NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 20, 2014

The top sniper trade targets, an update on Martin Brodeur, and the latest on the Senators and Sharks.

Could Marian Gaborik be moved at the NHL trade deadline?

Could Marian Gaborik be moved at the NHL trade deadline?

ESPN.COM: Tim Kavanagh lists NY Islanders’ Thomas Vanek, Columbus’ Marian Gaborik, Calgary’s Mike Cammalleri, Buffalo’s Matt Moulson and Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky as his top five trade deadline targets for scorers. He notes the Minnesota Wild could be in the mix, Gaborik could be “Plan B” for teams which miss out on Vanek, the LA Kings and Pittsburgh Penguins could have interest in Cammalleri, 12 teams could have interest in Moulson while the Montreal Canadiens, San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins have been linked to Hemsky.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect considerable interest in these five leading up to March 5, though where they end up is anyone’s guess. Feel free to make yours in the comments section.

NJ.COM: Randy Miller predicts the Devils could trade Martin Brodeur before the trade deadline. Rumored destinations could include Chicago, Minnesota, Washington and St. Louis. If the Devils fall out of playoff contention, Miller doubts they’ll clean house, but suggests defenseman Marek Zidlicky could be shopped to a contender for a draft pick or a young winger with scoring upside. Rich Chere reports Brodeur hasn’t spoken with GM Lou Lamoriello and hasn’t decided if he’ll waive his no-trade clause if asked to do so.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regardless of potential destinations for Brodeur, nothing happens unless he waives his NTC. Brodeur seems to be waiting to be asked to do so, while Lamoriello seems to be waiting for the goalie to ask him. Until one of them makes the first move, nothing happens.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators president Eugene Melnyk doesn’t expect his club to make a move until right up to the trade deadline, owing to the limited number of sellers in the trade market.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports not to rule out a trade deadline move by the San Jose Sharks, but with everyone except Tomas Hertl healthy, they could regard the return of Raffi Torres as the equivalent of a late trade acquisition.


  1. Don’t matter how many rumours float about….This trade deadline will be even more boring then last years.

    • Considering the fact that right now there are only 5 sellers and a whole lot of teams on the playoff bubble, the prices will be high for the few quality rentals. The teams that are
      truly serious about a rental will try and make a quick strike as prices seem to go higher the closer you get to the deadline so I expect some action early and on the last day March 5 a big decline in the quality that’s moved. Like I’ll trade you my fifth round pick for your washed up winger.

  2. I was interested to see what the Penguins were going to do with the winger hole in the top 2 lines because of Dupuis going down. However, now that Letang is out as well the entire landscape has changed. This could be a very interesting two weeks for the Penguins.

    • My thinking is that Pittsburgh needs to get another Dman and a rental to fill Dupuis’ spot. IMO – the acquisitions made last year of Iginla and Morrow kind of broke up the chemistry and Pitts needs to be careful. They don’t need a superstar, just someone who is used to being 2nd fiddle, but can score – my thought is Moulson. Buffalo also has some D that depending on what Pitt is looking for – stay at home or more offensive could fit in – someone like McBain, Tallinder or maybe even McNabb.

      • I agree on Moulson. I think he would be a fit given the style of play the team has, has experience playing with top end playmaking centres and is a threat to score in a 1st, 2nd or 3rd scoring role.

        That said, I find it enticing that Cammalleri could be had by them as well. Would cost more than Moulson, he is undersized (they need the opposite) but his speed and work ethic are dead on to the team atmosphere. Makes for a good “what if” thought.

        • Sorry Aj but IMO I think Moulson will garner more interest and a higher price than Cammalleri.

      • Obviously if Letang is not available, that’s a big hole to fill, and Shero will not even attempt to fill it. Why, because we have Martin, Niskanen, Despres and Maatta who are offensively minded D.
        Again, Moullson is an amazing talent and goal scorer, however, his asking price would be high and lots of competition for his services from other teams. Shero will stay away from a bidding war, as it is not his style to jump in and bid.
        Getting Bennett back, and other injured Fs would suffice since we do not have much cap space anyway.

  3. Tavares tore his mcl???? EEEEk. This is why I hate the Olympics. My sympathies to the Islander fans.

    • Me aswell

      • But hey Im sure most Islander fans and Wang will sleep a little easier knowing he sacrificed his knee to “grow the game” by beating Latvia… Smh. What a dumb set up this is.

        • LOL

    • Anyone think if Vanek’s play is affected because of Tavares’s injury, will his trade value suffer?

      This could be good news for some of us Sabres fans. If the Isles decide not to defer the pick until next year and lose out on the McDavid/Eichel sweepstakes.

      • Nah Vaneks trade value will be the same.

        • What I wonder is if Vanek’s value went down because of his “lack of leadership” with the Austrian’s team and their early exit. Funny, Vanek was given the Captaincy because he is experienced – but again….Thomas showed his true leadership or lack thereof. And his performance 1 Assist and a -4 for his team. Way to go Thomas!

          I’d take Matty Moulson any day!

    • Thanks for the NYR4life and others :) Here’s hoping he fully recovers for next season. Gonna be an interesting decision for the Isles come draft time. Do they keep the pick this year and give up the 2015? Would Buffalo be willing to offer up something for them to not keep the 2014 pick if it’s in the top 3? What would some other team be willing to offer them for a top 3 pick? Or do they keep the pick and end up with one of the three top prospects from this year.

      • Not even a question the Islanders will keep the pick. If you are in the top 5 you draft and you don’t assume that you are going to do even worse the next year. If the Islanders let their pick go it better be because they are fire sailing the team and purposely tanking.

        • I don’t know, they will be losing Vanek + MacDonald this offseason. Also the Island isn’t really a free agent hot spot. They could easily be worse next year. The fan base would kill Snow if he ends up losing on Eichel or McDavid. Preferably I’d like the Isles to defer anyway. Deeper draft next year IMO and two chances at Eichel and McDavid would be pretty sweet.

          • I really don’t think any of the bottom dwellers are going to give up a first in 2015 when the prize catch McDavid will be available. Just not going to happen. The teams that are crappy now will most likely be crappy next year as well and the GM who gives up his pick and it becomes #1 or #2 he will lose his job in a heartbeat. Oh and BB didn’t even think his team would finish that bad so don’t go there.

      • Trade the pick this year, trade Vanek & McDonald they are bound to get a first rounder for one of them at least packaged properly maybe 2 consider trying to move Grabner or Okposso aswell if you can pick up another first, could end up being 2 or 3 firsts this year and well on the way to tanking for McDavid next year. With Taveres already locked up could be the start of a great rebuild with whats already there.

  4. DChamp is right. I think this will be a terrible trade deadline.

  5. I think this will be an exciting/interesting trade year IF all the names Lyle listed go at the deadline. Hopefully the Wild can land Vanek and Miller somehow, not likely of course but heh I can dream can’t I? Some will probably be traded over the summer but thats’s what gets us through the offseason.

    • I still think Miller is going to end up in MN – with Tavares’ injury, the Islanders are basically out of it and it makes me wonder if that opens the door for them to put some of their other players on the market. I’ve always thought Vanek would end up with the Wild and I could see Bflo making a deal for Granlund OR Coyle, Heatley and a draft pick for Miller. The key being two fold – Bflo gets a quality forward with Granlund or Coyle and the Wild get cap relief so that they can pick up Vanek. Heatley’s a UFA at the end of the season, so it really wouldn’t cost the Sabres much. I also see the Wild going after Vanek – trade Harding, draft pick and prospect for him. Thing is….I think the Islanders are going to try to get as much as they can for Vanek and since most teams know that they would be getting Vanek as a true rental player – they may not be willing to give up a lot. If I look at the stats and play of Vanek vs. Moulson – I pick Moulson.

      • @Steve, good insight and i agree some deals could easily be done. I don’t think the Wild will give up Coyle but I do see Granlund as a trade piece along with Heatley. Hopefully some team will take a chance on Heatley otherwise we get nothing for him at the end of the year. If we do get Miller I can see trading Harding or Backstrom and I think Keumper has some serious potential as a starter and/or very solid backup. Go USA!

      • I could see Heatley as part of a Vanek deal if done right away. That would give
        Islanders a week to unload Heatley for a team looking for a rental scorer CHEAP.
        Say a 3rd rounder. If Healley is gone then Vanek slides right into his salary slot.
        BUT will Minny be willing to give up Coyle or Granlund ?

        • Well they’ll have to deal something the other team wants right? So yes I think Coyle or Granlund could be had in addition to the salary dump of Heater included for someone like Vanek or Miller.

      • I don’t think anyone would take a risk on Backstrom. Also Harding’s condition is very unpredictable with the MS and everything so I don’t see them getting to much for him.

        • @Jes, I agree with you on Backstrom, a hangnail knocks him out for weeks! And Hards, his career could be over.

          • Too bad Harding has put up a great fight.

          • @Shticky, I met Hards a few times, he’s a humble guy, he was playing so well for us, I can’t see him returning with having to go through medication ajustments, but I hope he does.

          • One of my best friends has MS. I’m not sure Harding will recover and play in the NHL. Depending on how bad his lesions are, medication does very little to nothing to improve the symptoms of MS. It is a very unpredictable as far as symptoms go. There is literally no way of how you will respond to the disease during the coarse of a day. Never mind day to day or week to week.

        • I think with Harding you get a reasonably priced backup, it give the Wild some cap room and then the Wild aren’t carrying 4 goalies, although I think they can send Keumper down.

    • I really don’t see Minny giving up assets and picks for Vanek. Sure he could help them in the playoffs but the Wild are not going to win the cup this year. Sign him in the summer which is almost guaranteed and push for the cup next year. Even if they got Vanek and Miller they still wouldn’t win it this year and they would have to give up a ton and set them back a few years on prospects. Miller could also be signed in the summer which could happen as it may be the closest he gets to the west coast.

  6. Why would the pens trade for a dman when there system is overloaded with them i guess people forgot 6 weeks missing the top 4 dmen on the team and they still were dominating.forward depth they need but not 3 guys like last year a forward or 2 that is it maybe a moulson or a kane that’s it

    • Dead on to how I see it. The kids proved they could play when needed and even with tougher competition, bringing one in again shouldn’t hurt them. Besides, you don’t have to even consider any of this as Despres hasn’t been dealt and makes sense to slot into the top 6. Problem solved.

  7. Last time I looked Marty broduer’s Cap hit was 4.5 mil. Chicago is daydream and it would also mean he would agree to be a back-up not handed the reins. (Corey Crawford has played his best hockey ever since coming abck, despite the outcomes).
    Yeah I could see Marty playing and helping the other three (even though the Blues would basically be making themselves open to issues in the room b/c they have done exceedly well with the goalies they have.
    the other question is whether Marty is going to a new home becasue he thinks he wins a Cup there, right?
    Minny that close?
    Are the Ovi-mis-lead Capitals?

    Is this a move where Broduer stays next year?

    I totally understand the beauty of seven game series and how ANY team can get up and win,but, the cap and the fit don’t work for me…how baout the rest of you?

    • I honestly think Brodeur would be a downgrade for most of those teams. He’s not starter material anymore. He’d be a solid backup though.

      • For a full season Id agree with you, but for a run to the cup a fresh Marty with the break and not playing 70 games. I think he could maybe surprise a few people. Not a guy Id be taking for granted if he was in the playoffs one last time.

        • He’s 41 but has alot of playoff experience but he hasn’t played much this year which is a cause for concern as it is with any backup, he could get hot, you never know.

          • Marty is a great competitor and has put some pretty sketchy Devils teams on his back and carried them thru a round or 2 in the playoffs and Id be worried that he has a ” Ray Lewis or Ray Bourque” like effect on a team that knows its his last shot. If the team was like the Ducks Blues Pens or Hawks that already had a great team Id be very nervous if they added Marty.

          • If Marty gets traded, A team in the east need to lure Sean Avery out of retirement to keep “ole fatso” in check. LOL!

  8. Just a thought: Tavares was seriously injured yesterday which lead me to thinking about how the Olympics have players on the same team in the NHL but different teams in the olypmics. All the players want to win gold and will play very hard to achieve that goal. Say Backes has the opportuity to light up Bouwmeester/Pietrangelo in the corner with a punishing check, does he do that or lay off that hit because they are teammates in the NHL and might risk hurting his chances at a cup run should either be injured?

    • All for the good of the game Im sure 10-20 years from now when the Cubans and Brazilians realize their love of the sport from their memories of Doughty running Brown or Backes putting Pietroangelo thru the boards ending their teams shot at a cup, it will all be worth it Im sure. lol

      • Ha, I suppose you’re right!