NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Friday, March 22, 2013.

The latest on the Senators, Sabres and Flyers. 


Senators won't move Sergei Gonchar.

Senators won’t move Sergei Gonchar.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports a league executive claims a lot of teams are talking trade, but currently there aren’t many willing to give up on their playoff hopes just yet. Garrioch claims the Senators are seeking a top-six forward and could have interest in San Jose’s Ryane Clowe, but other teams (including Toronto and Montreal) are also believed to have interest in him. Don Brennan, meanwhile, reports Sergei Gonchar has become too valuable for the Senators to trade, even though they’ll probably lose him for nothing to free agency this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This shortened season and the tightness of the standings is why we’re not seeing much trade activity less than two weeks away from the trade deadline. Still, I expect business will pick up once we reach the end of this month.

As for Gonchar, I’ve been saying for weeks he’s become too valuable to the Senators to be shopped. If Erik Karlsson weren’t sidelined by a season-ending injury, it would be a different story. They’ll need Gonchar if they hope to make the playoffs. Yeah, they’ll lose him for nothing to free agency, but given the Senators depth in young talent, they can afford it. Making the playoffs this season is the priority.

WGR 550: Paul Hamilton reports struggling Buffalo Sabres winger Drew Stafford is trying to ignore the trade rumors, adding he won’t asked management to be dealt.

CSNPHILLY.COM: John Boruk believes the Philadelphia Flyers should shop defenseman Andrej Meszaros, believing the Flyers might be able to squeeze a first round pick and maybe a little bit more from a rival team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t think so. Boruk noted Meszaros’ injury history in his piece, which is why I doubt playoff contenders will overpay for his services. At best, he might net the Flyers a second round pick.


  1. Can’t see the Leafs having interest in Clowe. He doesn’t solve the major issues with the Leafs roster.

    • Agreed, in fact I would be surprised if the Leafs made any moves at all to be honest… The time it would take for a newcomer to learn the system and for any line re-alignment would not be worth it. If anything they’ll make moves in the off-season…

      • Learn the Leafs system… mediocrity? That should not take Stafford long at all.

        If he was a goon he would already fit in.

        Come on Leafs extend Orr’s contract for several more years please…. keep an actual hockey player off the roster.

    • Does add some toughness not an easy guy to play against but agreed with the drop in his production in the past couple years I’m not sure he would be a fit for their needs…

      • The 50-60 point Clowe of a year or 2 ago would look nice in MacArthurs spot tho…d spends if it’s a bad year or his style of play has caught up with him and his body is just getting run down….

  2. STAFFORD: I’m confused, didn’t he already ask management for a trade about a month ago? I thought I remembered reading that, but I could be wrong.

    MEZSAROS: The Flyers are already thin at defense and Mez isn’t an expiring contract. When healthy, he’s one of their top 4, so why would they part with him during an ‘asterisk’ season?

    LEAFS: I also don’t see the Leafs parting with the significant assets San Jose is rumoured to be asking for in exchange for Clowe. That said, I don’t think Clowe’s worth anything more than a middling prospect or the ever-popular 3rd round pick. He doesn’t have any goals this season and his lack of contribution is a big hindrance for the Sharks. His physical play and expiring contract are the only reasons why a playoff contender should have interest in him.

    • Stafford doesn’t know what he wants to do – ask for a trade, be traded, change from hot yoga to yoga, quit hockey to play full time in his band. Who knows – but I wish he would focus on his team and playing the game. When I watch the Sabres games I think to myself – hummmm, I guess Stafford is getting quality show time – cause it seems he’s always on the ice. So the positive side of me says……..he’s being showcased while the negative side of me says…….someone upstairs must really like him. There is a belief out there that Stafford has a lot of potential and perhaps moving to another team might help him. That is what I’m hoping – I thought a Setoguchi trade for Stafford would be a good deal, but Setoguchi is coming on strong these past couple of weeks. Darcy might still sell it, but he might also have to bundle. Anyway, I hope Drew does move on and I wish him the best.

  3. I thought the leafs needed centres not wingers…

    • *center, not centre. I know you’re Canadian, so am I. But “centre” is for a building when using the “re”.

      • Actually, centre is the proper British spelling for all uses of the word. Center is an American variant.

      • Give up that shit bye centre or center who gives a shit how it’s spelled. Talk hockey

  4. Can we give away Stafford for a used net? I’m in on that!

    • i’ll give ya a bag of chipped pucks

  5. I don’t think it’s that much if a stretch to think Philly could get a first mezaros. It’s a seller’s market and there is a real shortage of solid defenders available. If a buyer wanted mezaros who would they get instead?

  6. Just picked up a tweet that Matt Dagostini of the Blues is now a Devil,don’t know any details.

  7. I don’t see Meszaros fetching a first rouner, definately not in this year draft. Injuries and declining play are an issue. He was a beast early in his career but doesn’t look like a sound investment anymore.

    I would be surprised if the Leafs trade for Ryan Clowe, unless its some salary going the other way.

    I wonder why there is no talk abt Kipper coming to the leafs….now he would be worth scrivens + prospect,
    or Reimer + 2nd rounder
    Before I get destroyed on that proposal, Kipper is 36 and has only a couple of years left in him. There is no value in trading the farm for him.

  8. I think Boston should move Rask as khudobin is outplaying him. He’s a RFA and will be looking for a big raise. Also have Subban coming up quick. What would Toronto offer or another club looking for a goalie. Maybe a goalie,prospect and pick.

    • Toronto doesn’t have enough decent talent to facilitate a trade for Rask

    • Boston isn’t going to trade Rask because Khudobin has outplayed him in limited action over 29 games. And what would the Leafs give them for a young goalie? Boston doesn’t make panic moves, and they’ve gotten some very hefty returns out of Toronto.

      • You never know with Boston and Toronto….obvioulsy not saying they will or implying any soft hints that they might…but you can’t count them out at working together again. Kessel trade, Kaberle trade. WIth Dobby doing so good for Boston, maybe Boston can get a nice reward from Rask.

        To Toronto: Rask
        To Boston: Reimer + Bozak + Gardiner

        • Leafsadvocate
          That’s kind of what I was thinking. Reiner or Shivens to take Rasks spot and a decent wing and pick first or second rounder. Being a bruins fan I noticed with their system any quality goalie will look good because of the way they team backcheck. Maybe we can throw in Peverley as Toronto needs centers we have plenty.

          • See check your spelling.

        • Are you really serious that the Bruins would give up their #1 goalie?

        • LeafsAdvocate, if you are going to be the spell check police you should ‘obvioulsy’ make sure your spelling is perfect:)

        • A bit steep don’t you think.

    • Toronto drafted Rask… Management would be crucified if they gave up substantial assets to RE-acquire him. Not to mention, I think Boston would be very stupid to trade a near certainty in Rask, who they’ve invested significant development time in, just because they have a couple of half-decent guys who are younger and cheaper coming through the pipeline. Boston is a contender now and they’d be much better off giving him a raise than trading him for future assets.

      • All the leafs have to do is pick up Raycroft and trade him for Rask. Oh, and throw in Komi, Bozak, some environment freindly water bottles…

    • Can’t see Boston trading Rask he’s a number 1 goalie on just about every team in the league…I think if there was a move to improve their team that involved a goalie being moved it would be Kuhdobin leaving and Suban learning what it takes to be an NHL goalie from Rask and eventually taking over from there…I also think Kuhdobin would probably interest almost as many Gms as Rask (cheaper contract controlled by the team ect…)

  9. Carlyle is a classless goon coach and the leafs will never win anything with him at the helm!

    • The Leafs won’t win anything, but it won’t be due to Carlyle’s coaching strategies, it will be due to their lack of quality depth down the middle and inconsistent goaltending.

    • I think the way you exude hatred for the leafs is classless.

      • Doesn’t julien have a similar strategy ? Benefit he has is his goons can play a little, has a good gm to thank for that.

        • No actually he doesn’t, you won’t catch Julien sending out the goons with a couple minutes left in the game, Carlyle does that all the time, and he did it when he coach the Moose also, I was a season ticket holder and saw it time and time again, and now he does bush league stuff like that with the Leafs.

          • Google Bruins brawls and check out the list of things Julien wouldn’t do…cause well there alot of ’em lol you really don’t watch much from Boston do ya….

          • My favorite is from a few years ago when the Bruins were up 6-1 on Carolina and Lucic hit Harrison from behind then proceeded to kick the crap out of him…

      • Couldn’t agree with you more, Drew.

      • I don’t exude hatred for the leafs. The ridiculous trade suggestions of the leaf fans on here however is pretty annoying, along with the leaf fans incredible ability to work every article on here so that it involves the leafs. Toronto center of the universe!

        • LOL well if he is such a classless coach and wouldn’t win anything and you witnessed all this first hand how do you explain him being named GM of the year with the Moose or getting them to the conference finals as coach before he went to Aniheim and winning a cup? Ya I suppose you’re right the guy has loser written all over him…and you really think Julien dosent use the same tactics? (line matching, sending messages, tough defensive hockey) You’re watching to many Jets games and nothing from Boston…

          • I said he won’t win anything as coach of the leafs, I never said he didn’t have some success with the Moose, or win the cup with anaheim. I said he won’t win anything with the Leafs! I have season tickets to the Jets and watch every Bruins game, unless it conflicts with a jets game. The Bruins have one tough guy in Thornton that can don one thing and one thing only, and I think he is a waste of roster spot. The other guys on the Bruins like Lucic, McQuiad, Campbell, Chara that will drop the gloves do so secondary to their actual job, and I didn’t say I had a problem with line matching, sending messages and tough defensive hockey and I agree Julien does all of that. The difference is if the Bruins are losing with a couple minutes left you will not see Julien send out Thornton with one purpose and you will see Carlyle do it over and over. Thats not line matching and what message is that sending, that we’ll take out your scorers?

            And guess what I’m able to get my point across without acting computer tough and calling names, and with most of the leaf fan responses on here its no wonder Carlyles tactics are supported.

      • Lmao zing

    • um, you realize he already won the cup right? wow, your dumb

      • Yes I’m aware he has one the cup, but that doesn’t change the fact that his tactics with the leafs are bush league. Gotta love the guys that talk tough and name call on the computer, bravery at its finest.

        • How do you watch these things yet not see them?

  10. Mr. Garrioch.. the Sens need DEFENSE..

    With Karlsson out for the season, Cowen out for the season. Methot injured and now Gonchar.

    Borowiecki would be the callup from Binghamton but he is hurt.

    Every other D in BInghamton is a rookie in their first AHL season or ECHL callups. There is Lebda but he’s only on a PTO.

    If Methot and Gonchar can’t play on Saturday, the Sens have to go with 5 D for that game. That’s a scary thought against Stamkos, St. Louis et al.

  11. such hatred on here just because bruce” i think i know hockey” said something

  12. Drew Stafford is struggling in a lockout shortened season. Stafford has several opportunities that he is not making the most of. One thing that has helped Stafford in the past under former coach Lindy Ruff is a benching. Stafford has rebounded twice from benching.

    I will also need to call out interim head coach Ron Rolston for not expecting more of his players. Rolston should not be afraid to be gritty and sandpaper with his players to win games.

  13. Guys, Carlyle is a great coach (hence the turn around and new direction of the team). All of his players play accountable and for each other, he keeps his media comments focused and non-directed at any players but keeps his strong opinions for the dressing room and the dressing room alone. He knows when to coddle and when to kick and will never put his players in a situation they can’t handle. His bench demeaner is collected and intrinsic with line matches. If you ever see our bangers out at the end of the game it’s either because its a guaranteed loss or win, he won’t gamble our skilled guys until the next game and if you ask me, I think it keeps the game more honest and less dangerous because it will reduce the opponents eagerness to throw a cheap shot to a skilled guy in the dying parts of an emotional win/loss game. His coaching style is a complete eclipse of his playing days and I love the focus he entails on each of his players. No one goes home wondering what the coach is thinking about them following a game. Full front and honest, doesn’t use the media as a posturing tool (like some of the classless coaches we’ve seen do, Ron Wilson, John Torts ect) and is always in touch with what’s on the ice. I think he’s the bright star out of a dark preceding decade leafs nation has endured and the team is forming a new identity around him. So far so good Randy.

    • Bern16 I pretty much agree with everything you said with maybe the exception of the bright star comment he’s been good for them but I don’t think I would go that far, but you nailed it with “If you ever see our bangers out at the end of the game it’s either because its a guaranteed loss or win” and that is bush league because he is almost always putting them out against opposing teams skilled guys.

      • This is almost the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…how many times have you seen Colton Orr or Frazier McClaren our there covering guys like Crosby or Stamkos? Have you seen a game this year? You say Leaf fans talk out their associated you prove the point the ridiculous things said here are not limited to fans of Toronto…..

        • *ass

          • Once again tough “online” talk, and I guess the truth hurts Shticky. Mark my words the Leafs will not win a cup with Carlyle at the helm.

          • Wasn’t calling you an ass I was saying you talk out your assistance like some of your hated leaf fans…

          • You are really going out on a limb there they won’t win a cup with Randy if they don’t someone should probably publish your material because you must be almost as prophetic as Nostradamus… As far as Thornton being the only enforcer type guy the Bruins have again I refer you to you tube or Google where you will find plenty of examples where if the Bruins are losing or winning big there is Characters or Lucic kicking the daylights out of someone doing the same “bush” league stuff you are griping about the Leafs…