NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 11, 2014

Latest on Jonas Hiller and Ryan Miller, plus updates on the Devils, Penguins, Flames and Canucks.

Will the Ducks trade or re-sign Jonas Hiller?

Will the Ducks trade or re-sign Jonas Hiller?

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lance Pugmire reports Jonas Hiller’s strong performance this season will earn the pending UFA a significant raise over his current  salary of$4.5 million per season. Hiller said his agent has spoken with Ducks management a couple of times this season but is uncertain what they want to see  before a deal is made. Ducks GM Bob Murray praised Hiller’s performance but declined to comment on contract negotiations. The Ducks depth in promising goaltenders (Frederik Andersen, Viktor Fasth, John Gibson) has generated speculation Hiller could be moved by the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pugmire also pointed out Murray declined to comment on contract talks with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry last season. That generated chatter one or both would be traded, yet the Ducks re-signed both. Hiller is playing very well this season and the Ducks don’t appear to have any significant weaknesses in their roster which would necessitate moving him for depth elsewhere in their lineup.  He’s also the only goalie in their system with playoff experience. My guess is they retain Hiller and see how well he plays in the post-season before making any decisions on his future in Anaheim.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov suggests the Florida Panthers should try to sign Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller if he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer. Miller is aware of the changes in the Panthers under new owner Vincent Viola plus he also has family in the area.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Miller decides to become a free agent this summer I believe he’d prefer to sign with a Cup contender rather than a rebuilding team, even if the latter is offering more money.

NJ.COM: If the New Jersey Devils shop for a scorer by the March trade deadline, Randy Miller lists Colorado’s Paul Stastny, Buffalo’s Matt Moulson, Calgary’s Mike Cammalleri, Winnipeg’s Olli Jokinen or Devin Setoguchi and Florida’s Brad Boyes as trade targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They’re all unrestricted free agents so the asking price for all except Stastny shouldn’t be expensive. If the Avs shop Stastny I believe it’ll be for a top-four defenseman. The rest could be had for draft picks and/or prospects, depending upon their value and how they’re playing leading up to March 5.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen believes the Pittsburgh Penguins, using the cap relief they’ll have from Pascal Dupuis going on LTIR, will acquire a scorer, suggesting a rental player like Moulson, Setoguchi, Jokinen or Calgary’s Lee Stempniak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penguins GM Ray Shero would prefer landing a player who can help his club over the long term, like his acquisition a few years ago of James Neal. Still, if that type of deal isn’t available, I expect he’ll try to add an affordable short-term solution.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis believes the Flames could send pending UFAs Cammalleri, Stempniak, Matt Stajan and Chris Butler packing, and maybe even defenseman Dennis Wideman if they can find a club willing to pick up the remainder of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt there will be considerable interest in those Flames’ UFAs by the trade deadline. As for Wideman, perhaps a team needing to reach the cap floor for next season could have interest in his $5.25 million per season contract, but that depends on his willingness to waive his no-movement clause.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough cited a recent radio interview by Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis, in which he stated there’s very little trade discussion going on among NHL teams right now. He cited the reduced salary cap for this season and the limited financial resources for many clubs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Business could pick up toward the end of this month and early February leading up to the Olympic trade freeze period. 


  1. Not to get off topic but I wonder when Kulikov will become a Leafs. The reason I say this is because it is well known Fla wants to move him and the Leafs have definitely been kicking tires for some time on him. We heard the same loud rumblings about JVR and Gleason months in advance of the actual trade so just maybe… Not that it makes me happy or anything I’m just wondering when the tinkering continues and Nonis adds this guy…

    • @ LEAFS 24/ 7

      dont care about what people write about me ….off topic who …oh well beats talking about trading Ryan Miller for the 1000 th time

      No offense but these bubble gum fixes continue Gleason …Kulikov …this is the 5th year of the Nonis Burke rebuild Nonis had a HUGE hand in this team from the get go and spear headed most deals so its his team not just Burkes …these trades are not game changers …..the problem is that its still the same drivers of teh 18 wheeler that went off the cliff 2 years ago and last year in game 7 …and again this year …Leafs have 4 regulation wins in almiost 25 games …and have gone from quality 2nd place to 10th in a month …they have signed all the wrong players to long term deals and have the wrong Captain ……you can do what ever with minor trades ….it will not change the direction of the inadequate personal they have as the core …and who are suppose to be the so called ELITE players of the leafs….cough cough cough !!!
      They need a franchise altering deal moving forward …plain and simple sorry !
      Bash me all you want …that’s unfortunately the sum of its parts …and the SUM of all fears !

      Dion has now memorized his post game media speil ….

      ” We embarressed ourselves …unexceptable…we have to do with the guys in the room …its unexceptable …we need a better effort …unexceptable…we need to pick up our game …SILENCE ….its unexceptable …we have a good room …we need to do it within !!! We can do it !


      Its so in your face they suck !!!
      When Liles and Grabovski both score game winning goals or have a part in game winning goals 2 games in a row while Nonis is in the barn….. its hilarious !!

      Grabo has 31 points this year 12 goals and is the top line Center to Ovie

      …lmao …JOKE !

      The only reason they made the playoffs last year is because they never played and Western teams …this is a culture of loosing in the dressing room and there concerns are more about the suits and cars they own and how much they can milk out of MLSE ….not winning a CUP or games !

      Dion the $7 million dollar superstar missed the net in Washington 6 feet from the crease ALL ALONE to tie the game at 2 s ….and shot 5 feet over the cross bar ….what a joke …superstar players bury those chances not miss the WHOLE NET !!!

      Kessel is the most streakiest non impact $50 million player in the NHL and his stats are soooo misleading …I wished they traded him when I was posting last yer for him to be moved also …they could have got multi quality guys for him that try and get the puck as opposed to it being delivered on a silver platter …..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • You spew this page covering nonsense more often than Miller is mentioned in these articles which is to say about 1500 times. Quit complaining.

        • I wasnt talking to you did you see your address at the top …NO!!!

        • Don’t feed the troll.

      • Unexceptable… really?!

      • BC I have to say I do agree with a lot of what you are saying, there is definitely a lack of the right leadership in the room.
        As I said a few days ago when your captain is telling the media going into the Christmas break that he is “happy with the way the team is playing” while they constantly getting out shot and out played most games and rely solely on their goalies to save their butts (and the fact they are in the week East) then you have a problem. To me it goes much deeper though.
        Nonis rewarded mediocrity by signing “captain” Dion to 7 years during this latest team landslide. You can even go deeper if you like. Lieweke signed Nonis to a five year deal upon his arrival instead of saying “listen I’m new here so prove to me what you can do this year and you will be handsomely rewarded”. Instead you have Lieweke rewarding Nonis for squeaking into the playoffs and losing in the worst game 7 choke ever, then Nonis rewards Phaneuf during a terrible stretch and also throws his support behind Carlyle for the season all the while Phaneuf verbally rewards his locker room by saying he’s happy with the way the teams playing. This is just more of the same MLSE rewarding mediocrity while they rake the cash. I’m not saying everyone’s garbage and people don’t deserve raises ect, I just wonder what happened to, show me that you are the best and you will be rewarded accordingly.

      • much rather hear about ryan miller for the 1000th time as opposed to hear leaf nation wine about overpayed kessel and dion for the 100000000th time.

      • Talking about a possible NEW Miller destination is far better then some of Laugh fans mentioning absurd trades like Kadri and Gardiner for Tavares and Reimer for Dubnyk and Oilers first LMFAO.

        Not all Leafs fans though.

    • If Ryan Miller were a Leaf, you’d be talking about him every day, nonstop. Please, just go and lock yourself in a closet.

  2. Gillis is probably right. The drop in the cap torpedoed the trade market this year. I don’t even think the trade deadline is going to produce many significant deals…maybe one or two, but I think the rest will just be the contenders adding depth parts, and the also-rans shedding parts for picks and prospects. The draft could be another matter altogether, once the cap starts going back up ($71 million next year???).

    • Agreed . Only difference I can see is teams like Calgary adding or retaining salary to pick up more picks and prospects. Example retaining half of camellaris salary in a trade to Pittsburgh so pens can fit the cap hit in doing so Calgary gets a much better return

      • Good call Aki, it’s actually an opportunity for some teams below the cap to do something creative to get something back to help themselves. Cap space itself could become a tradeable commodity.

  3. Leafs24/7, do you think Khadri and a first or a prospect (not too sure what Toronto has in their system) gets a deal done?

    • God I hope not. I don’t want Kulikov unless its’ for free.

  4. “business could pick up…”. I hope so because lately business has been like trying to sell blank VCR tapes as far as trades go.

    • LOL awesome analogy.

  5. salary cap didn’t help. with the new cba, you can’t bury salaries in the minors like the old days either. the league wants management to stop creating idiotic salary structures and retirement contracts. but it makes the fans victims of bad team management. personally, I absolutely hate what bettman has done to this league. it may be a more profitable business, but from a fan’s perspective, I hate it all.

  6. Ducks should NOT trade Hiller at this point.
    1) Team is playing too well, don’t change the chemistry
    2) Considering the fact there are so many good young goalies it is not a sure thing
    Hiller signs a big contract somewhere else.
    3) He may like playing here in Anaheim and give a home town discount
    4) As long as Ryan Miller remains a UFA Ducks would have the inside track to
    sign him if Hiller moves on as long as Miller wants to move west
    5) Worst case Ducks next season have Fasth / Andersen / Gibson as their goalies

    • Ducks could be in a very good position come summer. 1 they are going to have a great goalie if they want one of either hiller or miller. 2. So many young teams are looking for goalies and they seem to have a few that could be legit number ones. Bring in more depth with moving one or two of them out.

    • The Ducks are in a great position and should stick with the status quo.

    • I agree that Hiller isn’t going anywhere till after the season. Miller is a possibility to come this summer but right now I think the Ducks are looking for more depth in a rental that they could resign as they will be losing salary with the Fins leaving. A move for Moulson, Cammalleri, or Stempniak could be rather cheap and do just that.
      Although the Ducks are playing well and really finding ways to win games in many different situations this year. They may just ride it out and not shake up the locker room and do their best to send #8 packing with a Cup.

    • The Ducks want to concentrate on winning the Cup now. If they can get Miller for a couple prospects and a 1st then they will do it.

      Hiller is an average goalie as I’ve said many times before. If they wanted to resign him it would’ve happened already IMO. Ducks are definitely looking at Miller for this season.

      • Ducks are concentrating on this season and winning.
        Miller does NOT insure a cup
        Best to wait until July 1 for Miller if available, no rush the pressure is
        all on Buffalo to sign or trade him.
        Crawford is an average goalie and he won a cup.
        Emery was average and he made it to the finals
        Lundquist may be the best and has not won a cup.
        It’s a team game as in team defense

        • Name 1 average goalie who won a cup and I can name you probably 100’s who haven’t.

          It’s like asking who would you rather have in net back in there hay day Hasek or Curtis Joseph?

          Way better chance at winning a Cup with Miller in net then Hiller.

          • Miller has never won a cup and last time the Sabres were in the playoffs had the Flyers down 3 games to 1 or 2 I believe and lost the series. Miller has had 1 good playoff run. If he is good enough to take a team to the cup how come he isnt good enough to get a team out of last place (by a mile) in a weak division for the last 2 years or to shut the door on the Flyets that year?….I understand the team isnt that good but thats what elite players do, they are a difference.
            Playoff stats
            Miller 25W 22L .917 Sv%. 2.47 gaa
            Hiller 10W. 10L. .935 Sv%. 2.35 gaa

            Hiller has as good or better playoff numbers both are barely .500 goalies in wins losses and Hiller has better Stats otherwise. If the Ducks were really interested in Ryan Miller then it would make way more sense to wait till he was a UFA and make him an offer, the argument “well he could take him to the cup…” is hooey. There is absolutely no reason to give up assets to get him. It is not saying Miller is not good its just saying he is not that much of a difference.

  7. Bring back Pat Quinn, hadn’t had a real GM since he left, he should have stayec on as GM instead of coach, that’s when everything started going down hill.

  8. The Ducks will not trade Hiller now, or in the off-season. They will re-sign him and keep him in the organization… Top level goalies are hard to come by, and as Spec noes, they don’t have anothe guy witth playoff experience. As a Ducks fan, I think i would be a huge misake to surround a great core of players with an inexperienced and unproven goalie.

    I believe:
    -Either Moulson, or preferrably Vanek end up in Pittssburgh, wih eiher guy re-signing to stay there (Vanek a much less than his curren contract)
    -Ryan Miller doesn’t get raded (at that asking price) and moves as a UFA in the off-season
    -Stajan goes to Vancouver, improving their depth down the middle
    -Cammi is a bit of an un-liked guy, so teams with a serious chance won’t be interested. He may go to a team like Dallas who can take a risk.

    Stastny: I don’t think he goes anywhere. I am pretty sure that the Avs re sign him and move O’Reilly. My reasoning is that they have so much youth a Centre, that they need some veteran presense. ROR’s contract is just as much $, but he doesn’t provide the same leadership or “safety” tha Stastny does. BTW, Stastny is still under 30. ROR goes to Toronto.

  9. Looks like Sabres Grigorenko has refused to report to the Quebec of the CHL. Wonder if this triggers a trade. I’d be looking at Edmonton and Colorado as trading partners. Edmonton because of Yakupov and the Russia connection and Avs because of Roy connection.

    • Or maybe he goes to the KHL for the rest of the year. Not saying they dont trade him just saying maybe not. KHL has been ok with other players honoring contracts maybe he could play in Sweden. Tough to say.

  10. Honestly the only trade I see in the pens future is setoguchi for a pick and or yakupov for some much needed defensive help. Honestly I wasn’t thinking it possible but with yakupov’s numbers over the past year and a half and a +/- that is horrifying at best. If shero wants a player to control over the next so many years that might be his best shot. A good defensive pairing could probably land him. Maybe even a lower pick.

    • I don’t think the pens are interested in Setoguchi. Maybe Shero would be interested in Yakupov but I think the Oilers asking price will be to high for what the Pens would like to pay. And to be honest, it’s a big gamble you take with this guy.
      And if the trade is to replace Dupuis, who’s out for the season, they search more of a defensive minded forward. Neither Setoguchi or Yakupov (LOL) are considered as defensive minded.

      • They don’t need a defensive forward. They need someone to put a puck in the net. Setoguchi could play defensive forward but a better answer as a top six forward with a scoring touch

  11. Spector, kick out the Leaf lovers who turn great rumors from other teams into mindless leafs discussion, they ruin the site with their BS.