NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 22, 2013.

Updates on Roberto Luongo, P.K. Subban, Jamie Benn, Ryan O’Reilly and Scott Gomez.

VANCOUVER SUN: Cam Cole interviewed Canucks GM Mike Gillis about his efforts to trade Roberto Luongo and the depth of his roster in the absence of Ryan Kesler and David Booth to injuries. Gillis explains Luongo’s “no-trade” clause and the recent lockout were factors in not moving the veteran goalie. Gillis claimed he has “a potential deal in place with one team that has to do something with another player that they have — and it’s not who anybody thinks it is — and so we have to wait.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s going to ramp up further speculation over where Luongo could be dealt, and when. Let your imaginations run wild!

Are the Stars close to re-signing Jamie Benn?

Are the Stars close to re-signing Jamie Benn?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman weighed in on the contract negotiations of Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban, Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn and Colorado Avalanche center Ryan O’Reilly. Based on the optimism of Stars owner Tom Gagliardi, Friedman guesses Benn will be the one who is stigned first. The Canadiens continue to insist on a short-term offer for Subban, who is seeking a longer-term. Friedman also noted no one is questioning the character of Benn and O’Reilly, but there are “whispers” about Subban’s. Friedman also doubts these players will become targets for offer sheets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In hockey-mad Montreal, where the life of a Hab is a fishbowl existence, if Subban was out partying too much, pictures would be splashed all over the internet. The “character” issue appears to be based upon the blueliner’s brash, outspoken style, which is rumored to have rubbed some teammates the wrong way. Subban, however, has the skills to back up his style, and that’s the Habs are missing right now.

DENVER POST: Mike Chambers reports agent Mark Guy, who represents Avalanche center Ryan O’Reilly, said his client isn’t seeking a short term deal at $5 million per season, but “declined to specify what has been offered by Colorado or how far apart the sides remain.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It is rumored O’Reilly seeks a long-term deal at $5 million per, while the Avs have countered with two-years at $7 million and five years worth $17 million. Of the three unsigned RFAs, O’Reilly’s could be the last one to be resolved.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports free agent center Scott Gomez continues to practice with the San Jose Sharks, but no decision is expected to be reached on a possible contract until Tuesday at the earliest. Gomez’s efforts in practice has earned praise from Sharks coach Todd McLellan.


  1. Luongo is going to Dallas. It’s pretty close to Florida, and they’ve got lots of veteran (old) players. They’re making a cup run and waiting on Benn to figure out the dollars.

    • If what Gillis said is true (and not totally fabricated and BS), this makes sense. The same thing with Colorado/O’Rielly is not true, no way the guy stays in the division. Hopefully if this is true, we aren’t taking garbage as a return- but then again, they need to resolve this. Now.

      • News flash there is no mystery team Gillis is trying to get possible suitors to up the ante.Dallas Colorado Edmonton San Jose noe of them are calling .This is to try and get the Leafs or the Flyers to pay more for his asset.Won’t work but you can’t blame him for trying

    • Luongo to Dallas makes no sense. Just signed Lehtonen to a 5 year $29M contract before the lockout. They don’t need 2 high priced goalies and VAN isn’t going to be interested in taking one back.

  2. Here’s to hoping Vancouver’s mystery trade is bringing back Todd Betuzzi. The Red Wings have far too many forwards, and the Red Wings could absorb Ballard’s contract!

  3. I call bull from Gillis. When does a GM ever come out and talk so openly about a trade? Yes, we know he is still with us, we have a possible trade in place involving him and another roster player? Seems a bit bogus to me. If it were true, my bet is with the Flyers, I don’t believe they have any faith in Bryz while the other rumored destinations aka Toronto and Florida are giving their current tandems good looks before they make any choices. Edmonton & Chicago might have outside shots, but I doubt Vancouver wants to trade him to big rivals like that.

    My other speculation is none of these teams really have the centre depth to give up in a deal for Luongo, which appears to be the angle Vancouver is playing for.

  4. I saw a report on TSN that Gillis says that there is a potential deal in place for Luongo involving a team and a player and that it’s not who anybody would think it is.

    Anybody have any ideas on what team or who it is?

  5. Its going to be Dallas. They will sign Benn and trade him to Vancouver for Luongo!

    • Are you HIGH ?? Benn for Lou hahaha holly smoke some more kush

    • Hahahaha, Benn for Lu??? wow give me whatever it is your smoking, it must be potent stuff. Lou won’t be going to Dallas especially for Benn. Dallas is cash strapped and have Lehtonen signed for cheap and is a great goalie, and Benn is a monster and every team in the league would be linning up for him IF Dallas made him available.

      • “Dallas is cash-strapped”

        What are you talking about?!!! We’ve had a new owner since November of 2011.

  6. “a potential deal in place with one team that has to do something with another player that they have — and it’s not who anybody thinks it is”

    Colorado? They have to do something with O’Reilly. Is the basis O’Reilly for Luongo?

    • no

  7. I think the Avs are the mystery Luongo team!! Once the O’Reilly contract is done, the trade will be copleted.m

    • Avs need a top pair defenseman, not a goalie

    • Lol that all I got to say about that

  8. So sick of the Luongo rumors. Gillis is obviously asking way too much for a player who has told the entire league he doesnt want to play for the Canucks. When Schneider plays the majority of games again this season, teams are going to assess Luongo as a $6-million/year veteran backup. Yeah, so worthy. I’m guessing teams are also lining up to lock down Vincent Lecavalier because he scored a point per game a few times 5 years ago.

    • ^^^what he said^^^

      Gillis had very little leverage to begin with now he has none. Who in their right mind would trade for this guy? Sure he had 30 wins last year, on an all start filled team. If players want no trade clauses – owners should demand gag-orders (including twitter–I’m sick of NHL’ers displaying their lack of intelligence through any form of media……”are you an expert? Are YOU an expert!?”)

    • You should do your homework , Luongo’s numbers last year were pretty good, Lecavalier, not so much. So aside from how bad you..likely a Leafs fan, wish it would just happen already, he DOES have levergae and will get something useful for him, and it won’t be Colton Orr or Mike Komasarik, sorry!!!

      Also, keep in mind, the Cap hit is average at 5.33, the term is long, but the buy-out process afforded by the new CBA, at least as far I;ve seen so far can be used for a number of years moving forward. That means with a front end loaded contract like his, most of the money would have been paid, the cap hit is irrelevant if you never spend to the limit anyways,and if you’re someone who needs to get to the Cap floor, it;s a pretty good deal.

      I doubt this is Gillis trying to expedite anything, it’s not really his style.

      • Why would somebody who is sick of Luongo rumours automatically be a Leafs fan? Last time I checked, there are many other teams and fans in the NHL who have a strong dislike for the Canucks… I’m sure most Flames, Oilers, and Hawks fans would agree…

      • Buy out is only an option for the 1st 2 years of the CBA after that its gone. His cap hit would last years after hes done, leafs dont need to get to the cap floor, they also like to spend.

        oh and ps no one outside Van likes the nucks at all

  9. Benn or O’Reilly? no way on either guy.

    since it is supposed to be unexpected the only team i might bet the longshot is washington.
    they could give back neuwirth for a back up as well or if gillis does not want him he may be the guy they need to deal before doing anything.
    holtby might be the guy down the road but may not be ready and washington needs to win now not later.

  10. I doubt it would be Dallas for Benn. They have $54m + already in salary cap for 13 players next season. With cap going don and giving Benn say $5m, that would leave muc to sign 9 guys to fill th rest of your roster. Plus Dllas just signed Lehtonen t an extension. Colorado definetly has the space, but I don’t see them going for Lu and I don’t see him accepting a trade there either. I sill think it would be a team from the East and not the West. Being a team hat no one expected takes Florida and Philly out of the picture. This all being said, who else in the East could be looking for a goalie upgrade? Winnipeg maybe. If it were to someone in the West I think best bet would be Phoenix.

  11. Some one is dreaming

  12. My guess would be tampa bay ( if they can dump vinny) they got a shot window with salo and few other guys lu could get them in playoffs for sure then once you get there any thing can happen if they can go a round or 2 each year for the next 4 or 5 (lu makes sence ) for them

  13. It’s to the Sabres for Ennis, but they have to move Miller to Aneheim for Getzlaf!

    • OMG!! I just choked on my food when I read that….Where the hell does that come from? Is it wishful thinking?? I wouldn’t argue about it except, I just bought a Miller jersey!

  14. Phoenix doesn’t have the kind of money to take on Luongo and wouldn’t after Mike Smith’s performance last year.

    East – Tampa, New Jersey, Islanders, & Washington
    West – Columbus, San Jose, Colorado

    Those are the only ‘unexpected’ teams IMO who could use a goalie. Even still, I doubt this entire thing is true.

  15. Interesting speculation here but I was really intrigued by DirtyJacques suggestion of Detroit. I know the re-acquiring of Bertuzzi was a tongue-in-cheek but Detroit could use a superstar goalie as Jimmy Howard has played well during the regular season but not all that well during the playoffs. Certainly could be Gillis blowing smoke as well.

  16. I’m not sure why Dallas would trade Benn for Luongo when they already have Lehtonen? If Dallas does trade Benn, it seems more likely that they would want to replace him with a Defenseman or another center. Besides, it’s not like there are a lack of teams who would be interested in Benn if he does hit the market.

    “one team that has to do something with another player” sounds to me like they are waiting to see if a player on the other team is willing to waive their no-trade. Perhaps Theodore?

    • Of course, “one team that has to do something with another player” could be taken in an even different direction. It could refer to the necessity of setting up a three-way deal. If a club is ready to take on Luongo’s contract to upgrade their goaltending they may be seeking a destination for their own current starter. Assuming any of this from Gillis has merit, you still have to include Luongo’s NTC in the speculation. I’d rule out EDM, CHI and COL as conference rivals, and rule out WPG, NJ and the Islanders as places Luongo would not want to go.

      Gillis was smart to wait. Bad starts in a short season, especially where GMs are under pressure to win, creates a better market. The Capitals would fit the profile if there’s indeed a mystery team.

  17. Some of these potential teams don’t make any sense.

    Dallas has Lehtonen who is a legit no.1
    Colorado traded a 1st and 2nd rounder for Varlamov and have Giguere as a bet backup
    Chicago is a long time rival of the Canucks and do not have forward depth to trade
    Toronto seems comfortable with Scrivens/Reimer and can’t afford to trade their no.1 centre
    Philly is locked into Bryz for 2013. No one is going to trade for him.

    Teams that might theoretically make sense:

    Florida if they’re not willing to wait for Markstrom to develop.
    Detroit since Howard is a UFA after 2013 and they have tonnes of cap space. They would have to trade Howard before or after getting Luongo.
    Washington because they do not have a legit no.1 and are in win-now mode.
    Tampa if they don’t think Lindback is going to cut it as a no.1.
    San Jose
    Anaheim if they want to upgrade on Hiller

  18. How about you Spector? What do you think about where Luongo could go with this “wind” of truth from Gillis?

    • You’ll have to wait for the answer in my THN.com column tomorrow…;)

      • I hate waiting…..hehe

  19. San Jose has no issue with Niemi… AND he has a cup ring. Luongo will need to get a tattoo of that on his finger if he ever wants one..
    Florida wont as Markstrom has been too good to put behind a contract like that for 6 years. Islanders have no need to upgrade on Nabokov who has been playing well ( plus they’ll be getting another couple high picks this year so could take a risk on a goalie)
    Washington could, no doubt, use him. Have that stability rather than running into game 3 of the playoffs unsure who’s going to start..
    Hiller is 2 years removed from an allstar game and had is post vertigo which kept him out for a long time.. not likely they’re looking to upgrade that quite yet.. especially IF they get off to a hot start this year.
    Suppose Tampa could be in the running however would be ridiculously early to give up on Lindback and all he has to offer ( 6;5″ frame and coming out of nashville..developed with Rinne..have to like the potential there…)

    This has got to be Gillis trying to either give Schneider some confidence that he TRULY IS the starter and Luongo is “being shopped” , or Gillis trying to force Toronto to make a decision. Scrivens has a win and a tight loss but there are still calls for Reimer to get a whirl. Scrivens has the potential to be a good goalie in years to come but still hasnt learned to use his size yet. That “hasek hand” wouldnt be required if he played a more upright game and utilized his size more ( much like when Dubnyk first came into the league and crouched so bad he turned him self into a 5’8” slice of cheese, rather than reactionary speed.. something that 6’3 + goalies just dont need to rely on as much) Toronto would LOVE Luongo. And so should the rest of the league. A perennial all-star candidate and always in the talks for a Vezina vote or two, this guy can get it done during the regular season. Playoffs.. well.. now that might be a different story…

    anybody else find it a joke that Schneider gets named the outright starter.. then can’t even run with the ball after getting yanked in a poorly played game all around? Alot of confidence it shows a 25 year old kid when he knows his leash is shorter than one of Michael Vick’s dogs’. Give him 5, 6.. hell 10 games in row regardless of how he plays and let him get his feet. Even if he just plays at 89.5 % Save pct that team should still go .500.. make a decision after that. In a goalie pressure cooker like Vancity you expect a 68 game backup to thrive KNOWING he has to either win or play lights out in order to play the next night? some confidence…. that city will eat him alive at this rate.

  20. How about Oduya and Crawford for Luongo?

  21. “a potential deal in place with one team that has to do something with another player that they have — and it’s not who anybody thinks it is — and so we have to wait.”

    Spitfires!!! Luongo’s coming to the Windsor Spitfires!!! Or maybe the Hershey Bears?

  22. I agree Gillis is trying to squeeze the Leafs by making this public. Don’t do it Nonis don’t do it… that is unless we are shipping a bag of pucks and Komisarek. That’s the only way I would take on that contract. Excellant goalie but brutally long contract.

  23. When I say a bag of pucks I really mean Bozak. lol

    • Bozak is a great 3rd line center

  24. With the option of the compliance buy-out on the table at season’s end… I don’t see why any team would feel pressured in to giving up prospects or roster talent to make this move. Gillis seems to think he can make a trade without taking on dead weight in return… I disagree, because if the Canucks can’t move Luongo and they are forced to buy him out, any team in the NHL could then sign him as an UFA to a much more reasonable term and salary… the longer the season goes without Lu being moved, the more pressure there will be on Gillis. He most definitely does not have leverage… he’s just trying to make it seem like he does.

  25. If you look at the goalies who we’re great last year but who have struggled in their first game or two it is amazing, almost totally upside down. Quick didn’t give up more than 3 goals in any game last year and goes out and gets shelled in his first start this year. Schneider who plays good last year, so good in fact that he usurps Luongo as Vancouver’s #1 and he gets shelled in his first start. This happened to 3 or 4 goalies so far and is not indicative of how they usually play or will play once they get into game shape.
    I put this down to not playing in any exhibition games and taking awhile to get comfortable with the NHL game again. Even the goalies who played in Europe during the lockout commented on how different it is to play in the NHL and how much faster the game is. I look for most if not all the goalies to bounce back from bad starts and get their game together.

  26. The only teams I can see that make any sense between now and the start of free agency are –

    Philadelphia: Maybe this trade waits for the summer, but if Bryz. has a rough year they could buy him out, bring on Luongo and deal a decent forward and maybe a young defenceman for Lu. I think Philly is a bit tired of Bryz’s personality, but then again there always are strange folks on that squad.

    Washington: Hope not, but we’ll see how Holtby does. I think he’ll be fine. Lots of gritty forwards (Laich in particular) and intriguing D.

    Toronto: It’s a game of chicken right now. Actually I hope he doesn’t get dealt here, TO misses out and then misses the playoffs:)

    Florida: only because where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. Luongo wants to go there, and even though Markstrom will be great and Theodore will be fine in the meantime, Florida has made it known they’re interested. If I were Florida I wouldn’t do it, since they already have decent goaltending for the stage they’re in right now.

    Tampa Bay: Yzerman wasn’t crazy about Lu’s contract and made a good move in taking a chance with Lindback. This is one of those ‘wait and see’ things. If Lindback doesn’t work out, maybe. Kinda doubt it though.

    NY Islanders: yep, I think this one is possible. Nabokov is getting older and will be a UFA at the end of this year. With the Isles moving to Brooklyn it’s a chance for a fresh start and they’ve got a great crop of talented forwards.
    If it happens before the summer, I’d like to see Luongo to NYI for Nabokov (new backup), Visnovsky who will report to Van, and Ryan Strome.
    Yes I’m dreaming.

    • good post. my thoughts:
      NYI – Nino Niedereider has asked for a trade recently – so waiting for that maybe? Also, Brooklyn not a bad place to live and short flight to Florida.
      FLA – Theodor needing waiving his no trade? although why would he – he’s a starter and then move x-continent from (sun to rain) to be a scrutinized back-up ($$ helps).
      PHILLY – uses this season “free” buy-out for Bryz but has to clear waivers?

      • forgot one.
        WASH – for Neuvirth (rfa) and Laich (limited no trade). let Holtpy develop without the pressure of being the No.1, like the Nucks did with Schnider the last couple years (1/4 workload with a few big rivalry games).

    • Washington has griity forwards and an intriguing d? when did this happen?
      they are soft forwards that are poor backcheckers and a slow soft d,not a good mix for an unproven goalie.
      ovies heart is in russia,he is just here to cash his checks.

      • Funny because it looked to me like Ovie was the only one putting in an effort against Winnipeg last night.

  27. Ok, On Subban, if Montreal doesn’t act quick, the Flyers will send an offer sheet. As far as Roberto, there was a deal between Toronto, Philadelphia and Vancouver before Brian Burke was fired. Apparently from what I am hearing the Flyers want Roberto. Bryzgalov’s salary is more than Roberto’s. My feeling is Toronto or Philadellphia. I think Philadelphia has seen enough of the space cadet, and need someone who can stop pucks. But in order for Vancouver to get anything, my guess is the Flyers will offer both Bryzgalov and Sean Courtier. Either way Vancouver is saying officially “that a deal is in place,” but they want something besides a player. So it’s anyones guess right now. But safe bet in Toronto or Philly. Philly could offer BRyz to Vancouver or Toronto, and offer Courtier to either team.

  28. It’s to the leafs and the player that has to have something done is they have to take Gardiner off the ir.
    now I really hope this isn’t it and gillis is just making stuff up trying to get a market for Lou but that was my thought.

    • like hell they would trade jake for an over the hill goalie.

      Gillis is using the media to blow smoke up everyones ass. oh wait didnt he blast toronto for using the media last week?

      Well what else should we expect from nucks.

      Nonis has the advantage now. he can sit back and watch the circus in VAN but i hope he doesn’t trade anything for lu not even a water bottle

    • it’s thought provoking.
      Also starting Scrivens as to keep Reimer from potentially getting hurt.