NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 2, 2013.

Rangers seeking offensive depth, updates on Ryan O’Reilly and Andrei Loktionov, plus a call for the Flames to move Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff.

Time to trade Kiprusoff and Iginla?

Time to trade Kiprusoff and Iginla?

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau believes the Calgary Flames are long overdue for a rebuild, which should begin by trading team captain Jarome Iginla and goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Proteau makes a terrific case for the Flames to commence a major rebuild now by shopping Iginla and Kiprusoff. The question is, will the Flames front office finally admit reality and start the rebuild in earnest? Furthermore, would Iginla and Kiprusoff agree to waive their trade clauses? Fans and pundits assume they would, but as we saw with Mats Sundin’s last season in Toronto, not every player is willing to do so.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard yesterday reported the Rangers’ lack of scoring depth beyond the “Money Line” of Marian Gaborik, Rick Nash and Brad Richards is why management were still inquiring about available free agents, even as their deal with Jason Arnott fell through for medical reasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There really isn’t much available on the free agent market to help the Rangers offensive depth. Arnott’s unfit to play, and Petr Sykora signed with a Swiss team and must clear waivers before he can return to the NHL this season. The best available RFA is center Ryan O’Reilly, but the Colorado Avalanche claim they’re not shopping him. I don’t know if the Rangers inquired into O’Reilly’s availability, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports the people he spoke with earlier this week regarding a possible change in the CBA regarding RFA holdout players may have been mistaken. Dater had reported if Ryan O’Reilly held out beyond the end of the 2013-14 season, he’d become eligible for UFA status then, rather than in four years time. It appears now the 21-year-0ld O’Reilly would have to wait another four seasons, including this one, for UFA eligibility.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance recently reported LA Kings forward Andrei Loktionov’s availability is nothing new. “GMs were alerted in the past that he was on the market and the response has been underwhelming”, writes Custance, who adds the asking price is likely a fifth-round pick.


  1. Looks like O’Reilly might be the Turris of the year; he simply doesn’t want to play in Colorado maybe? I can otherwise find no real reason as to why he’s not signed, yet, other than a greedy player agent who wants to supersede the “bridge” contract. Something’s bound to happen in the next couple of weeks.

  2. O Rielly
    He has no where to go now that the CBA rules have been regulated ..he should sign with the AVs …If they haven’t traded him all ready especially with Landeskog out than what the heck are they waiting for ….which seems to me they are trying to preasure him into signing for the $$$ they want and aren’t trading him ! YET)

    Calgary ..

    the writing has been on the wall for the past 2 – 3 years now ….give it up and start over !!!
    Kipper is not a one man show anymore …hes the only reason the Flames have even come close to the 8th spot without him they are in the bottom 3 each year!!

    If Kipprusoff hits the market …than Gillis is in BIG trouble moving Luongo…..Calgary should take advantage of this and enter that sweepstake as they would get a very handsome return ….especially to the teams that were interested in Luongo as Kippers contract is much better …..Flames are in LA LA Land if they don’t compete in this market and trying to get a great return for Kipper!!!
    I ve been posting about a Flyers – Calgary deal for almost a year now …..without much fan fare ….I am still holding firm on this !!

    Iggy would be great with Crosby ..but I am not sure that Pittsburgh has the depth or the pieces to make that work …Flames would need a QUALITY return …don’t see it there !!
    Minnesotta , Rangers , Edmonton, Blues, Bruins and maybe LA …but in the end its his choice on the destination…….trade deadline decision !!!

  3. What Button calls a 7/11 team is what I call “in the margins” or fringe teams, the guys who fail to make the playoffs every year but have no shot at a first overall pick. The new draft lottery system is supposed to “help” fix that, but it will only fix that if the system applies to all teams being pulled out of a machine rather than only one and the rest maintaining their position.

    If Calgary had ever been out of playoff contention, they would have rebuilt, but they always arrived to the trade deadline with just enough hope to want to make an improbable playoff push. They’re going to get interest in Iggy, but like the guy said in the article, it might end up being what Atlanta got for Kovalchuk and Hossa. They need way more defense on their team, especially on their first line. If I were Calgary, I’d start by trading JayBo, and seeing what comes of the season from there. If it goes to the crapper and you’re 10 points out of it by game 25, let the bidding war begin.

    • I agree about iggys return being similar to kovalchuck and Hossas. Not a gurentee that he resigns afterwards so it’s just a playoff rental.

  4. Calgary should be asking for a 1st rounder 2013 ….1A prospect and possible young minor league depth player that hasn’t been able to crack the line up, because of the teams depth.

    If any of you guys have more time than just posting her …LMAO …. check out this player that the Wild has ..Charlie Coyle !!
    Him a First rounder 2013 and another piece could be of great value to Calgary! ( or any team really)

    I am looking for the leafs to make a move on him ( HUGE UPSIDE CENTERMAN ) considering the Fletcher son & father connection very surprised that the Wild & leafs haven’t made a trade yet !! Wild have very good depth of talent that the leafs should be interested in as well! or any team!



    Something has to give with Oriely !! Take alook!

    Mike Chambers of the Denver Post:

    Avs Gabriel Landeskog was put on injured reserve. Avs coach Joe Sacco said that he’s only suffering from the head injury now. Landeskog could come off the IR on Monday, but there is no timetable for his return.
    Adrian Dater via twitter:

    Avalanche David Jones is out with a knee injury [today]. List as day-to-day. David Van Dee Gulik has been recalled.

    Downie out as well and Varlomov!

  6. Calgary hasn’t shown me much the past few years. I’m not going to look up their record, but they always seem to miss the playoffs. They have some quality players who just aren’t getting any younger and they need to focus on development rather than signing guys that are on the decline. Maybe they should consider doing a trade with Toronto – Kipper/Iginla for Kessel/Scrivens/Fransen or a deal with the Kings for Penner/Bernier/Loktionov. Calgary just needs some youth and fresh blood to help their game.

  7. The flames need to sit back and rebuild. Iggy, Kipper and JBo should net some decent prospects and draft picks. Start from goal out, but obviously draft the best player available. Yes it will hurt, but trading those 3 would help Calgary succeed in the not to distant future.

  8. Seems to me the Rangers and Kings should do business re Loktionov…..

  9. Would love to see the Jets try to get Paul Gaustad ( from Fargo ), Colin Wilson ( Winnipeg ), and Chet Pickard ( Winnipeg ). Wonder what the Jets would have to give up to get these three in a package. Pickard would probaly be the only one available as he is still in Europe I think. But all three would be instant fan favourties and Gaustad would be close to Fargo and his grit and strength are needed on the jets, they have some big guys but are pretty soft ( Antropov & Poni ).

  10. Im a Flames fan and I hope they lose every game of the season except the ones against the oilers…so far so good…Its gonna take a complete bomb of a season to set this team up to make the necessary changes to improve for the future. The ownership seems to be pressing Feaster to operate the way he has since taking over. Unfortunately for us Flames fans, the owners and management have grossly misjudged where this team is. If they were to get close or even surprise and make the playoffs this season, it would continue to set us back another couple years. I would think players like Iginla and Kipper have a reduced trade value from 1-2 seasons ago but may still get you some pieces you can work with. The god awful records moving forward will get you the high draft picks (see edmonton oilers). Come trade deadline it could be open season on this team.
    With Niederreitter wanting a trade out NYI, wonder what the Flames could offer to land him. From what I have read, Baertschi and Niederreitter are pretty close friends…both being Swiss and young, could create some chemistry. By no means am I saying these two would be our savours but would be a nice start.I wouldn’t give a lot for him though, still un proven plus injury last season.
    I am curious to see how some of the prospects will progress such as Sieloff, Grandlund, Gaudreau, Wotherspoon and yes Jankowski to name a few

    I’ll wait to see how this situation progresses, still glad hockey is back though.

  11. @boother

    I can feel your pain. As a Sabres fan, I have been experiencing the same situation for…hmmm 42 years now. Both teams feel they are one piece away from getting to the big show and we fans know they are closer to the bottom.

    What does it take to change to force management and ownership to make real changes. I want to see changes like Philly did. I want to see a “tougher team to play against” actually go out and hit someone not just skate away.

    I want Canadian hockey. Tough in your face hockey.

    After another crappy start I wonder if anyone would consider a trade with Buffalo??


    • Sabres D looks horrible – Meyers needs to play in Rochester for a stint and Leopold needs to sit when Ehrhoff is on the ice. What the Sabres need to do is bring up some of the kids – play McNabb and Brennan and Pysyk, Miller, needs to focus more – it seems he is only playing 20 minutes a game and then watching the other 40. He makes the big bucks and should play like a “premier” goalie that he gets paid to be. Other than that, I like the team and the grittiness that Ott and Scott brought to the team. Don’t miss Roy and his one man show or Gaustaud who was slow and always on the fringe.

    • Instead of signing goons Scott and Ott.
      They should go after tough guys with at least some talent.
      Need two top defenders.
      Vanek has been awesome though.

  12. @ TheMan_Oss

    Ive always liked the Sabres even if we did get Butler from them…last year on this very website, I threw out a trade suggestion that I woulda been happy with….Iginla and “additional piece” for Kassian and Adam(at that point, neither of them had played very much in the big show). I got absolutely ripped by Sabres fans for that suggestion (can’t remember if you were one of them or not–haha) After reading some of the comments from the Sabres fans on that suggestion, it made me think about how I was probably overvaluing Iginla. As you have read my earlier post above, Im not sure how much value Iginla and Kipper currently have. My only hope is that Iginla turns it on after his annual slow start and Kipper starts feeling it again, both closer to the deadline. If my team continues to lose games (another in a shootout vs Chi) the ownership and Feaster might finally have an epiphany. But it may be other players that bring in some workable pieces…not throw aways like Byron.
    But as far as Buffalo goes, I think they are miles ahead of the Flames, not in dire straights…Vanek is killing it for me in my fantasy pool, so thats good.

    • @boother

      I would not have complained about that trade. It sounds like it would have been a fantastic start for both teams.

      I think Buffalo would have come out ahead in that too.

      • I don’t know…its looking like it mighta been a wash thus fa if that trade would have happenedr…Is Luke Adam playing in the NHL or the AHL this year?

  13. Calgary needs to take a page out of Ottawas book. We were in the same position, trade anoyone except Iginla. grab as many firsts in one year a couple seconds and your good to go.

  14. Calgary should’ve traded Iginla years ago when he would’ve brought back value, if they’d traded him 3 years ago then they could’ve brought him back next year for a farewell tour with a revitalized Flames squad. the biggest problem with the Flames is the absolute mess of a minor system Sutter left Feaster with due to his habit of giving up picks, prospects and young players for rentals. it’s going to take some luck and some smart drafting to get the kind of talent Calgary’s going to need for a turnaround and they haven’t had much of either at the draft (the jury’s still out on Mark Jankowski as it’ll be at least a couple of years before he plays in the NHL). Baertschi, Backlund, and Nemisz have failed to impress so far.