NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 30, 2013.

Check out the latest trade rumors from around the NHL.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/VANCOUVER SUN: Canucks assistant GM Laurence Gilman claimed season-ending hip surgery for goaltender Eddie Lack won’t have any effect upon the club’s plans for a Roberto Luongo trade. Speculation suggests, however, the Canucks would now require a backup goalie as part of the return if they do trade Luongo this season. Even when healthy, Lack was not considered part of the Canucks plans this season.

The Province’s Ben Kuzma, meanwhile, reported  GM Mike Gills could need more time, perhaps the first ten games of this season, to get a better read on his club’s needs. Kuzma feels the return for Luongo must a center who can play either the second or third line. Gillis dismissed any suggestion he might be desperate to move Luongo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gillis has repeatedly made it clear he’s content to be patient and await the right offer, and won’t be pressured into trading Luongo for a lesser return. I agree that a quality center will likely be the centerpiece of any return for Luongo.

Ryan O'Reilly's contract standoff continues.

Ryan O’Reilly’s contract standoff continues.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reported yesterday it’s believed the Colorado Avalanche are trying to add a forward to replace the injured Steve Downie. They’re still embroiled in a contract standoff with Ryan O’Reilly…Washington Capitals GM George McPhee denied he’s in the market for help for his struggling club…LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi wants to give his team time to overcome their slow start…Friedman believes Phil Kessel is perfectly suited to play in Toronto because he isn’t rattled by the media coverage…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It doesn’t appear as though the Avs standoff with O’Reilly is going to end soon. There’s been rumors they’re shopping him but the club repeatedly denies it…McPhee obviously wants to do the same as Lombardi and give his team more time. Still, if the Caps haven’t improved in another month, pressure on McPhee to do something could increase…I expect the Kings will rally back and won’t need a shake-up trade…Leafs management have given no indication they’re considering a move of Kessel. Quite frankly, I think such talk is premature.

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Sam Carchidi wondered if Flyers GM Paul Holmgren will remain patient and await Scott Hartnell’s return from injury in four or five weeks, or pull the trigger on a major deal “for a sniper like Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Ducks are off to a good start this season and their management has assured Ryan he’s not on the trade block, Holmgren might have to look at another club if he wants to make a major deal.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently reported the Senators strong start has GM Bryan Murray holding off shopping for help for his blueline.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Rob Rossi recently reported Penguins defenseman Simon Despres might be available for the right price. The Pens were rumored in the market for a winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despres is currently filling in for the injured Matt Niskanen, so if the Penguins are shopping him, they’ll likely wait until after Niskanen’s return.


  1. LA Kings have sat Penner for 3 games in a row. I could see the Kings dealing Penner as I believe he is only on a 1 year deal. There’s not a ton of risk and when he decides to play come playoff time he is an asset. Not sure if I am reaching here but he should be able to fetch a 2 rounder???

    • that’s tough to estimate, i would bet 3rd or 4th but i could be off. the fact that he’s sitting out doesn’t increase his value that’s for sure.

    • but why? even if they could get a 2nd rounder how does that help them? they aren’t rebuilding, they’re looking to win again. better to keep him around either on the ice or in the pressbox and use him when he’s playing well or there are injuries.

  2. @High Pockets

    I doubt Penner would have much value. He’s sort of developed a reputation around the league. I’m also not sure that Penner’s benching had as much to do with him playing poorly as it did the Kings started playing better after he was benched. The Kings have improved in recent games and I suspect that the coaching staff just doesn’t want to make any changes.

    • I didn’t know Penner was being sat. Hmmm, makes perfect sense for the Penguins considering Crosby has had to play with scrub singers his whole career. I think that would be a good fit.

      • Wingers. Not singers. Damn iPhone lol

      • not certain he’s an upgrade from dupius, who i would consider a quality winger and not a scrub. kunitz isn’t a scrub either, but i agree that they’re not top line wingers. neither is penner.

        • lol. Penner is slow as molasses, and has the turning radius of an aircraft carrier. He would just be an anchor slowing down whatever line he’s on. I don’t think even Crosby could bring his career back from the dead.

        • Hemsky could be dealt for blueline help in Edmonton

    • penner did not play well in the avs game prior to his benching in a return to edmonton -so it was well deserved. the team is playing better now that’s he’s bench but not necessarily because he’s not playing. the team has more than 6 top six guys and he’s not really suited for the third or fourth lines. meanwhile, clifford has taken his spot with richards and carter and brought a lot of jump to that line. i don’t see him getting back on the ice unless there’s an injury or clifford looses his spark.

  3. Was at the Buffalo & Leafs game last night ….very good game ….Leafs need to find a away to keep Frattin in the line up , Kessel was not in the play most times and just watched the game …Franson really needs to be on the point for the power play and then maybe he can be an impact and not a liability as often as he will be on 5 on 4 instead and has a very accurate shot!! James Riemer was unreal I would not give up 2 or 3 players for Luongo at this point …juts bite down on the leather and take it for now and go and get a few power forwards and the pressing need for a true # 1 center man!

    Luongo ….

    I have read that the Florida panthers are up for sale and that they may not look to make any bold moves where as money is a center piece such as a Luongo contract as not to slow the process of the sale!!
    Gillis is loosing traction …..this trade will no go down until the trade dead line… IMO this way Nucks see where there at and may take advantage of a team who is desperate.

    O’Rielly …
    Wierd with Landeskog out that there hasn’t been any movement with a signing or trade …he is a great talent on this team and well liked in the room …Avalanche need to move on this in any direction to benefit the team as a whole…are there no teams willing to part with a piece to get a good piece to change there direction at this time!


    Luke warm reception in the Canadiens dressing room ??? wow!!

    Penguines ….need a better winger for Crosby

    • Reimer looked great last night. I definitely wouldn’t trade for Lu and that stupid contract. Maybe wait and see what it will take to sign Backstrom this summer as a UFA to help with Riemers progression.

      You have been saying it since last year Franson has the best most acurate shot and should be on the pp. Wilson and Carlyle haven’t give this kid a fair shot and I have no idea why.
      The Leafs need to move out some bodies to give these kids a chance. You see whats happening with Kadri, Frattin, Franson, Kosta, Fraser. Give these kids a chance and most of them are ready. BTW what is Komarov still doing on the team I haven’t seen any sign of a Darcy Tucker type player. He is invisiable and yet again took one of the Marlies spots that someone has been busting his hump for and didn’t get a shot.

      One last thing. Dallas Eakins deserves a gold star for what he has done with all the players he’s been given. He turns average AHL guys into NHL ready players.

      • First time I have seen Franson play with the Leafs and he was all over the place. Leafs looked real good last night and they capitalized on Bflo’s lapses. I think Franson will get a better look with Carlyle. I don’t think the Leafs need to trade for Luongo as Ithink they have a pretty good plan in place by developing their players versus trying to buy instant success and getting locked into bad contracts.

      • Eakins is a beauty and will be in the NHL very soon.

        Komorov is playing very well,i love having him in there.
        the guy bangs,kills penalties,does lots of dirty work and has got under the skin of the other team a few times already.
        he got the leafs a 4 minute PP last night.
        i have no idea what you expect to see but this guy is the prototypical unsung hero that contributes in ways other than scoring.

        i have said all along reimer will be just fine now that he is away from allaire and that stupid chicken wing crap.
        he looked very good when he came up and then alaaire tried to change him with a failed complete makeover.

    • That whole luke warm stuff the media is spitting out is crap. It was game day and players were done talking about the whole PK thing. Pretty much as most people are done reading about it.

    • most comments here are inline with my thoughts. so, i’m impressed.

      O’Rielly may return to Magnitogorsk in Feb so stay tuned, and anti up Mr Sherman. The out clause that is part of his contract is dependant on him earning more $$ in the NHL but I have no idea how much he signed for in Dec with KHL. The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater thinks the two offers on the table for O’Reilly are fair: a 5-year deal worth $17 million or a 2-year deal for $7 million.

      I’ve always been a critic of Bobby Lu and only now am I starting to be in his corner. I really think he’s got potential to win some cups, but I’m not certain if he’ll get that chance – the asking price is too much. I would prefer to see the Leafs pass over that option and keep Kadri and let Reimer develop – there’s no pressure on Nonis to win games this season.

      Subban better light it up and that’s all there is to it.

      • Many people laid the blame for the Canuck’s playoff losses at the feet of Luongo and while I agree a couple of goals that he let in were soft ones but for the majority it was the rest of the team giving the opponents way, way too many good scoring chances. While a Canuck fan I am not blind to certain issues that they have had and in some areas still have but Luongo is not negative. The Canucks as a team have been too soft to play against and while Kassian bring a certain accountability to the top line he is still not a true heavyweight when it comes to battling. Volpati is a good player and will drop the gloves with players who overstep but again he is not a contender when it comes to true heavyweights. Last of all and what was again on display the other night, with the Canucks protecting a one goal lead the coach had the reach the red line and dump the puck in the opponents end and get to the bench for a change. I admit the team was tired having played 4 games in 6 nights but I have seen coach AV have them doing this dump in way too many times in the past to put it down to fatigue. Without a forechecker what the Canucks are saying is; “Here’s the puck come try and score,” and they leave it up to the goalie, too often Luongo, to stop them. It didn’t work the other night and it won’t work against the leagues top players.
        The contract Luongo carries is a big one, no doubt, but for a team that wants steady, top flight goaltending it could be worth taking on. What could make it even more palatable is if a team was making a real run at the cup and had a number of players who after this or next year were going to be too expensive to resign.

        O’Reilly does have the KHL to use for leverage where every knew that was not an option for Subban. Two years at $7 million is not bad and could be a great beginning for more money to come in the future.

        I think the contract P.K. signed is a good one for the team and could be a blessing in disguise for him. While Montreal did not overpay for him at this point in his career they saved some cap for a couple of years to help keep the team together. If he progresses as most people believe he will he is in for a huge payday in a few years and will either be signed long term by the Canadiens, which I doubt, or his agent will find him someone else to pony up the really big bucks. Either way he can’t lose.

        • i agree Captain, Vancouver does need more character players and i would hope they get one in any eventual trade. what gets me is this has been a need for years and the people in charge made their living as character players so they know the value of a good character player. they did make a serious push for Shane Doan (can you imagine the difference someone like him would’ve made in the Finals?) but aside from that i guess guys like that don’t move very often or so we’ve been told. they can certainly package up some of their less effective players like Weise with draft picks to try and acquire those kind of players or make a bold move like Gillis has said he would do but hasn’t (aside from acquiring Kassian for Hodgson or the ill fated Backes offer sheet).

    • I agree the Penguins need a real top line winger for Crosby, much like the James Neal deal. The thing is, I really think the Penguins are fine offensively and maybe it’s not clicking right now but it’s my opinion the Penguins need to add a real tough-as-nails defenseman…They need another Orpik type with size and grit. They used to have it in Hall and Scuderi but I think their defenseman are always thinking transition and get off position. Plus, they don’t defend the front of the net so well. Ok, Hall is not tough but more like Scuderi. They have a guy in Bortuzzo that could be that but if he was ready he’d be in the line up right now. So, If I am the Penguins I would focus on D more than offense right now. Even in their system, their defenseman are not the physical type so I would draft some better forwards on the upcoming draft and trade for some tough SOBs on D.

  4. Oh….. almost forgot !!!

    Holmgren should look to make a trade for a players like Jeff Carter and Mike Richards …they might do better?

    Just a joke …relax …Lol ….this might come back to haunt them!!

    • The Flyers have been know to pull off the big player deal ….even if they don’t pan out (Lindros, Daigle and Gratton (good prospects at the time), Roenick, Forsberg.
      I’m suggesting that with hte HUGE drop in value and a poor start the Flyers take a run at Ovechkin. Trade anything but Giroux……and hopefully not Simmonds.
      A Ovechkin-Giroux line would be league changing. You could even put Renberg on that line (it worked with Lindros and LeClair).

      • …known…

        • Ovechkin, is not nor will he be available. This actually is a good thing for Philadelphia because the last thing they need is another over paid player. For the $10 million or so that the Lazy Eightball is making the Flyers could get two very good players to compliment their line up rather than someone else to mess up their dressing room.

      • never….ever….happening. just stop.

  5. The up and down play of Malkin was once again on display last night. He made a couple of horrendous passes and looked like he was disinterested. I don’t know what it is about him but some games he dominates and others he looks like his mind is elsewhere.
    Even Fluery had a few off moments and let in at least on bad one.
    Crosby was his usual hard playing self but his line mates couldn’t get it done.

    • Fleury always has a couple off moments. He can look brilliant but can look equally as shaky in the same period.

    • Were you watching the same game as the rest of us. Crosby showed ZERO hustle last night, played very little defense, and had way more careless turnovers than Malkin in the offensive zone. In fact, this is how he has been playing all year.

      Everyone gives Sid a pass and then gets on Malkin. This year has been no different. But the reality is that Geno is outplaying Sid on a nightly basis.

    • We must have been watching different games because Crosby looked awful and completely disinterested.

  6. @ Cap AHAB

    History shows that Malkin plays a totally different game when Crosby isn’t in the line up !!
    When it’s his so called team he comes to play hard each night. There could be some tension there or relaxation that Crosby will take up the slack…either way …Crosby still needs a more talented winger that also can contribute 25 to 30 goals like the Neal – Malkin line !! I think Sutter will be a better play given some time as well.

    • I really like Sutter’s game

    • If Crosby NEEDS a 30 goal scorer on his line then he’s not as good as people make him out to be. Great players turn average linemates into good players allowing the supporting cast more of an opportunity to play against worst competition (Malkin, Neal, etc.).

      • So Crosby netting 51 goals with no wingers Ian good?

        Dupuis and Kunitz both broke 20 goals playing with him too.

        Can’t be that bad.

  7. @ Fotiu 29

    You coulkd probably get Bobby Ryan…. OR ……Cory Perry for less than what you would have to pay to Ovechkin and also end up with a better all around player that would benefit Giroux more !!

    Ovechkin has all ready played with a quality player in Backstrum and its not enough for them !!
    Hes a one dimensional player and has been figured out by scouting …teams know how to eliminate Ovechkin from the play now! I understand anything is possible and no trade scenario should be overlooked….. within reason …but this would not benefit either team ……plus Washington would loose there FRANCHISE player that would be the worst for ticket sales and marketing the team …they would loose money in that trade for the survival of the club !!

    • Bobby Ryan is not avail

      • Everyone is always available…for the right price!

    • Philly tried for BR last year … the asking price was Coutier & Schenn … don’t think thats happening.

      • We need something. The Flyers showed a little desparation by signing Knuble. Really?! Another Flyers retread. We got Fedetenko. Are we getting Handzus, Langkow and Justin WIlliams too?

  8. What I kept hearing over and over when any of the Montreal players were asked about Subban was that he will have to buy into the system. They have been having success with him out of the lineup and are playing what they believe is a winning system and from what they are saying, to a man, do not any one to disrupt it.
    P.K. can add another dimension to that system if he buys in, and if he doesn’t I bet he will be hearing about it PDQ.

  9. @ Beergoggles ….

    Komorav needs to get sent down and bring up Hamilton and keep this guy up the whole year regardless of his point production ….this guy REALLY deserves to be a regular with the Leafs IMO

    • interesting.. i’m not familiar w/ Hamilton’s game. I saw 3 Marlies games last season, one this season, and still couldn’t tell you what hand he is.

      I am however impressed with Komorav’s and McClement’s game.

  10. @ Rob …hes the Captain of the Marlies !

    Just scored a hat trick in the AHL all star game ..and was named the games MVP …hes as reliable a player you could ask for big guy as well very responsible on the ice and has great hands good guy in the room leadreship qualities …but the Leafs take Komorav ?????……. I regress

    Name: Ryan Hamilton
    Number: 12
    Pos.: LW
    Shoots: L
    Height: 6-2
    Weight: 230
    Birthdate: 1985-04-15
    Birthplace: Oshawa, ON
    2011-12 Highlights: The Marlies captain appeared in 74 games registering 51 points (25 goals, 26 assists) and 36 penalty minutes. Hamilton led the Marlies in goals (25)

    • I was thinking the same thing. Not that Komarov is bad or anything but I do think he is just average and disagree with Top right on his play so far. The main point is there are a few marlies busting their asses this year and last year that are every bit as good as Komarov and got passed over to give Komarov a spot. Doesn’t set a good example.

      You are right about Hamilton. If Eakin’s is tooting his horn about him saying he should be in the NHL he I believe he should be up in place of Komarov

  11. While I do agree that part of ovie’s problem is he is too easy to play against. he also just doesn’t look like the same player who broke into the league and ripped shit up.

    He used to want to be the best( I assume) and now it’s like he just doesn’t care. No passion, no heart, it’s just business as usual.

    If he continues to play like he has been I doubt it would take a big return to get him.

  12. @ Icebear

    Imagine Ovechkin and his talent playing like a Zach Parise ……unstoppable!!

    • I wish he would. I didn’t care for some of his antics (stick being too hot) but he was fun to watch. Shame he’s slid so far.

      I’d like to see him pull it together but who knows..

  13. @ Liddy 5

    In regards to Crosby and a new line mate

    …I was taking into consideration that a more talented player to be brought in to be even more of a threat that can both distribute Crosby the puck better and Crosby distribute the puck better to him also ………but with your description or analysis that would mean that an average player like Dupuis should all ready be a 30 goal scorer in the league because Crosby should make him that …..I am sure another elite star isn’t exactly the answer but something better than Dupuis …would be nice for Crosby to play with …just from a Fans stand point it would be nice to see Crosby play with a talented winger whom is also a natural goal scorer…just as a fan !!
    You shouldn’t have to ask Crosby to make an every average player he plays with a 30 plus goal scorer

    • My point was mostly that part of the advantage to having a Crosby is that he brings up the play of his linemates, which means he doesn’t need stars on his wing (in theory). Kunitz and Dupuis are perfectly fine linemates. They get dirty in the corners and complement Crosby’s game, and they are capable of scoring 25-30 goals. Clearly that line has worked fine. Crosby just needs to get his butt in gear and stop dogging it.

  14. @ Liddy 5

    after review it looks as if Crosby has infact been able to increase Dupouis numbers from the time he was brought in from the other teams he had played for and his numbers increased with Crosby each year !

    RANGERS 6 1 0 1 -4 0 0 0 0 10 10.0
    2006-2007 THRASHERS 17 3 2 5 -6 4 0 0 1 40 7.5
    2007-2008 THRASHERS 62 10 5 15 -4 24 0 3 1 111 9.0
    PENGUINS 16 2 10 12 4 8 0 0 0 32 6.3
    PENGUINS 71 12 16 28 1 30 0 0 2 145 8.3
    PENGUINS 81 18 20 38 5 16 0 0 5 157 11.5
    PENGUINS 81 17 20 37 16 59 0 4 3 171 9.9
    PENGUINS 82 25 34 59 18 34 0 3 8 214 11.7
    PENGUINS 6 2 1 3 2 4 1 0 1 10 20.0
    NHL TOTALS 756 157 182 339 27 341 19 14 28 1,619 9.7

  15. Imagine Crosby had an Iginla , Perry, Nash, Pavelski , Eberle, Loui erikson or Andrew Ladd on his wing ???

    • I love to see the pens pick up iggy to play on crosbys wing for a cup run!

    • Imagine if Crosby had a guy on his team who can score 40 goals. Wait, he has two.

      • And yet neither regularly play with him.

        • They play on the power-play.

    • As is often the case, just because you put two star players together on the same line doesn’t mean their production will increase. You put Iginla or Perry on Crosby’s line and Crosby’s assists will go up and his goals will go down but the total output of the line will unlikely go up. Otherwise why wouldn’t they just put Neal or Malkin on his wing? Kunitz and Dupuis are perfect linemates for him.

  16. Iginla at the trade deadline (if Calgary is out) or St. Louis’ Stewart before the deadline (both in final year of contract) would be the kind of forward Crosby needs and would allow Kunitz to be returned to Malkin-Neal line. Regardless, it will be difficult for Pens to keep what they have after this year and despite Bennett, prospects are few. Will need to make trade for top 6 forward for veteran Dman some time this season.