NHL Morning Rumor Mill – February 7, 2013.

Updates on Roberto Luongo, Ryan O’Reilly, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Jason Arnott and more.

NHL NETWORK (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): Darren Dreger discussed the latest rumors, claiming there’s nothing new going on with the Vancouver Canucks and their goaltending situation…The Calgary Flames might be linked to Ben Bishop of the Ottawa Senators (asking price is believed a second round pick) and Jonathan Bernier of the LA Kings, but the Flames intend to stick with Leland Irving and recently signed Danny Taylor for now. Dreger also suggested this could be Miikka Kirpusoff’s last season, as he may re-sign or may come back, but could consider not doing either…The Anaheim Ducks and pending UFAs Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry are keeping their contract negotiations under the radar by mutual consent, though GM Bob Murray would prefer to re-sign the duo sooner rather than later. Dreger believes Perry would be the more desirable target on the trade market and could prove the more expensive of the duo for the Ducks to re-sign.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Canucks held onto Luongo for the rest of the season and tried to move him in the off-season, when his trade value may improve…Kiprusoff is listed as “day-to-day” and if his injury isn’t serious, the Flames won’t have any need to shop around. If he’s out longer and if Irving proves incapable of handling the duties in his absence, Bishop and Bernier could certainly attract the attention of Flames management. Dreger’s mistaken over Kiprusoff’s contract status, as he still has one season left with the Flames…As long as the Ducks are in playoff contention, Getzlaf and Perry won’t be traded, even if they remain unsigned by the trade deadline.

NATIONAL POST: Sean Fitzgerald lists the Washington Capitals, Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers among the five teams which could use Roberto Luongo right now. The other is – surprise! – the Vancouver Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Canucks are winning with Luongo, they have no need to move him. Besides, none of the other clubs are willing to part with a second-line scoring center, a second round pick and a valuable prospect to land him.

Could Ryan O'Reilly receive an offer sheet?

Could Ryan O’Reilly receive an offer sheet?

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater believes the current contract standoff between the Colorado Avalanche and Ryan O’Reilly could result in the latter receiving an offer sheet.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unlikely at this stage. Almost every offer sheet pitched since 2005 has been matched (Dustin Penner the sole exception), so the feeling around the league is it is a worthless enterprise. It’s not as though the Avalanche can’t afford to match, and undoubtedly would. Besides, it’s doubtful anyone will offer O’Reilly the five years at $5 million per he reportedly wants.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes it’s time for Oilers management to either trade for a center or sign one via free agency. Injuries have left the Oilers with Sam Gagner as their only natural center. Matheson suggests targeting Toronto’s David Steckel, former Oiler and current Islander Marty Reasoner or Dallas’ Tom Wandell via trade, or perhaps contacting UFAs like Brendan Morrison or former Oiler Jason Arnott.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen what moves, if any, the Oilers make, but Matheson makes a good point about addressing their injury-depleted center position.

SPORTSNET’s Mark Spector reports the following via Twitter: “Agent Wade Arnott says brother Jason “cleared to play” after knee scope, and has “a few things ongoing with NHL clubs.”

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lisa Dillman the Kings might not be done making moves after trading Andrei Loktionov to New Jersey, calling up Andrew Campbell and demoting Andrew Bodnarchuk.


  1. Hey Lyle, just wanted to say that you have the best site to follow anything hockey. Most of the time I agree with you but with Getz and Perry I think Murray doesn’t have a choice but to trade 1 by tthe deadline if they both are unsigned. I think ANA and TOR could do a trade for Perry and Kessel and some extra parts.

    • Nobody wants Kessel! Hes a joke, always has been, always will be.

      • Joe must be joe the plumber and like his political insights, his hockey sense is on par.

  2. Stop with these “Luongo to Flyers” rumors, its not gonna happen. Bryzy is not the problem in philly as he is playing very well and Luongo would not be an upgrade. If bloggers want to get a hot rumor going for the sake of selling papers try this one “Weber to Flyers”

    • Weber has to stay with Nashville for a year (part of the rules in matching the offer sheet) but I 100% agree with the “Stop with these “Luongo to Flyers” rumors” statement.

  3. I would imagine one or both Getlaf and Perry will test the UFA market this year but that doesn’t rule out returning to the Ducks. If they want to stay in Anahiem they can use the UFA market to sweeten the pot on any Duck offer. The Leafs will have a hard time convincing either of these two players to come to Toronto. Most players in this age range prefer to sign long term deals with clubs they feel are contenders and not teams that have been disfunctional for years with no end in sight. Then again if Toronto is willing to sign both players for big money like the Wild did last summer then maybe they decided to come to Toronto. Carlyle coaching could be an issue though.

    Leafs do not need Luongo at this point. Reimer has done a good job in net and his play certainly doesn’t warrant going out and getting Luongo’s 10 year contract for a slight upgrade over Reimers play.

    As soon as I hear offer sheet I immediately think some reporter is trying to make a headline. As Lyle said not one offer sheet has worked in the past 8 years other then Penner.

  4. Jason Arnott to the Oilers – strong and can score on PP but most importantly leadership for the young team-

  5. Luongo & Kipper

    I posted yesterday about how the Kipper situation would be bad for Gillis and Luongo just reiterating this subject and followed up by Iain .

    Iain MacIntyre via twitter: “Bad for Luongo trade mission if Flames ever come to their senses and use Kiprusoff as rebuilding chip. His injury helps”

    Leland Irving will do just fine …theres no reason why Calgary should give up anything especially a draft pick for a goalie they will only use in the short term …..Irving is better than Bishop… IMO much more mobile in the crease better all around tender just never given a shot …he will surprise people!!

    Nonis feilding calls ….

    Getzlaf …
    has gone on record saying that the Ducks are his first priority ….Perry says he wan’ts to play in Ontario ( maybe) to be closer to family! Nothing until the trade deadline as they have a legit shot at a run …Goalie Fasth is playing unreal Hockey for them right now!!!

    ORiely …….this is a terrible unprofessional situation …and will scar the top players on this club!!

    Ducshene commented that the team and the play is a ” JOKE ” right now being shut out 3 times in ten games ….The Avs GM is crushing the spirits of this team …they REALLY need to trade Oreily and get players in the line up ASAP as Ive been saying for a month now!!! How an NHL team runs its self like this is beyond me ….this isn’t the ECHL …you need players in the line up…NHL players……. get some help for your stars ASAP!!!! WOW!! Fire the GM….. terrible !!

    Over rated at this point by the Kings …they don’t have to move him so its no big deal …sit and waite like a worm on a hook over a bridge !!!

    BIG surprise …Ryna Johanson sent to the AHL ..big huge power center great hands not producing …I though this guy would be a centerpiece in a quality trade…..wander if he is available????
    Great pick up!!

    • I am a big Oiler fan living in the Calgary area. I heard on the Calgary sports radio numerous times that on the Flames far team that Irving was the back up goalie. Bishop is a big upgrade to Irving.

      As for O’Rielly, is it the GM letting the team down when a hold out player is asking way to much or is it the player letting the team down by asking way to much. O’Rielly needs to wake up.

    • I am sick of you saying Bernier is over rated all the time when you obviously have no clue. He has been given ZERO chance as a starter in the Kings net , and last few years was great as a back up and one of the reasons we got into the playoffs coming in cold and stealing us some points down the stretch.

      You can call him over rated after he has been given a chance as a starter and has failed.

    • Perry for Kessel straight up. Ducks get out from under this years UFA issue with Perry and buy themselves another year before having to deal with Kessel’s UFA status so they can sign Getlaf.

      • No way in hell is Perry worth Kessel straight up…if you also add Kadri, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick, and Joe Colborne in addition then we’re talking.

        • Somebody is dreaming. Have you forgotten we gave the Ducks a bag of pucks for Gardiner and Lupul and the ducks got nothing for Schultz.

          • Someone is waring beer goggles if they think kessel alone is getting you perry. On Schultz not there fault the cba had a flaw to let the kid be a UFA.

        • It seems only Leafs fans think Leafs players are any good. Remember when Kaberle was such a great defensemen?! NOBODY on the Leafs is worth Perry. There isn’t a entire line on the Leafs worth Perry. Stop dreaming T.O. Brian Burke is gone, you can stop believing the fantasy now. Your team deserves to be in the AHL.

          • Is kessel worth perry straight up no probably not but is kessel worth 2 months of perry before he is a UFA, ya probably.

  6. Hey Spec,

    I didn’t hear the report by Dreger so I can’t be sure of his point, but he might speculating that Kipper may not come back next year because, though he has a remaining year on his contract, it’s one that sees him get paid $1.5 million (though it’s a cap hit of $5.8 mil). That may not be enough to entice him to return as many KHL and other European teams could match or exceed that number. Other options as I see it are:
    1.He could use it as leverage for a new 2-3 year contract in Calgary 2. There could be a sign and trade/ trade and sign deal for him 3. He could retire (least likely considering the level he is playing at). Any thoughts on this are appreciated as I always respect your opinion on these matters.

  7. I know people say Colorado is cheap, but, would you really pay a guy that much money, and hasn’t even had a 60 point season yet?

    • He!!, look at what Gomez got for zero production, Ville Leino same deal in Buffalo, even Jordan Staal got a raise to $6 million per for less than 60 points. There is always someone willing to take a chance on a guy with his potential upside.

      • Those 3 were all UFA/soon-to-be UFAs

  8. @ Canadian KING

    WOW! lay off the Red Bull dude!!
    Thats exactly what the issue is on Bernier ……the Kings are trying to sell him off as a Legit # 1 especially for the asking price when really …any team might be just as well to go with there own back up and get the same results ….and yes because he is UNPROVEN!!! ….nothing personal man!! Less than 5o games in the NHL in 5 years. The only reason they are trying to get rid of him is because he asked ….I wouldn’t seel the farm for him and appoint him my future franchise goalie …and thats why 30 teams have’t traded for him yet ….pretty simple dude!

    @ KEV JAM

    Being a former Junior goalie ……Irving is the better goalie …the Flames should not trade anything for this guy right now …Irving will be just fine ..he needs a chance ..he has paid his dues …he will surprise people.
    Bishop is a VERY BIG goalie like Karlson ..but not very agile or quick from post to post and up and down ..if you get a rebound on him …you will have success , he is not worth the trade when you have a better goalie on the bench !!

    • IMO Irving was given 7 chances last season and failed. 3.20 GAA in seven games on a defence first team last year is not good. With the style that Hartley has the Flames playing this year I can’t see ending good. Any NHL back goalie should be good enough to be the starter on the teams farm team. Again just my opinion.

  9. @ Canadian King

    Just a quick question ….no punn intended ……if Bernier is so good and just needs the chance …wel then why with the struggling Kings this year has he not been thrown into the spotlight????
    Hey Bernier …its your NET we need a stretch of 4- 5 wins get out there and put your money where your mouth is …the reason why is because they are afraid he collapses along with the rest of the team and it drops his value to where it should be !!
    Nothing personal!

  10. Could see Perry in Pittsburgh playing on a line with Crosby they have the cap space. Not a Pens fan but I’d love to see Crosby playing with a legit star winger. Malkin has Neal Crosby could use a go to guy.

  11. Wasn’t Irving on waivers a short time ago, sounds like the Flames org doesn’t have much faith in him….

  12. Backckecking,

    What is your hockey background? How old are you?

  13. Folks, Perry and Getzlaf love it here in Anaheim and have ZERO desire to move anywhere when they are the franchise players of this team…so, they are going to be resigned.

  14. ahah ” as a former junior goalie”
    I played junior, NCAA and 4 years in the AHL ( retired goalie) after blowing out a knee and even I dont pretend to say who the better goalie is.
    Get a clue “backchecking”
    Your rants on here ( and atrocious spelling) make me feel as though you played “former junior” in Neepawa.

    • *applaud!

      Ya the former junior goalie thing holds zero weight. Being a former junior and university d man doesn’t make my opinion any more right or wrong.

    • Slow clap.

      • ?

  15. Lyle the point Dreger was making about Kipper was that next year is one of those soft years in his contract where he only gets $1.5 mil, and there is a very good chance he will not come back for that little money and stay in Finland.

  16. Funny there are not a lot poster running Luongo down these days , “washed up, can’t compete etc etc.” He looks pretty good as we speak. MG must be smiling. Luongo is a quality top 5 in the league goalie on a pretty reasonable Cap hit $5.3

    Hang in there Gillis and get what he’s worth

    • I don’t think that other GM’s question Luongo’s skill at stopping the puck, it’s that contract that he brings with him. That is not a bad cap hit now, but in five years when he is 37-38 years old or older, that hurts. I would love to see him in an Oiler jersey, but that contract would handcuff the team in the short future.

      Question – If or when Luongo is traded and he later retires does his cap hit stay with that team or does it go back to the Canucks. I did not hear if that stipulation went through on the new CBA.

    • Actually I posted the other day I don’t care what Luongo does in the regular season he is still soft in the playoffs. I have never seen a goalie pulled in the playoffs on a legit cup contending team as much as Luongo has been. If a cup is truly your goal stay away from Luongo. If your goal is to sell tickets and merch along with juicy headlines up until April by all means take Luongo and enjoy a few Presidents Trophies along the way. But the Cup will not be visiting your city.

      • Wrong. Lou was never the problem in the playoffs. The canucks scored 7 whole goals in the 7 game series vs the Bruins, Lou had 2 shutouts in those 7 games and was left hungout to dry by the “top” players on his team that allowedhim to take the blame.

    • LOL, yeah MG is really smiling…

      Luongo is playing great, and still nobody is interested enough to make a decent offer.

      When will people get it through their heads that Luongo’s contract is the problem.

      That “reasonable” cap hit extends until he is in his 40’s and with the new CBA there is no way to get rid of it.

      By the way… Reimer is putting up better numbers than Schneider on a worse team, missing their best D, and another top 4 D. Meanwhile, Schneider’s agent has gone public with the complaining…

      Vancouver should be looking at trading Schneider. Believe it or not though, outside of Canucks fans, Schneider is just a prospect with some promise and upside. He hasn’t proven anything.

      yeah, MG must really be smiling.

  17. @ John..

    …..hey congratulations to you on your success you played further than I …good job!

    I was merely stating that as an insight was not that of a viewer – reader and that the comment in question was why would the Flames trade a draft pick which they desperately need or a player for Bishop who in the end is on par for the quality of Leland …..why would you give up something in a lateral movement and have to give up a piece as well when you need it to rebuild ….just my feeling that Leland is capable or just there about not to have to give up a piece and trade for Bishop …not a rant …and as far as rants go …I treat everyone here respectfully , for there points of view and how they word what they feel !!
    As far as anyone on this site …everyone has ranted that’s for sure!! LOL mostly about me ..but my posts are usually quite accurate!

    I am working don’t have time for spell check all the time sorry !! Sometimes just got to hit send!!

    So John what do you come on here for then and look to read other blogs ….what have I been so far off on at any point in any of my so called rants that makes me such a person that is so different from anyone else here other than my posts are usually down the right path and a broader out look to a topic that a genral comment ! ???? Just curious …if hockey isn’t something you want to talk about or RANT about …Id say that I have tried to get my point across by giving details and also help

    • I write on my iPhone at work. Sometimes I don’t finish a post for ~1hour because people DO NOT take people seriously if they sound like idiots. (Bad spelling, punctuation, etc make you seem less credible)

      People have been ragging on you about this for along time, listen and maybe you won’t face as much criticism.

  18. Oh and the mobile site is bad. Seriously bad. I really like the site Spec (huge fan actually), but damn it’s brutal to comment on a mobile device.

  19. MY Last post to you guys !!!

    Tim Thomas Traded to The Islanders !!

    Have fun !!

    @ Beer goggles …I ll stop in every once and a while see how you are doing in the Canadian Corner !!
    Hopefuly the Leafs can make some good strong moves ………peace!!

  20. @ Beer goggles

    @ Captain AHAB

    You guys are true gentleman

    Good posts guys !!

    • Why don’t you guys just email each other instead of posting messages to each other to which we unfortunately read (sometimes)? Just asking, not trying to be a jerk or tell you what to do.

  21. I actually want backchecking to stay because the only time I ever comment is to shoot down any of his ridiculous theories and trade scenarios. Where are these links to comments like Duschene saying his team is a joke and Nonis is currently fielding offers on Kessel? When did Perry say he wanted to play in Ontario? Why do you constantly say Malkin wants his own team and is tired of playing with Crosby? Why do you type like this??!?!?!?!?!?!?