NHL Morning Rumor Mill – January 8, 2013.

The latest on Roberto Luongo, Jarome Iginla and more.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs might not be the first choice of trade destination for Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, but they are “part of the equation”, adding he has respect for the Leafs, the city of Toronto and Leafs GM Brian Burke. “It’s a process,” Luongo said. “I told (Gillis), I gave him the green light to do whatever he needs to do that’s best for the team. Whatever that is, how much time that will be, I don’t know.“I’m prepared right now to go up to Vancouver and start training camp. Unless Mike tells me otherwise, I’m ready to go, I’m excited. I miss being around the guys.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if Luongo is traded to Toronto, or anywhere else, when this season begins. The Canucks would be scrambling to find a replacement as Eddie Lack is sidelined with a groin injury, meaning they’d have no backup for Cory Schneider if Luongo is moved. A goalie might have to be part of the return, or else the Canucks will have to acquire one via a separate trade or free agency, where the pickings (Dan Ellis? Ty Conklin?) are decidedly thin.

Could this be Iginla's final season as a Flame?

Could this be Iginla’s final season as a Flame?

CALGARY SUN: Flames captain Jarome Iginla doesn’t want to talk to reporters about his contract status with the Flames, preferring to focus on the games in this upcoming seas. He’s in the final year of his contract and eligible for UFA status in July. Trade rumors have dogged Iginla over the past two years as the Flames failed to make the playoffs, sparking calls for a roster overhaul.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Iginla might not want to discuss it, but if the Flames struggle again to make the playoffs, the trade rumors will run rampant.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: A season-ending hip injury to Jared Cowen and a broken finger suffered by Mike Lundin has Senators GM Bryan Murray in the market for a defenseman, though he’d prefer to find a replacement in-house first.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports sources say if the Maple Leafs want Roberto Luongo they’ll have to “sweeten the pot”.It’s believed the Canucks want “good prospects” in return, which Leafs GM Brian Burke might be unwilling to part with. Same goes for the Florida Panthers, Luongo’s preferred destination. The asking price by the Canucks is a player who can help them now, a top prospect and draft pick…Two teams looking for blueliners are the Philadelphia Flyers and Dallas Stars…The Edmonton Oilers might be sniffing around for a goalie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No real change from the Canucks asking price since the summer for Luongo…The Flyers could be in the market for a d-man if Andrej Meszaros is unable to start the season…If Devan Dubnyk plays as well this season as he did in the Spengler Cup, the Oilers won’t have to worry about a goalie.


  1. feels great to be reading rumors again now that the NHL’s back.. stopped reading about everything hockey once the lockout started, my morning coffee just got a whole lot better once again.. Keep it up Spec!

  2. Regarding Luongo I wonder if a dark horse team swoops in and steals Luongo, like Washington?
    Johansson and Neuvirth for Luongo, Raymond and Rodin for example

    Ovechkin and Luongo could make Washington dangerous once again.

    And with all the dmen injuries in the league, Keith Ballard could be of interest to some teams.

    • Don’t forget about Chicago

    • Chicago and Washington would be good destinations for Luongo. He should go to a team that is a contender. Toronto is (or should be) rebuilding.

      • After my lockout hiatus it’s good to be back,

        What do you guys think about a Luongo for Hossa deal 1 for 1. Cap dollars are close, both are on long term contracts and can give the other team an asset that they need.

        • Hossa is a player the Canucks need for the 2nd line, this would be my preference to land a player who can take over the 2nd line scoring duties and help out Kesler, so yeah I’d be happy to land a player like Hossa for Luongo swap.

  3. Gillis needs to start going to AA if he thinks he is getting a player/prospect/pick for luongo.
    Considering he is now getting old and the nucks pulled him in the playoffs and that evil contract they will get maybe a 3rd line guy and a 3rd rd pick.
    Unless you are florida the risk he becomes unhappy just makes it worse.
    They may as well just keep him for the short season and then cut him.
    leafs can go with 2 kids this year and next year there will be decent goalies available just to lower team cap.

    • since when do we listen to garrioch he is from ottawa the who cares team

  4. I know this is a little off topic, but I wondered if Spector had some info on the rumour that Kovi may be staying at home in Russia?


    • I’ve heard it, and to the best of my knowledge, there’s nothing to it.


    I haven’t seen much out of Huberdeau that impresses me very much moving forward ….adding this component along with Stephen Wise and a back up such as Jose Theodore back again to mentor Schnieder maybe a good trade for the Canucks and something Florida can live with… …this also helps plug an immediate hole from the absence of Kessler and helps with an addition of youth to plug the Center role with the previous trade of Hodgson, on the bottom 4

    Florida would also have to include a quality veteran proven defenseman coming back that will also help them and also shed some salary for Canucks and help plug the hole from Jason Garriosn and help the Canucks insert him into the line up with better cap space ….If I was Taylor and Gillis this should be a great conversation over a nice bottle of Tignannello and signed on the dotted line with a nice Cognac

    Canucks shed salary pick up ther centers and youth ……Florida picks up veteran defenseman elite tender and stays the course very much intact with quality propects moving forward.

    WIN …….WIN …..makes the most sense!

    PS …..I am a Leaf fan but this makes more sense to me ! Also if the Leafs move for Luongo I sincerley hope that Frattin is not part of the deal ……big mistake by Burke if so !!

    • That would be a gross overpayment to be anchored with Luongo’s salary.

      Weiss for Luongo is an overpayment.

      How is Luongo elite?
      Do elite goalies melt down in the Stanlet Cup Finals?
      Do elite goalies get pulled in favour of the rookie back up in a Stanley Cup Final?
      Do elite goalies crumble under the pressure?
      Do elite goalies let in 7 goals in the Stanley Cup Finals?

      I think not. Luongo is turning 34….34 and has what 10 years left on his contract?

      Any team who gives more than a bad contract back is over paying in my opinion.

      • To answer your questions gary
        Luongo won a gold medal in the Olympics but got the team to game 7 of the finals
        Luo can’t score goal from where he plays so we can’t blame him for the or a power play that never produced.. Boston was just that much better and healthier
        Luo wasn’t pulled because of poor play last year he was pulled to wake up the team and they seem to respond with Schneider in net so the coach kept him in there!
        Dominique Haesk has had meltdowns in the playoffs, he is elite goalie and Luo is no different
        here is a question for you, name the last elite goaltender to win the Stanley cup since Martin Brodour

        • Yeah and they never shoulda been in a shoot out if it wasn’t for loungo’s shaky goal he let in that tied it. To answer your question about the last elite goalie to win a cup thats easy Quick Thomas.

          • sorry but Thomas and quick are as elite as louongo, don’t get me wrong, I think they are great goalies but unless they start winning a bunch of stanley cups, and Olympic medals or any other tournament they are not elite. would you consider Ward a elite goalie or the guy who help Chicago win (can’t even remember his name) and they won a cup. I realize what i said refers to louongo being a elite goalie but i corrected myself by calling him a great goalie in the very next post i made. Roy, Brodouer and Hasek were elite goalies.

          • oh and fran there aren’t any shootouts in the playoffs

      • I also wanted to say i totally agree with the age thing you pointed out and i agree with you that gillis is dreaming if he expects to get what he is asking, If he is asking that after all these are just rumors…

        I guess my last question for you is What do you consider a elite goalie and who do you consider one. I only consider Matrin Brodour an elite goalie because he has won it all Lui is a great goalie for me but not elite

      • He’s elite because he’s the reason they reached that 7th game. Shutouts and OT wins in the SCF aren’t pressure situatuions?
        There is a reason teams have back up goalies, and every goalie who has ever played in the NHL has been pulled.
        I haven’t seen him crumble under pressure, I have seen a team as a whole crumble and Lou as the true pro he is stand up in front of media and take the blame to ease it off his team mates. I have also watched in front of the media when he plays great and the rerason they won give credit to his team, and when the team plays terrible he takes the blame.
        the only active goalie with more wins then him is Marty, does that put him in the elite class? He’s carried Van since coming there, and he carried a terrible Florida team before that and he’ll carry his team.
        He’ll finish with 3 most wins ( pending injury) in my mind.

  6. Maybe the leafs should talk to Boston about Thomas. He wanted a year off, but now with the season starting in mid January he may decide to play now.

  7. I have to agree with Backchecking, his proposal looks solid.
    I’m also inclined to agree with previous posts that Vancouver may be asking a high price for Luongo. If nobody in the league picks him up, he’ll most likely become the amnesty buy out for Vancouver at the end of this year, and a UFA next year. No point in shipping out quality prospects when Vancouver’s only other option is to buy out if no trade can be had.
    As a Leaf fan myself, I would not have any problems giving Reimer and Scrivens the chance to play this stunted season. If things get bad Burke can always look at trading for either Bernier or signing Nittymaki who won’t fetch as high a price as Lou

  8. Luongo should bring back either bozak/franson or matthais/petrovic. All star goalie = 3 rd line centre and 5/6 defencemen.

    Ballard for visnovsky works for both teams. Ballard veteran def long term, visnovsky slots in top 4 def now for nucks and his 5.6 comes off the books for next year.

    Interested to see what gillis does with elder as he is a ufa at the end of the year and it could be tricky fitting him under next years cap.

  9. You’ve got to be kidding me with these proposed trades! Everyone and their sister knows Vancouver will use the Amnesty buyout on Lu at the end of this year, that’s as certain as Montreal buying out Gomez. Why would the Leafs, Florida or anyone trade for an expensive, washed up backup goalie who is signed for the next 10 years at 5.33M per??? INSANITY! Even John Ferguson Jr. isn’t stupid enough to make this trade!

    If Burke pulls the trigger for Lu it better be for either Komi or Connolly, two guys we can easily live without.

  10. TO GARY
    …I can appreciate your comments …but there have been many elite Goaltenders who were on the loosing end of a Stanley Cup final ….many!!!

    Iam not the biggest Luongo fan but his game and numbers since he has come into the league are extremely good….not sure if youve played Goal in the NHL or pro at all but unfortunately he is an elite goalie …he just hasn’t been able to win the big, but his regular season numbers and personal numbers are phenomenal…in comparison to a truck load of goalies of who have come and gone during his tenure in the NHL ….I understand your feelings …but he is a top Goaltender…Mikka Kiprusoph hasnt won many p[layoff games or the Cup but he is the most winningest goaltend in the last 10 years and is one of the best Goalies of the decade!
    When these guys suit up they do give you an advantage better than 90% of the league and can steal a game …the preasure to win the cup in that fashion is sooooo stressful its not easy ..buddy!

    • Luongo was a top goalie but is aging and in decline.
      he is still a quailty goalie but no way Florida gives up their top prospect,top centre and more just to make the playoffs.
      the goalies they have are not that bad so the step up is not huge but losing those players would be.
      on top of that consider,
      1. Luongo’s contract by the new cba is a 5 mill cap hit for 10 years,lowers expected return a lot right there.
      2. All teams know he is not wanted,always lowers the price.
      3. He wants out and is selective on where he will go,always lowers the price.
      4. Age,he may still be good but will not be like his prime,lowers cost.
      5. the 2 biggest rumour teams are Florida/Tor both of which are at best 2-3 years away from contending which is about when he will be looking at retirement or being the vet back up and not the starter. lowers cost.
      6. Teams have finally learned paying for what players have done over what they will do now is not worth the cost.

      The good player/top prospect/good pick is what you pay for a goalie that will be around a long time and be a long time anchor in net and not eat up your cap for 10 years.
      Now teams are going hard for young players to develop and cost much less and hope they come around fast.
      There are a lot of young goalies on teams that are given the reigns and get experienced while the team grows and are ready by the time the team contends.
      If that fails then you may be looking for a Luongo type and pay the price but if you are not a contender you are not giving away anything that will hurt your rebuild.
      in your idea the mention of huberdeau to florida probably had them getting hernias from laughing so hard.

  11. I agree with most comments here. Lu will not fetch more then Bozak and a 5th/6th Dman ONLY because of his contract and NOT because he is crap. A goalie is usually only as good as the system he plays under which probably means he will NOT look good in Toronto unless Carlyle over hauls the way the Leafs play. Judging by the way the season ended this will be a tough task to get this team to play D. Burke could offer up Bozak and Kadri if he is finally ready to give up on the fact Kadri is not going to be a star in a Leaf uniform but I would think Burke will want to shed some salary going back to the Nucks ie Komi or Connelly. With the Amnisty buyout and the massive Leaf profits sheding salary will not be a deal breaker though. I think Burke will be sitting pretty next spring with a new center ala Getzlaf to really boost this team into the playoffs I’m just not sure its in the cards for this season.

    • I would be fine with bozak, blacker for Lou I would be thrilled for a Connolly, franson trade but i wouldn’t be very happy with any higher then that. Definitely not any combo of Kadri, frattin, or 1st round picks

      • Keep in mind that Franson remains unsinged and does have a contract with the SEL for the year. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that if you sign a year deal with the SEL they do enforce it much stronger and expect you to honor it. I know that there is a bit of a supposed contract issue with Kopitar that was mentioned at first.
        If that’s the case the Canucks wont want Franson at all. They are wanting to take a shot now. Their window is closing. What they need is a center who can be a 3rd line but play 2nd at the same time to replace Kessler because he could be a long term/season long deal. Connolly seems to be a logical fit here. He can play the 2nd line minutes and can play a 3rd line roll if needed. Malhotra is a question mark down the middle for the Canucks as well. Will he ever return to form? If not then they need a 3rd line guy too. I think you’re going to see Connolly, Bozak, Blacker (or another defense prospect) and a 3rd or 4th for Luongo.
        Canucks put bandaids on the temporary holes and get a few pieces for long term in exchange for a terrible contract and a spare part.

  12. Somehow I don’t see Luongo sitting on the end of the bench night after night with the Canucks as a backup while Schneider starts 40 odd games. Locker room tension is bound to emerge from that scenario. I believe any deal for Luongo has to include a backup goalie and I’m doubtful Burke will part with Reimer or Scrivens so its a good possibility that a 3rd team supplies the backup goalie the Canucks would want. Of course, all this assumes Burke trades for him and Luongo agrees to go to the Leafs among other things as well

  13. I could see Bozak, Franson and a goalie, perhaps Rynnas going for Luongo. Canucks need a short term replacement for Kesler, and Bozak could fill that gap. They need another D man and Franson is from Vancouver. I think one of the reasons they did not sign him yet as an RFA is because they want to use him as part of a Luongo trade, and he may take a lesser contract if he gets to sign with Vancouver and play at home. I like Franson, but it seems Leaf coaching and management has a different view. If Luongo comes to the Leafs, then Lack becomes the backup in Vancouver, which leaves a big hole in their AHL team, so Rynnas could take the AHL slot. Lack is injured right now so maybe Gillis would want Scrivens. Anyway I think a goalie will have to be part of the mix.

    As for Kadri, give him a chance or move him. With no prospect of a true first line centre on the horizon, I suggest moving Grabovski between Kessel and Lupul. While he is a natural #2 centreman, Grabo is their best centreman right now and he can take a pounding. Try Kadri between JVR and Kuliemin, two strong wingers who can make space for his creativity. His real talent is wasted on a third or fourth and he is not a defense first player, so let him do what got him to the big leagues. Or trade him. Just stop messing with his head and the fans patience. McArthur and Frattin centred by Mclement for the third line, Komarov and Brown for the 4th line centred by Steckel. Keep Connolly and Lombardi as your 13th and 14th forwards, they are done after this season, or buy them out and bring up some kids. Personally other than McKegg, Hamilton or Broll, I don’t think anyone else is ready or useful at this point.

  14. At top right corner

    Not sure why the Huberdeau scenario is so laughable …IMO this guy will have a hard time making the NHL and creating any sort of numbers that will be quality…he stunk out loud at the WJ and is average at best he will be no loss for the Panthers in any deal they make with him included …he only carried the weight on his NHL draft year he is no better than a Kadri in a trade scenario as even Kadri has more NHl experience than he does ….its not as laughable as you make it out to be!

    The Irony in all this is that Francoise Allaire is training Luongo right now …I wander what he is telling Luongo and how much he should stay away from the Leafs at all costs …..this could be a HUGE factor in his decsion making!

    Here is the info that should shed some light on Luongo as he finished as the 2nd best goalie of the decade only next to Martiun Broadeur and after Kipper

    No. 2 – Roberto Luongo

    Though some might make unfavorable comparisons to Evgeni Nabokov regarding his lack of playoff success I think this gentleman is a no-brainer for second spot on the list of the best NHL goalies of the 2000s. Nobody in the NHL competes harder than Roberto Luongo and it shows in the statistics he’s put up in his career.

    In the first half of the decade Luongo plied his trade with the lowly Florida Panthers. With a roster in front of him that was little better than an AHL team, Luongo had no chance of making the playoffs, let alone winning the Stanley Cup. Despite that he put up some impressive stats, and never had a save percentage under .914 during his time with the club.

    In 2006-07 Luongo put up the greatest regular season by a goaltender in Vancouver Canucks history, playing in 76 games and winning 47 of them, a total that tied him with Bernie Parent for the second highest in NHL history. He would go on to play superbly in the playoffs, helping the Canucks eliminate the Dallas Stars before bowing out to the eventual Stanley Cup champion Anaheim Ducks.

    Though 2008 and 2009 weren’t as good for Luongo and the Canucks his save percentage and his goals against average remained among the best in the league over that span.

    • He was in his prime and playing for a top team that was also very good defensively.
      Losing a step and going to poor defensive teams means more shots/rebounds/net crashing.
      As good as he was he will be like bryz going to philly after being great for a defense minded team.
      but i do agree him working with allaire is not a good thing because he damaged the leaf goalies.
      another reason to let the kids have thier shot and playing using the styles that they like.
      reimer was really looking good before allaire got to him and scrivens has talent.
      lets not forget rynnas either and that he comes from a goalie making machine country.

      as for huberdeau it is way too early to call him a stiff.
      if the jr. tourney was the only measure of ability the way they stunk they would all be considered stiffs.

      the leafs are better off saving cap and having komi/connoly/lombardi off the books next year and maybe a buyout and have a ton of cash available for an excellent crop of ufa’s.

      • So when he showed up to Van they were the best team in the League? When Lou first showed up he carried them in the regualr season and the playoffs. There are rounds in the playoffs they deserve to win but because of Lou they did. How easy people forget these things.

  15. Let the bidding war start!

  16. Luongo to Toronto brings back memories of Giguere to Toronto. I sincerely hope they dont do it. These quick fixes to appease the horde havent been close to panning out since Pat Quinn shipped out draft picks and prospects left, right and center.

  17. As a Jet fan here is a couple trades I would like to see happen; send kane and hainsey to the NY Rangers for Del Zotto and either Stepan or Krieder, this deal would get rid of two of the biggest egos on the jets and perhaps in the league and put them in a big market, gives the Rangers some additional scoring and Hainsey is from the area. Also Rangers have yet to be able to sign Del Zotto so this would git rid of that headache. The second trade would be to try and get Selanne from Anaheim, perhaps the shortened season would be of interest to him coming back to Winnipeg, not sure who you would have to give up, if the deal went through I would make sure I had Scheifle, Telegin and Burmistrov all playing up with the big club to learn as much as they can from Selanne.

    • while Kane doesn’t do much to help his trade value. that is totally not worth it. Kane regardless of his attitude issues was a 30 goal scorer last year. krieder had a decent playoff but he hasn’t exactly lit up the american league this year. now his game may not translate well to the AHL but still. he isn’t worth that. Delzotto is good, i like his game etc but you have trouba comming in next year. i’d take him over Delzotto anyday. not a knock on Delzotto but you can only have so many good deals. while i have never liked hainsey his contract is up this year so he’ll be long gone soon.

      I like the jets,i like where they are going, they are building a solid team in all aspects of their roster, i don’t think getting rid of Kane makes sense unless they are getting a top draft pick in this years draft plus. it is just my opinion but i wouldn’t do it

      • I tend to agree, If I am the Jets there is no way I trade a young kid with Kanes talent. He is too big of an asset regardless of how big his ego is.

        Another question: What does Buffalo do with 10 qualified NHL defencemen in the line up? Who moves and for what?

        • thats a tough one. i want to say they will buy out ehrhoff to save on the cap hit (not on the actual amount cause remember he was paid like 50% of his salary in the first two years). but i think itll end up being leopold who gets the pink slip. they have a few defensemen comming up that look pretty good, plus i think you’ll see them sign pardy back too. guys like him may not be flashy but thye are cycle busters….which is what most teams look for. weber is another guy they may let walk or move (restricted) just for the space, his size is great etc but he may just end up being the odd man out. they have a little bit of room to wiggle next year but i don’t see a lot of changes. if they want to be a big tough team they will have to shed some cap and just resign the guys they have. when you have an all world golaie and big D to clear space in front of you….yo’ll be alright

  18. You’re right I might be a little light on the return, perhaps adding a top pick or improve on the forward from the Rangers. However this Jets team is going nowhere fast with Kane involved, Kane’s talent consists of incredible speed and a decent shot and that’s it he has zero hockey smarts, he’s a one dimensional up and down the ice winger, and the worst of it is that he thinks and acts like he’s done learning. I had Del Zotto involved because despite big buffs age unless he gets his conditioning in order he doesnt have much left, hainsey will be gone after this year ( thankfully ) and so might Clitsome so that leaves Enstrom, Bogosian, Stuart, Trouba, Postma, plus another young d-man.

    • i know what you mean. although i’m a leafs fan (hence used to losing), i was always a huge jets fan. they have a lot of very good talent comming up after this season and i agree fully on kane, i hate his attitude but love his skill. although i have nothing but my gut to go on, i have a feeling a team like montreal will jump in and make a deal for him(if winnipeg is in fact trying to move him). i think it’ll be a first and maybe a few good porpsetcs (boulieau/tenordi etc). again, i have nothing to go on but my gut but he is a peice montreal will need, be horrible to se him play betwene pec and gelyenchuk. i think they are in a great position, but they will focus on keeping their talent. what they need is a guy like arnott to slap kane around if he acts up again. just a good vet who’s been in and out of the dog house during his career and learned from it. all that said…i think winnipeg, with their prospects comming in this year etc are good enough tomake the playoffs