NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 10, 2014

The latest on Sam Gagner, Andrew Ladd, Ryan Miller and more.

Could the Oilers pursue Jets' captain Andrew Ladd?

Could the Oilers pursue Jets’ captain Andrew Ladd?

EDMONTON SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL: Robert Tychkowski reports on the possibility the Oilers could trade Sam Gagner, suggesting other Oilers (Nail Yakupov, Jordan Eberle) could also be moved. Tychkowski also suggests the Oilers could be showcasing him by moving him to right wing. He and Joanne Ireland also noted Gagner is shrugging off the trade rumors, noting it isn’t the first time his name has popped up in the rumor mill.

David Staples, meanwhile, wondered if the Oilers could use Gagner to land Andrew Ladd or Blake Wheeler or Dustin Byfuglien from the Winnipeg Jets, suggesting Ladd would be the better target for the Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This time, however, there could be validity to the Gagner rumors.  Management seems reluctant to move Yakupov and Eberle, and it’s highly unlikely Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Justin Schultz will be moving. GM Craig MacTavish promised “bold moves” but has yet to deliver. Gagner could be the first of them.

As for swapping Gagner for Ladd, while intriguing, I suspect the Oilers would prefer moving him to an Eastern club. It could also depend on where Gagner would prefer to go. While his NMC doesn’t kick in until next season, management could ask him for a choice of destinations to get out of their promise not to trade him this season. Winnipeg might not be among them.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports attempting to re-sign pending UFA goalie Ryan Miller is among the first orders of business for new Sabres GM Tim Murray. President of Hockey Operations Pat LaFontaine is hopeful Miller is open to re-signing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller’s in his thirties and doesn’t have many years left in his prime to play for a Stanley Cup contender. He won’t get that chance if he stays with the rebuilding Sabres. Expectation is he could test this summer’s free agent market.

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang speculates the asking price for Buffalo Sabres Matt Moulson could be a second round pick…She noted there seemed to be some interest in Colorado Avalanche center Ryan O’Reilly of late, adding it would be interesting to see if they shop him at the deadline. She reports the NY Rangers want to move Michael Del Zotto and could shop Dan Girardi, so there might be a fit there…She believes the Sabres certainly have to try to trade Ryan Miller by the deadline…In response to a reader’s question asking if the Ranges could have interest in Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien, Strang noted he’s a right-hand shot, which the Rangers need…She reports there’s been no significant progress in the Rangers contract talks with Girardi and Ryan Callahan. If the Blueshirts continue to hover near the cusp they could entertain moving one or both…She believes chances are slim Thomas Vanek re-signs with the Islanders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Sabres shop Moulson by the deadline they’ll want a draft pick or picks or prospects in return…I don’t see the Avs shopping O’Reilly. He’s a restricted free agent this summer so there’s no concern about losing his rights…Byfuglien’s shot, size and offensive skills might interest the Rangers, but his defensive lapses would drive them nuts…I still believe the Rangers won’t move Girardi or Callahan at the deadline if they’re still in playoff contention…I agree with Strang’s take on Vanek.


  1. There is no reason to believe that Vanek would want to/or will re-sign with the Islanders. They are a club that has some decent talent but they are not going to will a Stanley Cup in the near or distant future, sorry Islander fans. Being a Wild fan, the way I see it, he has a (better) chance to win one with them, hopefully before Suter and Parise and Pominville etc are beyond their prime. Hope he signs here! Peace.

    • Ice, I wouldn’t worry about Vanek signing with MN – Heatly’s contract is over this season, saving the Wild $7.5M – I think that is more than enough to sign Vanek.

      • Steve, yes that’s true and we Wild fans cant wait to dump that garbage, the sooner the better!

    • I agree that the Isles are a very long shot to sign Vanek. Course he may decide he likes playing with Tavares as the two of them have really been clicking of late. Wild have been rumored as a destination for him for a while though I heard that it was one of their beat writers that started that rumor. Not sure how much sense it makes to have 3 players taking up that much cap space (Parise, Suter, Vanek) but the Wild do have a lot of young prospects so who knows.

    • As an Islander fan I agree, and hope they move Vanek for a good return, however I wouldn’t feel so confident that his chances are any better with the Wild. He’ll probably sign with a team like Detroit or Philly

  2. A 2nd rounder for a 30 goal scorer? Good luck Katie.

    • It’ll be 1st rounder+.

      • UFA

        • Could be a first rounder (late first rounder) and a middle type prospect I suppose but nothing extraordinary. Youre right tho just a second round pick is a little low.

          • Ya that’s what I figure as well. Are you a loud to sign and trade in the NHL? Or is it just not done?

    • It is possible, (if there isn’t a NMC or NTC in the contract) but it never happens. What would be the incentive for the player to sign the contract, when they are about to be a UFA and can choose whatever team/deal they want? All this would do is give the team the choice of destination.

      • I was shocked by Strang’s comments. I think she’s crazy. I was wondering if she has been actually watching the trades that have been happening at the deadline in the past couple of years?

        2nd rd pick.?!?!

  3. The Coyotes should be all over Moulson. They have such a need for a legit scoring threat and have plenty of D prospects to dangle along with picks.

    The Flyers tried to land Byfuglein once so if he is available I could see them making a move again centered around Byf and Coburn.

    A bold move by the Oil would be Gagner and their #1 pick to the Rangers for Girardi and Richards. Rangers would save out on using the buyout on Richards and could use Gagner to repalce him as the 2nd line C. Despite all the talk about re-signing Girardi I could see him getting an offer from someone close to Phaneauf’s deal and if that is the case Sather would be hard pressed to to keep him and Callahan while adequately addressing the other Ranger’s needs to get them to be a true Cup contender. Remember that this team is not young when you look at it’s core players.

    • Coyotes should pounce on Moulson. However the Sabres have a huge amount of big time defensmen coming up. Zadorov, Ristolainen, McCabe, McNabb, Pysyk and Myers There just doesn’t seem like there will be any more room for a young defensemen. Plus we have Ehrhoff for the rest of his life.

      I dunno man Flyers need help on D and Buf isn’t exactly help on D. More the offensive guy from back there. Has a mean streak though. Coburn is the better all around guy IMO.

      Do the Oilers even have the cap room for that?

      • I also have a hard time trying to understand why a team lie the Oilers would take on a deal like that (salary of Richards/Girardi) being on the outside of the playoffs?

        • + Richards has a full ntc,Can’t imagine he will waive it to go to Edmonton. The return of Gagner + 1st rounder isn’t enough for Girardi alone imo. Girardi is a guy that if he goes anywhere, it is a contender. Not a team in a 10 year rebuild plan team. And you may think I am putting too much value on Girardi, but the guy has a ton of playoff experience and eats 24-28 minutes a game. How many d-men like this will be available to a contender come deadline time?

      • maybe a different team and system would benefit buff in philly, but no doubt would be nice to have his flexibility for fw/d….also moulson would be a nice fit beside G for a pick and a prospect, then resign him for a modest raise for 3yrs…

    • I have to disagree here on Girardi. As I pointed out yesterday, the Rangers have $31 million without a Richards buyout and $38 million with a buyout 12-13 Roster spots to fill and 6 of which are Rfa’s. Assuming worst case scenario Girardi and Callahan cost a combined $13-14 million to retain (which is extremely on the high side, I honestly can’t see more than $12-13 ) it still leaves plenty of room to retain other Ufa’s/Rfa’s and still have room to play in free agency.

    • Only way a trade like this works is if we look into the structure of the remaining years on Richard’s contract. If the cap hit is relatively lower due to top end weighting, there may be some value for Edmonton. The key issue here is when RNH, Hall, Eberle, etc. come up for the next renewal, how much money will they require to keep them in town? If Richards eliminates the cap space, you’ll end up moving a young talented player coming into thier prime in order to keep an older, non-movable player on the back side of thier career. Girardi on the other hand will held the back end, but again, whats it going to take to sign longterm which costs you down the road? They might be better off trading with someone who has young, NHL ready, talented D.

    • Buffalo has no need for defenseman….let me repeat that…BUFFALO HAS NO NEED FOR DEFENSEMAN

      LHD: Ehrhoff, Zadorov, Weber, Talinder, McNabb, McCabe
      RHD: Myers, Pysyk, risrolainen, Ruhwedel, McBain

      With a likely top 3 pick they could even decide to draft Ekblad.

      What Buffalo needs is to improve their winger depth—so what they will want is a young winger prospect 21-24 with top 6 potential or a 1st round pick.

      As it looks now PHX doesnt have much in the forward prospects that they would be willing to give up.

  4. Three guys that the Leafs would have to look at if they were available and Nonis decides to build a more Randy type team (instead of just obvious fire Carlyle)…Ladd, Wheeler and ROR.

    Lots of teams would have interest I realize that and, Im not sure who the Leafs would move or anything of the sort. Im just suggesting these are players (all mentioned above) way more in the mold of a Randy Carlyle type team and suit his “systems” better than what the Leafs currently have.

    • Hey Shticky would you consider firing Carlyle right now? Last two Leafs games I’ve seen were 7-1 and 6-1. So just wondering if the coaching change is what you guys need?

      • I can answer that question for Shticky. YES. He’s wanted to fire Carlyle since about the 10 game mark.

      • I questioned when they hired him that he was a fit, (the Leafs are not built like the ducks) but he got them to the playoffs so I backed off quite a bit but ya since early in the season you could see this was going to be a train wreck. Fire him or you pretty much have to blow this team up and get Carlyle type players. Easier to fire the coach than to trade half a team away imo.

        • I think Laviolette would do good in TO.

          • Join the club, fire Carlyle, bring in Laviolette!

          • but at the end of the season. I’ll give him the opportunity to turn the team around.

        • This is going to sound nuts but if Wilson had this team they make the playoffs easy imo, goal tending is way better lineup is much more talented. Wilson was dealt a 1 line team with no pmd (which is why they got and resigned Liles in the first place) no Bernier Reimer Bolland Raymond Kadri Gardiner Rielly Franson…This is more a Ron Wilson type team than Ron Wilson had.

          • And I forgot the obvious probably no Clarkson plus Grabo, 3-4 lines that can all play.

    • The Jets seem to be the best trade partners for the Leafs at this time and being in the West now makes it even easier.
      IMO Burke junior (Mr. Nonis) will keep his minor tinkering up and show his loyalty to Carlyle until the season is over and the Leafs are on the golf course watching the playoffs. If he trades anyone of the following Clarkson/Kessel/Bozak/Phaneuf/Gunnar/Reilly/Bernier then he is admitted he made a mistake so no way any of these guys get moved. He can’t move JVR with his progression and Lupul would be a mistake since he’s the only one that showed any type of aggression last night while also scoring the only goal so that leaves Kadri/Gardiner(RFA)/Raymond(UFA)/Franson(RFA)/Reimer(RFA) as any decent trade pieces. I doubt these guys bring back a significant player(s) in a deal with leadership, aggression, scoring prowess and shut down skills the team is so desperately lacking.

      • Leafs24/7,
        I completely agree with what your saying, I would add Bolland staying for now, although we haven’t seen him enough. I would add Fraser(RFA), and Ranger(UFA) to your list of trad-able or leaving. Orr and McLaren can be easily replaced by Bodie, and then Holland comes back up to Centre a 4th Line of D’Amigo-Holland-Bodie.

        Anyone know when Bollands scheduled to return?

      • There’s no way in hell Leafs get rid of Clarkson. That’s basically me saying someone will take Leino off Sabres hands. Only way they get rid of him is through buyout.

        • IMO, the loss of Bolland was huge to the depth down the middle and was never adequately addressed. That 3rd line center is such an underrated position and is the difference between good and great teams.
          You have Clarkson for at least another 1/2 season next year. Give him time to adjust. With the cap going up, he’s less of a burden financially.

  5. I would not move Gagner for Ladd if I was the Jets ….Ladd has 3 cups , the captain and is a game breaker and plays a more physical game than Gagner …I would move Byflugien or another piece for Gagne but not Ladd.

    Oilers should look to move RNH …hes the best trade chip for return results and a piece that the Oilers will be able to live with out longer term …he was unable to lead a world junior team to a medal as Captain and was absolutely a no show in that tournament against kids who are mostly not NHL material …he would be my choice for a quality return trade piece right now !

    As new GM of the Sabres Iam looking to move Grigerenko and Ott as a pair ASAP for a quality return for a younger more physical bigger player as my first move however, my main target would be Anton Kuhdobin in Carolina an Enroth and Ott for Khudobin and Rutuu would be beneficial to both teams

    A second round pick for Moulson is ridiculous …..youu dont move him for a draft pick you move him for a guy who fits in right away and proven in the NHL …..he s a proven producer and has proved he can do that with another team and not just Tavares ….he would be an amazing addition to the AVS team if it is to be true but O Riely is a big time player …but still will not be paid as much as Duchene so he most likley will be traded even though he is a great player …Stastny will be resigned at $5.5 million instead.

    With being a UFA Vanek would be insane to resign with the Islanders when he has a chance to go to a better higher ranking team ….ummmm like the Wild as rumors have it !

    • Enroth looks like the real deal. He shouldn’t be traded. Only reason for his lousy record is because the Sabres help with a gross average of 1.3 GF when he is in net. That won’t do it for any goalie.

      Khudobin could be had in the offseason for nothing. Plus Carolina already has Peters so no need for another goalie coming back.

    • I just have to know, are you Kuhdobin’s agent? Everyday you are on here with a different team acquiring him.

      I would think if the Sabres move Miller the game plan is to use Enroth, not trade him for a backup.

      That trade proposal sucks. Not a good trade at all.

      Moulson will not get you ROR.

      I don’t think anyone expects Vanek to sign with the NYI.

      • As much as I would love to trade Moulson and another player for ROR,my concern is that you would only get ROR guaranteed for 1 year. I would rather trade Moulson and another asset for a player that is going to stay for a few years – maybe like Mouson and Meyers for Giroux, Ennis and Stafford for Gallagher or Pacioretty or Skinner. In reality, I’d love to see Buffalo trade for Dustin Brown, Derek Stepan and/or Evander Kane. I also think Chris Stewart can be a reasonable trade as for some reason he seems to be in Hitchcock’s doghouse and doesn’t get much playing time. Huummmmmm – there are 6 players that don’t have movement clauses and some time left on their contracts that Buffalo could get to help stabalize the team and mentor our youth.

        • I don’t think Giroux, Stepan are even close to available. And Kane has been rumored to be available, but I doubt that happens. The Flyers basically handed the franchise over to Giroux by trading Richards and Carter. I can’t imagine he is anywhere near available. Stepan is young and without question NY’s #1 center. With the very likely buy out of Richards, Boyle a free agent and Nash, Kreider, and Hagelin on left side, I cannot see where a 30 year old Moulson fits in to the Rangers plan.

          • …. I wont even bother

          • @Shticky…………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          • C’mon man! Jump in there!

          • To the Rangers ROR
            To the Avs Carcillo

            To the Rangers Stamkos
            To the Bolts Boyle and a 5th rounder in 2024

            To the Rangers Shea Weber
            To the Preds MDZ

            To the Rangers Crosby
            To the Pens Brad Richards and future considerations

            To the Rangers Malkin
            To the Pens Aasham 3rd rounder in 2029

            To the Rangers Stastny
            To the Avs Moore

            To the Rangers Giroux
            To the Flyers Dorsett and a conditional 4th rounder in 2049

            That leaves the Rangers with too many centers but I think ROR and Stastny healthy scratches?

            Hey I can dream too, can’t I?

        • Meyeres will not get you Giroux.

          Crack dream.

          • Not even in your wettest dream bud.

          • I think Moulson is another player that is represented by The Back Checking and Partners in Player Management firm. Him and Khudobin. He still holds a grudge against RNH for going with a different management firm.

        • ROR is under team control for 2 years more after this season.

    • Buffalo will not move Grigorenko for junk. Kuhdobin is a UFA after the year…..why waste assets on a player you could sign for free…

      • They might be inclined to move him for a guy like Kane as part of a package, but Grigorenko is not going to get taken for a 2nd rounder. It will be a star for a star type deal.

  6. Backchecking where do you come up with this stuff? RNH was a no show at the tournament? Couldn’t lead them to a medal? The kid led the tournament in points, had almost double the points of anyone else on his team, led the team in plus / minus, was voted one of the best players of the tournament by the media, coaches, Directorate, and the players but he was a no show? Put down the pipe, go back to moms basement and leave the GM duties to people that know what they’re talking about.

  7. I sooooo want the Ducks to go big and win the cup. They are deep and could move several players/prospects for a few big pieces to put them over the top. If I am the Ducks I do this:

    Palmieri, Smith-Pelly, Fasth or Andersson and Etem or a #1 pick to Buffalo for Miller and Moulson. It works on CapGeek and it works from a return persective for what the Sabres are apparentyl asking inthat the get back a 2 young forward prospects (Palmier already NHL ready and aNew York native) a solid, affordable G to pair with Enroth and either a #1 pick (or high quality prospect in Etem). Ducks might have to throw in a 2nd rounder next year too but that’s small change if they land Miller and Moulson and win the cup.

    They could also then move Hiller for just about anything but moving him to Nashville or Tampa (insurance on Bishop) would make most sense

    • I like the idea. Miller will definitely resign with Anaheim also and will sign at a discounted rate. He wants to be in Cali with his wife. Moulson more then likely would just be a playoff rental.

      If I were the Ducks I’d keep Hiller for playoffs never hurts to have 2 real good goalies for playoffs.

      • What the heck does Hiller have to do to PROVE that he deserves to be the #1 in Anahiem. Guy just carries you, gets you back into contention and then you toss him offer? The Ducks are not trading for a goalie, they very well could make some moves but it won’t be in net.

    • Prepare to be ripped.

      The Ducks have no need for a goalie..in fact, have one of their own to trade.

      Your proposal makes no sense from a Ducks view.

      • @ Gary
        “Your proposal makes no sense from a Ducks view.” Since when did that matter here? LMAO

      • Well Gary – I understand what you’re saying, but Miller is considered an “elite” goalie – something that is questionable about Hiller. Also, Hiller has injury history – and Miller is very durable. Hiller’s contract expires the end of this season, so does Miller’s and who do you think is going to give a better ‘home town” discount? Those are just my thoughts. I’m not saying that Miller is better than Hiller, but Miller has had some crappy teams play in front of him and he’s done pretty darn good.

      • If Hiller was on let’s say Dallas he wouldn’t be having anywhere close to the season he is having right now. The guys a tad over average goalie at best. He is a product of what team he is playing for. Miller is an elite goalie.

    • I like this trade – as I think Etem is a hidden gem and I like what Palmieri and Smith-Pelly bring to the table. Fasth would be an adequate backup – maybe even a starter. I’m just not sure about Enroth yet. But, the trade works for me. And I think it works for Anaheim and Miller would give them the home town discount for next year.

      • Lol Sabres fan Steve?

        • EJH you realize that would strip almost 5 years of prospects away from your team that has 2goalies that have very similar numbers to the guy your trading for right? Miller has never won a cup either and Moulson is a UFA that could just walk away. I believe there are maybe 5 or 6 goalies to ever play that could be considered that “elite”. Miller is not one of them. Do you not want them to make the playoffs some other time down the road?

          • 5-6 goalies to ever be elite? What are you smoking Shticky?

            I know you hate Miller, seems that way anyway. But like it or not the guy is an elite goalie. He will be getting Lundqvist money this offseason. He will be going into the hall of fame. He is far better then Hiller. Like I’ve said before Hiller is basically your every run of the mill goalies. Nothing special.

          • Elite to the level they are the difference almost every night Miller is a good goalie possibly even great but he is not Roy, Brodeure in his prime Hasek Dryden…etc elite to me refers on a different level than all the rest Miller may be good even grate but he is not elite.

          • Hillers numbers are similar to Miller, if Miller was “elite” the Sabers would be a better team al ot of nights it doesn’t matter whos in net, the Sabres lose. “elite” goalies dont let that happen. They have won multiple cups Veznas, and have the ability to carry a team to the finals and have done so more than once.

    • I think that’s a bit much for the Ducks to give up. I could definitely see them going big at the deadline though. I could see an Isles Ducks deal that involved Vanek and saw Anderson coming back the other way plus possibly Smith Pelly or another young Ducks prospect.

    • I don’t think that the Ducks make a movie for Miller. The Ducks are solid in net and if Rumors are true that Miller would give a big discount to be in Orange County then why trade assists for him now? They could win the Cup this year with Hiller and next year with Miller. If they make a bold move for Moulson this season they look potentially able to offer him enough for the future with Selanne and most likely Koivo coming off the books. They have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. They could pick him up and make a great bid for the return of the Cup to California.

      • “The Ducks are solid in net and if Rumors are true that Miller would give a big discount to be in Orange County then why trade assists for him now? ”

        That question is easy to answer. Simply because to win the Cup this season. Other teams in the NHL will get even better next season especially in the Western Conference.

  8. If I was RO’R, I would take the qualifying offer.

    • Really, why?

      He’ll easily get more anywhere else and money seems to be #1 on his mind right now. Avs won’t pay him. Avs be crazy to trade him though unless the return helps them immediately for playoffs.

  9. Just wondering what it would take to pry O’reilly out of Colorado from a Toronto prospective. Would Gardiner Kulimen Orr and a second/prospect do it. Kuli and Orr would be a cap thing.. I think the Leafs problem started in mid Nov, they were 11 6 and 1 and went into Buffalo and did not respond to Scott. Since then they are 10 13 and 4. I don’t know what was said prior to the game if it was a coaching thing or what but that would not have happened last year as we had an identity. With the additions of Clarkson and Bolland (all be it injured)we were suppose to be tougher. if it was a coaching decision not to drop the gloves with Scott then Randy could have lost the dressing room.

    • just your guys thoughts on that please

    • That group of garbage is not going to get the Leafs a top line center.

      Why would the Avs have any interest in that package?

      Gardiner..inconsistent, and can’t find his game.
      Kulimen: a glamorized 3rd liner, and has more value to the Leafs than to other teams.
      Orr: shouldn’t even be in the league.
      a second or a prospect is not enough.

      You do understand the trade would have to make sense for both teams, not just the Leafs right?

      There is absolutely no value in what you offered to the Avs.

      Try JVR/ Franson and a pick..lol

      • I have to agree here with Gary that trade proposal is one sided and filled with garbage from the Leafs side.

        • Then again Gary is over valuing ROR with his JVR/Franson/pick proposal too. I’m thinking Rielly (taken 5th over all) would need to be dangled along with a top pick this year.

          • First of all,O’Reilly doesn’t NEED to be traded,he’s playing top 6 minutes (him happy) and is earning his contract and the Avs have plenty of $ and cap (team happy)I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an extension soon tbh
            Second, if they are going to trade him, it won’t be for scrubs ,3rd liners or reclamation projects. And the rebuild is over too so not prospects or draft picks either. It will be a 1 for 1 trade for a high calibre defensemen (not Gardner or Franson) or they will keep him, that simple.
            Third, the only reason its even a rumour is obviously b/c of last years hardline tactics of both sides in negotiations (whole new management btw!)and I would suggest that O’Reilly’s fears of having to play 3rd line defensive roles and the teams fears of O’Reilly not developing further have been fully put to rest

          • Then no… Salary has to go back if not its an RFA and a pick prospect kind of deal. O’Reilly is a nice piece and would be a decent fit but he is an RFA and not on the same level as other number 1s around the league that could command that type of asking price he is not worth 2 first round picks plus a player and then a 6.5 mill per qualifying offer yet. IMO Its O’Reilly not Getzlaf or Kopitar. Dont forget he still will.need to be signed amd given his record of contract negotiation I doubt he signs long term for any less than 7 so you are probably going to have him for 1-3 years at 6.5 mill

        • Agreed, ROR isn’t going for this package.

      • JVR, Franson and a pick. Wow, talk about over valuing a player. O’Reilly is good but not that good. Franson, Kulemin and a third at most and that might be a over payment.
        You are right about Orr though he couldn’t put in two meaningful shifts together if he tried. McLaren is in the same boat. Ashton, Holland, D’Amigo should be fourth line
        As for Gagne, I believe he would have been moved by now except his jaw injury got in the way and he has had trouble finding his game since. It could also be that the oilers over value him and are asking way to much. One eight point game and suddenly he is super valuable.
        The jets would be nuts to trade Ladd unless they get their socks knocked off with an offer. He is the glue that keeps this team together. Its not his fault he doesn’t have help other than Kane and Wheeler. Byfuglien IMO is an over-rated bonehead who should be suspended for all the dirty little hits and stick work he gets away with. Not sure a coaching change would bring about any significant results. Byfuglien wont bring the jets what they need in return unless involved in multi-player deal.
        If the rangers are expecting a number 4 d-man at least in a del Zotto trade what would Sather expect if he traded Girardi and/ or Callahan. If he can’t trade them or convince them to sign in NY at a discount then they will be gone as UFA’s. I know the cap is going up and they will have plenty of cap room after releasing Richards but I believe that the players took notice of how Sather treated Stepan in those negotiations.
        A big re-build has started in Buffalo so why would Miller re-sign. It just doesn’t make any sense to stay and be bombarded every night wearing yourself ragged while your skillset slowly deteriorates waiting for your team to become Stanley cup contenders. Not sure Anaheim is his destination however as the Ducks are doing just fine without him and have a core group of young tenders ready to make the jump. The closest he may get to his wife is Dallas.
        If the players from Toronto are such garbage why is it then that when trades are discussed do teams covet guys like Gardiner, Kulemin etc.These are good players on a team that is struggling right now. The Carlyle system IMO does not fit the type of team he currently has. If they do not make a turn around fast I can see Nonis making a change. Players will only take being screamed and yelled at for so long before they shut you out.

        • @Drew ,
          Stepan was a Rfa, Callahan and Girardi are Ufa’s. Huge difference in the process of negotiations. If Sather values both players, which I am pretty sure he does, neither one of them will have drawn out negotiations that pass free agency. Unlike Stepan where Sather had the leverage, he understands fully that he can not drag his feet with two ufa’s.

        • If the Leafs view O’Reilly as a potential first line centre, JVR seems like fair value. Maybe the Avs have more interest in Franson, but then the Leafs would have to add a good young player. Avs not likely to want picks since they seem to be hitting the beginning of their contention window.

          • Franson and Levio plus a pick and thats a bit of a stretch. JVR straight up main reason JVR has a sweet contract 4.25 for the next 5 years ROR has that nasty QO then is a UFA probably within 3. More to do with contracts than anything else. I could also see Lupul being part of a package lupul and a pick. Just my 2 cents but I think the Avs would rather take a top 6 winger signed to a good contract and a pick or if they did have interest in a D man it would be in Franson over Gardiner (bigger more physical bigger shot)

        • kulemin is junk gardiner is turning out to be anything special orr is a stiff the av’s have bourdeleu so that’s a no there too… start with rielly ,kadri and a pick 91st rd) and you’ll have the avalanche listening

          • Umm….no Rielly, is a 19 year old who has outperformed most of the Leafs D just about untouchable with Kadri 23 is still on pace for 50 points has a very good bridge type deal for another year and a first? So 3 1st round draft picks in a span of 4 years (most likely to be all top 10 picks) and pieces that are cost controlled for the next 5-7 years? Maybe if ROR was locked up for a kind of reasonable deal maybe but the way he stands now no chance good luck with that.

          • John your dreaming with that return for ROR. Your over valuation of ROR is worse then the Leaf fans over valuing their players

        • ror might not be that good..but he’d be the clear cut #1 center in toronto…so for the leafs to get him they’d have to overpay bigtime

          • Agreed. See my post below.

  10. Dustin Byfuglien to the Rangers?…….No thank you.

  11. Do you really believe that ROR will EASILY be offered more than the 6.5M of the qualifying offer? He’s not unrestricted so it would have to be by way of offer sheet and would require compensation in the form of 4 first round picks. I can’t imagine there are that many teams prepared to go that far for a relatively unproven player. Not saying it can’t happen, but seems like quite a stretch.

    • ROR will sign a deal that takes him to his next UFA (3 yrs) for less than $6.5M.

      Recall how he got that QO number. It wasn’t based on his being regarded as a $6m per year NHLer. He wanted average salary of $5m, based on in part on a lockout shortened season in which he also held out, and Feaster wanted to maximize the chances that Colorado wouldn’t/couldn’t match the offer sheet. No one in the league thinks ROR is worth $6.5M per year, not even ROR. Stastny (and Kopitar) got less than that after several far more offensively productive seasons than ROR has ever had.

      I bet ROR can be signed by the Avs for 3 years for $5.5M — though perhaps the Leafs would have to pay more given what they shelled out for Clarkson and what would be RoR’s status as the Leafs #1 center. But the Avs have all the leverage in any negotiations right now because (1) they have tons of cap space for next year, and (2) just making the playoffs will be viewed as a victory, so they don’t need to overpay to add pieces. Instead, other teams will need to overpay to pry away their players.

      The cap goes up next season, and the Avs are clearing about $7.5M in free agents Hunwick, Sarich, Jiggy, Mitchell, Benoit. Jiggy won’t be back unless it’s for less $, Hunwick and Sarich won’t be back, Mitchell and Benoit might get a small raise to stay. Avs therefore should gain about $5M in cap space from losing those players, have to give up another $1m to give raises to those role players, and perhaps pay $2M (or less) to a new backup. If Stastny is willing to take $5.75 or 6M, the Avs gain between 600k and 850k more cap room. That leaves them with $2.6 -$3.4M gained to sign RFAs like Varly (who likely will take $2M of that to get close to $5M next year) and McGinn (who can probably get another $1M to be around 2.75M).

      In short, the Avs can bring back nearly the same team for close to the same money, and still,have lots of room to add good additional pieces — they don’t need to trade anyone now except for a massive overpayment in their favor. And that’s not even taking into consideration their ability to trade draft picks. With the moves described above, the Avs still have room to sign a top 4 dman like Orpik, Stuart, McDonald, Niskanen or Derek Morris (former Av) next season. With Landy, Duchene, PAP, Tanguay, signed for the next 7, 5, 2 and 2 seasons, they have their top 6 forwards all sewn up and still have room to pursue someone like Moulson, Cammalleri, or Callahan if they wish (not to mention lesser players like Michalek, J. Jokinen, Kulemin — so no need to trade for him — Penner, or Setoguchi).

      If TO wants ROR, they better be prepared to pay a steep price — two of Kulemin, JVR and Reilly would have to be in the mix. Avs might need to include a 2/3 round pick as well, but Avs have leverage and Leafs have none.

      • Oh, and Reimer isn’t part of the discussion. Avs don’t need him. Varly is young, Avs prospect pool is deepest at G, and they can find other serviceable backups to play 25 games a year in the free agent market (hello Bryzgalov, Emery, Elliott, Scrivens, heck, even Dubnyk).

        • Im not saying they wouldnt want more Im just saying in no way is he worth more than whats offered Leaf or not, the Avs wont be getting a 20-30 goal top 3 winger who is locked up for under 4.5 mill for the next 5 years (JVR) a very good 19 year old d man who could potentially be a teams best D man (maybe one of the better skating d in the league in the next few years. He is just not worth it. 1 of them in a package with a pick maybe something else but together not a hope.

          • Fair enough.

      • Easy there… ROR isn’t Ilya Kovalchuck.

  12. How about Del Zotto for Moulson? Rangers could really use a finisher.

    • Not sure this one works for either team. Rangers have Nash, Hagelin and Kreider on the left side so one of them would have to go to the 4th line or switch to the right. The Sabres have a ton of d-men and d-men prospects. But a Sabre fan could give a better insight if MDZ would be a better fit than what they currently have.

    • The last thing the Sabres need is another Dman.

      • and a useless one at that….

        • Sabres already have the role of useless D-man taken by Weber and McBain and Sulzer.

          So no thanks, we don’t need MDZ.

    • Del Zotto is as useless as they come. No need for him on the Sabres unless you are willing to take McBain and Weber off our hands. Moulson for Del Zotto is laughable.

  13. IMO Ducks need to start looking at building forward depth, they already have it goal. What they have to figure out is long term do they have the guys to replace Koivu at Centre and Selanne on the Wing, and those same positions on the bottom six. Before anyone jumps on me, I know it would be hard to “replace” Selanne outright, but those two guys (Selanne and Koivu) leaving next year or the year after leave big holes to fill from my perspective.

    ROR qualifying offer is 6.5 million. My question is, is he worth that much (I do not know either way), and if it is perceived by him that he is worth more perhaps he walks, unless he is able to negotiate more ( pardon my ignorance on this process). If they think he will not sign because he thinks he is worth more they are better off trading him.

    @ Michael, I think Gardiner is the start of a good package for ROR, but agree that Kulemin and Orr are non starters. After not playing since December 19th and being totally fleeced last night, I wonder if Reimer would be happier in Colorado. I love Giguere but he cannot play forever. Its no secret Reimer loves Goaltending Coach Francoise Allaire (still trains with him off season), and he cannot be happy with his lot in Toronto right now.

    Since the Leafs stopped playing a physical game like late last season, they have been in a downward spiral. Yes its hard to win games in the penalty box but when Orr or McLaren are in the box it does not matter. Weird as it sounds, those two in the box for 5 minutes are a more effective use of their time than 4 minutes spent playing, because they have laid a pounding on someone and there is the threat of more to come. Letting them play hockey where they are simply an obstacle in a skill competition is playing short handed. Trading Orr is not the answer. Let him do his job putting the fear of God into others. I have a feeling Carlyle is telling everyone to play tougher but that they have to stay out of the box. I have not run the stats but I am guessing they would support the theory that more roughing minors and fighting majors equalled more wins. It does not say much when Joffrey Lupul was the guy knuckling it out for the Leafs last night.

    Sorry for the rant at the end. # Crushing Coffee Cups

    • Murph, Orr and McLaren on the the ice to do three things, fight somebody, intimidate somebody or hurt somebody. Both have zero talent beyond that. You’re right, the more time they spend in box the box is still more productive than spending it on the ice. I’m tired of all the thugery going on in the NHL, it’s getting tiresome. The Leafs are a very tough and talented team but they need to replace the bad with some good. Peace.

  14. I can see Rangers wanting a top 4 defenseman for MDZ simply because if the chips fall, they will trade Girardi, and the trade for MDZ is his replacement. I keep hearing Kane may in fact be available, but if the Rangers trade Girardi for someone like that there are either saying someone from Hartford is going to get a long look, or they need to include a defensemen in the deals.

  15. Sure nice to see Philly turn things around. Not out of the woods just yet but have been playing solid hockey. I’ve been stressing all year they should stay the course and be patient with this group and the youth.

    Witnessed a lot of improvement through the ranks over the past 2 months… Even Meszaros is looking like a player again. Who knew? Berube deserves credit for righting the ship, the coaching change 3 games in is looking great at this point.

    On a side note, I still cannot believe Giroux was left off the Olympic team… Absolutely blows my mind.

    • I agree on all points here. I think when they traded Richards and Carter they had to know that they were taking a few steps backwards but building for the future around Giroux. Unfortunately for Philly and their fans, I think Giroux just got traded to Buffalo for a bag of dirty jock straps and $10.00 cash according to a post above. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I kid, I kid!

    • I d be almost willing to bet Giroux is the first guy on the stand by list.
      Is it weird that the Flyers (generally universally hated by most Leaf fans) should be all the reason/inspiration that Leaf fans have some hope this year? A team that just looked awful and not competing for a big stretch early in the year, fire the coach and turn things around pretty quickly.

      Kudos to the Flyers

  16. Off topic but you folks have me watching more Leaf games then ever before as I try to have more info on the worth of the trades proposed on this forum.

    • Dont worry the way they are playing you wont want to watch much more.