NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 20, 2013.

The latest on Daniel Alfredsson, Ryan O’Reilly, Ryan Whitney, Stephen Weiss and more.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun speculates there could be plenty of interest in Daniel Alfredsson if the Ottawa Senators were to put him on the trade block. One of those clubs could be the Boston Bruins, given that Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli was a former assistant GM with the Senators. LeBrun doesn’t believe Senators GM Bryan Murray has any desire to move Alfredsson, and it’ll be up to the Senators captain to decide if he wants to leave….San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson didn’t say it, but LeBrun believes it would make sense for Wilson to seek depth at forward by dealing from his depth on defense…Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon could focus on rebuilding with youth if his club doesn’t turn things around soon. It remains to be seen what becomes of pending UFA center Stephen Weiss.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t the first time we’ve heard speculation over Alfredsson’s future. Two years ago, when the Senators were floundering and management decided to blow up the roster and rebuild, there was talk they might shop “Alfie”, but nothing came of it. Unless Alfredsson requests a trade, Murray won’t move him. Indeed, as LeBrun suggested, it’s possible Alfredsson could return for another season…Wilson recently said it was up to the current Sharks roster to snap out of its current funk, but he’s also a GM unafraid to make moves when the right opportunity arises. I expect he’ll make a trade sometime in March…Tallon keeps insisting he wants to re-sign Weiss, but if the Panthers don’t turn things around soon, the rumors about Weiss will increase.

Are the Red Wings interested in Ryan Whitney?

Are the Red Wings interested in Ryan Whitney?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports he wouldn’t be surprised if the Colorado Avalanche approached the Florida Panthers regarding center Ryan O’Reilly, who remains embroiled in a contract dispute with the Avs…Friedman also doubts defenseman Ryan Whitney will be with the Edmonton Oilers much longer. He believed the Detroit Red Wings might be a good fit for Whitney, but “it doesn’t sound like the Red Wings want to go in that direction.” He also wondered what the Oilers will do with fading forward Ryan Smyth, who has one year left on his over-35 deal…Friedman noted Penguins GM Ray Shero took in last week’s Colorado Avalanche-Minnesota Wild game, suggesting Wild forward Matt Cullen might be a good fit with the Penguins…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting bit of speculation regarding the Avalanche and Panthers. How about an O’Reilly for Weiss swap?…Whitney’s decline has “buyer beware” written all over him in the trade market. I still think he’ll be dealt in the coming weeks, but the Oilers might not get much of a return. The Oilers could use an amnesty buyout on Smyth, depending upon the rules of the new CBA. We’ll see…As for Cullen, he’s a center, and the Penguins are rumored shopping for a scoring winger.

NBC PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited a recent interview by TSN’s Dave Naylor with Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis, who admitted he’s seeking an experienced goaltender to work with his young netminders. Nonis cautioned, however, that if he can’t find what he seeks at a reasonable price, he’ll stick with James Reimer and Ben Scrivens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s not much of a market for available goalies right now, though that might change later in the season. Nonis can afford to be patient. And no, I don’t believe Roberto Luongo will be headed to Toronto this season. 

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox suggests the Maple Leafs could buy out the final year of defenseman Mike Komisarek’s contract, but blueliner John-Michael Liles three-year, $3.875 million per season wouldn’t be easy to move.

TORONTO SUN’s Steve Simmons reported via Twitter: “Strange: The Avalanche haven’t told GMs what the price is for Ryan O’Reilly. They’re saying: Make an offer. Most GMs are puzzled by this.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could explain the conflicting reports over the Avs asking price for O’Reilly.

PHILLY.COM’s Sam Carchidi reports via Twitter: “SOURCE: No truth to media reports that#Flyers have inquired about Colorado center Ryan O’Reilly.”


  1. I think Flyers will add some scoring later in the season but not now. For now Flyers want to get Hartnell and Meszaros back on teh ice and go from there. Personally I would love Perry but I think he will resign with Ducks. Iginla would be nice too.

  2. Sometimes I wonder how writers pick players that other teams are “interested” in. Why would Shero scout Matt Cullen himself? He would end up being a 4th line player for the Pens. At $3.5 million… NOT going to happen.

  3. As was being said, “The Avs don’t want a center in return”. I’d actually be tentative about Weiss. He’s decent but he’s at his ceiling while O’Reilly is not at his ceiling, yet. Weiss is essentially a second line center and that’s all he’ll ever be, and you’re probably going to be paying 5.5M/s for him. Plus the Avs wouldn’t want to lose him at the end of the season for nothing and have nothing to show for getting rid of O’Reilly, especially if they don’t make the playoffs.

    The Avs say, “Make an offer” because they want to start a bidding war. But it’s Steve Simmons… what he says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I still believe Dreger, “Roster player (top 9O/NHL qual D) and young top prospect”.

    • Florida’s not dealing from a strong position. Unless they offer two high prospects and a roster, they’re out.

  4. Weiss is an established 50 point player, has very good chemistry with Fleischmann and Versteeg (injured), and has loyalty to the organization. O’Reilly is a once 55 point player, much younger, no loyalty to his team, and his kind of game may no form any chemistry with the current Panthers line-up.

    Frankly, look at O’Reilly’s goals and you’ll see that most of them were idiot proof to score thanks to his line-mates. He is very good in the neutral zone for takeaways.

    MJR, the Avs are asking what the Blue Jackets asked for Nash. To put that kind of value on O’Reilly is unreasonable and stupid. He is without a contract. Only three years in the NHL with one significant season. His scoring abilities are questionable, and he wants $5M per season long-term.

    Based….on…..what? This guy wants Ryan Kesler type money and he is levels….many levels, below Kesler.

    The Avs will be lucky to just get a good deal for him. I agree that it would be foolish for the Avs to trade for Weiss as he may leave as a UFA, but it would also be foolish for the Panthers to trade Weiss for a question mark.

    I’d rather stick with two top prospects over O’Reilly. No one is going to bite for the Avs requests here. They are not getting more than what the Coyotes got for Turris.

    • Kesler money is also Grabovski type money. What this kid needs is a bridge contract. 3.5 mil for 2 years then the big payday if he’s worth that by then. Weiss is a center so no good to the AVS, but FLA does have some decent defensive prospects.

    • According to Healy they’re asking that; Healy is not a credible insider unless it involves word of mouth from players (and no players are connected to the situation).

      But yes, I don’t see the Panthers as a good trade partner. I believe it will end up being a top prospect (a year or two behind O’Reilly) and the roster.

      • Additionally, I wouldn’t have given Columbus for Nash what I’d give the Avs for O’Reilly, whose best years might be ahead of him and who isn’t making sick money for okay stats.

  5. How about Kulemin & Colbourne for O’Rielly. Kulemin will be expendable after Lupul comes back & Colbourne isn’t going to get a shot with the leafs. Then the Leafs can recoup some of the losses by dealing away one of Bozak or Grabovski as they will have 1st line O’Rielly, 2nd line Grabovski or Bozak, & 3rd line Kadri.

    • There’s always a dumb Leaf fan spouting off stupid trade offers like they know what theyre talking about

    • Kulemin is 6 goal scorer 3rd line plug. Joe Colborne looks to be a 3rd line player if he is lucky to make NHL.

    • You should be banned from the entire internet not just sports forums… Idiot.

    • Criticize the opinion, not the person. If you want to start calling people idiots, there’s a wonderful site “buzz”ing just for you. Otherwise, I’d prefer people kept higher standards here.

      • Yeah well… you can’t always get what you want. I would love to call that opinion ‘idiot’ but it would have to be re-written several times to bring it up to ‘idiot’ level.

        Anyone who writes stupidity like that deserves to be called an idiot. It gets really tiresome to read day after day.

        • People are more likely to speak intelligently when they’re encouraged to be intelligent rather than when they’re being told they’re stupid. And Leafs fans here outnumber everyone else like 5:1 at least, so you probably just hear them from different mouths. But be thankful… Leafs fans give us plenty to talk about 😉

      • Hey MJR I:
        Well said. I hate it when people get personal with their criticisms.
        No one should be called names for any reason.

  6. I believe Komisarek has one more year on his contract after this season so it would make sense that he gets bought out. To bad he makes so much and as such is impossible to trade. He will however be snapped up by somebody very quickly for about 1.5.
    I think it should be obvious to Tallon that Weiss needs a change of scenery. He’s a good player but just seems to be spinning his wheels in florida. Because he is struggling it may be hard to get a huge return.
    The oilers will move Whitney but I believe he will be bought out before he gets traded. His skills have been drastically reduced due to several recent injuries and just doesn’t fit with the fleet footed oilers.
    The O’Reilly saga has become a real drag as it goes on and on and …. However, I believe that the avalanche management is playing there cards right. Why tell anybody what you want in return if other GM’s keep coming back to you with better offers. The avalanche will get way more than O’Reilly is worth at this point in time.
    Why would the leafs waste there time getting an older goaltender. It looks like Reimer is back to his “old” self and Scrivens is a decent backup, at least so far. After all what is the goaltending coach there for anyhow, and who wants your young guys picking up some vets old habits. Sure the maturity level and experience are always welcome but personally these guys need to come up with there own identity and will be stronger for it in the long run. IMHO.
    Alfredsson isn’t going anywhere, period. End of story.

    • Am, sorry, but if Komi was bought out, he’d be worth $2.25M (not $1.5M) for a team that picks him up. Which is still an okay round figure for a person like Komi. He should be making $2.5-$3M. But thanks to JFJ, the Leafs are stuck at $4.5M average dman.

    • toronto should keep komi for his salary and dump everyone else worth prospects and picks. why not? the team isnt and will not be good enough to win the cup int he next few years. if they dump everyone worth something with salary they will need komi to get us up to the cap floor

  7. @Kevin I would do this deal in a heartbeat. But i think youd still half to add something maybe like biggs, or percy…etc also at this point i think bozak stock is on the rise, hes top 3 in face-off wins and doesn’t command a 3 mill dollar salary. If we could trade a few players ie komi, liles, mac and get some pics we could also offered the avs the pick we get in return for oreilly along with kuli and colborne. I think if the leafs are going to do something for o’reilly it should be before the end of this week. we need the scoring and how long has it been since this kid has played a game??

    • Man u guys r on glue.two players u admit won’t even in the line up for a guy you immediately slot in as your first line center!! Wow, might as well throw landy in for an AHLer

      • how is kulemin colbourne and biggs an underpayment for o’reilly??? the leafs could trade kulemin to Pittsburgh and easily get a first round pick. so now you are looking at 3 first round picks?? and thats not good enough for o’reilly. pfff

    • Smells like Kevin has two accounts. Give us a break here will you? Unless you think that it’s some kind of humour. If that is the case, then you will laugh your ass off at this :

      Kobasew + Palushaj + conditional 5th round pick in 2015 for JVR

      By your logic, it works for both teams.

      At the risk of repeating myself… Idiot.

      • how is kulemin colbourne and biggs an underpayment for o’reilly??? the leafs could trade kulemin to Pittsburgh and easily get a first round pick. so now you are looking at 3 first round picks?? and thats not good enough for o’reilly. pfff

        • Pitts would pay a 1st rounder NOW for Kulemin??? What is Toronto waiting for? 1 goal and 8 helpers in 17 games, you would be SO lucky to get a 1st.

          Where is Colbourne playing now? How is he doing? Hint : AHL 26 pts in 45 games. I imagine you could trade him for another 1st right?

          That leaves Biggs. He COULD be very good then again, he might not make the league!


          • Ur so quick to say how oreilly is a stud because he had 1 good season. Yes he could be a great player. But didn’t kulemin get 30 goals in 1 season so by YOUR logic kulemin for oreilly straight up would be a better deal. You can’t base what a player does in 1 season on the rest of there careers.

          • O’Reilly did it last season. Kulemin did it two years ago. About 50-75% of your player worth will be dependent on your last year of hockey. Kulemin’s projection last year was 3rd line (but defensively responsible), so that means it would take a Kulemin + another third line player (Colborne) to get a 2nd line player. Unfortunately, O’Reilly’s offense last year determined he was actually first line, so right now your price is two 2nd liners (2 of the following: Grabovski, Bozak, Kadri, and MacArthur), or a top prospect (Gardiner) + a third liner.

            Other factors are age, ceiling, and contract status, all things favouring O’Reilly, which means people are more likely to deal with him.

        • @willyjones, it’s quantity vs quality. Is it really that tough to understand??

          It’s like trading a bunch of overcooked chicken wings for a nice juicy 20 ounce steak. Not ot mention you will have to outbid 5-6 other teams that making decent offers.

          Still do not understand?

        • Maybe look at something like Grabovski (withhold some salary) Liles and a choice between Biggs or Percy…

  8. Weiss has a no movement clause, so why exactly would he want to go to Colorado? They won’t be making a run for the cup any time soon. Why would Panthers want too pay top dollar for O’Reilly who has had only one good season and by all accounts is at best a second line center. If you were going to pay the money Panthers would be better off resigning Weiss then malcontent O’Reilly.

  9. Just for once I would love to see a team crack down on these hold out guys and say “no we are not trading you. If you want to play you play for us for this amount.” It is quite obvious that there will not be an offer sheet coming or it would have already been offered.

    • I agree – if a player decideds to hold out and sit, then their contract should carryover – kind of like what happened with Nabokov when he didn’t report to the Islanders. O’Reilly is young and has had one good year and I think that is why he hasn’t been traded or is playing – Guess he thinks more of his potential than all the NHL teams. I hope the O’Reilly trade rumors go away and let’s talk other trades – like Joe Thornton going somewhere, Buffalo dumping some of their salary no-shows, etc.

      • Wow…I hope your boss comes and tells you your pay is being cut in half. Nothing you can say, right? It’s up to your owner how much you make–you should have no say in whatsoever and should be forced to work for whoever thinks they own you for whatever they want to give you.

        It’s thinking like this that results in a master-slave society. Kind of like the one we live in.

  10. Great post phenom4! Which trade proposal didn’t you like? Considering there is no set asking price, any thought up trade proposal seems legit to me! Typical leaf hater! Spending more time worrying about the leafs then his/her own preferred team! Closet leaf fans!

    • I am fairly certain that Phenom4 was refering to the trade that sends two players that are on bubble of making the NHL for a guy that is schedule to play on the Leafs’ top line.

      There is no set asking price for Crosby so I can only assume that Komisarek for Crosby is a legit offer as far as you are conserned.

      Just because the offer was the stupidest in the history of the world and that Phenom4 pointed it out, it does not make him a Leafs hater.

      Is there a somekind of mefa gas leak in Toronto?

  11. Not sure Boston needs alfredsson. I would go in a different direction.
    Iginla or Ryder. Center and right wing pretty stacked. Need a left wing badly.
    Pass on o’rielly. No need to get into that mess.

  12. Alfie will go if and when he wants to.

    The Sens need forward help and help on defense. Out of 19 players on the ice right now… 7 of them are in their first NHL season (that’s nearly half of the game lineup).. 3 of those have played less than 5 NHL games. Sens are really lacking experience. Spezza may be back.. if he is it would be the first part of April. Cowen is out for the year… so is Karlsson. Now it looks like Michalek may need knee surgery… and as for Regin.. he was supposed to be ready to come back.. but it seems he is not ready. Latendresse… who knows.

    They have won 2 in a row… one against a very good Devils team and one against a so-so team in the Isles. Up next is the Rangers. That could be a problem. After that are the Leafs and Habs.. who are both playing very good right now.

    One thing the Sens do have for the first time ever.. is very good depth in goal. Well that is something..

  13. Avs are in a tough spot – if they market O’Reilly with an asking price that values him as an elite #1 centreman, it will be that much harder for them not to simply pay him as such.

  14. You mean kulemin who scored 30 goals and ya colbourne who is unproven but for a guy that had 1 good year with 55 points! Last I knew the Avs management are shopping him because they don’t believe he is number one worthy! So why should a team sacrifice for someone who is not a proven number 1.

    • They’re shopping him because they have a strict salary system in place and he wants them to break it just for him. They want him paid exactly as much as Duchene was.

      For perspective, Pittsburgh paid Malkin as much as they paid Crosby because they didn’t want Malkin either to feel their role is inferior to the other on the team. If Malkin had demanded more money, they’d have done exactly as Colorado is doing.

      And Duchene is kickin’ a right now, so I absolutely believe it’s the right move for Avs. If O’Reilly can suck it up and accept 7M/2 years, the Avs will welcome him back with open arms. But if even one part of a system fails, the whole thing falls apart. That’s why they’re “shopping” O’Reilly until O’Reilly takes the bitter nectar that is “earning” your money in the NHL like Subban did (finally).

      • I find it funny that all of a sudden Colorado has this strict internal cap structure. Where was that structure when they overpaid David Jones? Paul Stastny?

        • Jones signed a bridge contract. They should have done that with Stastny, but didn’t. Plus, it was a different GM that gave Stastny that contract.

  15. The only player i can see the pens picking up off the wild is Devin. As for Toronto, typical fans grossly overvaluing their players. I wouldn’t expect the pens to give a seventh round pick for anything in the leafs orgaization, little less a first

    • And you sir are a typical leaf hater.

    • The only thing worse than overzealous leaf fans are the haters of leaf nation…you realize that Malkin and Kuli put up pretty great numbers in the khl right?…If the pens were not interested in giving anything up for any leaf (who are only a few points back of Syd, Malkin Neal and the rest of the superstar team that is ever so much better than the lowly leafs according to your argument) why are they sending scouts to watch him play…seriously some people really need to take a breath before posting junk like that makes them, look worse than the people they whine about…

  16. This may be because im a ducks fan but they dont really have a strong second line centre they are experimenting with bobby ryan but i dont think he will work out and bonino doesnt work to great with him if the avs fall out of playoffs ducks stay hot why not give up a first round pick holland and a defensemen really could get rid of lydman he is a steady dman but souray and allen working well and when fowlers back not much ice time for lydman as i think lovejoy playss with more energy in his game but of course this wont work if the avss make a playoff push they will send him to the east where they wont see him at all

    • heck lydman and holland may be enough for the avs

      • That’s actually close, yes (without the pick). The Avs would want Etem or Palmieri instead of Holland, though.

        • palmeri maybe no way on etem think hes propably untouchable for teams asking palmeri has been giving the time to grow and hasnt been special but has been good

  17. With James Reimer and Ben Scrivens looking like a solid tandem I could see the “veteran goalie” Nonis is looking for being a guy on an expiring contract, which would offer the Leafs roster flexibility in the summer. Nikolai Khabibulin could be a decent guy to come in, in a mentor type of role. And he probably wouldn’t cost too much to acquire, 40 years old and on an expiring contract.

    If Edmonton is out of it they’ll start shopping ‘Bulin, Whitney, and Smytty soon.

  18. O’Reilly to my Blueshirts for Kreider and McIlrath.