so O’Reilly appears too selfish for the team. I can’t see B’s wanting to pay him more than 4.5. Plus acquiring him means not re-signing Horton.

  6. Perhaps Colorado is over pricing in talking to teams (they have not said directly, 100% what they want/expect) in order to prove to O’Reilly and his agent he is not worth the asking price or term they seek.
    They can simply point out the lack of offers (or lack of good return from the offers) and no offer sheet to his agent and say the rest of the league sees what we see not what you are asking for.
    Just a theory nothing to base this on other then a passing thought.

    • I believe the same thing.they don’t want to trade him.And I for one can’t believe how no one backs Avs managements stand against overpayments on second contracts!!! Maybe we should go back to the start of the season. …no wait they were LOCKED OUT cause salaries are out of control, these kids needs to earn their $$$$$.
      DelZotto for ror straight up? Obviously east coaster huh?

      • I agree, straight up is not going to make this happen. Del Zotto is sort of in the same boat as O’Reilly. He is good but hasn’t really proven anything either. Del Zotto has also been on a very good rangers team and has benefitted from all the hoopla. IMO the rangers would have to add a little something as well.

  7. Yes I am really confused by Aves management, we won’t pay the kid like a star, but we want to pay the assets for him like he is. Its also not a matter of them being able to afford it, which then at least you could make the case they just don’t have the money … they just don’t believe he is worth that much.

    • They can afford O’Reilly, but they don’t want to pay him more than Duchene or they insult Duchene. They want to prove that they have a system in place.

  8. the sabres need to do SOMETHING if they want to be considered contenders instead of pretenders.

    • yup. Stafford, Brennan and a pick…need to get something done.

  9. The Avs are playing hardball, making the statement that they won’t trade O’Reilly by overvaluing him. Further, they’re attempting to “bully” him into accepting their terms. Frankly I’m okay with this, as it’s not often you see GM’s unwilling to overpay for talent.

  10. Hold on Hold on. The Avs are crazy to think they can get any return for O’riely. Why would a team trade anything when they can sign him to an offer sheet, keep their players and picks and also pigeon hole the avalanche? They need to wake up and re-sign this guy or one Gm will realize this and punish Mr. Sherman. Its a shame all Gm’s are best buddies now.

    • I don’t think it’s an issue of good relations between GMs but the fact that everyone out there agrees that he’s asking too much.
      Hence why no offer sheets have come in when there at least half a dozen teams out there who need a quality centre.
      The kid thinks he can get KHL money int he NHL when that’s just not realistic.

    • There actually is compensation to be paid. Provided O’Reilly signs for approx. $4.5M, his compensation would be a 1st and a 3rd rounder. So your point is still very valid, Jimmy Jones: why trade more than the compensation??

  11. @Micki

    Completely agree with your comments. Hard to ask for a lot in return for a player you don’t think is elite.

    Lacroix and Sherman have pretty much destroyed the Avalanche as far as I’m concerned. Trading Chris Stewart, Kevin Shattenkirk and and a second rounder for Erik Johnson, Jay McClement and a first rounder has proven to be a massive win for the Blues. Secondly, trading a first rounder for Semyon Varlamov has also proven to be a pretty bad move. That first rounder turned out to be Filip Forsberg.

    These two trades tell me the Avalanche could be fleeced again.

    • Massive win for the blues? Maybe a win but not massive, yes shatty is great, but not sure he does this well without blues d system, &you can’t judge that one yet cause siemens is still in jr.
      And pretty sure GMGM would love to have Varly right now instead of some Swede playing TEIR II overseas. His first name is flip not peter
      So all of you dishing management would just give this kid whatever he wants cause he holds out.He hasn’t earned arbitration yet and got a fair offer.Don’t sign it fine, enjoy the KHL

      • Colorado also got Duncan Siemens from that deal. Let’s call it a win in 5 years time if Siemens turns out to suck.

  12. pens should go after chris stweart and stay way from o-really.why take a chance on him being o-not-really.

  13. Offer Sheet compensation;

    The avs have Dushene and Stats as their top two centers. Were is the room for O’Riely past the role of a third line center on this team in the forseeable future? I’m thinking the avs might be driving up the value and want someone to sent an offer sheet to O’Reily. If the offer sheet is for just barely over 4.7mil that would entitle the avs to a first, second and third rounder(i believe) for a player who is asking for too much at this stage in his career. Not abad return for a third line center with top six POTENTIAL. He may be worth it down the road but at this stage he is not poised to breakout into the next Stamkos.

  14. If the Bruins were to make an offer for o’rielly
    I hope Seguin,Hamilton,Bergeron,lucic,Krejci and Marchand are not part of it.
    roster player Kelly or peverley,prospect Caron or knight.second rounder is the best I would offer.
    Spooner I wouldn’t move I see a lot of upside for this kid.

    • I agree giving up those guys would be ludicrous but what you suggest as trade bait will not make O’Reilly a bruin.

  15. I have a feeling that O’Reilly is going to be the topic of discussion up until the april 3rd trade deadline.
    Unless a struggling team needs to shake things up and make a pitch thats way over priced for him.
    I still think that the leafs need to make a pitch for him, as they wont be able to land any big name players like perry,getslaf etc

    Grabovski, Liles 3rd rounder for O’Reilly
    I know the avs are looking for younger players in return
    I think jake gardiner straight up for O’Reilly is fair

    • LOL, Grabovski, Liles and a 3rd, wow you really do think O’Reilly is special. The avalanche do not want a lot of salary in return, Grabo makes 5.5, Liles makes about 4 and he was dumped off to Toronto for a second by Colorado and probably don’t want him back. I would do Grabovski or Gunnarsson and a 3rd but no more. Even though Grabovski hasn’t produced point wise he has been playing defensively against all the top lines. O’Reilly may be special some day but I think the odds of him being any more than a second line centre are pretty small. Gardiner is going to be a really good offensive playmaking defenseman and will not be in any trade for O’Reilly.

    • I need someone to explain to me how a prospect can get you o’reilly straight up.I’ve seen it everywhere from ML Fans.I know as fans we all overvalue our own players, but I don’t see how Gardiner is any more valuable than tyson barrie at this point.they both have potential.At least one of them is actually playing in the NHL

  16. totally agree with those who are saying its pretty funny how Colorado is saying no to paying O’reilly big money, yet they are asking for the return a big money player would get…somebody just send this guy an offer sheet already and either the avs take the pics or keep O’reilly.

  17. @JJb

    you can disguise a name but it’s harder to disguise your thoughts.

    • Dude, I’ve been around for like two years. Go back and look at the post history if you feel so inclined. No, name disguising. Take two seconds read a post and realize that I have a grasp on basic English, I know how to spell, and I haven’t posted any silly outrageous rumors of what WILL happen, just some thoughts on what should.

      Then you will give up this little quest of yours.

  18. There was a rumour during a game last week on RDS. Eller, Beaulieu and a second round for OReilly. Eller is playing well since.

    Is OReilly that good? Never saw him play.

  19. I could see the leafs do Grabovski, Stewart Percy and a 3rd for Oreilly…..but I doubt the avalanche even go for a deal like that seeing Grabs makes a little over 5 million a season

  20. Colorado may have to get whatever they can for him because whatever they get is better than the guy not on the ice.