NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 6, 2014

Latest on Ryan Miller, Marian Gaborik, Thomas Vanek, Ryan Callahan, Sam Gagner and more.

Teams interest in Marian Gaborik must wait until after the Olympics to assess him.

Teams interested in Marian Gaborik must wait until after the Olympics to assess him.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports there’s some disappointment Columbus’ Marian Gaborik (broken collarbone) won’t return before the Olympics. Some teams were hoping to see him play as he could be a more affordable option than Buffalo’s Matt Moulson or the Islanders’ Thomas Vanek…It sounds like the Canucks won’t waste its future on playoff rentals…One reason the Kings have interest in Edmonton’s Sam Gagner is their woeful power play. Gagner’s contract ($4.8 million annual cap hit) is a tight fit for the cap-strapped Kings and Friedman doesn’t know if the Oilers would absorb part of it…Panthers GM Dale Tallon isn’t in any hurry to move pending UFAs Brad Boyes, Tom Gilbert and Marcel Goc…Friedman has twice asked Devils GM Lou Lamoriello if he’ll trade Martin Brodeur and was told he wouldn’t do it…The Devils lack of a first round pick this year could hurt their chances to land Calgary’s Mike Cammalleri…Wild GM Chuck Fletcher isn’t keen on moving his young talent…

NHL LIVE (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray says he’s open for business and there isn’t a player on his roster he wouldn’t consider trading. Given the soft goalie market McKenzie doubts Ryan Miller gets moved before Friday’s Olympic roster freeze at 3 pm ET. He also doubts the Blues and Wild (rumored to be interested in Miller) are willing to pay the big asking price for him…He also says Islanders’ Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald are in play, and doubts the Isles can move Vanek before Friday…Rangers and Ryan Callahan’s agent don’t appear any closer toward a new contract. Rangers would like to resolve his contract situation before Friday.  There appears to be a little more movement on Dan Girardi’s contract talks.

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports Islanders winger Thomas Vanek is determined to go to free agency this summer, which almost assuredly means he’ll be moved by the March 5 trade deadline. There’s a small but legitimate chance Vanek could return with the Islanders this summer as a free agent.

BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports Sabres GM Tim Murray is willing to listen to offers for anyone on his roster, admitting he’s had calls about Ryan Miller, Matt Moulson, Steve Ott and Henrik Tallinder.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeff Gordon reports the recent struggles of Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak could resurrect the “Ryan Miller to the Blues” rumors. Gordon noted GM Doug Armstrong has remained supportive of his current goalies but has made bold moves when needed in the past.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater, responding to reader e-mail, would love to see the Colorado Avalanche acquire NY Rangers winger Ryan Callahan but doubts the Avs could get him by offering up P.A. Parenteau. His sources say the Avs haven’t contacted the Rangers about Callahan.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Kevin Baxter reports Kings GM Dean Lombardi has spoken to the Edmonton Oilers about center Sam Gagner but his $4.8 million per season salary is a sticking point.

EDMONTON SUN: Derek Van Diest reports Gagner is ignoring the trade rumors, having heard them all before.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whole lotta chatter in the media rumor mill regarding the usual suspects but from what I can there’s little to indicate any of them will be on the move before tomorrow’s 3 pm ET Olympic roster freeze.  Of course anything can happen between now and then but it appears many general manager would prefer to wait until after the Olympics. That’s probably a good idea regarding some of these players (Callahan, Vanek, Miller) who are headed to the Olympics, as GMs could be leery of acquiring those players only to see them get sidelined by a serious injury during Olympic play.

As for Gagner, unless the Oilers are willing to pick up a big chunk of his salary I don’t think he’s a fit for the Kings right now. Regarding Murray’s comments about willing to listen to offers for everyone on his roster, that doesn’t mean he’ll move guys like Tyler Myers or Cody Hodgson. Sure, he could, but that doesn’t mean he will. His UFAs (Miller, Moulson, Ott, Tallinder) remain his prime trade candidates. 

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports Stars forwards Erik Cole and Shawn Horcoff are caught in a grey area of either being traded by the March deadline or being retained for their experience.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Their futures could depend upon where the Stars are in the standings by March 5.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Bruce McCurdy considers checking line center Boyd Gordon a valuable trade chip for the Oilers but believes they would be better off retaining him.

CSNNE.COM; Joe Haggerty reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli doesn’t expect to make any deals before the Olympics break. The Bruins are believed in the market for a defenseman with a left-handed shot on an expiring contract.


  1. So Boston’s looking for a left shooting defenceman on an expiring contract…. I can still think of one who Chiarelli’s more than familiar with on the Senators’.

    • That rumour has been floating around but I just don’t see the Sens doing it. I think losing another long time veteran and getting a team reputation that will trade anyone regardless of veteran status isn’t something they want. Especially after what happen to Alfie. Then there’s the issue of no veteran presence on the blueline aside from Corvo… ewe. Ceci has explicitly said that Phillips has steadied his game and he’s taught him more than he would’ve learned alone. Having said that, if Phillips asked for a trade then I’d have no problem with getting a prospect for him. What would the Bruin’s send over?

      • I agree its not all that likely to happen however if by the trade deadline the team has slumped or if they determine that the current line-up’s d-men (Phillips has missed the last few games and will be out again tonight) are capable of handling things then it does open up the possibility. With the exception of last summers Alfie fiasco Brian Murray’s appeared, at least in the past, to try and move veteran players into good landing places (Kelly to Boston, Fisher to Nashville, Gonchar played out his full contract etc.). Leaderships important (ask Edmonton fans) but in order for this team to improve they need to continue developing their younger players which will likely mean having to move out a few veteran’s to make room.
        What would the Bruins send over? No clue, a draft pick or young prospect maybe. If it were to happen the return would have to be solid. (Love to see the ‘Big Rig’ get an opportunity to win a cup again!)

  2. With the Islanders high asking price for Vanek, the lack of teams with available cap space, they stand a very good chance of losing him to free agency with ZERO return, ouch.

    • The islanders will have to drop the price sooner or later

    • I wasn’t even aware they had an asking price? What are they asking?

      • @NYR4LIFE, not a dollar amount so to speak but this:

        The early word around the league is that the cost to snag Vanek would be a three-asset haul, whether those assets are first-round picks or prospects or a player. It could be any combination. And if one of the assets is high-end enough, perhaps a two-asset package could do it.

        Too rich for most teams and Snow will be lucky if he gets anytihing at all.

        • Gotcha. I haven’t really heard anything other than the rejected deal Monday or Tuesday. I would imagine this deal to acquire Vanek has got to have Snow pooping his pants. He gave up way too much to get him (considering he probably won’t re-sign), and now he somehow has to flip him for at least a partial return on what they lost.

    • and why do I think Vanek will get injured during the Olympic’s and snow will be eating yellow snow for getting nothing for Vanek

      • Because you’re secretly an Islander fan and you’ve come to expect these things? :)

  3. Lyle,

    I have a question. When teams pick up salary, is it an all or nothing with regards to the remaining term or can they pick up differing amounts each year? For example, according to Capgeek, Gagner has 2 years remaining on his contract after this season. Could the Oilers agree to pick up enough salary this season to make the trade work, but then pick up less or no part of Gagner’s salary for the remaining two seasons, or is it a flat number or percent for the remaining term?

    • As per CapGeek:

      Teams can retain a percentage of a contract’s remaining cap hit, salary and bonuses in trades. The following stipulations apply:

      – No more than 50 per cent of the salary/cap hit can be retained

      – Salary/cap hit cannot be retained on more than three contracts in one season

      – The aggregate cap hits retained cannot exceed 15 per cent of the upper limit

      -A contract can be traded only twice where salary/cap hit is retained

      • Good question. I was also thinking. The same thing.. That cap geek info doesn’t answer it though lol

        • It’s my understanding a team can decide to absorb part of one season, or more. For example, the Oilers could agree to pick up half of Gagner’s remaining cap hit for this season only, or they could decide to do so throughout the remaining term. As for the amounts, I don’t think it can be a fluctuating amount. In other words,the Oilers couldn’t agree to pick up half of the remainder of Gagner’s contract this season, then 30 percent next season and 15 percent in the final season. At least that’s my understanding of how the rules of salary retention work.

          • From what I read in the rules it has to be the same amount every year. Just like cap hit is the same amount every year based on avg salary.

            If not then teams could game contracts for a run at the cup–with Gagner having 2 years left after this one, LA could say we will split whats left this year, you pay his entire salry next year, then they pay him the entire salary the following year. Then he doesnt cost them anything for a cup run. If y0ou know you have a few contracts that come off the books in a couple years with free agent loses/retires you can game it som you are getting free star labor.

            Say St Louis doesnt win the cup this year. Buffalo talks to Miller and says we will sign you to a $8M 6 year deal then we will trade you to St Louis. Buffalo will retain $8M cap htt the first two years. St Louis then has the space to go out and sign other free agents to fill other needs for a cup run. Maybe sign Vanke fr a one yr contract.

            A team trading a player now is limited to just what the player has left to earn this year in terms of salary and bonus money.

            With Gagner If they trade him around now, about 1/3 season remaining, they can retain at max 1/3 or $1.6M of the $4.8M thus he costs LA (or other team) $3.2M the last two seasons…but free this season.

            If they wait and do this deal at the draft, then Edmonto can retain 50% and he cost only $2.4M per to the aquiring team vs $3.2M now.

  4. @Lyle or anyone that knows, sorry off topic but i was wondering if you had an answer on rule clarification. TSN ask frasor (former ref that screwed over my Leafs and can’t answer my question.

    If a team pulls there goalie when down a goal and then gets called for an icing does the six skaters have to stay on the ice. Or is the goalie allowed going back in the net?

    • You can replace your goalie whenever you’d like. Whether play is stopped or not. You aren’t restricted to keeping your net empty just becasue you iced the puck.

    • The goalie is allowed back in the net

      rule 81.4 (Line Changes on Icing) – which outlines no substitutions to the offending team prior to the faceoff with note to these exceptions. “However, a team shall be permitted to make a player substitution to replace a goalkeeper who had been substituted for an extra attacker, to replace an injured player, or when a penalty has been assessed which affects the on-ice strength of either team.”

      • Thank you for that DJP

  5. Morning, since the Rangers and Canucks have swapped coaches, do you think it would be sensible for them to consider a considerable trade. A sign and trade. Alex Edler to Rangers coming to Canucks would be soon to be UFA Callahan. Rangers may not be able to sign their pending UFA D-man Del-Zoto. Or they could move him as well to another team or to the Canucks for Alex Burrows and a package of picks. Both these players would bring an element of size, experience, grit to the Vancouver line up, and A.V in NY gets players he is familiar with too. Throw David Both in there as well just for giggles and eat a portion of his contract.

    • Where have you been? MDZ was traded to the Predators for Kevin Klein a couple of weeks ago. And Edler for Cally is hardly a good trade.

    • Del Zotto was traded about 2 weeks ago to Nashville. I don’t see a need for Elder in NY. I think they will be looking for more scoring depth at the deadline. But Callhan is loved by Torts, and not many Rangers had that kind of love from him. I Just don’t see Burrows or Elder as the pieces the Rangers would want in return.

    • Umm, Del Zotto was already traded to the Preds, so I don’t think that will happen…

      Also, Edler alone won’t pick up Callahan, plus, the Canucks don’t really have a problem with grit, it’s the fact they can’t score right now. Callahan won’t solve that issue. I think they need to ride out the year, maybe plan a bit for the future and not try to make a deep push into the playoffs this year.

    • I think you’re a little behind the times. Del Zotto was traded to the Predators for Klein about 2 weeks ago. But if Vancouver is willing to take the ghost of Del Zotto then I think that trade is a steal.

      • Use common sense I think he ment girardi

        • I think using common sense would be getting it right in the 1st place? Not someone else knowing what someone else is thinking.

      • I think Buffalo would be open to trading Vanek for Burrows straight up. They were going to try and get Moulson a 1st and 2nd round pick. But I can’t imagine Snow would go for that crazy trade.

        • I like your thinking of this trade. Only issue is that Burrows makes way less and has injuries this season leading to a great portion of the season being missed. I believe that he still has yet to score a goal this season. Again he also has not been playing regularly with the twins. But they are having a very sup par season as well. Canucks need to retool, get a little younger, and much faster. Their D is good, goal tending is top ten easy. Just need to start putting pucks in the net to be successful next season. This one is kinda a bust unless they gel at the right time. Burrows, Booth and somebody for Ott and Vanek, Salary balances out. Canucks get Scoring winger and third line Centre. Dreaming, I know.

          • With Giroux coming along nicely, I’m wondering if management in Philly would be willing to move Lindros. They may not be keen on breaking up the legion of doom line. But they might be interested in shedding his salary before he gets any more concussions and has to retire.

        • Thanks for overloading my computer’s sarcasm detector.

          • lol

          • Thanks Cliff. I thought it was going unnoticed for a minute there.

    • Del Zotto was traded to Nashville for Kevin Klein. I doubt the Canucks would want Callahan given his salary demands and VAN’s abundance of big contracts already on the roster, assuming you proposed that trade with the intention of keeping Callahan.

      • I think you will see some changes coming in Vancouver, if not this season, for sure after the season ends. Specifically with the General Manager. A player Agent that screwed over every club in the league contractually does not make a good GM. Gillis has had some decent UFA signings, but bad trades, a lot with Florida and the handling o the Manny Maholtra situation was a mess. It wasn’t his health as he is playing just fine in Carolina but was a cap issue that he put himself in due to No Trade Stipulations and overly long term contracts with high ticket price for marginal players. Guys are going to ask out, and hopefully with a new GM they will also scrap the Scouting Team as they are awful and begin afresh. I smell a minor rebuild, a lot like San Jose and Anaheim have done.

  6. Friedman: “Gagner’s contract ($4.8 million annual cap hit) is a tight fit for the cap-strapped Kings…”

    More like impossible unless the Oilers are suckered into taking a player contract they don’t want back and eating salary.

    Since when do NHL trading partner teams act as friendly enabler,s handing over top 6 talent and gobbling up PART of that player’s contract AND TAKE BACK players moving towards their sunset years JUST to MAKE the TRADE fit.

    Get real local hocke scribs & homer fans of that team supposidly getting that best trade asset….

  7. My apologies, I did mean Girardi, just had a moment there. It is still very early on the West Coast. As for contracts, Edler is making I believe, don’t quote, 5.5 million a season. TO bring in a player like Callahan and the contract he may get would be within a million of Edlers. They also would get a player to go along with Ryan Kesler and put the Sedin Twins on the Second line were they belong. Zack Kassian might also benefit from playing with a player like Callahan. As for need by the Rangers, Edler is a bit of a mystery, tons of upside, just hasn’t been the same under Torts and after is early season suspension. But he is a complete package, hits, shoots the puck well, can run the point on the pp and blocks shots. Canucks have Garrison, Frank Corrado and Chris Tanev with that same upside. If the Rangers miss out on Girardi thi would be the guy t replace him with. Vancouver needs to get bigger up front.

    • The main problem I see is the Rangers carrying 8 Nhl d-men for the rest of the year in case Girardi bolts in free agency. It is being reported the Girardi is close to re-signing. Probably why the rumors have died down a bit. So I can’t really see Elder being what the Rangers bring back, especially if he is making what Girardi is reportedly close to signing a deal for in terms of $ amount. The Rangers would want scoring help in return. They can’t trade a top 6 forward for an 8th d-man. And Burrows wouldn’t make the deal any more attractive.

      • I see what you are saying. I think there may be a small push for movement before the Olympic break, but most excitement will happen after the Olympics as they will want to make sure all the players are healthy. It’s wait and see.

    • Edler has a NTC – so it would be difficult to move him. Problem with Vancouver is that they have 10 players making big $ that have NTC. I can see Callahan signing with Bflo as he is from Rochester and he would be the Captain and mentor needed until Girgensens is ready to assume the mantle. While Murray says he’s listening to all offers on any player – I believe that Girgensens is not in the list as he is the Sabres future.

  8. I would like the Leafs to take a run and trade for Andrew MacDonald. He has been a good defenseman for the Islanders. He is leading shot blocker and he is a heart and sole player. We need to rid ourselves of Ranger. I do not know what it would take to get MacDonald but he would be a great fit.

    • Also. I would say another reason I would like to see MacDonald on the Leafs is because he is from my area and I know his father and uncle. I told them wouldn’t it be great if he played for the Leafs and they laugh at me and said it will never happen. LOL I just want a told you so moment. LOL

      • What his father and uncle don’t quite understand, is that MacDonald doesn’t have any sort of tie to his contract (NTC/NMC), so if Nonis was to meet/call Snow and offer up a respectable trade for MacDonald, then his father and uncle would sound so non-NHL knowledgeable. Would Snow deny a bottom 6 player, a decent prospect and draft pick?

        To Toronto: MacDonald
        To NYI: Ranger + Granberg + 3rd rounder in 2014

        Toronto would give up a good dman prospect (Granberg), salary dump of Ranger and a draft pick to sweeten up the addition of Granberg.

        • Don’t think this works, half the team in league want a shot at MacDonald.
          Perhaps FINN instead of Granberg might work but I think other teams will
          be throwing more at NYI than this. They need a goalie for the future,
          got one you can toss their way ?

          • True, but it merely a starting point at what it would take to land MacDonald…it isn’t like he is a star dman already, teams will be hoping that his potential to be decent…pans out. Also, is he pretty injury prone and has never put up good numbers. So what about:

            To Toronto: MacDonald
            To Islanders: Ranger + Finn + Ashton

            Ranger…again is a salary dump, Finn is a good prospect and Ashton probably needs an Islanders-type team to flourish. In Toronto he is playing 3rd line duties at best, and on the Island, he might have a chance to at least crack the 2nd line. But that will be very hard to do with the talented youth they have.

        • I’d also like to see then add macdonald but I think the cost for a rental will be too much. I wouldn’t give up granberg in this situation… They desperately need another top shutdown to either replace Franson or gunnerson . Doubt you can get this player in season though…

          • Id almost be willing to do more than that. McDonald would help this D corps quit a bit Id try and keep Gunnarsson tho.

            Phaneuf Gunnarrson
            Gardiner McDonald
            Rielly Gleason

            This is a pretty balanced well rounded D corps with puck movers and guys that are decent in their own end. Not too mention capable of playing more balanced minutes.

          • Agreed re: not this season. I don’t think the Leafs give up a lot for him as a rental; they’re not contenders yet, so why sell the farm?

            I do see them making a good run at him in the off-season, though.

        • Isles are VERY deep in Dmen prospects (Pullock, Reinhart, Pokke, Mayfield) and already have de Haan and Donavon (two rookies) in the regular lineup. They need a goalie, nhl ready Dmen who are better than what they have, and wingers. I also think that anything tha tinvolves a salary dump (Ranger) is going to require assets for the acquiring team to be willing to swallow it.

          With Toronto’s system ranked 23rd by Hockey’s future and Granberg listed as their 5th best defensive prospect I doubt that any team would accept him and a 3rd to take on Ranger salary let alone send you anything back.

          • I was thinking more along the lines of Franson or Riemer and a pick possibly together with no pick. Franson is good on the power play moves the puck well physical tho a little slow for the less offensive but better defensively Mc Donald. Ranger wont be moved.

  9. The Rangers are hot right now. If I’m Glen Sather, I’d rather risk losing Callahan to free agency than risk disrupting the team chemistry right now. The Rangers are starting to look like Cup contenders and trading away someone who is not just their captain, but their heart-and-soul player, could be a huge mistake. I’d roll the dice on free agency and hope to come up with a contract before then.

  10. The Kings don’t need Gagner he’s a center the kings are full of centers the kings need a LW they don’t have any get rid of Williams or Richards for a high end winger go after Kane (Jets) or Jeff Skinner (Carolina) Or make a deal with Toronto
    Toronto gets
    Richards & Williams & 2nd round pick
    Kings get
    Nazem Kadri,
    Joffrey Lupul

    • Really?

    • Lupul would love it. He still owns his home in Newport Beach

  11. I’m a little confused.If LA doesn’t need a center, they need a left winger……. Isn’t Kadri a center and Lupul a right winger?

    • Shhh! Lupul can play left wing…

    • Yeah, but Centers can easily merge to the Wing more easily than a Winger merging to Center. Also, the Leafs are also cap strapped, with the Richards + Williams + 2nd for Kadri + Lupul, Toronto would be adding cap.

      • I know you can move a center to wing. But with that in mind, why make a trade? They have a ton of their own centers they could move over to wing.

      • Not really only about 700k with 2 guys that are pretty hard to play against. Id consider this type of deal, a player like Richards could be more along the lines of a better fit to get Clarkson going (cycling playing down low crashing and banging) then put Levio on that line. Willams replaces kuli with Bolland at center. This Team just quickly became a much more Carlyle type team. Not a bad offer really.

        • More like $1.25M, not $700K. That isn’t even to mention with Bolland comes back. Right now, Nonis is aiming at dropping salary, to make room for Bolland. Unless a nice deal that would have him being shipped out and getting maybe a draft pick(s) or prospect(s).

          • Kuli will be gone soon enough lol

  12. Via The Fourth Periods Magazine’s facebook posting…

    The LA Kings, trying to bolster their roster, are reportedly inching closer to acquiring center Sam Gagner from the Edmonton Oilers.

    • Also…apart of the posting was a link to their webpage article on this topic.

      The Los Angeles Kings, trying to bolster their roster, are reportedly inching closer to acquiring center Sam Gagner from the Edmonton Oilers.

      Gagner, 24, has been actively shopped recently, and while his no-trade clause kicks in next season, he’s believed to have been kept up to speed on trade talks.

      The Oilers are looking to move Gagner, among others, as they attempt to shake up their roster for the 2014-15 season.

      In addition to Gagner, the Oilers are trying to move wingers Ales Hemsky and Ryan Smyth, and have fielded calls for Nail Yakupov and Jordan Eberle.

      The Kings are trying to acquire some help for their special teams, as well as a goal-scoring left wing, and a top-four defenseman.

      According to multiple reports, the Kings would ship left wing Kyle Clifford as part of a package for Gagner, who carries a $4.8 million salary cap hit.

      The Oilers may also be picking up part of Gagner’s salary, if this deal goes through, as the Kings have limited cap space.

      A well-placed source, with knowledge of the situation, told TFP the Oilers have asked about Kings defenseman Jake Muzzin, but were told he isn’t available. The Oilers have also spoken about Kings blueliner Alec Martinez, who could be part of a trade.

      The Kings are also in talks with the New York Islanders about left wingers Thomas Vanek and Michael Graber, and defenseman Andrew MacDonald.

      The Islanders are hoping to move Vanek by Friday’s 3pm ET Olympic roster freeze, and if he’s not dealt to the Kings, Los Angeles could focus on Grabner.

      Kings GM Dean Lombardi has also expressed an interest in Buffalo Sabres left wing Matt Moulson and center Steve Ott.

      • What surprises me is LAK wanting a D-man. D-man is their strong area. deep
        and talented plus a good mix of toughness and puck moving. Wondering if they
        moved Scrivens too soon. Right now Jones would be a BIG chip to have.

        • With regards to the Kings wanting a D-man, I heard Miller and Fox (I believe it was them) mention that Doughty is playing with many different partners, because they don’t have another d-man that can log the minutes that Doughty can or that they fully trust defensively. I think Scuderi was in that role before he went back to Pittsburgh.

      • Huh so the Kings want everyone and aren’t willing to give up anyone other than Clifford the big red dog? Sounds interesting. The isles could use Jones but would likely need to ship the Kings a goalie to back up Quick.

        Perhaps Toffoli and Jones from the Kings and Vanek plus Nabokov from the Isles is the start of a deal? Not sure how they work out the cap issues though.

    • Stastny and a pick to the Kings for Willie Mitchell and Stoll works capwise. Mitchell straight up for Parenteau is close capwise as well. Just some thoughts.

      • @Cliff, IMO I can’t see the Av’s moving Stastny while they are playing so well. Mitchell is nearing the end of his career and has had some injuries the past couple seasons that have seemed to take some of his game away. They won’t give up Patenteau straight up for Mitchell, that doesn’t work valuewise, your giving up scoring and not getting it back. JMO.

  13. heard pens made a trade today anybody hear who and from where?

    • A couple of nobodies!!!

      Kris “OVERATED” Letang SUCKS!!!

  14. Cammarreli ,Sven Bartschi and a second 2014 for Adam Larsson and Sefan Matteau and a second 2015. Done and done.
    Tortorella is nob and will not be long term on the left coast. Do not buy any green bananas Johnny boy

  15. About the rumor of Samuel Gagner heading to the Los Lobos Kings…I don’t like it. In my opinion he’s of the guys you don’t trade away. At least right now. Maybe if things haven’t changed for the better once his current contract is near it’s end, then perhaps on that trade dead line day, shop him for an asset. But now, I’d consider to be as valuable as Hall, Hopkins, Eberle, Perron & J. Schultz. Players I do see being shopped, Yakupov, Hemsky, Jones & N. Schultz. I’m these players would be valuable for some team going into the playoffs. I wouldn’t expect a lot in return but I’m sure they can find some kind of improvement in an area that needs it. Off the current D-men playing for the team, I see only Ference, J. Schultz, Petry & Marincin being around for next season.

  16. so the oilers trade gagner to la for clifford but have to retain part of his salary to boot??? whats the sense in trading gagner if they have to retain some of his salary, he isn’t exactly hurting the team.