NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 20, 2014

Latest on Jaroslav Halak, Dustin Byfuglien, Simon Despres and more.

Dustin Byfuglien seems to be likely "trade bait" for the Jets.

Dustin Byfuglien seems to be likely “trade bait” for the Jets.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson cites stats showing Blues goalie tandem Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott have performed poorly against the other top clubs in the Western Conference. He sees them shopping Magnus Paajarvi and their first round pick, plus Halak will be in play, for a “true starting goalie”…The Blackhawks will shop for a second line center at the trade deadline…He believes the Jets should try to get something for Dustin Byfuglien via trade…Penguins defenseman Simon Despres could be shopped for a rental winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Paajarvi and a first landing a true starting goalie. Halak is also an unrestricted free agent, so adding him to the mix isn’t a sweetener.  I still believe the Blues will stick with their tandem for this season, then shop for a goalie upgrade if needed in the off-season…Won’t be easy for the Blackhawks to land a true second line center. Not saying it can’t be done but it could come at the cost of a good young player…Byfuglien seems the most likely to be moved by the Jets. The question is, when will they make that move? I believe it’ll happen in the off-season when his salary will be easier to move…Despres could indeed be shopped in a package deal for a scoring winger.

CALGARY HERALD: Scott Cruickshank reports Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke has few “untouchable” assets on his roster, though he declined to name those on his roster. He did say he won’t move his top three picks in this year’s draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a good bet Sean Monahan won’t be moved, and I doubt he shops Jiri Hudler or captain Mark Giordano unless those two demand to be dealt. I also think he’ll retain Curtis Glencross (Truculance!) and Joe Colborne. Everyone else, however, could be available.


  1. What… no Kadri talk today? but it was so enjoyable reading all the fighting and bashing over the past three days. LOL

  2. Guess Burke learned his lesson not to deal his first rounders after the Kessel deal. He probably figures it’s just not worth the three years of scrutiny he endured trading away two firsts.

    • I’m sure he’d trade away some of the young assets he’s got plus there first rounder if a young guaranteed franchise player like Kessel came along. He’d do it in a heart beat IMO anyway.

      • Kessel is a skilled one way goal scorer.

        He is not what most would consider a franchise player in the mode of Ovechkin or Crosby.

        That is also why to most hockey fans outside of Toronto, he is being paid too much.

        • Ovechkin is a one trick pony. how can they not compare? and he has backstrom feeing him the puck not Bozak. I’m not saying kessel is better then OVI but come on, talk about no backcheck. better to stick with Stamkos, Crosby, Toews, Getzlaf as franchise guys..Ovi is a cry baby who has probably the best shot in the league. Aside from that he just stands around.

        • Gary are you serious? Kessel’s easily one of the best in the league. I guy who can score 40-50 goals a year 80-100 PTS a year is a franchise caliber player IMO.

          • Dead serious Jes.

            Kessel has had one season at a point a game.

            Using that logic…does that make Richards NYR’s franchise player. Think not.

            Remember the All-Star game a few years ago…syas in volume what his peers think of him.

            He is good yes.
            Best on the Leafs? Yes

            Franchise player when looking at what a franchise player really is?

            Most definitely not.

            Not being a Toronto fan, you see, I don’t overvalue him.

            I will say it again.

            I would not want Kessel on my team.

          • and when Kessel has hit 70 points once in his 8 year career, I would say he is elite.

            He has never scored 40 goals, and his 40 assists once.

            Again, not what I think of when I say franchise player.

            See Tom Brady, New England Patriots.

            Tavares, Toews, Crosby, etc…franchise type players.

            Kessel is a good player, but not in their skill set or category.

            tell you what, we’ll mark Kessel with an asterisk, as he is the best Toronto has.

          • Kessel had 84 pts 3 years ago was on pace for over 80 last year in a shortened season and is on pace for around 80 again this year and has over 200 goals at 26 years old Kinda sounds like a franchise type player.

          • Let me restate that properly…

            and when Kessel has hit 70 points once in his 8 year career, I would not say he is elite.

          • Those are good points Gary.

            I respect your choice.

            I guess you could’ve said the same for Vanek and so on.

    • Oh come on. The Maple Leafs have one of the most consistent scoring wingers in the league whereas their trade partner moved the first round pick (Seguin) after three seasons for Eriksson, who’s had two concussions since that trade. Had he kept the pick and drafted Seguin, the story would be they’re lacking the top line scoring winger instead of a top line center.

      • Yep, but hey its the Leafs so no sense in arguing. If Kessel was a Flyer he would be a dynamic proven goal scorer.

        • Not saying that Shticky…

          I wouldn’t want Kessel on the Flyers.

          I don’t like his game.

          He is a one trick pony, and does not fill the bill of franchise player.

          Think Sundin. Yzerman. Sakic.Howe, Richard. Orr, Clarke, Messier.

          Kessel just doesn’t fit.

          Scores a lot, but not franchise.

          • Messier was a great leader and player hall of famer agreed, franchise player eeeh? Not so sure Id go that far I think Gretzky with the Oilers (granted Messier got 1 more cup there) and the later years that Ranger team he led had a lot of great players granted he led them but franchise? Id probably say Leetch was the franchise player for the Rangers.
            Generally I think Franchiser player is the best on your team a guy you build around Those for sure are all hall of famers and for sure for the most part Franchise players but, since they have retired teams move on and find others to replace them. Every team has a franchise player imo and on the Leafs that would be Kessel for now. Not trying to argue just differing opinions of the term.

          • so Shticky…Kessel is a franchise player, but Messier, the 2nd leading point getter in history, the Captain all others are compared to. The guy who led the Oilers after Gretzky left is not a franchise player.

            Sorry bud, I can’t disagree enough with you.

          • See above post…this is not comparing Kessel and Messier.

          • Messier, not a franchise player?? I’m baffled by some of the nonsense that gets said on here. Messier is the poster boy for franchise players. Kessel shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence.

          • Gary….your dumb….ok I’m done

          • A flyer fan who hates phil kessel because the JVR trade is still ringing his ears.

        • @Shticky U don`t think Messier is a franchise player, the type u build teams around, then u no squat about hockey. U quote stats like crazy, but u don`t no the game. Guys like Mark and Wayne made everybody around them better when they were on the ice. They each carried the team at times, Mark carried the team thro 2 rounds of the playoffs once. Mark was the modern day Gordie Howe and u put Kessel and Leetch in the same group. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth and showing everybody how little U understand the game

          • Blah blah blah….I love Messier Im not saying anything against him Im saying Gretzky was the Franchise player in Edmonton and Leetch was the Franchise player for the Rangers thats all. All time 8th leading point producing d man Calder trophy, 2 time Norris, Con Smythe, holds about all the Rangers records for D men remember him? Simmer down.

          • But I do know how to spell know.

          • Im not comparing Kessel and Messier learn to read and spell. Do I put Leetch in that group? Yep probably one of the best all around D men ever to play the game. Let me put it this way was Roy or Bourque the Avs franchise player? No Id probably go with Sakic or Forseberg. Roy was the Habs franchise guy Bourque was the Bruins again imo a “franchise player” is the best player on a team for a number of years who a team builds around. Its not some random thing. You guys are talking about a legend of the game for sure one of the best to ever play, but he was not a franchise player.

        • I remember the 6 time Stanley Cup, 2 time Hart Trophy, 2 time Lester B Pearson Trophy and Conn Smythe Trophy winning Mark Messier more than Leetch! If I had my choice I would take a Messier over a Leetch.

          • Hmmm did the Rangers build a team around Messier or Leetch? Leetch was drafted by the Rangers right? How many Times was Messier voted team mvp by the team how many Ranger records does Messier have? Leetch was voted team MVP 7 times holds more Ranger records then Messier and has some awards aswell.
            As I said Im not taking anything away from Messier hes one of the best players of all time I agree but he wasnt the Rangers franchise player and besides the one cup in Edmonton with out Wayme Id say Gretzky was the franchise player in Edmonton. When talking franchise player generally I think a guy who gets a team built around him, like Gretzky and Leetch did.
            Im done talking about it.

          • Schticky….too explain my stance…I don’t think every team in the league even has a franchise player right now.

            I think a franchise player is one who only come around once every 20 years or so for that team.

            I don’t think it is something that gets passed on player to player like a captaincy.

            For instance..I would say the Penguins have had 2 franchise players.

            Yes Malkin and Jagr are incredible talents, but Lemieux and Crosby were/ are the faces of the team. For Philly it is Lindros and Clarke. For Calgary it was Lanny Macdonald, Detroit had Howe and Yzerman.

            I think the tag franchise player is one the whole team is built around and follows the personalty of that player.

            I have no issue with Kessel and am not going to argue his talent. My view of franchise and best players probably differs from yours.

            That is also what makes hockey and all sports so much fun for me.

            Anyone know what:
            ” Dan says:
            January 21, 2014 at 2:11 am
            Gary….your dumb….ok I’m done”

            Don’t like my opinion Dan…bring it on buddy.

          • So Leetch. Iginla Lidstrom or Datsyuk are not franchise players but Lindros is? Ya guess Id say I disagree.

  3. Leafs24/7, dont’ encourage any Kadri talk! lol.

    • LMAO …however it has been put out there that San Jose has HUGE interest and has or is making a significant pitch ???

      Wait and see I guess.

      • Quoting Ekland now…lol

        I’d take that with a grain of salt.

        Was it an e5?

      • Backchecking. That rumour is from Eklund. So it’s basically one of those go nowhere “Rumours”

  4. I want Ottawa to grab Buf and play him on the wing.

    • He’d look good in a Sens uniform

    • That’s a good call and need for the Sens ……can also help on the PP with Karlson .
      Give an extra line of depth …that is a team that would benefit from that deal.
      He does come with a huge cap hit however that Melnyk may not want to open the doors on, that’s a problem and the Sens should not give away any goal scoring as they need it right now ! …..Interesting deal and what pieces ??? That works with money and players ??

      • If picked up at the deadline most of his salary for the year is paid out. He can replace Michalek which lowers the monetary concern. Ottawa has a lot of young players ready to make the jump they could move as well, players that could join the Jets next season. Personally I’d move Michalek plus two of their young prospects to grab him.

        • Wheeler Ladd Kane Setoguci and Frolic, unless the Jets made some other moves cant see them having any interest in Michalek. He’s not really third line winger material imo.

          • The next couple of weeks will likely determine whether Ottawa are buyer’s or seller’s at the deadline. If they serve up a few more stinkers like they did against the Rangers on Saturday they’ll undoubtably be members of the latter group.

          • Probably right Shticky. I’d personally like to see this deal:

            Mark Stone, Craig Anderson, Pick for Big Buf

            Ottawa gets a big bodied versatility guy who can score, Winnipeg adds a nice 3rd liner with scoring touch and size and a better starter so they can buy out Pavalec!

            Michalek walks and Puempel makes the team and Sens get: Spezza, Ryan, Buf, Turris, Puempel, Conacher top 6. With MacArthur, Greening, Zibenejad all also capable of pushing for those roles.

  5. I have a trade for the leaf & San Jose, Kadri to San Jose for Chris Tierney- Mirco Muller- Tomas Hertl want do u thing of the trade?

    • Hertl not going anywhere anytime soon, sorry Iroc88 dude!

    • All 3?

      I wouldn’t trade Hertl for Kadri, let alone the others.

      Bad trade for San Jose.

    • That’s way to much for Kadri. No ones going to give up that much for him.

  6. Even I wouldn’t post a Paajarvi and first for a starting goalie….. …LMAO! NO CHANCE IN HELL!….LOL

    This year has been interesting on the Goalie front….we have seen significant injuries and poor play by some legit #1 goalies to where as a VERY GOOD SUM of teams have had to bring in a goalie long term and have played a good number of games ….this does broaden the goalie market as it has showcased at least 10 -12 extremely good quality tenders that may either replace a #1 or help a team make a decision on moving a FORMER #1 to get a healthy return in a trade.

    Special Notes :
    1) Raanta ……Chicago
    2) Jones …….LA
    3) Mazanec and Hutton ……Nashville
    4) Scrivens ….LA
    5) Grabauer ….Washington
    6) Khudobin – Peters …..Carolina
    7) Anderson …..Ducks
    8) Mrazek ….Red Wings
    9) Talbot ….Rangers
    10) Bishop ….Lightning

    All of these Goalies played significant #1 roles in the time they had replacing the TRUE #1 Goalie and some have made a name for themselves and most of them could be a starter on a Team looking to move in a new direction and wanting a good ransom for the #1 goalie they want to move if the proper deal came around you could not refuse !


    With this said I would move Ryan Miller but at less than the crazy asking price to get a quality asset or 2 and then look to trade for one of the names above to move in a new direction with the team !

    Would an OTT and Grigerenko and lower draft pick scoop up one of these quality tenders to replace Miller and share the load with Enroth if they keep him around as well. Buffalo should capitalize on Miller as there are some decent replacements that may be quality moving forward in the future along with the asset or assets they get for Miller.

    • Agree with you about the whole Miller thing. Sabres are asking way to much for a UFA to be goalie. Maybe something like a top notch prospect, roster player and a 1st.

      I’m hearing the price is 2 1st’s, top prospect and a top 6 roster guy. Way to much.

      As for Ott, Grigorenko and a draft pick for a goalie. Good idea but some of those goalies are in left field for that kind of proposal. Like Scrivens? The guy went for a 3rd rounder already this year (Pretty sure it was a 3rd)? Why would Buffalo give that much up for him?

      Bishop is untouchable right now unless your sending a goalie improvement towards the Bolts he isn’t going anywhere.

      Andersen has honestly proven nothing so far this season except he plays for the best team in the NHL.

      Jones from LA would be a great pickup for that package you stated. I’d say the same for Khudobin if he wasn’t a UFA goalie. But I wouldn’t give up that much for an unproven goalie. Sabres could easily just throw a big contract his way in the offseason.

      I think Washington holds onto Grubauer.

      Only goalie I give up that type of package up for right now is Jones from LA. Bishop def to but he’s untouchable IMO.

      • Bishop is the true #1 in Tampa… Has been all season.

      • Anderson has proved nothing? In that case The Ducks have also proved nothing this season except they are the best team in the NHL thus far.
        I’d make a statement about the Leafs here but I don’t want to get outnumbered about they have proven.

        • Jes dosent really understand the whole goaltending thing, and is a Sabre fan fyi my.

    • Am…you are not aware that Scrivens was already traded to Edmonton last week?

    • So there are holes through out this theory.

      Scrivens was already traded for a draft pick.

      Just a third round draft pick.

      Why would the Sabres trade Ott (captain), Grigerenko (top prospect) and a pick for one of thse guys.

      LA will not trade Jones now that Scrivens is gone.

      So cross 2 guys off your list.

      NYR has no reason to trade Talbot. He is cheap, and backs up Hank just fine. No reason to trade that asset.

      Ott himself is worth more than a back up goalie.

      I am sure there would be a ton of interest in OTT through out the league if the Sabres made him available. He would not be a throw in on a trade for a back up.

      Grigerenko is part of the futrue for the Sabres.

      If Washington moves a guy, it will be Neuvirth, not Grabauer.

      Also…Buffalo has Enroth, who many consider to be just as good as Miller…which ispart of the reason Miller is probably available. They already have their replacement.

      And here’s the thing…Why give up your captain, a top prospect, and a draft pick when you already have what you need?

      Sorry BC…this makes no sense from Buffalo’s side.

      • Well said Gary.

        @ Bullwinkle

        I think the Caps are frontrunners as well for Miller. McPhee was seen scouting in person at a Leafs/Sabres game. What do you think would be coming back to Buffalo in that trade from Washington? Kuznetzov (Spelling)? It’s either Blues or Caps that will end up with Miller when all the dust settles.

      • @ gary

        Finally some common sense.

      • Scrivener went for a second round pick momo!

        • Just another minor hole in the theory Dan dont worry about it.

      • Enroth is cheaper than Miller…. who are you kidding just as good?

    • Regardless of what Schticky says, I still think Washington is a prime contender for Miller – if they can get their act together and start winning games again.

      Grubauer just got sent down, Neuwirth doesn’t appear to be top goalie material at this time and Holtby is shaky at best. These guys will never get it done if they make the playoffs.

      • I never said anything about Miler to Washington, I think he would fit best in Long Island or other places other than the Ducks or Blues is what Ive said all along.

        • agreed.

  7. Paajarvi and a 1st for a goalie that’s better then Halak or Elliott? Never would happen.

    1. Paajarvi. Who is he? Lol no joking I know who he is.

    2. St. Louis’ 1st rounder will be like a 2nd rounder. Doesn’t really hold much value in a draft like this years.

    • Why not the ultimate rental of Tim Thomas to the Blues?

  8. Flyers are interested in Byfuglien regardless of how he plays on D and Holmgren is never one to back off from big deals. Could Coburn and Read be enough to land the big man? Works for the Flyers because Holmgren would be happy to get a marquee name and works for the Jets in that they would be much better off on D with a top 4 of Ernstrom/Trouba and Coburn/Begosian and sliding Read in as a quality 3rd line wing.

    • Jets need a legit # 1 Center …I would say that is the need and desire back if they trade BUFF or anyone else for that matter !


      • Yuppers. Byfuglien won’t get you a number 1 center though.

      • The Wild think Koivu is a #1 center so maybe we trade for Buf, straight up! Ha.

        • If I were Colorado, and with the plethora of centermen they have, I would trade Stastny for Byfuglien straight up.

          • But look at the bigger picture….

            Just because you have a lot of skill and talent, just doesn’t mean the team is going to give them away.

            They could get so much more for a guy like Statsny or ROR than what gets bandied about on here..normally the reasoning is because the Avs are stacked.

            The player still has value, and more than you are expecting apparently.

          • If you think Stastny is worth WAY more than Byfuglien, you need to watch and read up on hockey more. Byfuglien is putting up more points than Stastny and is bigger and tougher overall player. For Colorado to become a better team, they need a strong offensive dman like Byfuglien. The only thing that Byfuglien lacks in, is his defensive game, but that happens when you are an offensive dman.

          • Stasney and Buffy are not even close on the talent end of things.

            Buffy is just a big guy that has a shot. He is absolutely horrible in his own end.

            The Avs do not need to give up Stastny. They can keep him you know.

            Buffy is not very good as a dman.

            He is big and shoots hard, but is almost -20.

            The Avs need a Yandle/ Doughty type dman, not a lazy fat over hyped piece of trash as Buffy.

          • ohh again @ Leaf Advocate.

            I never said that Stastny is worth way more than Buffy. I stated that the Avs can get more for their talent than what gets bandied around here.

            Kadri straight up for Statsny is not a good trade for the Avs.

            Buffy for Statsny is not a good trade for the Avs.

            ROR for Boazk and Franson is not a good trade.

            I am not saying the Avs won’t trade either player, just not for what is offered around here.

          • I wouldnt Stasny would be able to not only get the Avs a pretty good D man but would also get them a few other pieces imo, I dont think they are that desperate for a pmd and if they were there are better options than Buff. Kulikov Franson or Gardiner Delzotto all guys you could get that would not cost you a “straight up” for Stasny trade. I could kinda maybe see if that was the road that Sakic wanted to go down Yandle for Stasny but even that could be a stretch.

          • Exactly Shticky.

            More than one team will be bidding if Statsny becomes available.

          • @LeafsAdvocate

            What do you think Colorado would have to offer up to get Bogosian?

            I think the Avs wouldn’t want a defenseman like Byfuglien though. Seeing he is a liability on the defensive scheme of things.

    • I don’t see Buffy the chicken wing eater being a good fit in Philly.

      He is slow, out of shape, and goes against everything this Flyers team has been working on since the beginning of the season.

      I would not be kean on giving on up Read and Coburn for Buffy.

      I guy who can pot 20 on the 3rd is alomost unheard of, and Coburn is a top 2 dman on the Flyers, and is playing very well for them this year.

      I would not like to see this happen.

      Send Buffy to San Jose…..

  9. And speaking of the Jets, I see the Pens as a great trade partner in a Frolik for Dupres deal.

    Scheifle will be a legit #1 C by next year and Little is very solid. Moving on from Jokinen and bringing in a proper 3rd line shut down type is the direction they need to go. Maybe a three team deal where Jokinen goes to a playoff team, a pick or prospect to Florida and Mathias to Jets?

    • Even do the deal for Mathias and play him on the 4th line and bring in a free agent like Berglund, Stajan, Marcel Goc, or Brian Boyle to lead the 3rd line.

      • Good idea. Probably what the Panthers would do to. They are always taking other teams castoffs.

  10. In regards to yesterday’s post. (Comparing Seguin to Kadri) Where I was directed to “Wake up”.

    @Schticky Let’s make this simple for you.

    Frankly, I’m tired of your smug comments and overall ignorance. It’s pretty clear that you have a hard time evaluating talent outside of a Leafs uniform. “Wake up” Yourself.

    If Seguin was on the Leafs – Not the Bruins at the time, he’d be your top line Center. Then and now.

    Seguin has always had more potential than Kadri. He’s younger, yes – He makes more money, correct. But what you fail to see is that he was paid this money based on his skill and potential. Do you disagree with his salary? I seem to believe he looks pretty good at 5.75, keep in mind you are paying Bozak 4.2.

    Franchise success is built on the ability to not only acquire but evaluate talent. Cherelli wasn’t in the wrong signing him to that figure; rather he was smart in locking up young talent poised to become a top line player.

    I’m not saying Kadri is bum by any means. He has potential to grow as well. In my opinion and I’m sure I share this view along with most people involved with the game, he’s not going to be a top line center. He could shape up to be a very good second line center, something every team needs. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you see him in a different light – Okay, but I’m afraid you’d be in the minority.

    People seem to forget that the Bruins acquired Loui Eriksson who at 28 years old is entering his prime – He’s had a rough ride this year but has often been regarded as one of the league’s most underrated forwards both offensively and defensively. Not to mention he carries a 4.25 cap hit and is locked up until 2016. The Bruins also netted a former first round pick in Joe Morrow and shrewd pickup Riley Smith.

    I’m not saying Kadri couldn’t net the Leafs a top 6 player but you’re dreaming if you are expecting a return similar to the Seguin deal. I have a real tough time comparing the two players… But hey, maybe that’s just me.

    • Well said, completely agree! Seguin is literally twice the player Kadri is, and in no way would he land Eriksson, Morrow and Smith in a trade.

      • Im through arguing about Kadri, more than likely a moot point anyway. Wake up was not directed solely to you.

        • @shticky, Thank God your done, it’s been a long month of B.S. even though some good points were made. Peace.

      • Seguin wouldn’t have helped the leafs as much short term as kessel has though. Dont get me wrong hes a good player. but the leafs dont have Jamie Benn to put on a line with him. but overall Seguin is way better than Kadri. But i do think seguin is overrated just because of all the hype he got from the deal.

      • We’ll good thing Canadian King completely agrees with you but can tell us that Seguin is ‘literally twice the player’ Kadri is! TWICE!!! (all caps and! for bc).

    • @ Rickler

      Iam not going to say I agree or disagree ….I will say that Seguin is a beast and produces!!

      That said …..( IF )…….Kadri had the opportunity to play with that Bruin line up or …NOW.. Jamie Benn …he may be a completely different player and his stats may be very different as well ….even though they are not all that bad right now…Kadri that is !

      Its hard to judge …but I would say Seguin is a much better player but Kadri could be a different player …just saying

  11. Concerning the Penguins, It definitely seems like Despres is the odd man out of the deep defense. Having four out of five of their top d-men out at the same time earlier in the season was a blessing in disguise. It allowed them to better assess where Despres, Bortuzzo, Samuelsson, Maatta and even Niskanen were at. I Also think that Niskanen’s play in particular has made Orpik, a UFA after the season, more available. Due to what I see as an overpayment to Letang starting next year and Niskanen also being a pending UFA and looking to see a healthy raise, I doubt the Pens will be able to resign Orpik, who will also be seeking a raise. Shero may opt to use Despres in a simple straight up deal for a playoff rental like Boyes, Setoguchi or Stempniak. However, all the “sources in the know” are reporting that Shero wants a more long term asset. Maybe Despres for Palmieri from the Ducks. I realize multi-player deals are rarer and rarer and that the following proposal is unlikely, but I would like to see Orpik, Despres, Glass and Pens 3rd round pick to the Sharks for Vlasic, Wingles, Sheppard and Sharks 5th round pick. I like what Glass brings for his cap hit but he makes the dollars work.

    • What is your take on depres? I’ve only seen him a few times but have liked his game… Is he available because of what you said depth at the position or have the pens more or less given up on him because of a fall of in play at all this year?

      • My take on Despres is that he will be a solid, steady 2nd pairing defensemen in the near future. Not a huge offensive potential, but not a purely stay at home guy either. Good skater, average shot, not much of a mean streak. He is available because of the Penguins depth a defense; Letang, Martin, Niskanen, Orpik, Scuderi, Maatta, Bortuzzo, Engelland (who occasionally fills in on the fourth line), Despres, Dumoulin, Samuelsson, Pouliot (a few years down the road).

        • Despres is a better all-around player than Bortuzzo or Engelland but they both bring more edge, both are cheaper and both are right hand shots. Despres is a left hand shot.

          • Just from past speculation I have a feeling pens could get kulimen this year and maybe resign him as he has been mentioned to be close with malkin… As a pens fan you think they are interested and what package would you give up… Thinking a depres type, young players

      • More to do with badly he has struggled.

        • Gary, I’ll disagree with you here to a degree. He has not played as well this season as he did last. However, I would not go so far as to say he has struggled badly. Perhaps you are of that opinion because you see him when the Pens play the Flyers. He does seem to play with more confidence in less physical games, which are not typical of Pens/Flyers games. I don’t think he is soft, just prefers a more “European” approach.

    • @ Aki Berg, I’ve heard the Kulemin chatter before. He and Malkin are from the same hometown in Russia and I’ve read that they work out together a lot in the summer. I’ve never seen them play together in international tournaments but I’ve heard that there is some chemistry there. I personally think Kulemin would be a decent fit for the Pens on the third line and filling in on the tops lines when injuries occur. As a personal pipedream, I’d give Jokinen straight up for him…I’ve never been a fan of Jokinen. But I know that isn’t happening for a few reasons. I think a trade would need to be lopsided toward the Pens for Shero to pull the trigger. Kulemin is an UFA after the season so Shero may be able to sign him without giving up any assets. The Dupuis injury makes a trade easier for the Pens though, because it would no longer need to be dollar for dollar as the Pens have that LTIR relief. So maybe Kulemin and Brennan for Despres, Mikkelson and a 3rd round pick. I’m sure most of the Leafs fans will look at that, roll their eyes and says I’m crazy, but Shero would be dealing from the position of power there. He’s not going to overpay for Kulemin just because he is buds with Malkin. Despres has played in 69 NHL games over three seasons and is +14 with 15 points. It is probably not realistic to think Kulemin will ever see another 30 goal season. So ultimately it would be a swapping a third line two-way winger for a relatively inexperienced defenceman who should fill a second pairing role reliably in a year or two and a high middle pick. That’s my take anyway.

      • Despres’ game would be most similar to Gunnarssons on the Leafs.

  12. I can see Riemer getting traded in off season to winn edm or Cal. For a second and mid level prospect. Very simlar to Bernier. However if they try packaging him with say a lupul they might get much better return from a winnepeg

    • Winnipeg would have to figure out what to do with Pavlec and Im not so sure Id package Lupul and Reimer together with out adding a first round pick or making a package valuable enough to get a real no. 1 center or a dman to play with Dion. Otherwise trade them seperate for younger players and picks.

    • Reimer is worth at least a 1st rounder. Nonis will not let Reimer go for that low (2nd or mid round draft pick). A lot of times, Leafs players are overrated by Leafs fans, but Reimer is not an overrated goalie.

      • For the love of god.

        Bishop went for a 2nd.

        Bernier did not get a first.

        Mason last year was acquired for Leighton (minor leaguer at best) and a third.

        Schneider went for a first…but he is heads and shoulders above Reimer. Schneider is a legit number one goalie.

        Reimer is a back up.

        I’ll say it again, and read it slowly today….Reimer will not get you a first round draft pick ….not by himself.

        • You can’t compare those goalies to Reimer. Here is why Reimer is better and worth more than those goalies.

          1. He helped bring a worst Toronto Maple Leafs to the 7th game vs Boston, whom was a Stanley Cup contender. Sure that was an epic fail in that last game, but the Leafs left Reimer out to dry in that last 10 minutes.

          2. He battled to become a #1 goaltender

          3. Depsite not having a good year this year, he is facing 40+ SOG most nights

          4. Bernier was had for cheap, because he demanded to be traded, which lowers ones trade value.

          5. Bishop was had for cheap, because Ottawa had to let him go, with having him and Lehner backing up Anderson.

          6. Schneider is a good goalie, but not as good as people predicted he’d be. He was traded for a 1st rounder, but could of gotten more. But with Vancouver having their hands cuffed from the Luongo situation, they needed to lower their asking price. And this trade will be scrutenized for years to come, as now Horvat will have big shoes to fill…value-wise…obviously not player to player-wise.

          • That would put Reimer some where between what Bishop and Schneider netted. So probably a late 1st rounder to a high 2nd rounder. Sounds about right.
            So Edmonton’s high 2nd rounder for Reimer might work. I like that deal for the Oil. Reunite old buddies Scrivens and Reims.

          • I would trade Reimer to Colorado…in a package to acquire ROR after Feb. 28th.

            To Toronto: ROR
            To Colorado: Reimer + Kadri + Franson + 2014 2nd round draft pick

          • @Leafs24/7

            Probably somewhere in there, but not a high first.


            Wow..now you are paying to much, and again the pieces don’t fit for the Avs.

            They have Valarmov. He has been a stud this year, and finally living up to his billing.
            Kadri would not fit on this team, as they are heavy on forwards and don’t really need more top 6 forwards.

            Franson is a dman, yes, but not the type of dman the Avs need. They need the whole package. A Suter / Weber/ Doughty type.

            Not a pp specialist, that didn’t know he needs to cross both bluelines to play the game.

            and your post above:

            you have to look at the market of goalies that have been moving.
            Scrivens went cheap. Bishop, given his play, went cheap. Bernier went cheaper than expected.

            The market isn’t go to spike just because Reimer may or may not be available.

          • I am not going to even touch this one…

          • Not agreeing with Gary but yes Reimer won’t get much unless packaged. Saying that, he will/should get more then bishop who got at the time a guy playing in tampas top 6 and a 4th rounder. Bishop played 36 games behind Anderson at the time of trade. Reimer has played 125 at this point in time and mostly on a bad defensive team as the teams #1.

        • Bishop went for Cory Conacher who was leading all rookies in scoring. thats a little better than a first rounder. Bishop was a backup at the time. By your argument Riemer is worth a first round pick

        • Why is Schneider better than Reimer??? Just wondering….when you look at the stats….Reimer is better, and in case your wondering he plays for the leafs not for the Canucks…a luxery Schneider had.

          • Dan please…
            Potential and just general knowledge from people far smarter than Leaf fans…Schneider is literally TWice the goalie Reimer will ever be. Quit being so smug and ignorant using stats to back things up….and while your at it start spelling “Know” the way the intelligent do like no, and you is spelled U.

  13. Schneider netted the 9th overall pick but he is splitting time with Brodeur. His #’s are 7-9-7 with a 1.91 GAA and .924 SV%. The year he was traded he was 17-9-4 with a 2.11 GAA and .927 SV%.
    Reimer may not net a top 10 pick but to say he isn’t worth a first rounder is mis-aligned. His #’s are 9-6-1 with a 3.06 GAA and .917 SV%. Last year he was 19-8-5 with a 2.46 GAA and a .924 SV%. Very solid on a terrible defensive Leafs team while Schneider has played on two better defensive teams.

    Reimer has certainly proved enough to earn a chance to be a starter on lower tier team. He did backstop TO into the playoffs for the first time in years and wasn’t the reason they lost. The Leafs gambled on backpiling talent and acquired Bernier (11th overall pick) who had not done much as a back-up, played well when Quick was hurt but that was not different then Scrivens just did. Bernier got a mid-player (3rd line), back-up goalie, and a pick 2nd round pick based on some play but mostly potential.

    Reimer has done actually shown some of his potential. Do you think with the experience Bernier has this year that he would not be worth a 1st rounder? Or certainly more than what he netted LA in the summer. He is certainly better than Pavelec in Winnipeg and could easily start in NYI, EDM, CAL, FLA, CAR, WSH, and PHI. That’s not to say these teams are interested just that he could start over these team’s incumbents.

    • Reimer wouldn’t be able to land you a top 20 in a top draft like last years. 15-30 in this years? Fa sho!!!

  14. No thanks on Buff. We want team players not uncoachable primadonna’s. They can keep him.
    Besides the CTC runs out of egg rolls fast enough as it is.

  15. Agree. Damn those egg rolls are good aren’t they?