NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 18, 2014

The latest on Nazem Kadri and Marian Gaborik, plus updates on the Sharks and Devils.

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos reports Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri addressed the trade rumor swirling around him, stating his hope is to remain with the Leafs. GM Dave Nonis recently stirred up the rumor mill by acknowledging there’s “lots of interest” in Kadri, adding he’d be willing to move him for the right offer but denied actively shopping him. Traikos noted the uncertainty over what type of player Kadri could become but believes it would be a mistake for the Leafs to move him.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: James Mirtle believes the Kadri trade talk makes no sense to trade a developing player. He also noted that not all the rumors about Kadri are baseless, believing there’s something behind them.

TORONTO STAR’s Damien Cox reported the following via Twitter: “Reimer for Yakupov this summer was an intriguing rumour around the top prospects game last night.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regarding the Kadri rumors, I maintain what I’ve said for weeks, that the Leafs are undoubtedly getting calls about Kadri but they won’t move him for a quick fix. Nonis repeatedly said he wasn’t shopping Kadri (or Jake Gardiner) but if he did he’d want a blue-chip player similiar in age (23) in return. In other words, something which helps the Leafs now and in the future. That’s not easy to do. Nonis appears to be listening but not actively shopping Kadri. As for the Reimer for Yakupov rumor, I’d be very surprised if the Leafs make that deal. Yakupov is skilled and promising but does anyone honestly believe he’s a good fit on their current roster under demanding head coach Randy Carlyle? I don’t. 

Could the Blue Jackets shop Marian Gaborik?

Could the Blue Jackets shop Marian Gaborik?

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Marian Gaborik (broken collarbone) hopes to return in time to play for Slovakia in the upcoming Sochi Olympics. The Jackets will only have four games following the Olympics leading up to the March 5 trade deadline to determine if Gaborik (a UFA this summer) still meshes within their roster. There’s been no contract talks between the club and Gaborik’s agent and no indication there will be discussions.  It’s possible Gaborik, if healthy, could be dealt at the trade deadline for the second straight year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite Gaborik’s injury history his talent would still attract interest in the trade market, but the Jackets probably won’t get much back in return if they shop him.

SFGATE.COM: Ross McKeon examines some potential trade targets for the San Jose Sharks at the trade deadline. The list includes Matt Moulson, David Legwand, Mike Cammalleri, Lee Stempniak, Matt Stajan, Ales Hemsky and Radim Vrbata (all pending UFAs). Others include Michael Del Zotto, Mason Raymond and Steve Ott. He also listed former Sharks Ray Whitney, Milan Michalek, Brad Boyes or Douglas Murray as possible options. “Oldies but goodies” include Ryan Smyth, Olli Jokinen, Henrik Tallinder or Joe Corvo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the link. Lots of possible targets there for the Sharks. It’s believed they could deal for a scoring winger, so perhaps Cammalleri, Moulson, Hemsky or Boyes could be on their radar.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Devils GM Lou Lamoriello likes how his club is playing but won’t rule out a trade. “Let’s put it this way: If we can get something to make us better, I think you know the answer,” he said.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how closely Lamoriello plays his cards to the vest, that’s a notable statement on his part. I expect Lamoriello will try to find something to bolster his club’s offense, either before the Olympic freeze or the March trade deadline.


  1. If Edmonton is dumb enough to do that deal Yaks for Reimer Nonis should be all over it. Not anything against Reimer but…I generally have some (a lot of issues with) Mirtle but I agree Kadri is a guy you hang on to.

    • Said it before Raymond to the Sharks makes some sense for their second round pick.

      • I would rather take Raffi Torres in return instead of a draft pick …this years draft is not all that spectacular or deep so its better ti get a player or mid level prospect with some gumption to his game instead ..IMO

      • Wtf would you want to take on Torres and his 2mill hit for the next 2 years for? Not enough 3 and 4 liners around, you want a more expensive one too?
        They dont have a second this year. Weak draft or not and they got plenty of guys with no skill to play in the bottom 6.

        • Torres is a performer has great wheels takes the body and scores goals …who does that on the Leafs who plays on the edge and can be effective through the playoffs when hes on the Ice …Clarkson was suppose to be that player and hes not …Mclaren and Orr are not even in Torres class so I ask would you not have this guy on the team instead of a no name who knows 2nd round draft pick as hes not that expensive for what he brings to the table IF the Leafs make the playoffs …they have no one in the top 3 lines that plays that type of hockey you need in tight chippy games …they have NO ONE!!!

          • Bc its 2014, you agree with that right? Since 11-12 season (nearly 3 seasons of hockey.) Still following along? Torres has 21 goals and 41 points, roughly 13 points a year for 2 million dollars and hasn’t played a game yet this year.

      • Sharks are at the contract limit aren’t they? They’re also only under the cap due to LTIR but some of those players are expected to be back by the playoffs. How do you figure a player for a pick is going to work? They either need to move a player for a player with salary even or just under or move two players for one to open a roster spot.

        • Raymond makes a million bucks throw jn John Mcarthy or Bracken Kearns in the deal or on waivers easy to work out that deal. Leafs could bury them or the Sharks could.

          • With the Sharks’ already depleted forward core? Clearly you don’t follow that team…

          • Should also note that the Sharks have serious issues with a lack of wingers, swapping two for one doesn’t help them all that much as right now they need the bodies. Prospect system is limited and their minor league wingers are not at all NHL ready. Only person you’d be able to bring up with the absence of a second player is Freddie Hamilton, yet another center, who really needs more time in the AHL. Would happily swap Raymond for those two in another situation.

      • sj knows Raymond sucks ,they have seen that for years why do you think no one signed him only in leaf land hes a super star

    • Why in the world would you give up a guy who LOVES to play in Toronto and is 100% respected throughout the organization, fans and teammates , young and still have no real legit # 1 yet….. IMO …for a guy who in his first year full year starts crying LITERALLY when he gets benched for his inadequate play and major mistakes …yeah thats a guy I want sitting beside me in the dressing room going out to play an NHL hockey game.
      I wouldn’t take Yakupov for free for the reason of singularity and lack of TEAM in his heart . He may be a superstar one day but …IMO …do it as far away from the Leafs as possible and go contaminate another organization.

      I would rather have 2 very string Goalies who play a 60 – 40 split and win you games than a cry baby on the 3rd line who will destroy your team internally !


      • Then you are a bigger idiot than first thought if you wouldn’t take Yakupov for free.

        No offense, but come on. The guy is struggling on a struggling team. He is in his second year and second coach.

        The guy definitely isn’t Datsyuk, but the offensive talent is there. He needs more time before you can call him a bust.

        His -31 doesn’t help though.

        Either way, getting a player of his offensive talent for free you just can’t turn down.

    • Kadri and Reimer for yakupov and gagner done deal

      • To be quite Frank …- Anthony

        That means Oilers trade there #1-2 Centermen. ???Get a 3rd line center back ??

        Gagne is talented but no upgrade to Bozak in size and skill…no need for that deal for Leafs ….and if you have read up top thats my take on Yakupov!

        If Lreafs make any deal they need a knocking at the door big size Centerman who uses power in his game in a return to replace Kadri if they so choose to move him…they have no real power forward in the top 6 and most importantly in the Center position on the team in all 4 lines …thats what they need to address they dont need small crafty players ..they need more puck battelers and intimidation hockey down the middle !

        • BC check out Canadian corner. I posted an article from the TO star what the Leafs would like if they made NO trades from Rask onwards. LOL

        • Hey BC….it’s GagneR….you have been disrespecting and misspelling that guys name for weeks now.

          Oilers trade their top 2 centers?

          Yapupov is a right winger, and Gagner is #2 center.

          In my opinion, Gagner is the better player between him and Bozak. Gagner has played on a crappy team for his whole career. They have the the #1 overall so many times for a reason. As bad as the Leafs have been…the Oilers have been much, much worse.

          I can’t see Kadri getting the Leafs a stud first liner. I do think Kadri is a good player. I have gone into this in depth with Shticky and others.

          Here’s my opinion on Kadri and Leaf fans….

          I think for the most parts most Leaf fans had their hearts set on Brayden Schenn, and having Luke, who was untouchable at the time, playing with his little brother. When LA took Schenn 5th overall, I remember how mad Burke was. Selecting Kadri seemed like an after thought.

          Kadri seemed a little slow in his development, as it took a couple of years to finally make the Leafs. Kadri looked ok, 7 points in 21 games…not the best, but ok for a callup player in his first real experience in the NHL. The next year, Kadri got 44 points in 48 games. Leaf nation was excited. They had a first rounder who looked good. Almost a point a game, +15 on a Leaf team that made the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Then came the contract squabble. Will he hold out…how much? looking for 2x what he got? Bad feelings with management. But the Leafs got him signed to 2 years…giving him a chance to prove it.

          This year, Kadri has struggled. He has played almost the same amount of games as last year, but his points have dropped off to only 27 points in 45 games. He is also at -12 this year.. a 27 goal differential. Leaf fans are also choked Clarkson has not been anywhere closed to what he should be for his contract, or as he was promised to be. Throw in the fact the Leafs at one point this year were leading the league, and the parade was being thought of. Then came the team struggles. Scoring dropped. Goalies started playing like humans again, and the Leafs dropped out of the playoff picture.

          I think the Leaf fans are panicking that Kadri is not as good as last year, and are hoping to fleece some team into trading a legit prospect or player for a player who has more questions surrounding him than answers right now.

          Personally, I think Kadri will be a good complimentary player, who will be able to average 60 -70 points a year, but is not an elite player like Leaf fans where hoping for.I don’t see him as a game changer, and would probably liken him more to be an R.J. Umberger type of player, and not the Zetterburg the Leaf fans thought the were getting.

          Oh well…story time is over.

          • Really Im more worried about getting fleeced than trying to fleece some one. Id be willing to bet that if Nonis trades Kadri it turns out to be a Schenn for JVR type deal, not horrible but one you probably wish you didnt make in hindsight.

          • So Shticky …does that mean you wish you had Schenn still? or that JVR was not enough?

            Personally, as a Flyers fan I don’t think we got enough for JVR.

          • gary
            Good post but one thing you forgot to mention was Kadri played 2/3rd line center last year and has been called upon to play 1/2nd line center this year. He wasn’t ready for the task which shows in his numbers. I think if he had been playing 2/3rd center this year his numbers would most likely be better so I really don’t think his play making ability has dropped. I do think he hasn’t improved though.

          • No I mean the Leafs more or less stole JVR if you look at thst trade now but at the time it wasnt all that bad, This will be the same as dealing Kadri now. It might seem ok for a year or so but down the road they will regret it.

          • @In my opinion, Gagner is the better player between him and Bozak. Gagner has played on a crappy team for his whole career.
            Sorry but IMO, Bozak is the better player. Look at their career totals.
            All things being equal offensively between them, Bozak is a better 2way player and on faceoffs. Both are 2nd line centers.
            And really your arguement that Gagner has played on a crappy team his whole career? I’m sorry I wasn’t aware Bozak was playing for the Bruins, I thought he played for the Leafs who made the playoffs once in the last 7 years.

      • Yuk

      • What are you smoking Frank?

    • Agreed. Yakupov is having a tough year along with every other player on the Edmonton Oilers this year. I think Eakins was the wrong move. Good coach but not a fit in Edmonton. They should have kept Kruger around for at least a month this season before dumping him. The Oilers would be nuts to give up on him yet. Unless there’s a good D man available. Maybe O’Reilly out of Colorado for Yak & a pick??

    • It’s often difficult to completely understand what Cox says since his lips are glued to Leaf managements buttocks which makes it hard for him to speak clearly. Pretty sure Edmonton values Yak a lot higher than they would Reimer and they’d need a lot more than that to make such a move.

    • Ya Shticky you are correct on this one. If there is a GM dumb enough to give up Yakupov for a overhyped backup goalie like Reimer it has to be MacTavish.

  2. IMO Reimer gets dealt to Winnipeg for a 3rd rond draft pick and Al Montoya. Reimer will not be back as a leaf as a back up.

    • Ehh he may get more than that, not much more but make it a second and Montoya.

      • If we can get better then a 3rd by all means do it.

    • I don’t doubt the Jets could use / would like Reimer – but what do they do with Pavelec? Too much money, too long a term for too average a goalie. Not sure they have the $$$ for a buyout, either, and I don’t think they could trade him.

      • I can see Pavelec in Long Island.

        • What did the Isles ever do to you?

          • LMFAO. Garth Snow that is all.

    • Why would the Jets give up Montoya up for Reimer?

      Montoya 2.31 GAA, .923 SV%, 8 wins in 15 GP In a tough Western Conference

      Reimer 3.01 GAA, .917 SV%, 9 wins in 21 GP In the Eastern Conference

      Makes absolutely no sense at all from a Jets perspective.

      Like I’ve said many times before Reimer is nothing but an over glorified backup goalie. He had a good playoffs for the Leafs last year but other then that he’s a nobody.

      • Somewhat of a valid point, but you forgot the amount of shots Reimer sees each game. Montoya’s stats would be what they are, if he saw the puck as much as Reimer has.

        • On average Reimer faces about 31 shots a game and Montoya faces 27. I honestly doubt 4 more shots will make too much of a difference.

  3. I agree if Reimer nets you Yak you do that deal with one catch. You flip Yak to the Caps for something substiantial back to the Leafs so Yak can play with Ovi and Grabo

    • could not agree more. I Like Reimer but dangling a number 1 pick overall around will sure net you some big fish, especially to a team like the Caps. I see this as a summer or draft day deal, because i do not believe it will be a 1-1 maybe if Edmonton finishes in bottom 5 and leafs around 15 I could see yaks plus Edmonton second, for Reimer and Toronto first??





      AT least hes not a pussy !!

      • Backchecking
        Did you read my post? I said “only if the Leafs can flip Yak to the Caps for a big return”. I didn’t say keep him on the Leafs.

        • lol Backchecking, I agreed with leafs 24/7 with the notion if Reimer can land you Yaks, you take it and trade him in the summer. Yak value is low right now so if something like I said above yaks plus edm second if its in bottom 5 for torontos 1st if its 15 and up and reimer at draft.

          • Only thing that does not make much sense is, if edm is truly putting yak out their, why would the caps not counter with nevirth and solid player plus pick/ prospect and cut toronto out of the mix???

          • That’s like saying Ristolainen’s and Lindholm’s value is low. Which it isn’t guys. Yak has turned it up a few notches. Yaks will be a future 40+ goal scorer. Kadri will probably be a 30 at best IMO. And Reimer will never win 30 games in his career. So definitely not a good deal. But ot of any GM in the league MacT is the one who’d pull a stupid stunt like that. Oilers need isn’t goaltending right now, it’s defense.

      • All class

  4. Yeah Kadri’s just a scrub. Trade him to the Rangers, we have plenty of those. We’ll even give you a big-name center like Brian Boyle.

    *removes tongue from cheek*

  5. Kadri is inconsistent and cocky. He’ll never be a winner, but just a solid 2nd line depth guy. He needs to be humbled by playing with a captain that leads vocally in the locker room.

    Reimer and Bernier should still be an item. I don’t think either one proved to be a guaranteed starter yet for the Leafs. Remember, there’s no expiration date in trading Reimer.

  6. Food for thought and might be a dumb idea but how about Mason Raymond straight up to the Jackets for Gaborik. They are both UFA’s at year end so there is zero commitment by either team should they not be a fit, IF the Leafs are in a playoff spot they have a chance to see if Gabby can fit along side Lupul and possibly make the second line as good as the first line, and can let him walk if the experiment doesn’t work. If it does work the Leafs have first crack at negotiations on a new contract. For the Jackets they get Raymond who is 3 years younger and has proven he still has a lot to give, they should be able to re-sign him for cheap at $2.5M X 3years as opposed to having Gabby walk this summer anyways. Just a thought that seems very low risk for both teams. The only problem is the cap hit on Gaborik although 75% of the season would be over by then but the Jackets would still have to retain some of the cap hit to make it work.

    • So Gaborik and paying part of the contract for Raymond?

      That is not a good deal for the Blue Jackets.

      Since Horton and Bobs returned from injury they have only lost one game in 7. Gaborik is injured again..so adding his skill for nothing to their own lineup would be a huge boost for the team.

      Right now Columbus is 3 points behind Toronto, and have 2 games in hand.

      Can’t see them trading with each other for that reason alone, let alone, I again think the Leafs get the better of this deal.

    • I’d comment on this idea but I can’t stop laughing!

  7. And welcome to Leafs Corner for another day

    • Jason, the reason why this becomes leafs corner is because leaf fans are willing to write more than just a “quip”. In actuality, your comment doesn’t require a response, it doesn’t add any value and it has you talking leafs. So, if you want to talk some other trade scenario – your welcome to bring it up. Otherwise…….your point is?

      • His point is, and correct me if I’m wrong, the comments section get overrun by rather sub-intelligent trade proposals, player evaluations and just plain wrong hockey sense that is annoying to read and see day to day which somehow comes around back to the Leafs.
        I’m sure if some or in this case, most of the comments were meaningful, I don’t think we would have other readers complain about them. I personally laugh my a$$ off reading them wondering if some of these guys are for real.

        • You gotta love the Leaf fans passion for their team but the over valuing they put on the Leaf players can be out in left field at times.This is an open forum for discussion among hockey fans and arm chair GM’s and i’ve picked up some interesting facts by reading some of these posts. I, for one don’t mind it at all. Just my opinion.

        • Whenever I need a lift during the day I always know where to look!

        • You got that right Ron. Hell I still remember a couple weeks ago some Leafs player said Gardiner and Kadri for Tavares. And even today some bonehead mentioned Kadri and Reimer for Yakupov and Gagner. At least when other fans mention trade proposals it’s realistic and fair for each team. Next we’re going to hear Kadri and a 1st for Malkin and Crosby.

          This is MOST Leafs fans on here, NOT ALL.

          • Some Leafss fans *****

          • ONE Leaf fan said Gardiner and Kadri for Tavares. Not “some fans”, that’s a big difference.
            And all the other fans of the other teams don’t overvalue their players? LOL!

    • “The latest on Nazem Kadri and Marian Gaborik….”
      So why Leaf fans should not comment?
      All you have to say is your disappointment about to many Leafs comments!

  8. Long shot but Gaborik back to the Rangers for the playoffs could be interesting but a long shot.
    He would be an upgrade over Briere if Habs plan on a long playoff run

    • Gaborik back to the Rangers….Yes please!….Can we have AA and Duby back too?

    • And exactly whom do you suggest going back to Columbus? We don’t need any of your forwards and your defense is only marginally better than ours.

      • Lol, Not that I’d like to send any of them to Columbus for Gaborik, but Girardi, Staal and Mcdonagh are “marginally better”? Gaborik is a free agent at the end of the year. Often Injured and a streaky scorer… He scores 6 goals in 4 games and then disappears for 8 games. I am not sure he fetches much in return. More than likely Columbus misses the playoffs this year. And selling Gaborik especially to the Rangers who are very familiar with him is a hard sell. Gaborik if and when he goes anywhere is a rental. Not someone that a team will want to lock up long term. And certainly not a 1-2 d-man or top 6 forward. He didn’t net that for the Rangers in the trade last year, did he somehow become more valuable since then?

        • “And certainly will not land a 1-2 d-man or top 6 forward in return.” is what I meant.

          • 2013 Deadline trade
            To Columbus :
            Marian Gaborik, F
            Blake Parlett, D
            Steve Delisle, D

            To Rangers:
            Derick Brassard, F
            Derek Dorsett, F
            John Moore, D
            2014 6th-round pick

    • I’d like the Sabres to acquire Gaborik. Resign Moulson.

      Moulson – Hodgson – Gaborik

      Pretty sick first line for a rebuilding team.

      • Locks good on paper, but Gaborik is very injury prone and not as good as he was. I would not want Gaborik on my rebuilding team. Just my 2 cents….

  9. Food for thought and might be a bad idea but how about Mason Raymond straight up to the Jackets for Gaborik. They are both UFA’s at year end so there is zero commitment by either team should they not be a fit, IF the Leafs are in a playoff spot they have a chance to see if Gabby can fit along side Lupul and possibly make the second line as good as the first line, and can let him walk if the experiment doesn’t work. If it does work the Leafs have first chance at negotiations on a new contract. For the Jackets they get Raymond who is 3 years younger and has proven he still has a lot to give, they should be able to re-sign him for cheap at $2.5M X 3years as opposed to having Gabby walk this summer anyways. Just a thought that seems very low risk for both teams. The only problem is the cap hit on Gaborik although 75% of the season would be over by then but the Jackets would still have to retain some of the cap hit to make it work. Sorry I posted this twice.

    • I do not think the jackets would make this deal. I think Gaborik will net a lot more then Raymond. Although I like the idea and it could be a great payoff if it works, I think the leafs add more. I like Raymond but i think if hes willing to sign 2-2.25 mil for 3 years the leafs should keep him. Rather cheap with the cap going up and he has fit in nice with lupes on second line. That does create a problem for Clarkson though. The guy needs to be in our top 6. He obviously was not brought in here to play 3rd line minutes. I realize raymond and him play different wings, but something has to give.

    • Just because there both UFA’s doesn’t make this a fair deal man. This is hysterical.

      What about Moulson for Raymond straight across? LOL!!!

      • Raymond alone will not net you Gaborik or Moulson. Personally I’d rather go after Moulson. Not sure what the Sabres would want in return, especially from the Leafs. I think the Sabres will get a first round pick (probably between 15 and 30 coming from a contender / play-off team) and a prospect. And this would make the Vanek deal look even better….

  10. Flyers inked Mason long term extension.

    • Not that long term I guess 3 year just over 12 mill..pretty good deal I guess. Homer is learning.

      • @ Shticky

        Hey Shticky click here to see what you get in the second round …this is 2010 I use this as a measuring stick as it should take between 3- 4 years for a second rounder to make the team at least on the second line …..out of all these guys you may have heard of 3 in the NHL ….a second round pick is useless when you can get a veteran guy who plays strong hard hockey with skill .


        • Trust me I know its not a deep draft I spend 2-3 nights a week at ohl games Ive seen alot of jr hockey, but its better than a 2 million dollar guy who hasnt played yet this year who averages 10 points a season for the past 3years. They could use the pick in a package if they wanted instead of using it. Torres is a useless waste of cap space.

      • I for one am very happy with the signing.

        Short term, nice raise, good deal for both sides.

    • He’s been sucking it up lately hey Shtick? Got pulled today again. Maybe another buyout for Flyers in a year or two lol.

  11. I would keep Kadri (he is 23) and when Bolland comes back put him on the wing. If Holland earns that 2nd/3rd line center position. Then let teams know Lupul is available for the right dman. Ex Yandle. Clarkson will come around in playoffs.

  12. Not saying Lupul for Yandle straight up. but Lupul and a prospect maybe. Then Listen to offers on Gunner or Franson. Trading Gardiner would be a mistake. Rielly is untouchable.

    • I would expect Yandle would get a 1st, a player, and a prospect for Yandle.

      Lupul plus a first plus a decent prospect..might be enough.

      Flame away Leaf fans..the truth hurts.

      • No flaming from me I agree.

        • Ill even throw this in here to really get them stoked up. I think Lupul may be the guy the Leafs should move to improve the team, not guys like Kadri and Gardiner.

          • It would hurt big time to trade Lupul. He has grit when needed, scoring and leadership which many Leafs lack. I personally think it would be a huge mistake. Lupul proved last year he is a top line guy when he has the right center and winger. Carlyle has been shuffling people around on his line all year. He finally gets Holland and Raymond for a few games which showed tons of promise then Bozak comes back so Kadri automatically gets slotted in for Holland and it screwed up the line ever since.

          • He is probably playing at his peak right now and is 30 yrs old doesnt fit really with the rest of the age of the team imo you deal him before he gets any older, reasonable contract can put up points in most teams top 6. Probably your best trade chip instead of dealing younger guys that have questions. Lupul and some other pieces could address alot of needs in the long term, and by the time this team grows in to a true contender he will be 33-34 years old playing out the string.

      • Sounds reasonable, but is Yandle, a puckmoving d-man, what the leafs need most? With Phaneuf, Rielly, Gardiner and Franson the Leafs have enough pmd. I think they should try to get a guy like Dennis Seidenberg, Rob Scuderi or may bei A. MacDonald.

  13. It’s not really Holland’s style but I wish he made a play for Yakupov. The kid will figure it out, just needs some time and structure.

    • …and datsyuk. you wanna make a Russian agent shut his mouth, get pavel in your corner.

      agree totally. yak would work out just fine in grand rapids, and eventually Detroit.

    • Detroit is exactly the place for a player like Yak (or Kadri) to learn how to become elite hockey players. Very strong culture and room with everyone paying their dues.

  14. kadri started the season needing only to be kadri. he was good.

    bolland went down. now kadri needs to be bolland.

    bozak goes down, now kadri needs to be bolland and bozak.

    when bozak and bolland are back in the lineup, and kadri can just be kadri, then you will see him return to his earlier form.

    • That is a gd point. And i think Clarkson is going through same thing. They both will be fine.

  15. i am just saying i would sacrafice Lupul for a gd defenceman but i am sick of hearing gardiner and kadri being mentioned in rumors. if they are under 25 keep them. If Phanuef is going to be captain (which i think Nonis should be fired for that move alone because yes he plays the most but he has no hockey sense. he only gets into fights when Leafs are down 3 goals with less then 5 min in game and is a give away machine and does not no when to pinch, but that is because of his low hockey sense) he needs to get him someone to play with. As a Leaf fan i embarrased DION is our captain. Not saying Lupul isn’t a gd player just saying we could get a dman for him. I said that at begining of year Lupul for Yandle and people said No from Leaf prospective. I don’t watch PHX much but Yandle didn’t make USA olympic team and they need scoring and have OEL. I wouldn’t give up a first but maybe Franson Lupul. I agree with shticky we need to keep gardiner and kadri.

    • You’re much more likely to get value for Lupul than you are for Kadri or Garner. you’d be selling low on both of those younger guys. Lupul puts up points but gets injured a lot. Moving him to shore up another area would make a lot of sense.

      • Exactly styx Lupul is the one you move, short term pain long term gain. Lupul Raymond Kuli Reimer Franson McClement are the guys you move. The rest you have to put up with the growing pains. Keep building this team is a ways away yet, dont deal young talent thats not quite performing up to expectations deal older guys that are ufas or RFAs that you have no room for or interest in keeping.

        • I agree on the most. But I would want a stay at home d-man back. Yandle is a very good player, but not what the leafs need. And I would not trade McClement. Let him play on the 4th line and PK. The Leafs need players on the 4th line who can play hockey. Not guys like Orr and McLaren.

  16. as for reimer for yakapov i would do that in heartbeat. Yakapov is going through a sophmore slump lol. i would even throw in a second rounder. But if we do that i would hate to say it we may need to find another coach. but i think Carlye should be given a chance if Leafs exist in first round and they do in fact go after Yakapov in Summer

  17. The Oilers have some big dummies in management. The fan base is rattled after 8 years of futility. Lowe is a tyrant.