NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 23, 2014.

Latest on Mike Cammalleri, Cam Ward, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, Ales Hemsky, Kris Letang and more.

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports the Flames are talking contract extension with Mike Cammalleri. Kypreos believes re-signing him could cost more than president of hockey operations Brian Burke is willing to pay and still expects the winger to be moved by the trade deadline, with a first round pick and a prospect as the asking price. Teams which could use scoring include the Kings, Sharks and Canucks. Roger Millions cites the Coyotes as a possible destination for Cammalleri …Teams will want assurances Blue Jackets winger Marian Gaborik is healthy before expressing interest in him by the trade deadline…Scott Morrison claims Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford has no intention of trading Cam Ward and will continue carrying three goalies. If Rutherford decides to move one of them, it won’t be Ward….John Shannon claims there’s no way the Predators will trade pending free agent center David Legwand.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once Cammalleri has recovered from his concussion expect the Flames to get considerable interest in him. I expect he’ll be move by the trade deadline in March. A number of clubs will have interest, including those mentioned by Kypreos and Millions…Scouts would prefer seeing Gaborik play before the Olympic break, but I suspect he will still garner interest if he’s returned to the lineup between the end of the Olympic break and the March trade deadline. His injury history means the Jackets won’t get a big return for him…If Ward is traded, and that’s a big “if”, it’ll be in the off-season…The Predators may be getting offers for Legwand but moving him hurts their anemic offense and thus their playoff hopes.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports new Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray is weighing his options with pending UFA goalie Ryan Miller, which could include trying to re-sign him. However, if Miller isn’t interested in staying, LeBrun believes Murray has no choice but to move him at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Miller re-signs with the Sabres. I expect he’ll want to move on to a Cup contender if possible, preferably one either in California (to be nearer his actress-wife) or close to that state.

NEWSDAY.COM: Arthur Staple reports contract talks could soon pick up between the Islanders and the agents for Thomas Vanek. If Vanek isn’t willing to re-sign a long-term deal, Staple believes they’ll shop the winger at the trade deadline. There’s been no contract talks with pending UFA defenseman Andrew MacDonald, who is believed seeking a deal in the range of $5 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Moving Vanek and/or MacDonald at the trade deadline are likely options, but if the Isles remain in the playoff chase they could retain both and try to re-sign or move them in June.

Oilers won't get much of a return for Ales Hemsky.

Oilers won’t get much of a return for Ales Hemsky.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis notes Ales Hemsky seems the Oilers most likely trade candidate, but questions if he’d be their best one, believing Jordan Eberle or Nail Yakupov could fetch a better return which could truly address one of the Oilers needs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hemsky lands at best a second round draft pick by the trade deadline. He won’t fetch a power forward, top-two defenseman or a true starting goaltender.

OTTAWA SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators seek a top-six forward, listing Buffalo’s Matt Moulson (asking price: first round pick and a prospect), NY Rangers’ Ryan Callahan, Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky, Buffalo’s Drew Stafford and Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu. Ken Warren reports the Senators are carrying two extra defenseman and could move a blueliner in the coming weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Forget about Callahan, the Rangers won’t move their captain while in the midst of the playoff race. The rest are believed available and could be among the Senators’ best targets. Garrioch excluded Mike Cammalleri, possibly because of his size and recent concussion. I think the Sens could package one of their spare defensemen with a draft pick or prospect for a winger.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Replying to a reader’s question about the possibility of the Sharks bringing back Ray Whitney, Kevin Kurz didn’t rule it out.

BOSTON GLOBE/CSNNE.COM: Fluto Shinzawa lists Ottawa’s Chris Phillips,NY Islanders’ Andrew MacDonald, Detroit’s Kyle Quincey and Buffalo’s Henrik Tallinder as possible trade targets if the Bruins decide to acquire a defenseman before the trade deadline. He writes the Bruins prefer a stay-at-home left-shot defenseman.  Joe Haggerty believes the Bruins would seek a playoff rental on defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators aren’t moving Phillips and the Isles won’t trade MacDonald unless they fall out of the playoff race by the deadline.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney seeks scoring depth.“I don’t want to trade a forward for another forward,” he said. “You’re always looking to upgrade, but we’re looking to add instead of give a forward to get a forward.” . McLellan notes trade options for Maloney are slim right now.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Dejan Kovacevic calls for the Pittsburgh Penguins to trade Kris Letang.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.


  1. Hemsky

    …..seems like a Devils type player at this point ….BUT what exactly is his value …2nd rounder ???
    Prospect???? He’s been on the block so long its weird to evaluate and get a grip on his market value, he carries a cap hit ( aka luggage ) that really hurts in a trade this year and a team will need to absorb that …at this point I might do a Hemsky for Clarskon trade with prospect to sweeten the deal to get Clarksons money off the books !

    Interesting scenario with Kris Letang …but reading through here ….a neat trade and good for both teams would be a Letang and Beau Bennet for Callahan and Girardi trade ….Callahan would be amazing with Crosby …Rangers need a puck mover and Girardi and Callahan will cost more together than Letang so Rangers get Bennett for free so to speak on the books plus they will buy out Richards …..just an idea …as there is Rubbish today to discuss so please don’t incinerate me …PEACE aka Iceman 1965 …LOL

    • “.a neat trade and good for both teams would be a Letang and Beau Bennet for Callahan and Girardi trade” How is this good for NY? You are basically saying Letang and a prospect for a top 6 forward and a #1 d-guy? I think to re-sign Girardi would be cheaper than trading for Letang. Sorry …..this is FAR fetched. Giradi +Callahan = much more than an over paid often injured d-man and prospect.

      • See hes just not bad with Leaf trades.

      • Just for discussion ?
        It seems that the MDZ trade was to open cash …so I realize all of that …just posted to create discussion ..relax !

        Oh by the way this Nonis on Reimer yesterday as per the post and major discussion yesterday !

        I beleived that Reimer will be back and will be resigned …IMO

        Michael Traikos of the National Post:

        The Maple Leafs have received calls on both James Reimer and Jonathan Bernier, but for now, GM Dave Nonis has no plans to break up the pairing.
        “I haven’t thought that too far, but could I see a scenario where both goalies were back next season? Yes,” said Nonis. “We’ve gone this far because of our goaltending. Jon is on a bit of a roll, but James has been really good for us.

        “I would never write James Reimer off.”

        • Hey Carcillo and Aasham for Crosby and Malkin. It will never happen, but lets discuss it for fun. LOL

        • @Backchecking, you know as well as everyone else that Shticky is a “know it all”.

          • I kid I kid relax just getting you going BC.

          • Just because some people make sense or is right does not make him a “know it all”. It just shows there’s a lot of dumb comments out there, you know?

        • What else is he supposed to say?

      • Letang was runner up for the Norris Trophy. He is contractually locked up for years. This is not exactly as one sided as it is made out to be.
        Perhaps there could be a Simon Depres from the Pens and a draft pick from the Rangers to even it out.
        Girardi is a solid d-man but a #1 d-man?

    • i don’t think that’s a bad trade however i don’t see the rangers trading callahan..i think if letang gets moved it could be for eberle this is a trade that could happen and makes sense for both teams

      • I don’t think it’s a bad trade either. I think it’s putrid. I cannot see trading Girardi and Callahan for Letang and a prospect. Letang is not worth a top 6 forward and a #1 d-man. His cap hit is horrific and will just get worse until it ends in 2022. He is too injury prone.

      • I like that trade idea. Eberle for Letang. Hmmmmmm

  2. Ottawa gave up their 1st round pick in 2014 for Bobby Ryan. Can’t see them giving up their 1st round pick in 2015 for Moulson. If your team tanks next year for whatever reason, bye bye McDavid. I don’t see any 2015 firsts being moved.

  3. Pens will never trade Letang to the Rangers.

    Rangers will need a puck moving d-man, but that may happen during the off-season.

    For Garrioch to even mention Callahan as a trade possibility to the Sens infuriates me that he has a job. He’s a moron that thinks of trade rumors like a 14 year old. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Cant see the Pens trading Letang to anybody, really with the NTC and the new contract. Maybe a few years down the road, but not anytime soon. Kind of a ridiculous thought imo.

      • Not really Schticky.
        I could be wrong but I believe there may be an out on that NTC (there always is) and it is said the Pens signed him until all/most of their young d-men are ready to take on full time duties.
        I doubt he will be a long time Pen. As a Pens fan I like Letang but I really believe he is a Pen for a short term run. It could very well a couple of years like you say.

        • @Ricky Spanish,
          He is signed well beyond a time where all of their d-men are ready to take full time duties on (2022). An 18 year old rookie would be 26 by the time his contract expires. He has a limited NTC clause, so basically he has either agreed to certain team his is willing to be traded to, or he has to agree prior to a trade. Not sure how it is worded on his contract.

          • 18 teams he would not be willing to go to submitted prior to the start of the year…in other words do you think Edmonton Alberta is 1 of the 11 ( of the 30 other places to play) most desirable locations for a professional athlete to spend his winter? Im sure hes not thinking Edmonton might win a cup anytime soon, so why would he go there?

            Sorry not happening

  4. Rangers had a puck moving d man and traded him to Nashville. As a Flyers fan, this move made me very happy. You watch, MDZ will get his game going in the ‘ville. That organization develops defensemen like a factory.

    • And the one defenseman who never quite panned out (Klein) has been traded away. Can’t hit on them all I guess…

      • Generally, I agree. But Ryan Ellis has been a bust so far, too. I hope the kid turns it around (he has lots of time), but so far hasn’t been so good.

    • As a Ranger fan I hate this trade. I do believe that MDZ can get better offensively. I’m just not sure his defensive mental lapses can be fixed ,coached and get better. Imo he will always be a defensive liability.

      • He certainly could remain a liability in the future. However, I truly believe he’ll be an impact player in the future. A fresh start could do him wonders.

      • Lots of these type of offensive minded d men have the same issues as MDZ, but should or would bring in a better value than the Rangers got, its a horrible trade imo. If he was older I could see it but I think there is still some upside to MDZ. This trade kind of looks like Liles for Gleason swap, which is alright considering the age and the you know what your getting factor with Liles. Im not so sure you really know what your getting with MDZ and a year or so down the road with a coach like Trotz and team like the Preds will probably make this look very one sided.

        • Agreed Shticky. I believe the return was horrible. Patience….. closer to the deadline would have brought back more imo. A very uncharacteristic Sather trade. For some reason, they were in a big hurry to get rid of MDZ.

    • MDZ will now have the luxury of pairing with some really good D men who can cover for his lapses and allow him to be what he is. Pair him with Weber and let him run around all he wants or Seth Jones in a year or two when he develops. This may end up looking worse that it is as MDZ may well end up performing much better in Nash than he ever would have for the Rangers. Klein also won’t generate a lot of splash given his styel of play.

      • Not making a Weber comparison, but are Staal, Girardi and Mcdonagh scrubs? I would say outside Weber, I’d take all 3 over everyone else in Nashville (today). I can’t imagine Mdz getting #2 d-man ice time. Not anytime in the near future. People were arguing on this page for a month he isn’t worth a top 4 d-man, because at this point he is not a top 4 d-man. I agreed then and I agree now.

        • Not so much just who he plays with as the system and the coach, that being said while the Rangers may have a little more experienced D and perhaps deeper corp, I’d suggest that the centers of Legwand Fisher Cullen and Wilson /Gaustad make a far more solid defensive combination than anything he could play with in NY. No mater where he is in the lineup chances are there are going to be at least 2 other guys that can cover some of the flaws.

          • That may be the case Shticky, however I still can’t imagine MDZ putting in #1-2 type minutes on d at this point in his career. Maybe eventually, but right now I think he is a work in progress. I think he has the talent to become something the Rangers regret trading (I already do given the return) but I think he is going to need some time. I wish they had paired him more with Staal or Girardi this year. But it seems AV hated this guy as much or more than Torts did.

          • Oh no agreed he is most likely bottom pairing second unit pp type guy, for now.

  5. Dubnyk got a sunburn from the goal light going on multiple times last night and Trotz says that he has to be better, that he is a vetern goalie. Really? He also said that Dubs aquired bad habits while playing for the Oil. Really again? The truth is Mr. Trotz, he’s just a BAD goalie and you should invest in suntan lotion for him, because he’s going to need it. Never should have made that trade, maybe a little more research before pulling the trigger on a guy who was never better than a backup from the start, and that’s being nice, look out AHL.

    • Totally agree! Wasn’t Hutton good enough to hold the job until Rinne returns? Now they have the underachieving and damaged Devan Dubnyk, who is under contract for several more years.

      • @scotty, I thought Hutton would be “go to” guy myself, the worst of the “Dubnyk Disaster” is that a team(s) actually thought he was good. Yikes, game over soon for that turd.

      • Dubnyk is a ufa next year and I think from the looks of things it was more ridding themselves of Hendricks contract

        • My bad on Dubnyk’s deal. He is a UFA after the season. Even so, why get him in a deal?

          Hey Iceman, do you like the Del Zotto deal? I am assuming you are a Preds fan…

          • @scotty, I’m a Wild fan but like most all the NHL teams, especially Chicago. I don’t get into super stat player specifics like some of the experts here, lol, Just call them as I see them. As far as the Del Zotto deal goes, I think the Rangers made a mistake trading him, especially for what they got. Nashville got the better player for sure. This move makes me think they might try to move Weber next. Thoughts?

          • @scotty, Im a Wild fan but like all the NHL teams, especially Chicago. I don’t make super stat player comparisons like some of the experts here, just call them as I see em. As far as the Del Zotto trade? The Rangers shouldn’t have made that trade. Nashville came out better for sure. Maybe helps with Dubs 4 GAA? lol. I’m not sure about his “actual” GAA so don’t rip me.

          • @scotty, Im a Wild fan but like all the NHL teams, especially Chicago. I don’t make super stat player comparisons like some of the experts here, just call them as I see em. As far as the Del Zotto trade? The Rangers shouldn’t have made that trade. Nashville came out better for sure. Maybe helps with Dubs 4 GAA? lol. I’m not sure about his “actual” GAA so don’t rip me.

    • That must be your favorite line about the goal light, eh?

      You have quoted that repeatedly since the Scrivens and Dubnyk trades.

      • @gary, truth hurts sometimes, I’ll come up with a new one just for you.

        • Thanks.

          I appreciate that……:-p

      • Gary your such a troll, I can’t wait to hear you say something informative

        • A troll?

          Comon man…I use facts, stats, and common sense when shooting down the Leafs expectations of grandeur.

          I enter many conversations on here, and give a realistic expectation of the trade proposals.

          Hear you go AllhailtheLeafs:

          Something informative.

          Get it?

          What do you base your ridiculous trade rumors on? What you want on your team, with no basis in fact, knowledge or sense.

          When you have something to ADD to the conversation, jump in.

          Otherwise, shut up.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t judge the performance of one game. Give him some time with NSH’s goalie coach and Dubnyk will turn it around.. If Trotz says a player has picked up bad habits you should probably agree with him, he knows a little bit more about hockey then you do.

      • @RK, 1 game? Look at his all time stat sheet since entering the league, were way past the excuse of 1 game. But heh, just an opinion, like the rest of us that post comments.

      • I just don’t think he’s an upgrade over Hutton.

  6. The hockey gods must be crazy if Cammalleri is worth a 1st round pick and a prospect. He’s small at 5’9″, he’s 31 years old and his stats aren’t impressive with 21 points in 37 games (0.57 pts/gm) with a whopping -20. He makes a hit every 2 games and he’s currently out with a concussion.

    Hemsky, on the other hand, is deemed to be worth a 2nd round pick at best. He’s 6 feet tall, he’s 30 years old, has 24 points in 48 games (0.5 pts/gm) and is -11. He also makes a hit every 2 games and has a history of injuries.

    These are two similar players at this stage of their careers and I think people are vastly overvaluing Cammalleri’s worth. Maybe a 2nd and a prospect or a 2nd and a 3rd but what GM in his right mind would give up a 1st? Ottawa gave up a 1st and a prospect for Bobby Ryan and Cammy is no Bobby Ryan. Picking up either for the playoffs would be like Vancouver picking up Roy last year. A small forward who plays on the perimeter isn’t going to help in the playoffs.

    • Cams is known for being clutch in the playoffs…if you remember a fe years ago he wa a scoring machine kind of like brier. I wouldn’t give up a first for a rental but there are a few teams like the kings who could drive his value up. I still don’t get why they are saying he is worth a first while out with a concussion. I would think that would drive his value down because he could end up like savard.

      One personal thought. I would love to see the islanders make a move for ya kapok. Yaks and at areas together would be sexy in the future. And I’m talking hips to nips sexy if it works . ALSo if I were a betting man Edmonton doesn’t move there first round draft as they will be hoping to get ekblad. Only way they move it is at the draft, and only if ekblad gets drafted b4 edmonton’s lottery position. Just my two thoughts

      • who is Ya Kapok?

        The Islanders getting him to play with at? who is at?

        I’m assuming Yakupov and Tavares.

        Could be a lethal combo.

        I don’t see the Oilers trading him away though. He is cheap, and the potential to be a game changer is still there. Most young players need 3-4 years to get comfortable before they have their break out year.

        Edmonton just needs some patience. Others that have been there longer, and have bit more of an NHL resume would garner more of a return right now anyways.

        • Ya Kapov was auto spell, no need to get testy. I believe people who write those kind of dumb remarks are referred to as trolls, but maybe you can correct me again lol

          • No, not a troll.

            Your post made no sense when just reading it.

          • Your posts hitch part didn’t you understand, you know what I mean when I say auto spell don’t you. If you need ill break down all my points for you. Btw Edmonton just needs to be patient? 8 years not making the playoffs and 3 number 1 picks, I bet your one of those fools who will rip on the leafs, but then say give Edmonton some time, you probably think their gm is doing a great job. Edmonton right now is a joke and don’t deserve another top 5 pick. How much is your gm going to pay Eberle, hall, rnh and yaks for potential, there is no way in hell in Edmonton will be able to afford all of these players in 3-4yrs without the teams performance remaining exactly the same. Take out your tampon and stop being a little bitch

          • @Allhailtheleafs:

            No. Not an Oiler fan.

            However…most of their core is under 24…..a very young team loaded with talent…I do think they need more time.

            I don’t think they have the right coach for their team, and no..Mactavish has done nothing to make me say he is an improvement on the last GM.

            My tampon. You want it?

            Yes patience is needed with some of their young players.

            Breezy doesn’t fit…on any team.
            Hemsky should have been traded 3 years ago.
            Ference played in a sheltered system with Chara in Boston, and has reverted back to the guy he was before Boston.

            I think to trade a 2nd year player with the potential of Yakupov would be a mistake.

            See Philly and trading JVR. I know JVR was not a 2nd year player, but trading that type of talent was short sighted by the team.

            Hall, Eberle, the Nuge all are on multi year contracts I believe.

            Hall: $6 mill per until: 2020
            Eberle: $6 mill per until 2019
            Hopkins: $6 mill per until 2021

            They have great stability for their top line, for the next half decade.

            Now. Noone will deny they need defense and a goalie.

            They have the pieces elsewhere to obtain those pieces, but Mactavish seems afraid to trade away anyone.

            I can see Hopkins being traded for a goalie..or at least part of a package for a goalie.

            No. Not for Reimer.

            Hall and Eberle are the centerpieces of the team. If they can get Yakupov to buy in, and play to his talents..Hopkins becomes very expendable.

            We’ll see what happens, but I am not trolling or being a bitch as you say. Just trying to talk hockey in a realistic fashion.

            Have you ever played?

            I made it to the Juniors before an injury to my back knocked me out of the game.

            Not saying I would have been able to make the big leagues, I am not that naive, but, playing Junior shows I have hockey smarts, and understand the game better than some pimply teenager who feels he knows everything because he is a Leaf fan, and had an idea that would improve his team.

            If you look at most of my posts here…I back up what I say with stats.

            Leaf fans don’t like that because it contradicts what they want to happen.

            Kinda like your responses.

            I have been coming to spectors site since the late 1990’s.

            I have bit my lip for many years listening to ridiculous trade scenarios after ridiculous trade scenarios.

            I am sick of it, and have decided to add my 2 cents to the conversations.

            You just don’t like it because I make you look stupid, so you throw names and insults around.

            Just grow up, and read before you open your mouth.

            You might find people look at the bigger picture once in a while.

    • Sens gave up Silfverberg, and a prospect Noesen + #1 pick for Ryan.

    • Agreed though with this years draft not being as great as other ones I think cammy will get a first and a mid level prospect. He is far better than hemsky, I have to say that. I’m thinking Montreal for tenordi and a first (pieces going from Calgary) or fucale and a second. Calgary would be happy with trades like that

  7. I truly believe that the Oilers will trade Yakupov or Eberle in the off season. As the players that the Oilers want in return are not available until the offseason. The team who have them want to keep them for the playoffs. I would prefer they trade Yakupov before Eberle. I wanted Ryan Murray instead of Yakupov anyways.

    • Agree. To add I might actually consider trading the first round pick too. Adding an ekblad this yr isn’t going to solve any of there problems. If they could soothe roger deal for a 23-25 yr old player that they can sign or is already signed for 6 yrs I’d consider it if I’m Edmonton and want this team to progress

      • And I agree about the 1st. Klefbom and Nurse plus what they get for Yak and the pick should shore up the defence.

  8. It’s gotta stink to be Ryan Miller right now. Can’t see him going anywhere except maybe NYI, and that’s not exactly a prime destination.

    Unless someone gets hurt, Miller is probably looking at a summer where he takes his chances in the UFA market.

    • Totally agree. Looking at the western conference teams, no chance he goes to any of the California teams – they’re all stacked in net.

      Colorado is also almost certainly out, and no chance for Chicago. Vancouver & Minnesota are dubiously “contenders” but neither need Miller anyway.

      The only team left that qualifies as a contender is the Blues. That one is admittedly possible, but I still don’t see it happen until the off-season. And if the Blues goalies do well in the playoffs, not at all.

      NYI are definitely a good fit, in my opinion. But how much would they give up for him, when he’ll be a UFA and still maybe not even make the playoffs?

    • Yeah, it really must stink making millions of dollars a year to play hockey. lol

    • I disagree. The Wild have injury problems with their goalies, and neither one is as good as Miller.

      Washington’s goalie situation is a mess. It seems that Holtby is the current nr. 1, but he could stand to back up Miller for a couple of years if the Caps have any SC aspirations.

      The Blues are a legitimate possibility. Their recent 7-1 shellacking speaks to their weakness in goal. No team wins the SC with mediocre goaltending. Miller will definitely make them a prime contender.

      The Islanders are probably on Miller’s No Trade list – along with all 7 Canadian teams, so I wouldn’t even consider their issues. Plus what could they offer other than Strome in return?

      Miller will be traded and I think these teams would be interested.

      • @robert/paddy, I think that Miller would be an upgrade to Minnesota, considering Harding’s medical conditon, resigning Backstrom was about all the Wild could do at the time, but he’s injury prone and a backup at best. Not so sure Keumper is ready for a full season in the NHL and I don’t know if the Wild have a shot at getting Halak or what they would give up to get him, but he would fit into our lineup nicely.

  9. Edmonton should trade Yakupov for Callahan. Right now, Yakupov is a hope, at becoming a star player. Callahan proved he is a gritty, go-to guy who can score and lead. Make that trade, and Callahan is Edmonton’s Captain for years to come. Don’t give the Captaincy to someone like Eberle, Hall etc. they don’t need that weight on their shoulders. Let them be the Assistants. Or make this trade, to better the Oilers:

    To Edmonton: Callahan + Girardi
    To NYR: Yakupov + Hemsky

    Yakupov is worth more than either Callahan or Girardi, throw in Hemsky to even out the deal. Rangers should also shed salary as well. While Edmonton gets what I mentioned above, and gets a good dman.

  10. I wouldn’t mind seeing Miller coming to Calgary, send back Cammi with Berra or Ramo. Calgary has solid goaltending in the system which should be ready in 2-3yrs. Miller would be a nice fit, both Miller and Cammi are going to get somewhere between 5.5-7.5 million on the open market this summer from some team. do a sign and trade, only issue though is one if not both may have NTC or LTD . So scratch that idea. I think Burke would rather pay Miller that money than Cammalleri.

    With Burke at the helm it should be interesting on what he decides to do, at the end of this season he will have close to 35million to spend on 12 players does he stay the course on a slow rebuild or does he give it a little kick start with maybe one or two “big signings””

  11. How is Yak worth more than Girardi or Callahan? Why would the Rangers make this deal, Have they given up hopes of the playoffs already? You are not going to see a top 6 forward and a #1 d-guy go for Yak and Hemsky. I don’t understand the trade from the Oilers perspective either. A perennial rebuilding team wants to add salary at the deadline, and a team still in contention wants to abandon their season?

    • Thanks for your response. saved me the time.

    • You’re overvaluing Callahan and Girardi if you think either are worth more than Yakupov. Despite Yakupov having a bad year on a team playing very bad, you should never criticize Leafs fans at valuing their players. Yakupov will be a star, he just needs that activation from another team, and the NYR I believe could be that team to set him afire. Callahan is losing minutes and being placed in the Rangers line-up in a misleading method. Trading Callahan and Girardi isn’t giving up on the season. Hemsky is producing better than Callahan as well. With Yakupov, it is a spark that the Rangers need.

      • You are gushing in your comment about how “Callahan proved he is a gritty, go-to guy who can score and lead. Make that trade, and Callahan is Edmonton’s Captain for years to come” Girardi brings playoff experience and plays 24-26-28 minutes a game….. What does the 30 year old Hemsky bring?, 5 million cap hit, Ufa at the end of the year? Why not keep their captain and re-sign him? He is looking at maybe 5.5 million- 6 max! So essentially you are saying Girardi and Callahan for Yak? Maybe Nail is having a bad year, maybe he isn’t what people thought he was. Right now he plays 3rd line minutes or less, has been a healthy scratch more than a few times this year. Yes, Hemsky is outperforming Callahan at the moment, his 24 pts in 48 games is better than Callahans 19 pts in 35 games? What is the bright side for Ny? Ny is not an organization known for turning enigmatic players careers around…See Zherdev (who could score, but was extremely streaky) Daigle, Frolik. If anything, they have the opposite effect in the past.They trade players that end up better elsewhere, Kovalev, Knuble, etc
        The Rangers could easily get a better, more fitting return for either one of them. If Sather was to dangle Girardi, there would be no less than 20 serious teams involved in discussions. And one of the 2 would have to bring back a defensive prospect at minimal +…. Who eats up Girardi’s minutes? Stralman? Moore? And seriously, you REALLY think Yak and Hemsky improve the Rangers today? I don’t even think Oilers fans would see this as improving the Rangers today. Sather may suck at free agency, but not at trading. You are not getting 2 franchise players for the price of a guy who may or may not turn it around, and may or may not be a “star”

        • How about Lupul and Phaneuf for Yak and Hemsky? Does that work for you?

          • Nope. Edmonton already tried the hole Lupul thing, and Phaneuf’s contract is to high for what you get.

          • It was really just me being sarcastic KevJam

        • *****I meant Frolov, not Frolik****

          • Sorry.

      • Callahan and Girardi are both worth more than Yakupov. Don’t compare potential to actual performance. The only drawback with Callahan is his injury history. Girardi is a top 2 d-man, they don’t come cheap in the NHL. I for one hope the Rangers keep him.

        • I agree Duffy. I think unless they take a serious drop neither is traded. And even if they do fall, I can’t imagine both are traded. But I don’t see how this trade would work for either side? I don’t ever recall a playoff team trading 2 core players (both Ufa’s at years end) before the playoffs to a team 23 points out of 8th place in the playoffs. Value aside. This trade makes absolutely no sense what so ever either way, other than for a conversation piece in a rumor thread. The outside possibility that both players are traded, I would imagine the value would be better coming from a team trying to win it all, not one with a 10 year rebuild plan.

          • I would most likely take Girardi by himself over every Oiler with the exception of Hall nevermind Yak (Unless it was some kind of package deal).

  12. Letang for Eberle :)

    • I heard last week, can’t remember where, that MacT and Shero have talked about an offseason trade involving Letang. Hoping it involves Yakupov going to the Penguins. Malkin, Crosby, and Yakupov would make one deadly power play unit.

      Not saying Yakupov for Letang straight swap, but those would be the main players involved.

  13. OILERS trade: Taylor Hall and Darnell Nurse to CHICAGO
    for Brent Seabrook, Nick Leddy and Brandon Saad.

    Would mess with Hawks short term chemistry but be amazing long term for both teams. Oilers get a first and second line dman and a young big top 6 winger and Hawks get Hall to play with Kane and replace Hossa long term.

    or offer Girardi 5 yrs at $6.75 per. A bit steep but cap going up and they’re desperate for a guy like Girardi.

    • Wow an Oiler fan giving up Hall and Nurse? Hopefully that is not your real name because if you live in Edmonton some one just may hunt you down.

    • As good as Hall is, I really don’t think Chicago would go for it, it puts a really big hole in their defence. Nurse is just potential, whether that turns into something or not is a gamble.

  14. @scticky. I know. Gotta get a stud package back if you’re trading Hall. But I think the oilers would benefit from this deal. Hall is the only oiler who is almost untouchable. And the only reason I would take Seabrook deal is cuz of the other two players in the deal. Also an Eberle package for Ekman Larssom and Max Domi would be alright.

  15. Phoenix oilers trade:

    Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Max Domi and Laurie Korpikoski for:

    Jordan Eberle and Nail Yakupov


    • Hmm this kinda has some potential imo, I kind of question the Oilers giving up that much youth for more youth but if the Oilers added maybe a pick or if you switched out Eberle for Hall I think it might be close. Yotes would probably rather deal Yandle.

      • At least the start of a conversation.

        • If I were the gm of Phoenix it would take more then that to get ekman-Larson. Maybe say ekman-Larson and a first for hall. Oliver is already a stud, and if I were the coyotes, I would rather move yandle just because of his age and salary.

          • Hall, Yakupov and Petry for OEL, Domi and a 1st round pick in 2014??

  16. The Red Wings have not come up in discussion much this season in terms of trades or rumors which is pretty much par for the course the last few seasons but I am hoping they make some kind of moves this year to try and keep the rebuild process going for the future. While very unlikely, I am curious what people would think of a package of Jimmy Howard, Johan Franzen and Kyle Quincy to the Oilers for Nail Yakapov, their 1st rounder this year and maybe another pick or two.

    The Wings have a solid goalie prospect in Petr Mrazak, and while maybe not the same level as Howard right now, I definitely do not believe he is going to need the same kind of simmering in the AHL as Jimmy needed before his game developed. Now with Howards value at the highest it might ever be I think it would be a good time to get another young forward that has a lot of upswing to try and improve the offense as well as get a shot at a top notch young player in this years up coming draft as it seems pretty certain that the Oilers 1st rounder will be a Top 5 pick which is something the Wings haven’t had in a few decades. This package meets 2 of the 3 needs for the Oilers and it gives the Wings a player with a lot of scoring potential and a shot at improving the team with youth sooner rather than later with a top 5 pick.

    • Just a couple of points, while I do feel that Wings need to start trading older players for picks and prospects that won’t happen as the wings owner has stated that he wants the Wings and the Baseball Tigers to win another championship each before he goes and since he is in his 80’s doubt he would allow a rebuild at this time. Also don’t think Quincy has much left and would not really help the oilers long term.

    • Sorry, but I don’t think that package would work for the Oilers at all.

      If they are trading Yak or the first, they better be getting a legit #1 coming back in the deal.

      Howard is just not enough of an upgrade.

      Franson is old, injury prone, and signed too long. Quincy is not worth much these days. The Wings would probably let him go for a draft pick.

      I just don’t see the benefit for the Oilers.

  17. perfect trade for both teams.


  18. I agree OVERATED LETANG should be traded!!