NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 19, 2013.

The latest on Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan, Jarome Iginla, Scott Gomez and Roberto Luongo.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek recently examined the contract statuses of Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, suggesting speculation over their futures with the Ducks could head up as the season progresses. Duhatschek noted the pair’s attractiveness in this summer’s free agent market, especially if they’re moved as a package. He compares Ducks GM Bob Murray’s situation with what Nashville Predators GM David Poile felt last year when he had to re-sign Shea Weber and Ryan Suter.

Ducks not shopping Ryan.

Ducks not shopping Ryan.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lance Pugmire reports Ducks winger Bobby Ryan has received a vote of confidence from Ducks GM Murray the club isn’t looking to trade him this season.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens recently speculated the Ducks might have interest in former Montreal Canadiens center Scott Gomez, as they have a lack of depth on their checking lines at that position.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Ducks struggle again this season, expect the trade rumors regarding Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan to ramp up as the April 3 trade deadline nears. As for Gomez, he’d be an affordable addition, but I’ve been hearing conflicting reports on the Ducks supposed interest in him. We’ll just have to give this some time and see how this plays out.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis recently speculated Flames captain Jarome Iginla might wish to move on if the club is out of the playoff chase by the April 3 trade deadline.

TSN.CA: Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis responded to claims his asking price for goaltender Roberto Luongo was killing interest in the netminder in the trade market. “The notion that we were asking for too much was floated in the Toronto media by a team that was extremely interested in acquiring Roberto and were using every means possible to try and force us to do something that we didn’t think was right. That’s nothing new in this business and it’s not the type of pressure that I’m going to succumb too.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It seems to me it’s the media stumping hard for a Luongo trade. Gillis obviously won’t be pressured into making a deal just for the sake of it, and Luongo isn’t putting pressure upon him.  Right now, Gillis doesn’t have to rush to move Luongo. He can afford to be patient, see how the season unfolds and if his roster needs change, and if the market value for the goalie improves. Besides, with no decent backup in their system to spell off starter Cory Schneider if he gets hurt or struggles this season, it’ll be worthwhile to have Luongo still on the roster. Their playoff hopes could depend on that.



  1. If and possibly when the Canucks move Roberto Luongo and if they don’t receive a proven NHL goalie in the package they get back, they still do have a decent back-up for Cory Schneider in the system in the person of Eddie Lack. Eddie has been plying his trade and gaining experience as the Canucks AHL Chicago Wolves goalie. While I admit he doesn’t have NHL experience he still is a good goalie waiting patiently for his chance much like Schneider did.
    Toronto will be going with basically their one NHL goalie in Reimer and their AHL goalie in Scrivens to start the season and they seem comfortable with that pairing so whats to say that Vancouver couldn’t. Most goalies in the NHL came through the AHL system and only became NHL goalies when opportunities to play at the big league level came about and they were able to prove themselves.
    Just as I am not quick to cast doom and gloom on the Toronto tandem I would not cut short the possibility that Lack could work well as Schneider’s back-up.

    • Agreed on the Toronto situation. Nonis has the right idea, wait and see if Riemer can bounce back and if Scrivens can be a worthy back up. One thing Riemer had going for him when he was being dubbed as the next number one is that he could perform under pressure. He seemed to always let one bad goal in early but then when the game was under pressure is when he shone his brightest. Let’s see if he can be that guy again and save all the cash for this summer to go after Get, Perry, and who ever else is available from amnisty buyouts. Leafs will probably buyout the last year of Komi’s contract too so they will be cash rich.

    • The only issue with Lack is that he is currently injured with, I believe, a groin strain. I am sure that is forcing Gillis to be more patient at the moment. Barring a goalie coming back in return (which I don’t know if that is something they are looking for in a package), this drags on for awhile until Lack is healthy or they get blown away with an offer they can’t refuse.

  2. I’m not sure anyone is going to give up anything for Luongo. As far as the Leafs go, they would be smart to sink or swim with their current tandem. They’re heading into a rich draft and could definitely benefit from a crash and burn season. Komi has 48 games (or less) to excel under a defensive system, otherwise you’re right BeerGoggles, he makes the most sense to be bought out next year.

  3. @ Captain Ahab

    Eddie lack is a good replacement but if you do that you are in the same position the Leafs are in a POSIBBLE # 1 Goalie and an unproven goalie ..we all see how that worked out !!
    F Y I Lack has been hurt this year …..Van would be smarter to ride this out this season and try and winn a cup in a year where its anyones to win and wirth both Luomgo and Schnids it would be the best 1 – 2 punch again in the league!! There is a lot to say for that ..Id say Roberto ends up on top anyways by years end …that will be the rallying cry for the boys in the dressing room and they will play beter for him than just infornt of him !! Roberto needs to man up and win his #1 position back and make it super hard for Gillis to trade him !!

    @ Beergoggles….. I agree !!! such a deepo draft and unreal UFA season lets hold on and just see how it goes before we sell the farm …However I would deal Frattin Gardner to make a bigtime trade for something big coming back …….NOT LUONGO >>>>>!! But thats just me !!
    The Leafs are going to have a very hard time in there divison as everyone else got MUCH better i.e Canes …Rangers …Pittsburgh ..Philly …and so on ..they may have a great year …but if all those other teams do to ..they aren’t in ….also read a trade for Franson to Detroit for a 3rd rounder …..I truly hope that this doesnt happen ..hes worth more than that and needs to be on the power play !!

    • That Franson to detroit rumour was written by some detroit hack writer,no chance that happens.

      Leafs will stick with the youth plan as nonis already showed he will stand by that with his days in canuckville.
      if he was not biting on Richards back then he is not biting on lou now.

      backchecking,i have no idea why you are so eager to trade gardiner.
      dmen with that kind of skating/speed and talent are rare and when you get them you keep them,period.
      in a couple of years a gardiner/rielly in the top 4 d will be deadly and the PP as well.
      forwards are always easier to find or get but those types of dmen are not.
      i saw your thing for the leafs to chase the avs reilly but offer sheets do not work.
      as for trying a trade i have to wonder if he is holding out for too much money thru greed or because he wants out of colorado.
      if it is greed you are looking at trouble.
      if the avs do sign him at a high price then expect the stastny rumours to start up again because his is the most overpaid contract but will get interest.
      also if avs overpay him then watch out when duch’s contract comes up,gonna cost a lot more.

      i was wondering how crazy the press goes if the nucks start slow losing a lot of games 2-1 because of only 1 good line and the leafs start slow because they start slow losing games 6-5.
      gillis trying to sell that 6 teams are in on lou does not work on many fronts as others have mentioned but it reminds me of nash.
      they said the same thing but in the end that NTC becomes huge because every team knows it is really the players call.

      one other problem with a lou/leafs is if he did come here and they still did poorly would he get mad and then tell nonis he hates it here and wants out?
      or any other team for that matter.

      pens/philly at 3,leafs/habs 7 is a good way to spend my saturday,great way to get back into it.

      • @TopRightCorner-

        I love how you open your abomination of a comment by calling some Detroit writer a “hack writer”, and then proceed to miss nearly all of the appropriate capitalization– yet you managed to capitalize Franson, Leafs, Richards, and PP, so you aren’t even consistent in your laziness. Don’t worry, it’s not just capitalization, there are plenty of other mentally deficient elements that I can’t be bothered to highlight.

  4. Bob Murray will try and hammer out a deal with Corey Perry first, and if there is no mutual interest in a re-up he will move on the Getzlaf. But if both players aren’t feeling it about staying at the money Bob Murray offers, I would expect them to be offered.
    I think it is truly funny that Gillis would be silly enough to engage in more “Luongo lingo” and bring the media into it. All he has to say is “we haven’t gotten the offers we feels are commensurate of Luongo’s value.”

    But…after Gillis said last we there were 5-6 teams engaged in initial trade conversations, it looks like that was a bit less truthful in terms of “actual” interest as opposed to passive interest.

    Maybe now he should say, “no hurry, no rush, we needed a back-up right now and are not going to put our team in a position of weakness there for a less than equal offer.”

  5. @ Top Right Corner

    Gardner is an exceptional player …of course I can see that …my pressing issue with him is that he is offence only …the Leafs are so well equpped on the back end with a good amount of D men on the NHL roster and in the farm system. This would leave me to use the popularity of Gardner right now to make a bold move to get a Top line center who is a power forward. I feel that Gardnr is the biggest pawn to brokjer a srious deal that wouold be better for the club long term up front and putting the puck in the net! Gardner is not a strong defensive player and will not surrive in the new system being put in place …so before he gets exposed and isnt allowed to free wheel with the puck and can’t play defense …get the biggest return fro him right now!! Leafs need a power forward on the first line not a free wheeling defensemen …its really a need for a need ….in the end you wont miss Gardner …its kind of like trading up to get what you REALLY need !
    Rielly will take his spot in spades anyways next year so you will not be giving anything up …you will gaining what you most desire and need for the club!

  6. Gardnier is young, you need to let him learn the D aspects of the game and he certainly doesn’t have zero D skills. Gardiner is an excellent stick checker and has excellent defensive positioning, does he play a big physical game, absolutely not, but he plays a smart defensive game and is allowed to let loose because of his offensive talents. As far as the Leafs ‘blue line’ depth goes, that is kinda laughable. Most of the Leafs blue line has either far under performed or is still totally unproven, very much like the Leafs goaltending. MAYBE in a few years they will prove to be deep but, they will need more than one breakout season on the blueline to get the ‘deep’ nod.

  7. @Backchecking
    I see your point especially after watching Gardnier in the AHL playoffs, he was not good and should have been blowing the AHLers away after play in the show all year. Maybe he was burnt out by then due to the long NHL schedule he wasn’t use to? I would sugggest we can grab a keeper and a center in this years UFA/ amnesty buyout bonanza to address your concerns. I’d say we keep Gardnier because puck moving D men are a tough to find. With guys that will be available this summer I think we should sit back enjoy some of the new young talent the Leafs brought up, hope they tank one last time and get a top 3 pick then go crazy this year and throw some major cash at Getz among a few others that will probably be bought out on the amnesty provision. There is always the trade route in the summer too.