NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 22, 2014

The latest on Matt Moulson, Thomas Vanek, Cam Ward, Ryan O’Reilly, James Reimer, Ryan Smyth and Ville Leino.

Could the Islanders re-sign Thomas Vanek?

Could the Islanders re-sign Thomas Vanek?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Thomas Vanek is enjoying his time with the New York Islanders, which creates the possibility he could re-sign with the Isles. LeBrun still believes Vanek tests this summer’s UFA market…The “obvious suspects” on the LA Kings wish list are Vanek, Buffalo’s Matt Moulson, Calgary’s Mike Cammalleri and perhaps Edmonton’s Sam Gagner…A source claims the Ottawa Senators are interested in Moulson but must first decide if they’re buyers or not.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Islanders will have to pay big, perhaps more than they’re willing, to keep Vanek in the fold. He could command over $7 million per season as a UFA…I expect the Kings will make a move to bolster their offense, perhaps as soon as early-February before the Olympic break. Moulson and Cammalleri could be on their radar…The Senators are shopping for a top-six scorer but given their recent improvement I think they could wait until the trade deadline.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports Ryan Smyth could be joining teammates Sam Gagner and Ales Hemsky on the Oilers trade block. Dreger claims there’s no contract talks between Smyth and GM Craig MacTavish. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Smyth, who’ll turn 38 next month,  is no longer as effective as he once was. Still, it’s possible a playoff contender could acquire him for his leadership and experience. The asking price will be more affordable than those for Gagner and Hemsky. Don’t expect more than a fourth-round pick.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports the Oilers and Hurricanes denied they were engaged in talks about Cam Ward. He believes them as neither club seem keen about such a move…It would be shocking if the Avalanche traded Ryan O’Reilly this season…A lot of Dallas Stars rumors involve Ray Whitney, but Friedman also believes we should keep an eye on center Vernon Fiddler, who requested a trade earlier this season but later changed his mind.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Neither Ward or O’Reilly will be traded this season. Fiddler could be part of a Stars housecleaning if they’re out of playoff contention by the trade deadline.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan believes the Maple Leafs should not shop goaltender James Reimer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reimer won’t be moved this season. The Leafs could listen to offers for him in the off-season, especially if there’s a chance to land an experienced backup in a separate trade or via free agency to replace him.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Sabres forward Ville Leino’s poor play makes him a likely candidate for a compliance buyout in June.


  1. I feel for James Reimer. He has proven time and again he is a very good goaltender as witnessed last night once again and he deserves to be given the chance to be the number one on another team. Leafs won’t move him until the summer as Spec has said for fear something happens to Bernier between now and the playoffs. At the very least Carlyle should pump this guys tires a bit and make him feel he is still a big part of this team by giving him more then just a back up role.

    • Wild trade: Backstrom, Mitchell, Veilleux, Ballard.
      Leafs give Wild: Reimer and Kadri and 4th round pick.
      What do you think? Crazy?

      • @ Iceman 1965

        I am not making any trades with the Wild unless Charlie Coyle is coming back …in any scenario ….IMO …Peace

        • @Backchecking, LOL, right, he has been good for us, I wouldn’t give up Coyle either!

        • BC I like how you added peace at the end of your sentence.

          But Reimer’s not a starter. Well not on a team that wants to be in the playoffs anyways. Got lucky last year with the short season. But like you have said he has proven he can handle the workload and deserves a shot elsewhere.

          • @ JES

            I would not trade him …NO …he’s not worth a draft pick and he’s not worth a mid level 3 – 4 th liner which makes his worth in goal better for the team all together !

            He is a starting goalie …100% yes he is …

            Just to recap he holds the franchise record for best save % EVER for TML …no offence but that’s an amazing stat to hold considering the team he plays on and its inconsistent play and the goalies that have gone through that organization !!!

            Why is everyone so hard on this guy …its his 3rd l season in the league.
            Steve Mason only had one god year in Columbus and has come back to be an amazing goalie for Philly this year …I see Reimer this way as well …if he had better D in front of him ..it would be a different story …he all ready steals games ..that’s hard to do in the NHL

        • so no trade then.

      • Again I really doubt Kadri goes anywhere, and what the hell do they want Backstrom for? Little expensive for a back up.

        • @Shticky, Kadri shouldn’t be moved, just needs some time to improve. You said it, he’s a backup alright but so is Reimer, but I’d rather have him than Backstrom.

      • LOL! Yes, crazy!
        Veilleux is changing between the AHL and the NHL, so a 4th liner? Maybe…
        Torey Mitchell is at best a 3rd liner! No words on Keith Ballard!
        And Backstrom is past his prime and injury prone!
        The Leafs have enought 3rd and 4th liners and 7th defensemen!
        So why in the hell should they trade Kadri (2nd line player for the Leafs) and Reimer trade for those players????

    • Tough to “pump the one goalies tires” I suppose in a tight playoff race when Bernier (if things continue to play out the way they are) could almost be in the conversation for a Vezna. 4th highest save percentage most shots against of any of the top 5 goalies on a team with horrible defense and on their way to setting a record for most shots against.

      Berniers numbers

      17-14-4 2.55 gaa 1110 shots against .927 %
      crazy sick numbers on a team with brutal defense.

      • Not knocking you buddy, but I think Bernier’s chance at the Vezina is as possible as the Buffalo Sabres winning the Stanley Cup.

        Can see Bishop getting consideration, but don’t feel Bernier’s there yet.

        • Didnt say he is going to win ot but should be in the conversation if things continue as they are Bernier has faced 150 more shots in the same number of games as Bishop.

          • I can 1000% guarantee you that Bernier will NOT be in the conversation for Vezina. Bishop, Rask, Harding will be the nominees.

          • So say he gets in front of Rask to get in to the top 3 (right now Rask has a .02 higher sv% and .4 in Gaa its not a huge difference) and things continue the way they are by the end of the year he would Face 300-400 more shots than Harding or Bishop and played more games than Harding and you dont think he would be considered at all? Thanks for coming out.
            Long way to go yet but I wouldnt call it impossible.

        • Bishop is in the top stats for ALL GOALIE categories ….he should wins the Vezina this year …if he doesn’t …its a George Bush recount again …LOL

      • Excellent point. That save percentage speaks volumes.

      • Lol ya Bernier has a shot at a Vezina this year. I’d put that below 0% chance. Lol wow!!

        • Explain this? Any reason why or just trolling some more?

    • Reimer was definitely 1st star last night. Too bad the Avs D played like crap and Varlamov had an off night, should have been a better game. Although Reimer kept TO in it in the 3rd, was almost a comeback. Duchene couldn’t buy one. Be funny if the Leafs traded Reimer + to Edm for Gagner and Scrivens lol. Which is where both these guys should be…

      • I’d love to see Reimer in Edmonton but I doubt the Oil will give up Gagner and Scrivens for Reims and I doubt Nonis wants to rely on Scrivens (a guy he traded away) to back stop the Leafs should Benier get injured.

        • Toronto would add more to try and get klefbom or one of their d prospects. Maybe a 2-1 type deal. Maybe more with bryz comming back. Maybe, for example….rpeimer, Percy, for bryz and klefbom. Toronto adds maybe a 3/4 this year

          • Matty why would Edmonton trade one of there best defensive prospects?

      • Ridiculous trade notion.

  2. Feel the exact same way. He’s a good goalie, excellent human being and deserves a number 1 spot somewhere. It just seems that the Leafs feel Bernier has a greater upside over the long haul.

    Whenever it happens I just hope he’s moved to the west so he doesn’t get to punish us too often when he visits.

  3. I totally agree, I said form the begining the Leafs didn’t need Bernier, it wasn’t Riemer that csused the Leaf melt down last spring, and he’s the man that got them in the playoffs, really don’t like how they treat him, Bernier has a lot longer rope thats for sure, not really sure what Carlyle’s problem is, it seems like he gets a hate on for guy’s and mistreats and misuses them, Just ask Grabo.

    • That seems like what he does to. Didn’t know leafs fans felt that way. Grabo is a good player. Ted Nolan does the same thing. It’s frustrating.

      • I’m in agreement with Jes, both these coaches are difficult to play for at certain times. The difference being Nolan is not used to having elite goal scorers on his team and doesn’t know how to develop them into monsters.
        If this is true, he won’t last long in Buffalo…

  4. Reimer is a starting goalie in the NHl no question ….the Leafs should resign him at around $3 million to $3 million for 3 years as in the second year of that contract Bernier will then become an RFA so 2 years from now you have time to make a decision ….Reimer may take a hometown discount to stay as I believe he wants to ….the one thing everyone does not really think about is that Bernier is older and played 6 seasons as a back up in the NHL ……this is his first season to where he has played a lot of games …..he has not really been a starter and did not live a starters roll …SO …IMO …its still fair game …HOWEVERR what would be wrong with these 2 guys splitting an 82 game season as they are this year again next year ….it seems to be working out very well …..and how many teams wish they had a tandem as good as this locked up for 3 years …..I don’t think Reimer will command $4 million a year and would be surprised if he got it …so why not stay in Toronto where you like it and still have an opportunity to play a good amount of games !
    This is all just hot air though because Nonis has the final say ….but I hope they keep the 2 goalies together for the next 2 year at least….until Berniers next contract discussion is the window I would give before moving Reimer .

    It is becoming more and more clear that Vanek is playing more for the money than he is to win a cup.
    He could pretty much pick any team to play for in the off season ….but …I think he wants to play in a more NON HOCKEY MARKET …as to avoid any preasure and just play to play and get paid
    …..yes he is very gifted totally gifted …but I feel he wants to be in a non preasure situation and have an easy ride ….his heart is not in it to win a cup ! …..IMO

    If the AVS trade O Riely they have lost thee minds ! ….However he would be a piece that Stastny will fill and would be the way better return in a trade for longer term …..interesting to see if Sakic capitalises on that for the future of the team and still has quality to replace him in depth of the team …and if McKinnon grows as we suspect he will fill ORielys roll anyways !

    Wait and see !

    • @Backchecking, you hit the nail on the head with Vanek, he doesn’t seem to care at all about winning the cup, he just likes playing the game. I could see the Isles offering 7M+ per year for 8 years, mabye he could play for he Panthers, they can easily afford him.

    • The main rumor is the Avs moving Stasny so they would still want ROR regardless of McKinnon so they could theoretically field 3 very good lines.

      Moving Stasny to say:
      Chicago for Leddy and Shaw
      Jets for the big Byf-er (Jets would have to be able to re-sign Stasny first)
      Nashville for Stalberg and Ellis
      Detroit for Ericsson and Jurko (Wings would have to be able to re-sign Stasny first)

      All would all be good value deals considering Stasny is a UFA.

      • Statsny is worth more than Buffy the Chicken Wing eater.

      • I think if they trade Stastny for Buf straight up Avs fans would burn down the Pepsi center! + the Jets can’t resign Statsny before a trade. They can’t even talk to him.

    • BC

      Reimer’s not a starter. All he’s proven is that he can handle the workload. He deserves a shot at a number one spot elsewhere there’s no argument there, but IMHO he won’t hold on to that starters role for to long.

      • Reimer is not a starter because the other goalie has seen the third most shots amongst the top 10 goalies in the league and has a .927 sv% which puts him just behind Rask (.929) for 4th best. Reimer is 13 th with a .919 The Leafs are probably going to set records for most shots against. Reimer besides the last couple of months is a starter.

        • But…the last couple of months..MONTHS show why he is not a starter.

          Winning just 4 games over a three month period is not starter quality.

        • BC
          Buddy there is no way in H#LL Reimer is going to take a home town discount to stay in Toronto after the way he has been treated. I wouldn’t be surprized if his agent surfaces a rumour he wants to be traded this summer to generate interest. Reimer IMO will take the Leafs to arbitration and try to get a judge to award him the highest possible amount, not because he is greedy but because he knows the Leafs will have to walk away if the award is too high making him a UFA free to choose his next team.

        • 100% …AGREE …he holds the TML save % franchise record set last year by all LEAF GOALIES IN HISTORY !!!

          Hes a starter ….wait til Bernier faulters …..because up till this year Bernier wasn’t a starter either buddy ….remember that he sat the bench for 6 seasons !!

          Would you have called Bernier a starter in the NHL during that time too JES …be careful what you say !

          • Be interested in seeing where other Leaf goalies stats where at after just a 48 game season.

            Short seasons can blur the stats a bit.

          • @ GARY

            Yes in a 48 game season ….but what was the team and its defensive core in those years , the Leafs were stacked through the Quinn ERA …I can’t even see a comparison ….of teams …Leafs the last few years have been HORRID on D in comparison to the Quinn teams !
            Belfour …Joseph ERA

          • In defense of Bernier, he did sit…so that Stanley Cup winner Jonathan Quick could play.
            It’s not like he was sitting for Jason Labarbra to play..lol

            I like Bernier..I wanted the Flyers to get him and roll with the tandem of Mason and Bernier, and the them decide who is the #1..kinda like what Toronto has done.

            I think Toronto’s biggest strength is their goaltenders.

            I would not be in a rush to trade Reimer, either.The 2 of them make a cheap good tandem….

            I just don’t think Reimer would get as much as you think if they where to trade him.

          • What I was getting at…was what was Josephs best year after just 48 games? Belfour? Wasn’t Potvin lights out back in the day? or was his numbers higher due to the differences in the game from then to now?

            The strength of the team does not bear weight on the record…the record would be the record. Just because a team had better depth if the goalie had the best gaa, then he had it.

      • @ JES
        Reimer holds the Leafs franchise save % for regulation …hes been on the Leafs for only 3 years now ….Rask didn’t have the numbers Reimer does or had coming into the League either.

    • Vanek would look good in a Wings jersey.

      • Vanek would look good in any jersey but unless wings plan to get him as a UFA don’t see how they get him by trade deadline. They keep getting older in key areas and while they do have some good young players, not enough of them that they can afford to let 2 or 3 of them go for Vanek. Wing keep sliding a bit each year, at some point do they just throw in the towel and trade the older guys off for picks and prospects or do they go UFA again this summer and plug holes with older expensive players ? Owner is old ( 80’s) and filthy rich and has made the statement that he wants the Tigers ( he own the Detroit Tigers) and the Wings to
        win championships before he goes, soooo I am guessing a rebuild is out of the question for the wings.

        • of course it would have to be by UFA, Holland isn’t an idiot.

    • If he was a true starter, why did Toronto even look around and trade away 3 pieces when they already have what they need?

      “If the AVS trade O Riely they have lost thee minds ! ”

      You are bang on the money with this statement. We agree for a change.

      Agree on Vanek as well. There have been others like him, who just want the money and don’t care about winning. It’s this attitude that makes me not want him on my team.

      • Hey Gary, does the concept of depth mean anything to you? Just because a team signs or trades for another quality goalie or player doesn’t mean the one you have sucks. It means when he gets hurt, which he has throughout his career – look it up, you have another very good goalie that can help you win games.

        • OK….so why look to trade him now then. Depth for only one year?

          A depth move I can see. no problem. But you would think it would last more than a year. For the price, the Leafs are getting great value for their money in net.

          On the other hand..maybe they don’t have confidence in Reimer to be a true #1, and went and got Bernier to secure the position.

      • You dont think he is a starter for the Islanders Flames Oilers Jets maybe the Caps? He has better numbers Than all those guys career wise aswell as this year and If you sent him to say a team like Detroit who actually plays defense, (again better numbers career wise as well as this year over Howard) what do Reimers numbers look like?

        • I have already stated that I think the best place for him is NYI.

          He would be a starter there over Poulin and Neilson. Nabokov is done.
          I think he could hold down the fort, but I also think that if the NYI had him, and a better option came along..they wouldn’t hesitate.

          Just like the Leafs didn’t.

          Howard has had an off year in Detroit. I am not sold on Howard either as a legit starting #1 goalie. He plays well enough to take on the task, but the results may not always be the best for the team.

          Just like the situation with the Leafs.

          The Flames are a joke at every position.
          I think Pavelec and Reimer are almost even in ability.
          Not enough of an upgrade in Reimer to warrant moving out the pieces to get him.

          So it would come down to Calgary and NYI.

          Ramo has played ok, all things considered for the Flames.

          I think the NYI is the best fit for him in term of age, ability, and playing style.

          What would you legit ask for from NYI?

          Grabner and a pick?

          You don’t need dmen, and that is the Islander strong suit.

          • I’d be loathe to give up Grabner if I’m the Isles, he’s such a good PK guy and the speed he has is incredible. Doesn’t finish well or he’d be making incredible amounts of money :) Suspect the Isles would be more inclined to give up a mid level prospect and a pick or a depth player. I suspect Leafs fans will view this as a serious underpay for Riemer but Scrivens had similar numbers and went for a 3rd rounder already and other goalies have moved for not a whole lot.

            As an Isles fan I’d prefer they make a move for someone like Anderson from the Ducks or Jones from the Kings. Of course you can never tell what you’re going to get, who knew Bishop was going to be as good as he’s been?

      • If that was totally the case with Vanek he would of resigned with Buffalo when Pegula wanted him to remain a Sabre for his entire career and offered him a huge contract. I think he prefers to go back to Minnesota where the wifes family is and where he played college hockey plus that’s where he lives in the off season. If he stays and signs with NY then I say it’s about winning. I think the proof will come in July if he becomes a UFA. He and his agent know they will get their money no matter where he plays.

  5. Im not sure how much of an improvement the Oilers make by only trading Smith Hemsky and Gagner, unless its addition by subtraction. Eakins better get these guys playing by the end of the year and have a good start next year, because if its one thing management has showed they have no problems with passing the buck and firing a coach rather than admitting the team build went a little wonky.

    • Come deadline day GM’s tend to go a little crazy so they may fetch more than expected. If you recall they managed to squeeze a first rounder and a prospect for Dustin Penner a few years back. Coach and GM are not going anywhere, “Maybe” a bit of a change with Assistants as Bucky and Smith were not Eakins picks to begin with but Eakins was MacT’s pick so he’s not going anywhere. They’re committed to play it out as the “Coach merry go round” wasn’t exactly working either (5 in 6 years).

      • Haven’t the Oilers been trying to trade Hemsky for like three years now, why is this even a scoop at this point? and Smith? I doubt he goes any where, I’d imagine the reason he came back is to retire an Oiler. Smith would probably retire if he is traded unless it is to Chicago or the Pen’s or something like that. What’s the guy even going to fetch a 4th rounder? Gagner is the only one of any significance here.

    • Did you see the Oilers owner’s letter to the fans? They’ve pretty much given up this season lol. Wow just wow! How many 1st round picks do you need? There should be a max number within a 10 year period. Then you’re forced to pick 30th haha!


  6. I would love to see the Isle finally do something right for Taveras and give Vanek his money AND bring back Moulson AND resign MacDonald. Move on from Grabner and with the savings there and Nabakov gone they can add Halak and still have plenty of money under the cap for a few more key additions like a strong vet presence on D like Mark Stuart and a some quality for the 3rd and 4th line like Santorelli, Garbutt and Kulemin or Stepniak. With a return to health by Visnovsky, the continued development of Nelson and Strome and their plethora of young D the Isle could be a very good playoff team in 2014/15.

    • I have a feeling they’ll resign Vanek and get Moulson back through free agency. If they can get a legit number one like Halak as you’ve stated maybe the team could be taken to new heights.

      All in all they will be much better next year. I’m not quite sure what the hell happened with them this season.

    • Totally agree, it’s been incredible to watch JT with a legit first line winger for him to play with. Of course I don’t think they should sign Vanek at any price because they will have others that need to be paid and I believe they will be good with or without Vanek eventually. The goaltending problem is one they should have resolved last summer but a legit #1 tender along with some experienced help on D would make a world of difference.

  7. Isn’t Like half the oilers defense free agents this year?

    • Oilers defence UFA’s Belov, Potter, and N Schultz. RFA’s J Schultz, Petry, and Larson.
      Belov and Potter will not be back next season and would not be surprised if N Schultz is traded by the trade deadline. J Schultz will get a qualifying offer. Petry I doubt will be back next year and doubt any other team will want him. Larson I have no clue what the clubs take on him.

      • Petry is not going anywhere and I guarantee there would be many takers if he was on the market, He’s had a few breakdowns but when you’re playing 23 – 24 minutes a night with little support what do you expect. Belov may even be back. This is his first year in the NHL and Europeans his age usually need a good year to adjust to the North American game. J Schultz and Ference are a lock, the rest is wide open.

  8. I may get eviscerated for this, but here goes —

    To WPG: Reimer, Franson, D’Amigo, & a lower round pick.
    To TOR: Byfuglien (w/ a fraction of salary retained).

    • I dont want Buf….you kidding?

    • Actually don’t think that is too bad of an offer.

      However, I don’t see the Leafs, the richest team in the league, asking the Jets to retain salary.

      Both Reimer and Franson need new contracts..so that would be a question mark.

      Personally, I think the best trade option for Reimer is NYI.

      Plus Garth is prone to overvalue other teams players, so it might work out well for the Leafs.

      • Ya lets trade for a guy who is worse in his own end then the guy who is rotten in his own end anyway….that should help. Paying him the extra 3 mill on the cap shouldn’t be a problem.

        • Exactly that’s what we need is to add a couple mil in salary to an already tight cap space. If we are trading Franson I hope we get a good pick back. I’d like to see Fraser back in the line to see if he is ready to play like he did last year otherwise waive him.

      • Ill give you Macdonald for him

        • Done deal…lol I like you Trevor

          • You wouldnt if you watched any isles games. his stats look great from an outsider but hes a turnover king. shuts down the play then gives the puck back to them

    • Here comes your expected evisceration…
      Buff is less responsible defensively than Phaneuf, why would Toronto bring him here? Aside from the fact that you’re giving up Franson (arguably the best PP QB on the team), Reimer who if given the chance can be a proven starter and D’Amigo who is also NHL worthy (bottom 6 though) in return for 1 guy?

      The only possible reasoning I could see is if you put Buff on the wing, but then who do you move out?

      Sorry, can’t agree with this scenario at all…

      • Would be funny to see Bolland between Buff and Clarkson. Talk about a nasty line. LOL

    • @ AK47 ….

      I love that word EVISCERATED ….did I spell that properly ..lmao

  9. I think Vanek is staying as long as the Isles don’t low ball him. He said that Tavares is the best center he’s played with and that its as close to playing with Crosby as you can get. If the Isles get a goalie and some more depth on defence they could be a contender and then Vanek will get both money and a shot.

  10. I can imagine Reimer ending up in Winnipeg in the off season to replace Pavelec. Reimer is from Manitoba I believe. Not sure what the asking price is (maybe a 2nd round pick). Sending him to the West would keep the Leafs safe from blowback.

    Cammaleri and Moulson have some familiarity with the Kings organization.

    Moulson might be good long term fit next to Spezza regardless if they are buyers or sellers.

    • You ever think Reim’s may never want to return to Manitoba. lol

      • Does he have a NTC? NMC?

        If not, he really doesn’t have a choice.

        See Jeff Carter and the Blue Jackets.

        • That was sarcasm not a fact or rumour.

  11. Putting aside my belief that Reimer will re-sign with Toronto (I think he will)
    Hypothetically, if Nonis were to move him it would be to the west.
    Some say that Winnipeg will cut loose Pavelec (A mistake in my eyes).
    So the only western teams interested might be Winnipeg, Edmonton (If the Bryzgalov experiment fails), and Calgary (Neither Berra nor Ramo are impressing anyone and Burke may want to make a change there)

    But as I said, I can see Reimer re-signing. Regardless of what the media yaps about I think it’s in Nonis’ best interest to retain both his current goalies.

    • @ Konstantine

      I feel Reimer will sign a 3 year deal for $ 3 million per season with leafs …a draft pick is not enough for a Goalie of his quality neither is a 3rd or 4th liner …and this Berniers only first year where he has started this many games …still too early ..plus Bernier is older as well in age !

      • If Reimer is a starter as you keep saying, isn’t he worth more than $3 million over 3 years?

        Given Reimers treatment, and obvious desire to start, I doubt he signs for more than two years tops. I cant see the leafs paying reimer more than bernier , either.

        • Agreed he either goes to arbitration or signs the shortest deal possible to become a UFA as soon as he’s eligible.

  12. I’m curious for Leaf fans opinion on a possible salary cap list on Canadian corner. Head on over

    • In either regards ….I like Reimer as a goalie and more so if I was an organization he is the perfect low maintenance consummate professional Id pay to have in the room !
      He is only getting better and young for a goalie of his caliber who are traditionally late bloomers .

      I wish him well on the Leafs or where ever he goes when it happens !
      Just don’t be crying when he plays lights out for the next 4 years somewhere else and we all say ….shoudl have kept that guy …like usual !!

  13. MDZ to the preds for Kevin Klein!….Kevin Klein?

    • Wow thats ehhh a trade….I guess? lol I think Its a great deal for the Preds a team withall kindsof depth at D now gets a little more offensive punch from the backend…not exactly sure how this helps the Rangers tho? Klien is a defensive 5 or 6 guy I guess.

      • Yeah, I agree. MDZ has shown he can put up numbers on a NHL level. He has also shown that he can make some horrible Ahl level defensive mistakes. He is way too young to give up on imo. If they had to let him go, I’d rather have seen picks or prospects come back. Not sure how this help the Rangers today, or for the next 4-5 years Klein has remaining on his contract. I don’t think MDZ will be a trade Ranger fans will choke on like Zubov, Marc Savard, Kovalev, but it may be one that stings in the future a little bit!

        • Just seems like an odd one to make imo, as you said picks prospects anything I think would rather have thsn at best a 4-5 d man, for MDZ. The asking price may have been a little high but this seems like they just flat out gave up on him.

          • Also Agreed. With MDZ struggling all year, the asking price of a top 4 d-man was a little steep. They were NEVER getting that back while he struggled. But Klein is a 2.9 million cap hit for the next 4 years. It seems like they could have traded MDZ in the off season for a better return package.

      • I think this trade is similar to what the Leafs could expect in return for Franson or Gardiner.

        I know it is not what Leaf fans want to hear, but it is the truth.

        It’s why most non Leaf fans laugh at the notion of Franson for Statsny…etc.

        • Thats why Nonis has not made these stupid trades !!!

          And you guys thinks the trade scenarios on this site are wacked …
          We put forth better trade scenarios than half the trades that happen.

          • @Backchecking , I don’t know about all that…..I mean no Gm is out there trading a Tavares, Giroux, etc for a 7th d-man and a pick. LMAO

          • But Backchecking, that is why we are so hard on you.

            The “stupid” trades you refer to are the real life trades that actually happen.

            Your scenarios are criticized because in the real world, they would not happen.

            Their true worth is what they would really fetch on the market.

  14. I’ve postured a few forwards for the Sens … but Moulson has always been above all others. He is the perfect fit for this team and Buffalo is looking for younger players which we have in spades. Moulson also makes Michalek expendable if he can resign. I feel a lot better about scoring goals with Moulson & Ryan in the top 6.

    • Spezza Moulson and Ryan would be a beast of a top line imo, at the very least one of the best in the East.

  15. Leino would have been bought out last year if it not that he was injured…it’s a lock he is bought out this year. If I were Buffalo as long as he is healthy with 10 games left in the season I shut him down as not to have a repeat of last year.

  16. Beat the Happless Habs!!

    LET’S GO PEN’S!!!

    • Don’t see how this is a rumor in any way.

      Go jump in the creek.