NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Friday, June 28, 2013.

Latest on Bobby Ryan, Thomas Vanek, Sergei Bobrovsky, Tomas Plekanec, Nathan Horton, David Perron , Stephen Weiss and many more.

Are the Blues shopping T.J. Oshie?

Are the Blues shopping T.J. Oshie?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch considers Montreal the “most obvious landing spot” for Vincent Lecavalier…If the NY Rangers buy out Brad Richards, Garrioch expects the Tampa Bay Lightning could try to bring him back on a tw0-year deal…It’s believed the Blues are “sniffing around” to determine the trade value of David Perron and T.J. Oshie…The Sabres are listening to offers for Thomas Vanek…Scott Gomez likely won’t return with the Sharks…There’s speculation the Bruins, to become cap compliant next season, are shopping forward Rich Peverley…Garrioch claims he’s hearing the Canadiens are shopping center Tomas Plekanec, who has three-years left on his contract with a no-trade clause…The Stars “are offering” Erik Cole around the league. Garrioch suggests shipping him back to Carolina…There’s talk the Avalanche are trying to see if the Maple Leafs have interest in Paul Stastny…One rumor claims the Panthers were interested in Matt Duchene but the Avs quickly turned them down…The Flames are rumored to be shopping Mike Cammalleri…The Flyers might have interest in former Bruins goalie Tim Thomas as a short-term goalie solution. They’re also rumored to have held talks with the Sabres about Ryan Miller…Garrioch also reports the Senators could go the trade route for a top-six winger. One option could be Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan, though the asking price (a first round pick, top prospect or a defenseman) is high. The Sharks and Flyers are also believed interested in Ryan…The Oilers are willing to deal Ales Hemsky. The Senators had interest in the past but he might not be the right fit for them…Free agent possibilities for the Senators include Chicago’s Bryan Bickell or Pittsburgh’s Pascal Dupuis.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Montreal may seem an “obvious” destination for Lecavalier, but not if he doesn’t want to play under the intense scrutiny he’d face from fans and media…The Bolts could try to bring back Richards, but GM Steve Yzerman might have younger options in mind…There’s been complaints in the St. Louis media about the Blues players having an undeserved sense of entitlement. Moving Perron and/or Oshie would certainly address that…If the Sabres intend to move Vanek or Ryan Miller this summer, they might have to absorb part of the remaining year of their salaries…If the Bruins aren’t using compliance buyouts, dumping salaries like Peverley via trade is their only option…The “trading Plekanec” rumor will be seen as the setup for taking on Lecavalier. Plekanec, however, would have final say…I doubt the Hurricanes would bring an ageing Cole for a third time…The “Stastny to Leafs” rumors have kicked around for a while. Don’t see the Leafs taking on that $6.6 million salary for next season…I don’t believe the Avs intend to move Duchene, even if they draft Nathan MacKinnon…Cammalleri’s $7 million salary for next season (and $6 million cap hit) makes him difficult to move unless the Flames pick up part of his salary…I’m not sure Thomas even wants to return to the NHL…If the Flyers want Miller, they’ll have to convince the Sabres to pick up part of his salary…The Ducks could be forced to shed salary this summer, but it remains to be seen if they’ll move Ryan…I don’t believe the Senators have interest in Hemsky or his $5 million salary…As for Bickell and Dupuis, there’s a good chance both players remain with their current teams.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports Toronto, Montreal, and Detroit are expected to have interest in Lecavalier, offering up something in the neighborhood of three years and between $4.5 -$5 million per season…Names rumored in play in the trade market include Dion Phaneuf, David Perron, Dave Bolland, Ales Hemsky, Shawn Horcoff and Roberto Luongo. Kris Letang could also be in the market if he and the Penguins fail to reach an agreement soon.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports Bruins UFA winger Nathan Horton is seeking something in the 5-6 year range worth $6 million per season. If the Bruins cannot re-sign him, possible replacement options include Jarome Iginla, David Clarkson and perhaps Vincent Lecavalier, though he’d have to play right wing rather than center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was speculation Horton might accept a little less than $6 million to remain with the Bruins but still wants a five-or six-year deal. That could prove too expensive for the Bruins. There’s also Horton’s injury history to consider. Despite the bad feelings over Iginla’s last-minute spurning of the Bruins for the Penguins, I think they could still work something out if there’s genuine interest on either side. Clarkson would probably be a better fit. I don’t expect Lecavalier would want to go to Boston as a right wing.

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports the NY Islanders have no interest in Roberto Luongo. Contract talks with Evgeni Nabokov remain stalled, and they’ve yet to reach a decision on a compliance buyout for Rick DiPietro. Trade options could include Buffalo’s Ryan Miller or St. Louis’ Jaroslav Halak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller has a limited NTC where he picks eight teams he won’t accept being dealt to. Halak lacks such a clause but he does have a recent injury history which could hamper his value.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika lists possible  free agent options at center for the Stars, including Vincent Lecavalier, Stephen Weiss, Tyler Bozak, Daniel Briere, Valtteri Filppula, and former Stars Derek Roy and Mike Ribeiro.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports Florida Panthers assistant GM Mike Santos said he is not actively negotiating with Stephen Weiss and the other Panthers pending UFAs (Jose Theodore, Tyson Strachan), and said the club would entertain trade offers for Weiss prior to the start of the free agency period on July 5

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sounds like Weiss and the Panthers are going to part ways come July 5.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Contract talks between the Blue Jackets and goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky remain stalled.


  1. Lecavalier’s UFA status has probably helped the Leafs in any Stastny trade talks. I’d imagine the Leafs are trying to get the Av’s to keep some of the cap hit on him, oh say about $2.5M for one year. Either that or they may be offering up Dion to balance it out. That would leave the Leafs a little thin on the blue line though.

    • No wait till all this buy out and draft stuff is done before you make that deal, around the league I’m 100% Phaneif holds more value then Stasny @ 6.5 especially with that bonehead Letang looking for 8…

      • Your probably right. I really think the Leafs are using Lecavalier’s UFA status to try and get the Av’s to retain some of Stastnys salary so they have him for around $4.5M for one year. Then they flip Dion somewhere and get a couple cheaper D men to do the same job on the UFA or trade market.

        • Spot on, that would be the smart play.
          In my eyes, the most patient GM usually wins out in the end. Avoiding the frenzy is the name of the game.

      • Your right Shticky. Doin has more value than Stastny. Toronto should wait a few days into free agency just to see if they could get a center. Phanuef’s plays important minutes. Gardiner would play a lot of them next year (from what everyone is saying about him) But Toronto needs a top 2 center. So if they can’t get a center the Stastny deal would make sense. Tor could probably get a bit more coming back from col.

        • Stastny IS a center.

          • And 6.5 mill center who is actually worth more like 5…Dion while over priced holds more value then that…Dion’s is a top 15-20 (again before people start screaming Dion sucks find stats of 20 D that have a better all round game 9) type Dman in the league at worst I would say Stasny isn’t even a number 1 center more like a 2

            Dion’s numbers compared to D around the league
            Ice time 2nd
            Scoring 9th
            Hits 6th
            Blockshots 25th

            And this is from a shutdown guy who always plays against top lines all the time with guys like Kostka, Gunnarson and Holzer, these clowns would be lucky to be a 2-3 pairing on most teams and they deffenately not on the same level as guys like Orpik Keith Scuderri or Sidenburg. Dion has way more value then Stasny…

  2. How high of a first round pick and what type of D man for Ryan? Kinda vague valuation.

    • Guessing 13-25 range+a 7.5 prospect on hockey’s future.

      • Which is what I said earlier the Ducks are not going to go for a 1 for 1 kind of deal for Ryan they will use him as a tool to plug a couple spots on the aging roster

        • Not to link another trade to the Leafs but I do love his salary. How about Colborne, Gunnar, and either this year or next years first rounder for Ryan.


          • unless the ducks aren’t getting a scorer in return I don’t see them making that deal….

            Anaheim is pretty solid defensively….

    • Why does everyone want Ana to trade Ryan. I understand why other teams want him but Ana needs to keep him.
      If ana packaged Ryan and 26th overall they could probably Buf at 8th to Phi at 11th. Ryan is stil under contract for 2 more years which increases his value.
      His value is the lowest now at the draft like most players are. If Ana waits till the start of the season they could trade him to a really bad team for next years 1st probably.

  3. The next three days will be every hockey fan’s dream. Nonstop rumours with potential blockbuster deals waiting to happen. The draft will add excitement to a normally quiet Sunday. With more big name buyouts it will be a race to see which GM hits the panic button and over pays for a “quick fix.” I sure hope Mac T shakes up the Oilers and brings back a winning culture to a team that has not seen the playoffs since their miracle run in 2006. Out with the old, in with the wise and mix in the youth. Let the fun begin.


    Was Feaster drunk when he made that trade?

    I could see Nashville and Calgary pushing for Lecavalier, maybe even the Canucks whence the rid themselves of Lu’s contract. They can’t hope for Kesler to play a full season anymore with his gramma’s hip.

    Letang turns down 8 years at 7M/per. Talk about hot-headed. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Who does he think he is, a real Norris trophy winner like Erik Karlsson? EK is getting paid 6.5M/year… HINT HINT. And he’s not riding the coattails of the two most offensively dynamic players in the league to do so.

    I tried to watch the NBA draft last night to get my NHL draft fix, but it wasn’t the same. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!

    • Yeah same type of player as Karlsson, great offensively and weak in his own zone. A turn over machine. I guess all that ‘Norris’ talk went to his head very quickly.

      • The difference is that Letang will be UFA and Karlsson was RFA. But Letang is not worth 8 m, not even 7 m.

        • Also Karlsson isn’t weak in his own end like random fans seem to think. Does he play a physical game? No, but he strips the puck, skates hard, is pretty much always in good position and still young and learning. EK is in everyway a better D-man than Letang.

          • JJB is right.

            Karlsson isn’t that great physicality wise but he’s solid defensively.

  5. I wonder if Col and Stl might be willing to do a Duchene for Pietrangelo deal, seems as though it could be benifitial for both clubs as Col is in need of D and Stl is in need of O.

    • that would be a bad trade for stl. pietrangelo is one of the premier young dmen in the league

      • And Duchene is going to be a super star center…I don’t get it Nails how you think St, ouis is getting ripped off?…. 1for 1 its not that bad a deal

        • Stl loses the deal. Duch is not going to be a super star. He will be a 1st line center on a bad team and a second liner on good team. Pietrangelo will be a 2 top deman. Plus his value is in his contract 4 yrs at 4.25m. That is a contract all GMs would love. Duch is a good player but 1 yr left on contract before RFA. I don’t think stl needs another center either. Duch could get a good de man in return but I don’t think stl is the team.

          • Pietrangelo is an RFA. His contract is not 4 yrs @ 4.25, its still to be determined. You must have him confused with Shattenkirk, who just signed for those terms.

    • Actually, this is a pretty fair deal. Look at this deal, folks, and use it as an example for a fair deal.

      Duchene is a wicked forward, Pieterangelo is a wicked d-man. It is a fair swap… just really hard for both teams to part with those players.

  6. TSN reports Letang has turned down $56M over 8 years …. what a greedy tool … an injury-prone turnover machine gets an offer like that … guaranteed Shero is sifting through offers right this minute … hope he can fleece another GM like he schooled Rutherford last year …

    • ya hopefully the leafs dont pick him up, last thing we need is another turnover monster to play next to Dion

      • Why do you, and others have Letang and Phaneuf linked together of hoping not to play with eachother (if Letang were to go to the Leafs). Would NEVER happen, they are both Offensive Dmen, you don’t put those style dmen on the same line.

        • agree

  7. Interesting that florida would be interested in duchene. I wonder if the avs would be interested in moving a package of duuchne plus to get both the 1st and 2nd overall picks?? Mackinnon and Jones…
    Only teams I can see interested in letang at that price would be edmonton and a desperate philly team.
    After youget passed the top 10-20 free agents thesalarays are really going to drop doesn’t seem like many teams have money to spend.

    • Philly won’t take him because 43% of their salary cap is tied up in D-men so they’d have to move 2 or 3 of them to fit Letang in.

    • Can’t see pit trading him to Phil because they would have to play him all the time.

      • True, the Philly Pitt rivalry might be to much for a trade of a player like this. Just see Philly as a desperate team, needing to shore up one of or both defense and goaltending. Maybe they go after Yandle.

    • Duchene is an established star player… you still roll the dice with high picks, especially drafting defense. If anything, Colorado might consider doing it to draft Drouin and not Jones.

  8. If the Sabres have to absorb part of Miller’s salary, it will be almost certain that they will demand the Flyer’s 1st pick and Couturier (supposedly untouchable) in return.

    • I kinda wondered when Thomas might enter Homers head really if he signed a shorter 2-3 years deal it might work out with him and Mason not a horrible idea This or Emery on the same kinda deal is the best option I think for the Flyers

      • They have to stop sending good young players out of town or they are going to be in trouble in the next couple years

    • that’s retarded a first and Couturier for Miller, who is a ufa next summer. Really?

  9. Re: Bobby Ryan
    Don’t know why but have had this feeling that Ryan gets traded to Flyers on draft day. Makes no sense but here is my out line.

    The Ducks have what Flyers want and what they crave.
    Flyers need a goalie and Ducks have an extra one in Hiller at a reasonable 4.5 million contract. Cannot see Holmgren going out and spending big bucks for a UFA nor can I see him hand the job to Mason.
    Holmgren has a problem, since the 2010 playoff run flyers are slipping. Holmgren has to stop the bleeding now or he is gone. He cannot afford to wait for Schenn and Couturier to develop, having them have their break out year two years from now will not help him if the flyers flounder next year and he is canned.
    To save his job he has to win now. Has tipped his hand, he is not building for the future, if he was he would have not signed Streit for 4 years and he would be busy trading the older guys for picks and prospects. So forget rebuild. I think the trade will be something like
    To: Flyers Ryan, Hiller, maybe another spare piece like Lovejoy or Allen
    To: Ducks: The number #11 pick in the draft, Read and Couturier, and maybe a late round pick to even it out. Why Ryan ? Because Holmgren is obsessed with him and he appears to be very impulsive. He won’t be happy until he gets him (same thing happened when he went after Chris Pronger), I don’t think Ryan is the answer but there you have it.
    Why would Ducks do it ? First they have two goalies and two more good ones on the way. They can afford to let him go. They know that two years from now signing Ryan will be EXPENSIVE and now is time to get full value for him as they are deep in young forwards ready to come up. Third, they are thin on D-man prospects since they lost Schultz and Gardiner, they need that #11 pick to help re-stock for the future, and last Ducks need cap relief, they do not spend up to cap limit so if they want to sign any UFA’s this summer they need to deal now. Final reason is I just don’t think Holmgren can’t resist the temptation of getting Ryan and solving his goalie problem, he has to win now or Bye Bye Paulie.

    • Good thoughts…Makes a lot of sense

      • Atleast it seems fair.

  10. Wow, Garrioch just went nuts with umpteen rumors, in the past I’ve always found his speculation to be laughable, but some of these (except the Plekanec and Cole ones) make some sense.

    Time for my own rumor creation! Woot!
    For the big names, I see Lecavalier going to Dallas, or (if they severely over-pay him) to Toronto.
    If Lecavalier can’t be had, look for Briere to (unfortunately) land in T.O. and play 10 games before getting concussed.
    I think Ryan may go to either Ottawa or Boston (for Seguin?). I know Philly wants him but I think Holmgren will miraculously come to his senses and bolster his D and a goalie instead.
    Letang & Phaneuf will get traded during the ’13/’14 season unless Edmonton makes an aggressive play for either of them.

    One thing is definitely true, the hype for the offseason this year is huge, I just hope it’s not too disappointing….

    • I could actually see vinny going to vancouver if they can get luongo off the books. He has a relationship with torts from Tampa and the cup and Vancouver really as much as I hate to admit it still a cup contender.

      • A cup contender. lol. Soon they will be fighting to make the playoffs. They have no wingers other then Burrows and D. Sedin. Booth is always hurt. Higgins and Hansen are really good 3rd liners.They need wingers not another top center. H.Sedin and Kelser. Plus Vinny. A 3rd line center is needed, and 2nd line wingers. Vinny is neither. Gillis is a screw up so he will probably go for another de man making 4.5 – 5 m. Atleast Vinny has a cup, something no canuck has.

  11. I would like to see Boston upgrade somehow I know cap is limited.
    I wouldn’t give up on Seguin yet still very young. I would let Horton go wants too much and for too long if the rumors are true. Would rather have Clarkson. Rask could be a problem signing if he gets too greedy. I would offer about 25 mil over 5 years. He is restricted so no leverage unless gets a offer sheet.Anymore than that and there are other options out there. Miller is a better goalie and I think Emery would do well in Boston’s defensive system. I would like to get Vanek in Boston somehow.

  12. I don’t know how Garrioch keeps his job. His opinions are worthless!

    There’s no way Ryan goes to the Sharks. First, it’s the same division, and those trades just don’t happen, and second, the Sharks don’t have the assets to trade.

    Lecavalier to Montreal is also dreaming on some people’s parts. My bet would be either Toronto or Detroit will get him, and if he’s wise, Lacavalier will pick the later, where the fans reward skilled players. Plus he won’t be counted on to carry the team, being probably second line center. I’m still hoping the Coyotes head for Quebec City and that they scoop up Lecavalier and Stasny along the way. It’s a city that certainly deserves a franchise, and what better way to get fans in the seat of the new arena than with this duo!

    Did I mention Garrioch is worthless?

    • The first big deal of the weekend Toronto trades Simonds to Ottawa for Garrioch!….tough to call a winner on this deal yet as both suck we will just have to see how this one plays out!….

      • Hell, I’ll trade Simmonds for a bag of pucks and a leaky water bottle…

    • IF Phoenix moves, they are going to Seattle. It’s done.

  13. How about peverley and khoklechev to Anaheim for Ryan. Then the bruins can afford to let Horton move on…..