NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Friday, March 8, 2013.

A list of possible trade candidates, plus the latest on the Senators and Red Wings.

Could David Clarkson be available at the trade deadline?

Could David Clarkson be available at the trade deadline?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance listed the top 20 rental players heading toward the April 3 trade deadline and their potential trade value. Anaheim’s Corey Perry, Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson, New Jersey’s David Clarkson, Calgary’s Jarome Iginla, Washington’s Mike Ribeiro, Phoenix’s Mike Smith, NY Islanders Mark Streit, and Dallas’ Jaromie Jagr topped the list.

Others included the Islanders’ Lubomir Visnovsky, Toronto’s Clarke MacArthur, the Kings Dustin Penner, Dallas’ Brenden Morrow, Ottawa’s Sergei Gonchar, Colorado’s Milan Hejduk, Phoenix’s Steve Sullivan, Detroit’s Ian White, Tampa Bay’s Nate Thompson, Florida’s Stephen Weiss, Buffalo’s Robyn Regehr and Winnipeg’s Nik Antropov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Custance isn’t saying all the aforementioned will be available by the deadline, he’s just evaluating their trade value if they were to hit the market.Of those players, I don’t expect Perry, Alfredsson, Clarkson, Smith, Jagr, Streit, MacArthur, Morrow, Gonchar, Hejduk, Sullivan, or Weiss to be available. Iginla is a maybe, depending of course upon the Flames position in the standings and his willingness to waive his movement clause. As for the rest, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were available by the end of this month, depending of course on where their respective teams sit in the standings by then.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes the Senators could have interest in center Matt Cullen if the Minnesota Wild shop him by the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wild GM Chuck Fletcher sounded reluctant about moving Cullen. His trade status could depend upon where the Wild are in the standings by the end of this month.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Detroit Red Wings defenseman Ian White has been a healthy scratch since February 25, but he said he hasn’t reached the point where he’d ask for a trade.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: With Carlo Colaiacovo due back soon from injury, don’t be surprised if the Wings shop White, possibly for a scoring forward.


  1. Would there be a decent trade available anywhere for the Leaf’s Dion Phaneuf? I think the guy is absolutley brutal.

    • I would think the Leafs could dangle MacArthur only for the fact Frattin and Lupul will be back soon and I don’t think they want to stick these two guys on the forth line or banish anyone else currently on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd line down to the forth. Plus they play better when McLaren and Orr are patroling the ice.

      Dion was brutal last night but so was Bozak and Kessel. All they do is float for fear of being hit. These guys are not top line players and never will be…

      • I would disagree with dion. Yes last night and a few of the games this year he has been on the ice for a lot of mistakes and goals against. But he is a 25+ min dman who I say is a #2 or 3 on a lot of teams and a #1 on a few. I think his problem is his d partner, why is holzer playing with him. He is the one making the mistakes and phanuef looks silly trying to do to much.
        As for macarthur I too think he’s traded. Its just simple math and clark is a ufa next year and there is no room to resign him.

        • Dion had one of his worst nights last night. He was the direct result of two, 2 on 1’s that his D partner had to bail him out of. I can live with his faults at this point because he tries (sometimes to much), what I can’t live with is watching Bozak and Kessel float for another game especially if it’s the Bruins again.

          MacArthur is most likely a gonner unless they trade Kulemin. There is no room for Lupul and Frattin right now without taking grit off the 2nd and 3rd line ie Komorov and McClement.

        • get some glasses Dion is a bum

      • Geez beer you have ragged on Kessel since the lock out was on.
        Honestly just change your name to IHatekessel.
        Get him a real centre,that is all he needs and Lupul back as JVR is not as good a fit.

        Lups back to top line,JVR with grabbo/kuli,frattin back to kadri/mac.
        Komo/Mcclement/Enforcer 4th line.
        you remember komorov/mcclement right,the other 2 you called bums at the start of the year?

        having 2 enforcers is nice but they have enough bangers and 2 dressed is a waste.

        Ripping Dion is just not fair,he is being played into the ground.
        too many minutes and always against the other teams top guns.
        some other dmen have to step up so he can play less and not get burned out.

        the only leaf i have not liked and consider overrated and over played is gunnar,way too many giveaways and way too soft in front.
        he is considered a good dman so if true he can be the trade bait.
        i thought the leafs were much better defensivly and overall game with less errors when gunnar was out and liles in.
        have to find a way to get gardner back too,he will fire up the PP and get more puck movement and he does not have to play any penalty kill so can stay fresh and not bang.

        it appears the leafs have to make a deal or 2 soon and move out some dmen and a forward and hopefully get a better centre out of that for kessel/lupul.

        • I never ripped on McClement so you have me mixed up with someone else but I did say I don’t understand why Komorov made the team over guys like Ryan Hamilton who bust their asses down on the Marlies prove they should get a shot and never get one. I still feel that way. My point is each line needs grit so whether it’s Komorov or Hamilton it doesn’t matter. BTW Komorov has zero play making ability and hands of stone, he does open up some ice for Kadri though.

          You are forgetting the Lupul/ Bozak/ Kessel line sucked soooo bad last year against Boston so putting that line back together isn’t going to net you a different result when playing a team like the B’s.

          The Leafs aren’t getting a number one center so now what is the plan? Keep a soft perimeter playing Kessel and play him with a small second or third line centerman for the next two years or trade him for a tougher scoring winger like your JVR/ Lupul type winger and stick with your smaller playmaking type center ala Grabovski/ Kadri? IMO there are lots of great smaller 2nd line centers available and no big bodied top line centers so thinking you are going to get one is just a dream.
          The Leafs need both Orr and McLaren right now. Taking one out in the middle of the season while they are slowly proving to teams they can bully with the best of them would be going backwards.
          We agree on Dion and Gunnar

          • What i said was a centre,not a true number one centre.
            There are a lot of good centres that are not small but average size and have decent hands and will make good passes unlike bozak.
            Last night Bozak almost got kessel killed a few times with dumb passes where a bruin was sitting and waiting to level Kessel.
            I even think Mclement would be an upgrade over Bozak with those 2.
            Bozak is gone next year,no way they pay him 4 mil or more when they can use that cash for better.

            One enforcer is fine,how many times have they both had to fight in one game,twice i think.
            as long as one is there they cover that and if any other is needed frasor will step up.
            komo does enough banging for whichever sits out and does not have to drop the gloves to cause havoc.
            when both enforcers play the 4th line is horrible in the defensive zone as both are too slow.
            once playoffs start you cannot have them both play anyway so may as well get the playoff line up in now.

            lups/kessel were inifective vs bruins last year because there was no other line to be afraid of.
            now they will have 3 lines that have offense so teams cannot just shut down one and not worry about the others.

            JVR is not a tough grinder winger,nothing like lupul.
            he will go in a corner but not bang and will go in front but also likes the perimiter which is too much like kessel/bozak.

            I have faith in Nonis finding a centre,it will not be a star like getzlaf or anything like that but it will be a decent guy that is much better than bozak and will help kessel/lups step up another level.

          • It is the same debate over and over again. The leafs need top players. A centre, a damn and a goalie. Now for the moment I would give Reimer the credit in goal. But it’s kind of hard to pick apart a guy like phaneuf and kessel who are playing with guys who aren’t fit for their roles. It’s kind of tiring to keep having the bozak conversation and yes it’s not his fault they put him in the spot. I agree with you that why wait for a top #1 because how often does that happen, it’s been what 4 years. What about a guy like statsny? Has his talent level fallen that much? He has a big salary but isn’t he an upgrade over bozak who will most likely resign for 4+ mill somewhere.

          • @TopRight
            Thank god I thought you were saying Bozak is fine where he is. I don’t hate Kessel it’s just that Bozak shows all Kessels faults because Boz plays like he is a top center with huge play making ability otherwise why would he assume he doesn’t have to hit, grind, take hits and go to the net? Only guys of Kessel’s ability get that free pass (not 3rd line centerman) but when only 1 out of 3 linemates is physical the line is usually a liability.

            Hey is there any chance the Leafs could try Kessel at center? He has the speed to be a two way guy. I’m sure he has the ability to get really good at faceoffs which would allow the Leafs to wing him with Lupul and JVR. Kessel wouldn’t have to go to the corners or to the front of the net since those are Lupul and JVR’s strengths. Just a thought… If Kessel could fill that role that would be an unbelievable line. Then again Kadri between JVR and Lupul would be unstoppable right now too.

            As far as enforcers I agree I just think now is not the right time to sit either Orr or McLaren. Leafs are still proving to teams they are bullies. They need to install that thought deep in every teams psyche so when Orr does finally sit, teams won’t notice anything has changed. Lets face it we love to watch Mark Fraser fight but having him in the box for 5 minutes is a liability to the Leafs.

    • One of the rumoured knocks on why the Flames gave up on Dion was that he didn’t believe his game needed changing, that he wasn’t interested in being coached / improved. Not 100% surprising from a cocky guy (that’s not a bad thing, necessarily) who scored 20 goals as a rookie d-man.

      However, that has caught up with him in recent years. He still has a cannon shot and is a fearsome hitter, but his +/- and defensive game are frequently average-to-terrible. He should have been a #1 or #2, but he’s ended up more of a #3 or #4 on a good team, IMO.

      I also believe he’s no captain, and being it for the Leafs doesn’t help him/his game.

      • When you say Dion has a cannon shot I assume you mean the Leaf players he hits standing in front of the net feel like they have been hit by a cannon ball. lol

        • lol I do. And agree totally. Not much accuracy on that thing…

        • You give Dion the right partner and cut down his minutes he is a good dman.
          he is asked to do too much and the more he tires the mistakes show up.

          A goalie is way down my list for needs right now,the 2 young guys are doing just fine andn the more they play the better they will get.

          they tried kessel at centre for a few games last year but it did not work.

          a guy like stastny would fit the bill and colorado may want that salary gone but the asking price may not be what leafs have to offer.
          i am sure a few teams would be in on him if he was offered around.

          nonis is smart and will find a fit for the right price whether now of the off season.

          calgary reminds me a lot of the past leaf teams that kept on with the vet thing and would never give in to rebuilding and were forever mediocre or just always looking at the 8th spot.

          thank goodness the leafs woke up and are finally getting on the right track.

          getlaf’s big contract tells me they cannot afford perry as well so either a trade this year or he is gone for nothing via free agency.
          if perry hits the market for trade that could be a feeding frenzy worth watching,like sharks on wounded prey.
          they should learn from that and get on with a rebuild.

          • Ok, Let me get this right.?.?
            Leafs do poorly and are at the bottom of the standings and we rip them and call them all bums.
            The Leafs are doing well and are in a playoff spot and we rip them and call them all bums.

            If you hate the Leafs just say so and move on, Ripping a team that is doing well or because one night a particular line didn’t work well last year is crazy. Compare last year to this year. Improvement???? Hell Yeah. Cup contender?? Maybe/maybe not.

  2. I normally respect your opinion, but on the subject of who will be available for the deadline, you couldn’t be more wrong. I expect half if not all the ones you mentioned to be moved. Bubble teams will have a gasp of what they are capable of by deadline day and i expect them to bail fast

  3. I think the Flames need to go 3-0 against the Ducks then the two games against the Kings in a row if they want to consider themselves a playoff team. If they bounce around the 9-11 pot they better consider trading anyone and everyone. I know a lot of guys on the team have NTC but they should at least ask. I will go out on a limb here and call (if the Flames decide to sell sell sell) at least one of: Iggy to the pens, Cammy and/or Kipper to the leafs, JayBow to the flyers and Tanguay to wings. The Flames need to get younger and get some picks.

    • The Flames will not make the playoffs and most likely won’t move anyone significant out. They seem to be on a downward spiral which will take years to rebuild. To bad

      • ya, I’m not sure if its management who’s saying they should keep that team together or if it’s the owners, either way that team either has to catch fire now and make a push or just fold up and trade everyone away.

        My prediction (and I’ve been a Flames fan for over 25 years) is another 9-10 place finish where management says “we were so close, lets sacrifice more of the future and maybe we reach our goal of 8th!” but by the time they finally get 8th, the league will restructure and you’ll need 7th to make the playoffs. lol

        • You’d think by now both management and ownership would be feeling the pulse of their fans. Change is needed in a big way. They probably know this but are to reluctant to take the gamble. The fans love the game, after all they are Canadians and they will still fill the building if they know a better future lay ahead.
          Agree on Phaneuf, he plays in all circumstances and is over worked. Also agree that Gunnarsson is the guy that should be made available. Package him, MacArthur and a prospect for an upgrade on forward.

    • I’d have to disagree on Tanguay to the Wings, unless he’s VERY cheap. The Red Wings would be looking more at Bouwmeester as they need a top pair capable defenseman more than a forward. I can see Tanguay if they move Filpulla out somewhere.

      I do, however, think the Wings will move Ian White. Could White be sent for Tanguay? Even if that does not address the rebuild of Calgary?

  4. Why is James Gardener not being brought up from the Marlies.Guy is doing well in ahl and it’s time to bring him up.

    • Who the hell is James Gardener. Try calling him Jake Gardiner. He will be back up when some moves are made, but in reality it wouldn’t hurt his development if he stayed with the Marlies for the rest of the season.

      • No it’s James Garner not Gardener.. The Rockford files… Gezz are you guys that young you don’t know who James Garner is? I’m not sure he’s in top form right now. LOL

  5. If Clarkson’s leaving Jersey, it’ll be for nothing. Lou’s not going to deal a guy who’s going to be integral to playoff success if the Devils make it.

    No one in the Southeast is going to sell because even if they’re 8 points out of the playoffs, they’re usually 8 points out of third place as well.

    I hoped that the late trade deadline would give a chance for teams to be sellers… but again, we’re only going to have three sellers, and teams are going to be reluctant to give up picks this year. A lot of demand and very little supply…This April 3 might go down as the first official “junk trading” trade deadline, with teams looking to move bad contracts and taking on lesser bad contracts in return.

    • I like how they called Calvert’s goal a ‘video game goal”… would have been more true if it was a reacher.

  6. Kessel plays better when Lupul is on the ice, he’s due to return, Kessel will find his scoring touch. Phaneuf, had a bad game, but he is a good defenceman, no doubt. MacArthur is playing well with Kadri so I can’t see him going anywhere. Trading Kulemin, Komiserek, Lyles and Gunnarson should be the priority, Mike Brown deserved to wear the blue and white more than any of these guys. Kulemin has lost his game in TO so trade him, Komiserek was a bad signing so buy him out (or trade if him if possibe), Lyles is expendable so trade him, and timid Gunnarson is getting crushed out so there trade him as he’d probably thrive out west. I would concentrate on developing Frattin, Kadri and Gardiner. Trade for hard nosed centerman and let the good times roll! Bring Darryl Sittler out of retirement and GO Leaf! GO!

  7. Randy Carlyle uses on-ice minutes to tell players how well they are playing so maybe he should go instead of Phaneuf. That would make a lot sense, wouldn’t it?
    A healthy Jake Gardiner would really help the Leafs’ blueline as would the continuing return to form of Carl Gunnarson.
    I’ll be interested to see what roster moves take place when Frattin, Lupul and Gardiner return.

  8. The salary cap coming down is going to really effect the deadline. I think you’ll see a lot of ufas moved and not much else. The teams that usually add can’t really as they are near the 70 mill cap and have to go down next year. Seems to be a big need for top d men and should be some teams over paying for lesser talent because they are desperate.
    There are already about 7 teams that I think are out but whether they will actually give in and accept it or not I’m not sure.

  9. Why is Weiss on that list? He is out for the season…

    If Dallas falls out of the playoffs then Jagr will most likely be dealt.

    I think that we will have the same issue on the trade deadline as last year. Teams overprice their players. Teams in need of those players say the hell with it. And so, few significant trades happen.

    • Agreed. I think we all know this years trade deadline will be another bust.

      • Well beer we agree on that,prepare for a lot of time filling jokes on TSN on trade deadline day.
        I expected to see movement by now but with really zip going on it looks like a real snoozer.

        when you have 4 or 5 teams in dire need of dmen even not top 4 ones and 2 or 3 teams have extra dmen to move and nothing happens it is a very bad sign for trading.
        looks like the majority of teams are more interested in saving cash over spending it.

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    Who cares

    • The most devoted and loyal fans in the world, thats who.

      • The most self absorbed fans in the world- thats who.

        • Jeolousy will get you nowhere

        • +1

    • Outside of Toronto having really die hard fans, The Leafs are not very good at all. They haven’t for MANY years…even before Sundin retired…

      They have some decent players that could do well elsewhere, but outside of Kessel, they lack upper side impact players. Lupul is doing well there though.

  11. Shutdown Righthanded DMan to play with Phaneuf, someone like Petry (Edm) would fit the bill (Derrick Morris, Brewer ideally, but you get the picture). Let Holzer and Kostka (righties) battle for who plays with Gardner (Lefty). Expendable; Gunnar, Liles, Komi.

    Let Grabo center the top line between JVR and Lupul (til the oft talked about dream of a franchise center is realized). He’s proficient in the f/o circle, gives 100%, and is more defensively responsible than Bozak.
    Expendable Forwards; Kessel, Kulemin (because of Komarov and McClement), Bozak (great 3rd line center/faceoff man for a contender; Vancouver would fit), and Steckel.

    2nd Line consisting of Mac/Kadri/Frattin is a nice young, balanced line.

    3rd line: I’d push hard for Ryan Clowe and one Phoenix Shutdown type Centers; Hanzal,Vermette, Gordon (Dubinski may be available also) and McClement on the other wing. A True shutdown line to play against the other teams 1st line, also would free up Grabo from that role and also allow Komarov to Center the fourth line.

    Obviously I’d like to see Perry And Getzlaf in Blue and White, but, have to be realistic, Clowe would cost a pretty penny as well. But, given the expendable assets available, it’s doable, however in

    • Nice post.

  12. With Sharp going down for Chicago, I think they pursue Iginla and go hard for him. He would fit in great and when Sharp actually returns that would give Chi good depth. I know Bowman mentioned getting a centre and I think Gagner from EDM would be a good fit. If he wants more experience perhaps Cullen from MIN or Morrow from DAL may be a good fit. Food for thought but I guarantee he does something (at least he should) because CHI is primed to win the cup this year. Unbeleivable Streak! Especially in todays game where teams are so competitive.

  13. Getzlaf signs for eight year 66 million

    • Sweet mamma jamma. How can they build around him with a cap hit of $8.25M and the cap going *down*?

    • Had to give him the coin, couldn’t justify losing both he and Perry … Selanne and Koivu won’t be back so the Ducks will have some money to spend …

    • Wow I guess that means Perry gets the same in the UFA market. Not worth it if you want to build a contender with a cap of $64M. To tough to pay the other 22 players

      • Getzlaf had the ducks over a barrel. If the rumours of Perry moving on are true then with him, Selanne and Koivu probably retiring the ducks would be without any stars left on the team. Can imagine that the negotiations were pretty one sided. “I want this much”, Ah, umm, okay, sign here. The ducks are going to be a vastly different team next year assuming the retirments.

  14. Kessel needs to be moved. He is a speedy goal scorer but he is in the wrong division.
    He can’t play against tough physical teams. Toronto could add some good players by trading him and his salary. I do believe it will happen before next season.

    • Much talk has been made about a Kessel for Perry trade. I like both players, but I do believe it would benefit both teams. It has been said already but since Perry appears to be headed for UFA then Anaheim would get something that they otherwise may not. and Toronto if they could get him to sign would get another more defensively minded yet great goal scorer. However, since Anaheim will make the playoffs nothing will happen until the draft. With Burke now in Anaheim it may or may not facilitate this trade depending upon how much of a grudge he holds.

      • I disagree that this helpsboth teams. Assuming Perryresigns with Toronto, the tradehelpsthe leafs big time.

        The only thingit does for Anaheim is provide themwith a player with a lowercap hit for a guy they may have lost to free agency. The only problem is that kessel is a major step downfrom perry, especiallydefensively and in terms of grit, and he is a UFA after next season, which would put the ducks in the samespot next year with kessel that they are currently in with perry.

        Coming to the leafs would also leaveperryin the samepredicament as kessel: no top line center to play with.

  15. Here’s another one, off the grid, sort of.
    IMO, Shane Doan has felt betrayed and burned out from the ownership mess down here in AZ. I can see him waiving his NMC and being traded to some specific team. He seems to have lost some of that passion he is known for.

    • I would have asked for a trade long ago. When is Gary going to give this pet project up and finally admit the team needs to be moved?

    • Rumour has it that Buffalo offered $7.5 per season….he didn’t even look twice at the offer.