NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Friday, March 15, 2013.

The latest on Jarome Iginla, Marian Gaborik, Steve Ott, Corey Perry, Jimmy Howard, and more.

Canucks interested in Steve Ott?

Canucks interested in Steve Ott?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Los Angeles Kings could have interest in Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla if the Flames shop him. LeBrun believes the Kings would also want a draft pick along with Iginla in return for goalie Jonathan Bernier. He also thinks the Detroit Red Wings could have some interest in Iginla, but they’ve yet to decide if they’re actually buyers heading toward the trade deadline…The Vancouver Canucks have been actively shopping around for depth at center over the past 7-10 days. They apparently had interest in Buffalo Sabres center Steve Ott, but at this point it doesn’t appear he’s available…the NY Rangers aren’t necessarily shopping Marian Gaborik, but he’s available for the right price. The Rangers seek a “a right-handed, top-four blueliner and would also like to add a couple of bottom-six, grinding type forwards.”  His contract, with one season at $7.5 million remaining, could be tough to move.

Craig Custance also reported on Gaborik’s contract status, reporting he has a clause in which he picks eight teams at the start of each season to which the Rangers can trade him to. Custance also believes movin Gaborik’s salary won’t be easy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings were also rumored to be a trade destination for Iginla last season. The Wings priority is believed to be a puck-moving defenseman, but they might also pursue a scoring forward if the former isn’t available…Ott still has one year remaining on his contract, after which – like Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville – he becomes a UFA…The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch was the first to report rumors of Gaborik’s availability, but the winger’s salary could indeed be tough to move, especially with the salary cap dropping for next season.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika, responding to questions from his readers, isn’t sure if Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson would be available, and doesn’t expect there will be much interest in Florida Panthers defenseman Brian Campbell and his $7.1 million per season contract. He also feels the Dallas Stars should avoid pursuing Corey Perry as they’re already deep in scoring wingers.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Flames GM Jay Feaster is keeping mum over his trade options.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan believes it makes lots of sense for the Ottawa Senators to pursue Anaheim Ducks winger Corey Perry if he becomes a free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Does Senators owner Eugene Melnyk want to spend up to $10 million per season on one player? After the bad experience with Dany Heatley, I don’t think so. I’m not saying Perry is like Heatley, but the Senators appear committed to rebuilding with their youth, rather than chasing expensive free agents.

TSN’s Aaron Ward reports via Twitter:”Contrary to reports that a deal is near,it’s been over a week since the Detroit Red Wings/Jimmy Howard’s reps have had contract talks.”

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Rob Rossi reports the Penguins are interested in Calgary’s Jarome Iginla, but he suggests Iginla “might not fill a top-six role with the Penguins”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Really? Iginla might not fill a top six role with the Penguins?? Oooooook, then….


  1. The guy who most doesn’t want that to happen is Chris Kunitz. Crosby’s making him look pretty good.

    Man, the Sabres are screwed if they don’t fix their troubles soon. Vanek, Pominville, Ennis, and Miller are pretty much their whole team right now, and if three of them are out, they’re stuck with all their liabilities. Kids, let this prove that money does not buy you championships in hockey (not under Regier anyway).

    • I’m not sure I follow your logic. Iggy and Kunitz play opposite wings, Dupuis would be the one who drops. Was that your mistake? Thinking that he (Iggy) and Kunitz play the same position? Or was your mistake thinking that Dupuis-Crosby-Kunitz would be more productive than Iginla-Crosby-Kunitz? I think Kunitz would be thrilled to have Iggy there, and for god sakes, it would be nice for the Pens to finally feed somebody to Crosby that actually merits 18-20 minutes a night on his wing. THAT SAID, if Iggy comes, great. As long as the trade is our late 1st and includes a guy not named Harrington or Depres.
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      • If you surround a line with more scoring it doesn’t mean more points. Even if they’re opposite wings, Kunitz will lose points because he won’t be Crosby’s go-to pass anymore on the PP. The way that NHL chemistry works is that if you put 120 goals from last year on the same line, the 120 goals turns into something like 80 or 90, depending on the players on that line.

        It’s a lot more complicated than that as I study a lot of this stuff, but simply put, Kunitz gets less passes and is forced into more of a support role than a go-to role. Crosby’s so talented, like Lemieux, that he can pretty much turn any line mate he plays with into a superstar. Case in point, Rob Brown.

        • Top line in the NHL right now. Duper and Kunitz stay put. Iggy Geno Neal. The end.

  2. I want what Rob Rossi is smoking … either Dupuis or Bennett moves down … makes the Pens deeper and stronger … or maybe Rossi would like to see Iginla on the 4th line with Glass & Adams …

    • Anything to come out of Rob Rossi’s mouth is garbage. Honestly, I don’t know how he keeps his jobs. Worst hockey reporter ever. Pens having been looking for other winger for Malkin-Neal line all year. Bennett may be good down the road but right now, Iginla would be great! Rossi is a douche!

  3. You have to remember Melnyk was willing to take on Nash’s salary last summer, so he’s willing to spend for an elite winger, I wouldn’t rule out Ottawa going after Perry this summer (trade is another thing).

    • I agree that Perry would certainly have to be a player of interest for Ottawa however if $10M per year is indeed his asking price then that will likely be too big of a pill to swallow. With the salary cap going down next season that amount will be a very big commitment for any team to make.

    • 29 teams will go after Corey Perry.

      My best guess he stays in Anaheim.. if not, he signs for a team in the US.

      Cdn superstar players don’t like playing in Canada. They will play FOR their country.. but won’t play IN their country.

      • At 10m/s, 25 teams will quickly have a couple of choice words for that contract.

    • get this through your head he does not want to go to ottawa who cares team

      • It appears you believe you that you have the inside track, let us in on the secret. Where does he want to go?

        • Nah, John’s right. No NHLer would ever want to go to a team like Ottawa that is competitive even with their starting goalie, top centre and top dman out of the line up and is still developing youth and considered a young team. Sarcasm aside, if he really wants 9+ million a year it won’t be a matter of where he wants to go, but who wants to handicap themselves to sign him. Unless hes telepathic he’s just baselessly hating on Ottawa based on Rick Nash’s desire not to play their, or Heatley’s desire to leave. How’s Heatley doing these days, anyway?

  4. At the end of the day, what possibly could the Penguins offer for Iginla that wouldn’t hurt their roster, prospect pool and/or draft picks? With the asking price on Iginla and his salary cap hit, is too much for any team to give up for a rental.

    • Cap hit is negligible because it would be prorated from deadline day and he is ufa and the pens have some room…

      • Yes, but what the Penguins would have to give up, is not worth Iginla’s rental services

        • Well most would say if they win the cup this year it would be well worth the ifs and buts of a draft pick and a prospect….it’s not like they are trading Malkin or Letang for him Iggy is a rental..

    • Not if the team getting Iginla makes it at least to the conference finals, then that is a huge revenue surge for that team (or more likely their owners) without a long-term contract commitment which would offset much of that surge in revenue. That revenue increase offsets the opportunity cost loss of trading prospects and/or draft picks if that revenue is applied to the team’s operations, like scouting or development, or ability to retain or sign free agents. Business-wise such a rental (or maybe gamble is a better word) makes sense for a team like Pittsburgh or Los Angeles that makes a small profit or breaks even. For a team with a large profit margin like Toronto, it only makes sense if it fills a hole on a cup contending team because they don’t need $10 or $20 million more to justify their continued operation.

      • Pittsburgh is a large margin team. I don’t know where you get your facts. Pens make profit even without the playoffs.

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but werent the Pens in such a bad financial situation that they almost moved less than a decade ago? They weren’t in the playoffs then, and haven’t missed them in every year since (aside from the first year after the lockout). The Pens are making money now thanks to Crosby and Malkin and playoff appearances plus a pair of finals appearances. I disagree they’d make money if they iced a non-playoff team for more than a year. History doesn’t lie. not even Lemieux’s return in the mid-00s made then profitable. If not for getting Crosby affecting hitting financial rock bottom the Pens could be a few years into being the second incarnation of the Kansas City Scouts by now.

          • Pens were in financial problems a few years ago because of a bad owner and mismanagement. A new owner Burkle not Lemieux is to credit the franchises turnaround. Lemieux helps with the public image but Burkles willing to spend money to better the overall product is what made the Penguins what they are now. Spending to the cap, a new building, a family oriented team that is a favorable destination to NHL players is what will keep them successful. Basing your view of the team because of its past owner and management is your complete oversight. As for them icing a non-playoff team, it might be awhile before you see that. The in place management group would have to be gone for that to happen.

          • es you are wrong. The pens were a profitable team sense lemieux’s group took over. The debate about noving was because they need a new arena. Once again get facts up there in Toronto then come back and try again.

        • I’m only going by what’s available publicly and I don’t have any inside information. The most recent Forbes NHL financial listing had Pittsburgh’s operating income before interest, taxes, and some other business expenses and write-offs as $9.1 million US. This is less than the original six, all other Canadian franchises, and Philly. Yes, they still would have made a profit for last year without the playoffs, but it would have been less by a very rough estimate of $1 million in profit per home playoff game.

          I’m not knocking Pittsburgh as a franchise, team, or fan base – I even admire how well current ownership and management has handled the franchise. The fact is playoffs can be a huge revenue generator for any team, and for Pittsburgh a conference or Stanley Cup final could greatly increase their profit as a business immediately which can be more beneficial than the assumption of future revenue (assuming of course the numbers I’m using are remotely accurate).

  5. What no trade Kessel rumours this morning? Kypreos and McLean did a whole segment on it last night. Maybe it was because their trade ideas were just to damn good. lol

    According to Kypreos the Leafs should offer Kessel for Luongo straight up… How insane is that thought? trade a 40 goal scorer straight up for that monster contract.
    According to McLean Kessel would not net you Perry on his own come this summer. Does he not know Perry is a UFA this summer? to make a trade to allow a team early negociations with a UFA with no guarantees, doesn’t it usually cost a team a 2nd, 3rd or 4th rounder… Kessel… really???

    • Give them Kessel and Kulemin for Perry lol

    • What is it with Leafs fans overvaluing their players all the time?? Yeesh.

    • Phil Kessel: The only 40 goal scorer to never score 40 goals. Only in Leaf Land. And if you think you’re getting a 33 yr old future hall of famer for Phil Kessel you’re dreaming.

      • Amen. I’m really tired about hearing that Kessel only needs a good centre and he’d be a 40-50 goal man year after year. I fail to see how a good center would make him play in dirty areas or be less defensively inept. Sure, having an all-star centre may improve Kessel’s stat line, but it won’t make him a better player. Looking at a stats sheet to try and value a trade and say a Kessel for Perry deal makes sense is rediculous. If Kessel is worth Perry than Kadri has to be worth Tavares. I don’t care if Perry is a UFA in a few months.

        • Perry signed to a long term reasonable deal, yes, you are right straight up for Kessel is lopsided in the Leafs favour but Perry as a UFA rental straight up for Kessel is lopsided in the other direction. McLeans deal was in the summer AFTER the playoffs just BEFORE Perry becomes a UFA. Why the @#$% would any team pay more then a 3rd round pick to attain his rights to early negociations before he hits the UFA market with zero guarantee of signing him. Some of you guys live in a dream world.

  6. “the NY Rangers aren’t necessarily shopping Marian Gaborik, but he’s available for the right price. The Rangers seek a “a right-handed, top-four blueliner and would also like to add a couple of bottom-six, grinding type forwards.” His contract, with one season at $7.5 million remaining, could be tough to move.”

    To Toronto: Gaborik
    To NY Rangers: Franson + Steckel + Grabovski

    • Why exactly are the Leafs trading for an expensive, non-physical, aging, injury prone winger and how are they getting it with a good defenseman, 3rd line centre, and regular scratch?

    • Too late, Steckel to Anaheim.

      • For a seventh and a prospect…lol 2 days ago beer goggles saying to waive him because we wouldn’t get anything for him…Jeesh guys like him that who would do more waiving then santa clause in a parade are funny shows hockey IQ

        • @shticky, easy there killer. a 7th and a 26 year-old that’s never played in the NHL isn’t much more than just waiving him.

          • Well…
            Ya it is for one they are not paying him for 2 remind me what round Datsyuk was drafted in again?…not that it happens all the time but it has happened and 3 lots of pretty good players have come in to the league as undrafted free agents. My point is mainly why would you waive (like beer goggles suggests about a few guys on the roster every week) somebody to get nothing when you can possibly turn it in to something…not saying this deal will turn in to anything major but if you have a choice between something or nothing what would you choose? Duh

          • And draft pick and a guy who someday might get you or your farm team some goals for a guy who has played 4 or 5 games for ya all year, and is holding a spot on your roster saving you from sending someone thru waivers to get to the Marlies seems like a pretty good deal…

          • BW3 Remind me again so if they put Steckle on waivers and the Ducks pick him up what do the leafs get?

          • @shitheadticky

            I had to go back in the blogs so I could see exactly what I said about Steckle. I fail to see where I said they could not get anything for Steckle. It was an off hand remard in a post about how they needed to make room for Lupul and either Orr or Steckle could be the odd man out and an option would be to waive either guy. I didn’t realize I had to list every possible trade scenario that Nonis could possibly get for either of these two guys to make you happy. Go find another blog if you are going to be so anal.
            My Post from earlier:
            “The only reason I could see MacArthur being moved is to make room for Lupul but all it takes is one injury to a top 6 forward and there is no need to move any forwards. Nonis wants to keep depth for the playoffs. I think they would like to get Gardiner up and in some games but that means moving Kostka or eat some of Liles salary to move him. Who knows maybe they plan on waiving Orr or Steckle. . Tough choices…”

        • Yes, a carear AHL guy and a 7th is a boat load for Steckle. I never once said they wouldn’t get anything for him. I said there is a possiblility they could waive him to make room. Get your fact straight before you show your brutal IQ.

          • So you did say waive him tho correct? Therefore. My fact was straight the same as you said (just off the top of my head) we should waive Liles put Grabovski as the top line center, when the next game he sat on the bench for most of the third, trade Kessel for just about anyone in the league who has some trade speculation about them….seriously man you shouldn’t be calling anyone names or saying anyone has a brutal IQ…

  7. Ah man you are starting to make me ashamed I am a Leaf fan…lol first Ryan Smyth now Gaborik? To top it off trading probably the most consistent D. In a group of very inconsistent D. Probably not a great way to improve anything….so many things wrong with a deal like that it’s hard to know where to start…can you please just go by theadvocate or something? Just get rid of the leafs part please your killing us here lol

  8. To St Louis: Gaborik + Del Zotto

    To NYT: Stewart + Shattenkirk

    • How does this help the blues? I’d take Stewart’s size and grit over gaborik. And del zatto for shattenkirk seems like a push to me.

  9. Did I read that right? Iginla AND a pick for bernier? That sounds like a Calgary ‘rebuild’ alright. Calgary needs to get more than a maybe starter back if they are going to shop iggy.

    • Anyone that still thinks bernier is still only a maybe starter hasn’t been paying attention to the kings this year. Bernier has looked very good this year and has outplayed quick. It’s only Sutter determination that there has to be A number 1 goalie and it’s quick that has kept bernier from being a top tender this season.

  10. I guess the Penguins would want Iginla to kill penalties and be the designated goon. What an idiot!

    • No one said our writers are smart. Matter of fact I believe we are so loaded with fans that our press picked a bunch that don’t know anything just to try and dumb down the fans.

  11. I bet Vancouver buys out Luongo this summer, then turns around and pitches Perry to come play up north. He can play wing for the twins, and bump Burrows down onto Kessler’s line. Is he from BC originally?

    • Peterborough, Ontario..

    • Seriously doubt It word Is that Perry wants to play closer to his Petersbourgh Ontario Home so that likely leads only 2 teams real close to there Detroit and Toronto perry wants to play closer to home so that his parents can see him play more ofton plus be closer to home.

      • I would really like to believe that he wants to play closer to home, so Toronto, but how many times have star players been either ufa’s or approaching UFA status and signed with a US market.

  12. While just about everything Don Brennan says should be instantly dismissed, I think it makes sense for the Sens to be in the mix and make an offer to Perry if he’s available in July.

    Alfredsson will be ritiring sooner than later, and since Heatley they have not had a pure scorer to play on Spezza’s wing. The good thing about rebuilding mostly through young, developed talent is that it frees up space (in cap and real dollars) to get into the bidding for a player like Perry.

    However, while Murray did draft Perry and Ottawa can offer a spot on the first line with a bona-fide #1 Centre in Spezza, I don’t necessarily think that makes Ottawa any more of a contender for Perry’s services than the other teams who will be knocking on his agent’s door if he’s available in July.

    Karlsson, Spezza and Perry could be a pretty killer combination, though…

  13. @49GiantSharkWarriors:
    Why should the Canucks buy out Luongo? Buy him out and he signs somewhere for less he’s making now and they get nothing in return! Rather get something (draft picks, prospects, players??) than nothing.
    Perry is from Ontario! And the canucks payroll is about $60mill. with 14 or 15 (?) players signed for next season! Even if they can get rid of Luongo they cannot sign Perry to the rumored $8mill.

  14. Canucks should just keep Lou !! 7-2-2 record this season not to shabby !! Canucks messed up signing Schneider for so much

  15. All that talk, yet no action .

  16. All talk n troll.

    A firesale will not save Buffalo. They need leadership.

    Iginla will end up in Chicago, Pittsburgh or LA.

    Toronto fans stupid trade talk is annoying. Their team is falling anyway. Just like every year. 9th place is your bed!

  17. I would be surprised if the Pens have a go at a top six forward – keep in mind scoring hasn’t been much of an issue this year. The more plausible scenario is a physical top four d-man and/or a physical bottom six forward for a draft pick and prospect d-man (pick one).

    • Apparently you haven’t watched the pens back in the 90’s. Offense makes the best defense. Add more where you can

  18. regier is a baffoon. ott better not be traded or i will have had it with this team

  19. Everyone in Pittsburgh knows Rob Rossi is an idiot. He gets more credit then he deserves because Geno Malkin will give exclusive interviews to him. Other than that….he’s an idiot and anything he says should be ignored.

  20. JRD is right. Nash could have played half an hour from Mom and Pop, but he chose the bright lights and anonymity of the big apple. Some play for money, some play for privacy. I would love to see Perry in a Leafs jersey, but relying on home town (or province) charm or proximity to home and family seems to go out the window when you make enough money to buy your own plane and pilot…

  21. RE: Leafs

    Wait til offseason to pursue Corey Perry as a UFA (fingers-crossed). Asking price at the deadline will be way too steep. All reports are that he’d love to play closer to home in southern Ontario and, thanks to Burke’s prudent managing of the Leafs’ cap during his tenure, Toronto has the ability to splurge a bit on a big ticket, in his prime, local-boy free agent (ie. 9 million / 7 years).

    At the deadline…

    To PIT: Kulemin
    To TOR: 2nd Round Pick

    To COL: Grabovski + 2nd Round Pick (PIT)
    To TOR: Stastny

    To SJS: Holzer + Leivo + 2nd Round Pick
    To TOR: Clowe


    van Riemsdyk / Kadri / Perry
    Lupul / Stastny / Kessel
    Clowe / Bozak / Frattin
    McLaren (or Komarov or Orr) / McClement / MacArthur

    Phaneuf / Gunnarsson
    Liles / Gardiner
    Fraser / Franson




    • Not sure about your trade scenarios but I like your line up. MacArthur wouldn’t resign with the Leafs for a 4th line role and the Leafs won’t pay him $3M per year to play on the forth line. Not sure the Av’s would want Grabo at $5.5M for the next 4 years when Stastny will be off their books in one year. I can see Pitz grabbing Kulimen but might only give up a 3rd? Not sure how bad they want him. I think there is a good chance Perry could sign with the Leafs if they want to pay the big money. Yes, the Leafs can retain Kessel and also have Perry for nothing should the Ducks not ink him. The Leafs need a vetran Goalie and I think they will go after Lu, Miller or Kipper this summer if not sooner.

  22. Why would the Pens care about Iginla, period?!? They’re the highest scoring team in the league, and by quite a bit. Their problem is PREVENTING goals. Why on Earth would they give up the ridiculous price Calgary is going to get for Iginla for a pure rental to “help” them where they don’t need it?!?

    Shero’s history suggests that, if he finds a young winger who he feels can trhive in Pittsburgh at a reasonable price, he’ll pull the trigger. Think someone like maybe Kris Versteeg before he got hurt, if Florida would have parted with him for a reasonable return.

    If he goes for an older guy, his history suggests that it’ll be someone who (a) he believes has a bit left in the tank, (b) is a low risk trade, and (c) brings a leadership element to the team that it lacks. Item (a) is no problem with Iginla, although what he brings, as noted above, is not an area of need for the Pens. Item (b), however, is a HUGE issue, as the Flames supposedly want a lot for a pure rental. And item (c)…I know Calgary fans think the world of Iginla, and I don’t want to offend…but he’s never actually won anything in the NHL. He’d be going into a locker room with guys who have multiple Finals appearances and a Cup win on their resumes…a pair of Hart and Ross Trophy winners…a Conn Smythe winner. When Shero went out and got Gary Roberts and Bill Guerin, there was a massive gap in his team’s playoff experience, and both of those guys had extensive playoff histories and each had at least one Cup win. Put simply, what’s Iginla going to teach them about winning in the playoffs? Given that he only fits one of the three criteria that appear to be important to Shero in acquiring veteran players, Iginla apparently is NOT a Shero-type veteran presence.

    I can see Shero pulling the trigger on a veteran, stay at home or shutdown type defenseman as a rental. Robyn Regehr…someone like that. That acquisition would address a need…one that was pretty blatantly exposed in last year’s playoffs, at that…and the cost in terms of assets that he’d have to trade is lower. Low risk…addressing a need…that’s much more in line with Shero’s tendencies than Iginla would be.

    • Won’t it be funny when shero trades for iginla and this is all over

      • Jared is right. The Pens are and can outscore anyone. (Right now.) Adding Iginla is unnecessary even though it would just bolster the Malkin-Neal line. Defense is where they are lacking. The Pens need a true shut down defenseman. Despres days might be numbered. He has lots of upside. I would hate to see him go, but he is most logical. I just don’t agree with adding more offense when you are already on top of that. Defense has been Shero’s priority since losing to Tampa in the playoffs. Hence the signing of Martin and Michalek. All that has been drafted is the great skating/passing defensemen made from the Letang mold. Although not a bad thing with the way Letang is playing, but none of them will pan out the way he did. The Pens need that shut down guy. Signing Eaton was start, now they just need guys like Scuderi.

  23. Bring in Stewart & Perry & Iginla and the leafs will make the playoffs,now get it done Norris.

    • we would beinthe same boat we have been in for the past 20 years, we need to move guys for draft pi, cks and continue filling our prospect cupboard

  24. Howard is not going anywhere unless he is packaged to Buffalo for Michigan boy Miller and a draft pick or one of my favorite players OTT!
    Red Wings need a veteran stay at home big body defenseman most of all. Misssing Brad Stuart badly. Lashoff has susprised but he may not last in the NHL for long.
    Would be surprised though the Wings being buyers being that their roster this season has mostly been a glorified AHL one with all the injuries they have suffered, plus this is the season the team is giving a lot of their prospects icetime at the NHL now that so many veteran players have departed.