NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 21, 2013.

Latest on Ryan O’Reilly and Scott Gomez, the Bruins face a cap crunch next season and more.

No progress in Avs contract talks with O'Reilly.

No progress in Avs contract talks with O’Reilly.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports there’s nothing new regarding the Colorado Avalanche’s contract talks with center Ryan O’Reilly, other than management claims communication is ongoing with Mark Guy, O’Reilly’s agent. “The Avs have two offers on the table to O’Reilly: five years at $17 million or two years at $7 million”, write Dater, who believe $3.5 million per season is in line with other Avs like Matt Duchene, and they aren’t interested in paying the $5 million per season the O’Reilly camp is seeking. Mark Kiszla, meanwhile, recently feared the standoff might result in the Avs trading O’Reilly.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Avs offers are fair ones and in line with what Duchene is earning, but O’Reilly is currently making far more in the KHL, so he can afford to hold out. Perhaps a compromise at $4 million per might end the deadlock.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports it could take several days for the San Jose Sharks to reach a decision about signing UFA center Scott Gomez.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont recently reported the potential salary cap squeeze resulting from the potential re-signings of goalie Tuukka Rask and winger Nathan Horton could force the Bruins to shed some salary to become cap compliant…Dupont wondered what kind of package the Bruins could offer if the Montreal Canadiens were to put P.K. Subban on the trade block…He feels if the Calgary Flames are on pace to miss the playoffs again, it would be prudent to shop team captain and pending UFA Jarome Iginla before the April 3 trade deadline…The Toronto Maple Leafs remain the front-runners for Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, but that could change if another team with shaky goaltending stumbles early…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Re-signing Horton, eligible for UFA status, isn’t a certainty, which could address part of that cap squeeze problem for the Bruins…Dupont noted the Habs aren’t shopping Subban, but if they were, the last team they’ll trade him to is the Bruins…I also believe Iginla will be shopped by the trade deadline if the Flames are out of the playoff chase by then…Dupont suggested “Chicago”? as a team with shaky goaltending that might stumble early. So far, the ‘Hawks are 2-0 with Corey Crawford and Ray Emery between the pipes. I don’t believe the Blackhawks are a serious contender for Luongo.


  1. The team that needs Luongo the most, already has Luongo in their line up.

    • Good thing your not judged at work by the first 20 minutes of your first day back………….

      • I’m not judging CS at all, he is going to bounce back. But this is his first season as started and the presence of Luongo and the assurance in net is far too valuable to give up right now. Vancouver needs Luongo to insulate and provide stability to that position.

  2. The Bruins are stacked with so many trade chips, stanley cup veterans and rookies. They could trade their next 5 first round picks and probably still be a stanley cup contender in 3 years.

  3. Re: Bruins: They should trade Tim Thomas and a 2nd round pick to the Islanders for Montoya.

    • Montoya is in Winnipeg

  4. Montoya is with the jets

  5. The Habs likely wont trade PK..and certainly not within their own division.They would likely match any offer sheet immediately by a rival team and after Saturday’s chant by the fans for PK PK PK, Bergevin could find himself in very hot water with the Montreal media should he this drag out much longer.

  6. Last night’s game against Edmonton showed Luongo is still a good goalie but again exposed Vancouver’s need to stop giving the other teams so many excellent scoring chances. If not for Luongo being … well Luongo, the Oilers could easily have mirrored the Anaheim game score of 7 to 3.
    Unless the Scrivens/Reimer combo implodes I don’t see Toronto being the destination for Luongo anymore. Also, if Kadri and Bozak play the way that Leaf management, coaches and fans believe they will Vancouver couldn’t pry them out of Toronto no matter who they offered.

    There are more reasons for Montreal to sign P.K. Subban than just what he is worth on the ice. He is by far their most popular player and the most marketable of the Canadiens. His value now and in the foreseeable future is in line with what he is asking. If you thought the uproar in Montreal over them hiring a non-french speaking coach was over the top just let the Habs lose one or two more games without him in the lineup and see what happens.

  7. I too believe that as long as scrivens/Reimer can give the leafs decent goaltending it would go against what it seems nonis has done so far. Giving Kadri, koska, and other young guys more of an opportunity to play why would you bring in a vet goalie to take all the starts away from your you g goalies who may be able to carry the load themselves. It is going to be fun to see what does happen with Vancouver looking at their roster, I would keep luongo as this looks to be there last years before they have major moves to make. There cap situation doesn’t look good for next year, even if they do move luongo.

    • Buying out Ballard (and potentially Booth, although that may not be necessary) in the off-season fixes the majority their cap issues. Malhotra’s $2.5m also comes off the books and I doubt he’d make anywhere near that if re-signed.

      Their core is all signed to long-term deals with no key UFAs outside of middle-tier guys like Higgins & Lapierre, who I believe will both be re-upped at a longer term and slight raise.

    • kostkas 27 i think… hes not young

      • Darcy, If you have to take the time to post that get a life

  8. The Blackhawks need a back up goalie more than they need a starter. Emery looks like swiss cheese so far. (I know its only 1 game) I think his best days are far behind him.

  9. Part of the whole PK problem is he wants “before” lockout money and terms which GM’s would give back then. The last i heard he want between 6-7mil per year over 8 years. He is not worth it plain and simply…fan favorite or not. Perfect example is Loungo, up till last year Lou was god in Vancouver now it’s how quick can we get rid of him and loose that stupid contract. I like PK, however on most teams he would be a 3-4 dman. Last year alone, he sat many games either on the bench or in the press box for stupid play…yes he does have an offensive flair and a hard hitting punch to his game but is way to inconsistant. He is worth 3.5-4.5mil at most. What Pk and his agent are doing is holding Habs Gm by the short and curleys because they know the Fans want him badly as shown in intersquad, as well, the Habs D are below average at best every night and finally god only knows how long Markov will last without getting hurt again.”20 games over the two years”. And the last one was more evidant Saturday during the Leafs game when Markov got hit, the air was sucked out of the Bell Centre when he hit the ice. In the end it is a HUGE gamble for the Habs to pay PK on his terms and it will prove once again that the lockout never accomplished anything when it comes to over paying players.

    • I must respectfully disagree with you about Subban and the money he wants. The rumours of $6 or $7 million per year are way off and Subban isn’t asking for that kind of money. What he does want, and between periods on Saturday nights Leafs/Habs game Kevin Weekes put it best, is to be paid what others of his caliber have been and are being paid.
      I agree that Subban’s game needs improving in certain areas but then what player’s doesn’t and especially what defenseman doesn’t? If he isn’t very good as Montreal says and needs so much improvement why then do they play him over 20 minutes a game and in most games over 24 minutes? Why is he out on most penalty kills? Why is he out against the other teams top lines?
      There are players that he stacks up against who he outshines and yet they make more money than him. For example Tyler Myers in Buffalo is around the same age and in all areas of the game P.K does a better job and while Myers is being paid $5.5 for 7 years Montreal continues to play scrooge. I rate Subban above Kevin Bieksa and Dan Hamhuis on Vancouver and probably equal to or a bit above Alex Edler and yet Montreal doesn’t want to pay him their kind of money. I believe he is better than Byfuglien in Winnipeg who makes $5.2. I could go on with lots more examples but it really comes down to Montreal paying what he is worth today and what they hope and believe he will be worth three, four or five years down the road.
      I am sure that if the Habs came at Subban’s agent with a similar contract to Tyler Myers’ they could get a deal done and be ahead of the game as Subban is much more marketable than Myers.

      • In what universe right now is PK better than either Edler or Byfuglien? Edler has his own offense and is a sold in zone D-man who knows how to play the stick so well, and big Buff is arguably the 2nd best offensive D-man in the league, big guy, can drive the net, booming shot, booming hit and defensively responsbile when not be activated to join the rush.

        • JJB i agree and the agruement that Weeks was making compared to other players in the league is nonsense….that’s part of the reason why there was a lockout…average guys getting paid way to much for what they are worth. Yes the owners gave them the money then, it’s a new CBA, and hopefully a new era where GM’s dont over pay because players/agents demand it from them.PK should sign for 3.5-4.5mil on a two year deal, then go back to the Canadiens after that contract is up and if he has proven himself ask for the contract paying him in the high 5’s to 7 mil with the long term deal. Because right now he is definitely not at that stage in his career to get that kind of pay day.

          • right on Jay. Over paying for PK just because some other GM over paid for a similar player makes no sense…especially when he’s an RFA. Sign the 2 yr 3.5-4mil deal and earn the next contract.

        • In the universe that is today’s NHL Subban is better and incredibly more marketable than Byfuglien. Subban logs more minutes, plays against the other teams top lines and causes the other team to take more penalties than any other defenseman in the NHL. While I like big Buff, he is not even close to the 2nd best D-man, nor is he in the top 10. I am not a Montreal fan but this young man is the equal of Tyler Myers and why should he not be given Tyler Myers type money?
          The Habs looked awful in their season opener and if they don’t find someone to at least inject some energy into the team, like Subban does on each and every shift they are in for a very long shortened season.

  10. I wonder if the Flames are willing to trade Kiprusoff. I believe his NMC ended with last season. Granted, their depth at goalie sucks but it would be almost $6mil off the books.

    • Yes his “trade clause” ended at the end of last season. Flames should trade him to a bottom feeder team, get a first round pick in return. Flames dump six mil in salary, will probably finish dead last in the league and now will have two picks in the top ten easily in this years draft. Add Iggy to the mix, trade him to a contender “because of his no trade clause” and get back a high first round pick “mid 20’s”…now you have three first round picks this year. Buyout Bouemester / Stajan if you can not trade them by the deadline and you have rebuilt the team. During the summer resign Iggy for 3mil and let him retire as a Flame…same for Kipper if he still still around after his contract expires.

  11. @ jay

    Hard to find a bottom feeder team who would want kipper IMHO.

    He could go to a team trying to make the playoffs who is having inconsistent goaltending however.

  12. bruins should sign subban to an offer sheet they have his brother so why not,he would for sure help the power play.

    • The Bruins could sign P.K. to an offer sheet but they are going to have enough trouble getting under the cap next year without adding an extra $5+ million a year. If they did get him it would make him the second highest paid D-man next to Chara and Boston would have to shed some salary to become cap compliant.

      • it was a thought,and might be worth sending mcquaid down or as much as i would hate to see it maybe paille or thorton dont come back next season.maybe campbell is gone.i dont think it would happen as the habs would match the offer because if they didnt the fans would lose it.

  13. The Bruins are sitting at a payroll of just over 66 mil. The Tim Thomas contract comes off of that at seasons end so that brings it down to 61 mil, . To keep the team the same they need to re-sign Horton ( currently @ 4 mil ), Ference ( @ 2.250 mil ), and Rask who is an RFA ( @ 3.5 mil ) giving Horton and Ference a 1 mil raise each and Rash a 1.5 mil raise brings them to 64.5 mil, plus they would need to re-sign or promote a back-up goalie for no more than 875k and a 7th d-man for no more than 650k. So they are tight to the cap but no way are they in a position where they are going to to be pressured into doing something. Not re-signing Ference and promoting from within or getting a bargain d-man from somewhere else and the relief from the thomas contract together would be enough cap space to re-sign the others.

    • The Bruins have 7.1 million in cap space next year with Rask, Horton and Ference to resign. Put Savard on the LTIR and you now have 11.1 to sign the three if the Bruins want them all back. Even with raises they only need to dump something along the lines of a third or fourth liner and promote an AHL”ER.

    • i think the defence will see some changes next year,maybe they dont resign ference,and and maybe horton is not there and they take a shot at another player.not sure who but there are options.alot of teams will be letting go of some players,opens alot of doors for teams.

  14. Iginla to the pens. Maybe the pens give up a second round pick and one of their blue chip young defenseman.Cant breakup malkin and neil line,way to good together.Bing in Iggy to play w/crosby and look out nhl.Line combos— crosby-iggy-kunitz. malkin-neil-dupuis. sutter-kennedy-cook. vital-adams-bennett. Yea i said bennett,bring the kid back up and stick him on the 4th line.He would be better out there than tangradi. Trade tangradi and get something for him now while you still can.Maybe package him up with the afore mentioned trade to calgary. ps. just happy to have the nhl back to let us write all this stuff about our wish lists. pps. thanks to lyle for giving us the forum to do so.

  15. reality check, I think you’ll have to give up more than a 2nd round pick and a blue chip d-man. If Iggy is made available Pittsburgh will have some stiff competition in trying to get him!

  16. Come on.. p.k. on the same playing field as myers? Get serious… i guess thats why myers is signed for 6 more years and subban can’t even get 3, hmm? my prediction- montreal overpays for P.K……..finishes behind the islanders for dead last .. but lose out on the lottery and wind up with a 5th overall pick (which they are choked about) then trade up to draft another 5’3 french midget. Sure, i know gionta isnt French.. but really.. how many guys can one team have have to stand on their tiptoes to see out from the bench?