NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 21, 2014.

TSN’s “trade deadline playbook” for all thirty NHL teams, plus updates on the Avalanche and Blackhawks.

TSN: presents their “trade deadline playbook” for the Eastern and Western Conference teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprises on these lists, which features players (Thomas Vanek, Martin Brodeur, Ryan Miller, Marian Gaborik, Ryan Callahan,Matt Moulson, Mike Cammalleri, Dan Girardi, David Legwand, Sam Gagner, Alex Hemsky, Chris Stewart), who’ve been frequently mentioned for weeks in the rumor mill.

P.A. Parenteau could be off the trade block.

P.A. Parenteau could be off the trade block.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater doesn’t expect the Colorado Avalanche to make a major move before the March trade deadline. He also notes the Avalanche have indicated they want to open contract talks with Ryan O’Reilly this summer. Dater also reports Alex Tanguay’s season-ending hip surgery means they won’t be moving P.A. Parenteau, who was recently mentioned in trade rumors involving the Montreal Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to Shawn L. for the first link. Given the Avs’ position in the Western Conference standings they don’t need to make a big trade. If they do make a move, as Dater suggests, it’ll be for an affordable (in salary and return) rental defenseman.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Tracey Myers reports not to expect the Blackhawks to make a big move by the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks could use a proven second-line center, but they recently acquired center Peter Regin and winger Pierre-Marc Bouchard (who can also play center) from the NY Islanders. Granted, I wouldn’t consider them “proven second-line” centers, but they will provide depth at that position.


  1. Be interesting to see how Varlamov responds returning from the Olympics, played great to, make the team looked just about brutal in the tournament.

    • Sakick and Roy are 2 pretty competitive guys Im not convinced they dont make (a bit) more of a move than picking up a rental d man for depth. Not saying a block buster but the Avs have a very talented team with an obvious hole on D and the western conference is going to be a battle in the playoffs as good as the Avs have looked in the regular season, in that conference with the experience of the teams they will be playing it would not surprise me that they maybe look for that D that was mentioned and maybe a bit more of a vet presence, that could play a chippy third line type role. Just my 2 cents

      • I honestly wouldnt be surprised if they hitch there wagon to MacDonald or someone like Ehrhoff.

        Do the Leafs still have to cut salary when Bolland returns?

        • Ya maybe McDonald but I just cant see the way the Avs are right now grinding out with the Blues Kings or Ducks in a seven game series. To me they just need some grit besides Talbot that can produce in the top 9. Particularly as a young team. One game here and there sure but in a seven game series, not so sure all that young talent knows whats coming. A guy like Ott could be a help.

        • Mark Fraser was traded to Edmonton for a bag of pucks to clear the cap space for Bolland. Not sure if it is enough but there’s been no comments saying they had to shed more space.

  2. Zuccarello is going to miss some time, My guess 4-6 weeks. NY should seriously consider bringing back Gaborik as a temporary band aid. I can’t imagine the cost would be that great.

    • P.s.
      Thanks Olympics!!!!!

      • Watch them drop now that the real tournament has started. Again what a dumb idea this is. For the record Ive been saying this since Nagano. I could almost see it if they played in the summer games or at the beginning of the year but over half way thru the season is madness.

        • I agree Shticky,
          Ridiculous. I hate the meaningless all star games, Never mind an Olympic tournament. Even if you escape injuries you still have to worry about the extra wear and tear on the mind and bodies. The NHL needs to not show up in 2018. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the games, but I cringe at the possible cost every time a Ranger takes to the ice. Or really any player. Tavares was a huge loss for the Islanders and the NHL. Lets see how many more casualties this claims before its over.

          • @work
            Do you both cringe everytime your player goes out to a practice? NO
            Do you cringe everytime they go to play for their home team? NO
            But you cringe when they play in the Olympics??

            Give me a break!! Players get hurt, it’s part of the game. Taveres wasn’t hurt as part of a dirty hit. It happens.
            Yes, Taveres being hurt is bad for the Isles, but they had zero chance of winning the cup and only a slightly better chance of making the playoffs.
            On the positive side, if they do slide, they will get a better draft pick after having a tough year.

          • Are you seriously comparing practice to Olympic games? And getting injured for your team (NHL) is a little different than getting injured in an irrelevant game. The team has to deal with the fallout. And again as I stated, it is also additional games on the body and mind + the regular 82+playoff games. It takes its toll. You seriously think the Islanders care about this injury whether they were in the playoffs or not? A torn mcl?????? This will be a long recovery for Taveres that probably stretches into next year (possibly beyond) before he is 100%. You think the Islanders give a crap about Olympic play that just cost them the best player on their roster, that THEY have to pay for. Is team Canada going to pick up that tab? Or possibly send the Islanders a replacement player of that caliber?

          • So its ok if a guy gets hurt when they might not make the playoffs even better because they might get a higher pick? You know how stupid this sounds right? What happens if Kessel blows a knee in a tight race or how the Wings chances looking now that Zetterberg has back issues to keep him out a while? Yes guys get hurt its part of the game bit going down the stretch to the playoffs is a bad time to lose the best players in theworld to injury in a meaningless game. Id be pissed if I was Snow or Wang one of the few reasons people pay to go see the Islanders now that they are unlikely to make the playoffs is out for the season because he got hurt playing for someone else. What happens if say Crosby gets a concussion? Still a good idea now that possibly the best player in the world has to retire? Hey at least the Pens will get a better pick. Just a stupid comment

          • I was trying to sugar coat it a little more than you Shticky. LMAO. But really a bent thought process by his comments. I’m sure Snow is popping a bottle of champagne right now. “HEY, we just lost our best player, the face of our franchise….but we just probably went from 5th overall to 2-3-or 4overall….in a weak draft….YAY!!!”

          • Hey NYR4life and Shticky. I agree that the risks are significant. I’m totally bummed about JT and the impact it has on the Isles now and potentially down the road. The main comment I’d disagree with is that it’s great to see the NHL guys there. The hockey has actually been fairly tough to watch for a lot of the games. So mainy teams just cramming the front of the net and hanging on to win 1-0 or lose 1-0. It’s been worse on the big international ice. The US hasn’t looked as bad because they score so many of their goals in transition but the other games have been pretty dull affairs.

            Having said all of that the players desperately want to go. They love the experience of representing their countries. The argument could easily stray into the area of peoples rights to do as they wish but then they would need to protect their employers somehow in the event of injury. Tavares will still get paid because of insurance but the Isles are quite simply screwed. They don’t have to pay his salary but lose a lot of revenue.

        • The argument a lot of people used in the past was the Olympics are for amateur athletes , not professionals. I still agree with that but the problem is in almost every sport at the Olympics the athletes are getting paid some way. The only issue I have with NHLers going is who is responsible for the tab if they get hurt…that’s it. Hockey Canada, USA, Russia, Sweden etc, none of them have to pay the salaries for injured players and it is entirely on the owners to flip the bill. as much as Snow and Wang/Wong are idiots they have a right to be extremely pissed. IF the NHL goes in 2018, the players should be told…go play for your country, we as owners, teammates and fans will cheer for you, BUT if you get hurt and when you come back any games lost due to such injury, we are not paying your salaries. Period. The choice is yours to make

    • In 2018 let AHL’s / college kids / juniors go to Korea. The experience will be good for them and will keep the stars from being injured in meaningless games. Also NO more than 3 players should be allowed from any one organization.

      • USA vs Canada will be a very physical game, hope no one gets injured and I hope neither team runs away with the score, a close one would be exciting. Go USA!

        • Was a good game Thunder, US had a number of chances. Could have gone either way and was pretty well played. Actually didn’t suck to watch. The big ice really benefits guys like Kessel and Grabner, that speed makes them hard for the D to handle.

          Canada is still struggling to score. Crosby’s game doesn’t translate well to the big ice, he’s too far from the net when he comes off the boards, too much traffic. D has been incredible and Price was a rock back there.

      • Who does this protect? Some US pride?

        • Nice Man_Oss!!!

          1-0 Canada Wins!!!!

          GO CANADA GO!!!

          • @Jes, TheMan_Oss doesn’t sound too bright, Congratulations to all Canadien fans on the victory, good luck Sunday, another Gold? Probably. They are tremendously talented.

      • Saying to send those players will never work. What are the caps or Penguins going to do if Ovie or Sid says hey too bad see ya, cut them? lol, don’t think so, the players will go if the players want to go. On that same token I would guess you are against the World Cup starting up again?

        • Pretty simple solution doorman, If they go and get injured, they basically give up any pay they get on ltir. If it is something that has long term effects, or lingering problems, sure…why not cut an Ovie or Crosby? How many goals will they be scoring from their couch if it is something like a concussion that causes Crosby to be out indefinitely , or permanently? Teams have to pay to insure contracts (guaranteed for 7 years) , why should they be on the hook for those premiums + if they weren’t responsible for a players injury?

          • @NYR4life I guess but the teams don’t pay them now anyways, they all have insurance. Tavares will get paid as long as he’s out, just not by the Isles. The employer should get more protection here somehow because they stand to lose a lot of revenue. The Isles are down JT and will lose Vanek and Macdonald. Think the Oilers can catch them in the standings? No way for Buffalo to catch the Isles because I think they are too far back but the Isles are going to struggle mightily the rest of the way.

    • Why would the Jackets do anything to help a team they are competing with for the playoffs? And at a reduced cost, to boot! I think they will see what he can bring to the ice in the short time left before the deadline and, if he is effective, offer him a heavily inventive laden contract. A return to the Rangers before the end of the season seems very unlikely.

      • What would you really place Gaboriks value at? I mean, he is an often banged up free agent. He isn’t in the same class as a Vanek, Moulson etc. NO team will be looking to retain him with a long contract. Gaborik will be looking for a 1-2 year deal max. As to why would the Jackets help NY…. Look at the roster of both these teams. I mean they are littered with each others players. And the Jackets will have to evaluate what Gaboriks worth in 4 games…..probably still lingering around 9th in the east. Do you really see him in cbj’s long term plan? Or CBJ going deep? No matter who they trade him to, it will be discounted or let him go for nothing. He isn’t gonna fetch you a Vanek like return.

  3. Olympics are Olympics guys. They are playing for there countries. The players want to play in the Olympics; if they didnt want to play they wouldn’t have accepted the invitation. Olympics are about showcasing the best athletes in the world. And it’d be a stupid thing to not allow NHLers to represent there respected countries.

    Injuries can happen anytime. Players get injured training in the summer and playing golf so what take that away from them too?

    I agree with NYR and Shticky about getting that higher pick thing.

    • I agree, Injuries can happen anytime. But the more you are out there, the better the chance of injury. Teams have millions of dollars invested in their players. It would be like a friend of a friend borrowing your car, smashing it, handing you back the keys and saying…”oops my bad, And by the way I have no license, or insurance. You are going to have to suck it up and eat the expense. You got another car I can borrow?” If you would answer yes, I want to borrow your car…. lol

      • And the timing If it was in late summer or early in the year Id have less of a problem (I still think the Olympics should be about amateur sport but..) at least s team could possibly recover from injuries in time for a playoff run. I think it would work better (and far from perfect) at any rate. I dont think its wise for any business to lend its assets out for no or little compensation, for another organization to profit from it. (ever lend your tools/stuff out and have it come back broken?)
        Finally if the NHL said they were not going and refused to pay players who ignored this. I very much doubt any players would risk losing millions of dollars to go play in a tournament in Korea. Maybe a few but realistically I very much doubt too many of them would breech a contract to play in the best league in the world to go to Korea for 2 weeks. The world cup would generate more revenue for the players and owners wouldnt be held in the middle of a season. Im pretty sure the nhlpa would be ok with extra cash instead of striking or putting up a stink over not going to the olympics.

        • As usual Shticky, I agree. I think the fact that the NHL is a business and players are franchise assets gets lost by a lot of fans out there. I also agree that I’d rather see amateurs out there. As much as I’d love to see he US win gold at any Olympics, I’d rather see the NHL players succeed, stay healthy and continue to grow the game here at home in North America. BTW, Congrats to all the Canadian fans out there. Just be sure not to run the best goalie in the world during the Gold/silver medal game. LOL

          • The Rangers could look forward to a better draft pick.

          • Are you both nuts ??? Of course the NHL players should be at the Olympics it’s the the best of the best, boo hoo JT got hurt the islanders sucked with him so what they are going to suck without him. The league agreed to go because there was a strong number of players that wanted to go, you know the best players in the league. They will be at the 2018 games I promise you, shticky your a half wit you comment way to much so save the reply.

          • Half wit? 4th leading scorer in the nhl is hurt, but its ok his team sucked any way.
            Dino is back yay! with more brilliant observations! What do we owe the honour Dino, get embarrassed on hockeybuzz again?

          • “They will be at the 2018 games I promise you” ……Why Dino? “Cause me likey” Lol….Gm’s are circling the wagons already to not be a part of 2018. Bettman won’t even address the question. But I guess you know already the outcome.