NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 28, 2014

Latest on P.A. Parenteau and Ryan Miller, plus the latest on the Devils, Flyers and Ducks.

Are the Avalanche shopping P.A. Parenteau?

Are the Avalanche shopping P.A. Parenteau?

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater yesterday reported the Avalanche making P.A. Parenteau a healthy scratch for last night’s game against Dallas sparked speculation he was on the trade block. Parenteau only recently returned from a knee injury and coach Patrick Roy claimed the move was done to avoid overplaying him. Dater cited a “tweet” from TVASports’ Renaud Lavoie claiming a few teams (the Canadiens among them) had inquired about Parenteau.

TVASPORTS’ Louis Jean later “tweeted” the Canadiens had turned down a deal which would’ve shipped Parenteau to Montreal in exchange for winger Rene Bourque.

RDS.CA: Francois Gagnon reports it was the other way round, that the Avs rejected the offer from the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regardless of who rejected the deal, a swap of Parenteau-for-Bourque isn’t happening. The Avs have depth up front so it’s only natural to assume Parenteau, who’s making $4 million per season through 2015-16 and lacks a no-trade clause, could be available. If we go by Gagnon’s report, they obviously don’t want another forward in return. The Avs could use experienced depth on the blueliner heading toward the playoffs. If they shop a forward, I would think they’ll want a defenseman in return.

NHL LIVE (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): TSN’s Bob McKenzie acknowledged the trade rumors swirling about Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, believing they are prepared to move him but he doesn’t think anything’s imminent. He noted rumors tying Miller to the Minnesota Wild but says his best information is the Wild aren’t close to making any deal, believing they’ll stick with Darcy Kuemper up to the Olympic break. He does feel the St. Louis Blues are interested in Miller but doesn’t think they’ll pay a lot for him, nor is acquiring Miller a necessity for them…McKenzie doubts the struggling Montreal Canadiens will fire coach Michael Therrien…He believes the struggling LA Kings are in the market for a rental goal-scorer like Buffalo’s Matt Moulson or Calgary’s Mike Cammalleri.

TWINCITIES.COM: Chad Graff reports Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is monitoring the trade market but are less likely to get involved in deals which they part with any of their top young prospects. Barring injuries to Darcy Kuemper and Niklas Backstrom, Graff doubts the Wild will pursue Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. They expect goalie Josh Harding to rejoin them following the Olympic break, while Mikko Koivu and Jared Spurgeon should be back before the Olympics.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Wild will wait until after the Olympic break, assess their needs and if required make a move by the trade deadline. Don’t expect another big move like their acquisition last season of Jason Pominville. If they do make a move it’ll be for an affordable rental forward where they don’t have to give up a good young player. Given the Sabres will seek a big return for Miller, that should put the Wild out of the bidding.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello could seek a left winger for his first line. No word on who Lamoriello could pursue or what he’ll offer as trade bait.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren has a small window of opportunity to improve his struggling club. They need a legitimate number one defenseman but none are available. Blueliners who could be available (like Florida’s Mike Weaver or Colorado’s Ryan Wilson) are considered stopgap measures.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Working against Holmgren is his limited cap space brought about by the lowered salary cap for this season, which has stagnated the trade market. 

LOS ANGELES TIMES: The Anaheim Ducks could be in the market for depth players by the March trade deadline.


  1. Seems odd the Habs would turn down that deal unless there was more involved than a straight Bourque for Parenteau swap, Parenteau is the better player. Not that it matters much.

    • Parenteau is coming off a pretty significant knee injury …it may have been more related to that than the players hockeys quality aspect. They are only around $400,000 apart in salary.

      This is a little mind boggling…The Wild go out and sign 2 mega deals for only 2 players sign Pomminville long term have Koivu and some other very very high quality players …and they are going to try and just wing it in the Goalie department with a guy has seen his best hockey behind him and another guy who has a serius health issue that is a factor day to day that can see him out for long spurts or forever ……

      Sorry am I missing something here but when you invest that much you don’t go the 99 yards and hope for the extra yard to come easy …..your are either all in…. or your out !

      The Wild need to go hard after Miller or another goalie in that elite level that is available …or its a one and done in the first round ….time is of the essence in pro sports ….another year brings age ….injuries and the unknown …..this is a Miller or bust or Cup or bust situation for the Wild….. …IMHO


      • @Backchecking, very well said, goaltending is at “Red Alert” status for that team and Fletcher needs to do something big, very soon, or it’s game over.

      • Knee issue or not, at this point Id take Parenteau with a broken leg over Bourque.

        • Roy sat Tanguay against the Lightning, so sitting PAP isn’t really news. Both players just returned from significant time off. I’d be surprised if either are on the trade block because they offer a good change of pace from most of our other forwards who play a North-South style.

      • I’m not sure Miller helps the Wild. They are 5th in the west gaa, and 13th in goals for (Next to the last). Admitted, I don’t see a lot of of Wild games. But from a numbers perspective it seems they could use scoring depth more than they could use Miller.

      • Nicely said backchecking!!

      • @backchecking Minny has been reasonably happy with the goaltending to date. The Red Wings have generally followed a similar model where they didn’t spend a whole lot on goalies. Perhaps they are believers that the system matters more than the tender.

        • @ Styxcanada

          Agree with what u said…

          Remember the days when Detroit had Cujo and the Dominator?

    • RDS claims the Habs had to add Andrighetto to make the deal work.

      • This makes more sense.

  2. Good luck to Homer finding a no. 1. D. going in to the playoff stretch with very tight races. Unless he is willing to give up the majority of youth on his team because with out including B Schenn and Coturier type players picks and good prospects it isn’t happening not to mention that he would need to move some substantial contracts to make room. In other words pretty much dismantle his team.

    • that’s what the Flyers need to do. clean house and re-build around Weber. this Flyer team is average. if they somehow slip in to the playoffs, they’ll be done in the 1st round. they haven’t been able to play with the better teams and they have their hands full with the teams in the bottom half of the league. because they’re a team in the bottom half of the league.

      a bunch of over-rated, over-paid players who have no eye of the tiger. they need a complete over-haul. i just wouldn’t let Holmgren be in charge of the over-haul.

    • Agreed no way anything for a legit number 1 happens during season and if it happens in the offseason philly is going to be given up a lot. Think schenn, Laughton, 1st plus…
      Honest question to Philly fans, would you take Franson ? If so what’s your price for him. I see him as expendable ..

      • the Flyers need a complete make-over. i say clean house, over-pay for Weber and build around him, Hartnell, Lecavalier, B Schenn, L Schenn, and Mason

        get bigger, faster, younger and hungrier players to fill in the roster

    • Jw are Carter and Read as good as the Flyers fans make them out to be?

      • Carter as in Jeff Carter???

        Read is a solid 20-goal scorer. decent speed but not big, and plays a soft game but he has skill. under contract for 4 years at $3.6M but he’s like 28 y.o. so he;s probably a good trade-able player

        • lol….ya Carter is pretty good too tho.

          • in all fairness to Holmgren, who i think has done a terrible job managing the salary cap and assembling this Flyer team, Carter was a goal scorer for the Flyers but i think his game is all-around better with the Kings. he seems to play a tough game and uses his size more since he’s been with the Kings

          • Little more maturity can do that for a player, agreed his all round game fits very well with the Kings.

  3. The Wild have 4 goalies: Gustafson (Iowa Wild), Harding (Injured reserve), Backstrom (not 100% healthy but available) and Keumper (not alot of experience at NHL level). Just an observation, IF they make the playoffs, with a defense that is maybe middle of the pack vs the rest of the NHL, does anyone see this team making past the 1st round? Reports are saying that Harding may be done for the season due to his illness, he was doing great before his meds were adjusted, he was probably their best shot at a second round. Backstrom gets hurt getting out of bed, so is pursuing Miller a good idea, IMO it is, only if it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg, also he would more than likely be a rental.

    • No way Wild make it past the first round IMO. Stranger things have happened though. Harding could be lights out in the playoffs like Quick was a couple years ago.

      • @Jes, doesn’t sound like he will be back this year due to his MS medications, but we’ll have to see, if he comes back and gets hot like he was, the Wild might get through the first round and beyond. They could still use and upgrade on defense, trade Stoner & Ballard, but unfortuately they probably won’t get much of an upgrade in return, IMO.

    • Hard to see Minny going too far given how good the west has been this year. Chicago, St Louis, Ducks all look to be really tough to beat and you can’t count out the Kings if Quick is on.

    • I doubt they make it past the first round, but I think that’s still in their building plan. Maybe first-round loss this year, second-round next year, and then, in 2 years, compete for the Cup.

      No team *plans* to lose in early rounds, but they also know not to sell the farm if they’re more than 1-2 players away from truly competing for the Cup. I’d say Minnie is one of those teams right now. So why get rid of a tonne of prospects to get a 5th goalie who will only be with you for 2 months?

      • @Paddy, good points, I can see them contending in a few more years, hopefully. Looks like Miller might be the Wilds best shot if Hards doesn’t come back in full form, sure isn’t going to be Backstrom leading the way.

        • @Thunder. I’d agree – so much depends on Harding’s health. Can be a seriously good goalie for them, if he can keep playing regularly!

  4. I highly doubt that the Canadiens turned down a swap of PAP for Bourque. I’d do that deal yesterday.

    Minnesota should look to get Miller, re-sign him, and move Backstrom in the off-season.

    I think the Devils will be fairly quiet. They don’t have many assets to land a scoring LW.

    Weaver may not fit the Flyers’ mold, and Florida will not trade him for something that is not worth having him for two more years.

    • If the conference wasn’t so close, I wouldnt mind seeing a deal for Lupul to the Devils. Bruner, Loktionov, Fayne, and some decent prospects, there are a few guys there that could be the beginnings of a deal.

      • I’ve heard lupuls name come up on here a couple times. It would be an interesting move, last year when lupul was at his best i would have said he had captain potential if phaneuf wasn’t already. This year. His play has dropped off now that could be more related to kadris play as when paired with holland he seemed to have his jump back. A team like Pitt who is looking for scoring help could really benefit from a guy like him but it comes down to cap space as everything always does…

        • Not so much play related tho I agree has dropped a bit for some reason more it has to do with age and his contract. Imo it doesnt make sense to hold on to an older 2nd line player with a bigger contract when the majority of the team is 4-5 years younger and not really a cup contender. I just dont find him to be that big of a piece in the future.

          • True.. What would a package look like in return.. Bennett and depres?

          • With the bad contract you won’t get much forhim

          • Not sure its a “bad” contract probably put up 50-60 (maybe more if the situation is right) points this year and been over a point per game for the past couple years, 5.25 mill isnt that bad, 115 points in his past 125 games is pretty decent value. As I said it has more to do with the rest of the team than it does with Lupul. Look around the league there are lots of 5-5.5 mill guys that dont put up those numbers.

  5. My 2 cents on Ryan Miller
    It is being controlled by the Ducks at this point.
    Here is what we THINK we know.
    1) Ducks tried to trade Hiller last summer, then early this season, couldn’t
    2) Miller wants to be out west to be with his family,
    3) There is really only one place and that is Anaheim.
    4) What makes it interesting is that Hiller is a UFA end of season.
    5) What makes it more interesting is that Hiller is having his best year.
    6) The headache that Bob Murray has is that he has two young goalies for the
    Future in Gibson and Andersen and Andersen has shown that he is ready
    to be backup next year. Add to that they still have Victor Fasth under contract.
    7) I’m sure Bob Murray would love to resign Hiller but with the season he is having
    no doubt he wants long contract and big bucks, with Andersen and Gibson waiting
    in the wings, long term contract won’t happen.
    8) Meanwhile back in Buffalo I’m sure that Miller checks NHL.COM ever morning to
    see if Hiller has resigned or been traded.
    9) Every day Hiller remains unsigned gets Miller one day closer to UFA July 1 in Anaheim.
    10) Bob Murray also knows this and it allows him to low ball Hiller and trying to get Hiller
    to give a home town discount.
    11) It really hurts Buffalo because it’s hard enough to sell to St Louis / Detroit / NYI or
    whoever might be interested in Miller that he is just a rental for this year and if Hiller
    is unsigned July 1, Miller will just walk away and make a deal with Anaheim.
    12) So any team interested in Miller discounts the price because he is a UFA and that
    there is a very real chance he won’t even talk to his new team about long term until
    he knows what happened with Hiller in Anaheim.

    So who blinks first ?

    Ok I gave everyone something to fight over on this boring day

    • @allforducks, The Ducks will sign Hiller, IMHO.

      • Hope your right. To me 3 years at 6 mil first year / 5.5 mil second year and 5 mil third year gives enough time for Andersen and Gibson to get settled in here and at 5 million in last year makes it an affordable contract if Ducks need to trade him.
        If they sign Hiller I do expect Ducks to try and trade Fasth this summer.

        • @allforducks, yes, and I forgot to mention in my previous post that I think they will try to move Fasth if/when they sign Hiller. Fasth should have enough value for a #3 or #4 D? They are playing out of their minds this year. The Wild will have their hands full tonight.

          • Yep, Boudreau does it again. The man can coach.

            Anyone else get the feeling that when a team is struggling and they say, “it’s easier to fire the coach than the players” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s *right* answer, just because it’s easier??

    • No one talks much about this, but the Sharks might want Miller. They thought they had their #1 in Niemi, but since his near miss Vezina season he has regressed, and this year hasn’t been that good. Stalock is outplaying him mostly. (.913/2.37 vs .943/1.56) The price for Miller would have to depend on him resigning for something reasonable. On the other hand, if Stalock keeps his play up, Sharks won’t need Miller. The other consideration is that Wilson has been repeatedly burned in the rental market over the past 5-6 years.

      • Good Point but Neimi would have to go back to Buffalo as part of the trade others
        Dollars don’t work. Would not be totally surprised as just when you think Doug Wilson is in a corner, he comes up with a solution. Still I do think that what Anaheim
        does with Hiller will be the trigger and just a gut feeling but I think Hiller signs a new contract before March 5.

  6. If the Senators are sellers at the deadline, maybe they will send veteran Chris Phillips to Anaheim.

    He already has a goal for them in the Stanley Cup finals.

  7. I wonder if the Canucks might have interest in Parenteau? They could perhaps offer up some defensive depth and are badly in need of scoring.

    • I was hoping Nucks signed Parenteau when he was last a UFA (a play making winger for Kesler). They would have to ask Elder (or any of their top 4) to waive their NTC or give up either Stanton/Tanev + extra salary for the money to work (Hanson, Booth(lol)).

      With Schroader back (2 fluky goals last night), maybe just maybe they can squeeze into the playoffs and face a Central division team; their only (sliver of) hope making it past the first round.

  8. Devils seek left winger, Parenteau seemingly available…

    Parenteau to the Devils for Fayne+?

  9. Could PAP return to the Isles in exchange for Andrew Macdonald? I’m suspecting that the Isles would want Colorado to keep some of his salary as they weren’t willing to pay 4 mill when he was a free agent and now he’s coming off a knee injury. Of course Macdonald is a pending UFA and the Isles are really thin on D so not sure what pieces would need to be added from either side.

  10. As a leafs fan I like the idea og getting smith-pelly from Anaheim. If Anaheim is looking for depth I the playoffs I think the leafs must have something of equal value to acquire smith-pelly. If anybody has thoughts on a possible trade I would love to hear it.

  11. Miller is going to go to the Blues, everything about him wanting to be closer to his wife is rumor. The Blues need elite goaltending to get over the hump and beat teams like LA, Chicago, San Jose. They have very good goaltending now, Miller would make them elite, maybe even best tandem in the league. They’re poised to make a run, all they need to do is move some stuff around to make the cap room and fire out some draft picks/prospects.

    • Like I said yesterday, it wasn’t goaltending that cost them the series last year. St. Louis only gave up more than 2 goals in regulation once in that series. They were shutout and lost 1-0, 2-1 games.

      • Its like a Chuck Norris complex there is nothing Miller cant do, including score some goals, or maybe he is just so good he can win a nothing nothing game.

  12. i really dont kno were miller is going. it seems to change everyday on were he is going. what if buffalo resigns him to a 3 year deal? who knos what could happen or should happen . i would like to see someone come up witha trade scenario for tyler myers. can the sabres get a decent return for him? who has ideas?

    • I would love to help, but Myers is one of a few guys that the Sabres aren’t moving. UNLESS, you can over load a trade and in this market its not going to happen.

      ex, Myers to Edmonton for Eberle and a pick.