NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 21, 2013.

The latest on the Sharks and Islanders, plus an update on Tomas Kaberle.

Could the Sharks shop Dan Boyle?

Could the Sharks shop Dan Boyle?

CSNBAYAREA: Kevin Kurz addressed a recent report from TSN’s Darren Dreger, who suggested the Sharks are “willing to consider just about anything”, claiming they could consider shopping defenseman Dan Boyle for a forward to fit in their top nine. Kurz believes moving the 36-year-old Boyle could be “playing with fire” , as he’s still valuable if the Sharks hope to make a run for a championship.

Kurz also dismissed the possibility Joe Thornton might be available. He also pointed out Thornton, Boyle,  Marty Havlat, Michal Handzus, Brent Burns and Brad Stuart all have some form of no-trade or no-movement clause in their contracts. Kurz acknowledged if the Sharks go shopping for a forward they’ll deal from their blueline depth, noting Jason Demers and Douglas Murray as two trade possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Where the Sharks are in the standings in the coming weeks could determine what moves GM Doug Wilson makes. I don’t believe any of their core players or those with trade clauses will be shopped. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports NY Islanders GM Garth Snow isn’t happy with his club’s performance this season, but doesn’t intend to give up on his young players or ship away veterans for draft picks.  “We’re not going to mortgage our future to make a quick fix”, said Snow. “That’s not our plan.”

LA PRESSE: Richard Labbe reports agent Rick Curran, who represents Montreal Canadiens defenseman Tomas Kaberle, said his client has not requested a trade. Kaberle has been a healthy scratch since February 2. It’s expected the Canadiens could use their remaining amnesty buyout to rid themselves of the rest of Kaberle’s contract.


  1. Lyle,

    Might the Habs send Kaberle down to their farm team hoping he would get picked up on waivers or does he even have to clear? Otherwise I am sure he is a solid buyout candidate.

    I think he would be a good pickup for a young team that needs a veteran and a puck mover, or a reclamation project for a team like Detroit as I think their style and environment would suit him best, but that salary is a lot even for teams trying to reach the cap floor.

    Sad to see his production and confidence fall, he used to be my favourite Defenseman years ago in Toronto

    • Murph, Kaberle would still have to pass through waivers, but I doubt anyone would pick him up.

      • Even if they did, Montreal would be on the hook for half his salary next season cap wise. Might as well just let him sit as a 7th D and buy him out this summer leaving us cap free of him next year.

        • That rule (re-entry waivers) no longer applies.

    • I can’t see a team picking him up. The best chance they have at moving his salary out is taking some back or offering up a decent pick to go along with him for scraps just to get him off the books but if the Habs don’t need the cap space this season he will be bought out in the offseason. They are wealthy enough to eat the salary.

  2. How does Garth Snow still have a job? Islanders would have been better off if they had kept Neil Smith and let Garth Snow go years ago.

    • Wang is so cheap that Snow does not even have an assistant. Snow has the mandate to keep the Islanders in the NHL with the lowest legal payroll and he is doing marvelously well. Yashin and Thomas are making 7+ millions against the cap!!! I would absolutely hate to be an Islanders fan.

      • I would hate to be an islander. How does john tavares feel? I mean your team has a tonnes of good young players but your owner and gm are to busy picking up guys who aren’t even playing to get over the cap floor. Wouldn’t be surprised if in a year ot 2 he asks for a trade just like nash.

        • JT feels pretty committed, since he didn’t even hesitate to sign with them long term. I do agree it would make far more sense for the Isles to spend some of this cap space on players that could assist the roster as opposed to sit and do nothing.

        • I agree – Wang has been a “cheap” owner. I don’t understand the process of picking up a contract to get to cap floor when in fact they could have done a trade or picked someone off of waivers aside from a guy that clearly stated he wasn’t going to play this year. I read that Wang is ready to sell the club – I’m sure if the price is right and he should. I really dislike owners that buy teams as an “investment” as they are looking to make a quick buck by investing least amount of money. Looking at Wangs history – that’s what he did at CA and that is what he has done with the Islanders.

          • Have you seen how much money Wang has lost? He has tried every way possible to the Isles on Long Island. If this was just an investment for him he would have to be one of the dumbest investors in the world. While he has not been a great “hockey ” owner, without him this team would have been history long ago.
            I am not an islanders fan.

        • Agree with the above. Here’s an idea: maybe they should build a new arena. Then maybe the fans will come. Maybe

          • They do! Moving to Brooklyn in 2015

        • No kidding, and Snow “forgot” to send an invite to Neiderreiter – his 1st round 5th overall pick in the 2010 draft……..confusing

        • I would be surprised if he did not ask for a trade. I don’t think that moving to Brooklyn is going to change anything.

      • They are only paying him $2.204M until 2014/15. Which is still significant, but is better than paying him that $7+M you’re talking about. But $2.2M can certainly get you a decent 3rd liner. Maybe even add that to a contract offer during the off season would help. Bu tthen again, Wang is too cheap! I think the Islanders should offer up a trade for O’Rielly though.

        To Islanders: O’Rielly
        To Avalanche: Niederreiter + Aucoin

        We all know, after reading and watching that Niederreiter is not happy with not playing with the big club…well according to his agent. Their roster would look a whole lot better.


        They could probably offer up a few more trades, to fill out their bottom 2 lines better. Maybe…

        To Islanders: Clowe
        To Sharks: Bailey + de Haan + 2013 2nd Round Pick

        Then their line-up could look like:


        • Talk about a player worth nothing, Nino Neiderreiter. The Islanders will have to play him back in the NHL if they hope for him to be worth anything. He was my worst rated forward out of all forwards last year.

          Right type of pieces, wrong players.

        • Do you think the Isle with a below cap payroll (Thomas has cap hit but is not getting paid) is going to be willing to pay O’Reilly 4.5+ Mil? Doubtful

        • I would do the Clowe trade, but Doug Wilson does not trade with the Islanders,so that trade will not happen. Wilson is always looking for players who are good at faceoffs, and marginal 3rd and 4th liners at the deadline.

        • Next season Brock Nelson and Ryan Strome will have a chance to make the team. But i can’t see them in your line up or trade to let them play with the Isles ?

      • Snow Assistant is Doug Weight…(He is also their power play assistant coach).

  3. Why would anyone trade for Kaberle at this point? Throwing money and roster sport away like that.

  4. “moving the 36-year-old Boyle could be “playing with fire” , as he’s still valuable if the Sharks hope to make a run for a championship”

    The Sharks are an older – and worse – team than the team that couldn’t get over the hump any of the last 5+ years. I’m not saying they have to trade Boyle, but I do think they’d be crazy to think this current group will win them any kind of championship.

    • The Sharks are old – I can see them unloading Murray – its just a question of what team is “dumb” enough to take him because he is slow. I can see them unloading Clowe and they might as well trade and get something for him while he has some value – maybe trade to the Islanders for some youth. I would like to see the Sharks trade Jumbo Joe – there is just something missing with him. He’s a good set up man, but he’s playing with Marleau and Pavelski – so there is no reason why he doesn’t have the points. I guess what I see is a “lack of jump” and energy – he’s looking old and tired these days and the Sharks would be smart to get some youth for him.

    • SJ should really look at starting a rebuild. They have some good young players but should unload guys like Boyle (if he’ll waive his no trade clause). He would still net them a decent return.

      • Agree that SJ should start a re-build. It is quite evident that the sharks will continue to be ever so close but never quite getting there. There best opportunity has passed them by. If they do not start moving some pieces soon they are going to be stuck with a veteran squad and guys that other teams are not going to be willing to pay much for.

    • Folks,
      You’re not thinking long term. About half of those players that you mention contracts come up in a year or two so they wont get stuck with an overly paid veteran squad. Some pieces should be moved and let some guys develop. Clowe probably wont be traded because of his decline over the past two seasons. He might get a third line player or a couple draft picks but that will be it. Wingels or Kennedy can probably take his spot without the line missing a beat. Most likely he will be let walk. No reason to trade Jumbo and he doesnt want to be. Until he drops below 30 points a season he’s a good player. I dont see that happening in the next few years. When his contract comes up, and depending on performance, renegotiate his contract to pay him less, if it merits. Thornton is another player that you can let walk if he doesnt go for less dollars. My feeling is he want to stay in San Jose. Boyle is interesting because it seems that Irwin is ready to take that spot. A trade might be useful but you should never trade a D-man of his skill or his desire unless you get an equal player in return, something which will be very hard to do. The guy is a pure professional and if SJ can, they should let him retire here. You just dont get that kind of character in an organization every day of the week. You have to look at the perspective of other organizations too. They know when players contracts are expiring and so they might be willing to play the waiting game rather than give up assets.

      • The problem here is that the Sharks prospect bin is empty and that is why you trade now and try and get some young players for not only this year, but for the future as well.

    • PS. I know this is crazy but I think the only player that might get traded is Doug Murray and its because of his PK numbers and he is a big D-man. He will only get a draft pick or two but thats better than nothing. Then again, other teams might bank on the fact he will be a free agent next season and not lose the assets.

    • The real issue id Boyle was always move of n up-ice guy, and the real issues on the defense come with both Douglas Murray and Brad Stuart simply too slow to play against the fast attack teams/players.

      They have loaded the bottom two lines with guys who haven’t been able to score or even play well defensively except with a bit of contact and the game has moved past that…

      • that was IS and MORE and AN

        in that first line .. id Boyle was always move of n up-ice…


        • Am I missing something? The Sharks are sixth right now, not fifteenth.

          Calm down, Yosamite Sams, we don’t need to go “bbbbblowing up” their roster!

          • Big deal they are 6th, if your happy with the Sharks getting beat in the playoffs every single year with little legit chance of winning a cup, then keep everything the same. I do believe that trading Boyle would bring the best and probably only decent return, but Doug Wilson is still GM, so I would not expect much, and I believe Lyle is right. And FYI, nobody wants Slowe, or Murray except DW.

  5. Oilers should pick up Lindy Ruff. It’s time to move on from Krueger. Ruff will teach the young guys a more complete game.

    • He’s only been coaching the Oilers in his 2nd month, and you already want him gone?

    • I think the guy who should be worried right now is Richards in Columbus.

      • I’d give Joe Sacco the boot.

  6. all i can say is right on for burke getting maximum value out of kaberle b4 it was too late but i still wonder what happened to him i mean he played the same way his whole career with the leafs i wonder what made him nose dive like that

    • I know! At least with the Bruins he got playing time!

    • You are actually giving kudos to Burke for the handling of Kaberle??? Might I remind you that he could have traded him for Kessel, but he demanded a first as well and that scared Chiarelli off. I don’t have to remind you what happened next with Kessel.

      • Yeah, I think Chiarelli felt a little gulity for making Burke look like such a loser on that trade (Kessel for 1st Rounders = Seguin and Hamilton). But you cannot argue that Kaberle’s return was pretty good (Colborne + Biggs + Liles {Conditional 2012 2nd rounder from Boston, traded to Colorado for Liles}).

        • Colbourne-Ahl player, biggs-third liner, Liles-band aid.

          Kaberle-left and won Stanley cup.

          Boston won that trade too, namely be sued they had depth for their cup run.

          • Heck, with how Boston played the year they won the Cup, pylons for their D wouldn’t of made a difference. Kaberle has played no better now, than he did in Boston.