NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 6, 2014

Updates on the Coyotes and Senators, plus the latest on James Reimer, Dan Girardi, Ryan Callahan and more.

Will the Leafs shop James Reimer?

Will the Leafs shop James Reimer?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson speculates on James Reimer’s future with the Maple Leafs and wondered if the Oilers might be interested in acquiring him this summer…It’s believes the Penguins could shop defenseman Simon Despres because they’ve got promising Derrick Pouliot and Brian Dumoulin…Given Philipp Grubauer’s performance it’s increasingly likely the Capitals will trade backup Michal Neuvirth…Matheson also reports Avalanche defensemen Tyson Barrie and Ryan Wilson could be available…The Jets could try to move pending UFAs Devin Setoguchi, Olli Jokinen and Mark Stuart but teams are more interested in Evander Kane and Blake Wheeler.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs probably won’t move Reimer during this season but he’s a restricted free agent this summer. With Jonathan Bernier now the established starter, he could be shipped off in the off-season. If he’s available the Oilers should have interest…Despres’ often mentioned in Penguins trade rumors so it remains to be seen if they’ll actually move him. Depends on what’s available near the trade deadline. Penguins GM Ray Shero says he’s not interested in acquiring a rental player, so if he makes a move it’ll be for the long term…Moving Neuvirth won’t be easy as he’s seen limited action this season and is earning $2.5 million per season…The Avs need to bolster their defense, not deplete it…Interest in Setoguchi, Jokinen and Stuart could increase closer to the March trade deadline. I don’t believe the Jets wish to part with Kane or Wheeler.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders if defenseman Dan Girardi and winger Ryan Callahan might be more valuable to the Rangers as trade chips. “Would the Rangers be closer to the Stanley Cup with Girardi and Callahan signed to long-term contracts or with the four high-end prospects obtained in their places through lend-lease?” Both are unrestricted free agents in July and will be expensive re-signings. Brooks assumes the Bruins, who recently lost defenseman Dennis Seidenberg to a season-ending knee injury, could put in a call about Girardi, though they’ve yet to do so.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Sather trades these two and still expect they’ll be re-signed.  They could trade one or both and then re-sign them this summer but that’s a risky proposition.

FOX SPORTS ARIZONA: Craig Morgan speculates it may be time for Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney to shake up his struggling roster. He wonders if they’ll try to acquire a physical shutdown defenseman or depth at left wing. “We’re not shy about spending some money,” co-owner George Gosbee said on New Year’s Eve. “We’re in a very, very good position to seize on some opportunities if they come up.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes currently have over $4 million in cap space, which will increase to $10 million by the trade deadline.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch praised Senators GM Bryan Murray for his patience with his roster, which has improved in recent games. He claims the Senators are still willing to move players but not any of their core players.


  1. I agree with Spec on Reimer. He won’t be moved unless someone “knocks Nonis’s socks off”. Leafs can’t rely solely on Bernier as you saw on Sat night. With Reim’s being restricted and not playing as a number one there is no hurry to move him even with arbitration rights. Now, should he supplant Bernier in the next month or so as the number one and start playing very very well then that’s a different animal. With Arb rights he will command a huge raise this summer but as it stands playing back up the Leafs don’t have to worry about him getting a big reward from a judge.

    • Then he wont be moved. No one will “knock Nonis’ socks off”, he will be lucky to get what Bernier got for the Kings, which was bottom six forward, a 2nd and a back up ufa goalie as a throw in. Remember Bernier is better so it most likely will be less than that.

      • I was at that game on Saturday, and let’s be honest here… Reimer would not have fared any better had he been in net from the start. Reimer is expendable, IMO – Bernier gives them a better chance to win, and typically, the Leafs play better in front of him then they do in front of Reimer.

        • No way they throw the entire load on Bernier especially when they give up 40 to 50 shots per game. The Reimer/Bernier combo will continue until the summer UNLESS the Leafs fall way out of playoff contention or can get a really solid back up in the deal.

    • I’m not a Leafs fan and with that said I don’t understand why they would consider trading any goalies at this point. Hasn’t anybody learned from other GM’s mistakes with goaltending? PHI with Bobrovsky and the two that helped Philly get to the Stanley Cup? And Yzerman in TB giving up on Smith and committing to Lindback because he has “potential”, how did all of this work out for these clubs?

      Gm’s want to commit immediately to one guy ASAP. Correct me if I’m mistaken but neither goalie has been a “starter” for a whole season yet. I’d hold onto both, and Reim’s isn’t going to fetch you an amazing return at this point either.

      • I am a Leaf fan, and as such, I couldn’t agree more. There’s still half a season to go, and I don’t think Bernier’s play has been head and shoulders above Reimer’s. Both keepers have had their moments, good and bad, but I think we need to see a more complete body of work before we make any moves. Let’s not forget, Bernier has little, if any, play-off experience. Remember what a concern this was last season as the Leafs went hunting for an experienced puck stopper down the stretch, citing Reimer’s lack of play-off experience. Besides, the Leafs’ evaluation of goaltending talent in recent years has not been their strong suit.

  2. If depres is available and the rumours of Pittsburgh always interested in kulimen I’d see what could be worked out there.

    • Pittsburgh doesn’t want another top 6, bottom 6 forward, they’re trying hard for a top 3 type player.

    • I see Pittsburgh going after either E.Kane, Vanek, Moulson or Callahan. Will be pretty difficult to pursue a trade within the same conference, but these are not strange to see those types of trades.

      • I was always curious as to why we never hear Pitt pursuing BUF’s Ryan Miller and send Fleury. Wouldn’t that make them a shoe in for the Stanley Cup? Fleury only has 1 more year on his contract and he is younger for the Sabers to use during this rebuild. In addition, Pitt would be able to breathe when it comes to goaltending in the playoffs.

        • Not sure Buffalo wants a goalie back if they trade Miller. They apparently have some prospect depth at the position.

    • Kulemin is a solid NHLer, and I think he would benefit from a change of scenery. Pittsburgh would love to try Kulemin on the Malkin line along with Neal. Kulemin and Malkin have past chemistry. Kulemin is skilled but wouldn’t have to carry the offensive load, just forecheck, be the first man back, and get the puck to the other two. Maybe you could get a 3rd-4th rounder for him and have Trevor Smith or Bolland replace his minutes. Either way I don’t see Kulemin as a long term Leaf.

      • That was my thinking. Malkin and kulimen seemed to be rumored together all the time and you’d get more then a 3rd rounder for kulimen so why not package something for depres.

    • Would be way too little for him. Toronto needs a player like him but we don’t have what Pitt needs. Expiring contract. They want help on the wings but I doubt we move jvr or lupal in a deal involving him. It would cost more than just him for a guy like lupal. I like lupal a lot but if a deal involving defense and picks came back I’d do it in a heartbeat. Would be more like maata a first and maybe a second (throw in salary dump) for lupal and other parts (Biggs or Percy).

  3. What do the Oilers have to give to the Leafs that they 1. either don’t already have, or 2. Edmonton won’t part with? I seriously doubt Nonis is interested in Gagne or Yakupov. If Reimer goes anywhere, it’ll be to a team like; Calgary or the NY Islanders. The Flyers might even be a team that’ll put in an offer. Nonis will look for a serious 1C before he give up Reimer, someone in the likes of; Stastny/ROR, Skinner, or dare we say…Tavares (?). An example on trying to acquire each:

    To Toronto: ROR
    To Colorado: Bozak + Kadri

    To Toronto: Skinner
    To Carolina: Bozak + Kadri

    To Leafs: Tavares
    To Islanders: Bozak + Kadri + Gardiner + D’Amigo

    • Firtst I’m a Leafs fan and I agree with you that the Oilers don’t have the assets the Leafs need.
      But your trade poposals??????
      You won’t land ROR by sending Bozak and Kadri to the Avs. The Avs are loaded with better Centers than Bozak and Kadri. Doesn’t matter if you say Kadri can play the wing…
      Besides that, Bozak is not a #1Center but has more value to the team than you might think.
      Same with Skinner!
      And Tavares? LOL!

      • It is about depth and Colorado already got Duchene and MacKinnon as their 1C and 2C. Bozak is good enough on faceoffs and put up the points that would be awesome for their 3rd line and he can fill in on the 1st or 2nd line if injuries happen. Bozak is very underrated and under appreciated. After this season, his salary will be that of a 3rd liner. With how Colorado plays, Kadri can excel and be either a valuable keeper or a very valuable trade-able asset.

        • So what you are saying is that the Leafs are getting a top line player of a third line centre and a second liner.

        • They are still not going to just give an asset like ROR for nothing.

          Just cause they have other forwards doesn’t mean they will give the players away.

          With ROR’s point total this year, he is just too valuable for the Avs to move, and if they were to consider it, they would be looking to get a stud dman, not players that they don’t need.

          FYI, a stud dman is in the Suter/ Keith/ Weber mode, not the Franson/Grabiner/ Gleason mode.

          • Perhaps a trade of Ehrhoff or Meyers for ROR might be feasible.

        • I imagne you could interest the Colorado in Bozek or Kadri, maybe even both but they would be sending you prospects or picks back. Those two wouldn’t land Stastny by themselves and he’s a pending UFA.

      • Agreed

      • Thank you Juse for the dose of realism. I think this is the same garbage LeafsAdvocate has been peddling for a while now. The theme seems to be “how about we give up garbage we don’t really want for someone’s star player”. As an Isles fan I would be hard pressed to imagine a scenario where the Isles trade Tavares, let alone for spare parts that aren’t part of someone elses core.

    • The Flyers have a much better and cheaper goalie in Mason.
      The goaltending has been what has saved the Flyers in the beginning of the season, and has remained strong since. Mason is the goalie for the Flyers moving forward.

      They would have exactly zero interest in Reimer.

      You are not getting Tavares. He is the face of the Islanders and signed long term to a great cap deal for his skills. You won’t get him for JVR, Kadri, Reimer, Gardner and Rielly. It just ain’t happening.

      Colorado is not going to take your crap for a top line center. Neither is Carolina going to take those two for Skinner.

      What’s next? Stamkos and Hedberg for Franson.

      Backchecking…is that you in disguise?

      • I was wondering that myself !!

      • @Steve

        Myers isn’t going anywhere.

    • stop over valuing your pieces of garbage

    • I just finished laughing at your trade proposals and it was a good long laugh. You want to up your disappointments for a franchise player like Tavares??? Put down the bottle and come to your senses. Although D’Amigo might just seal that deal LOL

    • You seriously expect to land NYI’s best player for “that” package?? Seriously, what is it with Leafs fans everywhere that think they can unload their under-performing/garbage players for top-line talent?

      • Who says Leaf fans “everywhere” think like this? I am Leaf fan and laugh at these. Though I live in BC and some of the absolute mind-numbing suggestions and opinions of Canuck fans would stagger you. You will not trade for Tavares but eventually he will leave that dog of a team. At that point you can pay a ransom for him but you won’t be able to trade for him unless you throw in something equal.

    • I have to agree with most of the replies on this thread. These trades are a little more than hopeful. No way the Islanders give up the face of their franchise right before they head to Brooklyn. His cap hit is $250k more than Clarkson, He is probably dollar for dollar the best contract in the NHL. No WAY do they trade him for spare parts. They will increase their revenue moving to Brooklyn and will have a ton of cap space to provide Tavares with the supporting cast he will need to take this franchise to the next level.
      As for the Colorado trade, it makes very little sense as well. Why would the loaded at center Avs, what two centers in return for ROR?

      • The islanders need time for their d prospects to come into their own. Thats all. Maybe move one for a dman now. Patience with that team

    • To Leafs: Crosby
      To Penguins: Bozak + Kadri + Gardiner + D’Amigo + Reimer

      If you’re going to try to land Tavares for a bunch of guys, might as well throw one more guy in and aim higher.

    • @ Leafsadvocate: I think that your trade ideas were the basis for a John Lennon song..

      • @Fitger,
        That trade will leave the Pens a little thin after they trade Malkin to the Rangers for Carcillo straight up.HAHAHAHAHAHAHa

    • Wow man you have put the intelligence of Leafs fans to a new low with those proposals.

      – Kessel made Bozak. He’s an absolute nobody without him. Statsny’s better then Bozak.

      – Skinner lol my god man are you mad? Rutherford is laughing at you as we speak.

      – The last one is an absolute joke LeafsAdvocate. You are waaaaaay overvaluing your players.

      Kadri, Bozak and Kadri are basically nobodies. Gardiner is one of the players you guys tend to overrate like nobodies business.

      Kadri’s – Overrated. Could be good but seems like he’s just one of those players.

      Bozak – Banking on the success of Kessel

      Reimer – Guys an average goalie at best.

      • LOL. I agree Jes. But it seems they really don’t over value Kadri or Bozak too much. They are always mentioned in any trade at all which means they would rather see them gone than in the mix of their team. The crazy part is what they expect in return, bundled with the fact the trade would make absolutely no sense what so ever from the other teams stand point.

      • I dont think they are overrated at all….you want to look at numbers look at numbers. Skinner could have been a star, if he wasnt so banged up ad suffering from what 3 or 4 concussions? what did he do last year? Kadri was a point per game player and to be honest, if he played the minutes skinner did, he could have been putting points on the board from day 1. Bozak is a top faceoff man is can out up.5 points a game…with or without kessel. You want to talk about players that make othe players better….how abotu skinner playing with staal and company??

        • Kadri does get overrated by Leaf fans. He is a solid second liner, but on most teams I don’t think he would be able to stay on the top line. I also think that Kadri has work effort issues and question his heart. It’s almost as if his talent in the juniors made it so he could float and still stand out, but now in the big leagues, he can’t get away with it. His attitude hurts his talent level if that makes any sense. Also look at the other players drafted around him:

          Kadri: 138 games, 86 points
          Duchene: 305 games, 231 points
          Kane: 298 games, 184 points
          Schenn: 152 games, 71 points ..most are starting to say Schenn is a bust or a disappointment.
          Eckman-Larsson: 218 games, 89..a defenceman..great numbers.
          Parajarvi:185 games,63 points.

          So Kadri probably should have been picked where he was in the draft.I’m just not convinced he will be anything more than a second liner.

          Bozak could probably slide into most teams 3rd line centers, I would not call him a top center player, as his career faceoff percentage is 53.1%. Good but not near the top. Just an fyi, this year he is at 47.8%, so he is losing more than he is winning. According to NHL.com, he has the 215th best faceoff percentage this year, Now, that number is not accurate because the og games played/ faceoffs taken..for example..there are a bunch of players that are at 100% faceoff percentage, but have only taken one faceoff.

          However..there are plenty that are above him right now, and he probably wouldn’t crack the top 100 faceoff guys for 40 games played.

          Put it all together and they make up a third line center, and a second line player with “issues”.

          In my book, that is not enough to land any of the players talked about here.

          As NYR4Life said:

          “They are always mentioned in any trade at all which means they would rather see them gone than in the mix of their team.”

          Just why is that?

          • So what you are saying is Kadri produces more than Schenn and at about the same pace as Kane…..

            In the past few days with some Kane rumors people have been saying to land him you are going to need to include a very good player and afirst round pick?

            And Schenn depending on what Flyer fan you talk to could be untouchable or worth a first line player or a top 4 type defender?

            Yet because a Leaf fan brings up Kadri + its a garnage trade and not worth Skinner a guy who has concussion and injury issues and plays with Stall as his center?

            Look a little closer at the comparison of ice time, pp time etc. That Skinner has over Kadri and the difference between them is .12 points a game.

            Funny the double standard thats involved when its a Leaf player… Garbage players blah blah blah

          • And before you bring up Kadri’s “issues” lets think about Kane for a second or 2…. Im not saying Kadri is worth the same as Kane or that if I was the Canes Id do that trade they have some pretty good centers there there is no need for 2 more Im just pointing out the double standard that is involved with Leaf players, also how some enjoy piling on about ridiculous leaf trades…

    • those trade proposals are some of the worst I’ve ever seen…..and I love the leafs!! To get ROR from the Avalanche, it would probably have to be Franson and kadi or gardiner and kadri for them to even consider. To get Tavares….well that will never happen…even if the leafs offered 5 1st round picks!! and Skinner….well he’s not much better than kadri and bozak to be honest, seeing he is a bandaid…and is a winger!!

  4. For a long time now, there have been those like myself that could see a deal with EDM to send Reimer their way. It’d be insane to expect their top tier talent to come back in the trade, but if they are considering moving Gagner, it seems plausible that a trade with Edmonton could work for both teams.

    I don’t know enough about Gagner to gauge his worth, so while I don’t mean to undervalue Reimer to be safe I’ll assume he’s the key piece of a deal and we’d have to give up more to acquire him.

    Q: How good is Gagner as a centre?

    • by he, I mean Gagner is the key piece (not Reimer).

    • Pass, we already have Bozak who fills a Gagne type roll

      • Ah ok thank you. He was talked up a bit before he signed his contract with EDM (prior to arbitration I think) so wasn’t sure of his value.

      • Gagner is not the player the leafs need! As mentioned above I agree with LeafsAdvocate that the Oilers don’t have the assets that the Leafs need!
        What about Andrew MacDonald from the Isles? Maybe Reimer or Franson for MacDonald?

        • Keep going, Franson plus… There is definitely not a one for one deal there, Franson plus Levio. Franson Granberg and a pick perhaps. McDonald will be sought after if on the market. Franson and Reimer plus a second kind of thing at least tho its Garth Snow so who can say for sure.

          • If MacDonald is available (depends on if Snow can resign him) I would do Franson plus Leivo or plus Granberg an a pick! With Phaneuf, Rielly and Gardiner the Leafs have enough puckmoving defensemen. And Rielly and Gardiner are younger, cheaper and have more upside than Franson!
            Just my 2 cents…. :-)

      • I would take Gagner over either Bozak or Kadri.

        Gagner has 6 years as a pro. He is only 24. $4.4 per
        446 games played, 274 points,
        1st rounder, 6th overall.

        Bozak is 27, 4 years experience: $3.5 per.
        257 games played, 150 points.

        Kadri,23, 4years experience, $2.7 per
        138 games played, 86 points.
        1st round, 7th overall.

        So Gagner is younger or same age, and has more experience.
        He has played more games that the 2 put together, has more points than both Leafs combined.

        I would take Gagner in a heart beat before either Bozak or kadri.

        • No thanks! Ok same age or younger and more experience. But a career minus player like Bozak! And Gagner is having a bad season and he has a higher cap hit than Bozak ($4.2) and Kadri!
          In my opinion Gagner is a little bit overrated. And he won’t land the Oilers a top 2 defenseman! Maybe if they include their 2014 1st round pick.

        • Ice Time mean nothing in your world Gary? How bout pp? I wouldnt do Ganger for Kadri straight up. Kadri has less injuries and put those wingers that Gagner plays with around him Kadri produces at that pace at least as well. All of Gagners “experience” at being a number 1 center is due to the fact the Oilers are terrible (for years) and haven’t really had a true number 1 type guy similar to Bozak. On a decent team Gagner is not a number 1 center.

        • Look at ppg and ice time Kadri out produces Ganger with way less ice time and with out wingers like Hall RNH …but ok Gagner is on pace for 35 points this year Kadri is on pace for 20 goals 50 points (better than Gangers best year) last year Kadri had more goals and points less ice time, (44 points with 18 goals more goals than Ganger has ever had in his career and 3 points less than Gagners best year in 48 games)Ill take Kadri over Ganger all day long especially for 2 mill less.

    • Gagner is young and has always teased with talent but isn’t consistent enough. He’s perhaps an ok 2nd line centre but doesn’t really check enough to be a third liner where his talent would likely land him on most teams. He may blossom with the right linemates which he hasn’t ever really had while in Edmonton. He’s more of a playmaker skill guy and likely needs a power forward to complement his skill set. Edmonton doesn’t have a lot of those and hasn’t.

      Having said that I’m not sure how much the Leafs should really expect back for Reimer given what other teams have gotten for their goalies who are about as good as Reimer is.

    • Gagner out of the young guns for the Oil is the only one who’d be available. Reimer’s not that great. You’ll probably have to throw in a draft pick or prospect to sweeten the pot for Oilers for them to consider the trade. Better goalies on the UFA side of thing anyway.

      • Jes…Edmonton is not really a spot UFAs choose to go

        • @Shticky

          Ya that is true. But I’m sure the #1 job is very important to any of the free agents available. I think the changes Edmonton will make during deadline and draft will make player want to come to Edmonton.

          • Got to be honest, I really thought Edmonton would take off this year and be a playoff contender. So much skill and talent but not enough team first mindset I think. They may need to move some of that young talent because, at the end of the day, there is still only 1 puck. Oilers need some guys who excel away from the puck and can be nasty when needed. They also need some better D and a goalie.

  5. I understand MacDonald and his salary seem very intriguing, but is he not a UFA after this season? And honestly before half this season and all of what 48 games last year, have you heard of him?? Im not putting him down but comon Franson, Leivo/Grandberg and a pick. for a Ufa Dman who will probably get something like Jeff Finger money, oh yes don’t the story on the 2 sound the same?? Yes he is a good dman this year eats up a ton of minutes and is responsible in his own end- Like Finger in Colorado-was. but no way leafs look at moving that much for him and then loose him as a ufa when he ask for, once again Jeff Finger money…….

    • MacDonald is a UFA and Franson is a RFA after this season.
      MacDonald has been solid since the 2010-2011 season. So I don’t think he will be signed to big money because of one good season like Jeff Finger!
      And he wouldn’t have to play 25mins for the Leafs like he has for the Isles!

      • Like I said I was not putting the guy down, I just do not think the leafs would part with those assets and then not be able to lock MacDonald up long term because of cap. with phaneuf at 7mil, Gleason 4mil,gunnerson at 3 something Gardnier due for a raise. If macDonald was a sign and trade around 3 mil for 3 years then would consider trading those assets but with cap going up he could command a lot consider what d man make now adays

    • Macdonald has been one of the Isles best Dmen over the last few years. He just hasn’t gotten a lot of ink because of where he plays. He’s still young and will likely see a nice payday if he makes it to free agency. If the Isles can’t resign him and actually move him they should get a decent return. The team really needs to target a goalie with one of their trade chips or have a serious plan in place for the off season to get one (course that has been the case for a few years now so…). I could see them moving Amac, Vanek, Lubo (if healthy) or some of their picks or prospects near the deadline to address current needs. They need a goalie they can rely on now and for the foreseeable future and some immediate help to build up their D. This isn’t the same team without Lubo so they need someone to fill his role. Plenty of very good looking D prospects on the way so if they can get a quality goalie perhaps they just wait for the D to resolve itself.

      As Shticky rightfully points out you can’t tell what the Snowjob will do as he’s made a few serious mistakes and shown some real inconsistency.

  6. Is anyone else experiencing having to re-enter their name and email address every time they go into this site? Not sure if it’s my computers or the site?

    • Me too

  7. Are the Jets in some kind of financial trouble? I understand moving the UFAs but Kane and/or Wheeler?? Confused is all.

    • Nope. There just a team wanting change. The fans more then coaches and the GM.

      • If I was a fan I’d be wanting a new coach before one of those players gone

  8. If Edmonton wants to make a move, I’d suggest go all out for Ryan Callahan. Make him your Captain and you’re on the right track for your rebuild. JMO

    • Callahan is injured half the time.

  9. I don’t understand why the Rangers would consider moving Girardi or Callahan. One has been the anchor on D for years and the other is the heart and soul of the team. If the Rangers feel the NEED to move a Dman I’d vote Staal given his injure history.
    Rangers need offense, so I don’t see a Staal for Skinner trade (assuming the numbers can work) being that ridiculous. I believe CAR GM would love to have a Staal family reunion on their team.

    • For the exact reason you would vote for Staal to be traded, Gm’s would avoid him or not want to give much of anything in return. Staal has never really been the same after his brother gave him that 1st concussion. When he started showing a glimpse of his former self, he took the puck to the eye. I hate to say it, but I don’t think Staal is too far off from having to walk away from hockey forever. But either way, I can’t imagine any GM in his right mind trades a Skinner (or anything close to) for an injury prone Staal.

      • NYR4life Dude for a Rangers fan your ridiculously reasonable :) (Isles fan and I’ve appreciated a number of your posts). Have to agree about Staal which sucks since he looked like he was going to be incredible. I suspect the Rangers could get a nice return for two of their better players but I wonder if other GMs would be leary of sending too much given the Rangers willingness to spend and the likelihood those guys could just end up back in NY. Thinking the best returns will be as playoff rentals for contenders rather than a squad like the Oilers trying to build up from the ashes.

        • Thanks, I’m glad the Islanders are staying home in NY. I have always loved the rivalry. I think they will start building a serious contender in the next few years!

          • Not if they trade Tavares to the Leafs! (sorry, I just can’t let that one go) Three goals and two assists last night. Let’s dump Tavares for some deadwood!

  10. IMO I wouldn’t mind seeing Spezza traded to Winipeg. In return, Sens would get Kane or Wheeler, a 1st Round pick and a good Prospect. Is that asking too little or too much? I just don’t seem to see Spezza fitting into McLeans style of play.

    • Spezza isn’t going anywhere- NTC and a pretty high cap-hit. If at all Spezza waives, it’d be to a contender and there’s nary a contender that can accommodate another 1C in its squad.

      Michalek is arguably the best trade asset Murray has and he is the one most likely to be moved first.

    • Too much with Kane going to the Sens, but might work for Wheeler.

  11. I could see Doug Wilson and the Sharks making a play for Setoguchi at the deadline. Their Top 6 depth is really being tested with the injuries to Havlat, Hertl, and Wingles, and Wilson and McClellen already know what to expect from Seto. Players on IR will account for the needed cap space. If he could be had for a 3rd round pick or less, I think the Sharks do it. At that price though, I’d expect the Pens or other teams being interested as well. IDK about signing for next year though….

  12. Girardi to Bruins seems like a great fit. Bruins could easily send the Rangers a 1st + good prosect (Khoklachev)

    Chara – Boychuk
    Hamilton – Girardi
    Krug – McQuaid

    • I think the return wanted would have to be something that helps them now, not later or maybe later. How about Krug or Hamilton in that deal.

  13. Callahan and Girardi worth 2 top end prospects each. That’s way to much. If Miller can’t get that neither can those two.

    • Well Girardi certainly has more overall worth than Cally. However, teams are not willing to throw themselves at a high end cap hit goaltender these days while throwing away top tier prospects. Girardi is a 1-2 d-man on almost any team in the league. You are not getting him for nothing. Miller much like Girardi or Callahan is a UFA at the end of the year.

      • Ya but I’d think a trade of a top flight prospect, late 1st rounder and a top 6 roster player would easily be enough for Callahan or Girardi.

        • Agreed, A top 6 forward would help them now. A late 1st rounder and a prospect could get it done. And I definitely think they need that if they have any thought of trading Girardi. To be honest, I hope that they plan to keep both him and Callahan.

  14. To Calgary : Reimer, Franson
    To Toronto: Mark Giordano
    Any good

    • Nope.

      Reimer’s not much better then the Berra.

      • Jes…please give it a rest.

  15. Giordano makes 4 mill the next 2 years, 3 including this one.
    Franson and Reimer are both rfa s Calgary has plenty of cap space for both. I think it benefits both teams.

  16. This would never happen… Because the Leafs/Sens hate each other.

    But Spezza to the Leafs could be a great deal to help both teams. Spezza might waive NTC to go to Toronto (not too far from home), and play with Kessel. Sens need help in net. Sens should be in re-build mode… not “win now” mode.

    To Leafs: Spezza, Anderson

    To Sens: Reimer, Bozak, 1st rounder.. Although people might be reluctant to take Bozak’s contract. Maybe Kadri, Reimer, and a 1.

    Just a thought.

    • Spezza is been broken for a while no need for him here. Randy wouldn’t like him if can’t play 200′ game. Grabo

      • Ottawa does not need a goalie lehner is going to be a legit number 1 if not by the end of this year definitely next year. If Ottawa is out of the playoff picture come trade deadline they could be looking to trade Anderson but not add a guy like Reimer. Also spezza isn’t going anywhere. I think the loss of alfredsson was huge to Ottawa this year not in the form of skill but leadership. Last year they did better then Expected considering all the injuries and I believe it had a lot to do with alfredsson. Surround spezza with more leadership and Ottawa will be fine.

    • Sens need help in net? Reimer’s that help?

      Lehner and Anderson > Reimer.

      It’d be a downgrade for the Sens in goal if they made that deal.

    • i wouldn’t even trade anderson for that package. The only leafs worth anything are kessel, jvr and maybe lupul. The rest of the leafs trading chips are prospects they have already given up on. Spezza to toronto would probably fetch 4 1sts, if kessel got you 3. And neither team would even call each other to initiate something that stupid

  17. Why don’t Edmonton and Pittsburgh work a deal?

    The Pens want young top 6 forwards. The Oilers have several.

    The Oilers want Defensive help. The Penguins are stacked with D.

  18. Toronto fans crack me up. Whenever a penguin player is rumored on the block it’s always that player for whatever waste of a roster spot throw away player they are sick of that they always for value for the sake of the trade. If they can’t succeed on a roster where they get all of the playing time in world what makes you all think the five minutes a game here will make them better. “If they play with Crosby or Malkin they will be better………….”. Truth is a ape that can hold a hockey stick can look like a pro with Crosby or Malkin passing them a puck too, but we would like someone with actual talent to take the pass from them. None of the trash picks Toronto made are worth trading for and if they where so great they would be on your roster burning up the league.

  19. You want the pens big trade here it is.

    To pens:
    Devin Setoguchi

    To Jets:
    2014 Third or fourth round pick

    They will talk with the jets about Kane but don’t see the jets parting with him. There is a shot they might look at moulson and swing a trade for him as well, but don’t expect a blockbuster out of Pittsburgh. Just couple quality trades but honestly that is all this team needs.

    Plus I honestly see Setoguchi catching fire on a penguin roster. Right mix could make him successful here and could see him being signed for three to four years if he works out.

  20. hey shticky….the tyler myers suspension is another example of your leafs getting special treatment….why not just a fine like lupul received?

    • Ya thats the only questionable fine suspension that Shanny has handed out… Youre right its a conspiracy I Iagree…

  21. I really hope the Oilers make a pitch for Reimer. I’d like that deal. But who to send the other way? I’d like it if they shipped Potter but I doubt the Leafs would have interest. I do hope it crosses their minds. Otherwise, who else could the Oilers target? Michal Neuvirth?

    • I think with his attitude mental toughness and playing for Eakins Reimer is a great fit in Edmonton.

  22. The reason Callahan is injuried all the time is the Rangers are working him out like Toronto did with W.Clark. You need to do what the Blues did with Oshie. Suck back on the hitting everything in site, we need you on your offense. Callahan to Edmonton just feels right.