NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 12, 2013.

The latest on Roberto Luongo, Wade Redden, Michael Del Zotto, Keith Yandle and David Krejci.

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre reports Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo is prepared to wait as long as it takes for GM Mike Gillis to trade him. “I told him I was ready to go as long as it took,” Luongo told a crush of reporters. “Whether it’s a couple of days, a week, two weeks or the end of the season, I’m totally fine with it.” The Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks and Florida Panthers are believed among the suitors for Luongo.

CSNPHILLY.COM: John Boruk lists four reasons (upgrading the position, compliance buyout, cap recapture formula and failure to bolster the defense) why it would make sense for the Flyers to consider acquiring Luongo. Boruk also believes “realistically” the Flyers will roll the dice with Ilya Bryzgalov for another season, and could consider a more affordable off-season acquisition like Minnesota’s Niklas Backstrom this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While the expectation is Luongo could be dealt swiftly, perhaps as soon as this coming week, we should also consider the possibility this could drag on for weeks, maybe even months, stretching into the summer. As for the Flyers, GM Paul Holmgren has denied the rumors he’s interested in Luongo, but that hasn’t silenced the speculation. If they do land Luongo, they’ll definitely buy out Bryzgalov this summer.

Rangers hoping to move Redden.

Rangers hope to move Redden.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks yesterday reported it appears defenseman Wade Redden will sit out this season at the request of the Rangers in order to avoid a possible injury which would hamper their efforts to make him a compliance buyout candidate this summer.

NBCSPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Redden reportedly won’t be invited to training camp by the Rangers, and the club has given his agent permission to speak with other teams. The Blueshirts hope the fact they can retain up to half of Redden’s remaining salary under the new CBA might attract some interest from teams which would otherwise pass on his $6.5 million per season cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Redden also has a partial “n0-trade” clause in which he submits a list of eight teams he wouldn’t accept being dealt to, but at this stage in his career, I doubt he’ll object if he gets a chance to return to the NHL.

NEW YORK POST/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: It’s possible the Rangers might not have RFA defenseman Michael Del Zotto under contract when training camp opens on Sunday. Larry Brooks reports it is believed the Blueshirts have offered up a two-year, $2.4 million per season contract while Del Zotto is seeking something closer to $3 million per, while Pat Leonard speculates the Rangers have offered up $1.875 million per, with Del Zotto seeking something around $2.5 million per.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Del Zotto’s status has fueled trade speculation, including a blogosphere rumor suggesting he could be peddled to the Edmonton Oilers. The Rangers, however, need Del Zotto’s offensive skills on the blueline, so moving him could adversely affect their offensive attack, especially on the power-play, unless GM Glen Sather has a plan up his sleeve to replace Del Zotto. We’ll see how this develops…

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Wayne Scanlan reports Senators defenseman Sergei Gonchar laughed off rumors he might be dealt to the Pittsburgh Penguins. With Jared Cowen out for the season and Mike Lundin out for several weeks with a hand injury, Scanlan believes it would make little sense to trade Gonchar.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Gonchar were to be traded this season, my bet is it’ll be near the trade deadline if the Senators are out of the playoff race. Otherwise, they won’t move him.

AZCENTRAL.COM: Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle was the subject of trade rumors last summer, but maintains he doesn’t want to play for anyone else. “The Coyotes are my team,” Yandle said. “I didn’t want to play for another team and be with another organization. I wanted to just always be loyal to this team and always play here. Obviously a lot of guys went to play, but I’m happy with my decision to stay.”

ESPN BOSTON: James Murphy reports Bruins forward David Krejci is determined to silence the trade rumors which dogged him last summer and put his struggles of last season behind him.


  1. Hey does anyone know this……Is Redden really THAT BAD? So bad he has not been able to even be a 7th D-Man for the rangers? I know he had personal problems but he could be over them by now. In his Ottawa days he was a solid D-Man. What really happened?

    • He was totally over rated in Ottawa and once he didn’t have Chara taking care of business anymore his skills were exposed. I remember every year when the Leafs would knock Ottawa out of the playoffs the goal was to get on Hossa and make him disappear which was easy and secondly dump the puck into Reddens corner then hammer him into the glass so he disappears too, which the Leafs did very well every year.

  2. Redden is not the worst D man in the nhl but at $6.5M hes not worth it..plus to have him as a 7th Dman on the rangers the $6.5M would count on the cap..it dont count on the cap when he playing on the farm team….and i agree with you beergoggles once chara left redden flaws showed big time..

    • I thought the new CBA had a thing wear you can’t bury these contracts now.

  3. LUONGO –
    Have a feeling Luongo stays in Vancouver but if traded the deal may be a littel widerthan jus a Luongo move Van really needs a quality center man and Stephen wise might be the deal breaker as opposed to Bozak….Toronto lost there leverage after the idiots fired Burke to early in the season and before the deals went down !! Id say the Leafs should throw a really nice deal to St Louis for Halak if hes available instead of Luongo ! Shorter term ….quality goalie….. lower cap hit ..always moveable as well !

    I have to agree with Dwayne is Redden really taht bad to give hime $30 million to play in the minors or sit at home ????REALLY ???

    Ive been posting here for almost a year now in heated debates and with very high crtisism my way that Bryzgalov is not wanted in Philly ….. I will maintain my stance on this ans till maintain that I truly feel the best deal out there is with Calgary for Kipper and Iggy & propect with Brayden Schenn or Cotourier 2 first rounders and Bryazgalaov going back ! I have been posting this deal for almost a year and my gut still tells me there is a possible deal here if Iggy waives !!! He could win the cup in that deal !!

    The first order of buisness for Nonis is he has to trade Kessel in a pacakeage deal and get as much back as he can in that deal with either a bigtime center man and or a goalie & prospect coming back!!!
    ***** This is a must even before the Luongo deal !!!

    I think there could be a great deal between the Senators and the Rangers or Capitals for Del Zotto……. just a thought !!If Luke Adam is avialable in Buffalo as theyt are saying this guy should get picked up by a team …watched him play a loat last year in Buffalo …he is a great roll player who can put the puck in the net on the second line big bosy and loves the front of the net …..Id say Adam and Petrell in Edmonton are two guys that are overlooked this year in a deal if there is one to make for these guys!! Would be a good eal for Del Zotto too …..in some way of a deal !

    Yandle – Have a feeling he is gone asap !

    • Luke Adam started out guns blazing the first month or so for Buffalo and then he kind of fizzled. Although he was shuffled around – he just wasn’t as aggressive as he should have been. I think he is really going to have a hard time breaking into the lineup in Bflo, especially if they are taking a good hard look at Zemgus Girgensons and Mikhail Grigorenko and a healthy Jochen is returning. At this point, Bflo has plenty of D-men and prospects.

    • You are on crack…
      Coots, +2 first rounders for 2 old guys who are ufa in a year…..? I think not.

      If Homer wouldn’t trade Schenn or Coots for Weber, he won’t trade them for older fading players.

      Breezy has this year…if he is still a pain in the a$$…he will be bought out.

      Flyers need a dman, not an aging winger and and an aging goalie.

  4. thanks guy….your memory is better then mine.

  5. I think Redden used to be overrated, now he’s underrated. I think if he gets a proper salary (2million) he would appear to be a much better defenseman.

  6. I love this Brian Burke is going to speak and the whole Hockey world is going to watch even when he gets fired ….either this is the stupidest move new management or the best PR move that is simply genius for the Leafs in a marketing standpoint ……brilliant!!!

    As long as the new board stay out of the way I will be a leaf fan …if they start meddeling I will jump ship after 40 years as I do not want a conclomerate doing to the fans what they did for so long …too many cehfs in the kitchen all ready and to media giants with 2 diferent ideas is going to be bad …and see a lot of turmoil and an incoming storm coming

  7. I saw this topic come up in the comments a few times, so i thought i would go do some stat checking. People were saying that Redden was only good when Chara was there, so i whipped up some career stats and matched up the seasons they played together and didn’t, to see what came up. Here ya go….

    Redden before Chara: 1996-97 to 2000-2001 (5 seasons) – 393gp – 164pts – +46 – 0.42ppg.

    Redden with Chara: 2001-2002 to 2005-2006 (4 seasons) – 301gp – 172pts – +101 – 0.57ppg

    Redden after Chara (NHL) (Sens+Rags): 2006-2007 to 2009-2010 (4 seasons) – 300gp – 114pts – +15 – 0.38ppg.

    Redden in AHL – 2010-11 to 2011-12 – 119gp – 62pts – -9 – 0.52ppg. (2 seasons)

    As you can see, Redden was in fact at his best with Chara around, but he was still a very effective defenseman before and for a bit after he left for Boston. His best points per game stat and +/- stat were both increased (especially +/-) when Chara was there. I think Redden could still be a solid defenseman for the 3rd defense line on any team, and he can still contribute 15-20 points in a full season, which is better than most 3rd pair d-men.

    • Landon, usually 3rd pair D-Men are defense first. Just face it, Redden is done.

    • Plus at $6.5M he is over paid huge. As a 6th 7th Dman he is worth $1 to $1.5M

  8. Redden may be the next Sheldon Souray; buried in minors b/c of salary only to thrive when he returns to the NHL. Redden does not fit into Tortorella’s system, which is why he was demoted. If there is a team looking for help on the blueline, he just might be the best option, esp if you take a look at the remaining free agents out there.

  9. Trading Kessel will not happen.
    The Leafs need his 30 to 40 goals and who is out there that will guarantee Toronto Kessel like numbers?
    I say this as someone who is not a fan of Phil Kessel and his style of play but understand that if Toronto where to move him they must get back someone who will either equal of exceed his point production or a combination of players who will keep a lot of goals from being scored and chip in goals of their own. Right now, at least to me, there is not a team that is willing to part with the needed 2 or 3 pieces of that particular puzzle.

    • Sad but true.

      We need the production provided by Kessel. True, our greatest need is a big, powerful, playmaking center, but no one is trading away a center who can produce the way Phil does.

      Would be nice to reset the clock on Toronto’s time with Sundin, and throw him into the fist line center role.

      To get our center, we have to wait for one to reach UFA status or some other GM to fall asleep at the wheel.

    • Hey Captain I usually agree with you but I have to agree with Backchecking on this one. We really don’t need his 30 to 40 goals if he is the cause of more goals scored against when he is on the ice as a defensive liability, which I believe is the case. A guy like Kessel is needed in a small market where goal scoring wingers draw in the fans or on a club that is sound defensively and can add his 30 to 40 goals to the bottom line and his line mates look after his defensive blunders. I just don’t think the Leafs are the right fit for him at this point.

    • It doesn’t make sense to move one of the pieces you’re trying to build your game around. Toronto’s offense was top 5 in the league until their transitional game broke down. A “first pass” defenceman can fix that and many are out there to be had for Bozak or a Marlie.

  10. I think Wang should press the delete button on Snow and hire Burke ASAP while he’s available. The NYI have some great young talent and need some tweeking through trades, UFA signings and by giving up some first rounders for the NHL ready stars which is Burke’s specialty. IMHO Burke would be the perfect fit. Wang has shown patience with Snow since 2006 and it’s time to move on. Burke can give Wang his 7 year plan and not worry about being rushed.

    • It would take too long and writers cramp before I could finish. Trust me, Burke not coming to Long Island lmao!!

  11. @ Captain Ahab
    @ Mbat
    @ Beergoggles

    I just want to clarify a couple of things …Captain Ahab I agree with you probably as often as Beer goggles does ……you have great posts ….and very thourough……I am a Phil Kessel supporter and the trade was very good for the short term ..Seguin would noit have put up those numbers and Hamilton is even playing yet in that duration so Burke saw this but was unable to get the key piece!

    My mindset on Kessel is very simple ….if we had a better all around team Id say keep Kessel but this years team looks very much a mis mash of players…. again !!! With Kessels deal expiring in 2 years I can gurantee he will not resign NOR should the Leafs offer him another contract …he is a great player for a team Like Pittsburgh …Flyers …Rangers ….Kings Vancouver but not a lone soldier on the Leafs ….

    This summer is the most important summer for the leafs in almost a decade or more….we will be rid of some players contracts and will have an extremely good amount of money to spend this year…to bring in quality UFAs if they want to sign here….if you can move Kessel now and bring in a cornerstonme player and prospect in a package deal it will be much better having that to start the season next year than Kessel again next year putting up 40 goals but not having the support to make the playoffs AGAIN….by moving Kesel now you can help impact a true contender and with him put a team over the top to make a good run….it will have to be with a team who is up against the cap and has a good couple of pieces and and a corner stone player they can part with that will be a better player to come …Kessel will not resign with the Leafs…you need to make this move NOW!!!! Get full value as all the other big names are off the market right now so he may be the Nash type player this year to be put up for sale ….with a bidding war to ensue …I can see this happening ..if you wait until the end of the year you have to contend with UFAs and thats not good so RIGHT NOW ….THISD WEEK is where uyou need to strike a good solid deal and pass him on to a team that has a legit shot at the cup and set yourself up for next season …..we have a pleathra of quality defensman ….way too many …Kessel along with one of our top D men and a 1 A prospect ( Kadri ) to a contending team for a quality cornerstone piece and a 1st rounder and propect would be in the best interest of teh Leafs RIGHT NOW …waive Connolly , Lombardi , Komisarek and get rid of any dead weight the best way you can …bring up Marlies players Ranger ….Holzer… Kostka …Frattin and get Franson on the power play and set your self up for success moving forward …..HAS TO BE DONE NOW!!!!…..For this summer and next year ….not next year !

    The Leafs are way to thin down the middle and there bottomn two lines are terrible and they have no penalty kill or power play and no power forward ..and Goalie …Kessel in a package deal and the UFA season should be able to help with that …….IMO ….but Iam not a GM ….I just look at the needs of the club and that role players are better to have when implementing a system

    • Kessel does not fit the role of what the penguins need in a winger

    • Don’t want Kessel in Philly.

  12. @ Beer goggles …..

    I think Burke would be perfect in Columbus ….they have some great pieces …he would be close to Home …and the market could use a lightening rod such as him now that Nash is gone to invigorate the fan base …I would do this in a heart beat if I were the Bluejackets …this would be a real good shot in the arm for the franchise and with Burkes outwardness they would be in the News all the time !!!!

    • I said “he’s probably going to Columbus next” and I can totally see it. If not, the Calgary Flames. There is no way this guy spends even a half season as a “senior adviser”

  13. Does trading the leading goal scorer on your team encourage or discourage Luongo from considering going to the Leafs if asked? Does not make any sense to me. Adding a top goalie to Kessel and some of the pieces they have there encourages better players to consider a move to Toronto.

    I predict Burke will be working again before the end of this season. There are a number of teams who could do better under him than what they have now. The Islanders, Columbus, Anaheim, Colorado. Make Garth Snow a “Special advisor to the owner and the Board”, and hire Burke. Then he will get to work with that Tavares kid, and trade to bring Mike Komisarek home…

  14. @ Ice bear

    I think a Crosby ….Kessel combo would be lethal ….and they are only 24 – 25 years old …thats crazy !!
    Dont care if it happens but it would be cool to see that unravel into the books!
    Crosby hasnt had a p[layer to play with since he came into the league unlike Ovechkin who has Backstrom for years ….Malkin can carry the team on his own as ell I totaly understand …but Crosby with a permanent quality player the 2 players would be unstoppable!!!

    i.e. Brown and Lemieux

    • Crosby needs a power forward winger not a floater.

      And the pens actually have quite a few prospects, especially defense wise. They don’t need anything the leafs have to offer.

  15. @ Murph ….

    Luongo is not coming to Toronto becuase of Kessel ..sorry dude !!!
    He may come if he sees a move that sets the franchise up for many years and a cornerstone player which Kessel isnt!!!

    Kessel can score 70 goals and the Leafs still wont make the playoffs and he only has two years left and you can not compete against the UFAs next year to move him in the off season …..he has to go now ….or you loose your top value …Luongo isnt the right deal either !!! …….sorry !!!

    Kessel has to be the first order of work here ……..not : Luongo

    PS………… there is two to three unreal draft years coming up …dont misss the boat because of Kessel and Luongo

  16. @ Backchecking / Chris/ Fire Wilson et al:

    I respectfully disagree.,

    Luongo, more than anyone else has something to prove. And if we all agree that either his best years are behind him, or he still has a few years left in his prime, he is not going to want to anchor a 5 year rebuild. He would want to be known as the guy who got his team to the next level, which in the case of the Leafs is the playoffs. And if you cast off kessel in a trade, you either get picks back ( which are years away from contribution) or players who are scoring 35 goals a year or better. Who exactly did you have in mind? And if it is a UFA signing, who is going to be interested in coming to a team that just shipped out its biggest offensive ticket?

    The best draft picks are at the top which means the Leafs finishing at the bottom. While it may happen, Nonis, the new GM has no intention of helping it along by trading away the best talent he has. If you listen to all of the interviews since he got the gig, he is adding to what Burke did, not blowing it up or rebuilding.

  17. @ backchecking
    no question kessel could add secondary scoring to any cup contender and he wouldnt be mercifully condemned for his lack of defensive play like in toronto .
    it would be interesting to see what the return could be . i think however the cornerstone player the leafs should be targeting is Nathan MacKinnon that is why we needed to get rid of Burke and we need to keep our goaltending the way it is now .
    I dont see ufa s next summer rushing to sign with the leafs but we might land one decent player .
    And if we are going to trade Kessel then lopul who is ufa at the end of the year has never had more value and could bring in a good young player as well . but lopul will probably resign with us or maybe with burke if he lands somewhere else by then.
    young players i like that would be nice to see in a leaf jersey are
    G Nyquist det
    T Tatar det
    M Frk det
    V Tarasenko stl
    how about Kessel gunnersson and kadri for the three red wing players above plus Abdelkader

    Lupul and Scivens(612k) for tarasenko and Elliot (1.8 m): goalies added to make it more budget friendly for the blues who have to sign Pietrangelo next year

    • moegillknee.

      Why would the Wings trade 3 of the future players for Kessel, who does not paly defense, Gunnerson who is 5 or 6 defensemen and Kadri who could not break into the Leaf’s lineup. Nyquist and Tatar whom played with th Wings last year and are having a very good years in Grand Rapids, Also Abedkader is a regular in the Wiged Wheel. This is as bad as two lockouts ago when rumors where swirling of the Wings trading Datsyuk and Zetterberg for Colavachio and Stajan

  18. @ Murph…….REALLY ????

    It is almost a guarentee you dont resign Kessel in 2 years …are you winning the cup in that amount of time ???? NO!!! The Leafs have way to many quality defensman and a couple of prospects that can be moved along with Kessel to make a very good deal …..that moment has to be now !!!! You dont waste a year with Kessel than miss out on an awesome UFA season and then get rid of him ….he will no longer hold his value at that point …you have to make a business move here and get a cornerstone piece via a Kessel pacakeg deal ….the writing is on the wall !!!!

    It really is !!!!

  19. @Icebear – Floaters don’t score 30-40 goals a year. Lots of crazy talk going on in these comments. Good for most NHL teams that none of you are GM’s.

  20. @backchecking – Kessel will no longer hold his value? You think he is getting worse? You think in a year from now there wont be teams that will desperatly want a scoring winger? Crazy talk man. Love him or hate him, he has improved every year, why would that change now. Take the hate blinders off.

  21. There is nothing the pens can offer that toronto or the fans would want. My pens are defense rich and that is it. They have a promising goaltender that’s ready for a shot. But there is no wingers or centers to spare and no top ranking d-men would be given in trade. Toronto fans are better hoping another team out there might overpay for him.

    My money as a pens fan is keeping my eyes on the ducks. If they are flat footed out the gate I’m looking for Perry as the perfect target.