NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Friday, March 29, 2013.

The latest on the Bruins, Flames, Maple Leafs and more.

BOSTON GLOBE/BOSTON HERALD/CSNNE.COM: examined the options available to Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli in the wake of Jarome Iginla choosing to accept a trade to Pittsburgh instead of Boston. The Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont cited a source denying the Tampa Bay Lightning were shopping winger Martin St. Louis, but San Jose Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle might be available. The Herald’s Stephen Harris lists “forwards like Dallas’ Jaromir Jagr, Ray Whitney and Derek Roy, Tampa Bay’s Martin St. Louis, Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky and Ryan Smyth, or defensemen such as the Islanders’ Mark Streit and the Oilers’ Ryan Whitney” as possibilities. CSNNE’s Joe Haggerty also listed San Jose’s Ryane Clowe and Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester among the possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not much of a list of options, but that won’t deter Chiarelli from adding a piece or two by the deadline. Jagr, Whitney and Roy might be the best options.

Is Jay Bouwmeester next to be dealt by the Flames?

Is Jay Bouwmeester next to be dealt by the Flames?

CALGARY HERALD/CALGARY SUN: reported Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester admitted he’s “had conversations” regarding the possibility of a trade, but refused to elaborate. Though carrying one more season at $6.68 million on his contract, his name has frequently come up in trade rumors, linking him to the Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Make no mistake, there’s genuine interest in Bouwmeester, but his contract is the sticking point, especially with the salary cap dropping next season. He could be moved at the deadline, but I think the Flames could get a better return if they wait until this summer. Even so, that contract will still make him difficult to move.

TORONTO STAR: Mark Zwolinski and Damien Cox offer conflicting reports over Tyler Bozak and the Maple Leafs search for an experienced goalie. Zwolinski reported the Leafs appear to be moving away from the possibility of moving Bozak and could turn their thoughts toward acquiring a goalie or a defenseman. Cox, meanwhile, reports the Leafs and Canucks have quietly reopened talks regarding Roberto Luongo, with the Canucks rumored to be willing to reduce their asking price, but could still want Bozak as part of the return.  Cox adds this doesn’t mean a Luongo deal is imminent, and examined other goalie options for the Leafs, including Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff, Phoenix’s Mike Smith and standing pat with James Reimer and Ben Scrivens. Zwolinski acknowledge the Kipusoff option but suggested a more affordable one like Florida’s Scott Clemmensen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent reports from Vancouver claim the Canucks aren’t reducing their asking price (believed to be a good young roster player – preferably a center – plus a top prospect and a first or second round pick). Nonis may be doing due diligence with the Canucks about Luongo, but there are, as Cox and Zwolinski noted, other options available for the Leafs which weren’t out there a few months ago.

Kiprusoff’s status, however, is uncertain and I’m not convinced he wants to leave Calgary. Smith would be very intriguing, but I believe the Coyotes want to hang onto him for a playoff push. He could, however, be available this summer as a free agent, although the Leafs could end up in a bidding war for this services they might not win. Reimer and Scrivens, meanwhile, are making it difficult to justify adding a veteran goalie right now. Is it worth moving out a key player elsewhere to add a veteran goalie now? That’s up to Nonis to decide. If the right deal is there, of course he’ll move on it, but he’s also leery of breaking up team chemistry right now.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Detroit Red Wings face a tough choice with pending UFA forward Valtteri Filppula. Do they keep him for a playoff push and risk losing him to free agency this summer, or trade him now and risk hurting their depth at forward if they cannot find a suitable replacement in a separate trade?


  1. Frankly don’t see Leafs trading for a goalie and especially an expensive one. Betting they stick with the two they have. If they falter after the trade deadline or during the playoffs then I think they will go after Hiller in Anaheim. First Nonis and Caryle know him well. Second he would have one year left on contract at 4.5 million which would be affordable. Third, Ducks are deep in goalies. Four Ducks need to shed some salary next season.
    Next – the Ducks bubble has burst, they played way over their talent level the first 1/2 of season. Time for Murray to get logical. He has two players who are in the last year of their contracts what most likely are not coming back next year. Koivu could be very helpful to a team looking for a rental center and Lydman for a team looking for a rental D-man. Friendly cap hits. Time to get some draft picks coming up for June 30 draft. Can’t afford to resign these guys so look towards the future. Thinking Cup is Pie in the sky but Ducks will make the playoffs which is more than most thought in mid January.

    • Makes a lot of sense on the Hiller front UNLESS the asking price for Hiller is high OR Vancouver is willing to assume some of Lu’s cap hit then I can see Nonis going full steam after Lu. I would assume Reimer would go back the other way due to his higher cap hit and the fact he couldn’t play back up to Lu for the next 9 years. The Leaf’s don’t have as much cap space available as everyone thinks even when they buy out Komi they have about $42M committed to 12 players (including old buyouts still on the books). Once they sign their 6 RFA’s for roughly $16M all of which have had banner years (Kadri $5M. Fraser $2.5M, Franson $3M, Komorov $1.25M, McLaren $750k) and a non banner year for Gunnarsson but will still cost $3.5M it brings them up to $58M for 18 players. That leaves roughly $5M to sign 5 players. That means no money to sign Bozak, & MacArthur. The Leafs need to either move these two guys for draft picks or loose them for nothing. The only other way of getting more cap relief is to trade Grabo or trade/buyout Lyles…

      Kipper has said he’s not going anywhere so I would assume that door has closed.

      • One report says Kipper had / has no intention of playing out his last year of the contract. Who knows if that is true or not.

        • If true it must be nice to just walk away from 1.5 mil for half a years work.

  2. I think hiller would be a very good acquisition in the summer, no way the ducks are tinkering with there lineup. they may add a piece but nothing of significance. wonder what it would cost? seeing burke is back in anaheim you know the start and end all would be either kessel or gardiner. I wonder if miller would/consider a trade to Toronto?? would love to see miller in a leafs jersey and i could see buffalo dealing him as in recent interviews miller seems displeased with his team mates and could be publically asking to be traded without saying it. Sabres half to do something. What about max Talbot also on a different note. I remember Burke pushing hard for him. He has a reasonable contract and i could see him on our third line if we don’t resign MAC. Not sure what philly be looking for I am assuming maybe a dman and a pick?? maybe a gunnerson and a 2nd??

  3. Leafs

    Kipper highly unlikely he will report to another team .Just had a baby !!

    Clemenson is no upgrade to Scrivens at this point so that is just hogwash……why wouldnt you wish for Scrivens to get more NHL expereince if that was the case …doesnt make sense…what does make sense is to get a Legit NHL# 1 goaliethat can keep the game at about 2 goals or less or protecting a multi goal lead something that Scrivens and Reimer are having a hard time doing …that is causing an issue and creating a situatrion that the Leafs have to be in a shoot out every night to win a game which is what Carlyle is not liking!!!

    If Vancouver wants to add somethimng significant , moving Luongo could help them as to opening up cap space …this way they could land a top player and or D man that may bring in salary …it opens there options much better as they are hardnosed to the cap.

    I am a bit perplexed as to why there is much discussion about Ryan Miller …..since the Penguines are picking up talented veteran players would Miller be a better option than Fleury who has struggled much and would a Goalie swap be a quality move here for both teams ???? Howard has not yet signed in Detroit as well and would Miller be an upgrade to Hiller in Aanaheim since they now have Fasth as a very decent backaup 1A starter just throwing it out there ????

    • Sorry mistake in gramar ……
      ” Iam perplexed why there ISN”T much more talk on Miller being traded !! “

      • TSN is reporting Miller has provided a list of 8 teams he will not go to.

        • Correction: TSN is reporting that Andystrickland has tweeted that Miller gave Buffalo a list of 8 teams he will not go to AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS SEASON. I believe his contract forces him to do this list every year of his no movement clause. So basically Buffalo could have traded him to any of the 22 teams since the start of the year. That’s a little different knowing these fine points.

          • Yes, about Andy, but the version I am seeing doesn’t say at the beginning of the season. Was it taken out of context? I didn’t see Andy’s original.

          • Just found it, really taken out of context. Sorry, my bad.

        • I would wager on TO being one of them

    • Fleury before getting injured the other night had been playing fantastically. I wouldn’t want to swap him out.

      Plus if he does falter oh Tomas vokun is his backup and has also been playing really well? Nbd.

      The penguins have added everything they need IMO, now they just need to keep playing like try have been and get another cup ring!

      • @ Icebear
        I was just floating it out there as Fleury has not been all that great the last to two stanley cup playoffs, I think Miller might be able to to do better around that team !!
        Just saying …..P S being a goalie I am a HUGE Fleury fan….. HUGE …..so its just conversation !

    • The issues are with defensive breakdowns more then goaltending its not like they have Carey Price or some of the other super star goalies in the league but to say the issue is goaltending when 1 guy is 12-4-4 with a 916 sv% but a gaa almost at 3 (2.65) says they are getting pelted with shots and not very good in their own end. Goaltending isn’t the issue! They need a D to take up some minutes from Dion if the weren’t giving up 30-40 shots a night and spent some time in the offensive zone instead of their own end no one would be questioning Reimer…if his sv% was over .92 which is very good they would still be way north of 2 gaa…

      • I have watched a few penguin games this year. The defense can’t take all the blame as some of the forwards are somewhat slow in their backchecking.

  4. Here’s hoping Nonis sticks to his guns and doesn’t ship out Bozak and disrupt what has become a promising young core with great chemistry for an unnecessary “upgrade” in goal. Ride it out with Reimer and Scrivens — both of whom have better SV% (.916 and .918 respectively) than either Luongo (.904) or Kiprusoff (.879)

    I’d rather see Nonis do the following 5 things:

    1) Trade MacArthur for a late 1st from a contender. Burke’s vocally turned down these offers at previous deadlines, but their positional depth now allows for it to capitalize on a deep draft.
    2) Kick the tires on Bouwmeester — big contract next year, but might be had for something along the lines of Percy, Ashton, & a 2nd.
    3) Buyout Komisarek. Sign Kadri w/ that $. And give reasonable raises to Bozak, Franson, Gunnarsson, Fraser, & Kostka — keeping a young, loyal, hard-working core together.
    4) Set sights on Stephen Weiss and/or David Clarkson as UFAs in the summer.
    5) Make the alternate jerseys the main jerseys for the club, with the inverse on the road. They’re classic. They’re from ’67 (needless to say the Leafs’ last championship campaign) and really evoke the history of the hockey club. The Leafs haven’t won anything since they switched over to the current 70s/80s style Leaf logo, are there really that many great memories attached to it? Time to rebrand back to a classic, winning look as this team develops into a serious contender in the years to come.


    • I like all those ideas, particularly finding out about Jay Bouwmeester. Of course we have Jake Gardiner up in the pressbox and, if he starts to play with some discipline, he could really help the cause.
      !967 – the year our first son was born – man, I’m old! And so is the Leaf saga.

      • Iam not so sure on some of this guys but you have to do something !!
        Mac is a good player who hustles and is an alternate acpatain with veteran leadership and can snipe and pass to give him up for a late 20 to 30 pick isnt a goo deal when you could really use him down the the road and in the playoffs …IMO

        I think Boyle and Brian campbell are better options than J BO and are more efective on the power play and taking the body as well …Campbell is more often than not in past years a PLUS player and has a cup ring J BO has never EVER played in the playoffs …not experienced !!!

        I would rather have Derek Roy than Weis if possible ….Kadri will sign for $ 5 mill for 5 years and Komi will get picked up at the deadline !!

        Considering the Leafs HAVE ZERO playoff experience ….they DO need an upgrade in goal or they might get lit up from the teams who know how to step it up in the playoffs ….I still think this is the biggest asset they need !!…… IMO

    • I half to say i agree with almost everything you said. But i think leave boumeester alone. Hes not worth his contract and him an phaneuf would eat up 13 mil. Phaneuf has played better offensively of late but his foot speed needs to be better to compete with the guys he is defending. On another not I hope the leafs go all OUT for CLARKSON that guy is a beast. He does it all and if last year is any indication lou lamarello will not sign him until season over and give other team a chance to talk to him.

    • @AK47
      Those moves would put the Leafs at about $80M in salary. lol

      The Cap hit is $64M

    • As per MacArthur, I am at a loss as what to do with him. He seems to be really good or really bad, nothing in between. If I had to choose between signing him or Bozak I would take Bozak. Another first would be nice but who would replace him on the roster right now.
      I like Campbell more than Bouwmeester but either would be an upgrade on Kostka for sure whom I do not believe is quite good enough for the NHL Both are paid insane money but Campbell has proven to be a good PP guy.
      I agree about Komisarek et all except Kostka. He is also almost 28. I would rather see them use Blacker as the number 7 right now. Of course if they sign Dekeyser then a whole new set of problems arise.
      I am not supersticious, but I agree that the leaf was nicer before
      Not sure about Weiss, but Clarkson would be a prize. I can’t see Lou letting him go easily.

      • Why is everyone forgetting about the Leafs ACE in the hole in Defense ….

        Morgan Reliy !!!!!!

        • What do people think of Giordano? If Calgary is selling could he be a reasonable top 4 addition? Haven’t heard much about him since his first few years and not watching much Calgary games I wouldn’t now how he’s progressed

        • Because he’s probably a year or maybe 2 from playing in the NHL…no one wants him to be Luke Schenn 2.0

  5. I get a feeling that Jagr is going to land with the Bruins … something just gives me that feeling.

    Still pushing for Bouwmeester to the Senators.

    I think the Leafs end up standing pat and making no moves at the deadline, though shipping out Clarke for a pick would be a good idea. I also think they should move Bozak as they can run Kadri – Colbourne – Grabo – McClement as their centers.

    • @ JJB

      Iam not sure if you have seen Colborne play or not BUT if you havent you should …..he IS NOT NHL grade he will not be an impact center as he does not use his size in any capacity to where as theat is integral to that position ….they ned to look outside the organization still Ashton and Colborne will not play on the Leafs ever!
      They are very high however on Lievo and he might make the team next year IMO

    • Kadri, Grabo, McClement and Komorov work as centers because I think they are going to loose Bozak anyways due to cap issues.

    • The last rumour was that Jagr wanted to sign a new deal with Dallas.
      The senators could use Bouwmester but it would only make sense if Gonchar leaves. Teams are just not going to be able to spend huge amounts on three d-men.
      The leafs may make a move or two but only if it improve sthe club dramatically. Colbourne from last reports indicate he is playing fairly well, but because he lost almost a complete season because of wrist problems he will take at least another year before he is ready. The leafs may be high on Leivo, and I am too but he is not going to be on the leafs next year.

  6. RAISE for GUNNERSON and BOZAK, what games are you watching.

    • Both of these guys will remain with the club until they find upgrades.

  7. Colborne is not ready just as Gardiner wasn’t quite ready as we all saw.

    To repeat: The Leafs can’t afford to sign MacArthur or Bozak unless they trade/buyout Lyles and Grabo. See my post above about their cap restraints.

    The Leafs have $5M to sign 5 players (two of which are Bozak and MacA) so those two are history this summer unless they free up space by trading/buying out Lyles and or Grabo. Nonis is slightly more handcuffed then people think.

    • @ Beergoggles
      I think you are forgetting that the Leafs can buy out contracts in the summer. Komisarek will bring back over $4 million in a buy out. Plus I struggle to see how Kadri will get $5 mill per in his next contract after his first and only good year. Other players who got that kind of money had a larger body of work to draw on.
      That translates to 13 guys signed with $23 million to spend. for next year. Quite a bit more rosey than your recent predictions.

    • @ Beergoggles

      Leafs have $7 million this year
      $20 million next year minus who and if they sign this year and this doesnt take into account any outgoing cap space …i.e Komisarek Kessel or Grabo in any trade scenarios! So there is room but Kadri will eat up cap as well most likely $4 – $5 mill !

    • It’s actually 11 guys who are RFA or UFA and 44 mill of 64 mill leaving another 19 mill in space with some of those Free agents that are going to walk plus 2 buy outs…there is lots of room…

      • If you buy out Grabo and Komisarek you have nearly half of the cap to sign Kadri to an extension say 5 mill 5 year deal. (or Grabovski’s money) and still have over 24 mill to fill out the rest of the 10 spots and for sure some of those spots will be filled with guys from the Marlies and a few will not get giant raises if any guys like Komarov Frazier McClaren. So all in all looking at probably around 18 mill to fill 4or 5 spots is pretty good really depending on what Nonis looks at…

        • What will be very interesting to see is the rest of the leagues buy out and who becomes available in the off season because besides maybe Clarkson and maybe 1or 2 others the UFAs available this year is kind of weak 18 mill should be lots if you are only thinking of picking up 1 or 2 of these guys as upgrades…If he trades for upgrades there will be salary going the otherway so like I said depends on what Nonis looks at and it should be one of the more interesting off seasons for the Leafs in a long time…

        • Exactly. I think he is forgetting amounts like 4.75 mi coming off the books from Connolly The leafs can sign those guys and be in the hunt for an expensive free-agent or two

      • Once again I have no idea why you insist on arguing with me.
        Signed players for next year:
        Grabo $5.5M
        Kessel $5.4M
        Lupul $5.25M
        JVR $4.25M
        Kuli $2.8M
        McClement $1.5M
        Frattin $925k
        Dion $6.5M
        Liles $3.875
        Gardiner $1.1
        Reimer $1.8M
        Scriven $612k
        Total 12 Players $39.5M + Tucker $1M + Armstrong $1M + Bonus $300k
        Total 12 Players signed for $42M

        RFA’s roughly (based on Grabo and Liles contracts) resigning at:
        Franson $3M
        Fraser $2.5M
        Kadri $5M
        Komorov $1.25M
        McLaren $750k
        Gunnarsson $3.5M
        Total $16M to resign 6 RFA’s (give or take $1M)

        Total $42M + $16M = $58M for 18 players
        WHICH LEAVES ROUGHLY $5M TO SIGN 5 PLAYERS assuming you need $1.4M room for injuries and you don’t trade/buyout Liles or Grabo


        • Well 1 is yes they are going to use both buy outs not just komisarek most likely in my opinion would be Grabo (you really think they are keeping the second highest player on the team playing on the third line?) 2 if you think Fraser is going from 600k to 2.5 mill your on crack decent Dman but not worth 3 times what he is being paid next Komarov is probably gone… aswell as 1 or 2 of the others as I said filled with more affordable Marlies …no way that they pay Gunnarson 3.5 mill or something is really wrong again not getting a raise of 300% meanwhile you are paying Franson 3 mill…your little chartbis cute but you just can’t make numbers up to prove you right…look at cap geek salary cap 64.3 projected salary 44.8 leaves 19 mil buy out Komisarek buy out Grabo then go from there…not what you imagine payroll will look like idiot

        • @ beergoggles
          i really think your rfa numbers are a tad high
          fraser and gunnarsson will sign for $1mill less each and kadri is on his last year of his entry level contract . leafs can sign him for a two year bridge contract in the $3 mill range and he would still be rfa at the end of that one .then lock him up long term . franson might get $3.5 mil however .
          i believe the leafs will move one of those guys in the summer ( franson gunnarsson fraser ) most likely gunnarsson.
          so if my calculations are correct that gives the leafs another $4 mill approx
          you could add blacker and holzer to that list for next year morgan reilly will most likely need a year in the ahl .

        • Honestly would like to see the look on Nonis’s face if Gunnarsons agent walked in to the room and said “Dave we really think my client deserves the same deal as PK Subban maybe even a little better…”

          • Or how about Gunnar’s agent walks in the room and says my client is a minute muncher, a plus 6 and hasn’t been paid what he’s worth since he’s been here, he deserves $3.5M which is less then Liles $3.875 a healthy scratch, or Komi $4.5M banished to the Marlies or Phaneuf at $6.5M and a minus 4. It’s going to happen and they will be asking between $3 and $3.5M.

            Give your head a shake.

          • You’re comparing him to 2 buy out candidates and a guy who you are paying him more than who has more points better plus minus and almost as many minutes it makes no sence…Gunnarson is not going to make more than then Subban ,Del Zotto, Leopold Chris Philips, Alex Edler, Barret Jackman…the list goes on if you over pay everybody by a mill it cuts into capspace for sure I agree

      • The leafs might try to trade Grabovski but they will not buy him out. That would mean losing him for absolutely nothing. It is quite a bit different than buying out Komisarek a guy who can’t even keep up in the AHL

        • Not sure if who would trade for that contract after a year like he has had this year you might end up having to take a bad contract back or package him and a prospect for another 3rd line type player which maybe worse than losing him for nothing…Komisarek is for sure 1 buyout and it’s either him or Liles as the second and I would say out of the 2 his contract is the worst not saying he is a bad player ( I actually kind of like him) but realistic he is almost making twice of what he is worth a couple mill more a season anyway and for another 4 years?…horrible contract…maybe Burkies worst

          • I’m just showing you what very well could happen if the Leaf’s intend to re-sign Fraser, Franson, Gunnar, and Kadri. You sit there and say I’m on crack but fail to acknowledge the fact Liles got almost $4M and Grabo got $5.5M but somehow Gunnar isn’t worth $3.5M and Franson isn’t worth $3M and Fraser who is leading the plus minus and now logging around 19min per game isn’t worth $2.5M? These guys all may get $500k less then these figures but not much less. I see people commenting that Kadri won’t get $5M but that Franson will get the $3M so obviously everyone is undecided as to each players value but I am not out of the range with what I have presented. It is a worst case scenario for each player but it’s also a real possibility as well. Even if each of those players get $500k less then what I have suggested it only frees up $2M and say the Leafs don’t re-sign Komorov and go with a cheaper Marlie big deal it still only frees up $500k so now you hvae just freed up an extra $2.5M which you can add to the $5M so that gives you $7.5M to sign 5 players. That is nothing in this world so you still aren’t re-signing Bozak or MacArthur UNLESS you trade/buyout Grabo or Liles.
            Face the facts the numbers don’t lie!!!

  8. here is what i think the leafs should do, just my opinion.
    1. trade mac for a late first (if possible).
    2. trade liles for a third or late second (probably a third).
    3. trade gunnerson for a late second early third.
    4. try to resign Bozak to a 3.75 mil contract. if he turns it down, trade him to vancouver for their first. (i think teams will overpay for him).
    5. don’t bring anyone in to play D or goalie. they have the internal option to use for now. this team is good enough to make the playoffs, not good enough to win the cup to roll with the team you have and be first round fodder

    6. here is the pie in the sky one. trade kessel to Minn for coyle a 1st and third. we get a big young center who has been great so far, we get a 2013 1st and third to add to our soon-to-be stockpile of young latent.
    7. trade phanuef to edmonton for Klefbom and their first or second/third. edmonton gets an established top pairing Dman to play with their young kids, toronto get another first (if they can) and another top D prospect.
    8. with one of the first rounders (late or trading back inot the first) toronto drafts Zach Fucale from the halifax mooseheads. goalie of the future goes through the motions in the sstem working on his game, and we ride out two decent goalies in the NHL for another season or two. by that time Biggs/rielly percy etc are all prepared enough to play, and we would have removed all deadl weight from our team
    9. buy out Komi in the offseason, plain and simple. he does’t fit. i feel he will fit in fine with another team as a 5/6 Dman, just not toronto

    • So in other words you are saying blow up the team and rebuild then.

      Won’t happen sitting 9th overall in the NHL.

    • If trading Macrthur and Bozak for first rounders to draft Zach Fucale I would do that in a heart beat! But no quarentees …..and I concure with Charlie Coyle I posted about him 2 moths ago and said that I had hoped the Fletcher connection would be able to aquire this kid …he and Colin Wilson are my two most desireable pundits for the Leafs main center aquisition !! If Gagne was avaialable I would like that as well but at what price, I also would like to see about Hartkainanen …loads of upside here too!!!!

      In regards to Fucale I see him as a possible top 5 in the draft !!! Thats the problem !!

      • i know, and in the grand scheme of things, in my opinion, toronto won’t be using that high of a pick on a goalie. i think they would focus on comrie etc later on. im hoping for a run on forwards etc aand then a jump up like they did with biggs. i’m throwing in the kessel trade because i dont think he will resign with toronto, minn needs scoring, kessel can provide that plus he is from there. i think he would rather be in an american city anyway. i think kessel is worth coyle and a first plus. i think he slides in there perfectly. they have the prospects to make that kind of a trade too. i like granlund alot but we need the size down the middle.
        i love the idea of colin wilson comming to toronto. i think also, salary cap restraignts aside, that would be a great place to dump phaneuf too. wilson and a first? (not that they will want t part with their first, just an example).

        • At this point I’d almost consider doing Coyle for Kessel And a lower pick I agree Coyle looks like the real deal and it would have to be something like that to pry him from Miny…plus I think your right about Kessel he isn’t coming back to this circus I think he has had enough…lol

          • Coyle with a second or another prospect for Kessel I mean….lol

          • i think minn would have to at least think about it. with the west being very good, but take-able…they are crazy not to. having kessel back with his old linemate parise i can see him wanting to be there. (also, shouldve pointed out kessel is from Wisconsin too). you have to believe nonis is doing his homework on kessel like any good Gm would be. and if it doesnt sound like he will resign, then trading him now with a year left on his contract means you’ll get more for him. minn is giving up size no doubt, but throwing in a guy like macarther too and brining back coyle, first and maybe dumba (toronot would have to throw in percy im sure) and bob’s your uncle. done and done. i’m a firm beliuever toronto needs as many high piks aas they can in this draft.

            the last great draft, anaheim had 2 high draft picks and turned into getzlaf and perry. not a bad haul

    • FINALLLY, somebody who knows what he is talking about. I could not agree more. TORONTO needs to move dead weights and give their prospects in the Marlie`s system a CHANCE. DION,GUNNERSON, LILES, GRABO, BOZAK, MACARTHUR, these guys are all dead weights. I rather have young potentials than these overpaid inconsistent dead beats.

      • Let me be clear tho I wouldn’t look at shaking things up too much by doing all these kinds of things now I’d let it ride mostly maybe a few minor tweaks here and there the Kessel idea or one simmilar to might be something to be looked at at the draft..I give Dion a hard time but if he had another vet D capable of taking up minutes he might be fine so I’d wait on that some of the others Mac Bozak Gunnarson Liles (Grabo is always on the block in my world) are pretty much what I might look at moving again not all at once and only if the price was high which I think it could be come Weds.

  9. To clarify, I watch the Leafs, but they are not my number one team.
    That being said, IMHO, I think the Leafs should hold on to both goalies and let them get some playoff experience. They can’t get better by sitting and watching. With Pittsburgh being loaded as they are, most teams will have trouble getting past them. For the Leafs, goaltending won’t make a difference. As this team grows together they will need the goalie experience to help them have a chance to win in the future.
    Just my opinion.

  10. Lyle,

    I don’t understand why you think Bouwmeester’s contract make him immovable. It’s not his contract, it’s his production relative to his contact amount. Shea Weber makes $7.8M per season, and if he was made available, half the teams in the league would start clearing space. At one time Bouwmeester was the hottest UFA on the market. I don’t think that much has changed.

    Bouwmeester plays on a team that is in decline. On a more competitive team, he may have much better numbers. His contract is also ideal. If a team trades for Bouwmeester they get him for the remainder of this year and next. That’s the right amount of time to determine whether he’s a long term fit and then try to re-sign him if the team chooses. And getting Bouwmeester now gives you two runs at a cup as opposed to getting him in the summer where he would be an extended playoff rental.

    • @ JDBig C

      Its a contract thats hard to take becuase the cap is going down next year and J BO still has term which will handcuff a tem in this years UFA class and will limit the amount of players you have to sign …where as J BO s comntract could literaly be depth 3 players in your bottom 6 that you would need to be more important than just one player !!

  11. I can’t see the Pens making anymore splashes may be a defender for a minor leaguer. There is no way the St. Louis is going to be dealt with another year on his contract

    • i can see them ipicking up a Dman too. no one special, someone like a montador (i know not him, but someone like him), someone to go between the press box and that 5/6 area. if they want, they can have phaneuf though

  12. It’s going to be tough getting past Pitt’s and Boston this year. I like the leafs to be careful at this time as making the playoff’s is still a goal. Stay the coarse don’t get to excited. It’s Chicago’s and Crosby’s to loose this year. We want them to make the playoff’s next year too. Clarkson would be a great piece if they could get him before they have to play the Devils. Have to go make some lunch. Crunch time.

    • Just remember LA won the cup as the 8th seed so ya never know.
      Bruins will grab Jagr or Ray Whitney. Top two lines are fine so is the fourth.
      They are just trying to get that third line going. Wish they got Ryder that was a big mistake by Chiarelli.

  13. I think TOR needs to just ride out the remainder of the season. They have exceeded expectations this year and should have a good future if Nonis plays it smart. They should trade Bozak, Mac, Liles, Gunner and Grabo if possible for prospects and draft pics. PIT is gonna win the East hands down so no sense adding players just to get elminated. Kadri is their #1 center. They can retool in the off season and make some deals but I would unload as much cap space as possible. Their is some good teams that will have to unload players to be compliant and if TOR makes these moves they will be in a position to compete hard next year. Just my opinion of course.

    • Ahh intelligent non leaf bashing observations from someone who is not a Leaf fan…to you sir I say Bravo!

    • exactly right. unload players, get yourself ready for the young players to give them a chance.

      • This was what was supose to happen last year or the year before …as of right now you cant unload just for draft picks and TANK….you are just about to make the playoffs which you have yet to do since 9 years ago ……Nonis can not just dump for draft picks at this point he needs depth and charcater players at this point and go for it !!
        You cant just look to make the playoffs with this team …..you have to think deep into the playoffs at this point……… some how …..some way !!!
        thats why I say to just trade 1 KEY PLAYER THAT HAPPENS TO BE EXPIRING SOON via contract so that you can make that happen and acquire the piece you need for now and longer term!!!…..( aka ) Kessel

        • Huh? Trade one of your top 2 point producers for something that fits long term…In other words prospect to go in to the playoffs?…not sure about this whole incoherent rant thing but it sounds like you are suggesting taking a pretty big risk for a playoff run that most would say is nice surprise to even be in…all in to make some noise by selling off Kessel is a blunder on so many levels…

          • Thought I do think it might be wise to try and pedel Kessel off for something in the future I would not seriously consider it in the days leading up to the trade deadline while you were sitting in a playoff spot for the first time in forever…

          • The UFAs I could see moving some not all and if the price was high enough I may consider 3 …Grabovski would be gone for just about any price in my opinion (laughing all the way to the bank) and if that were to happen I would hold on to the UFAs even tho they may walk as not to upset a bunch of chemistry and I’d be content with the savings with losing Grabo I really don’t think losing any of the players hawks4life mentioned if the return was good is going to make the leafs tank…and if the return was good I agree it could really zet them up nicely as far as the cap with extra prospects and picks…

  14. What a shock. We see a Leafs rumor, and the Leafs fans come out, and talk about stupid deals

    • Stupid deals? Such as? Not really any mention of deals some opinion on who we should be looking at that’s about it…if you don’t have anything to say about your team or any of the convo going on here why do you post? Just to see your own typing? Maybe to get another haha out of a fan from another team? That seems more stupid then any of the so called deals you are speaking of….

  15. philly is another team that could be sellers by the trade deadline or looking to do a hockey trade to get their cap space lower so they can have the flexibility to make moves in the free agent market. there is the rumour of b. ryan for couturier .
    maybe a trade of brayden coburn for jake gardiner would make sense for both teams
    coburn is a horse and is exactly what the leafs d corps lack and he has playoff experience and he is only 28yrs old .
    gardiner is a offensive puck mover with lots of potential that philly lacks .
    if philly continues to tank they have a shot at seth jones,
    homer is going to be busy this offseason retooling the flyers .can see him trying to get yandle out of the desert .
    but then again he might get the axe at the end of the year too

    • I’m not so sure… I think Holmgren kinda deserves the axe but I get the feeling the owner pulls alot of the strings and Holmgren might be a bit of a yes man…and a better yes man then Feaster which is why I can see him sticking around and Feaster not so much…lol

  16. Leafs need to stay the course and not go after any goaltender ie luongo. there will be lots of options in the summer if our goalies fail in the playoffs.This team deserves to stay intact for now.

  17. If Vancouver eats only 1 or 1.3 million per year of Luongos salary that makes him a 4 million dollar goalie who had his team in the finals and has much more left in him. Lets say you get even 6 or 7 years of a goalie like him. He only has one injury in his whole career and rather durable.

    Look at the professionalism between him and Schneider. If you dont think that wouldnt help Reimer or Scrivens (I assume Reimer, Scrivens wonky glove hand scares me) develop to full potential for max value then you underestimate what 4 million could get you.

    • But like Gillis is finding out now ….what happens if it works like a charm and Reimer takes over in the next year or so and you have a 4 million dollar back up? How does that help you if you lack depth somewhere else say center ice? Can Lu skate or win a draw? Or say it dosent work out and Reimer struggles over the next year or so and Lu starts to show his age you still have a goal tending issue accept now you have a more expensive goal tending issue…

      • Sorryto say as much as I like Reimer he is just not goingto reachthe level of Elite in this league. I see your pointfor sure, but at 4 million there is no way you can say that’s not value. I don’tknowhow you went from goaltending to talking about center. That is a different matter and if Nonis cannot fit in 4 million to get Elite level tending at the cost of center then the GM is your problem.

        • What I mean is look at the position the Canucks are in now. Got 10 mill locked up in goalies need a second line center can’t really afford a center unless they deal Luongo they are tight to the cap this year…very tight to the cap next year and won’t be able to adress their own ufa or rfas let alone aquire depth at positions they recognize as problems unless they get rid of 1 of the goalies if another center man goes down they are screwed…and next year is worse 3-4 mill in space to sign something like 11 guys…

  18. Correction *If you DO think that wouldnt**

  19. Beer goggle,

    I think your signing valuations are a bit high. Fraser and Franson, while having a good year are level 4,5 or 6 D men. I see Fraser getting 1.5 and Franson 2.25 max. Gunnarson at 3.5? Yes he is a number 2 guy with the Leafs because he plays with Phaneuf, but remember so did Kostka. On a top notch D team he is a 3rd or 4th max. So I see Gunnarson more like 2.5 to 2.75. Kadri has done well with 35 games under his belt, but realistically I think he is going to have to accect more of a PK Subban type teal to start at 3.0 or 3.5. There, now you have almost 21 million to sign the 6 UFA’s.

    • Nvm BG he is simple…lol

      • Yes I’m simple. You sit there posting anyone who thinks Kessel should be traded is an idiot then your next post is trade Kessel for Coyle or for some future prospect then you want to keep the team together and your next post is to trade “Mac Bozak Gunnarson Liles (Grabo is always on the block in my world) are pretty much what I might look at moving again”. Then you hate Dion and the next post is how he is a minute muncher and the Leafs can’t do without him. Then you want to go out and trade for a high priced a big name D man but you also want to re-sign Bozak like a cap doesn’t exist.

        You are all over the map. You really need to take a look at the numbers before you make your next post. We are trying to think of intelligent trades that work in a cap world here.

        • I never said I wouldn’t trade Kessel actually Ive agreed with you in the past on that very point that if Kessel has no intention of signing here (and I don’t think he will) you would have to look at maximizing his value…not earth shattering news, the others you mention would I get rid of some of them?… yep if the return was good, probably wouldn’t do it all at once but come Weds they would be the only guys I would be willing to talk about and I don’t ever recall saying we should sign Bozak for big money Dion isn’t worth what we are paying him but their are only to buy out so…I vote we use one on your hero Grabovski and try and get Dion some help on the backend again not earth shattering….and please don’t tell me to look at numbers again because you just change them to suit your stupid arguments anyway…

          • So basically we agree on a lot of stuff but yet you call me simple, stupid, no hockey sense and every other shot you can think of. I don’t trash anyone on this site unless they take unnessessary shots at me first. If you would keep your personal shots to yourself I wouldn’t be fighting with you at every turn. Ask Backchecking I have never once said anything negative to him. If I see someone who is playing over their head (like Kessel last year) and I see their contract is coming up or a no movement clause is kicking in then I am the first to yell trade because I want to see the buds build for the future not just squeek into the playoffs and get knocked out in 4 straight then get crippled in the cap the next. I’ve been a Leaf fan for decades and only want to see them build a winner.
            BTW Grabo is not my hero I just think he is a player that needs to be given some rope to prove he is as good as he was last year. I was the first one to say to trade him at the deadline last year because he was a UFA and I knew the Leafs would have to pay dearly to keep him. When I heard they signed him for $5.5 I was upset knowing he could never live up to this salary and it would handcuff the Leafs in the future with the cap. Same with Bozak and MacA this year.

          • Look I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings but you’re bullheaded and make things up to suit your argument (you paying Gunnarson the same as Subban, Phillips, Delzotto and Jackman and comparing him to buy out candidates for example) which at very least is frustrating and is what gives some Leaf haters ammo to use against some pretty reasonable leaf fans that are found here, if people can’t back up their argument with facts not making up numbers or using excuses (leaf fan or not) I am going to call a spade a spade… do we agree on somethings yep but not many

          • Yet again you ignore the fact Liles just got $3.9M out of the Leafs and he’s sitting on the bench most nights. Gunnar is considered a number two behind Dion. As I said earlier his agent will come in and say my boy is number two on this squad and he wants to be paid like it. SOOO if Liles is getting $3.9M Komi is getting $4.5M, Phaneuf is getting $6.5M then my guy is worth $3.5M at the very least.
            I’m not saying he’s worth any where near that figure I’m telling you what an agent will be telling Nonis so if you don’t want to hear it then you should be yelling trade Gunnar now along with Fraser, Franson and Kadri… all these guys are going to be looking for the max from the Leafs. Face facts and look at how the Leaf brass handled MacA, Kuli, Liles, and Grabo’s contracts.

          • Gahh you are so tiring… the argument was about cap space, I (and most others)say they got lots or in a good spot anyway you say (and so far I’ve only heard this bit from you) they have almost none to prove your argument you didn’t use a buy out and over paid almost every RFA on the list by about a mill a piece and then said there I’m right…lol. You didn’t take into account there might be cheaper options available nothing…then you make it seem like you are justvsuggesting what might happen with Gunnarson when I point out 1 of the flaws in many you have pointed out making yet another arguments. That you are wrong in…gee can’t figure out why someone might find you annoying….

    • I agree with most of what you said but I think I’d pay Kadri a little more to lock him up a little longer 4-4.5 5 years if he keeps up the pace during the playoffs I might go 5 but basically Grabo’s money a little less way more upside….

      • Same ball park as Ryan Oriley basically just see if he would go longer term…

    • As usual when I point out how wrong you are about a point you ignore the fact I’m right and jump to the next point without acknowledging you are wrond. Gunnar will get between 3 and 3.5M not $2.5M as you just pointed out. Franson will get between $2.5 and 3M, Fraser will get between $2 and $2.5M, and Kadri will get $4.5 to $5M… You know I’m right about this you just are to hardheaded to admit it. I did acknowledge the buyou of Komi and possible buyouts/trades of Grabo and/or Liles but I obviously have to show the cap with them still in place and all the RFA at their max in order to show a worst case scenerio which could very well happen with the disclaimer that Grabo or Liles could be bought out freeeing up X amount of cap space and the RFA’s possibly getting slightly less.
      You my friend cannot face facts that I’m right once again. You just keep doing some sort of backwards math on the Leafs cap and coming up with a number which make zero sense. I have listed it out player by player and all you have done is throw a bunch of backwards numbers around in the air.

      Leafs have $5M to sign 5 players UNLESS they buyout or trade Liles and/or Grabo. IF Nonis plays hardball with the RFA’s (highly unlikely as shown in the past) then the Leafs COULD possibly have an extra $2M to add to that $5M to sign five players. So worst case scenerio they have $5M to sign 5 players and best case they buyout Grabo and play hardball with the RFA’s and have $12.5M to sign six players. either way it’s not much.