NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 27, 2013.

The latest on the Flyers, Ducks, Canucks, Rangers, Oilers and more.

Could an unhappy Ryan Miller be dealt?

Could an unhappy Ryan Miller be dealt?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman wondered about Ryan Miller’s future with the Buffalo Sabres. Miller sounds increasingly unhappy over the Sabres play this season. “He’s got a limited no-trade clause and maybe it is time”, write Friedman…Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland intends to await until very close to the trade deadline to make decisions on the club’s direction, which includes pending UFA center Valtteri Filppula….Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher isn’t keen on trading veterans like Matt Cullen too quickly.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Miller demands a trade, I don’t see the Sabres moving him. For them to have any shot at making the playoffs, they need Miller between the pipes…Makes sense for Holland to wait another month to see how things shake out with his club. If they’re out of the playoff race, he could put Filppula on the block if there’s no progress in his contract talks.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Anaheim Ducks could meet with pending UFAs Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry over the next 7-10 days for contract talks. LeBrun’s gut feeling is the Ducks will re-sign Getzlaf, but could trade Perry by the trade deadline if he’s still unsigned by then, regardless of their position in the standings…LeBrun also dismissed the notion of Roberto Luongo changing his mind and wanting to stay in Vancouver, forcing the Canucks to trade Cory Schneider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I disagree. Yes, they risk losing him for nothing this summer to free agency, but the Ducks attendance has been in decline in recent years (they’re currently 25th overall). If the Ducks continue their strong play, they could be a serious Cup contender this year. Trading Perry won’t help, as they’re unlikely to get a return which would improve those chances. They need the revenue right now. Yes, the fans would be disappointed if Perry departs via free agency, but the sting of that departure could be lessened if he helps them go deep in this year’s playoffs…I agree with LeBrun regarding Luongo and Schneider. I don’t think anything’s changed there, and it’ll still be Luongo who gets dealt, if not this season, then this summer.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports a source claiming the St. Louis Blues are interested in Flyers forward Daniel Briere, but Briere (who has a no-trade clause) isn’t interested in leaving the Flyers, who are rumored to be interested in Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. The Boston Bruins are also rumored among several clubs to have interest in Briere, who has two seasons left on his contract at a cap hit of $6.5 million per season.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers were rumored to have interest in Winnipeg Jets forward/defenseman Dustin Byfuglien.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t see the Blues giving up Shattenkirk for just Briere, even if he were willing to accept a trade. I also doubt the Jets, currently battling for a playoff spot, are willing to move Byfuglien.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis would prefer to re-sign with the club. He’s slated for unrestricted free agency this summer.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere recently speculated the New Jersey Devils could shop a defenseman in order to add a top-six forward. Little-used defenseman Henrik Tallinder could be available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Chere noted, Andy Greene is playing perhaps the best hockey of his career right now. It would be shocking if they dealt Bryce Salvador and they aren’t parting with Adam Larsson. Tallinder seems the likely choice, though I doubt at this point in his career he’ll land a top-six forward.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher still believes the Canucks need a third line center.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports Sportsnet’s Doug MacLean is “shocked” other clubs aren’t interested in Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney.

SPECTOR’S NOTE; That’s because of the decline in his play, especially his foot speed. He hasn’t been the same since those ankle surgeries.

NEW YORK POST: The Rangers are interested in bringing back Mats Zuccarello once his KHL season is over.

BOSTON GLOBE: Tim Thomas’ agent claims there’s no change in his client’s position. Thomas still intends to sit out this season.

DENVER POST: Little used Avalanche defenseman Shane O’Brien could become trade bait in the near future.


  1. I like the idea of O’Brien as trade bait…what do you get back? A 6th rounder?

  2. Doug mclean saying hes shocked there is no interest in whitney, is like me saying im SHOCKED there’s no interest in Doug Mclean as a GM.

    • Haha, that’s awesome. Bravo.

    • Hahahaha, I almost choked on my coffee, good one. Of course he only ranks as number 2 worst after Milbury.

      • JFJ has to be right up there as well

    • Well said, +1 to you good sir.

    • Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking!

    • What about good ol’ Kevin Lowe…………….Hey Anaheim here’s a Stanley cup, we don’t want it

  3. Doug mclean can make him the #1 on his xbox team.

    • ^ PS3…or soon-to-be PS4

      • Game console, you like that better??

  4. Recent Flyers moves and rumors reek of desperation. Ed Snyder is gonna clean house. Everybody is gonna go, Holmgren, Laviolette and anyone not performing for the dollars they’re making. I expect the same with the Rangers. Torts has lost the room and there is too much money on the ice for it to be going that badly.

    I don’t get the Eric Cole move. He was a beast for the Habs – why is he suddenly out of favor?

    • It has been suggested it was done for get well under the cap next year without hurting the team too much this year.

      • Agree on the flyers. The only reason to bring back Gagne would be as a mentor for Giroux because otherwise he is just one concussion away from permanent marbles rolling around in his head. Teams only take being yelled at and otherwise abused by coaches for so long and both the flyers and rangers have had to put up with both for long enough, especially the rangers. Each coach can say they have lots of injuries but look at the sens and leafs, they do too and are doing just fine. I am actually enjoying seeing the rangers tumble because they continue to try to buy the stanley cup with high priced talent.
        Eric Cole was moved for cap considerations because Ryder is an UFA this summer and it is doubtful he remains a hab. However, I think his attitude may have something to do with it as well. During the lockout he was whining about how crappy hockey in general has become and he was pondering retirement. Who needs that kind of vibe floating around. The only reason he is still playing is because of the 10 million reasons his wife gave him.

  5. I am surprised Luongo didn’t throw a fit with the Canucks for letting him rot in net against Detroit for 8 goals. I’d be fuming if i were him. The guy has shown class, has been patient, has played so well, and you let him in there for 8 goals?


    Theodore was a tragedy last night for the Panthers. I am surprised no rumors on the Panthers today. It’s too much inconsistency and while Markstrom showed promise, he did not look 100% ready just yet.

    I think Tallon will hunt for a goalie and i think a great fit would be Khabibulin.

    • Did you expect him to pull a Patrick Roy? Oh yeah, thats right he has already asked for a trade.

      • Sorry Drew…Luongo did not ask for a trade. He said that he would do whatever the GM thought was best for the team and if that meant being traded then so be it.
        For a goalie, any goalie, to be left in to get lit up as bad as Luongo was and still maintain a positive attitude is a testament to his class and team commitment.
        For the last two years I have spoken out about the Canucks needing a new coach. I believe that AV’s style is part of the reason Vancouver is an easy team physically to play against.

        • He basically asked for a trade by saying that….

      • Roy said that he played his last game as a Hab and that meant that he was not going to play the next game. Luongo didn’t do that.

        • His ego caused him to believe that he was bigger than the Montreal Canadiens and he flat out quit on his teammates, his coach, his GM as well as every Montreal fan.
          No matter how good his on ice record I will forever remember him quitting as the defining Partick Roy moment.

          • Yeah, except for the fact that he went on to win 2 more cups after Montreal ! Sorry, but that’s what i’ll remember as Patrick Roy’s defining moment !

    • @Micki Did you even watch the game?

      1. Schneider was on the bench, but apparently was fighting the flu.

      2. It was 5-3 going into the third. The final 2 goals were scored in the last 10 minutes. I don’t think even Luongo saw the logic in pulling him anywhere during that span.

      Carry on…

    • It would have been classless to leave a goalie in for 8 goals if you had a healthy backup. It would be really classless to pull your goalie and put in your back up (or split number 1) when he’s got the flu.

      Luongo didn’t throw a fit cause he knew schnieder was sick as a dog.

    • Completely agree about Luongo. He’s definitely matured over the last two years.

  6. Totally agree with Lebrun, Lyle I think you’re wrong. If the ducks don’t think they can re-sign one of the big guns they should trade him. They would get a good return and in a city like Anaheim I don’t think its a good idea to try and go for the cup and then lose a huge piece for nothing. The following years would be tough and any support they may gain in a stanley cup run this year, will soon be lost shortly after when the ducks are without Perry or Getzlaf or anything to show for ever having them.

  7. If the Ducks can’t resign Perry before the deadline then Nonis should be putting in a call to the Ducks to see if he would sign long term with the Leafs. If so then offer up a one for one trade Kessel for Perry. Ducks get a 40 goal man to play with Getlaf who is signed for another year and therefore they get scoring back for the playoffs and don’t have to risk loosing Perry this summer for nothing and the Leafs get a better player who they can hopefully tie down for the next 5 years. This could work for both clubs. Kessel is out of the lime light and playing with a big gritty play making center which would probably net him between 40 to 50 goals and the Leafs get a bigger better winger in Perry and therefore don’t need a big center with JVR, Lupul and Perry on the wings.

    • I’d agree that perry would be a better player for the leafs then kessel. I doubt you’d get perry straight up for kessel if you are suggesting the leafs get perry to sign an extension before the trade but I like the idea. If perry doesn’t resign with ducks he’s going to free agency I don’t see a team like Toronto or Montreal wanting to put up the picks or prospects to get perry for a short period only to lose him to free agency.

    • If the Ducks can’t resign Perry the Anaheim GM will be getting calls from 29 other GM’s and not just Nonis. You also have to remember that Kessel has a no movement clause which depending on how he would or wouldn’t like sunny California as opposed to Toronto, Ontario would factor into the trade.

      • Althought, there’ll be less than 29 teams after Perry if the Ducks can’t re-sign him. Why? Because of the cost via trade, and cap issues.

        1. Some teams cannot afford to give up roster players, prospects and draft picks without altering their roster and future in a negative way.

        2. Some teams are at or damn near maximum cap space.

        Could St. Louis be a better place to go? They have the talent and depth to pursue Perry, as they have strong interest in Briere. If they have the pieces to offer a trade for Briere, then they certainly can use that offer to Anaheim to obtain Perry. And they most certainly have the cap space. Maybe a:

        To St. Louis: Perry + Hiller
        To Anaheim: Steen + Elliot + D’Agostini + 1st Round Draft Pick

        But would Nonis offer Kessel? Because the arguement would be that Kessel is only 25 years old (2 years younger), consistantly producing more goals earh year and is making pretty much the same dollars Perry is making now, but would be under contract till 2014/15. With the right players like Getz and Ryan, Kessel could be Anaheim’s duplicate Perry (points production-wise). Maybe even try to get Hiller out of it, seeing how they’re gambling on Fasth to be their #1.

        To Toronto: Perry + Hiller
        To Anaheim: Kessel + Scrivens

        • Don’t forget the Ducks will make the playoffs so they need a top goal scorer to replace Perry. Kessel is one of the very few guys that can fill this void. The Ducks don’t want picks and prospects and 2nd, 3rd line guys back when they are heading into this years playoffs with a ton of steam. IMO Kessel is one of the only guys and this is one of the few trades that make sense for both teams.

        • It would probably have to be more than that to get it done the Ducks the ould want it to be more cap friendly to help out with signing Getlaf would want a prospect/ draft pick thrown in… Maybe along the lines of Kessel+Scrivens+Ashton….or Hold back a mill on Kessel’s salary..

        • I wouldn’t be trading Scrivens..he is your future star goalie.

        • gotta love the trash the Blues homer offers up for Corey Perry … pathetic

      • His no movement doesn’t kick in until next season. Leafs can trade him where ever they want until the end of this season. After that they could be handcuffed

    • Doubt this happens.

  8. Right now there is a lot of teams that are on that bubble of fire, whole sale changes etc “Flyers, Rangers, Detroit” or just tweek. Being a Flames fan, I really wonder what might be the best option for them. Currently they sit 3 pts back, and at times have shown they can play like a top 5 team in the west but then put on a performance like last night. You’ve managed to stay close in the standings with a 3rd or 4th string goalie. So hypathetically speaking, the Flames by the third week in March have managed to stay where their at or move up a spot or two in the standiings 7th/8th in West. Kipper just got back from injury or is expected to before the end of the month “March” and the trade deadline is the third of April, a week later. Do you gamble on the Dr.Jekyl & Hyde team of inconsistancy making a run or do you move pieces like Kipper, Iggy, Bouemester, Stajan, Backlund, Sarich, Smith, Stempiak, Glencross and get solid draft picks for this upcoming draft and go after MacKinnon, Drouin, Monahan, Jones, Barkov and Fucale. If Feaster played his cards right he could possibly have 3 first round picks. OR do you try and make a run with a team that has shown alot of potential at times but with Kipper back in nets to help you win those close games.

    • The worst thing that could happen to a number of teams, including the ones you named, would be for them to win a game or two more than they lose and then just squeak into the playoffs. That would mean certain teams would not unload older as well as higher priced players and lose the opportunity for a makeover.

    • Isn’t what’s going on the exact same thing that has plaqued the flames for years. When is management going to realise they are never going to get even close to the cup with the current roster. Even if the flames make the playoffs and inevitably lose in the first round it is still failure. As Burke said, I don’t just want to get to the playoffs I want to be able to challenge for the cup. The flames must start over, and since this is a really good draft year could help solidify their future. I’m not sure they could get alot for some players but 1st rounders are possible with Iginla, Kiprusoff, Bouwmeester. Calgary fans have put up with mediocraty for many years, I’m sure that two or three lean years would be acceptable if the following five or six are superior.

      • i agree %100. they need to move everyone they can get a draft pick for. weidmen etc won’t get traded but they won’t need to be. calgary will need guys like him to help them stay at the cap floor. iggy and bowmeester will get you a first, kipper will get you a first plus a prospect. baclund.glencross second or third etc. they should give it up and rebuild. people in calgary will be a lot happier watching a team lose every game with young oplayers than a team lose every game with crappy old players

  9. I can see Miller asking for a trade after this season. He has one year left on his contract and the Sabres are no where near being a competitve Cup contender. The Sabres are one of my favorite teams but it would make sense for both sides to at least explore what the return could be. Once they get a real GM I believe he will clean house and gut the under performing core such as Pomminville, Stafford, Sekera, etc.

    • They already have a GM – and a good one. Darcy has earned his extension because he has done a very good job in acquiring the talent this team needs to succeed.

      Why haven’t they succeeded? I point the finger at Ruff. They need to reestablish a winning attitude and a new coach next season will hopefully do just that.

      • I wouldn’t let Regier pick my neighborhood deck hockey team …

        • Thank You Mr. Van Impe. Now in regards to bullwinkle:If Darcy is such a good GM why did he stick with such a bad coach for 15+ yrs? How many cups has he won? How many playoff appearances in the past 4 years?

  10. At least the Flyers will make moves immediately to try and improve, were not going to sit at the bottom like the leafs have done for the last 10 years.

    • Some may say that is why we have been around the bottom of the league for 10 years…no patience and to many knee jerk moves trying to improve….moves don’t necessarily make you better look at your goaltending how all those moves work out for ya?

      • Well a trip to the stanley cup finals for one. When was the last time the Leafs made that trip?

        • I’m not saying we have won anything I’m saying maybe it’s because we made moves we shouldn’t have…and yep you went to the finals with 2back up goalies and made a “move” to get better by going out and signing a space cadet goalie in Bryz how that work out? Did you win the cup the next year?…so no improvement eh? Needed a bigger body on defenceman so went out and traded JVR for Shenn (thanks by the way) and look at your defenceman now you’re right its much better…..

          • Holmgren is starting to look like JFJ 2.0…..

  11. Micki,

    I am more surprised they let Luongo stay in net for 8 goals because they are supposedly shopping him!

    I can see all the mystery GM’s Gillis is dealing with suddenly saying “Wha haapen!”, and Ilya Bryzgalov saying, “Why you heff to be med?”

  12. As a trekkie, I’d give up almost anyone for Shatnerkirk.

    • Like the show… he may be too one dimensional…

  13. Blues arn’t going after Perry. They don’t have the money seeing they have multi RFA’s to get signed this summer. They’re a small ($$$) market club that continues to lose money.

  14. When your team is owned by a Teachers Pension Fund, and win or lose they earn 80 million dollars annual profit, there is no comparison to an individual owner like Snyder who does what he wants and has what he wants done without having to clear it with a board of directors who know nothing about sports in general let alone hockey. The new Leaf owners will demand more accountability. Like him or not, Burke set up a good management group, and has added to the depth of the farm team and prospects. The team he built and the coach he hired are the team he always talked about. The board and the media just did not have any more time for his bluster and blarney. I admire Philadelphia and how they have evolved but they have had the same guy calling the shots forever, and in the last 19 years, 2 GM’s, Clarke and Holmgren, and 3 coaches, Hitch, Stevens and Laviolette. The Leafs have had 5 GM’s in the last 10 years and 4 coaches. When you have forever to tinker and talk its a bit easier.

  15. BeerGoggles you make the worst comments!! you are 100% a leafs fan.. kessel has no heart

    • and your comments suck as usual. Zero hockey sense

      • you have no hockey sense!! why would the leafs trade kessel after they paid a boat load to get him? give your head a shake and do some critical thinking

        • Hmmm because they might get something of value from him (not saying they would trade him for just anything but…if the offer was right why wouldn’t they?) your vast knowledge of hockey should know that there have been lots of players who have been traded on even tho a team paid a steep price to get them happens quite a bit actually. Talk about critical thinking

        • Its really sad when ahockey fan hates a team more than they love there own.

          • Just not hugged enough as a kid I guess…same mentality as a crazed hockey parent smack talking a referee…

  16. the leafs have no chance at winning anything.. why not try to sign perry in the off season!! much smarter

    • Again a purely intelligent remark…the allowing one has spoken, it must be so. An eighth place team has never won anything….oh wait a second

      • so moving kessel for an unrestricted free agent in perry is a good idea.. Shticky?? BeerGoggles just says the dumbest things!!

        • It is if you know he will resign if not no of course not. All as I am saying is Kessel. Is not an untouchable because Burke overpaid for him, and if the situation came up where there is a star center or forward with size comes up you may have to move Kessel. To get the deal done…I unlike alot of leaf fans realize Bozak Conolly and other spare parts are not going to land the type of players that would move this team forward, you gotta give something up to get something

          • The only almost untouchable on this team are the guys who were not on this team last year..they are finaly starting to resemble a good core of talent Kadri Frattin, Komarov, JVR Holzer Kostka along with some of the other youth or guys that play Randy style guys like Gardner Fraser…Bozak Kessel Grabovski Kuli Mac Arthur, Liles Gunnarson Franson Are all the types of guys that should be looked at as potential parts of deals, not all at the same time or anything ridiculous but if they could be moved for the better why not…

        • Leafhater your an idiot. You don’t know how to read so therefore you don’t really understand what any of us are talking about. Crawl back in your hole.

  17. Tallinder won’t go for a top 6, nor a top 9. Tallinder will be a salary dump.

    • Additionally, the Devils aren’t in a great position to trade for a top 6 forward unless that forward is on the outs with their team. They could have tried to sign Semin over the summer, and they didn’t. They could have tried to get Mueller and they didn’t. They didn’t strike a trade for a top six in the summer.

      He says, “You don’t replace Zach Parise”. He’s trying to tinker with his line-up by adding Ponikarovsky and Loktionov. Their biggest problems are the following: 1) their d isn’t playing up to snuff other than Larsson/Greene. 2) Zidlicky is haunting them. He’s just not a legit PP D-man anymore. 3) Tallinder is a liability. 4) Their third line (Carter, Gionta, Bernier) should actually be their fourth line. 5) Their prospects in Josefson and Tedenby aren’t panning out. 6) Zajac is finding little chemistry with Kovalchuk.

  18. The Jets aren’t trading Buff. PERIOD. Buff is a top 5 dman in the league right now. His defense is much improved and he’s lethal offensively. Dream on.

    If Enstrom weren’t hurt I’d say he might be available and would probably fetch a pretty good return. The Jets would be looking for a top 6 forward and then some though. It won’t happen.