NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 17, 2014

The latest on Nazem Kadri, Ryan O’Reilly, Ryan Miller and Simon Despres, plus updates on the Stars, Ducks, Kings and more.

Could the Avalanche shop Ryan O'Reilly by the trade deadline?

Could the Avalanche shop Ryan O’Reilly by the trade deadline?

TSN.CA; Bob McKenzie suggests Dallas Stars forward Ray Whitney and defenseman Sergei Gonchar could be shopped if the Stars decide to make moves at the trade deadline. Whitney would be a rental player but Gonchar has two more years at $5 million per season on an over-35 contract…Pierre LeBrun believes the Anaheim Ducks could try to add a right-handed defenseman. They were believed to have interest in NY Rangers blueliner Dan Girardi but the Blueshirts are telling teams they’re not moving him and will try to re-sign him…Darren Dreger claims the LA Kings could look at rental players like Calgary’s Mike Cammalleri, NY Islanders’ Thomas Vanek, perhaps Florida’s Tomas Fleischmann or Buffalo’s Matt Moulson.

McKenzie noted the Colorado Avalanche would be allowed to trade Ryan O’Reilly on February 28 (one year from the date they matched the offer sheet last season from the Calgary Flames) if they wish. LeBrun claims a number of teams are keeping an eye on O’Reilly, as he would be the top trade target before the deadline if the Avs were to shop him…Dreger claims Carolina Hurricanes winger Tuomo Ruutu is in play. He has a no-trade clause but is willing to work with the Hurricanes. McKenzie reports the Hurricanes sent a league-wide e-mail lisiting Ruutu, Jiri Tlusty, Riley Nash, Drayson Bowman and Brett Bellemore as available. The Canucks did the same thing with Dale Wiese and the Lightning with Tom Pyatt and Keith Aulie…LeBrun reports the Florida Panthers are keeping an eye on Washington Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There will be more interest in Whitney than Gonchar (who actually has one season remaining on his contract), unless the Stars are willing to eat half of the latter’s remaining deal…Girardi’s not going anywhere…Fleischmann has one season left on his contract  so he’s not a “rental player”. Fleischmann also has a modified no-trade clause. Cammalleri and Moulson began their NHL playing careers with the Kings.

I’ll be shocked if the Avs move O’Reilly, who’s a key part of their improvement this season. Yes, it could cost $6.5 million to qualify his rights, but the Avs could re-sign him before the qualification period. The Avs and O’Reilly have reportedly agreed to wait until season’s end to talk contract. I just don’t see them trading him, regardless of how much it might cost to re-sign him…Ruutu has two more seasons at $4.75 million per, which will be tough to move unless the Hurricanes pick up part of it. Tlusty could be of interest to teams seeking scoring depth…The Panthers are the first club I’ve heard with any interest in Neuvirth.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun also reports at some point new Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray will speak with Ryan Miller’s agent. It’s still widely expected Miller will be dealt by the trade deadline, allowing time to determine the goalie’s market value. LeBrun adds his voice to those observers who believed Miller would be a good fit with the St.Louis Blues, who seem content with their current tandem of Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott…He also expects the Edmonton Oilers (who recently acquired Ben Scrivens) could have interest in Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward in the off-season, or could pursue Ducks netminder Jonas Hiller if he hits the UFA market…Regarding the Nazem Kadri trade rumors, LeBrun cites a few sources claiming he’s available, while others say the Maple Leafs are simply listening to offers but aren’t pushing it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller to the Blues would be a sexy trade, certainly adding spice to the trade deadline. But the Blues’ current tandem is playing well, plus they’d have to dump salary to take on the remainder of Miller’s contract, not to mention pay a stiff asking price to acquire him from the Sabres. I still believe the Blues will stick with their current tandem for the rest of the season, and if they fall short in the playoffs again, they’ll pursue Miller via free agency, when they’ll have more cap space and it won’t cost them assets like young players, draft picks or prospects…Any team interested in Ward better be prepared to make a strong offer. Jim Rutherford won’t just give him away. He won’t want a package of picks, unproven youth and prospects. Ward would also have to waive his no-trade clause…As for Kadri, again, I don’t doubt the Leafs are getting offers but I don’t believe they’re actively shopping him.

CBS SPORTS: Brian Stubits cites an radio interview on Thursday by Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis, who said he’d be willing to trade Kadri if the right deal came along. “There’s a difference between willing to and trying to.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nonis’ comments supports my belief Kadri isn’t being shopped. Remember, Nonis has repeatedly said if he were dealt it would be for a blue-chip player similar in age (23) to Kadri. Could Kadri be traded? Of course. Will he? Seems to me, only if a rival club is willing to pay Nonis’ asking price.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi reports the Pittsburgh Penguins have demoted defenseman Simon Despres to the minors. Despres could be shopped near the trade deadline for either third line depth or as part of a package for a scoring winger.


  1. Went to the Wild game last night and Scrivens got a sunburn from the goal light and lived up to his 3 point something GAA. The Oil’s D is horrific. Peace.

    • Love the sunburn quip. Hilarious!

    • I hope he doesn’t sign and stay with the Oilers. It’s a joke of an organization. What once was class is now garbage.

      • Micki, I don’t think it’s a joke of an organization but I do think that McTavish is a poor coach and that they need to trade some of the youngsters for veterns, balance out their roster. They think they have 5 baby Jesus’ that can do it all and so far that plan hasn’t worked. If they can trade a few of those guys, maybe the wins will start coming more often.

        • Yakupov, has a head injury ……they waited to long to trade this guy…now hes hurt and will cause issues to move him as they should have a long time ago …his value is plummeting.

          Scrivens had NO help in Oilers game …this team needs to make a MAJOR trade for Defense BIGTIME!

          • Backchecking, you are absolutely right!

        • Uh, MacT isn’t a coach. He’s a General Manager.

          • Right, my mistake.

        • It has become a joke. I mean, living in ET i spent late nights watching Oilers hockey when NHL Center Ice became available. To see Ryan Smyth, and a young Horcoff, Hemsky, and many others..skate on the best ice that there is to see on TV.

          McT is still fresh as a GM, and i think Eakins is not that good.

          This team has no leadership. Not even the younger players are good leaders.

          I think they may as well finish once again atop the entry draft, and possibly once again draft #1, and then start making some big frigging trades.

          This is a team that has to hit the reset button. This is a team that has to create an identity and build a culture.


          Yakupov (this guy is Zherdev 2.0)

          Half the defense has to go.

    • Pretty sure I saw Scrivens say “where’s Doughty?” a few times last night in the highlights :)

      Oil have built from the front back which most GMs seem to suggest is backwards. D tend to take longer to develop so unless they trade for some it could be a while till Nurse and Klefbom and whatever they draft show up to help.

      • Agreed 100% Styx. Even the mighty Pens have shown how vulnerable you are when you have nothing in the back end to support your scoring cast.

  2. Its been widely reported that the Canucks are looking for a top 6 Centerman with experience and youth, and Nonis is looking for a young bigger Center with youth as well and someone who can grow with the team …as they have Holland ,Bozak, Mcclement , Bolland as of right now …after a little thinking and digging it may make sense for both teams to swap centers here …

    A Bo Horvat trade for Kadri may make quality sense for both teams …Leafs also have Vanderhege lighting it up on the Ice dogs and will challenge soon also in the next 2 years. Horvat is already 6 foot and 205 pounds and is an upgrade to Kadri …..IMO has all the tools and then some that Kadri has and will be a more power Center that will drive hard and has amazing hands …this would be a real good fit for both teams …..with that YES Iam very aware what Nonis has said and he wants a top line Center back right away and this wont happen with this trade scenario…BUT ….have to look into next year as well and Horvat could be a Monahan type player …EASILY for the Leafs if he starts with the club next year ….as his size and skill is ripe to make the jump! ….Why I say this is that Centers are a premium in the league and are rarely available especially top 6 …so this may be a better upgrade outside the box that also brings youth and gives the Canucks the top 6 they need right now !

    The Blues can easily trade one of there Goalies and allow for a rental such as Miller to come in as a UFA and not worry about signing him in the Summer as they have 3 starting goalies anyways and can make a serious run this year giving up on one and inserting Miller and then look to resign him or move forward in another way …but in the end …St Louis will benefit with Miller as a rental for a serious run this year !

    • Problem with a bo Horvat for Kadri trade, is First off, Leafs need a nhl ready center. Horvat is easily a year maybe 2 away. I know the leafs have holland and believe me I am a fan of his, but he needs to be consistently in the NHL for the rest of the year to at least see what we have in him. Secondly I believe Kadri will be traded, if he is truly one of your core piece’s as a GM you do not say “he is available” I do not care if you follow that sentence up with anything else, as a gm (nonis) you have failed. He is still only 23 and you can not go out their in the media and say what nonis is saying. Gives the kid No confidence in himself and nobody give me the motivation speech maybe for a 30 year old guy who makes 8-9 mil a season who has 4 goal in 30 games that works, but not with the youth on this team.

      To Me its either time to move Kadri or Carlyle. (respectfully) Last year kadri was the savior of this team with 44 points in 48 games, this year everyone think he’s worth a second round pick. And its not just him Look at Clarkson. We did not bring the guy in here to play 12 min a game on third line. Both these players have had down season and after 24/7 I really question if Randy has the room with these guys. Clarkson is easily a shoot first kind of guy, who needs a bozak kind of center-man to be successful. anyways Im rambling but that’s my 2 cents..

      • Its very uncommon for team to give up on Centers who are all ready playing in the top 6 …just doesn’t make sense …the only way to TRULY upgrade is to look at a player who can step in next year and grow with the team …Leafs have only 4 regulation wins in 26 games …its not going to make a difference this year

        …….really its not!!

        Next year this will be the better trade moving forward that has to be done now!
        Would you rather have Kadri now …1 point in 14 or Horvat moving forward who is a bigger upgrade longer term.????

    • Bolland is way too injury prone. Not worth it.

      St. Louis can try for Miller, but it will be a steep price. I think they should go for a proven winner who is a fierce competitor and comes up with amazing saves. His name is Tim Thomas.

    • Problem with the Bo Horvat trade for Kadri is that it is one sided for the Leafs. The Canucks see Horvat as a future captain. He’s good in all aspects of the game and has a huge upside. Horvat, Gaunce, Shinkaruk and Corrado are the Canucks future and none are being traded. Kadri is a young player who isn’t performing to the level he was drafted and there’s no guarantee he will be better on another team.

      • agreed. Thank you.

    • Why on earth would the Canucks want to trade Horvat for Kadri. Stop over valuing your junk

      • @RK Junk? Seriously? What are you 9 years old?

        • Kadri will most likely fetch someone elses under performing young player with “potential” (same as Kadri’s situation) OR a high draft pick (a first rounder top 10). I don’t see anything else coming back. No one is giving up a highly touted prospect or top line player for him.

          • Not sure Kadri would make sense to me on the Canucks. You move Kesler to RW, and what are the top two lines?

            Sedin Sedin Kesler
            Higgins Kadri Burrows

            Not trading a future 2nd line centre to ice that 2nd line now…

          • @ Van Can Fan
            @ Leafs 24 / 7

            I am just saying as in the News today and all this year and last …Gillis is looking for a young 2nd line center …Kadri will fit that bill long term …and right NOW!!

            There prospects will not do for the Canucks for the next 2 years but will be better suited in the Leafs organization where there is more a youth movement !!

          • kadri will get the leafs a 1st rd pick but not a top 10 pick 15-30 yes top 10 no way!

        • I love how a kid playing poorly in the NHL is worth less then a kid who might one day play in the NHL. Just because he’s projected to be a good NHL player does not mean it will translate in real life. Horvat looks pretty good, but to say that he has more value then Kadri. I’m going to get bashed for saying this but monogahn has more value than horvat, and Kadri probably has the most. Again I only say this because he has had the most amount of NHL experience. Again people say leafs fans overvalue their players, yet your telling leafs nation that your future captain who has yet to play in the NHL is worth more is insane give your head a shake, just cause you get drafted does not mean you will have a successful NHL career. Side note; this year Kadri has 11g 16a 43 penalty mins 10ppp 98 hits 21 blocked shots and leads the league in drawing penalties, and your really think he’s have a terrible year. He’s projected to have 20g and 30a his projected stats this year isn’t something a talentless hack puts up. It seems to me if a player is on the leafs apparently unless he puts up a min of 80 points, then he is over valued. It is a good trade scenario it just irks me when I constantly hear how leafs nation over values their players by most of these haters. Non NHL players and NHL ready players are apples and oranges. How come nobody say that Edmonton over values their players, why because their built from high draft pics, last I heard the team hasn’t accomplished anything in years

          • Wow no replies to something that is logical. Such idiots that spew nonsense about player values. A player like Kadri would be sought after if he was on any other team but the leafs. If you think I’m wrong or don’t know what I am talking about, then list at least 10, no 5 players that are 23yrs old and scores at a .050pt or more pace.

          • @ Allhailtheleafs


          • I have never said that Kadri does not have value. It is how much value.

            The trades being proposed make sense from a Leaf perspective. They make the Leafs look better, and they move out “problem” areas.

            I get it. You guys are just throwing ideas or desires out there, but the trade has to make sense for both teams.

            Kadri for Horvat makes no sense for the Canucks.

            I live in Vancouver, and the common need here is a winger who can play with the Sedins and a #3 center. I listen to the team everyday on the way to work, and they are biggest Canucks homers out there, but they also talk about the teams needs and the a top line winger and a #3 center is what is always discussed. that is why they traded Hodgson for Kassian. Thinking they could get a power forward who can step up to higher lines if needed, but makes for a tough top 3 lines when everyone is healthy.

            I have heard nothing about Gillis looking for a #2 center. Definitely not going on over 2 seasons.

            I call it like I see it.

            As far as Kadri goes, I have summed up his worth, broke down points, gp, ppg etc, and have stated he is a top 10 pick the year he was picked due to the draft class, and where the rest that was drafted around him are slotted.

            Kadri is worth a prospect, just not a prospect at Horvats level. Not to mention the gong show that was with the Vancouver goalie situation, and how many fans where chocked they traded Schneider for the Horvat pick to begin with. To turn that top level prospect who just represented Canada in the WJC into Kadri would not go down to well. Gillis really sold the city on Horvat and how much they wanted that pick to get him.

            Looking at everything. The proposed trade will not happen. Not as suggested.

          • Can’t argue with that logic. Well put! It brings to mind the situation with Kyle Turris in Phoenix a few years back. Remember that deal? Hailed as a good one for both teams. Ottawa surrendered a highly touted former number one draft pick who was expected to be a permanent fixture on their blueline for years to come. Took a little while for Turris to become the player many envisioned him to be, but David Rundblad, the young Swedish defenseman who was so highly regarded, has proven to be more suspect than prospect, which supports your solid argument of real value vs potential value.

      • because Kadri got 44 points in 48 games last year and I don’t see many Canucks doing that.
        because the window of opportunity for the Canucks is shutting down faster than their inability to score.
        because Horvat is an unknown and Kadri is a proven, albeit flawed, performer.
        because you should compare their London Junior records at the same age
        ……..shall I continue?
        Bottom line is I would not even make that trade because I think the Leafs need to commit to this kid longer than they have given his talent and potential.

    • Exactly..he is an upgrade to Kadri.

      After all the heat the Vancouver managemnet took for te handling of Luongo, and then trading Schneider, there is no way the Canucks take Kadri for Horvat

      Sorry to shoot you down once again, but this will not be happening. Not as stated.

      It makes absolutely no sense for the Canucks to do this. They don’t need a 2c as they have Sedin and Kessler at 1 and 2.

      Not to mention all the reasons you mentioned above for Horvat to be a success in the league.

      • Sure Kadri has talent and is gifted offensively, but he takes shifts off and has a very poor defensive game. Torts would eat him alive. Horvat has already developed a strong two way game, which anyone in hockey knows is the formula for winning.

        • For Gary, Bowman and RK. You 3 are comical, do any of U actually read your comments before posting. Better than the comedy network I tell U.

          • Actually I do.

            Do you?

            What is so funny in shooting down and showing all the holes in Backchecking’s logic…or lack thereof.

            I stated the reasons the Canucks would not make that trade. They are based on fact, not smoking a joint and dreaming up scenario’s.

            Want to explain how my responses are comical? I am here to straight up talk hockey.

            Leaf fans make outrages trade suggestions, and the rest of us shoot them down.

            Do you do any homework before you post? or just go from the hip?

            In return, I think your reply above is not well thought out, and quite frankly adds nothing to the conversation.

            Go jump in the creek, you a$$turd.

        • ……..newsflash Horvat has not played one game outside of Junior so relax. You make him sound like a prodigy.

      • Lupal for a first and horvat. More pieces moving but boy it would help vancouvers first line and Toronto gets back what they need most. Good character prospects. How many coaches have to fail in Toronto before the gm moves some of their stars out?

        • Are you franking kidding me?

          That has about as much of happening as the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.

  3. I think Florida’s Tom Gilbert will be heavily sought after.

    Not sure why Florida would have interest in Neuvirth.

    • You’d think they’d turn the reins over to Markstrom soon.

      • Markstrom has to wake the hell up. It’s make or break next season. If he can’t show consistency then he is out.

        Still, i think Neuvirth isn’t the answer. He is a good goalie, but not the goalie to get for the Panthers. I’d look at the Anaheim goalies or possibly sign Halak if not i’d love to see Thomas back with the Panthers.

        If the Panthers want to take a shot at a young goalie then ok..Neuvirth may be an idea, or Raanta from the Hawks.

        • Nuevirth is better than Thomas and Markstrom, they should try to get him and trade Thomas or put him on waivers.

          • Neuvirth is a career back-up. He will do nothing for Florida. Use Markstrom and Clemmenson (he still with Florida?).

          • Markstrom and Clemmenson are backups in my opinion, Neuvirth would look good in a Wild uniform, Florida or any team can have Backstrom for free.

          • …..What’s wrong with you?

        • Micki, being that the Panthers have been near the basement of the league for quite some time, what exactly is the problem? To me it’s the overall package and honestly if they went away completely no one would notice, we need to teams in Florida like we need 3 in California. The Panthers are a bad team, period.

    • Gilbert will end up on waivers, then the minors, then gone for good. His value is going down fast.

      • @iceman1965
        You clearly don’t have any idea of what you are talking about.

        Gilbert has looked rejuvenated this season playing alongside Campbell in Florida. At 900k he’s been outstanding. He’s still a smart, mobile dman… I wouldn’t be shocked to see him resign with the Panthers.

        If he’s moved it will be for a pick, he’s not hitting waivers.

  4. Also, Edmonton media and certain fans that slammed Scrivens’ wife. What a-holes. Your franchise is a joke and you are part of the problem as well.

    • It wasnt Edmontons media that published the tweets, nice try though.

      • They were selective about it. Unprofessional jerks.

  5. Not sure how this works- Bo Horvat cost the canucks Schneider. Where would Kadri slot in? as the number 3 behind Kesler and Sedin?- Kadri will go (if all at) to a team that is not a contender. I can see him going to Winnipeg with Reimer and a Gunnarson or Franson for Bfuglien and a Ladd type – not for a prospects. Just my two cents. I do think the Leafs would deal Kadri and not get back a centre, they are more than comfortable with Holland- he is better ALL AROUND and no attitude. ROR just wont happen- why would they deal a player like that?

    • No team will trade a center who is better than Kadri for Kadri. However, a team might trade a young center who could be better for Kadri who is better now. For example Kadri is a former London teamate of Tavares. A deal around Strome might be the way to go. Kadri is better now but Strome is 3 years younger, doesn’t need waivers and still on his ELC.
      This is about the only way you get a center who could be better.

      • The Leafs need to keep Kadri, hes young, physical and plays with an edge.

        • Holland has made Kadri expendable if the right player comes back in a trade.

        • Agreed iceman

        • You make sense. Too many Leaf fans in love with the concept of a trade. These are the same types who sit and cry in their beers years later about the Alex Steens of the world.
          Kadri is ONLY 23. When this kid plays with an edge he is a highly effective player.
          Is he flawed? Hell yes but so what? Its called developing talent and this kid has it so get it out of him.

      • Can’t see the Isles moving Strome for Kadri. Kadri is a better player now but as you pointed out Strome looks like he may be better long term. Kadri isn’t good enough to push Nielsen out of the #2 centre spot and just isn’t really a third line centre. Kadri also still has too many question marks around attitude and consistency.

        • For the record Kadri was somewhat cocky early in his career but Burke and Wilson pretty much humbled this kid by their approach.
          Personally I will take that fine line between cocky and confident in my players instead of the opposite.
          Would I consider Strome? yes for sure only because of the Holland factor but otherwise I am fine with keeping Kadri in Toronto for years to come and watching him develop. With the right coaching and patience, I see a Gilmour like potential in this kid.

    • The Canucks will not trade Bo Horvat. They are highly unlikely to do a deal with the Leafs (and vice versa). What Vancouver could use more than anything would be Alex Burrows and Roberto Luongo back in the lineup.
      And, if the Leafs are truly trying to build a competitive team, they will hang on to Kadri, play the young guys, evaluate at the end of the season and make changes then. They may make the playoffs, if you check their schedule down the stretch, it’s more likely they will not. Let’s see what the current roster can do if they stay together and, hopefully, find some chemistry among the lines and defence pairings.

  6. Couple of corrections, first of all coming into last nights game, Scrivens had a GAA of 1.97, not 3 something (although wiuth this defense it will more than likely get there). MacTavish has not been the coach of the Oilers since 2009.
    Please explain how the value plummets on a 20 year old former first overall pick who is day to day with a headache? He’s a young European player adjusting to the North American Game and in a sophomore slump; He’s not crippled. Yak won’t be traded, regardless.

    • I’d say, if anything, Eberle will be the one to go. They need to do SOMETHING, and in order to get better at D and G you need to give something up. The “core” to me is Nuge and hall, all others are expendable.

      • I agree. Yaks or Gagner aren’t going to net the Oil a franchise D man they need so desperately but Hall would. You have to give up to get.

        • Joining the “agree” train here. Eberle to the Canucks for two defencemen? (just as one idea) Canucks can’t score and have a surplus of D, Oil are the exact opposite.

          • umm, the Oilers are not trading in conference, especially not to Vancouver in there own division, thats mental.

          • I hate the “no trading in conference” argument. The logic behind that is the GM saying: “Ok, we’ll do whatever we can to make our team better – except let’s rule out FIFTY PERCENT of our possible trading partners, right off the bat.”

            If the GM thinks they win a deal, they should do it – no matter where the other team is from.

    • Who said anything about a franchise D? Given where they will end the season, they could always draft or use the pick to trade for one. If they can move Yaks or Gagner for a solid top 4 pairing who is responsible defensively, it should be heavily considered. They need defensive depth through the system, but one franchise D isn’t the total solution.

    • Oil need to do something. I love eberle but unless they go out and get some top six size they won’t work. Move him to Dallas for oleckiak and faska. Unless they get size via trade be patient. They look to have some great d coming through the pipe. I’d love to see them trade rnh but that’s just me.
      How about rnh, yaks and hemsky or ganger to phili for couturier, Schenn and Schenn. Maybe take out couturier and add Simmonds. They HAVE to find a way to add size.
      Lupal for a first and prospect?
      Jvr for yaks and a first ( fair).
      To me it’s rnh that should go. I don’t Trust he will be healthy for his career

  7. I can’t see Lombardi trading for Vanek, as much as I would love to see him in a Kings uniform playing with Kopitar and Carter, Lombardi doesn’t like to rent players, and it would cost a ton to get him, then to re-sign him its going to be around $8 mill per. Moulson makes a little more sense but I don’t think DL does that either, Top prospect and a 1st round pick is more than what DL will want to pay for a UFA that is expecting 6-7 mill as a UFA. I wouldn’t trade for him based on all that. So at this point I am a little skeptical on if the Kings can land some scoring help.

  8. Nonis has also repeatedly said that he doesn’t believe in the word “untouchable” and that anyone on his roster could move for the right price.

    • Also mentioned in the interview that if the right offer for JVR came up Nonis would trade him too…in saying that it seems like there are too many stories of Kadri and not really anyone else (aside from Gardiner) being available that kadri hasnt been discussed once or twice anyway. I think they move him.

  9. Kadri isnt gonna score you a top ten pick. Get serious. Late first rounder for someone that REALLY wants to take a flyer on him or a 2nd. Package him up with Gardiner/Franson and you still wont score a top ten. You can’t trade fringe for top end. Just doesnt happen. It might work on Schticky’s nhl 2014 team where Toronto is 51-0 but not in the real world.

    • fivebuckbarley, in what world do 23 year old, 1st round(7th) overall, centers who have 90pts in 144 games not garner a top 10 pick?
      I am NOT a Leafs fan but because a player plays for them they are suddenly junk?
      I guess Morgan Rielly would only net you a 3rd?
      Get your homer glasses off bud and be realistic.

      IF Kadri is traded, it will bite the Leafs in the ass someday. He is 4th in team scoring and is still valuable, even though he is in a small slump.

      • Definitely is worth anywhere close to a top 5. Maybe in some of the weakest drafts out there but otherwise HELL NO!! 6-10 maybe if a team is desperate and it’s not a draft like last years.

        • Definetly ISN’T worth***

        • This year is a very weak draft jes, again top north american skater right now is Sam Bennet I see him play 2-3 times a week he is not anywhere near nhl ready and probably not franchise type player, Ive seen Ekblad a few times now again not nhl ready, this draft is shallow and not many if any franchise type players.

      • In this world we live in when the young player takes night off, shifts off, has contract disputes, and doesn’t live up to expectations.

    • 😀

  10. I’m all fir kulimen for depres.. Watched a couple pens games and really was impressed with depres couple years he could be a very good d man. Right now it isn’t so much depres is playing bad it’s he’s being outplayed by other guys and he has options to be demoted

    • Agreed. Toronto will need to throw in a prospect or something but it’ll work

  11. here’s my thought I hear all this talk about kadri so how about an new one mr. nonis how about you turn your attention back to the kings, I say how about Richards to Toronto for say kadri and and a prospect and an 2nd, it would solve some holes in the lineup the problem is how is it going to fit in the cap.. just a thought and surprised no one has mentioned Richards from LA. absolutely love this player and he would be awesome here.

  12. Kadri must be mentioned here 1000 times this week. I don’t get why Leafs fans want him gone to be honest. As a Ranger fan I hold VERY few players on the team in high regard and would hope that they would be untouchables in a trade scenario.My list would shock most I think. (unless of course a Stamkos, Malkin, Crosby, Getzlaf, Weber, Suter are coming back their way.

  13. Kuli is too good on the PK. The guys a beast. What I don’t understand about carlyles coaching is why is he not spreading the scoring around. I know kessel and Bozak are great together but why not put clarkson or Ashton on the top line for a change. Put JVR with kulie, and mcclement for example? Fill in the rest as you see fit. The leafs are a one trick pony right now and it is the top line scoring the majority of the goals. If anyone needs to go, it’s the players that will be rfa like frabnson. Yes he has a good shot, yes he logs lots of minutes but te guy has too many defensive laps and can’t skate. Kadri is not being traded. Give him another year.

  14. Funny how many whine about stupid Leaf fan proposals claiming Leaf fans over value their players then provide equally stupid Leaf proposals claiming their players are junk (Kadri)

    Claude Giroux after 126 games 25 goals 74 point .58 points per game

    Nazim Kadri after 144 games 37 goals 90 points .625 points per game

    Yep Kadri is terrible deffinately not worth any more than a second round pick.

    • As I mentioned above. I don’t undervalue Kadri…. I just wonder why leaf fans are so eager to get rid of him?

      • I don’t think he is over valued, But I think for a guy that is valuable his name is mentioned a lot. And sometimes, by some…not you. You seem to be one of the more reasonable Leaf fans here, he is over valued. I mean Kadri,C player and d player for Tavares….(which even you laughed off) is over valuing Kadri.

    • You would have to consider that Giroux also played behind Richards and carter his 1st few years when tallying up his stats.

    • LOL…

      Comparing Claude Giroux to Kadri….how big of a stretch is that?

      Giroux alos had Richards and Carter in front of him playing limited 3rd line minutes. In fact, the Flyers had so many young centers back then Giroux didn’t even make the team out of training camp. He also was sick during camp.

      Kadri has been playing mostly 2nd line this year, hasn’t he? He gets more ice time in those first games.

      We’ll see where Kadri finishes after this season.

      Giroux after 2/12 seasons:
      gp: 206. goals: 50 assists: 100 points: 150 PPG: .728

      Kadri: right now:
      gp: 144 goals:37 assists: 53 points: 90 PPG: .625

      This means that in the next 58 games, Kadri needs to get 60 points.

      His career totals show he should get about: 36points.

      Just showing how stats can be turned to show anything you want.

      And in all seriousness….who would you rather have: Kadri or Giroux……lol

      Seems like a no brainer to me. The Leafs are trading Kadri everyday, to multiple teams. You never hear a trade rumor about Giroux..who just signed a huge extension, is Captain, and is a game changer.

      Sorry Shticky…you don’t have much of an argument there with this.

      • In all fairness, He is more reasonable than most Leaf fans. This I would agree is a bad comparison between Kadri and Giroux.

        • I know Shticky is a good guy, but that comparison is like comparing Ryan Johannson to Steve Stamkos…both undeniable talents.

          Not in the same skill set though.

      • Im not saying its a good idea to trade Kadri. I think they will, but Im not liking the idea a whole lot.

        Gary I dont have game sheets in front of me I simply looked at where each player was in a very similar part of their career, the next year Giroux broke out you are right, but you dont have a crystal ball (as far as I know anyway) to say that Kadri wont as well. Kadri like Giroux seen limited ice time playing behind Bozak not playing any pp time last year behind Bozak and Grabovski, this year he played behind Bozak and Bolland aswell as Holland at points as welll.

        Finally of course Id rather have Giroux now who wouldnt? And Im not saying Kadri>Giroux I’m pointing out that Kadri is going to be a very good player in this league. Think about what you yourself just ssid if he gets whst he is on pace for (36points) he is still in the same territory as Giroux was after a very good season.

        To say Kadri isnt worth a prospect (granted probably not Horvat) or a late first round pick yesterday some bozo saying Desharnais was worth more etc etc is beyond rediculious. Kadri by himself would be a player most GMs would have some interest in and if people think its going to be for a second round pick a Desharnais type player or a prospect that has years yet to spend in the AHL they are fools.

        • I agree that Kadri is a better than average player. Not top tier like Stamkos, Crosby, Malkin and Ovechkin, and to a lesser extent Giroux, Tavares and guys like Kopitar, but I do think he is a talented young player. I question his desire, and his heart, and think he can be viewed as a bit of a problem to management.

          There are many teams he wouldn’t fit on…teams like Vancouver, LA, Philly, Detroit, etc, but there are a lot of teams out there where he would be a legit top 6 player. Minnesota, Florida, maybe Winnipeg and Phoenix…but I think the team getting him would need to have a bit of flexibility to their lines, and need a bit of a change.

          I see Kadri in the same light as Turris. He might just need a trade to hit his potential and grow as a player. It might also be the wake up call he needs to put it all together.

          Most of the trades I shoot down on here are so one sided, or make no sense to both teams, just the Leafs.

          I have said Kadri is overvalued…and yes when you see trade proposals of Kadri and Franson for Tavares…you just have to laugh.

          Would we even be discussing this at all if Kadri was having his break out year most expected after last year?

          • Honestly I dont think we should be discussing it now, Kadri should be a guy you keep. I dont think thats the way its goin to go down tho.

        • As a Ranger fan I love Kreider…. to me , he is more untouchable than Callahan, Girardi and even (every Ranger fan is about to blast me) The King himself. I don’t exactly know why… To me , a guy like Kreider will be a huge part of their future. And I can’t imagine letting him go for a Gagner, or X player. I live in hockey hell and admittedly don’t get to see a lot of Toronto games so I can only go off of what I read and Kadri’s stats. But I have to wonder why Leaf fans (most) are so willing to part with a player like this for equal, more and sometimes even lesser trades?

          • If Seguin got Ericsson I suspect Kadri would get a similar type player.

            Prior to his trade Seguin

            203 games 56 goals 121 points


            144 games 37 goals 90 points

            Kadris cap hit 2.9 mill
            Seguin 5.7 mill

          • Rangers have some good young talent comming up. They can afford to let Callahan go and gerardi. They do need to get something back for the both if them though. Adding by subtracting. Let the young guts come up and get some games in. The rangers will not win the cup this year….not a knock on a good team they just won’t. They need to move players for picks and continue to evolve. Buy out Richards in the offseason and keep plugging holes with young kids.

          • @Matty,
            I don’t think NY is so far off from being a true contender this year. But they would be trading Callahan and or Girardi.

    • Schticky…the fact you complain about people saying the Leaf fans over value their players, then have enough balls to compare him to Giroux completely disproves your point. You show one stat and think that paints the whole picture? lets see see total ice time, shifts, line mates, PP time, +/-, fenwick and corsi numbers. Thats right cause |Giroux is literally twice the player Kadri is and will ever be, and |I don’t even like Giroux that much. Kadri right now is what he is, and in any trade with another team he isn’t worth that much, not saying he is a bust or that he won’t be worth something in the future but right now he isn’t going to land you guys ROR or any other number of ridiculous trade proposals where you guys OVER VALUE your players.

      • Funny when people try to look smart and mention plus minus, corsi and fenwick in the same sentence (no idea what youre talking about eh. King just some new fancy talk for ya?). If you look at some of the stats you are talking about during that point in Giroux’s career (not now you monkey) you would see its pretty close. If you could read (or comprehend at any rate) the rest of the thread you would see Im not saying Kadri is better than Giroux. Im using that point, a similar spot in 2 players career to point out that Kadri is a pretty decent player. Now you were saying? Tell me why Kadri is overvalued by me? Is it be cause I said Kadri who is paid half yet out produced Seguin (another guy with some questions about attitude) should get about the same value in a trade?

        • By the way king since your new favorite stat seems to be Corsi and Fenwick, Ill give ya something to think about…if it is soo important, how come the other night the Canucks lost 9-1. And Corsi 5 on 5 their possession rate was 57% pretty good. Condidering they lost by 8 goals no? That same day the best possession player in the league that night (corsi again but of course you knew that right?) John Scott 83 %. Shut up about corsi if you don’t know what your talking about.

          • why are you giving 5 on 5 Corsi statistics about a 9-1 hockey game where 7 of Ana’s goals were scored on the PP?

          • To point out that depending on situations Corsi really could go either way. When talking players in a trade what matters more imo isnt going to be corsi numbers its probably going to be based on a players production. No one is going to put a whole bunch of stock, or not trade for a 50 goal guy because he is 46% 5 vs 5 or based on his shooting % over 3 seasons at the same time no one is going to trade a guy like Kadri for Scott who has a pretty high corsi 5 vs 5 King seems to think this is a pretty relevant stat when talking trade values. Im not saying they don’t matter at all Im saying the more pertinent info is going to be the players production.

  15. Doesn’t MacTavish know the oilers need defense more then goaltending?

  16. @Shticky

    Hey buddy remember when I said Carolina probably be shopping Ward? And u shot it down like nothing?

    Not trying to start a scrum or something just well saying “Told ya so”

    • No jes you said they should buy Ward out.

  17. I just don’t get the big deal about Ward. He really isn’t that good, and Justin Peters has been outplaying him

  18. Wonder if coyotes would offer up yandle for oreilly ? Be an interesting trade and covers needs for both teams

    • It would kind of yes but I am not sure the yotes wouldn’t do better to trade for a couple/few things, maybe a pick or mid tier prospect and a younger type top 6 rather than ROR and his soon to be 6.5 mill (at least) contract. It is Phx after all.

      • Yandle to EDM for Yakupov and 1st?

        Take the 1st, Rundblad or other roster player to TOR for Kadri and Gardiner?

        PHO ges their 2nd line center they are looking for and Gardiner to replace the spot of Yandle. Pho saves good amount of salary.

        • I like the deals but Toronto doesn’t need another offensive dman. If they are moving players for anything other than picks (which should be their focus), they need to blockbuster together a first line centre. They won’t, but they need to try

  19. Stepan for Kadri?

    • You don’t really think that Stepan for Kadri is going to happen do you? Why in the world would NY even consider trading their #1 center? Especially when you take into consideration that Richards is more than likely gone after this year Boyle and Moore are Ufa’s. That would leave NY with Brassard, Kadri at center. I can’t imagine Stepan is anywhere near his way out.

      • Gahh…. you dont trade either guy.

  20. Nyr- I do not expect it to happen but as a ranger fan I am intrigued by it. Kadri has more offensive upside than step but I concede step is solid defensively and see.s to have a great attitude. That said, his skating sucks in a league that is filtering out players that can’t keep up ( see Richards as exhibit A).

    That step is our #1 center says more about our mediocre team than it does about step.

    • Honestly, I couldn’t disagree more. Stepan is better than you give him credit for, I agree his skating isn’t all that great. But the guy is a solid 2 way center. He can be a playmaker and a scorer + defensively solid . He started pretty slow this year which was pretty disappointing but between missing camp and the new system it was expected. Stepan should be a 70-80 point per year guy. He had 44 in 48 games last year, Same as Kadri with a better defensive upside. Their career ppg are almost identical wiht a hair edge to Stepan……So I say why the change? I am not taking anything away from Kadri, but this just seems like a trade for the sake of making a trade or experiment.

  21. That is fair and I think the right way to see it over the next two years. My position is based on total long term as I think step’s inferior skating is going to catch up to him. Hopefully his hard working nature will mitigate it.

    Best game of the year yesterday at Ott.

    • Great game, But I think the game against Philly last week was the most complete game I have seen the Rangers play in about 3 years! lol