NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 13, 2014

Latest on Cam Ward, Dan Girardi, Ryan Miller, Blake Wheeler, Mike Cammalleri, Adam McQuaid and more.

Could the Hurricanes consider trading Cam Ward?

Could the Hurricanes consider trading Cam Ward?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wondered if the Hurricanes would ever consider trading Cam Ward, as they like Anton Khudobin and Justin Peters did well in relief when Ward and Khudobin were sidelined…There’s talk the Ducks have interest in Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi, suggesting assets they could move include Luca Sbisa and Sheldon Souray…Matheson speculates the Bruins could shop Adam McQuaid in a deal for “a top-four guy”…Speculation persists the Blues could try to acquire Sabres goalie Ryan Miller by offering up Jaroslav Halak and a prospect or young forward not named Dmitry Jaskin…Matheson also suggests the Oilers should try to get Matt Greene back from the Kings, as well as try to land Jordan Nolan. Matheson doesn’t expect they’ll be available during the season. He also claims the Kings are reportedly trying to move Colin Fraser to an Eastern Conference team…He also reports the Penguins like Jets’ winger Blake Wheeler but they won’t draft picks for core players. He believes the Pens would move defenseman Simon Despres but not Olli Maatta.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford won’t move Ward…Again, as long as the Rangers are playoff contenders they won’t move Girardi…I also doubt the Bruins move McQuaid. They’ll continue looking to within to address their needs. Given their position in the Eastern standings, they can afford to…The Blues could try to acquire Miller by the trade deadline but I think the asking price is too steep. They’ll likely stick with their current tandem for the rest of this season and decide after that if they need a goaltending upgrade…The Oilers need to try many things to improve…The recent Jets coaching change likely means they won’t engage in any significant roster moves for the rest of this season. If they fail to improve, significant roster changes will come during the off-season.

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson believes the recent poor play of Flames pending UFAs Mike Cammalleri, Matt Stajan and Lee Stempniak could adversely affect their trade value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would be in the Flames best interest to hang onto those players until the March 5 trade deadline, as clubs who miss out on the better talent could be willing to overpay, especially for Cammalleri, who’s a proven playoff performer.


  1. I wonder how much Burkie likes Stajan on the second go round? That there is going to be a tough sell to any GM to gamble on rental or not. 6th round pick maybe? More likely walking after the season.

    • That’s what it looks like Shticky. I wouldn’t give up much more for him.

      What do you think of Noel’s firing? Carlyle to follow suit?

      • Nah Randy is safe for this season at least….damn it.

      • I for one don’t think Carlyle is all that likely to be fired unless the Leafs go 0-10-0 run. I think you’ll see a few small time moves like Gunnarsson, Kulemin, Fraser, Ranger, are the most likely to go. I think Gardner, and Kadri aren’t going anywhere untill maybe the draft.

        • Have to agree with Kevin here.

          • Funny how MLSE rewards Nonis with a five year deal after a shortened lockout NHL season and Ottawa only gives Murray a two year leash while they sit one point apart. Ah the gravy train in Toronto is like no other.

          • that’s why toronto doesn’t and won’t win with that ttype of thinking they should’ve fired carlyle a month ago and put nonis on alert ..telling him anything short of a playoff berth and he’s fired

    • I am confused with Peter Lav and Guy Boucher available why we did not hear their name mentioned in WPG.

      • not sure why you didn’t hear those names in wpg but both would be an upgrade on paul maurice

        • Paul Maurice is a perfect fit for Winnipeg. Peter Laviolette would be a better fit in Edmonton.

          • I honestly don’t get that kind of thinking… Carlyle should be fired after 100 games ??? And nonis shouldn’t have gotten an extension after he made the playoffs and his deal was set to expire?? What are some of the great organizations and what do they have in common… Consistency and stability.. How can a coach and manager properly change or address problems on a team or organization when there is constant turnover ??

            Also the only reason Murray got a two year and not longer is because of his on wants… I don’t know whether you remember but not even 2 years ago he was going to retire

  2. Halak and a prospect of somewhat high level like Rattie for Miller would be a good trade. Wonder what we have to include in a trade to get Stewart?

    • Blues are pretty deep down the middle so I doubt Grigorenko would do, Stewart is actually having a decent year I doubt they would want to move him. The defense is jusy ridiculous good, so none of those blue chip prospects the Sabres have are likely to be of much interest to St. Louis.

  3. hope Pens work something out for Blake Wheeler! they can afford to send some young ‘D’ to the Jets! but hope its not MAATA! C’mon Shero! pull some strings

    • Wheeler isn’t worth it

  4. I would love to see Green back with the Oilers. He was one of my favourite Oilers when he was traded to the Kings.

    • I could see Greene going back there as well, seems to have fallen out of favour in LA due to his foot speed. He would bring much needed nastinest to the Oilers.

  5. Nolan to the Oil seems like a good idea but besides picks what do the Oil give up? Arcobello perhaps? The Kings are. Another team that is pretty rich with centers and good prospects so its kind of a tough trade for the Oilers to make imo, but Nolan is a big tough guy at center which would be a good start for the Oilers.

    • I can assure you that Nolan won’t be traded, he is the only guy we have that can drop the gloves with the heavey weights, while having decent hands and good speed. If he was traded the last thing the Kings would want is Arcobello, already have the deepest pool of centers in the league with Vey knocking on the door.

  6. I can see the Penguins sending Depres and a 7th to the Panthers for Boyes and a 4th.

    I think the three Jets most likely to be shipped out are Stuart, Jokinen and Setoguchi. And yes, I realize they won’t get much in return.

    • I can see better trade options for the pens

  7. I don’t see Greene going anywhere. He’s the kind of blueliner Sutter and Lombardi love and they know he’s the type of player you need if you want to win in the playoffs. And to that that he’s great in the locker room and the Kings don’t really have a young guy ready to step in and fill that role and it all adds up to Freene staying in LA.

  8. Ive noticed Gunnarsson’s name on this site alot lately, mostly in “small time” move references. I believe the return for Gunnerson would be somewhat substantial, therefore making it somewhat of a big deal. Does anybody else agree that gunnarsson would be worth holding on to in regards to contract and realitive to the rest of the D corpse, quality? Everyone has a wishlist of who they would like to see in blue and white but what are the realistic possibilities? what would be the return for a Ladd, Buff, D.Brown(LA), wheeler etc. Almost afraid to admit that im a leafs fan after reading some of the post on here, but i am indeed a fan and am curious if anyone has a realistic take on some of these rumours/dreams etc.

    • well you won’t get much for gunnarson leafs fans over value you this guy on most teams he’d be a 5-6th defenceman nothing more unless he’s on the flames,oilers,jets,leafs so if you could get a 2nd rd pick for him your well take itand run as for ladd ,and byfuglein in wpg any deal with the leafs would have to include gardnier,1st rd pick kadri or jvr,lupul that is the type of deal the leafs need is a major roster altering move dustin browm would satrt with reilly imo as for wheeler the leafs would most likely have to trade their 1st rd pick with a biggs(prospect)

      • john….leaf fans do over value their players but you are out to lunch if you think it would take what your saying to get a guy like Ladd…..gardiner, kadri and a 1st??? JVR (alone is worth ladd and a 1st) with lupul???? your under valuing the leaf players even more than leaf fans over value their players. to get Wheeler the leafs would deal a 1st and Biggs???? get your head checked out man!!

        • it would take alot to get ladd from the jts he’s one the 3 best players on their team is a leader and a stanley cup winner jvr isn’t that good pacioretty is a better player than him….. so not sure how you thjink jvr is worth ladd and a 1st get your head checked man kadri,is a locker room cancer,gardiner hasn’t developed yet like he was suppose to and lupul is as brittle as they come so yeah to get ladd and byfuglein it would take that package1 what do you think it’ll cost kadri and gardiner alone/ your dillisional if you think that those guys are border line stiffs! wheeler is a 30 goal scorer you don’t get those for free either so yeah it would cost the leafs biggs (middle of the road prospect) and their 1st

          • John….of course you are a Habs fan!!! you think Pacioretty is better than JVR???? man you are delusional!!

  9. I still think Ward well-regarded and so is a great trade chip for the Canes, despite his having sub-par numbers for the last 5 years. In my mind, they could improve greatly by moving him without going down much (if at all) for goaltending.

    Eg. Ward + pick for Eberle?

    I also think Tlusty to the Pens for a mid- or low-round pick is a winner. Pens try out a proven, if extremely sporadic scorer, and it costs them next to nothing.

    • what about Tlusty, Skinner and Ward to WPG for Kane and Pavelec and +?

      • WPG definitely need an upgrade in net! Not sure the Canes would take back Pavelec, though. In fact, I don’t know how the Jets can do anything with Pavelec other than buy him out, or hope that he improves!

  10. JR won’t trade Ward huh? Then I guess he would rather give him $9m after the season on a buyout when he could trade him and get a top 6 forward and $6.3m in cap relief now as JR doesn’t have the luxury to wait until the deadline when the Canes will be out of contention, so do you understand now!

    • Who does he replace him with? Khubodin isn’t a proven starter and Peters is at best a quality backup. Rutherford also stated a month ago he’s not trading Cam Ward. Hope that clears it up for you.

      • While I totally agree they won’t trade Ward, I think it’s more due to perceived value and an NTC than because of who the Canes have in the pipeline.

        Khudobin & Peters probably aren’t the answer as a duo, but the Canes are nowhere near contending, so why not give them a shot? Ward gets you a couple of good assets in a hurry. Also, the market has recently been *very* soft on UFA goalies, so I’d bet the Canes could find someone cheap to hold the fort while Khudobin matures.

        I can’t find my post on your site at the moment, but a couple of weeks ago I found stats that Ward hasn’t been in the top 20 in Save % or GAA in any of the last four years (if I remember correctly). That’s out of 30 teams. His numbers are at best poor, and this year has been no better. That’s a half-decade of continual poor performance!

        NTC notwithstanding, if I were Rutherford, I’d trade Ward while you can still get a franchise-altering return for him.

        But I do agree; that won’t happen.

      • I have to agree with you Lyle, neither of the canes other tenders have the track record and Ward has shown that he can get hot and carry the team. Also given the return others have gotten for goalies and slow market we’ve seen for Miller I’m not sure the canes receive the kind of return some are speculating on for Ward given his injury history and inconsistent performance.

  11. Lyle: welcome back. Hope this recent run of family misfortunes have come to an end.

    • Thanks.

      • Cam Ward has a no trade clause ..so this will prove to be much more difficult than it sounds and can really disturb the surrounding team if it goes as long as the Gleason fiasco,in mid season …cant see it this year….. this would have to be a long drawn out topic of discussion with Ward & Rutherford in an OFF SEASON deal ….and I dont see him waiving to go to a last place team AT ALL such as Edmonton or the likes ….just for the sake of a trade …he probably doesnt want to move anywhere.

  12. We just saw Corey Crawford win the cup last year, why do so many people think the Blues need to upgrade in the goalie position? Halak is just as capable if not more so. Its not like this Blues team is one dimensional like previous years and needs a better goalie to hang in close games, the Blues lead the league in scoring.

  13. Lol Eklund’s reporting a “Rumour” that the Penguins are trying hard to acquire Bobby Ryan from the Sens. Does anyone know if this is an actual Rumor out there or is Eklund just making stuff as per usual?

    • Heard a similar rumour that the Pens were interested in Crosby :) Not that I’m saying they’d make a deal involving those two or that they are at all comparable but I think my rumour is as credible as Eklunds’

      • Lol awesome.

    • I wish it was true but there is no way the send move Ryan. Plus I would hate to even begin to see what the pens would have to send the other way. My guess is a small ransom that focuses on multiple picks and prospects. But would probably involve Neal and that will not upgraded us little less help us out.

  14. I think not only the Pens “like Blake Wheeler”. May be Shero pulls off a trade for Wheeler, but I think it is more realistic he trades for a guy like Ray Whitney. Veteran presence comparable to Billy Guerin a few years ago. He may lost a bit this season, but he’s experienced and has won a cup with the Canes! Thoughts?

    • Guessing he wouldn’t need to part with a whole lot for Whitney but I’m not sure how much of an upgrade he is to the current in house options they have. Shero apparently stated he didn’t want a rental but I’m guessing that may change closer to the deadline depending on the prices for non rentals.

      • I agree. I doubt Shero is willing to pay the prices for non rentals. And to land Wheeler the price would be very high. And I don’t think he’ll part with Maata or Dumoulin.

        • I still see shero trying the lesser talent pool that still has a chance to improve their play……also knownas setoguchi. Costs a mid pick at best and worth a shot.

          • I’ll guess that Setogughi is what you meant by better option than Boyes in response to my post above. First off, Setoguchi cost the Jets a second round pick just last summer. I don’t see him going for less than that at the deadline when GMs are typically overpaying for playoff rentals. I think a mid pick is undervaluing Setoguchi. I do think he would be a good fit for the Pens and could probably be had for Despres, who I believe to be the trade chip Shero is looking to deal with. So maybe Despres and a third for Setoguchi and a fourth.

          • Cliff that’s to much for Setoguchi. He wasn’t worth a 2nd when Jets traded him. Just like Erat was never worth Forseberg.

            Maybe a 3rd rounder and a mid level prospect. That’s all I’d give up for him.

  15. Penguins tried loading up last year adding Murray ,Iggy and Morrow and all that got them was spanked.

    • Not really. Plus the pens are not gonna load up this year. All they are gonna do is add one or two strong players that will strengthen their chance.

  16. I think quite a few teams will be willin to give up firsts this year to make a run because the draft isn’t that strong.

    I think that Pitt will be adding to their team this year by trading their first and some players though I think they are more apt to add a player with contract left because they know the cap is going up. If they are trading one of their prospects plus for a player I don’t see them doing it for a guy who can walk at the end of the year.

  17. I devaluedsetoguchi due to poor play. Idodon’t see the jets gettingthere senondround pick. Iseea third strestraight upforsetoguchi at best.If more is added lookforshero comingout ontop of the trade.

  18. I devalued setoguchi due to poor play. I don’t see the jets getting there second round pick. I see a third straight up for setoguchi at best. If more is added look for shero coming out ontop of the trade.