NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 25, 2013.

The latest on Roberto Luongo, P.K. Subban,  Ryan O’Reilly, Yannick Weber, Mathieu Perreault and more.

Time for the Leafs to land Luongo?

Time for the Leafs to land Luongo?

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes last night’s shaky goaltending by Ben Scrivens and James Reimer during the Maple Leafs last two games, including a 7-4 loss to the NY Islanders,  should push the Leafs management to seek improvement between the pipes in the form of Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited an interview by Canucks GM Mike Gillis with TEAM 1040 in Vancouver in which he said he’d have no problem trading Luongo to a Western Conference team for the right offer. For now, however, Gillis is comfortable retaining Luongo and dismissed media suggestions doing so was unfair to Luongo and Cory Schneider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times: there’s no issues between Luongo and Schneider over this situation. Luongo has been the consummate teammate and a true professional, and Schneider has also handled it well. As for the Maple Leafs, Nonis won’t panic and I expect he’ll give Scrivens and Reimer a little more time, but if it becomes apparent goaltending remains the Leafs weak link, Nonis won’t hesitate to act. It remains to be seen, however, if Luongo will still be available when the Leafs new GM is ready to make his move.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie recently suggested the contract standoff between the Montreal Canadiens and P.K. Subban could end with the defenseman being dealt. “They’re just too far apart on the term of the contract – P.K. wants long, the Canadiens want two years – and they’re probably at least $2.5 to $3 million per year apart on where they want to be” said McKenzie. “Ultimately I think this ends up in a trade.”

RDS.CA: Renaud Lavoie reports another Canadiens defenseman, Yannick Weber, wants to have the chance to play, either with the Canadiens or another NHL team. Weber hasn’t requested a trade and is a restricted free agent this summer. Weber has yet to play a game with the Habs this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the two Canadiens defensemen, I expect it’ll be Weber who gets dealt. Habs GM Marc Bergevin has repeatedly stated he’s not shopping Subban, who has also repeatedly stated his preference is to remain a Hab. Bergevin and Subban’s agent Don Meehan are slated to have face-to-face meetings this weekend in hopes of advancing negotiations. Ultimately, I believe the two sides will reach agreement on a new contract sooner or later.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports Colorado Avalanche center Ryan O’Reilly has left his KHL team and returned to North America to receive treatment for a foot injury, but he’s no closer to a new contract with the Avs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Between Subban and O’Reilly, I think the former is re-signed before the latter. The Avs and O’Reilly seem further apart than Subban and the Canadiens. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Edmonton Oilers have interest in Senators backup Ben Bishop, but the Sens won’t shop him until they’ve had a chance to see how he performs in game action, which could come this weekend. They also want to see if his market value might improve once Roberto Luongo is dealt.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s also speculation the Oilers have interest in Luongo, but it appears they want to be patient with Devan Dubnyk, who rebounded well from a poor game against the San Jose Sharks with a 30-save performance in the Oilers 2-1 win over the Kings last night. If the Oilers pursue Bishop, it’ll be as a backup for Dubnyk.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Stephen Whyno reports Capitals center Mathieu Perreault denied he told Le Journal de Montreal in a recent interview he might seek a trade if he didn’t receive more playing time. “All I want is to play. I wanna be here. I don’t wanna go anywhere. If you guys read the article in French it doesn’t say that I asked for a trade. Never.”


  1. I don’t think O’Reilly gets signed before Subban, but I do think that Subban is farther apart than O’Reilly is. Is O’Reilly worth 4M for 3 or 4 years? More than Subban is worth 5-6M over 5 years. The only reason O’Reilly situation happens more slowly is because he’s injured. Subban is watching his spotlight getting fizzled by Andrei Markov, who’s the superior defenseman (top 5 in the league in offense) if he’s healthy.

    I said Benn would fetch a 5y 25-27M deal and he got 5y 26.25M, lucky guess I suppose. I’m going to venture another lucky guess and say that if Subban can check his ego, he’ll get around 20M over 5 years. Or he can settle for 9M over 2 years. If they’re as far apart as Bobby Mac says, Subban is looking for 6M/y while the Habs are thinking more 3.5-4. O’Reilly is going to command 4M/y because that’s how much he was getting paid, and the Avs will get him at no less than 3.5 and he won’t command much more than 4.5. But there’s no point in rushing it if he’s injured.

    Subban, however, would get paid 6M a year by other clubs, like the spendthrift Islanders who’d love his power play presence to give them one of the deadliest PPs in the league, and the desperate Jackets (and even they might not do it since they have Jack Johnson), and I think Detroit would be willing to pitch 5M/y for him and the possibility they could ship Oullet the other way in a package (as someone pointed out yesterday). I don’t see many other clubs willing to offer him that much.

    To me, I understand why teams are holding out. It’s exposing the true cause of that last lockout; player agents are holding hostage the team’s ultimate competitiveness. Doughty wined like a female dog, and the Kings won the cup; this was a complete disaster for the sport because now player agents can use that as leverage to pinch every penny. Montreal shouldn’t bite on his threats and stick to not paying him a cent over 4M/y. Benn signed for what he’s worth. O’Reilly’s situation will get resolved as soon as he can take back to the ice.

    Man did the Caps offense look flat last night. How the great 8 has fallen.

  2. How do you say Reimer’s play was shaky when he played just over half the 3rd? I think Simmons needs to give his head a shake and jump off the Leafs need a goalie bandwagon. Not that I’m standing up for the goalies but this is 4 games in and Scrivens had 2 good starts and Reimer beat the Penguins. One bad game doesn’t mean overhaul the Leafs goaltending.

    Just my two cents worth anyways.

    • half of the third,but allowed two goals against.Isn’t that the definition of shaky?

      • and at least one goal allowed vs pittsburgh was shaky as well.(The Crosby goal)

        • No, that is having to get into the game quickly from off the cold bench. By that time, the opposition goaltender was in game form and warmed up. As for the Crosby goal, sure, we can let that one annoint him as being shaky. But the Leafs, are the only team in the NHL that has two AHL quality goaltenders, while the rest have at least one. Time for Nonis to try and bring in someone with experience and motivate and teach either Reimer or Scrivens (which ever doesn’t get dealt) the tricks of the trade.

        • crosby on a breakaway is a shakey goal? yes it went 5 hole but if it didnt go 5 hole it was going somewhere else… and reimer only let in 1 goal… the last goal was an empty netter

  3. Gillis doesn’t have to trade Luongo and can wait it out until he finds a trade package to his liking. With this compressed schedule with its many back to back games, he’s got all the more reason to keep him.

  4. Steve Simmons is an idiot. How was Riemer shakey last night? He let in one goal in relief of Scrivens.

    As for Scrivens… Well, he was never supposed to be the starter Reimer was expectied to carry the torch. Scrivens has gotten more starts because Reimer hadn’t played in 10 months so I believe Carlyle wanted to ease him in. Reimer has played one game and now we are to believe he is shit and the Leafs need Lu?

    Again I say, Simmons is an idiot.

    • I could not agree more about Simmons,a complete moron.
      He is the perfect example of gossip writers working for a rag paper that encourages crap.
      Burkie was great in his goodbye to the press when he singled out simmons as the biggest goof.

      That game was a team collapse not just the goalie.
      Still some Wilsonitis hanging around and some more Carlyle tonic needed to finally be rid of it.

      I am going to stick with my original pick of lou to the Caps.
      They are headed for a 0-Jan and their goaltending has been brutal.

      on a side note i am getting a bit fed up with all the penalties called and a lot for piddily junk.
      i have watched some really good games go to crap fast with game changing calls.
      happens every year,start the season call anything and evrything,halfway it lossens up a lot,playoffs almost nothing called.
      damn it let them play and stop with the cheesy penalties.

      • Check. He writes articles to attract readers and will say whatever it takes to do so.

        • If they do make the trade he insists will fix the team and it doesn’t work or if the goalie they give up goes out and dominates, he will be the first one to be demanding the GM be fired and yelling about how bad the decision was. What a d-bag.

          • Couldn’t agree more. In 3 years when Luongo is struggling as a back up goalie with 7 years remaining on his $5MM + cap hit Simmons will be writting about what a stupid trade it was to take on that contract for an aging goalie. I’ll stick to reading Damian Cox, while I don’t always agree with him he usually has something intelligent to say. His biggist issue is he treats Leaf fans who write in like idiots (not to say most of them aren’t dreamers).

        • Seems to lure Lyle a lot. I don’t think there’s a need to ever read a word that Simmons writes unless its a farewell note but in all honesty I wonder fans like us that read blogs like this one really think anything he says is worth reading or has any value.
          I know when you link to a Simmons article I shake my head and move on…no way am I clicking on it his shit to give him unwarranted page views. People that are good at their job need to be rewarded not a hack like him.

          • Ron, the purpose of this is to link and report trade & free agent rumors as reported by the media. It’s not a matter of me being “lured”. It’s providing a collection of media-driven rumors. I link to Simmons just as I would to any other pundit for substantiation.

      • Lu to Washington is looking more likely by the day

  5. I doubt Bishop starts any point this weekend, unless Ottawa feels it is super needed. Anderson has let two goals in over 3 games and the Sens are on fire right now. I believe they are going to hold onto Bishop until the trade deadline when they evaluate what they need most and see who is most desperate for goaltending depth.

    I believe the same on Luongo, if he is moved this season it might not be until the deadline when the Canucks see where they are and can get premium value for him for a team in the mix needing a goaltender upgrade.

    I do believe Subban will be traded, there is going to be too much offered up IMO.

    • He’s starting tonight.

  6. The downside to the shortened season, with more games being played in a shorter time period, and the upside for some GM’s is the possibility or more like the reality of serious injuries. With less time to rest between games a number of players, possibly even stars, will be sidelined by injuries and instead of having the luxury of a longer season, teams are going to be looking for replacements ASAP. This could bode well for Vancouver in moving Luongo and possibly even Montreal if they are not able to sign Subban and decide to trade him. 
    While Subban is saying all the right things politically about wanting to stay in Montreal him and his agent are out for the biggest payday possible and know that there is a very real chance that he could be dealt. I can’t blame anyone for going after the most money possible but it might not be prudent to try to get a long term/high dollar contract at this stage of Subban’s career. Of course time will tell but unless he lowers his asking price he may be changing addresses.

    Some teams are off to unpredictably bad starts, which if they are not rectified and soon may see certain GM’s having to make moves they didn’t think they would need to make. Los Angeles…they need to turn things around. Washington…how long will they wait? Calgary, Florida, Phoenix…bad starts…when do they decide to change some things and could Subban or Luongo end up on any of these, and if they did, who do they trade to get either of these players?

    • I am really getting sick of the player greed. Didn’t we just have a lockout to try and end what ailed this league. How soon the players forget. As for Subban, I just don’t see what the fuss is all about. He is no where as good as some seem to think, sure he logs minutes and shoots hard and hits hard, but his defensive game is terrible. However, I believe his biggest problem is his big fat ego. He thinks he is the best player on the team, is constantly fighting with team mates during practices(maybe even the dressing room) and is hated by just about every other player in the league. Now you can argue it is his personality and it is entertaining and good for the game but personally I just think he thinks his poop doesnt stink. Any team who takes this guy on in a trade better beware the issues he brings not just his supposed talent. I think its about time more of the blame which ails this league should be placed directly on the shoulders of those who hide in the shadows, THE PLAYER AGENT. It is no coincidence that all of the guys we have been talking about have the same greedy agent, that being Mr. I want as much money as possible Meehan. The player agent gets away with it just because, “hey I have to get the most for my client”. But hey, I guess everyone knows the old cliches about lawyers as well.
      Thanks for reading my rant.

  7. Finally one thing we can all agree on without getting my assed kicked here……LMAO

    YES!!! Steve Simmons is an idiot …and I will always remember Brian Burke for his kind departing words to Mr Simmonds ….lmao ….Burkie you tell it how it is!!

    As for the game last night and goalies ….we really need to just take a deep breathe here REALLY.

    Its not just the Leaf goalies that are having a so / so start here : 75% of the best goalies in the league are getting lit up ….give these guys a break man ….not only is it hard for players to get going after a long lay off but its the hardest on the goalies …especially at this level team system breakdowns are at there worst at the beginning of the season ! Give it some time for them to get acclimatized….. lay off he suck so quickly and give these guys some time to get into a rythym that a goalie needs …you will see improvement in a months time and we wont be so harsh anymore….a team looses as a team !!!
    ( however I was stunned to see Scrivens start after a very very good outing in PItt by Reimer even if it was back to back …it is the NHL )

    In saying that I hope Randy Carlyle reads this : PLEASE KEEP DION OFF THE POWER PLAY PLEASE!!!
    I am begging you at this point ……play guys who can hit the net …..please !!!! we may score some goals on rebounds as opposed to head hunting and a broken play!!! PLEASE!!!!

    Iam starting my trade Kessel wish again since last year …he wont be resigning after next year we arent going anywhere with him this year or next so this is the year we have to trade him as he has a LIMITED NO TRADE next year and this will handcuff Nonis ….its unfortunate but the market is ripe for a quality Kessel deal right now…..hes going to ask for more than $5,5 and hes not worth it moving forward …he has to be traded this year before trade deadline or were stuck AGAIN!!! …IMO
    Now that Lupul is out it makes even more sense, time to move Kulimen as well and Franson.

    • @Back Checking
      Trade Kessel, trade Kulimen and Franson, bench the captain during the power play?? Is there anything you do like about the Leafs this year? Franson I could see maybe, but dump all these guys??

      What do you expect you will get in return??

      Kessel has value, but the other guys are only going to get you back the same level of player. Why waste your time.

      • I have to agree with Backchecking on some points. Phaneuf on the pp isn’t working backchecking is right he either misses the net or hits one of his own players everytime he shoots. Just cause he’s a Captian doesn’t mean he is suited in every situation.

        As for trading Kessel… Well this is a hottly debated subject. I would agree with backchecking once again. Kessel is a very good player but not the right fit for this current Leaf team. The Leafs are in desperate need of size and skill. Oss is right about getting back the same level of player so maybe we can give up a little on the speed and goal scoring to get back someone with more size and grit. Hard to say what Kessel would fetch. If it’s not something very good in return then you keep him.

        Franson is under used so trade him or play him.

        Kulimen has been given a ton of chances. I’m not ready to give up on his play making ability just yet but it may be time to assign him to a checking role on the third line soon if he can’t start capitalizing on those chances Grabo keeps giving him.

    • Agree Toronto needs to rebuild and kessel is not the piece they need.
      He’s not the all around player a team needs to win the cup.
      Boston traded him and won the cup without him.
      With the cap going down there will be a lot of veterans available next year.

      • Agreed as well. Sure Kessel is a goal scorer, but a very streaky one at that. Carlyle is in need of gritty hardnosed players who give 110%, and Kessel isn’t that. To see him shy away from every single check, and to always skate to the sides, because he is to afraid of getting leveled up through the middle, is dredding. I’d say make a high pitch for a bonifide goaltender and centerman in a trade. Obviously this is something brainstormed idiotically, but you get my example that Nonis has to do something of significance to tell the players, organization and fans that we need to go forward and quickly. The following is that idiotic trade porposal…and yes, this is a typical crazy arm-chair GM scenario.

        To Toronto: Getzlaf + Luongo
        To Anaheim: Kessel + Schroeder +Toronto’s 1st Round Draft Pick (2013) + Vanvouver’s 2nd Round Draft Pick (2013)
        To Vancouver: Bozak + Reimer + Vatanen + Toronto’s 2nd Round Draft Pick (2013) + Anaheim’s 2nd Round Draft Pick

    • Isn’t easier to cheer for another team like one that has players, coaches and GM that you like? Or do you and fans like you, love the Leafs because you like to complain about something and why not them since there is so much wrong with the team? Just wondering.

      • LOL beautiful comment Ron

  8. Is it possible that Gillis is waiting until the end of the season because he thinks that if Brodeur retires the Devils will quickly become very interested in a new elite Goalie. We know he doesn’t mind those lengthy deals.

  9. @ The Man__Oss

    Yes that’s what I am saying ….????

    Dion is terrible on the power play he gives no opportunity for the Leafs to score if he is always the shot guy and go to player …he never hits the net and the rebounds always go far and away in the corners as opposed to a rebound infron for a scramble and a hard fought goal …yes it’s a very important detail and why they aren’t scoring on the power play!!

    KESSEL: If you have had any time to review Kessels contract you will see that he has 2 more years and in the next year he has a no trade ( limited ) so that means you are stuck with him and he can walk next year without any value coming back …the team is going nowhere this year and you need to address this ASAP!
    The Leafs need more power upfront and Kessel can fetch a very good trade with something decent coming back he’s only 24 and a 30 plus goal scorer and would get 50 on a better ….I am not saying this because I don’t think he is not a good player …he’s GREAT a pure goal scorer ..he’s just not fitting in long term and at the money he will command Leafs have to cut ties with him now and get the best package they can coming back even if it’s in a multiple player deal …his contract is telling you it HAS TO BE DONE …it’s not about his play it’s that it’s just time …he’s a UFA after next season trust me they need to move him for a power forward center and prospect or draft pick !! Iam not going to commit suicide and tell you what I think he can bring back so you can hack me all day long ..but he can bring you back what you need for the future that’s for sure!! he will not be a Leaf after next year!! Franson is terrible he’s got a great shot from the point and is a big body but he’s not a good skater and is out of position most times …he is an asset to a team that d men right now they are a hot commodity leafs need some new pieces to insert with the young guns!!
    I believe that the best return on trade players right now are : Kessel, Franson, Kulimen and I feel they can improve emmensely if they get a good return on these guys and keep the core of young guys moving forward …

    • This argument makes no sense, sorry.
      1. What exactly the difference of a 30 goal scorer that snipes and skates like the wind and a 30 goal scorer that crashes and bangs? NOTHING. 30 goals are 30 goals and how you get them don’t matter.
      2. Exactly how does a 24yr old 30+ goal scorer not part of you long term plans? He still hasn’t even entered his prime yet and you want to dump him for what and why again?
      3. Officially 2nd youngest and inexperienced team isn’t young enough for you as a youth movement? Should we trade some away like you suggested and get picks that might become NHL players in maybe 3 years from now or all the picks Toronto picks will be stars? Or maybe you think a combo of picks and a good 3rd or 4th line vet to help the youngsters because a player that plays only around 7-9 mins a night will make this team a playoff team and possibly a cup contender?

      • Ron Moore +1

  10. Id say with some of the top rated teams sputtering out of the gate …it may be crucial that the team that makes the first significant trade move may be the most beneficial as the season moves forward ….I d say there is 6 – 8 teams literally chomping at the bit to make significant move right now!! There is a lot of possible movement being discussed right now …..in saying that ….a lot of what NHL teams and GM s are talking about are probably exactly the same trade scenarios we talk about OR WORSE …and I am very serious …if we really knew what the bad deals or anchor trades there are being talked about in the real world of the GMs right now it would make our discussions here look like genius ….that I can say with certainty !!!

    Id say the team that makes a significant trade right now and takes initiative to improve may have the best chance at winning the cup this year …because as it sits right now with an injury here and a loosing streak there ….its any ones cup this year !!!

  11. After Benn signing with Dallas last night, the Av’s and Canadiens must have been pretty pissed.

    The Av’s have Landeskog on the way and another high priced forward signing would not work in favour of their financial targets.

    As for Subban, it all depends on Bergevins resolve. Does he capitulate to Subban and send a message for the future, or does he stand firm and say take it or your traded? A trade might be best for all as PK is the biggest story in Montreal and nobody is focused on anything else, and that’s not likely to change until he is traded. Trade him to the highest bidder and start rebuilding around Galchenyuk etc, and there will be no shortage of teams willing to take him. Hockey or Circus, Take your pick.

    @ Backchecking – Why jump on Kulemin? 3 Assists in the Pittsburgh Game. Kulemin, Grabo and JVR combined for 8 points that game. Most of the Leafs took the game off last night, so no need to point him out specifically. The list ( including Franson) of no shows last night is too long for him to be singled out.

  12. @ RON MOORE

    Listen I respect your opinion and faith in Kessel I love him as a sniper and a great 30 goal scorer hes awesome ….but what I am saying is that he has a limited no trade next season and is a UFA the following year ….its wide open knowledge that 995 for sure the Leafs will cut ties with Kessel next year …if you can t trade him next season he walsk for free man ….why would you let a player tha cost you 2 first rounders plus just walk for free ….the Leafs are not going to keep him long term at more than $5.5 million a year …he’s worth more on the market to get what you can now …I mean please this is a business here are you paying Kessel $7 million for multiple years after next year …ahhhhh no you aren’t ….are you going to loose him to UFA next year …ahhhhh no you aren’t ….so what do you need to do ….trade him and keep going forward with the rebuild ….they need a legit # 1 center man o man !!!

    • Back checking has a legit point.

    • So Kessel has trade value, so much so as a 24 yr old that he should be traded for a centerman so when they get that guy, they can then look for a scoring winger, like one with speed or grit right? And trade him because even if he becomes a 40 goal scorer or remains a 30 goal scorer a player like that has no place on the team?
      Honestly, do not see you logic at all. If you just dislike him for whatever personal reason that’s one thing but to say he’s not needed on this team but other ones would love to have him makes no sense since you’re talking about currently one of the shittiest team in the league.

      • As I understand Back Checking, the purpose is to trade him for an asset that the Leafs can lock up long term, instead of standing around and watching him skate out of town next year. He feels a bigger stronger power forward would be of better value for the money.
        His point makes sense, if you can take the emotion out of it.
        I can agree that he would bring a really good return. My concern is who could they get that is that power forward type that would come back and bite them in the ass for the next 10 years.
        I am a Sabres fan, I can’t stand Vanek. My reasoning is similar to this. He is a smaller, passive type player. Yes, he is great goal scorer, but he won’t “hang and bang” with the big boys in the corners. I like that type of hockey…don’t ask why then do I follow the Sabres. I understand the problem.

        @back checking. I’m not one of the trolls who will jump on you for making a suggestion…just an FYI.

  13. There’s no issue between Luongo and Schneider but there are huge issues between Roberto’s contract and the rest of the league. Nobody can easily take that on given his age and the likelihood his play will decline rather than get better over the contract. It makes sense to hold onto him for this season as the best backup in the league but come the summer they’re going to have to ditch him for very little or buy him out.

  14. I think we’re all going to have to wait 10 games to see who’s really sputtering and who’s not, trades to happen etc. Remember, some of these player haven’t played real hockey since last April. I’ll take some time and I think most GMs would know that.

    As for PK, if all the rumors are true, and they are meeting this weekend and it ends with there still being a large gap, I do think MB will open up to offers. I don’t think he’s going to hand cuff the planning of the team moving forward with the unknown of whether PK will be there or not for too much of the season.

  15. SUBBAN

    Being a hockey nut ……Iam a closet Habs fan just because I am a Leafs fan and I have to be a Habs fan becuase of the history so to speak!!
    If Cole retires next year that frees up $4 plus million …Gomez buy out will help as well …and maybe a slight move or two…..with a good chunk of change the Habs can be in the UFA market as well if they doint resign Pk that also shores up anothe ( guess) $5 million a season for the short term.
    If they trade P K they can save money that would be able to pay to second line players that they will desperately need and also allow them space for a UFA signing …with that they can get a legit quality player to mold around Galchenyuk who I think is the franchise here …NOT P K SUbban !!!

    If they don’t resign P K and get 2 quality legit prospects or 1A 1B players coming back that will save them money …the Habs will then have about $35 million on the books in cap space to go out and crush in the UFA season next year …I think you build around Galchenyuk and trade P K for someone for him to play with them use the Ufa season for that defender you will need and hit the waivers just before the season starts next year …there was some very good quality players in waivers that can help out just as effective at times for less money …I see P K as a distraction to the team at this point not a plus …the problem with this is that this is how he will always be !!!
    P K Subban… Yannick Webber and a second rounder to Edmonton for Hemsky, Hartkinen and Whitney would be great for the Habs and quality players to play with Galchenyuk !

    Just of the wall but quality for both !

  16. Yannick Webber + 2nd rounder for Hemsky, Hartikinen, and Whitney?
    That’s a bit of a lopsided deal. Whitney alone would be worth Webber and a 2nd rounder and Hemsky I think would be worth more. If TO needs a number 1 centre and its not Getzlaf who would it be? Would O’Reilley or Stastny from COL be available for some of TO’s so called depth at D?
    I would imagine every Leaf fan would want Getzlaf but there is a very real possibility he will not end up as a Leaf so where do they start?
    As for MTL, they should explore trading Subban? If he is remotely worth the same salary as Benn would he not be able to fetch a handsome return like Jamie Benn? God knows the Habs could use some skill up front that has size. Too bad O’Reilly for Subban wouldn’t work as that would be a nice deal for the Habs.

  17. My greatest fear as a Detroit Red Wings’ fan is that Ken Holland trades Valteri Filpula and prospect Xavier Ouellet for PK Subban. I am a Montrealer, and I can tell you that PK would be a cancer in the room. He is already disliked by many of his teammates, and fans have begun to turn on him because of his seemingly selfish behaviour. Personally, I don’t like “Prime-Time” because he never backs up his big mouth on the ice. At least Claude Lemieux eventually dropped his gloves.

  18. @ T Gunn

    I was talking about Pk Subban …Webber and a second rounder …For ….Whytney , Hemsky and Hatkinen
    Whytney is a great veteran Hesmky can bring skill and help Galchenyuk and Hartkinen can be a great player to develop long term with Galchenyuk….

    I think you could flip Kessel to Colorado for either O’ Reilly or Stastny to open a center position there and slip Stastny or O’Reily into a first line center in the Leaf line up …..how crazy would a Landeskog …Oreily and Kessel line be or Duschene and Kessel and Parenteau ! …that would work out well for both teams too!

    JVR Stastny or Oreilly and Kadri would be funn to see as well!

    Who knows???

    • Kessel for stastny?

      typical kessel hater that does not see close a hole open a hole.
      leafs get a needed centre,and i am iffy on calling stastny a #1,and lose a guy that can pot 40.
      gee i wonder what they would need then to play with stastny and lupul? oh ya,a 30+ sniper!
      plus statsny makes what? oh ya 6.5m which is more than the leafs will have to pay kessel.

      if,and that is if,kessel does not sign an extension during the season next year then they can trade him and his limited no trade will not matter.
      the usual suspects will be on the list,teams nobody wants to play for like phoenix/isles/columbus etc.
      every good team that would see kessel as the huge part that gets a cup will be in on him and the return good so the few on his list will mean nothing.

      it really pisses me off when people so easily toss aside a player with 4 30+ goal seasons and the potential for 50.
      so he is a little soft,who cares,banging is not his job and his defence has been improving.
      his passing is great too,that always gets overlooked.
      25 yrs old,this next contract still has him in his prime.

      most kessel haters are just because it ended up seguin/hamilton and that is not his fault.

      as a leaf fan so far i see you dealing gardiner/ kessel/kadri/phaneuf/reimer/franson/bozack a 1st rd pick/2nd rd pick and getting back lou/statsny/a couple of prospects/a couple of worse picks and some stuff i have forgotten.

      backchecking you are enthusiastic and have plenty of ideas but this is not fantasy hockey.

  19. While I see the upside of Kessel and working on getting him locked in to a new and longer contract I just don’t see the value in paying Phaneuf superstar money for what is basically average defense. Burke’s moves to get Kessel and what he had to give up to get him into a Leaf’s jersey will cause debate for years but why is it that giving Phanuef $6.5 million a year gets a pass? While I am no Kessel fan I still admit that anyone who can score 30 or more in the NHL every year is a very valuable player and deserving of big money. But with Phanuef you get a big time shot that 90% or more of the time doesn’t even come close to the net and defensive play that some night’s is great and then others it’s freakin’ brutal. I say try to find a trading partner for him, if anyone would take on that contract. With a contract that is worse than Luongo’s dollar wise, the real saving grace is the length and that in 2 years he can or should be gone and that will free up a lot of cap space.
    Personally, I would rather find a way to keep Kessel and do whatever it would take to have another team to take Phanuef. You can get a couple of damn good defensemen for almost $7 million bucks or a good D-man and a damn good forward.

    • I do not think Dion deserves 6.5 either but there were a ton of players way overpaid during that period of throwing cash around.
      If he wants too much next time they talk i can see him dealt.
      I think he is around the net with his shot but it is always too high.
      the players love those new sticks but he should get one less flexible so that the torque does not make it take off like that.
      those sticks may be super light and make a harder shot but it costs a lot of them accuracy.
      the amount of missed shots on goal nowadays from prime shooting spots is those sticks.
      i know i am an oldtimer from the wood days but when i played if i missed the net that often from shooting areas i would go home deaf from the coach screaming in my ear.
      funny thing is it is like the new golf clubs which my friends spray all over the place but cannot wait to tell everyone they hit it 280-300 even if it did end up in the woods or in the other fairway.
      the older clubs were in the proper fairway but only went 260-270 and that was not good enough,lol,so i guess a 100 mph shot going who knows where is better then a 90 mph shot on goal.

  20. So short comment here but how does everyone know that kessel won’t resign? Lets say getzlaf hits the open market and signs with the leafs, wouldn’t you be wishing you had him to snipe on the wing?

    Trading kessel seems like the wrong move IMO. It’s rare that trading a player like kessel brings you back an equal player unless its like the heatly for havlat type trade.

  21. i would love to see someone sign subban to an offer sheet,but i love montreals gm taking a stand and saying no,this is what were offering.what would the oilers have to give up to get luongo,or who would the canucks want.

  22. lets not worry so much about Kessel lets solve our goaltending problems first. Jonathon Bernier from LA would be agood fit here slide him in with Remier or Scrivens your future goalie problems are solved. Look in the draft for a young goalie in the draft then don’t trade him.Then we can start solving all the other problems like trading Kessel for a centre and in the free agent market go get a Correy Perry.With only so much cap space avaiable you can’t be tied down with Luongo’s contract. Build it slow so it will last and we don’t have to endure the last few miserable years that we have had to.

  23. First off …..Iam not a Kessel hater …I think the deal was good for the leafs in the short term…..and I wish the leafs were a better team to have Kessel at this time….hes a great scorer but the Leafs need to move him to improve to a better all around team …he wont survive in this system adn he will be lucky to score 15 – 20 goals in the new Carlyle era …its not his style of Hockey he s the best Blue Chip tradeable asset they have that can really bring in a great return that will be better for the Leafs long term……

    .I mean seriously ….do you think that Kessel vcan bring back what Subban can bring back in a deal …I think hes worth more …and when you talk about Subban being moved you always here about an elite player coming back ….Kessel is in that same area of talks …sorry this is a business and the Leafs need to move him…..

    @ Top Right Corner …I respectfully disagree that moving Kessel in a limited market is as easy or beneficial to the club next year having that hang over them in the next brand new year …Leafs need to do this now and play this half year without Kesel and bring in the new players that will be there for the great start of next year and blend in the Ufas the trade value of Kessel and the new players they are growing now …this is the best thing for the Franchise and to seriously compete next year …sorry thats juts my opinion….

  24. @ TRC

    Agree with your posts…get a centre who can make room for Kessel to score 50 goals instead of 30. Yes he is a sniper, a pure goal scorer, not a 2 way, 200 foot player. He is not changing, because A) He cannot, and B) He should not. Everybody needs to just deal with it. Kessel is slumping right now but thank God it is Carlyle not Wilson, offering counsel. Randy will “grow him up” with the right amount of push and pull to become a true pro. i think part of the Leafs decision to resign Lupul so quickly and easily was to ensure Kessel did the same.

    I f you are Ryan Getzlaf and you are considering not resigning with the Ducks. Is Toronot a more or less attractive option without Kessel and Lupul?

    Case closed.

    Phaneuf is not worth 6.5 , but which one of of us would turn it down?. If he and Leaf management are realistic about what he brings, and what he is worth, the dollars will be easily agreed to when his current contract expires. He was a classic case (and there are many) of an ordinary player coming off an extraordinary year in the last year of a contract. I think its called the Jason Blake Factor….. However I would say he is playing better than last year, and media wise appears more “Captain Like”. He should check out a Sherwood 5030. Much better for him than a composite stick.