NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 24, 2014

The latest on Shea Weber, Thomas Vanek, Jordan Eberle, Mike Green, James Reimer and Rene Bourque.

Could the Predators shop Shea Weber?

Could the Predators shop Shea Weber?

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper wonders how the Nashville Predators’ acquisition of Michael Del Zotto could affect Shea Weber’s future. He notes Weber, at 29, is now the Predators oldest defenseman. “Now, with a young defensive core that is getting younger, would Weber be expendable via trade? Nashville has staunchly said it won’t trade its captain. But this defense group looks like it’s in rebuilding mode,” writes Cooper, who feels Weber’s trade value might never be higher.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t believe the Predators intend to move their franchise player. Still, Weber lacks a no-trade clause in his hefty contract. The Preds desperately need scoring punch at forward. If a club made a substantial offer GM David Poile might listen. If such a deal were to happen, the earliest would be in the off-season, when the salary cap jumps to $71 million, providing potential suitors with the cap space and the willingness to spend it.

EDMONTON SUN: Derek Van Diest reports Oilers winger Jordan Eberle is shrugging off recent trade rumors swirling about him. Van Diest noted Oilers GM Craig MacTavish said earlier this year he has no intention of moving Eberle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The reason Eberle’s name has popped up is because the Oilers have so few trade assets to peddle in order to bring back a return to address one of their many roster needs.  While Eberle would fetch a solid return, I doubt MacTavish intends to deal him.

NBC SPORTS: Mike Halford cites a report from Newsday in which NY Islanders winger Thomas Vanek says he’d be willing to sign with them this summer even if they were to move him at the trade deadline. Vanek said he would understand if the Isles trade him but isn’t ruling out returning as an unrestricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Very commendable of Vanek, but I doubt the Islanders are willing to pay him more than their franchise player (John Tavares, who makes $5.5 million per season through 2017-18). Vanek, whose current annual cap hit is over $7 million, could receive as much again on this summer’s open market.

WASHINGTON POST: Mike Wise believes the Capitals need to shake things up by trading defenseman Mike Green. Wise believes Green is still a marquee name in the NHL and there will be teams who believe they can improve him and return him into the Norris contender he once was.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries have significantly hampered Green’s performance. While still a good puck-moving defenseman, he’s no longer a Norris contender and never will be again. Sure, some teams will welcome him to their blueline, but he won’t fetch the type of return which can help turn the Capitals around.

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos reports Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis has no intention of breaking up his goalie tandem of Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer this season. Nonis also wouldn’t rule out re-signing Reimer, who’s a restricted free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nonis acknowledged the Leafs have gone as far as they have this season because of their goaltending. When you give up the most shots in the NHL, you need quality goaltending if you hope to make the playoffs. Reimer could be moved one day, but I don’t believe it happens this season.

RDS.CA: Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has informed the other 29 NHL teams winger Rene Bourque is available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With two more season left on his contract at a cap hit of $3.3 million per, the only way I see anyone taking Bourque off the Canadiens’ hands is if they agree to eat half his remaining contract. Otherwise, it could be buyout time this summer. It won’t be a compliance buyout, as the Habs used their two up on Scott Gomez and Tomas Kaberle.


  1. Weber
    I see him getting traded at the draft, before the Predators have to pay his signing bonus. $13 million is too much for a team on an internal budget that will miss the playoffs.

    • @WHS, not a bad idea, so what about this trade: Weber to Chicago for Leddy, Saad and Shaw? After signing Del Zotto the speculation is that Weber could move next, a hefty contract and a NTC, we’ll see.

      • Not a bad deal, but honestly I doubt the Preds, trade him to a team in their conference.
        As a Wings fan, I would love to see him in Detroit. The package I would offer is as follows….Nyquist, Oulette/Almquist and or Martin Frk and a pick for Shea. Cap Concerns could come up with a contract like his so nash would have to eat at least some of it.

    • Weber to the Leafs for Orr. LOL

      • No…it should be Weber and 2 firsts for Orr.

        This is due to Weber’s contract being so big. Also the Preds would have to eat 3+ million a year to make it work.

    • Weber ……does not have a no trade clause but if he plays into next season he will get a $13 million bonus …..I think the Preds may want to move him so they do not have to pay that bonus …so there is a real possibility he does get moved before then ….its going to cost a hefty price though ! It may take a big market team with some major assets in multiple areas to get this done.

      • major market team, major assets in multiple areas, in need of high end D man… Detroit could be a very possible destination.

        • not so sure they have the pieces tho, great players but kind of aging and they make younger players great but Im not sure the draft great young players if this makes any sense.

          • It makes sense but it’s inaccurate. Have a look at Detroit’s pool of prospects.

            That all said, Edmonton has the best shot of landing Weber. One of Hall/Eberle/RNH, one of Klefbom/Nurse and the 1st round pick. Would be hard for Nashville to say no to that.

          • Watch a Red Wings game, the only reason they are still remotely in the playoff conversation is because of their young guys. They have one of the deepest prospect pools.

          • I understand they have prospects and their young players are going to be and are great becsuse its a great organization and develops players properly, but they dont have the Brakov McKinnon,Huberdeau Nichushkin Nurse type prospects. Due to being a great organization that rarely gets picks in the top 7 or 8 picks.

          • no they do not.. but just because you are not picked in the top 10 does’t mean your not any good.. they have a lot of quality pieces that would fit well into NSH’s style of play

          • I understand thats what you may tell your children but if Weber was ever to be traded the Preds are going to need to sell tickets somehow and the easiest way would be to make a splash and sell their fans on look we got an excellent player plus the next great (insert position here) and some great picks to build a championship team. Its not going to be necessarily a straight up “hockey deal” . Owners and how the teams are perceived are going to factor in to a trade like this.

          • I don’t know which big names you are referring to, but Nashville doesn’t really strike me as the team that is going to trade away Weber just to get back another big name player. If Nsh decides to trade Weber it is purely because they want to shed salary and commit to a rebuild. If that’s the case they will want young players that they can control and fit into their system.

          • If they were to trade their franchise player and captain of their team in a market that slready strugles to sell tickets it would be an easier sell to say that we got this guy Taylor Hall who was drafted first a few years ago another guy who could be the next Weber in Nurse who was picked in the top 10 last Year and the very first pick in this years draft….way more marketable to season ticket holders business suite holders etc than saying we got some really good kids that were picked 12th 14 th and the 15th pick overall this year just as an example. Im not saying this is the only option available other teams could do similar things but there has to be some marketability to it. Shea Weber sells tickets like it or not. Datsuyk and Zetterberg guys like that wont be moved by the Wings, and probably a little older than what the Preds eould be looking for…. Just my opinion.

      • Nashville is gonna pay that 13 million and then for the rest of Weber’s long contract, enjoy paying this guy at about 66% of his worth since they already gave him way too much money up front.

        Weber is not going anywhere; Poile is not dumb enough to trade a franchise defenseman… you might as well just trade away winning.

  2. Of course the Oilers don’t intend on moving Eberle. They are going for the record of most consecutive 1st overall picks in the history of the NHL or maybe they already have that title. It doesn’t matter if there are other teams that have similar needs. They will have to build their team in the good old fashioned way of trading and hoping for a better return. Spreading their talent around to make it work. Good coaching. Playing a reasonable and effective system on the ice. Good management. Those kinds of things,
    But the Oilers, well they never have to gamble on a trade or even consider it at all unless it’s fourth line players. Their strategy is to draft the best available player in the world and hang on to him because they know that one day,enough of them should bring a cup. It doesn’t matter if the fans are disappointed because they are loyal and come out regardless so screw what they want. When the organization has essentially stolen the opportunity to draft the best player from every other team in need and they do it for enough years in a row, they may have a dynasty. Good for them. Bettman sees no problem with this or he would put a cap on this foolishness and make it fair for everyone. Of course this is just my opinion.

    • That’s why they have the lottery and this year it’s modified for now on… Or after the next lockout.

    • zerekstar, put down the pipe and go back to moms basement. Your little diatribe makes little sense and adds no value to the page so come back when you have something productive to contribute, Of course this is just my opinion.

      • thanks but my Mom is dead thanks for the reminder. And if fair drafts don’t make sense, it’s possible you don’t understand the game. But that’s ok. Have a good day!

    • Hall and 2014 first overall pick for Weber? Obviously Edmonton doesn’t have the first overall yet, but they certainly have a shot at it. I’m just trying to gauge Weber’s value. I can’t think of too many teams that could put together a package that makes sense and have big enough holes at defence to make the sacrifice worthwhile. Edmonton and Philadelphia – and I suspect Nashville’s reluctant to trade Weber to Philadelphia given that they’re the ones who put this contract situation in place.

      • LMAO. “and I suspect Nashville’s reluctant to trade Weber to Philadelphia given that they’re the ones who put this contract situation in place.” Yeah…..” thanks for screwing us in the 1st place” Hahahaha

        • NYR4LIFE this would be my thinking as well if Im the owner of the Preds.
          Lets not kid ourselves a Weber type deal is going to have more to do with the owners of teams more than GMs. They are a very arrogant group of individuals, who will see this kind of opportunity as competition and want to win it as bad (or in some cases more Im sure) as they do the cup.

  3. Am I reading this wrong? When did the preds acquire Del Zotto? And what did they give up?

    • They traded for MDZ for Kevin Klein Wednesday.

    • U seriously did not know this?


      how’d you like the trade?

      • Good trade for both sides. MDZ is young and Nashville is a great place where dmen are groomed well. The Rangers get a good physical dman who is reliable in the defensive zone. He won’t get you points, but he is like Toronto’s Gleason, has lots of veteran leadership and is responsible.

        • If the Leafs traded Gardiner for Gleason you still think its a good trade? This trade stinks.

      • @Jes,
        Upfront, I think the Rangers could have gotten a better return. However the more I think about it, The Rangers got what they want and need in Klein. A right handed shot that plays on the right side which puts Moore back on the left side. Klein will be a better fit for AV’s man to man defense. AV was not comfortable playing MDZ man to man and I can hardly blame him. Not Against Boston, Pittsburgh, Philly etc. He just does not fit that mold. Under Torts, MDZ had more success because of the shot blocking, collapsing team defense 1st mentality. Ultimately the Rangers did not get the return they wanted or probably should have in return for MDZ. But I don’t think he would have ever been able to successfully play in their system as it is today. He may find success somewhere else, and I think offensively he can. But he certainly wasn’t going to put up number from the press box in street clothes.

        • Remember, the Rangers were moving a struggling player who saw less and less ice time due to his poor play and inability to adapt, which took a toll on his value. Given they got their asking price (Count on Klein playing with Staal by the trade deadline) for an underachieving player, it’s a good trade.

          They’re also warring for a playoff berth, in part due to Henrik Lundqvist finding his game. The power-play has also come to life, mostly because Rick Nash is being Rick Nash again. They’re right in goaltending and scoring a lot more, the missing piece was another solid defenseman. Towards the trade deadline they’ll look for a rental to add scoring depth because Sather always does that. This season he’ll probably aim for Moulson or Vanek or Cammalleri (whose name I butchered, sorry), because everyone will be aiming for Moulson or Vanek or Cammalleri.

          Then, in the summer, after a disappointing playoff run, they’ll dash my hopes and dreams for the future by telling Dan Girardi to take a hike while they pursue Andy MacDonald. To free up room, they buy out Brad Richards because LOLRANGERSTIME and then pursue Statsny, just because.

          I’m not saying I know how Glen Sather’s mind works … but I am saying old man river terrifies me.

          • I can’t even imagine a scenario that the Islanders help the Rangers by trading Vanek there. I think NYR and NYI have completed 1 trade in the last 30+ years. And I’m not sure either of the players in that deal ever saw an NHL game.

        • Agreed

  4. On a serious note the Leafs can easily afford that Weber bonus and should throw everything at trying to pry him out of Nashville. It would take a significant amount to get him but the Leafs haven’t had a Norris D man since ??? and Weber makes them an instant competitor in the playoffs. Phaneuf and Gunnar more to 2nd pairing where they should be, making the team very deep. Not sure what it would take but I’d give it a good try if I were Nonis. Cap will be an issue so Leafs have to send cap salary back.

    • lmao, yeah…with injuries and the age of Rinne, pry him out too while we’re at it…only a Leafs dream for Weber.

      To Toronto: Weber + Rinne
      To Nashville: Franson + Gardiner + Reimer + Clarkson + Lupul

      • Hahaha ya ok.

        No one will take Clarkson. He’s got just as much as a chance of moving as Leino does. Have you guys used both of your compliance buyouts? If not you guys should use it. I see Clarkson’s play dwindling from here on in. Reilly probably have to be part of the package.

        • Give up Rielly, hahaha yeah okay

          • To score a player like Weber it is going to take losing some assets that you don’t really want to.

            Franson + Gardiner + Reimer + Clarkson + Lupul will not cut it. The Preds would be trading Weber due to depth at their blue line….they would not be wanting to take 2 dmen back.

            Clarkson is overpaid…extremely overpaid..worst signing in a decade? Close to the Breezy signing in Philly for not being very well thought out.

            Lupul is a nice player, but the value of him and Reimer will not get you Weber.

            I would think the Leafs would be looking at multiple players going to Nashville.

            Something closer to:

            JVR, Reilly, and a first.

            Just my opinion.

            Or am I trolling again?

        • I agree Jes, Adding Clarkson in this trade doesn’t make it look better it makes it worse. That is simply putting a player in the trade to make the numbers work, not the trade.

    • Leafs won’t be getting Weber. Unless they are willing to give up basically anyone with any value on there team. What would you offer?

    • The leafs defy could afford the signing bonus but it would probably empty the leafs cupboards I’m sure Nashville would start with jvr and a lot more. But it would finally put an end to the leafs defense core. I would be comfortable with lupul, Kadri and 2014 first . Gives Nashville upfront scoring immediately and a first. I would try to hold onto jvr as much as I could

      • But for just Weber alone…in a pipe dream…I would offer up:

        To Toronto: Weber
        To Nashville: Gardiner + Kadri + Lupul + 2014 2nd Rounder

        • I think the Oil can throw together a much better offer then Leafs. Probably include Eberle +. They also have a high draft pick to work with. If they do get the 1st I think they’d easily give it up to get Weber. MacT will be trading one of the more established young guns this offseason minus Hall of course.

          • Where did I say that the Oilers couldn’t match or better Toronto’s offer?

          • What about Eberle, Yakopov and Darnell Nurse for Weber and Nashville’s first this year. Nashville gets the young guns they want plus a future Dman to replace Weber, while Edmonton gets perhaps the best defenceman in the league and can help replace the lost pieces with the pick. Edmonton could hang onto its 1st this year.

          • Ya Jess but the oil won’t. They overvalue players/team that has consistently finish at the bottom for the past how many years now.

        • You Leaf fans are all dreaming. Weber would cost a king’s ransom. Try this on for size:

          To Nashville: JVR, Kadri, Franson, 2014 1st rounder, 2015 1st rounder
          To Toronto: Weber, 2014 2nd rounder

          • If Im the Preds I hang up the phone unless it involves Kessel and a first.

          • @shticky, yup, click! Kessel, Kadri and a first, minimum.

          • Nonis wouldn’t be that stupid to give up Kessel, even if it involved Weber. Weber is good, but not that good. If Nonis ever receives a call like that, he hangs up.

        • No offense, but you’re right about the pipe dream part. Lupul is perpetually injured, Gardiner and Kadri are at the top of every Leafs fan’s trade scenarios for a reason, and a mid-2nd rounder in a mediocre draft…this wouldn’t even get a sniff. If you’re going to deal for Weber, better plan for JVR, Rielly, and T.O.’s 1st rounder as a starting point.

          • Something like that might do aswell but the deals involving 3-4 players currently or in the near future making 4 mill plus are just plain dumb, 3 guys making 4 mill =12, mill the only reason to deal Weber is to save money and get way more goals so, replacing 2 of the Preds top 6 with guys that are not a huge upgrade and keeping the same salary makes absolutely no sense. Weber if traded will be for many firstround picks or a guy who puts up very big numbers and first rounder and a couple prospects, nothing else.

          • Agreed. Posted the same trade scenario above.

            Weber won’t be moved for bit players…he will be moved for top players/ picks.

            There are only a few in the league worth the type of return Weber would draw.

            Crosby, Weber, Chara, Stamkos, Ovi and Malkin might all get the same kind of return.

            Either way, it will be a huge return if/ when it happens.

          • @Shticky.

            I can’t see the Preds trading for first rounders.

            They would have gotten 4 first from Philly when the offer sheet was made, and they turned it down.

            4 firsts.

            It’s gonna be a mixture of top line players and a few picks.

            Agree on your comments about bit players making 4 mill per.

        • Leafs 2014 2nd round picks belongs to Ducks and 2015 #2 belongs to Kings

          • Oilers would probably looking at Hall a first and Nurse kind of thing.

        • As a leafs fan I only wish some of those scenarios would get weber. The reality of it is, I imagine, it would take rielly, jvr and maybe reimer (plus some picks etc going both ways) to make it happen. If they were willing to move Gardiner instead of rielly I’d be more apt to go for it but including rielly in a deal doesn’t make sense for me unless a legit number 1 center was coming back.

          I too wouldn’t count out Detroit. They have the forward prospects Nashville will be looming for. Mantha plus plus plus would do it. In the grand scheme of things it’ll only help Nashville.

        • and david poile would laugh you right off the phone

    • last norris d-man the leafs had was brian leetch at the end of his career. no leaf has won the norris while playing for the leafs

      • Considering the Norris has been awarded 59 times, 22 of which went to Orr, Lidstrom and Harvey A total of 26 times have gone to 2 teams, Bruins / Canadians…It would be safe to assume that a lot of teams are on that list. More importantly a lot of great d-men suffered under Orr, Lidstrom.

        • One team not to leave off is florida with this new owner supposedly willing to spend and a very deep young talent pool maybe…

  5. Anyone hear about Minni interested in “Big Buff”? Not sure if the Jets would trade to a division rival but stranger trades have happened. Also, not sure what they have to offer to get him, sounds like it will remain a rumor!

    • If Im the Jets and the way Buf plays D Id almost think that trading him in the division is the best idea.

      • @Shticky. LMAO!

      • Buf, making MDZ look more and more like a Norris candidate every day.

  6. Big Leafs fan would love to get shea weber won’t happen the only team that has the assets to pry him out of Nashville is Edmonton maybe Colorado Shea Weber is a Hockey trade not a salary dump

  7. mdz to replace Weber! he couldn’t replace Girardi or Stralman never mind one of the best in the business.

    Oilers are becoming laughable with their lack of movement with their assets

  8. The Oilers needs are many (a big, gritty top 6 forward, a top pairing defence man and a goalie for starters) and they cannot be met by dangling the “B” list of players like Gagner and Hemsky. MacT probably knows the he has to deal Eberle and/or Yaks this summer to get some returns that will make his team competitive.

    As for Weber going to Toronto, the cap is going up but no way can any team afford to have a $7 million player like Phaneuf on the 2nd pairing.

    • i agree, phaneuf would have to go to nash-vegas in a webber trade

  9. If the Oilers had any brains, they’d trade x, y, z to get Weber. Sign Halak, and build on forward.

    As for Vanek, i’d keep an eye on the Panthers in the off-season. If they manage to unload Fleischmann and spend near the cap as owner Viola gave the green light to do so, then it wouldn’t surprise me if the Panthers spend big big and big. Vanek, Stastny, and Gaborik. Probability of that is very low, but not to be ruled out.

  10. No team would give up much for Green. He’s useless in his own and his contract pays him waaaay too much.
    Unless you have a solid D man to pair him with I wouldn’t give a bag of pucks for Green.

  11. Flyers will take another run at Weber. Their D is atrocious. They need help at FW too but the bigger need is D

    Would love to see a package of

    Giroux and

    Voracek or Couturier

    and Morin or 2014 1st rounder

    • ****************RARE SIGHTING ALERT!!!!!***************Now this is a trade that makes sense. But I think it would thin out the center depth a little too much for Philly. But at least it is a trade on the right path.

      • Unfortunately probably won’t happen

        Couple summers ago Holmgren had a bike accident and suffered a head injury. I think his brain fell out. Signing Giroux to an 8 year $8.25M a year contract is about as explainable as having red wine with fish

        The Flyers are under the delusion that Giroux is an elite player. He’s not. I’ve been a Flyer fan for over 40 years. Giroux is just another long-shot hope by Ed Snider to create the 2nd coming of Bobby Clarke. They hoped it would be Lindros. They hoped it would be Richards. Now they hope its Giroux. Giroux isn’t it. Not even close

        Somebody needs to show Giroux where the blue paint is. Somebody needs to tell Giroux that you have a better chance of scoring if you shoot from inside 20 feet. Somebody needs to tell Giroux theres also a defensive end of the ice. And somebody needs to tell Giroux if he worked up a sweat, his hair wouldnt stick out of his helmet like a girl

        Soft, slightly above average speed, smurf. Way over-rated. They need to get rid of him before its too late

      • Wouldn’t really thin out the center position

        They have Vinny. Schenn is getting better. Couturier is #3 center. For Weber I figure out how to replace a #3 center

        • I meant including Giroux & Couturier in the same trade. I like Vinny, but he isn’t taking you more than a few years down the road. He has been in a steady decline for a few years now. Not sure he would take over the #1 role. Right now Vinny is playing less minutes than Giroux or Couturier per game.

          • I would move Schenn up temporarily to #1. Getting better and has a scoring touch with a rugged game. Not a #1 but a solid #2. By number of games, Schenn and Couturier are effectively starting their 3rd seasons. If they’re going to improve, it should start about now

            Schenn is, Couturier isnt. Couturiere is 21 and not physically developed but has the frame for good size. But he’s slow, not physical, and not showing the offensive ability he showed in junior. Couturier’s minutes per game are high because Berube had put him in a defensive role, assigning him to check the opponent’s #1 center

    • I dunno.

      Giroux and Voracek plus a first?

      That is 2/3 of the Flyers top line.

      They trade those 2, and get Weber, then they are back to the beginning of the season where they can’t score.

      The First and Voracek, plus how about B. Schenn and Coburn?

      Coburn could help the Preds with their very young defense, and is on an ok contract for a top 4 dman.

      Voracek would give the Preds a legit scoring threat (he has been pretty consistent for 2 1/2 years now.)

      Schen gives them the young forward with potential who has been playing very well this year.

      Either way, any team trading for Weber is going to give up a boatload to get him.

      • Coburn has a No Trade Clause. Sure I would get rid of him. Consistently inconsistent. This team’s faster better-skating version of Chris Therien. Soft

        I like Schenn more than Giroux. Gitoux is over-rated. So is Voracek. Both get #1 PP minutes and both are on pace for 20-25 goals. Voracek at $4.5M and Giroux’s contract next year at $8.25M are too much for what they bring to the table

        • Fun fact of the day!

          Giroux has scored more points per game in the last 2 years than any Canadian forward not named Crosby or Stamkos. (My tweet when he was left off of Canada’s roster)

          He’s not overrated.

          • +1 Rickler

      • gary that trade makes a lot of sense on a whole lot of levels

  12. Yakapov for Leddy?

    • No

      • Yaks for Leddy and this years first ? Draft isnt great this year and its a late first rounder?

        • @shticky, I like that idea and I think both teams would benefit, Leddy hasn’t played the best lately but he’s still very good. So if that trade would happen, is Yaks a third line guy for now?

      • @shticky, probably not huh, the Oil need help at D and Chicago claims they need more depth at forward, so I thought it might work.

        • I don’t think Leddy would be of interest, The Oilers need size and grit on the back end (up front too for that matter).

    • The problem with the Yaks for Leddy trade is that the Oil need a top 2 D man, not a guy that may play his way up to 2nd pairing, they already have lots of those type of players.

      • well then if not leddy most definately seabrook

        • Seabrook for Yaks??? No

    • Yaks plus someone for Bennett and dumonlin from Pitt maybe

  13. Isles won’t pay more than JT? What is that based on? JT is not the type of player that would be concerned about that – he’s never said anything to make anyone think that. JT is going to get the bank on his next contract. Besides I think JT wants good line mates to play with. My guess is the Isles resign Vanek one way or another.

    • Agreed, JT clearly signed a reasonable contract the first go around and he really seems more like a team first guy. The Isles wet dream is they trade Vanek for a very nice package (top flight goalie and a ready D man or good prospect) then resign Vanek in the off season. If the price goes over 7 mil though I think you have to say thanks but no.

  14. i wouldn’t want Weber to much to give up. Kadri Gardiner Rielly should not go anywhere. I would see what return you could get for defensive help for Lupul. i would trade Lupul and Frasor for Giradi and Boyle (if we can work out an exstention with giradi first) and try and sign Moulson if he gets to free agency. But idk if NYR is looking for that kind of deal right now. But if they are gonna loose Giradi for nothing worth a phone call. Trade Orr or Mclearen for late round draft pick. i still believe Clarkson will get it together in the stretch run.

    • IMO Girardi will be commanding at least 6 million on the free agent market. And very well could see as high as 7 million per. Can Toronto stomach the cap hit of 14+ on 2 d-men? On the other side of the trade, I’m not sure NY would want Lupul’s contract coming back their way. Lupul coming back means they would be passing on re-signing Callahan to an extension.

    • not a chance that the leafs get girardi alone for lupul and frasor.

      • Hey, I agree Josh but I have seen worse proposals here.

        • If Girardi goes, I want to see a Dougie Hamilton or Krug..(preferably Hamilton) in return, not a Fraser. Because of the misspelling, I thought he meant Franson originally not Fraser. Fraser can’t eat up 1/2 of Girardi’s ice time.

      • Fraser is a fringe 7th. AHL D man UFA you are not “sweetening the pot” with Fraser. Come deadline day I wouldnt be surprised to see him on waivers, or traded for a 4th-5 th round pick as a depth pick up.

    • Leafs can’t really afford Girardi unless they cut ties with big contracts. Lets pipe dream and assume Girardi becomes a UFA and wants to sign in Toronto for 6.5 million a year. The Leafs already have $50 million invested in 13 players, need to resign or replace 10 roster players. That’s an average of $2.1 million per player. Bringing in Girardi at that price means they have $14.5 million to fill 9 spots. They need to sign or replace Reimer, Franson, Gardiner, Bolland, Kulemin, Raymond and figure out if they keep or replace Fraser, Ranger, Holland, Bodie, Smith, Ashton, and McClement. They don’t have a lot of room before adding Girardi.

      • To add to that, yes, the cap is going up $7.1 million, but Kessel/Phaneufs raises already ate $3.1 million of that raise. They won’t be signing a Mason Raymond for $1 million this offseason, replacing him will cost at least 3.5 times his current salary. That pretty much eats the cap raise right there.

        Reimer can easily get a million dollar raise, Gardiner will probably get a raise to $1.2-1.5 million, Franson won’t be kept at $2 million again. Even if they cut Kulemin and a few other contracts loose it’s going to be tight.

        • If the deal involved Lupul its easily affordable (wont happen but pretty do-able)

          • The Rangers really couldn’t afford Lupul’s contract. I know Callahan has battled some injuries the past few years, but Lupul has been even worse with injuries…..hasn’t he?

  15. IF nsh decides they want to trade Weber they will want young controllable cheap players that fit into their system… Any team wanting to trade for Weber must be willing to give up a lot of high quality young players and prospects.

  16. San Jose Sharks have signed both Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton to 3-year extensions. Marleau’s 3-year deal is worth $6.66M a year; Thornton’s deal is $6.75M a year.

  17. If the preds dont move Weber in a year or two,or maybe this year(i dont know the ntc situation),they will regret it.Hes great,i`d have him on my team.but if the D core is indeed in rebuilding mode,you build around jones now.you pick up some decently payed veterans,that dont necessarily need to be stars.guys like orpik,beauchemin,etc.my guess is the preds will probably be looking for 1 top six forward,1 top four dman,A or B level prospect,and if the team he goes to has a late first,they get 2 first round picks.

    On the Bourque situation,hes got to go.he should be in chicago,pittsburgh,or anaheim.we need real wingers with heart to play with plekanec.habs used to pride themselves on theyre depth,but therrien doesnt use his depth.I also cant stand seeing bouillon and/or gorges on the PP,its ridiculous.

  18. How about this :
    PK Subban for Eberle, Nurse and a 1rst round pick 2014
    Nurse, Tinordi and 2 first round picks 2014 for Shea Weber

    Habs get Eberle and Weber for Subban, Tinordi and a 1rst round.

    • That is a major overpayment for Subban.

      I really can’t see this happening.

      • Sorry, pressed post.

        Edmonton is giving up more for Subban, than Montreal would be for Weber.

        Why wouldn’t Edmonton just trade that package to Nashville, for a way better all around player?

        Your final comment covers it all:

        Habs get Eberle and Weber for Subban, Tinordi and a 1rst round.

        Really think that will happen?

    • wow….just wow!! who really wants Subban….his attitude and og, not to mention his 8 million dollar upcoming contract???? your answer: Only the Habs

  19. If NY are not going to resign Girardi i would package him with Haglin for Eberle, New York gets a goal scorer that they need and Edm. gets a Defensive defenseman which they crave and a speedster

    • As a Ranger fan I have to say I hate this trade. Hagelin has blinding speed. He makes good d-men look horrible at times . I’d hate to see him go anywhere. On a side note, why does everyone have the Rangers stripping down like they are bottom dwellers? Girardi, Hagelin, Callahan etc. ? Sather doesn’t seem to blow up the roster at the deadline. Really more the opposite in recent years. With the Exception of the Gaborik trade last year, but that only took 1 Nhl player off their roster and added 3 in return + 1 injured. If anyone starts mentioning Kreider and Mcdonogh I think I’ll have a breakdown! LOL

      • Did you read what i said, IF they are not planning on signing Girardi then package him. We simply cannot let him walk for nothing in return and Hags is fast but lacking toughness, if not Eberle then Jakob Silfverberg from Anahiem

        • All reports the last couple of days suggest they are trying to re-sign Girardi and Callahan. They are saying Girardi will get done 1st. But even if they can’t sign him, I can’t imagine they blow it up before the playoffs unless a player is coming back that makes them instantly better or at least the same. Not sure + Eberle – Girardi and Hagelin = better today. If they are seriously going to try and make a run in the East, They HAVE to be able to shut down Pitts and Boston. They really don’t have a d-man in the pipe line ready to step up to the NHL level in the playoffs and be effective. As a matte of fact, I don’t think they have a NHL ready d-man next year either. Mcilrath is never going to be more than a #5-6 guy in the NHL…..But they knew that when they drafted him.

  20. To think……MDZ almost landed NY Stamkos a few years back! That will teach Sather to not have a pen and trade papers in his hand when shaking a dumb Gm’s hand next time!


    • Oh brother…

    • go home


    • thats the worst offer I’ve ever seen in my life!!

  22. Weber to Avs for O’Reilly, McGinn , Barrie , Hishon + 2014 1st

  23. I can really see the Oilers making the best offer to the Preds for Weber
    Hall or Eberle, Nurse and a conditional pick
    for Weber

    Preds get a young up and coming D man to play as a 3rd/4th pairing for now and a scoring forward they’ve always lacked….and save a few $$$ down the way

  24. NYR: Girardi, J.T Miller, Hagelin to NSH
    NSH: Weber and 3rd rd pick
    Rangers buyout Richards or find a sucker
    Rangers sign Legwand or Stastny

  25. IMO I don’t think teams would have to give up as much as you might think. Certainly two or three really good players but any team who tries to get Weber is definitely going to play the “we will have to pay the 13 million bonus” card. The owner of the preds may jump at the opportunity to get that off the books. Because of this bonus and the fact they would have to give up lots of quality I seriously doubt he gets traded any time soon.

  26. Nashville is just not gonna move Weber after having paid essentially 20% of his ridiculous salary just to keep him in the first year. I’ve been out of here a while, but it’s clear people’s heads have floated on up to the clouds.

    Oh they’re not going to pay him a 13M signing bonus? They paid more than 20M for him during lockout year.

    Why do you think their forwards a bunch of nobodies right now? They’ll take another high pick cuz Suter zonked them over but rise to power again next year.

  27. I think the Preds hang on to Weber until the draft. If the Oilers win the draft lottery again and are able to pick first then its on. I think the Oilers can give Eberle, Klefbom and the 1st overall for Shea Weber. The preds will then pick Sam Reinhart and basically have their number one line set for the next eight years. Yakupov won’t be touched by Nashville with a ten foot pole, remember Radulov?