NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 24, 2013.

The latest on Ryan O’Reilly, plus updates on the Oilers and Roberto Luongo, and the trade status of Senators backup Ben Bishop.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater yesterday wondered if forward Steve Downie’s season-ending knee injury might put pressure upon the Colorado Avalanche management to re-sign holdout RFA center Ryan O’Reilly, who’s been playing in the KHL while his agent negotiates with the Avs. Dater subsequently reported O’Reilly  and Metallurg Magnitogorsk ( his KHL team) had mutually agreed to terminate his contract, though the reason behind it is a little foggy, as the team claimed he aggravated a foot injury in his recent game. It’s possible KHL transfer deadline protocols might be playing a role in this. Dater hopes to have more info later today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This news has fueled speculation O’Reilly and the Avs might be close to a deal. Hopefully we’ll have more details later today. The fact O’Reilly has ended his contract with the KHL robs him of leverage in his negotiations with the Avalanche.

Dubnyk unconcerned over "Luongo-to-Edmonton" rumors.

Dubnyk unconcerned over “Luongo-to-Edmonton” rumors.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Oilers goalie Devan Dubnyk isn’t concerned about the recent trade rumors linking the Oilers to Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo.  Dubnyk said management hasn’t told him the rumors aren’t true, but said that’s not up to him to deal with them. Speculation has the Canucks interested in Oilers center Sam Gagner. Matheson believes it would make little sense for the Oilers to acquire the 33-year-old Luongo and the nine years remaining on his contract, especially when they haven’t given Dubnyk enough time to establish himself as their starter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I don’t rule anything out, I don’t believe the Oilers have serious interest in Luongo. Yes, Dubnyk had a lousy game against the San Jose Sharks, but in the Oilers season-opener he played very well in a 3-2 shootout win over the Canucks. Besides, it’s not like he got much help from his defense in that Sharks game. Should Dubnyk bounce back (and I expect he will), it’ll put an end to the “Luongo to Edmonton” rumors.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports it could take time for the Senators to find a trade partner for backup Ben Bishop. GM Bryan Murray has explored the trade market for goaltenders and has decide to wait and see how things play out. Sources suggest until the Canucks either trade Roberto Luongo or take him off the market, it could prove difficult for teams with goaltending depth (like the Senators) to move a netminder.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams can afford to be patient right now, as it’s only the first week of the new season. Give it a few weeks, and if the Luongo situation still isn’t resolved, clubs in need of goaltending depth could find Bishop a more attractive option. Remember, the Senators demoted Robin Lehner because he didn’t have to clear waivers. Bishop, on a one-way NHL contract, would have to pass through waivers, where a rival club could get him for nothing.

STLTODAY.COM: The St. Louis Blues have placed defenseman Jeff Woywitka on waivers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators are reportedly in the market for an experienced defenseman. Maybe they might have interest in Woywitka? We’ll find out soon enough.


  1. ok…I looked up Jeff Woywitka on TSN stats page. Foot Inury, Foot injury, foot injury, injured-foot. Then that he’s never played an entire season, nor has he really done much of anything offensively or had stellar +\- numbers. Someone will be pretty desperate to pick this guy up.

    Time to start your own hockey school jeff. I think yer done.

  2. The AVS will up their offer now that downie is gone and o’reilly should be signing soon.

    the terrible luck of lupul should also end any more lou to leafs talk as they simply cannot afford 2 forwards and may now actually shop a dman to get one.
    even tho it is only 3 games there is a very noticable difference in the leafs thanks to carlyle thus proving what many of us said for a long time,that wilson was the big problem and allaire was the other problem.
    nice that kid schneid played well and should silence the critics but fire up more luongo rumours.

    • Hopefully Schneider’s bounce back game, and if he continues to play the type of goaltending that garnered him the top spot, will silence his critics and help expediate the Luongo trade.
      Zack Kassian’s newly emerged confidence and play on the number one line is doing a lot to make him a fan favourite and help fans forget about that Cody guy who was traded to Buffalo. Obviously Gillis saw something in the big kid and after spending time in the AHL, and now getting a truly defined role to play, he has shown signs that he not only can play in the NHL but can become a prototypical power forward.
      I was impressed with the play of Schroeder who is finally getting a chance to show his stuff at the NHL level after spending all of his time with Chicago of the AHL. Even though he is getting a look because of injuries, if he can continue to impress he will make it hard for management to send him back down when those on IR return.

    • O’Reilly has a foot injury. He was out a week, but decided to come back early to prove he could play in the playoffs because his KHL club had other injuries and needs roster spots for healthy players. Reports indicate he re-aggravated the injury, which would jeopardize his health for the playoffs. The above, and the fact everyone expected him to come back to the NHL this season anyways, is the reason he got cut.

      The fact he’s injured means negotiations aren’t urgent. I would expect this thing to continue to drag on.

    • I think the Leafs will probably bring up Frattin to replace Lupul and juggle up the lines a bit. I don’t see them moving a Dman to get another forward unless some trade blows there socks off.
      Last night in the second period I saw flashes of the terrible play and odd man rushes the Leafs learned under Wilson. I was thinking here we go again until they came out storming in the third. Nice to see Carlyle got them under control eventually.


    Well lets see if Gillis prophecy about a player to be mentioned and ( waiting upon ) is O’riely from the Avs
    O’Rielly is a natural center man plays a Vancouver type of game and would come into the fold with the same contract as Roberto or less just less years by about 6 less if they sign O’rielly to a 4 – 5 year deal. Avs have plenty of Cap room and could move either goalie they have back to Vancouver as well and it would work for both teams .
    This could be interesting in the next day or so to see if this was the deal Gillis was talking about …could be!
    Makes sense in the end if it is!

    as Gillis would say its about some one you wouldn’t think and its a center man who plays physical too!

    • ?????!!!???
      Why would Colorado ever make that move.
      I apologize if your a 10 yr old, but that is easily the most stupid trade I’ve ever seen.including all the ones from leaf fans

      • don’t cry to much your getting the page wet i can’t read it. leafs rule

    • Hmmm, now that’s an interesting idea!

    • Luongo with the AVs does not make sense at all…Avs does not need him..Varlamov is doing great and Giguere is an excellent 2nd

    • O’Reilly a huge sum to pay for an astromonical golaie contract of a guy on the back nine of his career.
      The reason Gillis has had to fantasize different interest scenarios, spew paranoid statements blaming the press for pressuring him into less than equal return is EQUAL RETURN will be an NHL with less talent than recently launched Cody Hodgson and some throw-ins. You can count on most NHL teams being smart enough to not over-pay for Luongo even if he can recapture his early year ability and form.

    • I completely disagree with you, Avs wanting Lu makes ZERO sense. They just gave Washington 1st and 2nd for Varlamov last year, and at 24 is the perfect age to grow with the young avs roster. If that doesn’t convince you then the $2.8 mill cap hit for the next 2 years compared to Lou’s albatross should.

    • I see Back checking doesn’t have a clue at all, but, what’s new coming from him?

    • Luongo to Colorado? I can’t see it happening.

  4. I hate the leafs, but I’ll admit they looked “prepared” for the Pens last night.

  5. Luongo would never approve of a trade to Edmonton.

    I think the waiting game is on Florida and their injuries. Once the forwards come back then maybe Tallon is ready to deal. Otherwise trading a forward now for a goalie will do no good even with Luongo in net.

    • I too have a hard time seeing Luongo signing off on a trade to the oft frozen City of Champions. Even though the team has budding superstars, and with a solid goaltender could actually challenge not only for a playoff spot but also make a good run in those playoffs, I just don’t see Lou as that goaltender.

    • Why wouldn’t he approve a trade to a team that’s going to turn into a legitimate cup contender in two years, faster with him in the line-up? His family still lives in Florida… he just lives in Vancouver while he works. The only difference this makes is the view outside of his winter window.

      • While I agree that the Oilers have a lot of potential and they “may” turn into legitimate contenders and nothing against the city of Edmonton but there is an enormous difference between Vancouver and Edmonton, especially in the winter. In Vancouver all you need is an umbrella and windshield wipers, in Edmonton you need to put on arctic gear and shovel for 20 minutes just to get the morning paper, if you can even find it. It might be OK if it was just him, he might be able to grow to like the minus 40 degree temperatures but if his wife and family move with him they are not going to enjoy the winters, especially compared to the weather they enjoy in south Florida and that can put a lot of strain on people. If his wife did not move with him that would make it that much worse.

        I do know what I speak of as I served in the Canadian military and was stationed in Edmonton. Great city… horrible, horrible winter weather.

  6. @ B C MIKE

    What have you got so far for Luongo …have you even looked up O ‘ Riely stats hes been on the rise and he is a huge need for you guys …as opposed to having one of your goalies sitting the bench ….you would be lucky to get this guy in a trade for Luongo are you kidding me …Good luck with the draft picks and a 2 B propect then buddy …hope Shroeder or Booth helps you down the middle where you have nothing right now …and hope Kesler when ever he comes back is even close to being the same player …if that is a deal that is out there you would be lucky to have that trade …really dude !! I guess Gillis has you drinking the kool aid too ….what are you expecting for Luongo????? I hope you dont think your going to get a superstar forward back in a deal better than Oriely …cause it aint happening he would be a god sent to your club right now if that is a deal in place!

    • I don’t think that’s what BC Mike was saying. I think he’s saying that Colorado wouldn’t do the trade, not that Vancouver wouldn’t. I kinda agree, it seems a lot to give up for Luongo.

      • Though I’m not sure why he felt he needed to be such a dick about it.

    • Hi Back checking:
      You made a good case about a Vancouver/Colorado trade with O’Reily coming back to the Canucks. I didn’t think the response by B C Mike was very respectful and I have a hard time with people who call other posters suggestions “stupid” or other disparaging remarks.
      On this site, one of the best as far as ost people being courteous to other posters, we all like to be GM’s and discuss possible trades and you have always had good suggestions that give me pause to consider their possibilities.
      I don’t know that I wouldn’t make that trade as getting a potential star back would be intriguing, but I would be looking for a back up for Schneider in the deal, or at the very least someone who could replace Lack if Eddie were to end up behind Schneider.

    • The Avalanche are gripping their dollar bills right now as they’re an “economy” classed hockey team. While it was the trade for Roy that turned them into a West powerhouse from 1996-2003, they are not yet on the fringes of becoming a West powerhouse right now (Landeskog is still young and Duchene needs to find his game). They’re quite happy with Varlomov and Giguere and this has been one of their few good points last season other than the emergence of Landeskog.

      The Avs’ greatest need right now is some veteran presence up front that could stabilize their firewagon ways, and a 2nd pairing stay-at-home or puck possession d-man. To me, they could probably use a new coach, but that’s my conjecture.

  7. @ Canadian Friend
    @ B C MIke

    This makes more sense than you think!

    This would make a lot of sense for both teams once you get down to it ….Colorado won Stanley Cups with Patrick Roy in net and great forward in the top 2 lines…..with Landeskog and Stastny , Duschene playing on the top 2 lines O’riely is a third line center at what he is asking for to be around $4 million or more ..you cant pay that as a club for a 3rd line center when you have talent Like Stastny… Landeskog and Duchene able to play that position at times….with saying that this is a HUGE hole for Vancouver that they need to fill right now so an O’riely type player would be perfect for them…..now with saying that Colorado hasn’t had an elite goalie for years and they need one to compliment the young team they have right now ….you cant waste the quality years of Landeskog and Duschene by going into the playoffs each year without an elite goalie …this would make the most sense for both clubs …the AVS are a top 2 defenseman and an elite goalie away from being a true contender each year …O’riely doesnt fit in with the plans at a 3rd line center for $4 million a year and may be expandable to get the goalie you need to make the leap to the next level …after Giguere retires and Varlomov is the only one to get you there …that isnt a good situation !!!
    Luongo would be the better goalie moving forward IMO

    • I’m not saying it doesn’t make sense. It’s an interesting possibility, especially, as you point out, when looked at in light of the Roy precedent in Colorado. Maybe a goalie going with O’Reilly and a prospect coming back the other way is what’s needed to balance things out.

    • I have to disagree completely. Varmalov and Luongo are close to identical goalies when you start breaking down the stats. Varmalov is a stud in the net and is at a young age and he is just as capable as Luongo taking them to the cup and can do it for many more years. Why trade what they consider one of their ‘top stars’ to address a position that doesn’t need to be addressed? Both Varmalov and Giggy are signed up next season and were one of the better duos in net last year.

      So many teams are seeking depth a centre and IF he had to be traded he could be used as an excellent tool to bring back defensive depth, which is an area that Colorado has far more need to address. As fans the thought of a biggish trade like that could certainly be appealing, but as GM’s those deals would make very little sense for the teams. Sure, great deal for Vancouver, move that big contract, get a young centre, probably end up picking up Giggy in the deal to back up Schneid … but Colarado doesn’t really get what is needed from the deal.

      I maintain my stance that Gillis is blowing smoke and that he has no actual team or off the wall deal in place because … when do GM’s ever tip their hand like that. I believe Gillis was merely feeding the media and fans to distract from club performance.

    • I do not want to be rude,,,but the more you are talking , the more you look like an idiot

      At the time of the Roy trade…Roy was the king of the jungle and Avs had Thibault for a goalie…Thibault was so nervous that he was not able to stop a beach ball…AVS have 2 goalies that are better that Thibault at this moment…To take Luongo’s contract for O’Reilly , the Canucks for have to add big time

  8. @ Jason

    Varlamov is a very good goalie for sure and young I agree .. …but to have a Luongo moving forward in trying to win a cup is a better chance IMO …and just an FYI ….do you think the Avs are going to pay O’rielly $ million plus to be a third line center ???? Seriously !!!

    And how dont I have a clue about anything ….any team picking up Luong seems to be the stupid team …and everyone is saying why would they do that thats stupid ….guess what 1 team outr 30 is going to do it …and the Canucks need a Center man BADLY …buddy….. and I mean badly …I guess you didnt here that Vancouver wanted Bozak …who would you rather have Bozak and or O’Rielly …Id rathe have Orielly than Gagne as well as Orielly is very physical gifet power forward …this woul be great for both teams ….a true hockey trade !!

    You guys just like to shit on guys who know whet there talking about ….in psychology when you tell people there stupid that usually means a low self esteem!

    • While I don’t agree with most of what Backchecking says, he is right on this one.

      As a Nucks Fan, I can 100% say O’reilly would be my 1st choice.

      But I also agree with most other that trade has almost no legs, Just because he’d be a 3rd liner on the Avs doesn’t mean they won’t do a sign and trade to a team that could use his services a little better than themselves.

  9. As was mentioned Colorado is happy with their goaltending and after giving up top draft picks are not going to give up a really good looking young centre to push that guy to the bench.

    If they have to deal O’reilly it will be for another young guy or guys that will help on D or forward and are at a reasonable salary,maybe a player of lesser talent and a pick.
    If he really wants to stay he will sign.

    A very bad omen after this new CBA is these hold outs.
    I sure hope this is now not going to be the norm by agents trying to get salaries up faster and that players are willing to sit out long periods of time.

  10. Bruce garioch has to be fired from the sun. His rumours are crap, his opinions are brutal, and really, does he actually offer anything concrete?
    It’s like reading old news that has already been discredited.
    I met garioch once. His head is bigger then the door. He talked about Nash being guaranteed to go to the senators from an inside source, saying the deal was done and it just had to be announced. A couple of days later, Nash gets traded to the rangers. What was his response? “Oh well……”
    This guy gets paid to recycle crap. I wonder if he writes his articles on the porcelain thinking chair……

    • Agreed. He is brutal.

  11. If O’Reilly is injured, then guess what, he’s not going to get traded. Bobby Mac tweeted this morning that he’s not any closer to a contract with Colorado, but the KHL ain’t paying him anymore, and something will get done when his foot heals. Chances are, I imagine 2 years at 4m per or 4-5 years at 3.5M per.

    Luongo to Edmonton is very real to me, as real as Luongo to Toronto or Luongo to Chicago. Luongo to Florida is a mixed bag, but if Markstrom, Theodore, and Clemmensen aren’t working out, why not? Florida is now in good hands under Tallon so they’re headed upwards and Luongo might take them farther than people expected to go. Edmonton still has liabilities on their team (Horcoff) and Dubnyk hasn’t proven to me he’s a starter and will be switched at least by this summer if Edmonton doesn’t make the playoffs.

    The most interesting thing I’ve heard in the last 24 hours is the very real possibility that Montreal trade PK Subban, especially since Detroit is dealing with defensive issues, LA wants someone, and other teams would love to have him on the powerplay. Two panelists on TSN’s The Quiz said that they think Subban is more likely to get traded than re-signed.

    So what’s the price for Subban? I have him ranked 43rd overall as even his defensive game is “pretty good” just like his offensive game, and he’s a competitive player, which to me ranks him even higher than his stats dictate as he’s the type of guy you want playing for you in the playoffs. Think Montreal wouldn’t move him for some pieces? I can tell you they’d get some pretty good offers for him given that they have Markov back. I’m surprised this isn’t being talked about.

    • I’ve got a feeling that Lu is going to be sharing the starter role for at least a month maybe even the season. I can’t see Gillis trading within the conference, or to a team like Chicago. If he did and the nucks met that team in the playoffs and lost, it would be his job.

      As far as Subban and being traded, I don’t think it’ll happen, as far as the TSN panel goes… well they’re in the business of speculation and if they say he won’t be traded, then they can’t take up 5 minutes of air time speculating where he’ll end up. Keeps viewers.

  12. @ JJB

    I like Varlomov …I am a goalie I played pro Hockey …I understand what is going on …this just seems like a perfect fit for each team ….if you have a chance to move in statistically the 2nd best goalie in the league for the last 10 years to add to the gifts up front and with the past ilk of Patrick Roy to finally win multiple cups you have to seriously look at that moving forward….the Avs can’t leave Orielly to just not be playing or get nothing for him and at $4 million a year plus is unrealistic for a 3 rd line center!

    • There are a lot of teams seeking a good centre and he is at least a 2nd line centre with top line possibility down the road.
      for that reason he could fetch more then just a goalie that they really do not need and add on a contract they would not want.
      the AVS are very cost conscience and if they deem O’reilly too expensive they are not adding lou’s contract.
      if they were close to being serious contenders then maybe,but they aren’t and lou would not change that right now.
      if 2 or 3 years when they might be then var should be the guy and that is what they are looking at.

      i have a hard time seeing subban dealt,they will work something out.
      habs have to come up some and pk down some.
      maybe they should consult gary and don,lol.

  13. @ Top right corner
    @ MJRI

    The Habs have very little trade baite of NHL calibre upfront…if they trade Subban they will need a veteran defenseman and another piece coming back as this is where they are lacking the most ..they are undersized upfront and with a departure of Subban have very little grit to the team

    ..Markov can not play as physical as he once was…and god forbid he goes down and you just moved out Subban your are in BIG trouble!!
    The Habs need size and a more rounder physical presence on the back end ..they should have been in the waiver and free agent market to help on the defense side of things missed the boat on that !
    IMO they should trade Subban at this point his stock has to be through the roof with all these teams in desperate need of defenseman !!! He is a hot commodity have to cash in !!

    • I would prefer that Montreal sign Subban to a long term contract for around $5 million per, which would guarantee him being a Hab for the next 5 to 6 years. But, that contract would not be a no-trade contract and he could submit a list of five teams that he didn’t want to be traded to. That would at least give Montreal an out if for whatever reason they decided they didn’t want him any longer. Dollar wise, what may be a somewhat high salary today will seem quite reasonable in the 4th, 5th and 6th year of that agreement.
      If the possibility of getting his name on that type of contract seems unrealistic then I would do my best to trade him and get back a couple of pieces that could fit in immediately.

      While I totally understand what P.K. is doing from a business standpoint and he is saying all the right things in the media about wanting to stay a Canadien, he is trying to make Montreal do something, contract length and dollar wise, that they are not comfortable doing and that might just be his undoing as a member of that team.
      It is also possible given certain teams needs as well as the deluge of injured defensemen that a team or even two might step up and sign him to an offer sheet, which if the dollars were too high Montreal would not match.

      It is good to have someone other than Luongo to speculate about.

      • I see no offer sheets coming,teams just do not bother.
        it would be matched and you then get that team pissed and looking at payback.
        if the match is too high you carry him for that first year and trade him in the off season but you do not let him go for nothing.

        i know there are a lot of teams that would talk trade so a good return is there if they want to go that route.

        with a lot of teams desperately seeking dmen i can see fransen getting dealt as well and with lupul out a long time sooner rather then later.
        i broke my forearm and even a mild break it was 6 weeks before i could do normal stuff let alone play hockey again so this possible 4 weeks is very doubtful.
        i doubt lups is back before mid march.

        • While regular season injuries can normally disrupt a teams chemistry and cause a lot of shuffling of players to fill holes in the line up this year with there being only 48 games (actually 45 now for the Leafs) if a player, like Lupul for example, is out for 4 to 6 weeks that works out to almost a quarter of the season and that could cause even the best stocked teams to scramble to make moves.
          I don’t know who the Leafs have that can fill in for Lupul in the interim but he is going to be a hard man to replace.

          The same goes for a number of other teams as well.

          Zach Bogosian with Winnipeg
          David Booth & Ryan Kessler with Vancouver
          Mattius Ohlund with Tampa Bay
          Scott Hartnell and Danny Briere with Philadelphia
          Matt Greene and willie Mitchellwith Los Angeles
          Steve Downie with Colorado
          Tuomo Ruutu with Carolina

          there are quite a few others but these are just some of the names on teams that have pressing needs and this doesn’t include teams like Detroit and Edmonton with multiple players in injury reserve.
          I expect a number of moves to start in a couple of weeks at most.

          • I think the Leafs just move Van Riemsdiek (sp?) into Lupul’s spot on the top line and bring up Frattin to skate on the third line with Kadri. Even with the injury, they still need a centre more than another winger.

        • While I agree with you about teams matching offer sheets but I do see teams bothering to make them. In the last 20 years there have been 22 offer sheets signed and while about 2/3 of them have been matched the other approx. 1/3 were accepted.
          Teams are really not worried about pissing off someone else’s team just as long as it could help their team if they could get that player.
          Just because Subban signs an offer sheet doesn’t mean that Montreal, if it doesn’t match, loses him for nothing. They get draft picks and that in itself can be a good incentive.
          It would be much better to trade him if they can’t sign him and with so many injuries that remains a real option.

  14. ahhhh no.. Varlamov has been doing too well and giguere is a nice fit. No need for lou’s contract . Even if he regains form its quite questionable if he’s that much of an upgrade on varlamov who has started the season out playing very well and is still a young buck. Gillis knows he’s in trouble and will be lucky to get a 3rd liner and a mid tier prospect for him.. or a 2nd liner in the twilight of his career looking to get a shot of youth.. probably a malone type player…

  15. I could see the Leafs going after Nino Niederreiter. Apparantely he asked for a trade from the Isles and Snow said no way, but perhaps with Lupul hurt the leafs might offer something decent for him and change Snow’s mind.

    • Niederreiter hasnt proven a thing. Sure he is doing fairly well in the AHL but he did absolutely nothing in his stint in the nHL last year. He may very well be a decent NHLer in a couple of years but is not ready yet. The leafs would be looking for a bonifide replacement now. Anyhow Frattin may turn out to be the guy so no need to go get someone. Nonis will be patient as there is no need to give up another young prospect just for another prospect. Rumours are that he is very interested in Benn, but he was probably told by the stars to go take a flying f—. The same answer they have given everyone

    • like Burke said a few years ago, no player is truly untradeable if what’s going back the other way is gold.

      But Niederreiter’s asking price would be about the worth of a 4th overall pick to Snow while other teams would offer a fringe 2nd liner or grade b prospect and that gap wouldn’t get smaller. Who Snow thinks he’ll be and who other teams think he is are two way different things. I wouldn’t touch Niederreiter after the season he had last year, and the Islanders used their 4th overall pick to get him. What would you offer?

  16. Now here was an interesting thought i heard.
    If there is a GM out there with a couple of french canadian prospects in their system they do not even have to be top prospects to maybe get a steal on PK.
    I must admit that would not surprise me if it happened,we know things get a bit blind when some of their own are coming home.

    To the poster about the Isles player it sure would stir up the media if Snow and Nonis are seen chatting this evening.

  17. Just spit-balling here, but how about this:

    To Montreal: Xavier Oullet, Louis-Marc Aubry, Tomas Jurco, Kyle Quincey and a 2nd rounder

    To Detroit: PK Subban and a prospect

    • Oof, that’s actually not bad but the prospect would have to be good if that’s going the other way.

  18. @ Top right corner

    Niederietter and Leafs ……..why it shouldn’t happen !!

    Even with Lupul hurt the Leafs can not spend players on players they are deep in …..in essence they dont need a winger they have Frattin who is NHL ready and will produce better than Ninno will in the short term…If the Leafs spend players in a trade for another winger it leaves them less quality players to do a REAL trade for something they actually need i.e Power forward centerman for the first line ….BIGTIME !!
    Bozak has been really really good so far for them but he isn’t a power forward at the center position.
    Leafs need a center man and it will probably take a good top 4 defender and a prospect such as Frattin or Kulimen for a trade like that …Snow is going to want a very handsome return on Ninno its not going to come cheap …maybe the same asking price for Luongo ….but then you end up with giving multiple players away for one player when you are deep in on the club on the wing all ready….there is no need for him unless you do a Kulimen… or ….Franson and a second for Ninno …that’s all Leafs can offer right now !!

    @ Captain AHAB

    Detroit is the team most needing a defender right now ….3… of the top 4 d man are sidelined and hurt bad!! They have no youth at that position …I think Detroit sees they may need to make a big move for soemthing like Subban !! IMO …they are also small up front but very skilled ..that’s not good going into the playoffs as they will get worn down by bigger more agressive teams ..they need help on the back end and in size all around.

  19. How about a 3 way canadian team trade involving ottawa, vancouver and toronto.
    Ott trade Bishop and 2nd to Van for Barker
    Van trade Luongo to Tor for kadri, bozak and gunnerson. or something like that. That way all three teams address the issues they want to fix.

    • There is absolutely no way Toronto trades Kadri(who seems to have found his game), Bozak(the teams n0. 1 centre and playing well), and Gunnarsson(one of there steadiest d-men) for Luongo. I know as a sens fan you hate the leafs but please be just somewhat a little more realistic.

      • Check. (agreed)

        That causes more problems than it solves.

    • Ottawa could have had Barker for 700k and without giving up a player, if they would have wanted him, they could have got him.

  20. @ Back checking.

    There is no doubt Canucks would love O’Reilly. But what happens when Kessler comes back. Will he be content as the third line centre? Would Kesler drop to 3rd line centre? Do they use O’Reilley on the wing until he usurps Kesler as the #2 centre? Perhaps.Would the Av’s need to sign O’Reilly before trading, alluding to the “doing something” that Gillis referred to? I agree with other posters that the Av’s do not need Luongo, nor do they want his contract.

    As the Leafs seem to be one of the 3 names out there for Luongo, what about a 3 way trade?

    Luongo to Leafs. O’Reilly to Canucks , and one of Gunnarsson, Franson or Holzer and a 4th round 2013 draft pick if necessary to the Avalanche, as they have a lot of older D that will need replacing soon. Kostka looks like Phaneuf’s new D partner, and Fraser can replace whatever Leafs have to give up on D.

    P.S. Where are DurtMcHurt and Alforducks these days…Hockey is back!

    • Maybe the lockout’s made them grumpy. They’ll be back.

    • The leafs would snag o’reilly and forget about lou if that deal would work and i wish it would,lol.

      Ahab,i don’t know what picks habs would get but it can’t be too good if a top team signs PK based on one of the TV guys saying they would not want to do that.
      Of the offer sheets put out and not matched how many were high quality guys? and i don’t mean a guy like penner either.

      Any leafs/lou ideas can forget about Kadri,that ship has sailed.

      i like Frattin and hope he can be the guy but i am sure nonis is out kicking tires like everyone else.
      with a ton of teams needing dmen i like the chances of getting something worthwhile for fransen.

      • Petr Nedved – Craig Janney & 2nd round pick
        Shane Corson – 1st round picks in 1996 & 1997
        Mike Craig – Peter Zezel & Grant Marshall
        Ron Tugnutt
        Chris Gratton – 4 first round picks 
        Steven Rice – Bryan Marchment
        and of course that Penner guy you mentioned who brought 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2008.

        In there day these players were considered pretty good, hence the offer sheet, and some teams were compensated quite well.

        So you see depending on the player and his value there can be significant compensation. While I don’t expect to see offer sheets to come Subban’s way it still is a possibility and again, while Montreal would probably come out better by trading him they most likely would not be left high and dry.

    • That trade scenario sounds more feasible. However I’m sure Gillis will hold out for more, not that he will get it but he would try. I’m still not convinced the leafs really want Luongo. His contract is not great and the leafs have been burned a few times lately on long contracts(Komisarek), although IMO foolishly gave Lupul five years. Granted they could use a proven starter and may trade for one if Reimer and Scrivens falter but I really don’t think it will be Luongo. My belief is that even if they do falter Nonis is not going to break up a group who are starting to play well under Carlyle nor is he going to break the prospect bank either. Other than Luongo there are not any starters available, although Kiprusoff may be when Calgary begins to falter. He is 36 but may stabilize the crease until the others are ready to take over. I personally feel Reimer and Scrivens will do a fine job and all this Luongo bullshit will be put to bed.

  21. @ Murph …

    So glad you asked that …….this is how I look at it …O ‘Reilly isn’t playing for the Avs right now …so hes not even making an impact and hes a third line center on that team the fact is hes Not playing …..so why wouldnt you want a player that can really change your team to be a contender right now.

    Luongo is sitting the bench making $5 mill ….he won’t be playing ……with a dominant Goaltending team in Colorado they essentially move O’Riellys possible $4 mill to Vancouver for Luongos contract and play Luongo for a cup run this year and maybe next year too

    At the end of the year Luongo is still highly touted for trades if you dont want him for the next year which you probably will unless someone gives you a great trade offer, and with Gillis out of the equation maybe Colorado and Panthers make a deal instead!

    If the Avs arent going to give $4 mill plus to O’Reilly than hes useless to you and wont play anyways!
    At least you get a great trade asset for him and a player that can be a big impact for a cup run this year !!

    Vancouvers has issues with Kessler ( who has a no trade contract) I think there is something going on with him behind the curtains and he is not getting along with management ! He might want out??? just a guess!

    O’ Reily would be a great safety net incase things dont go so well with Kessler plus you really need him this year BADLY or you are in trouble….ITS A REAL POSSIBILITY …….that Vancouver may like O’Riely but if not you have two #1 centers that you can shop around and get great a great player back if you need to move one or the other !!

    Just a hunch on my part …its a business first always!! I could see both teams looking at wanting the other players short term first and then see what they can do in the spring summer as both players will still be quality if on the team or quality to be moved for players back!!

  22. Backchecking…..

    The reason people call you an idiot or a 10 year old is because you come up with the most improbable trade scenarios which would never happen in a million years. All your deals from last year to this year have no factual basis and make zero sense. Here are some examples:

    Kessel and parts for Malkin (because he wants his own team???)
    Kiprusoff to a dozen different teams
    Getzlaf, Stamkos, Tavares,etc etc every superstar to the Leafs
    O’reilly for Luongo

    I’m glad you’re not GM of a real hockey team. These probably won’t even work on a video game.

    • “… won’t even work on a video game.” lol.

  23. @ Backchecking,

    I can see the O’ Reilly part, but that is all, because Landeskog is developing and between him, Stastny, Duchene, and O’Reilly they have 2 centres too many for their top 6, and the Canucks would be interested.

    Would Luongo want to go to Colorado? Not likely.

    Do the Av’s have a major issue in goal. Definitely not. They need to build up their D core if anything.

    That’s why I cannot get past your proposed trade.

  24. Canucks are O.K. for the moment at Center

    They found their new temp center last night! Burrows played second line center very well. He is a smart player and can fill the void for now as long as Zack keeps playing like he has. I was one of the very few people who liked the Zack/Cody deal as I am a Spits fan and watched him play. He’s the real deal.

    Mystery team?

    I’m starting to think it’s the Capitals. They are waiting on Brooks Laich to come back. The Caps are playing Marcus Johansson on the wing even with Laich out. They need to make room for this kid because he doen’t belong on the fourth line. They have the goaltending depth to trade one back as well.

    • who’s coming back to Van from the caps??

      if it’s Laich, perfect. I’m not so familiar with washington’s situation to speculate what kind of package it would be

      • Coming back?

        Wishfull thinking; Johansson, Neuvith and a 1st.

        Realistically; Laich, Neuvirth and a 2nd.

        • Of course it could also be the Islanders. They are waiting for DiPietro to win a game before declaring: ‘Heee’s Baaack!!!

          Then they will trade Bailey, Nabokov and all of their first round picks!

    • I too posted here that I liked Zack Kassian and that once he was given a clearly defined role he would become a major asset and possibly make Vancouver fans forget about that Cody guy who went to Buffalo.
      I also believe that playing in the AHL during the lockout helped him and has given him more confidence in his ability to play a power forward role. It seems that the coach or maybe even the Sedin’s have said this is how you should play and he has taken on the role and of course being on the top line doesn’t hurt either.
      Burrows looked at home on the second line and could be a good fit. When Kessler returns and if he is in good shape that will create a positive problem for the Canucks as to who plays where and when. Also, when Booth comes back that again adds to the mix. But right now I am starting to like what I am seeing team wise and hopefully things will continue getting better.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I liked that Cody guy but Van had no room for him past third line center which is not where he should be playing and I knew Zach would be a great addition to the top six as a true power forward. Big, strong, good hands and good hockey sense.

  25. I don’t understand all this talk about a goalie being in the twilight of his career or “on the back nine”. Goalies are a different animal than regular players. They always need a little more time to mature. They always get better with age (baring injury). When a goalie crosses that line you know it because he suddenly doesn’t have the reflexes anymore and can’t stop a beach ball. Many goalies are great in their 30’s mid and late.
    To reference this lets look at 3….Hasek, Roy, Brodeur.

    • That talk is just nonsense coming from people who think their own Armchair GM experience is better than those actually involved in the world of NHL calibur players. Same as the ‘albatross contract’ that Luongo apparently has. It is a good, cap freindly contract for a workhorse goalie that will pay off for many years and even if he comes up short a year or two as a number 1 when he’s 41/42, I think he’d make a good mentor for the last couple of years and by that time his current salary will probably be close to the going rate for an experienced, well established leader and mentor as a back-up goalie. Even if it comes to a buy out for the last couple of years I imagine with what the cap will be by then the remaining hit against the cap will be peanuts.

      If Vancouver didn’t have such a good goalie in Schneider there is no way Van would even think about trading Lou. Other teams GM’s know the contract is actually a good one and will pony up what Gillis wants. It will be a good dea for a team that needs long term quality goaltending and it will be good for Van as they will get value in return and still have a legit #1 and a very promising prospect in Eddie Lack. It’s just posters who would prefer to bash that think his contract is bad. It’s not. Not even close.

  26. I’m surprised there isn’t more chatter about Luongo going to the Lightening. People talk about the Panthers as a possible destination because of Lou’s Florida ties, but Theodore, Clemmenson, Markstrom looks a lot better to me than Lindback, Garon. Tampa’s got the cap space, and a solid young team that’s been picked by a number of analysts to be a dark horse in the southeast. Am I missing something? Is Lindback better than I think? Does Tampa have nothing to offer in return?

    • There was until Yzerman acquired Lindback; it leads me to think that he’s putting his stock in Lindback for at least 20 games.

  27. @backchecking

    Are you the same guy that suggested Pittsburgh was going to trade Malkin for Kessel and some spare parts?