NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 16, 2014

The latest on Nazem Kadri, Cam Ward, Daniel Briere, Martin Erat and more.

USATODAY.COM: Kevin Allen lists seven teams which could be sellers by the March 5 NHL trade deadline and the players they could move. Among them: Buffalo (Matt Moulson), Calgary (Mike Cammalleri), Edmonton (Ales Hemsky), Islanders (Thomas Vanek) and Jets (Dustin Byfuglien).

NHL LIVE (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): TSN’s Darren Dreger speculates the Oilers might pursue Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward in the off-season. Dreger doesn’t believe the Hurricanes are actively shopping Ward but they could be intrigued by the possibility, though it could take a significant offer to convince them to move him…He also says it sounds like Michal Neuvirth could be odd man out in Washington but Capitals GM George McPhee isn’t calling around trying to move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford last month said he wasn’t shopping Ward. While I don’t doubt he’d listen to offers it’ll take a lot to convince him to move Ward, who’s currently sidelined.  I don’t believe Rutherford deals away his most experienced goaltender during the season and put his hopes in the inexperienced duo of Anton Khudobin and Justin Peters. If Rutherford lands a quality goaltender in the off-season via trade or free agency he could try to trade Ward, though that would take convincing the netminder to waive his no-trade clause. With the Hurricanes still in the hunt for a playoff berth, they won’t move Ward.

Nazem Kadri becomes a fixture in the trade rumor mill.

Nazem Kadri becomes a fixture in the trade rumor mill.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: James Mirtle recently reports Toronto Maple Leafs president Tim Leiweke promises Leafs fans his club won’t engage in knee-jerk moves. “We will not give away our good kids, we’re not going to give away all of our draft picks. This is a long-term vision. And what we’re not going to do is panic and do a bad deal. This organization in the past has had a bad track record of knee-jerking and doing deals that were bad deals and using good young assets. We won’t do that anymore.”

Mirtle subsequently tweeted the following from TSN’s Darren Dreger: “Dreger says on TSN that if the Leafs are going to trade Kadri – and there’s a chance – they need a centre coming back.”

SPORTSNET.CA: Luke Fox also reports Kadri has repeatedly come up in trade speculation. Leafs assistant GM Claude Loiselle acknowledged the chemistry Kadri had last season with Joffrey Lupul has evaporated this season. Loiselle also acknowledged his club is looking toward the Western Conference, as the tight race for playoff berths in the Eastern Conference makes it difficult to make moves with clubs you’re competing with for a playoff spot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: OK, breathe, Leafs fans. Breathe. While Kadri’s name is floating around the rumor mill, if the Leafs trade him they’ll want a good return, not draft picks and prospects. GM Dave Nonis has repeatedly said he’s not shopping Kadri or Jake Gardiner, but if he did trade either player he’d want a blue-chip player of a similar age (23) in return.  That’s not an easy fit.

TVASPORTS’ L.A. Lariviere reports via Twitter: according to one source here tonight,no truth to Habs GM Bergevin and Lamoriello discussing a trade involving Brière. “Pure speculation”.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports Martin Erat said his agent and Capitals GM George McPhee are “still talking” but he hasn’t changed his desire to be traded.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis noted the Oilers lack a second and a third round pick in this year’s draft, having dealt them to St. Louis and Los Angeles respectively. Willis expects they’ll try to add second and third round picks by the trade deadline.


  1. Ok, yesterday I said that Vanek couldn’t possibly be interested in what salary he signs for but the quality of team he would play for, boy was I wrong. Here’s a quote from him, “I would be lying if I said it doesn’t come down to money and term. You’ve got to sell yourself for what you’re worth, because you can’t play forever.” I guess $50 million over the last 7 years isnt enough to live on or raise your 3 kids. I understand it’s a business, talking like that it may be difficult for the Wild to sign their youngsters and afford Vanek. We’ll see. Peace.

    • With the cap increase and Heatly coming off the books – there will be plenty to sign Vanek with. Seems to me that the Wild locked Pommer in for 7 years – why wouldn’t they Vanek? Ice, Vanek has a history of inserting his foot in his mouth – he is immature at times and IMO I was kind of glad to see him go. Bflo got the better end of the deal – we got a leader and mentor with Moulson and I hope to see him re-sign with the team.

      • Steve, hope your right about that. Pomms sighed a 5 year deal and I agree that Vanek and some of the other better players tend to let their ego’s get the best of them. Moulson is a very good player but it sounds like Buffalo wants to trade him, not sure why, he is a good player to build some young talent around, but you know that all these rumors are “just rumors”.

        • I think we should trade Moulson – especially if we can get a first and a prospect.

          We have Ott (whom we should certainly keep) to train the kids on how to play the game. Moulson is expendable. To me he’s a second line player. We need to acquire first liners. Right now we have none IMO. Hence the picks.

          • robert; what do you think of this/
            to buff
            m.bournival (conditional pick) it depends on what round and if we can re-sign moulson
            to the

          • Robert – I guess I’m greedy as I would love to trade Moulson and then have him come back as a UFA. Moulson is a good player and the type of mentor we can use for our youth- also, he has a great work ethic. I like Ott a lot and I would rather find a taker for Stafford, Leino, Erhoff or Meyers. I think what bothers me about the Sabres right now is that while I like some of the things Nolan has done to stabilize the team, but I am concerned about Nolan’s preference to play “hardworking” journeymen over developing our youth. With a team screaming for goals, we should be developing Grigorenko instead of shuffling him off all over the world or developing Larssen. Its all well and good to talk about getting draft picks or prospects – but you also need to keep the right players to grow their skills, mentor and teach them.

      • Moulson and Tavares – next year.

        • John,
          You think Leaf fans over value their players???? you think your going to get Moulson for that pile of garbage???

    • Man you’d be selling yourself high to. Anybody would. Money’s usually priority 1 one many peoples lists no matter how much they have now they’ll always want more.

    • I’m still not sure that it was anything other than a Wild beatwriters wet dream that started the whole Vanek to the wild discussion. Minny has a lot tied up in a few players so adding Vanek may not be the best course for them regardless. They do have a lot of cost controlled kids coming up so who knows. I’d love to see him resgin with the Isles provided it wasn’t a completely stupid contract which it sounds like he wants/expects.

      • styx, sounds like he wants 5 years @ 8 million per season, the Islanders can afford that, but Vanek wont have a championship ring when he retires from that mediocre team. If it’s all about the money, he can certainly get that.

  2. Even harder to make fit is trying to trade one center for a better one, unless you give your draft picks away. Regardless I wouldnt be surprised that Kadri gets moved (maybe a top 4 D if packaged with a pick/ahler) Maybe another seperate deal with Franson or Gardiner + going for an upgrade at 2C.

    • Sorry Shticky, Franson and Grabiner won’t land you a second line center, let alone one or the other.

      I mean look at the 2 line centers in the league:
      LA: Richards
      Philly: Lecavalier
      Van: Kessler
      Pitts: Malkin
      Colorado: Statsny
      Detroit: Datsyuk

      It just goes on and on. I can’t see any team taking a dman with question marks for their 2nd line center. Those that would…you want anyways.

      • Well Gary I think if you put together the right (package) deal you could get someone who is more consistent than Kadri or suits Randy a little more (better with faceoffs doesnt turn the puck over quite so much maybe not as flashy” Nobody mentioned Detroit LA or the Pens where if any of their “second” line centers played anywhere else they would be first liners. I get it Gary you think most Leaf trades are stupid, but some are not I think if the Avs were not cruising to the playoffs Stadney could be a possibility probably not now but lets not kid our selves if they were not I think Sakic might listen to a package of Franson Levio and a pick for a ufa. There are lots of other options other than the 5 teams with the best depth at the position. Dont be stupid Maybe Charlie Coyle, Marcus Johansen Cody Eakin Martin Hanzil, there are lots of guys around that have or could play that role besides the 6 best (probably) that you mention out of a 30 team league. Franson or Gardiner plus some other pieces, could work to get someone to replace Kadri if they go down that road.

        • shticky that offer wouldn’t even get a reponse form sakic other than a laugh my habs could easliy out bid the leafs
          desharnais ,beaulieu, and a pick for stastny would easily out do that offer or bournival and other stuff packaged up could do it too
          not saying the lefs wouldn’t get him but other teams with more to offer could out bid the leafs easily.

          • John
            Who wants guys like Desharnais and Beaulieu??? really???

      • Sorry Gary that package Shticky mentioned could easily land you a Statsny or a Gagner type. Both teams are loaded up front nothing on the back end so throw in a 3rd rounder or something you easily got yourself a Statsny or Gagner type of 2nd line center.

        • IMO Franson has to go..if only for cap reasons. He is eligible and just pp points he is going to get more then he’s worth. I’d rather have gardiner and Reilly and use something or someone else to bring in a more physical guy. Franson just doesn’t seem to be putting it together this year and is going to be to expensive to resign

          • Sports radio in Edmonton has Franson or Gardiner coming to Edmonton for Gagner. I’m sure there will be some sort of picks or prospects thrown in too. Of course its all speculation but it makes sense for both teams.

        • Franson by himself will not land Statsny.

          I also think the Avs will look at the bigger picture, and don’t see them giving up anybody anytime soon.

          I was throwing out names as examples. I could go through the league team by team. The 2c’s that Franson will get you, do you really want?

          I don’t think Edmonton and the Leafs want to trade..if so they would have already.

          My response was Franson or Grabiner for a 2c. Not happening. Throw in prospects and picks..changes alot of things.

          I still think with other teams bidding, that Franson, Leivo and a pick might not be enough at the trade deadline.

          Shticky..I am not anti leaf, or anti leaf fan. I just can’t get past the ridiculous trade options you guys list as possibilities.

          I would compare Franson or Grabiner to other dmen in the league.

          Gustafsson from Philly comes to mind. He will not get a 2c. He would not get more than a draft pick at this point.

          He is young, talented, puck moving dman, who is injured right now. He has the potential to be a top4 dman…but he will still not net you much more than a draft pick at this point.

          Now..if Franson or Grabiner where excelling, and standing out to more than just Leaf fans, who also admit that Franson is a one dimensional pp player with little defensive side, the we could be entering the talks for a lefit top 6 player coming back to Toronto. Right now..it is all speculation as to what they might become.

          Micheal Del Zotto comes to mind also.

          • Hey dont lump me in the likes of some of them with the Leafs fans and you guys comment about trades….those are fighting words. 😉 I do understand what you mean many of the make me shake my head too.

          • I did say Gardiner or Franson plus, and Im thinking more of a younger guy who might not fit that type role with their current team or UFA rental type rather than a big name second line centre. There are some around.

          • Tend to agree Gary, the Leafs main trade chips are young guys who the jury is still out on. A reasonable return would be getting an older guy who has already peaked at an ability level slightly higher than them because of the potential they represent. Someone like Hemsky for the Oil or maybe a veteran D man who is a second pair or third pair on a deep team. The only other reasonable return is would be some other young guy with similar warts (Dumba perhaps?)

  3. I do not disagree with those who say Kadri will be traded, but I fail to see what teams are going to give a centre back that is equal or more importantly better. I know a deal would probably involve multiple players, but If its not for a better centre, why bother?. What better centres are out there, that teams are actually willing to give up or have a surplus of? Same goes for Bozak. So when Bolland returns, Bozak stays at number one, Bolland at number two, Kadri or Holland at number three, and McClement at number four.
    I see potential opportunities with only Colorado in the west. Anybody else? So while I can see Kadri being traded, I think its made to better shore up the Defense instead, but I hope I am wrong!

    • This is what I think as well There are other pieces that could be moved, to up grade at 2 c (Randy is not taking Bozak away from Phil) Maybe Kadri something else gets a stay at home type to play with Gardiner or Franson as a 4, then deal Gardiner or Franson with a little bigger package for a little more consistent center to play with Lupul. Is what I could see being a little more feasible.

      • Trouble is teams that will trade a center probably want a big D man in return. Teams that will give up D, probably want a center in return. You trade from your surplus.

    • Talk about an impossible feat. Trade Kadri for a better center? Not to mention this “better center” would have to make the same money as Kadri to keep the Leafs below the cap AND would most likely have to be a Western team so the trade doesn’t come back to bit them. I’d say its physically impossible. I agree it won’t be a center.

      Really I’d have no problems taking back a top 8 first rounder for Kadri. We already have an abundance of 2nd/3rd/4th line centers and we know we aren’t getting back a 1st line center especially with Bozak not going anywhere and the reasons mentioned above so why not take a 1st round pick. It would have to be a high pick though OR a first rounder in 2015 from a team you hope founders and get in on the McDavid sweepstakes.

      • Nah thats too much of a risk Kadri goes no where for a draft pick…this years draft out side the top 5 is very weak and even the top 5 besides maybe Ekblad and Reinhart are projects.

        • Im not sure Bolland is a 2 c can definitely move up there if you needed, but in a full season he is a 3.

      • I completely agree, since we have our 1st for 2014 and 2015, why not take a first. Package 2 -1st together to move up to a top 3, or top pick next year, or in 2015?

      • hahaha now you are dreaming you won’t get a top 8 pick for kadri a 1st yes but not top 8 maybe anywhere from 15th to 30 th but not a top 8 the guy isn’t that good to garner a top 8 pick

        • Why trade Kadri for s pick?

  4. I feel that if the Leafs really want to get Kadri going and at the same time increase his trade value they need Carlyle to drop him down to the 3rd line for a while. When he was on fire last season he was mainly playing on the third line….he was then moved up to play with Lupul when hr had tons of confidence in his game.

    So who would replace Kadri on the 2nd line? Holland!!! He is a bigger body and has shown that he can handle the assignment. He played second line center…and did better than Kadri…while Kadri was on the first line when the Leafs were missing Bozak, and Bolland. Holland even centered our 1st line when Kadri was suspended for running over the Wild’s goalie. Our first line looked better with Holland on it than Kadri.

    Carlyle needs to put people where they can be successful. Right now he is just killing Kadri’s confidence leaving him on the 2nd line, and frustrating the hell out of Lupul.

    • Excellent point, and well put.

      Bumping Kadri down to the 3rd line opens up way more room and opportunity for him to find his game again. And Holland seems to just click with whoever he’s lined up with. Give him the time and opportunity to play between Lupul & Raymond to see what he can really do.

      Of course, this then A) potentially increases Kadri’s trade value, if he finds his game; and B) reassures Nonis that he could flip Kadri and not suffer greatly, while solving the eventual log-jam when Bolland comes back after the Olympic break (Bozak 1, Holland 2, Bolland 3, McClement 4, + whatever return they can get for Kadri).

      • I wouldn’t worry about Kadri’s trade value. He lit it up last year and is having a tougher time this year. Remind you of Luke Schenn’s career? He was traded and netted the Leafs JVR… Kadri’s value is still reasonably good to most GM’s

        • Couldnt be more correct… have to look at the “skeleton” of a player, Kardri is a highly skilled player that unfortunetely hasnt fit in this year… he would excel on numerous other teams… chemistry plays a bigger role then most people think. Now that being said, im not saying hes worth a top notch C straight up… there will for sure have to be a multi player/pic/prospect package going the other way, which may not be a bad thing… justs opens up the possiblility of more salary going the way and landing T.O. perhaps a little more qualitly if the cap space is there.

        • I can’t believe Nonis would trade Kadri. If he did he’s gone straght down the path of JFJ, letting the media and fans coherse him into ignoring common sense.

          The truth is, Kadri is a very talented 23 year old who’s in the middle of his first full 82 game season. He’s still on pace for almost 20 goals and 50 points but he’s struggling. We’ve long forgotten by now that just last season he played in all 48 games and finished 21st in league scoring despite playing 3rd line minutes.

          You can’t let a young guy’s name get down in the media and then shuttle him out of down for futures just because the team is playing poorly. That would be a very short-sighted move.

          • And the ‘experts’ Darren Dregor and Aaron Ward said last night, yes, he will be traded by season’s end. Wonderful. If it happens they’ll have a whole new story to cover: should Dave Nonis be fired? And we fans just eat it up. We can’t get enough. It’s insane.

          • Darren Dregor sounds more and more like Nonis’ mouth piece. The way he is speculating on ‘trade rumours’ he sounds like he is repeating what cousin Nonis has told him and helping get out his message to all GMs. Plus letting out all this speculation helps with page clicks, increased viewership and subscriptions… All the good things when running a media company.

          • Im not sure that this is any kind of revelation or new tactic employed by Nonis. Pretty positive it wouldnt be the first time in the league a gm has used the media (related or not) to see whats available or to drum up some interest or help the marketability of a player.

          • Yes, it’s good for business to perpetuate these rumours. The experts also think that Cam Ward will be traded. Why exactly would they do that? And Hiller is on his way to Edmonton in the off season. What, like all the other prized free agents who have landed in Edmonton? It’s enough to make you want to rent a Rogers PVR so you can fast forward through it.

          • The rumours are not helping Kadri’s marketability. His value is being diminished.

          • The media do not effect the value of a trade. You think GMs are going to base a players value(and millions of dollars) on what Dreger says? Im pretty sure they will scout the player live with scouts and in person. Its away to get word around. No one is going to say… “ya Dave we know he is on pace for 50 pts but Glen Healy and Dreger say that he is in Randys doghouse so he cant be all that good”

          • Wrong. It does affect Kadri’s value if public perception is that he is being run out of town. GMs do take that into account.

          • You guys have to realize about the Kadri input, what Dreger and Ward said last night, was only for the sake of the TSN Quiz. This is merely their opinion. There is no way Dreger would report this from an Insider standpoint, nor is this a statement from Wards analyst standpoint.

  5. I actually think a Gagner for Kadri trade straight up wouldn’t be the worst thing for either club. The Leafs get more offense and a guy that can consistently play a top six role and the Oilers get a guy with decent size and grit, who can put up okay numbers too.

  6. I don’t know if I like the idea of the Oilers going after Ward. He really hasn’t been the same goalie the last couple of years. I would prefer they go after Hiller in the offseason.

    • Hiller will be re-signed by the Ducks, Murray has already came out and said that Hiller isn’t going anywhere and why would he leave one of the best teams in the league to go to one of the worst?
      If I’m the Oilers i jump at the chance to land Ward, hell of a lot better than what they have and had for a long time, but with a NTC I doubt he wants to go there.

      • Ward 3.14 GAA and .895 S%
        Dubnyk 3.36 GAA and .894 S%
        Bryz 3.27 GAA and .902 S%
        Not all that better than what Dubnyk on a lot worse defensive team.
        No Better then Bryz on a lot worse defensive team.
        Wards numbers are a lot worse the Scrivens, but I will not add them to this as those numbers are with LA.

        • Goaltending is irrelevant until that D gets a boost. Ward, Bryz, Scrivens etc… wont matter in the least. Forwards are easier to obtain than D men… its time to let go of Eberle and get an anchor on that back end. Maybe even Yak also… Hall and Shultz are the keepers there…

          • I agree. Although a package that includes Eberle OR Yac with the first pick and a defence man prospect not named Nurse should get the Oil the number one D man that they need.

          • The problem is the teams that have the number one d man worth that are really not available.

        • Scrivens in Toronto behind another bad D had over a.900 sv% and a gaa under 3 the question will be how many games can he play more than anything else I think. Scrivens has pretty decent numbers but never got to run with a large number of starts.

      • Also Khabibulin (sorry about the spelling) and Rollie both had better numbers then what Ward has right now, so he is neither better than what the Oilers have or had in a long time.

    • I agree the idea of Ward to the Oil just sucks.

      • I think we all just proved that the question shouldn’t be which goalie Edmonton goes after, but that the real problem is on the blueline. They can pickup any goalie in the league but until they address the defence situation, it will be for nothing.

  7. If there is any team in the NHL that doesn’t need a second, third, or even any drafts picks this year it is Edmonton. They need experienced players and I think they need to give up some of those young high draft picks to improve now. Everyone knows their drafting strategy has failed in the past and they need to improve now. They will be good one day but not with all those current high draft picks wearing and Oilers uniform.

    Kadri will be a great player one day but I just can’t see it in a Leafs uniform. At times Kadri looks like a future #1 centre but others he looks like he shouldn’t be in the NHL. I think that if the Leafs can get a young decent center or shut down dman for either Kadri or Gardiner then they should be traded but I rather send them to the Marlies if their is not a good return for them now.

    • Have to agree with your point on Edmonton.. I mean really how can you not. They have shown no real ability to draft anything other then the obvious 1st overall pick. They just traded one of their 1st rounders in dubnyk and I know goalies are harder to develop but I just don’t see an ability like other teams seem to have with drafting and developing.

      • Oils 2014 first rounder for Kadri and Franson

        • Sorry I forgot to throw in Reimer in that deal too

          • So Oilers give up what they need most in Ekblad for a goalie who had one solid playoff performance, a defenseman who’s a bottom 4 guy and a forward who well hasn’t lived up to expectations at all.

          • You are over valuing your players by quite a margin.

          • Forgot to mention Reimer in my post. The guy is nothing more then a mediocre starter. Would be a solid backup but definitely not worth a 1st round draft choice. Maybe a 3rd and a mid level prospect but that’s about all.

          • So now Kadri 7th over all, Franson a #2/3 on the Oil D and Reimer a solid goalie for the Oil finally isn’t worth a 1st rounder?

          • Jes as a Leaf and an Oiler fan I like this deal. Oil get better immediately on D, shore up their goaltending with the Reimer/Scrivens combo and can now trade Gagner for another good D man with Kadri now on the team. One draft pick takes care of three problems.

          • I definitely would not do this. You are blowing up a team for 1 first round pick? The way things could go is this deal improves the Oil enough to play their way right out of a top 5 pick and you just traded away a guy who was in the top 20 in points last year a goalie in the top 10 in sv% a dman who was top 10 in points for d last year for some guy thst might take 4years to develop and no where near a franchise player. This years draft is the most shallow its been in years. What if the Oils pick turns out to be number 7? You just traded a number 7 pick (Kadri) that you have invested time and effort to develop plus a decent goalie and D man away for a player who may not be as good as Kadri that you have to develop all over again. It makes no sense.

          • Ya that package is not worth a top 5 pick. Of course as mainly a leaf fan you’d love this trade because you would rob Oilers in the trade. Just because Kadri was 7th overall doesn’t men anything man. Look what Niño Niederieter went for and he was a top 5 pick.

          • Shticky I was kinda thinking ahead with this trade. All three guys will be RFA’s with arbitration rights this summer or next and the Leafs won’t be able to afford 2 out of 3 of them. You are right it’s a steep price and maybe the deal gets done with just Kadri and one of Franson or Reimer. That pick could be a top five very easily. As far as Jes goes…well… he obviously doesn’t know these players very well because you are right it’s a total over payment by the Leafs. As I said I’m an Oil fan behind the Leafs and I’d like to see them get better. This deal does that. The Oil need another first rounder like a hole in the head.

          • You are being hypocritical jes and you dont even know it… Say the package is not even worth a top 5 pick and a top 7 pick doesnt matter Leafs are robbing the oilers etc. Think about what you just said then think this way would you trade 3 players for Kadri? Who is getting robbed in this deal Kadri Reimer and Franson for Niederieter? Those 3 players are worth more than a top 5 pick this is not a deep draft. Chances are if the Oilers improve (which they will if they make a trade like this) they may catch the Flames Islanders and maybe the Panthers if they get on a run they might even go higher than that. There is no guarantee that the Oilers pick will get a franchise type player. Chances are more likely it could be a Luke Schenn/Kadri type player or a guy that will need time in the American Hockey League than it will be Ekblad. This trade stinks from a Leaf point of view.

          • I have seasons tickets to the Kingston Frontenacs Ive seen Sam Bennet play tonnes usually twice a week he right now is in the top 5 prospects. He is nowhere even close to being NHL ready, probably not a “franchise player” In no way would I ever think that Kadri Franson and Reimer for Sam Bennet is a good deal.

          • no chance the oilers do that maybe if rielly was in the deal but not franson

          • Ok, Curveall.

            What about Buffalo trades Jonas Enroth and Mark Pysyk plus Jerome Gautier-Leduc
            Edmonton for Eberle and the first in 2014

          • Sorry * curveball

          • Better than this other nonsense the pick isnt going to be worth what it has in the past…now do the Oilers trade Eberly? Ehh I dont think so but yes much more in the ball park than blowing up a team sending 3 players off your roster for a player who is 2-3 years in the minors to develop type trade.

          • Sorry Shticky those players together are not worth a top 5 pick.

            – Reimer – Is nothing but a glorified backup. Had one good playoff and hasn’t seemed the same since. There’s a reason why he hasn’t been traded yet. The guy is horrible. You guys are over valuing him. Last year you mentioned Miller for 1st overall/top 5 is to much for Miller but you think a Reimer and Franson is enough for that elusive first overall/top 5 pick? Miller is like a 1000x’s better then Reimer and you think Miller couldn’t get a top 5 pick?

            – Kadri – The only one out the players mentioned that have any type of potential. Hasn’t been on the coaches good side for awhile. I doubt Oil want to deal with a guy with the attitude of this guy.

            – Franson – Good defensemen. Bottom 6 guy, could easily land that in a trade for Hemsky or something.

            No I wouldn’t trade 3 players for Kadri unless it was Scott, Kaleta and McCormick. Kadri won’t get you much in return. A 1st is possible but not a top 10.

            Oilers will probably end with the first. You really think all those go nowhere players are worth Ekblad, Reinhart or Bennett? HELL NO!!!

            Hell I wouldn’t even give up Dal Colle or Nylander for those guys Leafs 24/7 mentioned.

  8. Spector, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the goaltending situation in D.C.

    Oates announced early in the day yesterday or late Tuesday that Neuvy was starting against Pitt, well before EDM announced the Dubnyk trade, and obviously EDM was calling around about goalies and I’d imagine they were in touch w/ the Caps. If Neuvy was even being considered they would have waited to announce the starter until the last minute. So my question is, do you think that’s an indicator that the Caps likely trying to move Grubby or Holtsy instead? I figure those guys have more value than Neuvy at the moment and despite the media’s focus on Neuvy being the odd man out, my money is on the Caps moving one of the other two.

    • It’s believed Neuvirth is the more likely to move.

  9. Edmonton fans should give Scrivens a chance. As a Leaf I thought he looked like he had a lot more potential than Reimer. He reminds me very much of Curtis Joseph. I thought Scrivens was a steal since he can be a potential starter and at worst a solid back up.

    • Not better then Reimer from what I remember. Scrivens made Reimer look like the rebound control king he was so bad at controlling rebounds not to mention the number of times he goes swimming on a play and ends up almost at the face off dot he’s so far from his net. Not sure if he has improved those two things this year since I haven’t seen him play.

      • Not many starters in the league are as bad as Reimer.

        • Jes as an oil fan you obviously know bad goalies when you see them and know that draft picks are super valuable, more than actual NHL players.

      • Reimer: 9 wins in 20 games this year.

        Won 4 games in October, and only 5 games since…in 3 months.

        Lost his starting job to Bernier.

        Stats: 3.06 GAA, and 9.17 SPP.

        Not exactly starting goalie numbers at all.

        The biggest plus for him..he is young and making less than 2 million per.

        This player does warrant a first round pick by himself.

        A 2nd with a prospect at best….but….

        • I don’t think Reimer is worth a first either but come on… Saying he isn’t a starter and the worst one in the league is just unwarranted … Fact leafs defensive game sucks. On a non defensive team a .917 save percentage isn’t bad. Last year it was .924 and how do you think the leafs got to game 7 last year against the bruins Reimer. Now I’m not saying he is a miller or hillier but stop the trashing. If given the chance on a better defensive team he could be a starter and a very decent one.

        • Wow you guys worst D in the league probably and faced 50 shots twice, lets look at career numbers on a team with pretty shaky D.

          James Reimer
          125 gp
          62w 38L 15ot 11so 2.77 gaa .916 sv%.
          Very good numbers definitely a starter. Worst in the League? give your head a shake.


  10. Leafs IMO will not get much in return for Kadri. It’d be in there best interest to hold onto him until he starts producing again and then deal him. Otherwise they won’t get much in return. Getting a 2nd line center for Kadri is a pipe dream.

    • Enough already about the Leafs and who they should or shouldn’t trade for! They are not a cup contender this year and wont be after they make a couple of roster moves.

  11. The constant problem with leaf fans isn’t stupid trades. It’s the gross overvaluing of your players and assuming there is a gm out there that’s dumb enough to pay it. Truth is everyone knows how bad they need a second line center and honestly I feel Toronto lost there best chance with Talbot four years ago when he was a free agent. The simple fact is you have to pay for it.
    Truth is your not gonna package together three mediocre players and get what you want and a pick. Most teams can’t take three roster players with no options and trade one.
    Fact is your gonna have to part with solid prospects and or picks or be prepared to take a bad contract or two in place. Plus live with a third or fourth line center that can become a second line center with more ice time.

    • Agreed. Can’t see the Leafs making a move before the Olympics and, given where they are in comparison to the top teams in the league, I hope they play out the string and make moves over the off-season to strengthen the team up the middle.- defence and centre. The Leafs aren’t close yet – and the young guys need to play. Play them.

    • Ya fans know the value of players better than the pros.

      • … Thomas Kaberle

        All fans over value their players. But no matter how you cut it at the deadline, the value for players seem to increase and GM’s make stupid mistakes.

    • True! and to add to that is Feaster is no longer employed as a GM. lol

    • Talbot? Seriously…

      • Talbot is a sold second line center on most teams. I feel the leafs would have gotten more out of him then philly did.

    • your right rc21 they had that center and a better one than kadri,bozak,and bolland …but they got raped in the deal and got phil kessel they could’ve kept that pick and got seguin had him with bozak,kadri, and boalland and the leafs would be further ahead today and wiould have 3 solid center one of which would be a franchise center(seguin) and they’d be close to cup contenders…but no burke got raped in that deal and set them back now they are looking for that center! and before leafs fans get their back up and try and defend that trade ask yourself this
      why did the bruins get rid of keseel? because they knew he was a one dimensioanl player and a guy you can’t win a championship with

      • Why did the Bruins get rid of Seguin if he is such a franchise center?

      • Wow john just wow… Leafs traded for kessel at the beginning of the season…BEGINNING .. How could they have possibly had the pick for seguin at that point in time… And for all this kessel seguin talk not that I want to get back into the analysis of the trade but had the leafs not made that trade it would have been Taylor hall they picked not seguin… Having kessel on the team helped them that year imagine if they didn’t have kessel scoring for the how bad they would have been.

        No talbot was not a second liner he was a solid third liner and his strengths are best shown on a serious contender as a checking center

      • look at the numbers BOZO…I mean John….Kessel finished top 10 in scoring last 2 seasons….look at Kessels playoff numbers then do yourself a favour and look at seguins!! Seguin is so good he was dealt after 3 seasons….hamilton is average and the 3rd guy they got STILL hasn’t played an NHL game

        • yeah dumb palanca and what does seguin have that one ball phil doesn’t a stanley cup ring! and i looked at seguins numbers he’s better than any center currently on the leafs and is one point behind almighty one dimension one ball phil! give your head a serious shake! what would you rather have a 1 dimensioanl player that is full of himself and is not a team player (the reason the bruins got rid of him) or a stanley cup champion and a 1st legit center in seguin if you say kesell then it’s no wonder why that sad sack franchise hasn’t won a cup in 50 years!hamilton has played a game goof ball he played last season and will be a top 4 defenceman for the bruins in the not to distant future..if your going to talk hockey make sure you know what your talking about your back to your parents basement

  12. You can’t bring in Hurrincane players to the Oilers that won the cup in 2006. It’s just wrong and bad Karma. Didn’t work with Erik Cole either.

  13. Moulson and Ott to Anaheim for Cogliano , Smith Pelly or Maroon and Luca Sbisa plus conditional pick depending on if one or both re-sign with Ducks. Ducks have depth , Sabres would want Etem but I would be surprised if Murray lets him go.

  14. I love these people who seem to think the leafs over value their players, and maybe we do but not by as much as you leaf hatters undervalue our players. You’ll easily say that Kadri isn’t worth a first and should be in the AHL, but Sam Gagner could fetch you a first! That’s ludicrous, I hope you all realise Kadri has better stats than Gagner this year in almost every category plus he draws the most penalties in the NHL, GAnagers best stat is his amazing -21. Kadri is also one year younger and they both have similar draft positions. If the leafs traded Kadri for Gagner straight up I would be very upset as a leafs fan. I do recognise some leafs fans post some ridiculous trade scenarios, but I hate reading all this leaf hate. And you haters better start to recognise that the leafs are in the playoff hunt. I would think that this should imply that our players for the most part are better than players on teams not in the playoff hunt or at the minimum hey have better chemistry. And if the leafs team is higher in the standings then whoever their trade partner is then the leafs should have a little leverage.

    • I think fans in general seem to make trade proposals on biased opinions. However there are a few here that take pipe dream trades to new levels of insanity. What makes it worse (here) sometimes is the over valuing a player combined with a trade that make little to no sense what so ever the other way. I think that if people here under value Kadri, Reimer and Gardiner , it’s probably because they are tossed around 25 times a day in any trade mentioned by Leafs fans. To me, that shows the Leaf fans while on paper seem to hold them in high regard, they would ultimately like to see them playing elsewhere.

      • Correct and you know what would help in not creating a page long of post about the same old thing is ignoring the ridiculous posts all together.

        • @ AKI……I’m confused???? You say…..”Correct and you know what would help in not creating a page long of post about the same old thing is ignoring the ridiculous posts all together.” and then continue to contribute to this? LOL

    • david desharnias is better than both kadri and gagner and has better stats than both is he worth a 1st rd pick?

      • You really dont have any idea what youre talking about do you John

        Deshsrnais 222 games 40 goals 92 assists 132 points . 53 points per game

        Kadri 144 games 37 goals 53 assists 90points .64points per game
        This year
        Desharnais 6 goals 15 assists 21 points
        Kadri. 11 goals 16 assists 27 points

        In what world is Desharnais better than Kadri?

        • can you not read? 132>90 desharnais had a 60 point season and kadri hasn’t kadri is a cancer.desharnais isn’t i’m sorry if you can’t comprehend english and read but desharnais had better career number s and he’s only a few points behind kadri now and if he didn’t have such a terrible start to the season he’d be ahead of kadri… kadri is a stiff and not worth much and your kidding yourself if you think the leafs will get a statsny or anybody better than him without including your 1st or something signiifcant

          • With that logic if Kadri didn’t go through a slump recently he’d be at 40 points

          • Cant you comprehend numbers? Deharnais has played a season more of games than Kadri and Has only 3 more goals and 40 points thats not better its more games played. Im not saying they are getting Stasny for Kadri, Im saying you are crazy if you think Desharnais is better than Kadri.

          • JOhn……OMG you may not understand english….or numbers….or understand that no team in the NHL is looking for a 5 foot tall center like Desharnais!! Your Mayor doesnt even want him n the team!! Montreal fans are worst than leaf fans when it comes to valuing their players!!

  15. I think that Kadri should be dealt but not a any price. It has to be for the same amount of talent or better same kind of money or better, where we would need to improve (the Leafs) in the trade is getting a player that is not selfish like Kadri, a player that not only think of himself first, a player that not only think of his pocket… someone that would not do a hold-out to get more cash (Yashin style) like he did. I really hope that they are able to move him but for the same value or better…Go Leafs Go…

  16. What are Chuck Gormley and George McPhee talking about? The fact that NOBODY wants Erat?

  17. Hey Maybe Burkie will pull another Kessel deal.

    How about two first rounders for Morgan Rielly. He did say he would have picked the kid first over all had he had the first pick. LOL

  18. No one is going to give up a better center for Kadri unless the leafs sweeten the deal. Add Gardiner for a team that need D, and someone should be willing to part with a quality center. They would be getting a center that still has potential in Kadri, and a defenseman that has potential too. Must be a building team, of course.

  19. Kadri is not needed once Bolland returns and Holland is a better 3rd line centre than Kadri. I would prefer to trade Kadri for a shut down dman who like Kadri has potential but needs a change of teams to get better.

    I don’t think Edmonton’s first round pick is worth too much. They have been saying that draft pick has been available in a trade for some time now and have not got much action on it. At best they will get a 2nd line player, or 3-4 defenseman, or #1 goal for it not much more. At the draft if its a first over all they will get more but not now.

    Brière might not be happy with the situation in Montreal but the problem is he is grossly over paid and is way past his prime. I think this was known by everyone except the GM in Montreal who signed him. I knew this would be the outcome and I think he will be bought out or retire at the end of the season. I don’t watch too many Habs games but in the games I watched him he has been brutal.

    • To expand on your briere point paul Coffey was on fan590 this morning and was commenting on players like redden, Gomez, and luongo who’s career has been affected by there contracts. He basically said if these players truly felt there contract was hindering them in playing in the nhl or in loungos case being traded walk away from the money. They are as responsible for the situation and how much they are making as the gm who gave it to them was…

    • he can’t be bought out we used our 2 compliance buyouts so he’ll either retire be traded or we’re stuck with him for 1 more year

  20. What good young kids do the leaf’s have ????

    That’s funny!!!!

    LET’S GO PEN’S!!!!

  21. I think there is more brewing between Carolina and Toronto yet.

    To Toronto: Skinner + Khudobin
    To Carolina: Kadri + Reimer + Gardiner

    Then Carolina can work out a deal with Edmonton.

    To Carolina: Yakupov + Hemsky + Gagne
    To Edmonton: Ruutu + Ward + Gerbe

    • I think more likely is something Probert mentioned above like maybe Gardiner or Franson and a pick to edmonton for Gagner (that type of move anyway), and a separate deal where Kadri and some minor pieces for a stay at home type no. 4. D. Couple minor type tweaks to get a piece or 2 more to Carlyles style of game. All 3 D pairings having a physical stay at home defender with a puck mover. These are not major type deals, and all deals that are fairly equal values that would work for both teams.