NHL Morning Rumor Mill for Tuesday, July 16, 2013.

Latest on Ales Hemsky, Ron Hainsey and  Damien Brunner, plus the latest on the Red Wings.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports Oilers GM Craig MacTavish in a recent interview seemed to suggest he may be done making moves this summer, which would mean winger Ales Hemsky, a frequent subject of trade rumors, may return with the club next season. Staples believes, however, MacTavish would still like to move Hemsky, and still expects a trade to happen, perhaps landing another hard-checking center or winger in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hemsky may still have value, but his injury history combined with his $5 million salary for next season is a tough sell. Doesn’t mean a trade is impossible, but not as easy as some folks would like to believe. The Oilers might have to pick up part of Hemsky’s salary to make a deal happen this summer. Otherwise, they could be forced to wait until sometime during the season, when part of his contract has already been paid out, and teams can evaluate his performance.

Hurricanes interested in Ron Hainsey?

Hurricanes interested in Ron Hainsey?

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports it is believed the Carolina Hurricanes could be interested in signing former Winnipeg Jets blueliner Ron Hainsey. Such a move, however, will mean moving out a contract for cap reasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes currently have over $58.875 million tied up in 18 players for the new season.  Adding Hainsey, whose annual cap hit on his last contract was $4.5 million,  could cost up to $3 million per season. Still, he’d be a good fit for the Hurricanes, providing some leadership and experienced defensive skills for their blueline. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland would like to make another move or two to free up some cap space to re-sign Dan Cleary, but it doesn’t appear as though it’s going to happen during the summer.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited an interview by NorthJersey.com’s Tom Gulitti with the agent for free agent winger Damien Brunner, claiming there’s “nothing imminent” for his client at this time. Speculation had the Devils pursuing Brunner, with a report out of Switzerland claiming they were close to signing him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That doesn’t necessarily mean the Devils aren’t interested, but it appears it could be a while before Brunner signs a deal with an NHL team this summer.


  1. Wow this guy (Holland) wont give up on Cleary. He’s a bum, he has lost everything and really just gets in the way out there. Its true about having a good playoff could earn you your next contract. We are sitting in Bertuzzi and Samuelson and this idiot wants to resign cleary. Hey atleast we let a 26 yr. old scoring forward for a 41 yr. old. I like Alfy but this was not the time to bring him in. Oh well things never change. Never play for the cup just for the playoffs.

    • Hollan is an idiot? news to me.

  2. I’d love to see the Oil pick up Miller. I think he could get them to the promise land on his back alone. Not sure what it would take but the Oil have the room on the cap especially if Dubby goes the other way.
    Miller & Vanek to the Oil
    Hemsky & ???? & ???? & ????? to Buffalo

    • Hemsky, one of yak or rnh, 1st (2nd if miller doesn’t resign) and a 4th if vanek resigns. For miller and vanek.

      Buf would want one of the young studs but would nvr get ebs or hall.

      Of course this is just my opinion,

    • Spit balling here to make your trade work:

      To Edm: Miller & Vanek
      To Buf: Dubnyk, Yakupov, Hemsky, 2014 2nd round

      Having said that, I would not jump on this if I was Edm.
      They’re giving up a starting goalie (Dubnyk may not be an all-star but he is a good enough to start regularly) Yakupov who is a bright talent, and will be even better once he learns some discipline and a decent pick.
      They get in return: Vanek, a veteran who else has some injury history. Miller who is a great goalie, but obviously doesn’t mind throwing team-mates and management under the bus

      • Providing all parties are willing of course…

      • I think that Yaks will be better than Vanek in 2 years, and also going to be better then Hall, eberle and RNH. Don’t trade Yaks. RNH is the tradable asset. He’s not strong enough to handle the physical game over a full season never mind the playoffs. Edmonton would need a center in return however, not another winger. But I hope they don’t make another trade until seeing how this team does, unless its Hemsky for a dman or 3 line RW.

      • i don’t think Vanek has injury history – he fractured his jaw from a slap shot and he’s had some upper body injuries but since 2004 he’s played over 70 games a year. He hasn’t had a concussion and he does play in front of the net and in the corners – the dirty areas. I’m not sure if I even like this deal -I think I would rather see the following: Vanek/Miller for Dubnyk, Gagner and Yakapov.

      • As Buffalo I would want no part of that deal.

        Assuming Miller would go to Edmonton, I’d expect a first round pick or Yaks and a 2nd rounder.

        As for Vanek, that would require more. And Buffalo does not want Hemsky.

      • Why would EDM want Miller or Vanek? Miller has 1 year left, he has played average the last couple years, plus after his contract is up he won’t resign. Vanek is not what the oil need, they need big hard hitting bodies for the 3rd and forth line.

        If your going to give up Yakupov it better be for a good young goalie, not an ageing possibly past his prime Miller

        • OK, hold on. Miller faced more rubber than any other goalie in the league. He is constantly left hanging out to dry by his D. This has been going on for a few years. You would be pissed too.

          As far as the “past his prime” comment, I hope you realize that the Sabres are really bad and this guy still has the ability to steal games and keep them close every night. They lost a ton of games by 1 goal, because of Miller. They won most of their games because of Miller.

          You may not like the trade idea, but be honest about the guys ability.

    • I don’t see the Oilers bringing in a big money player, let alone two of them, in the last years of their respective contracts. Even if they were able to move out Hemsky in the deal (which I don’t see the purpose of BUF taking his carcass on), the money still wouldn’t even be close and the chances of re-signing Miller are slim to nil. The goaltending issue would be unresolved as you would have zero goalies committed for 2014-15 with no prospects coming through and little appeal to free agents looking for contracts.
      Granted, the Oilers have had interest in Vanek for a while, to the point of offering him that ridiculous boat-anchor of an offer sheet in 2007 but don’t forget that RNH and Schultz will both be up for extensions next summer (and probably due at least moderate raises on their $3.375M AAV’s).
      Sam Gagner is currently still an unsigned RFA and Edmonton brought in David Perron to beef up the depth down the middle, so I could see Gagner’s rights being moved for a couple of middling assets (mid-round picks and/or decent depth players). Whether Vanek (or another higher status player) is in their sights or not is a good question, but in my humble opinion, they would have to move out some money to facilitate the move and I’m not sure if Hemsky is that attractive of a trade piece (as Spector already mentioned).

    • Miller isn’t really that good. Other than one great season, he’s just been average

      • Over the past few years Miller has played for a “crappy” team. The players we counted on as “stars” were underachievers and complainers. When Miller was bulled over by Lucic, the true complexion of the Sabres came out. It was time for Gaustad and Kassian to move out. And Roy was unloaded over the summer. Last year with the lockout, I don’t think some players were prepared to play any games in the NHL and our defense was in shambles. We all saw the writing on the wall – rebuild, retool, or overhaul – it all means the same – to repair, restore, restrengthen.

        Sad thing is Miller saw his buddies (the core) traded and decided that he wanted to go west. Instead of keeping it within the family, he voiced it adding the fact that he didn’t want to be part of a rebuild. Essentially he screwed himself because he lessoned his value as other teams thought theyt could get him cheap. Sorry Ryan, California teams are set at Goalie. Ryan is a good goalie, but is he any better than Quick, Niemi, Hiller, Luongo or Smith – probably as good, but more expensive – so no deal. Teams on the East Coast probably didn’t even inquire – so Miller’s whining eliminated any East Coast interest.

        So, I’m sure Buffalo is stuck with Miller and if he wants out before his contract is up – he better play his ass off like an elite goalie to get his value back up.

  3. Nonis must be having a lot of trouble signing Kadri and Franson otherwise it would be done by now. There is zero reason to have this drag on unless he screwed himself and is either going to over pay or these guys plan on Subban’ing it.

    • Its amazing when a story has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Leafs, and the usual suspects hijack a thread with comments. Nowhere does Kadri and Franson get mentioned and you go and try to get the ball rolling. There are 29 other teams in the league, remember that.

      • It’s amazing that people are still surprised when Leaf fans stick their noses into every single article, whether related to their team or not. It should be expected by now…

        • to leafs gagner and yakupou to edm frason ,kadri and phaneaf

      • I’m not a leafs fan, but this is a site where people can talk about whatever they want. Leafs are the most popular team in the league so obviously people are going to talk about them. Talk about your team. If what you say interests other people they will respond. That’s the fun of this site.

      • @theruiner
        I see you have made non other comment in this thread other then to critize someone’s comments. The threads don’t have a limited amount of space and if someone makes a bad comment they just ate up room. Like gh said comment about anything and everything who cares if it isn’t relevant to anyone people probably won’t respond. But why bother posting something to just critize others unrelated to hockey?

        • Sorry fella busy with my family. I don’t live on this site and yeah its a free country. Part of that gives me the right to comment how the Leafs may be Ontario’s team but there’s way too many TML sycophants who think the entire world revolves around Kessel and friends. In a thread that had absolutely ZERO to do with Kadri and Franson I didn’t see the point to bringing them up. Hey I’m a Devils fan. Ill take a page from you and bitch about Kovy or throw out unrealistic trade proposals for my team. Sound good to you?

    • No worries about Franson and Kadri. Franson or Kadri won’t be filing for arbitration and are comfortable with taking it slow with the signing process.

      • Because they cannot file for arbitration.. I know Kadri can’ file for sure.. Not because they do not want too..

    • If you look around the league, I think you’ll find most teams are taking the ‘no urgency’ approach to RFAs who don’t have arbitration rights – even ones that are important in their teams long term plans. They may be waiting for other teams to set the market, agents may be busy in negotiations with other clients who either haven’t found work or have arbitration pending, or those involved may simply be trying to get away with a bit of a summer vacation.

      Brendan Smith has been an exception.

    • I am an avid Leaf fan, but I have to agree that this comment has nothing to do with any of the articles above, so starting red-herring convos about the Leafs give us a bad rap.
      Now if you started talking about the possibility of the Leafs trading an RFA for Hemsky or other players mentioned above, you would have a valid reply.

    • Maybe Toronto will trade Kadri and Franson for Hemsky. Now the Leafs have validity in the conversation.

      • Kadri and Franson to Oilers for Gagner, d-prospect, and a 2nd.

        • Lol…no

        • Replace Phaneuf for Franson and I’d think about it.

          • So you would trade your no 2 center and no 1 d man for an another center who is small and an RFA and have even more holes in your roster…ludicrous

          • I was being sarcastic (someone really needs to invent a font for that)

          • Lol ok phew thought you bad more sense then that

      • Maybe if you not post trade proposals worst than mine, now you have validity in these conversations…lol. You wanna know why, it is because MacT told the League that Hemsky is being traded, which loses a lot of trade worth for Hemsky, not to mention his $5M contract for an injury prone player. The only way Hemsky will get traded, is if the Oilers take back salary…or both take back salary and include a top 6 forward. And their needs is a top dman and/or a legit #1 goaltender. Example…not likely to happen of course…but an example none-the-less:

        To Edmonton: Phaneuf + Miller + Colborne
        To Toronto: RNH + Vanek + Grigorenko
        To Buffalo: Dubnyk + JvR + Hemsky + Kadri

    • Yes I too was curious about these 2 rfa’s especially franson who was arbitration eligible and didn’t file. I don’t know if he didn’t do so just to avoid a 1 year deal as that’s what’s awarded in arbitration or what. Kadri I think was always going to be complicated from his small sample size and high upside. I’d like to see him get a similar contract to duchene.

  4. Jayz, I think you’re going a little over the top. Holland and Babcock like Cleary because of his work ethic and locker room presence. Detroit has a bunch of young kids coming from Grand Rapids. These kids have to learn what it takes to be a NHL player. Cleary was one of those kids who failed at first, he can relay that message to the rookies. He is also one of the few players on Detroit that’s not afraid to go to the front of the net.

    • amen

    • I’m not opposed to the Wings resigning Cleary, but they cannot force him to play on the first two lines like they have in the past. If they get Helm back and healthy this year, have Cleary play wing with him on the third line. Those two with Miller or Eaves would be a tough line to play against. Have Nyquist, Andersson, and Tatar make up the young guns line on the 4th line.

      All of this begs the question though, WTF do you do with Bertuzzi, Samuelsson, Tootoo, Emmerton, and whoever is the odd man out between Eaves and Miller?

      • Hoody i do agree. It really bothers me that they brought tootoo and now want to get rid of him. Hes a guy that plays with a ton of emotion and certainly gat the team going. My opinions may be a bit strong because i do not like cleary any more. He was very servicable when we needed him but to hear his veteran prescence i dont buy that is why we have pavel, zetterburg franzen. We have plenty of guys to fill that role.

        • Jayz,
          I’m not necessarily a Cleary fan, but please take Franzen out of your list of players to mentor the youngsters. I want the kids to have nothing to do with picking up on Franzen’s floating style of play and work ethic on the ice. If Franzen put in half the effort as Cleary, he’d be a great player. Unfortunately, he takes way too many nights/shifts off.

          • …..also, Pavel doesn’t seem like the type that would hold much of a voice in the locker room….his leadership/work ethic is displayed by his actions on the ice but I don’t see him as a vocal leader. That leaves Zetterberg and maybe Kronwall as long time Wings that can instill to the youngsters the work ethic of what is expected to players when they put on that Detroit uniform. Having said that…..Zetterberg, to me, seems a bit too diplomatic and soft spoken to get in a guy’s face if he’s lacking effort on the ice. I see Cleary as filling that gritty, vocal leadership role that Kris Draper used to fill for the Wings.

  5. Even MacTavish has a hard time moving Hemsky. Put him out of his misery already 😀

    • Lets go outta wack with a trade, lmao…:

      To Toronto: Hemsky + Eberle + RNH
      To Edmonton: Phaneuf + Kessel + Bozak + 2014 1st Round Draft Pick

      • “LMAO” is right! 😛

        • LMAO, yeah, thought you’d get a kick out of that…seeing how these arm-chair GM’ing are going these days!

      • So you move out three over-priced and/or over-rated players (two of them with expiring contracts) and a middle-of-the-pack-or-better 1st rounder for two of the better young talents in the League and a $5M cadaver? Hmmm, just a guess, but I wouldn’t blame Edmonton if they don’t jump all over that.

        • Kessel is a legit goal scorer, Bozak has good chemistry with him and is a decent player. RNH is becoming more injury prone than he is valuable. Phaneuf for Edmonton would provide; size, grit, leadership and can score. Did you not notice that I was joking around? Anyway, if I were joking, it would work out in this break-down:

          Kessel for Eberle
          Phaneuf for Hemsky
          Bozak + 1st Rounder for RNH

          Again, that was a mere joking around proposal..did you not see mine and Konstantine’s laughter over it all…and yet you still took it seriously…are you okay?

  6. I do not see Miller going to Edmonton. He has a No trade clause which allows him to list 8 teams he is unwilling to be traded to. Given that his wife is a Hollywood actress and he has apparently expressed a desire to be on a team in California, or at least the west coast, I can see Edmonton being one of those teams he is unwilling to go to.

    I wonder though if he would accept a trade to Vancouver? He has one year left and could sign a short or long term extension with them. In a couple of years teams like San Jose and Anaheim will have their goalies becoming UFA’s and decisions will have to be made. Imagine Miller and Tortorella both ranting in the same city!

    I am sure Luongo would be happy to consider going the other way to Buffalo after all the crap he has endured in Vancouver. His cap hit would be friendlier for the Sabres and still gives them a number one goalie, and puts him on the east coast with regularly scheduled flights to Florida.

    If Miller is going to be a UFA next season, the Sabres would be wise to get something for him if they can.
    Other parts would have to be involved as well I am sure.

    • Miller ain’t goin’ to California 😀 those dreams can die nice and fast

      • California teams are pretty much set at Goalie. The only West Coast teams I could see that may have interest in Miller would be Edmonton, Colorado and St. Louis. I believe a lot of people are thinking package deal with Vanek and Miller – I think each has more value separate. Vanek on the other hand doesn’t have any restrictions and there are numerous teams that could use him NJ, CO, St. Louis and the Islanders. On the other hand, I would like Vanek to stay in Buffalo – I am hoping this year he steps up to be a leader – mentoring our youth.

        • I agree, they should try and deal them separately although I disagree with you regarding Vanek staying. I think we should get rid of him ASAP or as last resort at the trading deadline. Remember, we want a high draft choice.

          Ditto Miller – but he is obviously much harder to deal.

          I predict that the Sabres will regret not drafting Nichushkin. We are hurting at forward and badly need what this kid would have given us.

    • I can’t see Gillis trading Luongo now. He tried everything in the past and was stupid not to take the deal last summer from Toronto (if it was true). Luongo is also to blame for staying in Vancouver also, if the rumors are true about him saying NO to a trade because he want to go to Florida. I think that Vancouver will barely make the playoffs and Gillis will be fired. Then Luongo will be happier in Vancouver.
      As for Miller, I could see him going to Dallas. Maybe not in a trade this year but sign there next season.

      • The Sabres will try to send Miller somewhere before your Dallas option kicks in.

      • What’s wrong with Lehtonen? He’s a great goalie and quietly gets the job done. If I was Dallas I wouldn’t go after Miller.

        • Since when is Lehtonen a great goalie. He’s a proven starter, yes but great, I don’t think so.

        • Look at his stats, he’s on a mediocre team and in the last 5 years has had a GAA of less than 2.81, a sv % of over .91 a won more than 50% of all games played and if you ignore the shortened season had 3-4 shutouts both in 10-11 and 11-12 and over 1600 shots faced.
          That’s quietly getting the job done on a not-so-great team.

    • Agree with you! Miller won’t go to Edmonton!
      And I think he wouldn’t want to go to Vancouver! Just look how they handled the Luongo situation or should I say how they created it? First you’re “the one and only goalie” and then your team stinks most of the time in the sc-finals and you get thrown under the bus! And then they promote a new number one who’s not able to do better because of the team’s bad defensive play! And because of the contract they gave you (and you accepted and wanted) you’re untradeable and they trade the other guy and you’re “the one and only” again……

  7. Van – Adelkador, Smith, Helm, Tootoo, Frk, Manta, 1st (2014)
    Det – D.Sedin, H.Sedin

    • Im not sure about what Det would send back but have thought in the past about that same kinda idea if the Canucks ever get in to that rebuild or retool kinda mentality the Sedins could end up in Detroit just kinda seems right…

      • According to Gillis they are retooling… but I think its just parts of the 3rd and 4th lines since they have no cap space. Are you sure you don’t want to trade GMs?

        • Beer Goggles may want to but I say no thanks…We have had 20 years and about 3-4 brain farting Gillis types in that time I think we will stick with Dave for a bit let see what he can do with what Burkie left him :-)

          • There are intelligent gamblers and then there are river boat gamblers. Gillis would be the latter and Chiarelli would be the former. Nonis…. Well he’s the, play it safe at all cost, kinda guy. Doesn’t fit into either category.

    • Wings have limited cap space , won’t work. Not to mention they lose what little toughness they have. Would be a pretty wicked to
      two lines though

      • Sedin -Sedin -Franzen

        Would be fun to watch skill wise

        • With a 3rd defensive line Detroit wouldn’t need a 4th line so they can save money that way. lol If they didn’t sign Weiss it would have worked.

        • Sedins aren’t old enough for Detroit

  8. goalie price to edmonton?

  9. cant believe somebody said on this site that the leafs are the nhls most popular team.please get over your selves.the pens are the most popular nhl team,sorry.yea they kind of sell out every home and road game.like em or not thats the reality of it

    • The Pens are the most popular team in the NHL???
      Explain this, how the Leafs have highest revenues in the league and they are the only NHL team ranked. In Forbes top 50 sports Franchises, only NHL franchise worth $1 billion Pens value is 9th in the NHL at 288million How come if they are the most popular team they are not in the top 5 of any kind of value (revenue, net worth, attendance, ticket sales merchandising) for NHL franchises? …lol I could almost accept this from a Habs fan but the Pens??? Please…. Glad they sell out but the Leafs also always sell out and and they do it at an average of 125 bucks per seat ( thats average not great seats they go for about $1000) over twice the price of a ticket to see the Pens play $55..Thats reality reality lol go cry in you Crosby jersey